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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Saturday, December 15, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
An interesting collection of 94 mint, government-issued postal cards, stamped envelopes and double-reply cards.NH125.00
An interesting collection of 66 mint, government-issued postal cards and stamped envelopes.70.00
Please see "COLLECTIONS and LOTS" at the very end of these listings for interesting offers.

1930 S/SB33NH1,500.00
1933 S/SB58NH7,000.00
1935 S/SB68 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1948 OVP585A-633NH1,375.00
1948-51 DF634-61NH285.00
1949 OCC662-64,664a+B304-08NH175.00
1960 FLHeuss Fluorescent Paper (8)NH145.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
19701014-27,1028-30,1038,1045-51+ B455-67NH20.00
19711030A,1031-37,1044,1052-73,1074, 1077,1081+B468-80,B475aNH35.00
19721039,1040,1041,1042,1042A,1075, 1076,1078,1079,1083,1085, 1087-1100+B481-95NH51.00
19751154-69,1170,1171,1173,1174,1175, 1177,1178,1179,1181,1183, 1185, 1188,1196-1203+B517-25NH45.00
19771229-31,1234-38,1240,1240A, 1243-64+B538-46NH43.00
1979 M/SB564 MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
1980 M/SB581 MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
1980 USED1309-10,1321-40+B570-82 UsedUSED14.00
1981 ATMATM 10Pf-280Pf (14)NH39.00
1981 USED1341-65+B583-93 UsedUSED14.00
1981 BKOfficial Government Year BookNH45.00
19821180,1182,1187,1190,1191, 1308,1312-15,1366-84+B594-604NH68.00
1982 ATM20Pf-300Pf (7)NH29.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1982 USED1180,1182,1187,1190,1191,1308,1312-15,1366-84+B594-604 UsedUSED22.00
1983 USED1385-1408+B605-15 UsedUSED18.00
1984 USED1409-31+B616-27 UsedUSED23.00
1984 BKOfficial Government Year BookNH85.00
1985 USED1432-52+B628-40 UsedUSED23.00
1985 BKOfficial Government Year BookNH85.00
1986 USED1453-74,1480,1483,1495+B641-51 UsedUSED20.00
19871479,1481,1485,1496-1515,1518, 1524,1525, 1528,1541-43+B652-62NH66.00
1987 USED1479,1481,1485,1496-1515,1518, 1524,1525, 1528,1541-43+B652-62 UsedUSED20.00
1516,1521,1526,1529,1531,1535, 1536,
1988 USED1476,1477,1484,1486,1489,1492,1494,
1516,1521,1526,1529,1531,1535, 1536,
1544-67+B663-74 Used
1988 BKOfficial Government Year BookNH85.00
19891475,1487,1490,1493,1493A,1494A, 1517,1519,
1989 USED1475,1487,1490,1493,1493A,1494A, 1517,1519,
1520,1530,1532,1537,1568-90+B675- Used
1989 BKBooklets (2)NH24.00
19901515A,1523,1527,1591-1609,1611-19+ B687-700NH119.00
1990 USED1515A,1523,1527,1591-1609,1611-19+ B687-700 UsedUSED45.00
19911478,1482,1488,1491,1533,1538,1620-53,1655,1659,1661,1663,1670-95+ B701-23NH175.00
1991 USED1478,1482,1488,1491,1533,1538,1620-53,1655,1659,1661,1663,1670-95+ B701-23 UsedUSED62.00
1991 BKBooklets (2)NH38.50
1991 YBOfficial Government Year Book with 101 Pages, Special Text and Brandenburg Gate Black PrintNH120.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
19921539,1696-1704,1733,1735,1736-69+ B724-40NH129.00
1992 USED1539,1696-1704,1733,1735,1736-69+ B724-40 UsedUSED45.00
1992 YBOfficial Government Year Book with 99 Pages, Special Text and Balloon Flight Black PrintNH90.00
19931522,1534,1540,1540A,1705-09, 1770-95,1808-19+B741-57NH125.00
1993 USED1522,1534,1540,1540A,1705-09, 1770-95,1808-19+B741-57 UsedUSED45.00
1993 BKBooklets (2)NH14.50
1993 YBOfficial Government Year Book with 95 Pages, Special Text, Isaac Newton Black Print and Newton Hologram PrintNH95.00
1994 USED1710-14,1723,1725,1796-99,1820-36,1857,1862-1877+B758-74 UsedUSED50.00
1994 BKBooklets (2)NH39.50
1994 YBOfficial Government Year Book with 101 Pages, Special Text, Frankfurt/Main Black Print and Hologram PrintNH120.00
1994 CLCoil Strip of 5 (1)NH55.00
1995 YBOfficial Hardbound Year Book including Climate Hologram and Black PrintNH130.00
1995 USED1800-03,1858,1878-1914+B775-91 UsedUSED55.00
1995 M/SMiniSheets (55)NH975.00
1995 BKBooklet (1)NH30.00
1995 CLCoil Strip of 5 (1)NH64.00
1996 YBOfficial Hardbound Year Book including Martin Luther Hologram and Black PrintNH135.00
1996 USED1804-07,1859,1915-51+B792-808 UsedUSED53.00
1996 M/SMiniSheets (57)NH950.00
1996 BKBooklets (2)NH32.50
1996 CLCoil Strip of 5 (1)NH65.00
19971724,1727,1729,1731,1840,1844,1846, 1849,1853,1855,1952-86+B809-26NH165.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1997 RUNESPoet Heine MiniSheet of 10 (First Printing with Runes in Margin)NH42.50
1997 YBOfficial Handbound Year Book including Carnival Hologram and Black PrintNH129.00
1997 USED1724,1727,1729,1731,1840,1844,1846, 1849,1853,1855,1952-86+B809-26 UsedUSED62.00
1997 BKBooklet (1)NH14.00
1997 M/SMiniSheets (58)NHAsk
1997 CLCoil Strips of 5 (5)NH142.00
1998 YBOfficial Government Year Book with 101 Pages, Special Text, Spa Black Print and Spa Hologram PrintNH149.00
1998 USED1734,1847,1987-2023+B827-43 UsedUSED50.00
1998 BKBooklets (2)NH32.50
1998 M/SMiniSheets (53)NH925.00
1998 CLCoil Strip of 5 (1)NH12.00
1998 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (9)NH23.00
1999 USED2024-59+B844-61 UsedUSED62.00
1999 YBOfficial Government Year Book with 97 Pages, Special Text, Europa Black Print and Europa Hologram Black PrintNH119.00
1999 BKBooklets (2)NH34.00
1999 M/SMiniSheets (48)NH850.00
1999 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (12)NH32.50
1999 ATMATM Standard Values (6)NH90.00
2000 USED1726,1728,1838,1848,1851,2060-2105+B862-79 UsedUSED55.00
2000 BKBooklets (3)NH139.00
2000 M/SMiniSheets (67)NH800.00
2000 CLCoil Strips of 5 (3)NH50.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2000 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (2)NH5.50
20011656,1664,1666,1730,1732,1839,1841, 1842,1843,1845,1850,1852,1854,1856, 1860,2106-43+B880-96,B896aNH209.00
2001 US1656,1664,1666,1730,1732,1839,1841, 1842,1843,1845,1850,1852,1854,1856, 1860,2106-43+B880-96,B896a UsedUSED75.00
2001 BKBooklets (4)NH159.00
2001 M/SMiniSheets (34)NH985.00
2001 CLCoil Strips of 5 (10)NH279.00
2001 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (7)NH16.00
  2002-2006: Scott has changed definitive numbers in the 2008 Catalog.  Our listing below use the new, current numbers.
20022144,2144A,2145,2146,2146A-58, 2158A,2159,2159A-84,2188,2190, 2197,2202,2203,2205,2207,2210, 2216-18+B897-914NH215.00
2002 NP (B907 PV)Flood, New Perf (1)NH15.00
2002 RAREDohnanyi Release Error (2145A)NH975.00
2002 BKBooklets (3)NH144.00
2002 CLCoil Strips of 5 (5)NH112.00
2002 ATM 1ATM POSTHORN Standard Values (5)NH55.00
2002 ATM 2ATM ENVELOPE Standard Values (5)NH45.00
2002 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (3)NH6.00
2003 BKBooklets (2)NH85.00
2003 CLCoil Strips of 5 (7)NH295.00
2003 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (10)NH21.50
2003 M/SMiniSheetsNHAsk
2004 BKBooklets (4)NH146.00
2004 CLCoil Strips of 5 (3)NH17.00
2004 M/SMiniSheetsNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
2004 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (2)NH4.50
20052304-06,2307,2308,2309,2310,2312, 2313,2314,2315,2319,2324,2326A,2327-61+B948-65,B965 Type IINH189.00
2005 CLCoil Strips of 5 with Number (12)NH199.00
2005 BKBooklets (4)NH179.00
2005 SSSSouvenir Sheet Single (1)NH8.50
2005 M/SMiniSheets of 10 (65)NHAsk
20062311,2316,2317,2318,2320,2321,2322, 2323,2325,2326,2326B,2362-2416+ B966-83,B971aNH199.00
2006 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (5)NH13.50
2006 BKBooklets (5)NH180.00
2006 M/SMiniSheets (60)NHAsk
2006 CL#Coil Singles with Number (10)NHAsk
2006 SCL5Short Coil Strips of 5 with Number (8)NHAsk
2006 LCL5Long Coil Strips of 5 with Number (2)NH25.00
2007 BKBooklets (5)NH119.00
2007 M/SMiniSheets (45)NH1,200.00
2007 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (14)NH25.50
2007 SWNCoil Singles with Number (2)NH9.25
2007 CLLong Coil Strips of 5 with Number (2)NH25.00
20082405,2407,2419-20,2465-2512+B997- 1009,"B1006A"NH175.00
2008 BKBooklets (6)NH150.00
2008 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (4)NH11.00
2008 CLCoil Strips of 5 with Number (6)NH93.00
2008 ATMATM Designs (10)NH78.00
2008 XXThe Grand Collection of Germany 2008 (all 5 items listed above)NH499.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2008 SWNCoil Singles with Number (6)NH32.50
2008 M/SMiniSheets (42)NHAsk
2009 BKBooklets (4)NH110.00
2009 RBKCorrected Aug'10:  Booklets (5)NH104.00
2009 SWNCoil Singles with Number (2)NH11.00
2009 CL5Coil Strips of 5 (2)NH38.50
2009 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (4)NH13.50
2009 XXThe GRAND Collection of Germany 2009.  One each of the 5 Year Sets unit above.NH335.00
2010Booklets (9)NH245.00
2010 SSSSouvenir Sheet Single (1)NH4.50
2010 STR 5Coil Strips of 5 with Number (7)NH175.00
2010 SPWBPSpecial Printings on White Backing Paper (8)NH59.00
2010 XXThe GRAND Collection of Germany 2010.  One each of the 5 Year Set units above.NH665.00
2010 M/SMiniSheets (51)NHAsk
2011 BKBooklets (8)NH225.00
2011 BK LABooklet Late Arrival (Soccer)NH21.00
2011 SSSSouvenir Sheet Single (1)NH6.50
2011 SPWBPSpecial Printings on White Backing Paper (9)NH48.00
2011 CL5Coil Strips of 5 with Number (4)NH119.00
2011 XXThe GRAND Collection of Germany 2011.  One each of the 5 Year Set units above.NH559.00
2011 M/SMiniSheets (52)NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
2012 CM73 Stamps + 1 S/S with Corner Margin Singles as possibleNH155.00
2012 SSSSouvenir Sheet Single (1)NH1.75
2012 BKBooklets (12)NH259.00
2012 STR 5Coil Strips of 5 with Number (7)NH105.00
2012 SPWBPSpecial Printings on White Backing Paper (11)NH75.00
2012 XXThe GRAND 2012 Collection of Germany.  One each of the 5 Year Set units above (without the 2012 CM).NH599.00
20132407B,2420E,2423,2703-61,"2760X" + B1071-84,"B1074C"NH175.00
2013 NOTE:For the first time in many years, Germany did not issue any Souvenir Sheets in 2013! 
2013 BKBooklets (15)NH299.00
2013 STR 5Coil Strips of 5 with Number (8)NH85.00
2013 SPWBPSpecial Printings on White Backing Paper (15)NH79.00
2013 XXThe GRAND 2013 Collection of Germany.  One each of the 4 Year Set units above.NH629.00
2013 M/SDecorative MiniSheets of 10NHASK
2014 NOTE:For the second time in many years, Germany did not issue any Souvenir Sheets in 2014! 
2014 BKBooklets (9)NH159.00
2014 SPWBPSpecial Printings on White Backing Paper (10)NH69.00
2014 STR 5Coil Strips of 5 with Number (14)NH245.00
2014 XXThe GRAND 2014 Collection of Germany.  One each of the 4 Year Set units above.NH655.00
2014 M/SDecorative MiniSheets (58)NHASK
201574 Stamps + 1 S/SNH149.00
2015 BKBooklets (15)NH265.00
2015 SPWBPSpecial Printings on White Backing Paper (17)NH72.00
2015 STR 5Coil Strips of 5 with Number (10)NH209.00
2015 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (3)NH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2015 XXThe GRAND 2015 Collection of Germany.  One each of the 5 Year Set units above.NH609.00
2015 M/SDecorative MiniSheets ()NHAsk
2015 HPRHorizontal Pairs of Coil Issues (4)NH46.00
201674 Stamps + 1 S/SNH133.75
2016 BKBooklets (11)NH239.00
2016 SPWBPSpecial Printings on White Backing Paper (14)NH68.00
2016 SSSSouvenir Sheet Singles (2)NH3.75
2016 CL5Coil Strips of 5 with Number (10)NH149.00
2016 XXThe GRAND 2016 Collection of Germany.  One each of the 5 Year Set units above.NH585.00
2016 PRFlower Definitives Horizontal Pairs (2)NHAsk
2016 M/SMiniSheets of 10 ()NHAsk
201779 StampsNH147.50
2017 BKBooklets (13)NH249.00
2017 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2017 CLCoil Strips of 4, 5 or 6 with Number (11)NH99.00
2017 SPWBPSpecial Printings on White Backing Paper (13)NH52.00
2017 XXThe GRAND 2017 Collection of Germany.  One each of the 5 Year Set units above (not including the MiniSheets).NH529.00
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1979-1980 M/SB564,B579 MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH32.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1980-1989 USED  1309-10,1321-1590+B570-686 UsedUSED200.00
1990-1999As listed individually above.NH1,350.00
1990-1999 USED  As listed individually above, UsedUSED525.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH809.00
1960-2003The GRAND COLLECTION of Year Sets as listed above - (time payments possible): NH3,350.00
Stamps known to be faked and expensive NH issues are sold expertised. 
Empire Period
Embossed Eagle with Large Shield
222Kr Orange Embossed Eagle with Large ShieldHAsk
2618kr BisterNH125.00
  38  5pf Violet Pfennig (without 'e')NH9.00
  41  25Pf Pfennig (without 'e')NH75.00
  42  50Pf Pfennig (without 'e')NH60.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
43-44These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
45-512Pf-50Pf Numerals, Coats of ArmsH90.00
52-612Pf-80Pf GermaniaH160.00
655M with Thick 5 - Wilhelm at Empire CelebrationHAsk
65A5M with Thin 5 - Wilhelm at Empire CelebrationHAsk
65C-74 (10)2Pf-80Pf GermaniaNH1,750.00
  66a+66 x5  3Pf Germania Block of 6 with 66aNH58.00
75-791M-5M High ValuesHAsk
80-952Pf-5M Germania 
  81-89,91  3Pf-80Pf Wartime Germania PrintingNHAsk
  80-89,91 PWP  2Pf-80Pf Germania Pre-war PrintingH500.00
  80 '05  2Pf Gray GermaniaNH10.00
  86  30Pf  Orange, black Germania 
  87  40Pf Lake, black GermaniaNH5.50
  92-95  1M-5M Germania High ValuesH22.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
Early Booklet - Michel MH 13 containing Scott 82-84 and120 is valued at 200 Euros.  Enjoy this beautiful item at:NH200.00


We are working on a complete listing of Germany's fabulous Zusammendrucke issues. 
96-1012Pf-35pf GermaniaNH27.50
  100  15Pf VioletNH2.00
1023M Kaiser Wilhelm with New watermark, Perf 14HAsk
103-04These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
105-08National AssemblyNH5.00
109-10These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
111-141M-2.50M High valuesNH27.50
115-171920 SurchargesNH45.00
118-32 (14)5pf-4M GermaniaNH19.00
133-361.60m-10m SurchargesNH7.00
137-555Pf-20M Definitives with Lozenge WatermarkNH29.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  137  5Pf Numeral, ClaretNH1.50
  138  10Pf Numeral, Olive greenNH1.50
  138a TB  10Pf Numeral, Olive green Tete-Beche PairNHAsk
  138b BP  10Pf Numeral, Olive green Booklet Pane of 6 (10Pf x5, 30Pf x1)NHAsk
  139  15Pf Numeral, Greenish blueNH1.50
  140  25Pf Numeral, Dark brownNH1.50
  141  30Pf Numeral, Blue greenNH1.50
  141a TB  30Pf Numeral, Blue green Tete-Beche PairNHAsk
  141b BP  30Pf Numeral, Blue green Booklet Pane of 6 (30Pf x4, 40Pf x1)NHAsk
  142  40Pf Numeral, Red orangeNH1.50
  143  50Pf Numeral, VioletNH2.25
  144  60Pf Iron Workers, Red violetNH1.50
  145  80Pf Iron Workers, Carmine roseNH1.50
  146  100Pf Miners, Yellow greenNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  147  120Pf Miners, UltramarineNH1.50
  148  150Pf Farmers, OrangeNH1.50
  149  160Pf Farmers, Slate greenNH1.50
  150  2M Post Horn, Violet, roseNH2.25
  151  3M Post Horn, Red, yellowNH2.25
  152  4M Post Horn, Deep green, yellow greenNH1.50
  153  5M Large Numeral, OrangeNH1.50
  154  10M Large Numeral, Carmine, roseNH2.75
  155  20M PlowingNH15.00
  155a  20M Plowing with Green Background InvertedNHAsk
156-60100M-500M Large NumeralsNH5.75
  156  100M Large Numerals, BrownNH1.25
  157  200M Large Numerals, RoseNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  158  300M Large Numerals, Green NH1.25
  159  400M Large Numerals, Bister brownNH4.75
  160  500M Large Numerals, OrangeNH1.25
161-845Pf-50M Definitives with Network WatermarkNH69.00
  161//182 (20)  1921 5Pf-20M Large NumeralsNH59.75
  169,174  1922 75Pf,1¼M GermaniaNH6.50
  180-84  1922 5M-50M High ValuesNH7.00
  161  5Pf NumeralNH2.00
  165  30Pf NumeralNH3.00
  176  160Pf FarmersNH2.50
185-962M-20M Post Horns, NumeralsNH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  185-93  2M-40M Post HornsNH9.50
  194-96  5M,10M Numerals, 20M PlowNH7.00
197This number not utilized by Scott. 
198-20950M-100,000M NumeralsNH10.00
  200-09  200M-100,000M NumeralsNH8.00
2101¼M Germania with Quatrefoils WatermarkNHAsk
21150M Post Horn with Quatrefoils WatermarkNH8.50
212-171¼M-20M Arms of MunichNH25.00
218-20These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
221-34Workers, Miners, NumeralsNH10.50
  221-28  5M-50M WorkersNH6.50
  229-34  100M-1000M NumeralsNH4.50
235-36These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
237-38Wartburg Castle, Cologne CathedralNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
238A-401923 5,50,75 TausendsNH2.00
241-728Tsd-2Mio M Surcharges (without 242A)NH24.00
  241//60 (20)  5Tsd-250Tsd SurchargesNH16.75
  261//72 (14)  800Tsd-2Mio SurchargesNH11.00
  241  8Tsd M on 30Pf with Lozenges WatermarkNH.60
  241a  Inverted 8Tsd M on 30Pf with Lozenges WatermarkNHAsk
  242  5Tsd M on 40PfNH.60
  242A  8Tsd M on 30Pf with Network WatermarkNHAsk
  242A Marginal  8Tsd M on 30Pf with Network Watermark with Margin attached to show Watermark clearly from the front (scarce)NHAsk
  243  15Tsd M on 40MNH.60
  244  20Tsd M on 12MNH.60
  245  20Tsd M on 25MNH.60
  246  20Tsd M on 200MNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  247  25Tsd M on 25MNH.60
  248  30Tsd M on 10MNH.60
  249  30Tsd M on 200MNH.60
  250  75Tsd M on 300MNH.60
  251  75Tsd M on 400MNH.60
  252  75Tsd M on 1000MNH.60
  253  100Tsd M on 100MNH.60
  254  100Tsd M on 400MNH.60
  255  125Tsd M on 1000MNH.60
  256  250Tsd M on 200MNH.60
  257  250Tsd M on 300MNH.60
  258  250Tsd M on 400MNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  259  250Tsd M on 500M, PinkNH.60
  260  250Tsd M on 500M, Red OrangeNH.60
  261  800Tsd M on 5PfNH.60
  262  800Tsd M on 10PfNH.60
  263  800Tsd M on 200MNH.60
  264  800Tsd M on 300M - Green SurchargeNH1.00

  264a  800Tsd M on 300M - Black SurchargeNH65.00
  265  800Tsd M on 400M, Dark BrownNH.60
  266  800Tsd M on 400M, Light GreenNH.60
  267  800Tsd M on 500MNH.60
  268  800Tsd M on 1000MNH.60
  269  2Mio M on 200MNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  270  2Mio M on 300MNH.60
  271  2Mio M on 500MNH.60
  272  2Mio M on 5Tsd MNH.60
273-78400Tsd M-2Mil M Surcharges on RoulettedNH6.75
  273  400Tsd M on 15PfNH.60
  274  400Tsd M on 25PfNH.60
  275  400Tsd M on 30PfNH.60
  276  400Tsd M on 40PfNH.60
  277  2Mio M on 200MNH1.50
  278  2Mio M on 5Tsd MNH.60
279This number not utilized by Scott. 
280-99500Tsd-50Mlrd M Perf NumeralsNH15.00
  280  500TsdNH.60
  281  1MioNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  282  2MioNH.60
  283  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  284  4MioNH.60
  285  5MioNH.60
  286  10MioNH.60
  287  20MioNH.60
  288  30MioNH.60
  289  50MioNH.60
  290  100MioNH.60
  291  200MioNH.60
  292  This number not utilized by SCott. 
  293  500MioNH.60
  294  1Mrd MNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  295  2Mrd MNH.60
  296  5Mrd MNH.60
  297  10Mrd MNH.60
  298  20Mrd MNH.60
  299  50Mrd MNH.60
300This number not utilized by Scott. 
301-0910Mil-50Mlrd M Rouletted NumeralsNH35.00
3101Mrd M on 100MNH2.25
311-161Mlrd-10Mlrd M SurchargesNH6.50
317-18These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
319-215mlrd-10mlrd Surcharges Roulettes 13½NH37.50
322This number not utilized by Scott. 
323-283Pf-100Pf NumeralsNH110.00
329This number not utilized by Scott. 
330-363Pf-50Pf German EagleNH360.00
337-391M,2M,3M Castles, Cologne ViewsNH215.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
340-43UPU, von StephanNH95.00
  340-41  10Pf,20Pf UPU, von StephanNH8.50
  342-43  60Pf, 80Pf UPU, von StephanNH90.00
344This number not utilized by Scott. 
345-46Traffic ExhibitNH50.00
347-49Eagle Watching the Rhine ValleyNH45.00
350Speyer CathedralNH170.00
351-623Pf-80Pf Famous GermansNH1,100.00
  353  5PfH1.00
  356  15PfH2.00
353 x20, 355 x10 BK  Exploded Booklet (Michel MH 24) with Covers, Interleaving and Panes with Margins. 
  The intact booklet is quoted at E5000 ($6250) in Michel 2005-06.  The Panes by themselves (no cover or interleaving) alone are E2650 in Michel. 
  Save a small fortune by getting this exploded Booklet at:
363-65Labor Bureau, IAANH240.00
366-84Presidents Ebert, von HindenburgNH1,275.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  366  3PfH.80
  367  4PfH
  374  15PfH.60
385-86Evacuation OverprintsNH25.00
3872RM Cologne, ReichsmarkNH130.00
388-90  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
391-974Pf-50Pf von Hindenburg's BirthdayNH160.00
  391  4Pf HindenburgH.50
  392  5Pf HindenburgH.80
398-400Potsdam, Frederick the GreatNH320.00
401-14President von HindenburgNH1,100.00
  401  3Pf Olive HindenburgNH110.00
  402  4Pf Light blue HindenburgNH24.00
  403  6Pf Green HindenburgNH11.00
  404  8Pf Orange HindenburgNH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
    404b  8Pf Orange Hindenburg with Open "D"NH45.00
  405  10Pf HindenburgNH33.00
  406  12Pf HindenburgNH22.00
  407  15Pf HindenburgNH30.00
  408  20Pf HindenburgNH77.50
  409  30Pf HindenburgNH26.50
  410  40Pf HindenburgNH290.00
  411  50Pf HindenburgNH140.00
  412  60Pf HindenburgNH270.00
  413  80Pf HindenburgNH33.00
  414  100Pf HindenburgNH190.00
415-311Pf-100Pf President  von HindenburgNH80.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
415-31Hindenburg Set with Top Margin TABS, stamps VF NH, Tabs VLHNH/H125.00
432-35Lost ColoniesNH190.00
436-41President von Hindenburg MemorialNH150.00
442-43Nazi CongressNH85.00
444-45Saar PlebisciteNH85.00
446-47von SchillerNH110.00
448-51Saar ReturnedNH120.00
452-53War Heroes' DayNH20.00
"452a-53a"War Heroes' Day with Vertical Gum LinesNHAsk
454-55Wreath, SwastikaNH24.00
459-62Railroad CentenaryNH130.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
461 WH25pf Locomotive x10 (Mi 582 €450 ($625)NH125.00
Plate varieties are carefully identified in the Michel Specialized Catalogue.  The 25Pf Locomotive variety on Scott 461 is known as the Eisenbahr (instead of Eisenbahn) variety.  Michel prices this tough NH stamp at €200 $280).  We have an NH se-tenant pair available at:NH190.00
463-64Hitler YouthNH24.00
467-68Flag, MunichNH15.00
469Lufthansa AirNH55.00
470-71Daimler, Auto ShowNH16.00
472Inventor GuerickeNH2.50
477-78Recreation CongressNH18.00
481-83Shield BearerNH15.00
484-85German, Austrian and FlagNH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  484  German, Austrian and Flag, Perf 14x13 - size 23x28mm with Swastikas WatermarkNH7.00
  485  German, Austrian and Flag, Perf 12¾ - 21½x26mm without WatermarkNH7.00
486-89Gymnastics, SportsNH16.00
490-91Nazi EmblemNH25.00
492-93Danzig, ChurchNH5.00
DANZIGPlease see DANZIG 241-54 for a set which was valid throughout Germany.  Listed by Michel in Germany proper. 
494-97Gutenberg, LibraryNH10.00
498-501Leipzig FairNH11.00
502-05Vienna FairNH13.00
506-23 (20)1 Pf-80 Pf HitlerNH10.00
  506  1 Pf Hitler, TypographedNH.60
  506a BP    1 Pf Hitler Booklet PaneNHAsk
  507  3 Pf Hitler, TypographedNH.60
  507a BP    3 Pf Hitler Booklet PaneNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  508  4 Pf Hitler, TypographedNH.60
  508a BP    4 Pf Hitler Booklet PaneNHAsk
  509  5 Pf Hitler, TypographedNH.60
  510  6 Pf Hitler, TypographedNH.60
  510a BP    6 Pf Hitler Booklet PaneNHAsk
  511  8 Pf Hitler, TypographedNH.60
  511A  10 Pf Hitler, TypographedNH1.00
  511B  12 Pf Hitler, TypographedNH1.00
  512  10 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH1.50
  513  12 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH1.50
  513a BP    12 Pf Hitler Booklet PaneNHAsk
  514  15 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
  515  16 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
  516  20 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
  517  24 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
  518  25 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
  519  30 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
  520  40 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
  521  50 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
  522  60 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
  523  80 Pf Hitler, EngravedNH.60
524-271M-5M Hitler (our choice of perfs)NH20.00
524,525,526a,527a1M-5M Hitler, Perf 14NH50.00
  524  1M Hitler, Perf 14NH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  525  2M Hitler, Perf 14NH5.00
  526a  3M Hitler, Perf 14NH30.00
  527a  5M Hitler, Perf 14NH15.00
524a,525a,526,5271M-5M Hitler, Perf 12½NH22.00
  524a  1M Hitler, Perf 12½NH5.00
  525a  2M Hitler, Perf 12½NH4.00
  526  3M Hitler, Perf 12½NH5.00
  527  5M Hitler, Perf 12½NH9.00
528Storm Trooper EmblemNH1.20
52942 Pf Hitler, GreenNH.60
530-56 (27)1 Pf-1M NumeralsNH5.00
  530  1 Pf NumeralNH.50
  531  2 Pf NumeralNH.50
  532  3 Pf NumeralNH.50
  533  4 Pf NumeralNH.50
  534  5 Pf NumeralNH.50
  535  6 Pf NumeralNH.50
  536  8 Pf NumeralNH.50
  537  10 Pf NumeralNH.50
  538  12 Pf Bright red NumeralNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  539  12 Pf Slate gray Numeral 
  540  15 Pf Violet brown NumeralNH.50
  541  15 Pf Yellow green NumeralNH.50
  542  16 Pf NumeralNH.50
  543  20 Pf NumeralNH.50
  544  24 Pf NumeralNH.50
  545  25 Pf Bright ultramarine NumeralNH.50
  546  25 Pf Orange yellow NumeralNH.50
  547  30 Pf NumeralNH.50
  548  40 Pf NumeralNH.50
  549  42 Pf NumeralNH4.75
  550  45 Pf NumeralNH.50
  551  50 Pf NumeralNH.50
  552  60 Pf NumeralNH.50
  553  75 Pf NumeralNH.50
  554  80 Pf NumeralNH.50
  555  84 Pf NumeralNH.50
  556  1M NumeralNH.50
557-77 (20)2 Pf-5M Occupations, PeaceNH8.00
NH Blocks of 432.00
  557  2 Pf Planting OliveNH.50
  558  6 Pf Planting OliveNH.50
  559  8 Pf SowerNH.50
  560  10 Pf SowerNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  561  12 Pf LaborerNH.50
  562  15 Pf Planting OliveNH.75
  563  16 Pf Reaping WheatNH.50
  564  20 Pf SowerNH.50
  565  24 Pf Reaping WheatNH.50
  566  25 Pf Planting Olive NH.50
  567  30 Pf LaborerNH.75
  568  40 Pf SowerNH.50
  569  50 Pf Reaping WheatNH.50
  570  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  571  60 Pf Reddish brown LaborerNH.50
  571a  60 Pf Brownish red LaborerNH.75
  572  80 Pf LaborerNH.50
  573  84 Pf Reaping WheatNH.75
  574  1M Germany Reaching for PeaceNH.50
  575  2M Germany Reaching for PeaceNH.50
  576  3M Germany Reaching for PeaceNH.50
  577  5M Germany Reaching for PeaceNH4.00
578-79Heinrich von StephanNH.70
580-81Leipzig Fair, 12 Pf, 75 PfNH.70
582-8350 Pf,84 Pf Leipzig Fair, NH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
584-85 SNGHanover Fair SinglesNH.70
584-85c PRHanover Fair PairNH5.50
585A-932 Pf-84 Pf Band OverprintsNH525.00
593A-992 Pf-84 Pf Netting OverprintsNH800.00
Type A119Unissued, Type INH675.00
Type A119Netting Unissued, Type IINH1,200.00
600-16Band Overprints on PictorialsNH30.00
  601 INV  Inverted Overprint ("as is")NH2.50
  604 INV  Inverted Overprint (sold "as is")NH1.50
  614a    60 Pf Brown red Band OverprintNH70.00
617-33Netting Overprints on PictorialsNH25.00
  631a    60 Pf Brown red Netting Overprint 
Scott # Description Condition Price
634-572Pf-90Pf Town Hall, Gates, ChurchNH115.00
  634  2Pf, Perf 11½x11 
  635  4Pf, Perf 11½x11 
  636  5Pf, Perf 11½x11 
  637  6Pf Orange brown, Perf 11½x11 
  638  6Pf Orange, Perf 11½x11 
  639  8Pf Orange yellow, Perf 11½x11 
  640  8Pf Slate blue, Perf 11½x11 
  641  10Pf, Perf 11½x11 
  642  15Pf Orange, Perf 11½x11 
  643  15Pf Violet, Perf 11½x11 
  644  16Pf, Perf 11½x11 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  645  20Pf Blue, Perf 11½x11 
  646  20Pf Carmine, Perf 11½x11 
  647  24Pf, Perf 11½x11 
  648  25Pf, Perf 11½x11 
  649  30Pf Blue, Perf 11½x11 
  650  30Pf Red, Perf 11½x11 
  651  40Pf, Perf 11½x11 
  652  50Pf Ultramarine, Perf 11½x11 
  653  50Pf Blue green, Perf 11½x11 
  654  60Pf, Perf 11½x11NH95.00
  655  80Pf, Perf 11½x11NH4.00
  656  84 Pf, Perf 11½x11NH2.50
  657  90Pf, Perf 11½x11NH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
634a-58a2Pf-1M Town Hall, Gates, Church, Perf 14NH750.00
  634a  2Pf, Perf 14NH3.75
  635a  4Pf, Perf 14NH2.00
  636a  5Pf, Perf 14NH2.50
  638a  6Pf, Perf 14NH19.00
  641a  10Pf, Perf 14NH2.50
  643a  15Pf, Perf 14NH15.00
  646a  20Pf, Perf 14NH5.50
  648a  25Pf, Perf 14NH24.00
  649a  30Pf, Perf 14NH28.00
  651a  40 Pf, Perf 14NH22.00
  653a  50Pf, Perf 14NH190.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  654a  60Pf, Perf 14NH3.50
  655a  80Pf, Perf 14NH135.00
  657a  90Pf, Perf 14NH190.00
  658a  1M Perf 14, Seven Lines in StairsNH180.00
658-611M-5M Holsten Gate, Perf 11NH170.00
  658  1M Holsten Gate, Perf 11NH40.00
  659  2M Holsten Gate, Perf 11NH35.00
  660  3M Holsten Gate, Perf 11NH40.00
  661  5M Holsten Gate, Perf 11NH60.00
658b-61aHolsten Gate, Seven Lines in StairsNH525.00
  658b  1M Perf 11, Seven Lines in StairsNH50.00
  659a  2M Perf 11, Seven Lines in StairsNH60.00
  660a  3M Perf 11, Seven Lines in StairsNH200.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  661a  5M Perf 11, Seven Lines in StairsNH220.00
662-64Hanover FairNH9.00
664a S/SHanover Fair Sheet of 3NH105.00
667-68+B309  Stamp-on-Stamp with CharityNH130.00
669von Stephen, Post OfficeNH85.00
670-85Post HornsNH2,400.00
670-85Post Horns OUTSTANDING QUALITY with even the low values being well-centered, VF VLH, a GEM set!HAsk
670//79Post Horns 670-72, 676-77, 679x3NHAsk
  670  2Pf Yellow green Post HornNH5.00
  671  4Pf Yellow brown Post HornNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  672  5Pf Rose violet Post HornNH12.00
  673  6Pf Orange Post HornNH25.00
  674  8Pf Gray Post HornNH27.00
  675  10Pf Dark green Post HornNH5.00
  676  15Pf Purple Post HornNH55.00
  677  20Pf Carmine Post HornNH5.00
  678  25Pf Brownish red Post HornNH125.00
  679  30Pf Blue Post HornNH72.00
  680  40Pf Rose lilac Post HornNH185.00
  681  50Pf Blue gray Post HornNH225.00
  682  60Pf Red brown Post HornNH180.00
  683  70Pf Orange yellow Post HornNH750.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  684  80Pf Red Post HornNH600.00
  685  90Pf Yellow green Post HornNH900.00
686W.K. RoentgenNH88.00
687Mona LisaNH1.75
688Otto, MotorNH44.00
689Martin LutherNH19.50
690Heligoland, ShipNH22.00
691Carl SchurzNH26.00
692Thurn and TaxisNH10.00
693Philipp ReisNH56.00
694Traffic AccidentNH22.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
695Chemist LiebigNH40.00
696Red Cross, CompassNH24.00
697War PrisonerNH7.00
702-212Pf-3M President HeussNH400.00
  702  2Pf Yellow olive HeussNH.75
  702 PR    2Pf Yellow olive Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.00
  703  4Pf Orange HeussNH.75
  703 PR    4Pf Orange Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.00
  704  5Pf Rose HeussNH.75
  704 PR    5Pf Rose Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.00
  704 CL5    5Pf Rose Heuss Coil of 5 with NumberNHAsk
  704 CL#    5Pf Rose Heuss Coil Single with Number 
  705  6Pf Light brown HeussNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  705 PR    6Pf Light brown Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.00
  706  7Pf Blue HeussNH.75
  706 PR    7Pf Blue Heuss Horizontal PairNH3.00
  706 CL5    7Pf Blue Heuss Coil of 5 with NumberNH15.00
  706 CL#    7Pf Blue Heuss Coil Single with Number 
  707  8Pf Gray HeussNH.75
  707 PR    8Pf Gray Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.50
  708  10Pf Green HeussNH.75
  708 PR    10Pf Green Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.25
  708 CL5    10Pf Green Heuss Coil of 5 with NumberNHAsk
  708 CL#    10Pf Green Heuss Coil Single with Number 
  709  15Pf Dark blue HeussNH.90
  709 PR    15Pf Dark blue Heuss Horizontal PairNH4.75
  709 CL5    15Pf Dark blue Heuss Coil of 5 with NumberNHAsk
  709 CL#    15Pf Dark blue Heuss Coil Single with Number 
  710  20Pf Carmine HeussNH.75
  710 PR    20Pf Carmine Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.00
  710 CL5    20Pf Carmine Heuss Coil of 5 with NumberNHAsk
  710 CL#    20Pf Carmine Heuss Coil Single with Number 
  711  25Pf Red HeussNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  711 PR    25Pf Red Heuss Horizontal PairNH6.50
  711 CL5    25Pf Red HeussCoil of 5 with NumberNHAsk
  711 CL#    25Pf Red Heuss Coil Single with Number 
  712  30Pf Blue HeussNH22.00
  712 PR    30Pf Blue Heuss Horizontal PairNH120.00
  713  40Pf Red lilac HeussNH9.00
  713 PR    40Pf Red lilac Heuss Horizontal PairNH65.00
  714  50Pf Gray HeussNH350.00
  714 PR    50Pf Gray Heuss Horizontal PairNH850.00
  715  60Pf Red brown HeussNH80.00
  715 PR    60Pf Red brown Heuss Horizontal PairNH195.00
  716  70Pf Olive HeussNH22.00
  716 PR    70Pf Olive Heuss Horizontal PairNH195.00
  717  80Pf Deep red HeussNH5.00
  717 PR    80Pf Deep red Horizontal PairNH14.00
  718  90Pf Deep greenNH25.00
  718 PR    90Pf Deep green Horizontal PairNH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  719  1M OliveNH2.50
  719 PR    1M Olive Horizontal PairNH7.50
  720  2M VioletNH5.00
  720 PR    2M Violet Horizontal PairNH14.00
  721  3M Deep plumNH11.00
  721 PR    3M Deep plum Horizontal PairNH29.00

704 FL, 706 FL, 708-11 FLHeuss (6) on Fluorescent PaperNH100.00
704 FL, 706 FL, 708-11 FL, 755-56 FLHeuss (8) on Fluorescent Paper Complete SetNH145.00
  "704 FL"  5Pf Rose FluorescentNH19.00
  "704 FL" PR    5Pf Rose Fluorescent Horizontal PairNH42.50
  "706 FL"  7Pf Blue FluorescentNH1.25
  "706 FL" PR    7Pf Blue Fluorescent Horizontal PairNH3.00
  "708 FL"  10Pf Green FluorescentNH.60
  "708 FL" PR    10Pf Green Fluorescent Horizontal PairNH5.00
  "708 FL" CL5    10Pf Green Fluorescent Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH45.00
  "708 FL" CL#    10Pf Green Fluorescent Single with Red Number 
  "709 FL"  15Pf Dark blue FluorescentNH15.00
  "709 FL" PR    15Pf Dark blue Fluorescent Horizontal PairNH32.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  "709 FL" CL5    15Pf Dark blue Fluorescent Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH185.00
  "709 FL" CL#    15Pf Dark blue Fluorescent Coil Single with Red Number 
  "710 FL"  20Pf Carmine FluorescentNH6.00
  "710 FL" PR    20Pf Carmine Fluorescent Horizontal PairNH13.00
  "710 FL" CL5    20Pf Carmine Fluorescent Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH75.00
  "710 FL" CL#    20Pf Carmine Fluorescent Coil  Single with Red Number 
  "711 FL"  25Pf Red brown FluorescentNH27.50
  "711 FL" PR    25Pf Red brown Fluorescent Horizontal PairNH60.00
  "711 FL" CL5    25Pf Red brown Fluorescent Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH250.00
  "711 FL" CL#  25Pf Red brown Fluorescent Single with Red Number 
HSW 4 valuesHeuss Sideways Watermark called for in Lindner, LighthouseBlock of 8 (5pf, 10pf, 8pf, 20pf)NH90.00
HSW Block of 8Heuss Sideways Watermark called for in Lindner, Lighthouse but in Block of 8 (5pf x2, 8pf x1, 10pf x2, 20pf x3)NH95.00
722Ehrlich and BehringNH16.00
724Miter, SwordNH9.50
725Mathematician GaussNH6.00
726Engineer von MillerNH6.00
727Poet von SchillerNH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
728Postal Motor BusNH13.00
729-30Baden-Wurttemburg ArmsNH12.00
731Globe, Atom SymbolNH11.50
732Orb, Battle SymbolNH11.00
733Family FlightNH4.50
734RR Signal, TrackNH14.00
735Monument, TreesNH4.50
736UN EmblemNH5.25
7371Pf NumeralNH.40
737 FL1Pf Numeral on Fluorescent PaperNH.60
737A1Pf with BP/ZigZag WatermarkNH12.50
738UPU ConferenceNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
740Poet HeineNH3.40
741Luneburg BuildingsNH10.00
7420lympic RingsNH.80
743Composer SchumannNH.70
744-45Synod EmblemNH8.00
746Novelist MannNH4.00
747Maria LeachNH2.75
750Cathedral, HandNH2.75
751Policeman HandNH3.25
752Pigeon, LetterNH1.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
753Cemetary CrossNH2.50
754Saar ArmsNH.50
1956-1957 HEUSS ISSUES
755-6130Pf-90Pf HeussNH52.00
  755  30Pf Slate HeussNH.75
  755 PR    30Pf Slate Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.75
  756  40Pf Light ultramarine HeussNH3.75
  756 PR    40Pf Light ultramarine Heuss Horizontal PairNH8.00
  756 CL5    40Pf Light ultramarine Heuss Coil of 5 with NumberNH75.00
  756 CL#    40Pf Light ultramarine Heuss Coil Single with Number 
  757  50Pf Olive HeussNH1.75
  757 PR    50Pf Olive Heuss Horizontal PairNH4.50
  758  60Pf Light brown HeussNH5.00
  758 PR    60Pf Light brown Heuss Horizontal PairNH12.50
  759  70Pf Violet HeussNH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  759 PR    70Pf Violet Heuss Horizontal PairNH39.00
  759 CL5    70Pf Violet Heuss Coil Strip of 5NH85.00
  759 CL#    70Pf Violet Heuss Coil Single with Number 
  760  80Pf Red orange HeussNH10.00
  760 PR    80Pf Red orange Heuss Horizontal PairNH23.00
  761  90Pf Blue green HeussNH27.50
  761 PR    90Pf Blue green Heuss Horizontal PairNH60.00
755 FL, 756 FL '6030Pf,40Pf Heuss 1960 FluorescentNH49.00
  755 FL '60  30Pf Slate Fluorescent HeussNH45.00
  755 FL '60 PR    30Pf Slate Fluorescent Heuss Horizontal PairNH95.00
  756 FL '60  40Pf Light blue Fluorescent HeussNH4.00
  756 FL '60 PR    40Pf Light blue Fluorescent Heuss Horizontal PairNH10.00
  756 FL '60 CL5    40Pf Light blue Fluorescent Heuss Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH75.00
  756 FL '60 CL#    40Pf Light blue Fluorescent Heuss Coil Single with NumberNHAsk
762Physicist HertzNH1.50
764Tulip, Post HornNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
769Albert BallinNH1.75
770Television ScreenNH.45
771-72Europa - Allegory (unwatermarked)NH7.00
772A10Pf Europa with WatermarkNH12.50
773-74Lily, RobinNH1.25
775Carrier PigeonsNH1.00
776Baron von SteinNH1.90
777Leo BaeckNH1.90
778Landschaft BuildingNH.90
779Coach, HorseNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
780-81Max and MoritzNH1.30
782Forest FiresNH.90
783Inventor DieselNH.50
784Giraffe, LionNH.60
785Old Munich ViewNH.55
786Trier MarketNH.55
787Eagle 5M CoinNH.60
788Turner, LeafNH.40
789Trade OranizerNH.50
790-91Europa - Bird, RingNH7.50
792Cardinal NicolausNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
793-977Pf-70Pf President HeussNH19.50
  793  7Pf Heuss Blue greenNH.40
  793 PR    7Pf Heuss Horizontal PairNH1.25
  793 CL5    7Pf Heuss Coil of 5 with Number 
  793 CL#    7Pf Heuss Single with NumberNH6.50
  794  10Pf Heuss GreenNH.50
  794 PR    10Pf Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.50
  794 CL5    10Pf Heuss Coil of 5 with NumberNH4.00
  794 CL#    10Pf Heuss Single with Number 
  795  20Pf Heuss Dark roseNH.60
  795 PR    20Pf Heuss Horizontal PairNH2.50
  795 CL5    20Pf Heuss Coil of 5 with NumberNH6.50
  795 CL#    20Pf Heuss Single with Number 
  796  40Pf Heuss BlueNH17.50
  796 PR    40Pf Heuss Horizontal PairNH40.00
  797  70Pf Heuss PurpleNH6.00
  797 PR    70Pf Heuss Horizontal PairNH16.00
798Banker FuggerNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
799Math Teacher RieseNH.50
800von HumboldtNH1.70
801Buxtehude BuildingsNH.50
802Trier Holy CoatNH.50
803Synod EmblemNH.50
804 S/SMusicians Sheet of 5NH15.00
804a-e  Musicians Sheet SinglesNH15.00
804a-e CMBMusicians Combinations (Pairs and Strips)NHAsk
805-06Europa - LinksNH3.50
805-06 PL#  Europa Corner Margin Set with Plate #1 NH11.00
805-06 PL#  Europa Corner Margin Set with Plate #2 NH11.50
807-08Oak, Refugee YearNH2.00
809P. MelanchthonNH1.30
Scott # Description Condition Price
810Passion PlayNH.40
811-12Dove, CrucifixNH1.60
813-16Sport ScenesNH2.25
817Cathedral, CrossNH.80
821US General MarshallNH3.50
822Steam LocomotiveNH.40
823St. GeorgeNH.40
824-39Famous People (Mixed Papers)NH7.50
824//32 PP (7)Famous People on Plain Paper CompleteNH2.50
824//39 FL (17)Famous People on Florescent Paper CompleteNH9.50
  824  5Pf Albertus MagnusNH.40
  824 PR    5Pf Magnus Horizontal PairNH1.00
  824 CL5    5Pf Magnus Coil of 5 with Number (RARE on Plain Paper!) - See Below:NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price

  824 CL#    5Pf Magnus Single with Number 
    824 FL    5Pf Magnus FluorescentNH.35
    824 FL CL5    5Pf Magnus Fluorescent Coil of 5NH6.00
    824 FL var    5Pf Magnus Fluorescent Light olive shadeNH.90
    824b FL TB    5Pf Magnus Fluorescent Tete-Beche PairNH.50
    824b FL var    5Pf Magnus Fluorescent Light olive shade Tete-Beche PairNH4.00
  825  7Pf ElizabethNH.40
  825 PR    7Pf Elizabeth Horizontal PairNH1.00
  825 CL5    7Pf Elizabeth Coil of 5 with NumberNH25.00
    825 FL    7Pf Elizabeth FluorescentNH.50
    825 FL CL5      7Pf Elizabeth Coil of 5 with NumberNH20.00
  826  8Pf GutenbergNH.35
  826 PR    8Pf Gutenberg Horizontal PairNH1.00
    826 FL    8Pf Gutenberg FluorescentNH.35
  827  10Pf DürerNH.50
  827 PR    10Pf Dürer Horizontal PairNH1.25
  827 CL5    10Pf Dürer Coil of 5 with NumberNH40.00
  827 CL#    10Pf Dürer Single with Number 
    827 FL    10Pf Dürer FluorescentNH.50
    827b TB    10Pf Dürer Tete-Beche Pair (Mi  K 1)NH.90
    827b GP    10Pf Dürer Gutter Tete-Beche Pair (Mi  KZ 1)NH4.75
    827b FL    10Pf Dürer FluorescentNH.50
  828  15Pf LutherNH.65
  828 PR    15Pf Luther Horizontal PairNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  828 CL5    15Pf Luther Coil of 5NH55.00
  828 CL#    15Pf Luther Single with Number 
    828 FL    15Pf Luther FluorescentNH.90
    828b FL TB    15Pf Luther Fluorescent Tete-Beche PairNH2.00
    824+828 FL GP  15Pf Luther Fluorescent Gutter TB PairNH7.50
    828 FL CL5  15Pf Luther Fluorescent Coil Strip of 5NH12.00
    828 FL CL#  15Pf Luther Fluorescent Coil Single with Number 
  829  20Pf BachNH.60
  829 PR    20Pf Bach Horizontal PairNH1.50
  829 CL5    20Pf Bach Coil of 5 with NumberNH125.00
  829 CL#    20Pf Bach Single with Number 
    829 FL    20Pf Bach FluorescentNH.40
    829b TB    20Pf Bach Tete-Beche Pair (Mi  K 4)NH1.15
    829b GP    20Pf Bach Gutter Tete-Beche Pair (Mi  KZ 3)NH1.50
  830  25Pf NeumannNH.40
  830 PR    25Pf Neumann Horizontal PairNH1.25
  830 CL5    25Pf Neumann Coil of 5 with NumberNH15.00
  830 CL#    25Pf Neumann Single with Number 
  831  30Pf KantNH.40
  831 PR    30Pf Kant Horizontal PairNH1.25
  832  40Pf LessingNH.90
  832 PR    40Pf Lessing Horizontal PairNH2.50
  832 CL5    40Pf Lessing Coil of 5 with NumberNHAsk
  832 CL#    40Pf Lessing Single with Number 
    832 FL    40Pf Lessing FluorescentNH.45
Scott # Description Condition Price
    832 FL CL5    40Pf Lessing Fluorescent Coil of 5NH21.00
    832 FL CL#    40Pf Lessing Fluorescent Coil Single with Number 
  833  50Pf GoetheNH.50
  833 PR    50Pf Goethe Horizontal PairNH1.75
  834  60Pf SchillerNH.60
  834 PR    60Pf Schiller Horizontal PairNH1.75
  834 CL5    60Pf Schiller Coil of 5 with NumberNH59.00
  834 CL#    60Pf Schiller Single with Number 
  835  70Pf Beethoven, Greenish blackNH.60
  835 PR    70Pf Beethoven Horizontal PairNH2.00
  835 CL5    70Pf Beethoven Coil of 5 with NumberNH39.00
  835 CL#    70Pf Beethoven Single with Number 
    835a    70Pf Beethoven Deep greenNH1.00
    835a PR    70Pf Beethoven Deep green Horizontal PairNH2.50
    835a CL5    70Pf Beethoven Deep green Coil of 5 with NumberNH4.00
    835a CL#    70Pf Beethoven Deep green Single with Number 
  836  80Pf KleistNH.90
  836 PR    80Pf Kleist Horizontal PairNH2.25
  837  90PF OppenheimerNH.50
  837 PR    90PF Oppenheimer Horizontal PairNH2.00
  838  1DM HulshoffNH.90
  838 PR    1DM Hulshoff Horizontal PairNH2.25
  839  2M HauptmannNH5.00
  839 PR    2M Hauptmann Horizontal PairNH11.50
840-41Daimler, BenzNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
843Speyer CathedralNH.40
844-45Europa - BirdsNH.75
844 FL  10Pf Europa Fluorescent NH.50
846Reis TelephoneNH.40
847von KettelerNH.40
848Stone, Mainz ViewNH.40
849Music Notes, ForkNH.40
850Religious ServiceNH.40
851Bible SocietyNH.40
852-53Europa - TreeNH1.25
854Bread for WorldNH.40
855Gift PackageNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
856Globe, CrossNH.40
862Cross, Sun, MoonNH.40
863City ArmsNH.40
864Railroad MapNH.40
865Red CrossNH.40
866Synod, Barbed WireNH.40
867-68Europa - LinksNH.60
869-79A1964-65 ViewsNH2.80
  869-76 '64  1964 IssuesNH2.00
  877-79A '65  1965 IssuesNH1.00
880Ottobeuren AbbeyNH.40
881-82President LubkeNH.40
883-90 S/SFamous Men Sheet of 8NH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
883-90 SNG  Famous Men Sheet SinglesNH8.00
883-90 CMBFamous Men Combinations (Pairs, Strips, Blocks)NHAsk
891John CalvinNH.40
892-94Science TechnologyNH.40
895F. LassalleNH.40
896Radiating SunNH.40
897-98Europa - DaisyNH.50
900Prussian EagleNH.40
901John F. KennedyNH.40
902This number not utilized by Scott. 
903-12 (8)10Pf-80Pf BuildingsNH4.00
  903  10Pf Wall PavillonNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  903 PR    10Pf Wall Pavillon Horizontal PairNH1.50
  903 CL5    10Pf Wall Pavillon Coil of 5 with NumberNH7.00
  903 CL#    10Pf Wall Pavillon Single with Number 
  904  15Pf Tegel CastleNH.40
  904 PR    15Pf Tegel Castle Horizontal PairNH1.00
  904 CL5    15Pf Tegel Castle Coil of 5 with NumberNH7.00
  904 CL#    15Pf Tegel Castle Single with Number 
    904b    15Pf Tegel Castle Tete-Beche Pair (Mi  K 5)NH2.50
  905  20Pf PorticoNH.40
  905 PR    20Pf Portico Horizontal PairNH1.00
  905 CL5    20Pf Portico Coil of 5 with NumberNH12.00
  905 CL#    20Pf Portico Single with Number 
    905b TB    20Pf Portico Tete-Beche PairNH2.50
    905b GP    20Pf Portico Gutter TB PairNH3.50
  906-07  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  908  40Pf FortressNH.40
  908 PR    40Pf Fortress Horizontal PairNH1.50
  908 CL5    40Pf Fortress Coil of 5 with NumberNH20.00
  908 CL#    40Pf Fortress Single with Number 
  909  50Pf Castle GateNH.80
  909 PR    50Pf Castle Gate Horizontal PairNH1.10
  910  60Pf Treptow GateNH1.75
  910 PR    60Pf Treptow Gate Horizontal PairNH5.00
  910 CL5    60Pf Treptow Gate Coil of 5NH95.00
  910 CL#    60Pf Treptow Gate Single with Number 
Scott # Description Condition Price

  911  70Pf Osthofen GateNH2.00
  911 PR    70Pf Osthofen Gate Horizontal PairNH7.50
  911 CL5    70Pf Osthofen Gate Coil of 5 with NumberNH110.00
  911 CL#    70Pf Osthofen Gate Single with Number 
  912  80Pf Elling GateNH1.75
  912 PR    80Pf Elling Gate Horizontal PairNH7.50
  912 CL5    80Pf Elling Gate Coil of 5 with NumnerNH19.00
  912 CL#    80Pf Elling Gate Single with Number 
913-16These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
917Poet ClaudiusNH.50
918von BismarckNH.50
926Flower BouquetNH.50
927ITU CentenaryNH.50
928Adolph KolpingNH.50
929Rescue ShipNH.50
930Family FlightNH.50
931Synod, LabyrinthNH.50
932TV Tower, WavesNH.50
933Thurn and TaxisNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
934-35Europa - FruitNH.70
936-511966-69 BuildingsNH14.00
  936  5Pf Olive brownNH.50
  937  10Pf Dark brownNH.50
  939  20Pf Dark greenNH.50
  940  30Pf Yellow greenNH.50
  941  30Pf RedNH.50
  942  40Pf Olive brownNH.50
  943  50Pf Blue violetNH.65
  944  60Pf Deep orangeNH3.50
  945  70Pf Slate grayNH1.30
  946  80Pf Red brownNH2.30
  947  90Pf BlackNH1.00
  948  1M Dull blueNH1.00
  949  1.10M Red orangeNH1.00
  950  1.30M GreenNH2.25
  951  2M PurpleNH2.50
952-56Brandenburg GateNH12.00
952-56 HPRBrandenburg Gate Horizontal PairsNH36.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
952-56Brandenburg Gate, Coil Strips of 5 with NumberNH65.00
  952  10Pf Lilac brownNH.50
  952 HPR    10Pf Lilac brown Horizontal PairNH.50
  952 CL    10Pf Lilac brown Coil of 5NH3.00
  952 SWN    10Pf Lilac brown Single with NumberNH1.20
    952a BP    10Pf x4, 20Pf x2, 30Pf x4 Pane of 10NH5.00
    952b TB    10Pf Lilac brown Tete-Beche Pair (Mi  K 7)NH.50
    952c BP    10Pf x2, 20Pf x4 Pane of 6NH2.50
  953  20Pf Deep greenNH.50
  953 HPR    20Pf Deep green Horizontal PairNH1.00
  953 CL    20Pf Deep green Coil of 5NH3.00
  953 SWN    20Pf Deep green Single with NumberNH1.20
    953a TB    20Pf Deep green Tete-Beche Pair (Mi  K 8)NH1.00
    953b BP    20Pf x2, 30Pf x2 Pane of 4NH2.25
  954  30Pf RedNH.50
  954 HPR    30Pf Red Horizontal PairNH1.50
  954 CL    30Pf Red Coil of 5NH5.00
  954 SWN    30Pf Red Single with NumberNH2.50
    954a TB    30Pf Red Tete-Beche Pair (Mi  K 9)NH1.50
  955  50Pf Dark blueNH1.50
  955 HPR    50Pf Dark blue Horizontal PairNH3.75
  955 CL    50Pf Dark blue Coil of 5NH7.50
  955 SWN    50Pf Dark blue Single with NumberNH3.00
  956  100Pf Dark blueNH11.00
  956 HPR    100Pf Dark blue Horizontal PairNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  956 CL    100Pf Dark blue Coil of 5NH50.00
  956 SWN    100Pf Dark blue Single with NumberNH20.00
960von GalenNH.50
962Philosopher LeibnizNH.50
963-64Europa - SailboatNH.60
965-66Transmission, DynamoNH.50
967UNICEF EmblemNH.50
968Engineer von SiemensNH.50
969-70Europa - CogwheelNH.75
971Franz von TaxisNH.50
972Protestant MeetingNH.50
973von BodelschwinghNH.50
974-75President LbkeNH.60
976Eisenach BuildingNH.50
977Cross, MapNH.50
978-80Science, TechnologyNH.50
982 S/SFamous MenNH3.00
982a-d  Famous Men Sheet SinglesNH3.00
983-84Europa - KeyNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
985Karl MarxNH.50
986Olympics FounderNH.50
986+B434-37Olympics Founder with Charity IssuesNH2.50
987Musical BarsNH.50
988Konrad AdenauerNH.50
989Cross, DoveNH.50
990North German ConfederationNH.50
991Trade UnionsNH.50
992Human RightsNH.50
995ILO 5 Point StarNH.50
996-97Europa - BuildingNH1.25
998Heraldic EaglesNH1.10
1000-03Nature ViewsNH2.00
1004Justice HungerNH.50
1005Electromagnetic FieldNH.50
1006Maltese CrossNH.50
1007 S/SFamous WomenNH.80
1007a-c  Famous Women Sheet SinglesNH.80
1009Brine PipelineNH.50
1010Rothenburg ViewNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1011Pope John XXIIINH.55
1012Mahatma GandhiNH.50
1013Historian ArndtNH.50
1014-16Famous MenNH1.40
1017Saar ViewNH.50
1021Ship, UnderpassNH.50
1022-27Voluntary ServiceNH3.25
1028-44President HeinemannNH24.00
  1028 '70  5Pf Dark grayNH.60
  1029 '70  10Pf BrownNH.60
  1030 '70  20Pf Deep GreenNH.60
  1030A '71  25Pf YellowNH.50
  1031 '71  30Pf RedNH.60
  1032 '71  40Pf BrownNH.60
  1033 '71  50Pf Dark blueNH1.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1034 '71  60Pf BlueNH.75
  1035 '71  70Pf Dark violetNH.90
  1036 '71  80Pf SlateNH1.10
  1037 '71  90Pf MagentaNH1.80
  1038 '70  1M OliveNH1.25
  1038A '73  110Pf OliveNH1.35
  1039 '72  120Pf OcherNH1.50
  1040 '72  130Pf OcherNH1.60
  1040A '73  140Pf Blue greenNH1.80
  1041 '72  150Pf PurpleNH1.80
  1042 '72  160Pf OrangeNH2.40
  1042A '72  170Pf OrangeNH2.10
  1043 '73  190Pf ClaretNH2.75
  1044 '71  2M Deep violetNH2.50
1045Cross, GlassNH.50
1046German CatholicsNH.50
1047-49Town ViewsNH1.20
  1047  CochemNH.50
  1048  FreiburgNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1049  OberammergauNH.50
1050Theologian ComeniusNH.50
1051Socialist EngelsNH1.10
1052Imperial EagleNH1.00
1053President EbertNH1.20
1054Molecule DiagramNH.50
1055-58Traffic RulesNH1.70
1059-62New Traffic RulesNH1.30
1063Luther WoodcutNH.50
1064-65Europa - ChainNH1.50
1066Monk KempisNH1.20
106720Pf GoslarNH.50
106830Pf NuremburgNH.50
1069 '7230Pf HeligolandNH.50
1069A'7240Pf HeidelbergNH.60
1070Dürer's SignatureNH1.20
1071Congress EmblemNH.40
1072Astronomer KeplerNH.30
1073Poet DanteNH.25
1074-855Pf-150Pf Accident PreventionNH13.00
1074-85 CL55Pf-150Pf Accident Prevention Complete Set of 11 Coil StripsNH115.00
Coil prices are for stamps with black numbers.  Please ask about other colors. 
1074-85 HPR5Pf-150Pf Accident Prevention Complete Set of Horizontal PairsNH99.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
See also the Complete Booklet Section at the end of the regular stamps listings. 
  1074 '71  5Pf MatchesNH.35
  1074 PR    5Pf Matches Horizontal PairNH1.75
  1074 CL5    5Pf Matches Coil of 5 with NumberNH1.50
  1074 CL#    5Pf Matches Single with NumberNH.50
  1074a,1075a var2 Complete BOOKLET PANE SHEETS - Michel MH B16,MH B19NH250.00
  1075 '72  10Pf LadderNH.35
  1075 HPR    10Pf Ladder Horizontal PairNH1.50
  1075 CL5    10Pf Ladder Coil of 5 with NumberNH1.60
  1075 CL#    10Pf Ladder Single with NumberNH.60
  1075 IMP TOP    10Pf Ladder Imperf at topNH3.50
  1075 IMP BOT    10Pf Imperf at bottomNH3.50
  1075 VPR      10Pf Ladder Vertical PairNH3.50
  1075 CL5 RED    10Pf Ladder Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH5.75
  1075 CL# RED    10Pf Ladder Single with Red Number 
  1075 CL5 BLU    10Pf Ladder Coil of 5 with Blue NumberNH3.00
  1075 CL# BLU    10Pf Ladder Single with Blue Number 
  1076 '72  20Pf HandNH.35
  1076 HPR    20Pf Hand Horizontal PairNH.90
  1076 CL5    20Pf Hand Coil of 5 with NumberNH2.50
  1076 CL#    20Pf Hand Single with NumberNH.80
  1076 IMP TOP    20Pf Hand Imperf at topNH5.00
  1076 IMP BOT    20Pf Hand Imperf at bottomNH5.00
  1076 VP      20Pf Hand Vertical PairNH4.50
  1076 CL5 RED    20Pf Hand Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1076 CL# RED    20Pf Hand Single with Red Number 
  1076 CL5 GRN    20Pf Hand Coil of 5 with Blue NumberNH8.00
  1076 CL# GRN    20Pf Hand Single with Blue Number 
  1077 '71  25Pf AlcoholNH.45
  1077 HPR    25Pf Alcohol Horizontal PairNH2.50
  1077 CL5    25Pf Alcohol Coil of 5 with NumberNH4.00
  1077 CL#    25Pf Alcohol Single with NumberNH1.40
  1078 '72  30Pf HelmetNH.50
  1078 HPR    30Pf Helmet Horizontal PairNH1.20
  1078 CL5    30Pf Helmet Coil of 5 with NumberNH3.75
  1078 CL#    30Pf Helmet Single with NumberNH1.25
  1078 IMP TOP    30Pf Helmet Imperf at topNH5.00
  1078 IMP BOT    30Pf Helmet Imperf at bottomNH5.00
  1078 VPR    30Pf Helmet Vertical PairNH4.50
  1078 CL5 RED    30Pf Helmet Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH7.50
  1078 CL# RED    30Pf Helmet Single with Red Number 
  1078 CL5 GRN    30Pf Helmet Coil of 5 with Green NumberNH9.00
  1078 CL# GRN    30Pf Helmet Single with Green Number 
  1079 '72  40Pf Electric PlugNH.60
  1079 PR    40Pf Electric Plug Horizontal PairNH1.20
  1079 CL5    40Pf Plug Coil of 5 with NumberNH7.50
  1079 CL#    40Pf Plug Single with NumberNH2.50
  1079 CL5 RED    40Pf Plug Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH9.00
  1079 CL# RED    40Pf Plug Single with Re Number 
  1079 CL5 GRN    40Pf Plug Coil of 5 with Green NumberNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1079 CL# GRN    40Pf Plug Single with Green Number 
  1079 CL5 BLU    40Pf Plug Coil of 5 with Blue NumberNHAsk
  1079 CL# BLU    40Pf Plug Single with Blue NumberNHAsk
  1080 '73  50Pf NailNH2.60
  1080 PR    50Pf Nail Horizontal PairNH37.50
  1080 CL5    50Pf Nail Coil of 5 with NumberNH16.50
  1080 CL#    50Pf Nail Single with NumberNH5.00
  1080 CL5 RED    50Pf Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH20.00
  1080 CL# RED    50Pf Nail Single with Red Number 
  1080 CL5 GRN    50Pf Nail Coil of 5 with Green NumberNH45.00
  1080 CL# GRN    50Pf Nail Single with Green Number 
  1080 CL5 BLU    50Pf Nail Coil of 5 with Blue NumberNH35.00
  1080 CL# BLU    50Pf Nail Single with Blue Number 
  1080 CL5 BLU GRN    50Pf Nail Coil of 5 with Blue green NumberNH150.00
  1080 CL# BLU GRN    50Pf Nail Single with Blue green Number 
  1081 '71  60Pf TrafficNH1.50
  1081 PR    60Pf Traffic Horizontal PairNH30.00
  1081 CL5    60Pf Traffic Coil of 5 with NumberNH10.00
  1081 CL#    60Pf Traffic Single with NumberNH4.00
  1081 CL5 BLU    60Pf Traffic Coil of 5 with Blue NumberNH37.50
  1081 CL# BLU    60Pf Traffic Single with Blue Number 
  1081 CL5 BLU GRN    60Pf Traffic Coil of 5 with Blue green NumberNH115.00
  1081 CL# BLU GRN    60Pf Traffic Single with Blue green Number 
  1082 '73  70Pf TrafficNH1.10
  1082 PR    70Pf Traffic Horizontal PairNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1082 CL5    70Pf Traffic Coil of 5 with NumberNH10.00
  1082 CL#    70Pf Traffic Single with NumberNH3.00
  1082 CL5 RED    70Pf Traffic Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH12.50
  1082 CL# RED    70Pf Traffic Single with Red Number 
  1082 CL5 GRN    70Pf Traffic Coil of 5 with Green NumberNH175.00
  1082 CL# GRN    70Pf Traffic Single with Green Number 
  1082 CL5 BLU    70Pf Traffic Coil of 5 with Blue NumberNH14.00
  1082 CL# BLU    70Pf Traffic Single with Blue Number 
  1083 '72  100pf CargoNH2.25
  1083 PR    100pf Cargo Horizontal PairNH5.00
  1083 CL5    100pf Cargo Coil of 5 with NumberNH19.50
  1083 CL#    100pf Cargo Single with NumberNH5.00
  1083 CL5 RED    100pf Cargo Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH19.00
  1083 CL# RED    100pf Cargo Single with Red Number 
  1083 CL5 BLU    100pf Cargo Coil of 5 with Blue NumberNH37.50
  1083 CL# BLU    100pf Cargo Single with Blue Number 
  1083 CL5 BLU GRN    100pf Cargo Coil of 5 with Blue green NumberNH100.00
  1083 CL# BLU GRN    100pf Cargo Single with Blue green Number 
  1085 '72  150Pf ManholeNH6.50
  1085 PR    150Pf Manhole Horizontal PairNH15.00
  1085 CL5    150Pf Manhole Coil of 5 with NumberNH40.00
  1085 CL#    150Pf Manhole Single with NumberNH15.00
  1085 CL5 RED    150Pf Manhole Coil of 5 with Red NumberNH65.00
  1085 CL# RED    150Pf Manhole Single with Red Number 
  1085 CL5 BLU    150Pf Manhole Coil of 5 with Blue NumberNH110.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1085 CL# BLU    150Pf Manhole Single with Blue Number 
1088Litho PressNH.50
1091Painter CranachNH.50
1092Wheelchair ArcherNH.60
1093Kurt SchumacherNH1.20
1094Post Horn, DecreeNH.70
1095Book YearNH.60
1096Composer SchutzNH.70
1097Carnival DancerNH.80
1098Poet HeineNH.80
1099Bread for WorldNH.50
1100Wurzburg CathedralNH.50
1102Meteorology MapNH.50
1103Tower, InterpolNH.50
1105Turner FestivalNH.50
  1106  30Pf SaarbrucknNH.60
  1107-08  Hamburg, RudeshmNH1.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1109-10  Aachen, BremenNH1.20
1114-15Europa-Post HornNH1.75
1116Priest Kolbe, AuschwitzNH.90
1117R for RoswithaNH.50
1118Protestant MeetingNH.50
1124Otto WelsNH.50
1125Lubeck CathedralNH.50
1126UN, German FlagNH1.30
1127Radio BroadcastingNH.50
1128-31Women WritersNH2.50
1132Blood, PoliceNH.50
1134St. Thomas AquinasNH.80
  1135,37  Expressionism INH1.00
  1136,38  Expressionism IINH1.20
  1139-40  Expressionism IIINH2.80
1141-42Europa - SculptureNH2.00
1144E. KantNH1.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
1145 S/SEagle, FlagNH1.90
1148Crowned CrossNH.50
1150Prison BarsNH1.00
1151Painter HolbeinNH.65
1152Painter FriedrichNH1.10
1153Mail BoxesNH1.10
In 1975 Germany started issuing an "Ersttagsblatt" for each issue.  These became commonly known as ETB's which stands for First Day Sheet.  Over the Years, these ETB's have changed designs and become popular both with Germany-oriented collectors and topical collectors.  We illustrate one ETB from the 1998 Bird Charity set below.  We often have collections available as well as individual ETB's.  Please let us know your interests.


1154Convalescent MotherNH.60
1155-58Women WritersNH3.20
1162Holy YearNH.55
1163Ice HockeyNH.80
1164-65Europa - PaintingNH2.00
1166Vane, Quill, SignNH.50
1163Mainz CathedralNH1.10
1169Neuss WoodcutNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1170 '75  5Pf SatelliteNH.50
  1171 '75  10Pf TrainNH.50
  1172 '76  20Pf LighthouseNH1.00
  1173 '75  30Pf HelicopterNH.75
  1174 '75  40Pf SpaceNH.50
  1175 '75  50Pf RadarNH.75
  1176 '78  60Pf X-rayNH.90
  1177 '75  70Pf ShipbuildingNH.85
  1178 '75  80Pf TractorNH1.00
  1179 '75  100Pf CoalNH1.20
  1180 '82  110Pf TVNH1.40
  1181 '75  120Pf ChemicalNH1.50
  1182 '82  130Pf BreweryNH2.25
  1183 '75  140Pf HeatingNH1.70
  1184 '79  150Pf ShovelNH3.00
  1185 '75  160Pf FurnaceNH2.00
  1186 '79  180Pf PayloaderNH2.50
  1187 '82  190Pf DredgerNH2.50
  1188 '75  200Pf Oil drillNH3.00
  1189 '79  230Pf AirportNH3.00
  1190 '82  250Pf AirportNH4.25
  1191 '82  300Pf Electro RRNH4.50
  1192 '76  500Pf RadioscopeNH7.00
1200Drug AddictionNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1201Erzberger, WW INH.60
1202Royal Prussian PostNH.50
1203 S/SNobel Winners SheetNH2.00
1203a-c  Nobel Winners Sheet SinglesNH2.00
1204Olympic RingsNH.70
1205Chancellor AdenauerNH1.50
1206Poet Hans SachsNH.60
1208German EagleNH.80
1209Coal and SteelNH.70
1210Suspension RRNH1.00
1211-12Europa - PotteryNH1.75
1213Dr. SonnenscheinNH.65
1214Composer WeberNH.90
1215Gerhardt HymnNH.50
1216Schurz, US FlagNH1.25
1222Bird ProtectionNH1.25
1224Imperial PostNH.50
1229Euro Council HQNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1231-42 (13)10Pf-230Pf Town ViewsNH15.00
  1231 '77  10Pf GlucksburgNH.50
  1231 HPR    10Pf Glucksburg Horizontal PairNH.75
  1231 CL    10Pf Glucksburg Coil of 5NH2.00
  1231 SWN    10Pf Glucksburg Single with NumberNH.70
  1231 OF    10Pf Glucksburg Offset printedNH.60
  1231a BP    Glucksburg Pane of 8NH5.25
  1231b BP    Glucksburg Pane of 8NH2.80
  1231c BP    Glucksburg Pane of 8NH4.50
  1231d BP    Glucksburg Pane of 8NH10.00
  1231d IMP T    10Pf Glucksburg Imperf at topNH.50
  1231d IMP B    10Pf Glucksburg Imperf at bottomNH.50
  1231d VPR      10Pf Glucksburg Vertical PairNH.75
  1232 '79  20Pf PfaueninselNH.50
  1232 HPR    20Pf Pfaueninsel Horizontal PairNH.75
  1232 CL    20Pf Pfaueninsel Coil of 5NH3.00
  1232 SWN    20Pf Pfaueninsel Single with NumberNH1.50
  1233 '79  25Pf GemenNH.50
  1233 PR    25Pf Gemen Horizontal PairNH1.40
  1233 CL    25Pf Gemen Coil of 5NH4.00
  1233 SWN    25Pf Gemen Single with NumberNH2.00
  1234 '77  30Pf LudwigsteinNH.50
  1234 HPR    30Pf Ludwigstein Horizontal PairNH1.40
  1234 CL    30Pf Ludwigstein Coil of 5NH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1234 SWN    30Pf Ludwigstein Single with NumberNH2.00
  1234 OF    30Pf Ludwigstein Offset printedNH1.25
  1234 IMP T    30Pf Ludwigstein Imperf at topNH.50
  1234 IMP B    30Pf Ludwigstein Imperf at bottomNH.50
  1234 VPR      30Pf Ludwigstein Vertical PairNH1.00
  1235 '77  40Pf EltzNH.55
  1235 PR    40Pf Eltz Horizontal PairNH1.25
  1235 CL    40Pf Eltz Coil of 5NH5.50
  1235 SWN    40Pf Eltz Single with NumberNH2.00
  1236 '77  50Pf NeuschwansteinNH.75
  1236 HPR    50Pf Neuschwanstein Horizontal PairNH2.00
  1236 CL    50Pf Neuschwanstein Coil of 5NH7.50
  1236 SWN    50Pf Neuschwanstein Single with NumberNH3.00
  1236 IMP T    50Pf Neuschwanstein Imperf at topNH1.75
  1236 IMP B    50Pf Neuschwanstein Imperf at bottomNH1.75
  1236 VPR      50Pf Neuschwanstein Vertical PairNH3.50
  1237 '77  60Pf MarksburgNH1.00
  1237 PR    60Pf Marksburg Horizontal PairNH3.75
  1237 CL    60Pf Marksburg Coil of 5NH8.00
  1237 SWN    60Pf Marksburg Single with NumberNH3.50
  1238 '77  70Pf MespelbrunnNH.90
  1238 PR    70Pf Mespelbrunn Horizontal PairNH7.25
  1238 CL    70Pf Mespelbrunn Coil of 5NH7.25
  1238 SWN    70Pf Mespelbrunn Single with NumberNH3.00
  1239 '79  90Pf VischerenburgNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1239 PR    90Pf Vischerenburg Horizontal PairNH3.00
  1239 CL    90Pf Vischerenburg Coil of 5NH9.00
  1239 SWN    90Pf Vischerenburg Single with NumberNH3.00
  1240 '77  190Pf PfaueninselNH2.50
  1240 PR    190Pf Pfaueninsel Horizontal PairNH5.50
  1240 CL    190Pf Pfaueninsel Coil of 5NH17.50
  1240 SWN    190Pf Pfaueninsel Single with NumberNH5.00
  1240A '77  200Pf BurresheimNH3.00
  1240A PR    200Pf Burresheim Horizontal PairNH6.50
  1240A CL    200Pf Burresheim Coil of 5NH21.00
  1240A SWN    200Pf Burresheim Single with NumberNH6.00
  1241 '78  210Pf SchwanenburgNH3.50
  1241 PR    210Pf Schwanenburg Horizontal PairNH7.50
  1241 CL    210Pf Schwanenburg Coil of 5NH22.00
  1241 SWN    210Pf Schwanenburg Single with NumberNH7.50
  1242 '78  230Pf LichtenbergNH3.00
  1242 PR    230Pf Lichtenberg Horizontal PairNH6.50
  1242 CL    230Pf Lichtenberg Coil of 5NH20.00
  1242 SWN    230Pf Lichtenberg Single with NumberNH8.00
1243 S/SArt Nouveau SheetNH2.50
1243a-c  Art Nouveau Sheet SinglesNH2.50
1244Jean MonnetNH1.75
1245Flower ShowNH.60
1246Mathman GaussNH1.00
1247Barbarossa HeadNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1248-49Europa - LandscapeNH2.50
1250Painter RubensNH1.10
1251Ulm CathedralNH.60
1252-53University SealNH1.80
1254Painter RungeNH.90
1255Coat of ArmsNH.70
1256F. BodelschwinghNH.60
1257University SealNH1.00
1261Phone OperatorNH1.00
1262Hamburg ArmsNH.35
1263Writer HauffNH.50
1264Travel, SurgeonNH.60
1265Writer SchroderNH.70
1267 S/SNobel Winner SheetNH2.00
1267a-c  Nobelists Sheet SinglesNH2.00
1268Writer BuberNH.60
1269Museum TowerNH.60
1270-72Europa - HallsNH4.00
1273Pied PiperNH.90
1274Janusz KorczakNH1.10
1277Bonn ParliamentNH1.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
1278Cathedral WindowNH.50
1279Brentano, ButterflyNH.60
1280Human RightsNH.80
1281-82Stamp Day (our choice of pair)NH.90
W ZD 1-4Stamp Day Combinations Complete (4)NH7.50
  W ZD 4  1282+1281+1282 (50Pf+40Pf+50Pf)NH2.50
1286Year of ChildNH.90
1287Poet MiegelNH.70
1289Euro ParliamentNH.80
1290Road RescueNH.80
1291-92Europa - CommunicateNH3.00
1293Anne FrankNH1.50
1294Electric TrainNH.80
1295Radio Dial, HandNH.75
1296Moses, LutherNH.90
1297Cross, EmblemNH.60
1298von Bingen, ManuscriptNH1.30
1299-01Physics, ChemistryNH3.50
1302Pilot RegulationNH.65
1303Artist KleeNH1.10
1304Faust, MephistophelesNH1.00
1305Energy ConservationNH.55
Scott # Description Condition Price
1308-15Accumulated CastlesNH13.00
  1308 '82  35Pf LichtensteinNH.50
  1308 PR    35Pf Lichtenstein Horizontal PairNH1.10
  1308 CL    35Pf Lichtenstein Coil of 5NH5.00
  1308 SWN    35Pf Lichtenstein Single with NumberNH2.00
  1309 '80  40Pf WolfsburgNH.55
  1309 PR    40Pf Wolfsburg Horizontal PairNH1.25
  1309 CL    40Pf Wolfsburg Coil of 5NH6.00
  1309 SWN    40Pf Wolfsburg Single with NumberNH2.00
  1310 '80  50Pf InzlingenNH.70
  1310 HPR    50Pf Inzlingen Horizontal PairNH1.50
  1310 CL    50Pf Inzlingen Coil of 5NH8.00
  1310 SWN    50Pf Inzlingen Single with NumberNH3.00
  1310 I T    50Pf Inzlingen Imperf at topNH.60
  1310 I B    50Pf Inzlingen Imperf at bottomNH.60
  1310 VPR      50Pf Inzlingen Vertical PairNH1.30
  1310 OF    50Pf Inzlingen Offset printedNH2.00
  1311  60Pf RheydtNH.90
  1311 HPR    60Pf Rheydt Horizontal PairNH2.00
  1311 CL    60Pf Rheydt Coil of 5NH8.00
  1311 SWN    60Pf Rheydt Single with NumberNH3.00
  1311 OF    60Pf Rheydt Offset printedNH2.50
  1311 I T    60Pf Rheydt Imperf at topNH5.00
  1311 I B    60Pf Rheydt Imperf at bottomNH5.00
  1311 VPR      60Pf Rheydt Vertical PairNH10.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1312 '82  80Pf WilhelmsthalNH1.25
  1312 HPR    80Pf Wilhelmsthal Horizontal PairNH2.60
  1312 CL    80Pf Wilhelmsthal Coil of 5NH8.00
  1312 SWN    80Pf Wilhelmsthal Single with NumberNH3.00
  1312 OF    80Pf Wilhelmsthal Offset printedNH3.50
  1312 I T    80Pf Wilhelmsthal Imperf at topNH1.50
  1312 I B    80Pf Wilhelmsthal Imperf at bottomNH1.50
  1312 VPR      80Pf Wilhelmsthal Vertical PairNH3.25
  1313 '82  120Pf CharlottenNH1.75
  1313 HPR    120Pf Charlotten Horizontal PairNH3.75
  1313 CL    120Pf Charlotten Coil of 5NH15.00
  1313 SWN    120Pf Charlotten Single with NumberNH5.00
  1314 '82  280Pf AhrensburgNH4.25
  1314 PR    280Pf Ahrensburg Horizontal PairNH8.75
  1314 CL    280Pf Ahrensburg Coil of 5NH30.00
  1314 SWN    280Pf Ahrensburg Single with NumberNH12.00
  1315 '82  300Pf HanoverNH4.40
  1315 PR    300Pf Hanover Horizontal PairNH9.00
  1315 CL    300Pf Hanover Coil of 5NH75.00
  1315 SWN    300Pf Hanover Single with NumberNH25.00
  1315 OF    300Pf Hanover Offset printedNH12.00
1316-20These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1321Painter FeuerbachNH.80
1322NATO FlagsNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
1323Osnabruck AnniversaryNH.85
1324Knight on GlassNH.85
1325Duden DictionaryNH.80
1326Social WelfareNH.80
1327Emperor FrederickNH1.10
1330Augsburg EngravingNH.65
1331Nature PreserveNH1.00
1332Ear and PulsesNH1.10
1333Bible ReadingsNH.70
1334St. BenedictNH.70
1335Helping HandNH.80
1337Ship's RiggingNH1.30
1338Wine ProductionNH.75
1339Cologne CathedralNH1.30
1340Fir TreescapeNH.60
Year 1980November Papal Visit - Set of 7 covers with special cancels 
1341Elly Heuss-KnapNH.80
1342Disabled YearNH.80
1343Urban RenaissanceNH.90
1344Composer TelemannNH.80
1345Foreign WorkersNH.80
1346Preserve EnvironmentNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1347Patent OfficeNH.80
1348Cancer PreventionNH.60
1351Protestant MeetNH.80
1352Altar Fig SculptureNH.80
1353Polar ResearchNH1.80
1354Energy ConserveNH.75
1355Wildlife ProtectionNH1.20
13563rd World DevelopsNH1.20
1357Poet RaabeNH.75
1358-60Freedom StatementNH2.80
1361Mailcoach, PeopleNH1.30
1362Antarctic TreatyNH1.50
1363St. ElizabethNH1.10
1364von ClausewitzNH1.10
1365Social InsuranceNH.80
1366Dresden ChinaNH.75
1367Energy ConserveNH.75
1368Bremen BandNH.60
1370Robert KochNH3.00
1371Fromme HeleneNH1.00
1374Kiel RegattaNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1375YMCA CentenaryNH.80
1377Lepers OrganizationNH1.25
1378Water PollutionNH2.50
1379Urea ModelNH.80
1380St. FrancisNH.90
1381Franck and BornNH1.30
1382Stamp DayNH1.60
1383Gregorian CalenderNH.80
1384 S/SPresident HeussNH6.00
1384a-e  President Heuss Sheet SinglesNH6.00
1385Edith SteinNH2.00
1386Rose, Barb WireNH2.00
1387-89Bauhaus DesignsNH4.25
1392-93Europa - GeniusNH4.75
1394Composer BrahmsNH1.80
1395Writer KafkaNH1.80
1396Beer Purity LawNH2.20
1397US ImmigrationNH2.00
1398Road SafetyNH1.70
1399Auto ShowNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
1400Otto WarburgNH.90
1401Poet WielandNH1.50
1402UN MembershipNH2.20
1404Survey MapsNH2.40
1405Stamp DayNH2.20
1406Martin LutherNH3.00
1407Customs UnionNH2.40
1409Trier AnniversaryNH2.25
1410Physicist ReisNH2.25
1411Gregor MendelNH1.20
1413Passion PlayNH1.20
1414Parliament ElectionNH2.20
1417Nursery RhymeNH1.20
1418St. NorbertNH1.60
1419Cross and TextNH1.70
1420 S/SUPU CongressNH5.50
1420a-c  UPU Congress Sheet SinglesNH5.50
1421City of NeussNH1.70
1422Astronomer BesselNH1.70
1423Pope Pius XIINH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1424Duderstadt TownNH1.25
1425Computer, DocumentNH1.50
1426Research CenterNH2.20
1428Stamp DayNH2.40
1430Equal RightsNH1.80
1431Peace, UnderstandingNH1.70
1432Augsburg AnniversaryNH1.90
1433Philipp SpenerNH1.70
1434Brothers GrimmNH2.25
1435Theologian GuardiniNH1.50
1436Verden AnniversaryNH1.90
1438Poet HebelNH1.50
1439Journalist KischNH1.20
1443St. George CathedralNH1.40
1444Father KentenichNH1.50
1445Clock, ForestNH2.00
1446Scouts, YouthNH1.10
1447Stock ExchangeNH1.70
1448Sunday WalkNH1.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
1449Author ReuterNH2.00
1450Railroad, TrainNH2.00
1451WWII RefugeesNH1.90
1452Iron CrossNH3.00
1453Auto CentenaryNH2.20
1454Bad HersfeldNH1.70
1455Oskar KokoschkaNH1.50
1456Halley's CometNH2.20
1460King Ludwig IINH2.25
1461Theologian BarthNH1.80
1462Catholic UnionNH1.80
1463Composer WeberNH2.25
1464Composer LisztNH1.90
1465International PeaceNH2.20
1466 S/SHistoric BuildingsNH5.00
1466a-c  Historic Buildings Sheet SinglesNH5.00
1468Stain Glass WindowNH2.40
1469King FrederickNH3.00
1470Tournament CardNH1.90
1471Economic CooperationNH1.80
1472Heidelberg UniversityNH1.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1473Stagecoach, StampsNH2.00
1474Dancer WigmanNH1.20
1475-94A (22)5Pf-500Pf Famous WomenNH45.00
Use care in ordering as Scott has frequently changed numbers. 
  1475 '89  5Pf IhrerNH.25
  1476 '88  10Pf ModersohnNH.50
  1477 '88  20Pf AussemNH.50
  1478 '91  30Pf KollwitzNH.90
  1479 '87  40Pf MerianNH.60
  1480 '86  50Pf TeuschNH.50
  1481 '87  60Pf ErxlebenNH.90
  1482 '91  70Pf BoehmNH1.10
  1483 '86  80Pf SchumannNH1.20
  1484 '88  100Pf GiehseNH1.50
  1485 '87  120Pf SelbertNH1.80
  1486 '88  130Pf MeitnerNH2.20
  1487 '89  140Pf VogtNH2.10
  1488 '91  150Pf SchollNH2.25
  1489 '88  170Pf ArendtNH2.50
  1490 '89  180Pf LehmannNH2.75
  1491 '91  200Pf von SuttnerNH3.00
  1492 '88  240Pf AnnekeNH3.50
  1493 '89  250Pf von PreuenNH3.75
  1493A '89  300Pf HenselNH3.00
  1494 '88  350Pf DransfeldNH5.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1494A '89  500Pf SalomonNH7.50
1495Latin American ChurchNH1.40
1496Berlin AnniversaryNH2.40
1497Archbishop HomeNH1.90
1498Economist ErhardNH2.00
1500Hunting CastleNH1.40
1501Light SpectrumNH1.25
1502Apache Chief, NovelistNH1.75
1503Papal Arms, Madonna, ChildNH1.85
1504Choral SocietyNH1.75
1505-06Europa - ArchitectureNH6.00
1507Organ PipesNH1.30
1508City President KaisenNH1.70
1509Theologian BengelNH1.30
1510Artist SchmittersNH1.40
1511Rotary ConventionNH1.70
1512Wild HorsesNH2.00
1513Cathedral, ArmsNH1.25
1514Rifleman MeetNH1.50
1515Postman, CyclesNH1.50
1515A-40A (27)5Pf-700Pf Historic SitesNH60.00
Use care in ordering as Scott has frequently changed numbers. 
  1515A '90  5Pf BrunswickNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1515A PR    5Pf Brunswick Horizontal PairNH1.25
  1515A CL    5Pf Brunswick Coil of 5NH2.00
  1515A SWN    5Pf Brunswick Single with NumberNH1.50
  1516 '88  10Pf AirportNH.75
  1516 HPR    10Pf Airport Horizontal PairNH1.75
  1516 CL    10Pf Airport Coil of 5NH4.00
  1516 SWN    10Pf Airport Single with NumberNH2.00
  1516 I T    10Pf Airport Imperf at topNH.60
  1516 I B    10Pf Airport Imperf at bottomNH.60
  1516 VPR    10Pf Airport Vertical PairNH1.25
  1517 '89  20Pf NefertitiNH.75
  1517 HPR    20Pf Nefertiti Horizontal PairNH1.75
  1517 SWN    20Pf Nefertiti Single with NumberNH1.75
  1517 CL    20Pf Nefertiti Coil of 5NH3.50
  1517 I T    20Pf Nefertiti Imperf at topNH2.00
  1517 I B    20Pf Nefertiti Imperf at bottomNH2.00
  1517 VPR    20Pf Nefertiti Vertical PairNH4.00
  1518 '87  30Pf TowerNH.50
  1518 PR    30Pf Tower Horizontal PairNH3.00
  1518 CL    30Pf Tower Coil of 5NH5.00
  1518 SWN    30Pf Tower Single with NumberNH2.75
  1519 '89  33Pf SchleswigNH.75
  1519 PR    33Pf Schleswig Horizontal PairNH1.75
  1519 CL    33Pf Schleswig Coil of 5NH6.00
  1519 SWN    33Pf Schleswig Single with NumberNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1520 '89  38Pf RolandNH1.25
  1520 PR    38Pf Roland Horizontal PairNH2.75
  1520 CL    38Pf Roland Coil of 5NH6.00
  1520 SWN    38Pf Roland Single with NumberNH3.00
  1521 '88  40Pf ChilehausNH.75
  1521 PR    40Pf Chilehaus Horizontal PairNH3.00
  1521 CL    40Pf Chilehaus Coil of 5NH6.00
  1521 SWN    40Pf Chilehaus Single with NumberNH3.00
  1522 '93  41Pf WiesbadenNH.90
  1522 PR    41Pf Wiesbaden Horizontal PairNH2.25
  1522 SWN    41Pf Single with NumberNH2.75
  1522 CL    41Pf Wiesbaden Coil of 5NH5.00
  1523 '90  45Pf Rastatt CastleNH.75
  1523 PR    45Pf Rastatt Horizontal PairNH1.75
  1523 SWN    45Pf Rastatt Single with NumberNH3.00
  1523 CL    45Pf Rastatt Coil of 5NH6.00
  1524 '87  50Pf FiligreeNH1.25
  1524 HPR    50Pf Filigree Horizontal PairNH3.00
  1524 SWN    50Pf Filigree Single with NumberNH4.00
  1524 CL    50Pf  FiligreeCoil of 5NH7.50
  1524 I T    50Pf Filigree Imperf at topNH1.25
  1524 I B    50Pf Filigree Imperf at bottomNH1.25
  1524 VPR    50Pf Filigree Vertical PairNH2.75
  1525 '87  60Pf MunichNH1.25
  1525 HPR    60Pf Munich Horizontal PairNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1525 SWN    60Pf Munich Single with NumberNH4.50
  1525 CL    60Pf Munich Coil of 5NH8.00
  1525 I T    60Pf Munich Imperf at topNH1.25
  1525 I B    60Pf Munich Imperf at bottomNH1.25
  1525 VPR      60Pf Munich Vertical PairNH3.50
  1526 '88  70Pf NefertitiNH1.50
  1526 PR    70Pf Nefertiti Horizontal PairNH3.50
  1526 SWN    70Pf Nefertiti Single with NumberNH7.50
  1526 CL    70Pf Nefertiti Coil of 5NH15.00
  1527 '90  70Pf HeligolandNH1.10
  1527 PR    70Pf Heligoland Horizontal PairNH2.25
  1527 SWN    70Pf Heligoland Single with NumberNH4.75
  1527 CL    70Pf Heligoland Coil of 5NH9.50
  1528 '87  80Pf Coal MineNH1.25
  1528 HPR    80Pf Coal Mine Horizontal PairNH4.50
  1528 SWN    80Pf Coal Mine Single with NumberNH4.25
  1528 CL    80Pf Coal Mine Coil of 5NH8.00
  1528 IMP T    80Pf Coal Mine Imperf at topNH1.25
  1528 IMP B    80Pf Coal Mine Imperf at bottomNH1.25
  1528 VPR      80Pf Coal Mine Vertical PairNH2.50
1528a BK var 11989 Sites: 10Pf x4, 50Pf x2, 80Pf x2 (note: 10pf at left)NH10.75
1528a BK var 21993 Sites: 50Pf x2, 10Pf x4, 80Pf x2 (10pf in middle)NH7.00
1528b BK1993 Sites: 20Pf x2, 80Pf x2NH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1529 '88  90Pf FlagonNH2.25
  1529 PR    90Pf Flagon Horizontal PairNH5.00
  1529 SWN    90Pf Flagon Single with NumberNH4.75
  1529 CL    90Pf Flagon Coil of 5NH11.50
  1530 '89  100Pf ChapelNH3.00
  W ZD 19  1673+1674 (Cordulegaster+Aeschna)NH4.00
  1530 HPR    100Pf Chapel Horizontal PairNH8.00
  1530 SWN    100Pf Chapel Single with NumberNH5.00
  1530 CL    100Pf Chapel Coil of 5NH12.00
  1530 IMP T    100Pf Chapel Imperf at topNH3.25
  1530 IMP B    100Pf Chapel Imperf at bottomNH3.25
  1530 VPR      100Pf Chapel Vertical PairNH6.75
1530a BK var 11989 Sites:  10pf x2, 60pf x2, 80pf x2, 100pf x2 (red, blue cover)NH13.50
1530a BK var 21991 Sites:  10pf x2, 60pf x2, 80pf x2, 100pf x2 (black on orange cover)NH13.50
1530b BK1994 Sites:  20pf x2, 50pf x2, 80pf x2, 100pf x2NH16.00
1530c BK1995 Sites:  100pf x10NH30.00
1530d BK1996 Sites (50pf x2, 80pf x2, 10pf x4, 100pf x2)NH15.00
  1531 '88  120Pf SchleswigNH2.75
  1531 PR    120Pf Schleswig Horizontal PairNH6.00
  1531 SWN    120Pf Schleswig Single with NumberNH7.00
  1531 CL    120Pf Schleswig Coil of 5NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1532 '89  140Pf FlagonNH3.00
  1532 PR    140Pf Flagon Horizontal PairNH6.50
  1532 SWN    140Pf Flagon Single with NumberNH7.50
  1532 CL    140Pf Flagon Coil of 5NH16.50
  1533 '91  170Pf Flagon WiesbadenNH3.50
  1533 PR    170Pf Flagon Horizontal PairNH7.50
  1533 SWN    170Pf Flagon Single with NumberNH12.50
  1533 CL    170Pf Flagon Coil of 5NH25.00
  1534 '93  200Pf MagdeburgNH3.50
  1534 PR    200Pf Magdeburg Horizontal PairNH7.50
  1534 SWN    200Pf Magdeburg Single with NumberNH10.00
  1534 CL    200Pf Magdeburg Coil of 5NH22.00
  1535 '88  280Pf RolandNH6.50
  1535 PR    280Pf Roland Horizontal PairNH13.50
  1535 SWN    280Pf Roland Single with NumberNH20.00
  1535 CL    280Pf Roland Coil of 5NH45.00
  1536 '88  300Pf CastleNH4.50
  1536 PR    300Pf Castle Horizontal PairNH12.00
  1536 SWN    300Pf Castle Single with NumberNH14.00
  1536 CL    300Pf Castle Coil of 5NH30.00
  1537 '89  350Pf BridgeNH5.50
  1537 PR    350Pf Bridge Horizontal PairNH12.00
  1537 SWN    350Pf Bridge Single with NumberNH18.00
  1537 CL    350Pf Bridge Coil of 5NH36.00
  1538 '91  400Pf OperaNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1538 PR    400Pf Opera Horizontal PairNH13.00
  1538 SWN    400Pf Opera Single with NumberNH15.00
  1538 CL    400Pf Opera Coil of 5NH34.00
  1539 '92  450Pf New GateNH7.50
  1539 PR    400Pf New Gate Horizontal PairNH16.00
  1539 SWN    400Pf New Gate Single with NumberNH18.00
  1539 CL    400Pf New Gate Coil of 5NH40.00
  1540 '93  500Pf TheaterNH7.50
  1540 PR    500Pf Theater Horizontal PairNH16.00
  1540 SWN    500Pf Theater Single with NumberNH19.00
  1540 CL    500Pf  TheaterCoil of 5NH45.00
  1540A '93  700Pf BerlinNH10.00
  1540A PR    700Pf Berlin Horizontal PairNH21.00
  1540A SWN    700Pf Berlin Single with NumberNH30.00
  1540A CL    700Pf Berlin Coil of 5NH75.00
1541Composer GluckNH1.50
1542G. HauptmannNH2.50
1543Rice FieldNH2.58
1544Mainz CarnivalNH2.00
1545Labor LeaderNH1.75
1546Franco-German Coop (Joint Issue with France)NH3.00
1547Nun and PriestNH2.00
1549A. SchopenhauerNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1550F. RaiffeisenNH2.75
1551Humanist HuttenNH2.00
1552-53Europa - TransportNH3.50
1554Dusseldorf CityNH2.00
1555Cologne UniversaryNH2.00
1556Jean MonnetNH2.00
1557Novelist StormNH2.00
1558Tree, VolunteersNH2.00
1559Meersburg TownNH2.00
1560Chemist GmelinNH2.00
1561Vernier ScaleNH3.25
1562August BebelNH2.25
1563Red Cross AnniversaryNH2.25
1564Carrier PigeonNH1.00
1566Bethel StampsNH1.90
1567Workers' RescueNH1.90
1568Bonn 2000 YearsNH2.50
1570Produce FoodNH2.00
1571Cat Woodcut, InsectNH2.25
1572Euro ParliamentNH4.00
1573-74Europa - GamesNH4.50
1575Hamburg HarborNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1576Painter AsamNH1.25
1577German RepublicNH3.00
1578Euro CouncilNH2.75
1579German ShorthandNH2.75
1580Missionaries (Joint issue with Ireland)NH3.50
1581Composer SilcherNH1.75
1582Social SecurityNH2.50
1583Economist ListNH3.75
1584Vogler PaintingNH1.40
15851939 Camp MartyrNH2.25
1587Child PlayNH2.25
1588Trade UnionNH2.00
1589Politician MaierNH2.25
1590Church OrganNH2.00
1591Speyer 2000th AnniversaryNH2.00
1592Dürer EngravingNH3.25
1593Riesling VineyardsNH2.50
1594Lübeck HeritageNH2.25
1595Teutonic OrderNH2.50
1596Seal, HallNH2.50
1598Protect NatureNH3.50
1599Labor DayNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1601-02Europa - Post OfficesNH5.00
1603German StudentsNH2.50
1606Politician LeuschnerNH2.50
1607Church InstitutionNH2.00
1609Chamber of CommerceNH2.00
1610This number not utilized by Scott. 
1611Writer MatthiasNH2.25
1614Penny BlackNH2.25
1616Actress DorschNH2.25
1617-18The Berlin WallNH4.50
1619 S/SThe Berlin Wall Opens!NH5.00
1619a-b  Wall Opens Sheet SinglesNH5.00
1621Hanover 750th AnniversaryNH2.00
1622Brandenburg GateNH2.75
1623Painter, ArchitectNH1.65
1624Economist EuckenNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1626 S/SBobsled Champs SheetNH3.00
"1626a"  Bobsled Single from SheetNH3.00
1627Poet von LangenfeldNH2.25
1628Politician WindthorstNH2.25
1629General von WerthNH1.65
1635Legnica BattleNH2.50
1636Choral AcademyNH2.25
1637Lette FoundationNH2.25
1638-41Historic AircraftNH7.50
1642-43Europa - SpaceNH5.50
1644Town ChartersNH1.90
1645Composer RegerNH2.50
1646Express RailwayNH1.70
1647-48Gas CongressNH4.00
1648a TAB  Gas Congress Pair plus TabNH4.50
W ZD 9-14Gas Congress Combinations (6)NH30.00
1649-52Sea BirdsNH8.00
1653Architect WallotNH2.50
1654This number not utilized by Scott 
1655,1659,1661,166310pf,60pf,80pf,100pf Sites Self-adhesiveNH12.50
1663a BK  Sites Self-adhesive Booklet of 8NH25.00
1657-58,1660,1662,1665These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1656,1664,1666 '0110pf,100pf,110pf + Euro, Sites Self-adhesiveNH19.75
1656,1664,1666 PR '01  10pf,100pf,110pf + Euro,  Sites, Self-adhesive, Vertical PairsNH39.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1666a BK  10pf,100pf,110pf + Euro,  Sites, Self-adhesive Booklet of 12NH42.50
1667-69These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1670-77Dragonflies (Block plus 4 Singles as issued)NH12.50
1670-77  Four Dragonfly Plate Flaw Varieties: are recognized in Michel: 
1671 var  Broken line in the upper left edge of the right upper insect (under i in the word "Segellibelle")NH35.00
1674 var  Damaged "r" from "Mosaikjungfer" right upper NH35.00
1676 var 1  Broken line in the bottom border of the lower right InsectNH60.00
1676 var 2  Broken line in the bottom border of the upper right InsectNH60.00
W ZD 15-22Horizontal Dragonflies Combinations (8)NH75.00
  W ZD 15  1671+1672 (Libellula+Sympetrum)NH6.00
  W ZD 16  1671+1672+1674 (Libellula+Sympetrum+Libellula)NH16.50
  W ZD 17  1672+1671 (Sympetrum+Libellula)NH10.50
  W ZD 18  1672+1671+1672 (Sympetrum+Libellula+Sympetrum)NH16.50
  W ZD 20  1673+1674+1673  (Cordulegaster+Aeschna+Cordulegaster)NH16.50
  W ZD 21  1674+1673 (Aeschna+Cordulegaster)NH10.50
  W ZD 22  1674+1673+1674 (Aeschna+Cordulegaster+Aeschna)NH16.50
S ZD 1-8Vertical Dragonflies Combinations (8)NH75.00
  S ZD 1  1671+1673 (Libellula+Cordulegaster)NH6.00
  S ZD 2  1671+1673+1671 (Libellula+Cordulegaster+Libellula)NH16.50
  S ZD 3  1673+1671 (Cordulegaster+Libellula)NH10.50
  S ZD 4  1673+1671+1673 (Cordulegaster+Libellula+Cordulegaster)NH16.50
  S ZD 5  1672+1674 (Sympetrum+Aeschna)NH6.00
  S ZD 6  1672+1674+1672 (Sympetrum+Aeschna+Sympetrum)NH16.50
  S ZD 7  1674+1672 (Aeschna+Sympetrum)NH10.50
  S ZD 8  1674+1672+1674 (Aeschna+Sympetrum+Aeschna)NH16.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1678Traffic SafetyNH2.50
1680Radio ExhibitionNH2.50
1681Protestant TrieglaffNH2.25
1682Poet and PhilologistNH2.50
1683Engery TransmissionNH3.75
1684Rhine-Ruhr HarborNH2.50
1685 S/SPoet Korner SheetNH3.75
1685a-b  Poet Korner Singles from SheetNH3.75
1686Actor AlbersNH3.25
1688Bird MonumentNH2.50
1689-90Sorbian LegendsNH3.75
1691 S/SMozart SheetNH3.75
1691a  Mozart Single from SheetNH3.75
1692-93Painter DixNH3.75
1694Politician LeberNH2.25
1695Writer SachsNH2.50
1696 FLKoblenz on Fluorescent PaperNH2.50
1696 PPKoblenz on Plain Paper (scarce)NH45.00
1697Child WelfareNH2.50
1698Theologian NiemollerNH1.90
1699-04Coats of Arms Series - Part 1NH14.00
  1699  Baden-Wurttemberg ArmsNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1700  Bavaria ArmsNH2.50
  1701  Berlin ArmsNH2.50
  1702  Brandenburg ArmsNH2.50
  1703  Bremen ArmsNH2.50
  1704  Hamburg ArmsNH2.50
1705-09 '93Coats of Arms Series - Part 2NH11.00
  1705 '93  Hesse ArmsNH2.25
  1706 '93  Mecklenburg ArmsNH2.25
  1707 '93  Lower Saxony ArmsNH2.25
  1708 '93  North Rhine ArmsNH2.25
  1709 '93  Rhineland - Palatinate ArmsNH2.25
1710-14 '94Coats of Arms Series - Part 3NH11.00
  1710 '94  Saar ArmsNH2.25
  1711 '94  Saxony ArmsNH2.25
  1712 '94  Saxony - Anhalt ArmsNH2.25
  1713 '94  Schleswig - Holstein ArmsNH2.25
  1714 '94  Thuringia ArmsNH2.25
1715-22These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1723 '9480pf von EnseNH1.50
1724 '97100pf SchwarzhauptNH1.50
1725 '94100pf Louise HenriettaNH1.90
1726 '00100pf (€0,51) Actress WeiserNH1.50
1727 '97110pf Marlene DietrichNH1.75
1728 '00110pf (€0,56) StrobelNH1.75
1729 '97220pf LüdersNH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1730 '01220pf (€1,12) FleisserNH3.50
1731 '97300pf ProbstNH3.75
1732 '01300pf (€1,53) SachsNH4.50
1733 '92400pf von SteinNH7.50
1734 '98440pf PaluccaNH8.50
1735 '92450pf MahlerNH8.50
1736Composer HoneggerNH2.50
1737Count ZeppelinNH4.00
1738City of KielNH1.90
1739Konrad AdenauerNH2.40
1740Circus DirectorNH2.50
1741Sugar InstituteNH2.40
1742Adam SchallNH3.25
1743Erfurt, ThuringiaNH1.75
1744-45Europa - ColumbusNH5.00
1744 PC  Europa - Columbus Postal Card NH17.50
1746Order of MeritNH2.25
1747St. LudgerusNH2.25
1748Mathematician RieseNH2.50
1750-52Modern PaintingsNH6.25
1753Botanical GardenNH1.65
1754Family LivingNH2.50
1755Home EconomicsNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1757Opera HouseNH2.25
1758Amateur TheatersNH2.50
1759Behaim's GlobeNH2.00
1760Main-Danube CanalNH2.25
1761Writer BergengruenNH2.25
1762Jewelry and WatchesNH2.25
1763Hot Air BalloonNH2.50
1764Composer DistlerNH2.50
1765Machines, PlantsNH3.00
1766European MarketNH3.00
1767Writer KlepperNH2.50
1768von SiemensNH2.50
1769Prussian CommanderNH2.50
1770Münster's 1200th AnniversaryNH1.65
1771Issac NewtonNH2.50
1772Naval ObservatoryNH2.00
1773Health, SafetyNH2.00
1774Electrical EngineersNH3.00
1776St. John Nepomuk (Joint with Czech and Slovakia)NH2.75
1777New Postal CodesNH2.50
1778-8020th Century PaintingsNH6.25
1781Benedictine AbbeysNH2.25
1782Horticultural ShowNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1783-84Europa - ArtNH4.00
1785Dahlwitz HippodromeNH1.75
1786Steamship, LakeNH2.25
1787Boys SchoolNH2.00
1788Coburger ConventNH2.00
1789Potsdam AnniversaryNH2.25
1791Writer HolderlinNH2.25
1792Novelist FaladaNH2.75
1793-071993-96 Scenic RegionsNH24.50
  1793-95  1993 Scenic RegionsNH6.25
  1796-99 '94  1994 Scenic RegionsNH6.75
  1800-03 '95  1995 Scenic RegionsNH5.75
  1804-07 '96  1996 Scenic RegionsNH6.00
1808Violin Maker KlotzNH1.75
1809Actor H. GeorgeNH2.00
1810Radio ExhibitionNH2.00
1811Poet and Painter LeibNH2.50
1812Priest ForellNH2.50
1813 S/SFor the Children SheetNH2.75
"1813a"  For the Children Single from SheetNH2.75
1814Ballet, TchaikovskyNH2.25
1815Theatre DirectorNH2.50
1816St. HedwigNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1818Composer MonteverdiNH2.50
1819Willy BrandtNH3.25
1820Staade AnniversaryNH1.75
1821Year of the FamilyNH2.25
1822Physicist HertzNH4.75
1823Frankfurt AnniversaryNH1.75
1824Fulda AnniversaryNH2.00
1825Women's AssociationNH2.25
1826Parliament ElectionNH2.50
1828Munich ChurchNH3.00
1829-30Europa - ScienceNH4.75
1829 BK  Europa Booklet NH23.50
1829 PC  Europa - Science Postal Card NH16.00
1831 S/SCircus Trainer, Zoo Sheet inc PenguinNH15.75
1831a-b  Circus Trainer Singles from SheetNH15.75
1832Composer PfitznerNH2.25
1833Spandau FortressNH2.00
1834Social WelfareNH2.00
1835Friedrich IINH7.00
1836 S/SHitler Assassination SheetNH3.25
1837This number not utilized by Scott. 
1838 '0010pf (0,05€) WernigerodeNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1838 PR  10pf (0,05€) Horizontal PairNH4.50
1838 CL  10pf (0,05€) Coil Strip of 5NH12.00
1838 SWN  10pf (0,05€) Single with NumberNH6.00
1839 '0120pf (0,10€) BottcherstrasseNH1.25
1839 PR  20pf (0,10€) Horizontal PairNH3.00
1839 CL  20pf (0,10€) Coil Strip of 5NH7.00
1839 SWN  20pf (0,10€) Single with NumberNH3.00
1840 '9747pf UberhermNH.90
1840 PR  47pf Uberherm Horizontal PairNH2.00
1840 CL  47pf Uberherm Coil of 5NH5.00
1840 SWN  47pf Uberherm Single with NumberNH2.50
1841 '0147pf (0,24€) Wilhelmshohe ParkNH.75
1841 PR  47pf (0,24€) Wilhelmshohe Park Horizontal PairNH1.75
1841 CL  47pf (0,24€) Wilhelmshohe Park Coil Strip of 5NH5.50
1841 SWN  47pf (0,24€) Wilhelmshohe Park Single with NumberNH2.50
1842 '0150pf (0,26€) Kirchheim CastleNH1.25
1842 PR  50pf (0,26€) Horizontal PairNH3.75
1842 CL  50pf (0,26€) Coil Strip of 5NH7.00
1842 SWN  50pf (0,26€) Single with NumberNH3.50
1843 '0180pf (0,41€) ChurchNH1.25
1843 PR  80pf (0,41€) Horizontal PairNH2.75
1843 CL  80pf (0,41€) Coil Strip of 5NH9.00
1843 SWN  80pf (0,41€) Single with NumberNH4.00
1844 '97100pf WeimarNH1.25
1844 HPR  100pf Weimar Horizontal PairNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1844 CL  100pf Weimar Coil of 5NH11.00
1844 SWN  100pf Weimar Single with NumberNH5.00
1844 VPR  100pf Weimar Vertical Pair from BookletNH3.00
1844a BK  100pf Weimar Pane of 10NH15.00
1845 '01100pf (0,51€) SchwerinNH1.50
1845 PR  100pf (0,51€) Schwerin Horizontal PairNH3.25
1845 CL  100pf (0,51€) Schwerin Coil of 5NH11.00
1845 SWN  100pf (0,51€) Schwerin Single with NumberNH5.00
1846 '97110pf Berlin CastleNH1.40
1846 HPR  110pf Berlin Castle Horizontal PairNH3.25
1846 CL  110pf Berlin Castle Coil Strip of 5NH11.50
1846 SWN  110pf Berlin Castle Single with NumberNH5.00
1846 VPR  110pf Berlin Castle Vertical pair from BookletNH2.75
1846a BK  110pf Berlin Castle Pane of 10NH14.00
1847 '98110pf Expo 2000NH1.60
1847 PR  110pf Expo 2000 Horizontal PairNH4.25
1847 CL  110pf Expo 2000 Coil of 5NH12.00
1847 SWN  110pf Expo 2000 Single with NumberNH6.00
1847 '99 VPR  110pf Expo 2000 Vertical pair from BookletNH3.50
1847a '99 BK  110pf Expo 2000 Pane of 10NH18.00
1848 '00110pf (0,56€) RegensburgNH1.75
1848 PR  110pf (0,56€) Regensburg Horizontal PairNH3.75
1848 CL  110pf (0,56€) Regensburg Coil Strip of 5NH11.50
1848 SWN  110pf (0,56€) Regensburg Single with NumberNH4.75
1848 VPR  110pf (0,56€) Regensburg Vertical Pair from BookletNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1848a BK  110pf (0,56€) Regensburg Pane of 10NH19.50
1849 '97220pf DresdenNH2.50
1849 PR  220pf Dresden Horizontal PairNH5.75
1849 CL  220pf Dresden Coil Strip of 5NH22.50
1849 SWN  220pf Dresden Single with NumberNH11.00
1850 '01220pf (1,12€) St. NikoleiNH3.25
1850 PR  220pf (1,12€) St. Nikolei Horizontal PairNH9.75
1850 CL  220pf (1,12€) St. Nikolei Coil Strip of 5NH22.50
1850 SWN  220pf (1,12€) St. Nikolei Single with NumberNH11.00
1851 '00300pf (1,53€) GrimmaNH4.50
1851 PR  300pf (1,53€) Horizontal PairNH9.75
1851 CL  300pf (1,53€) Coil Strip of 5NH27.00
1851 SWN  300pf (1,53€) Single with NumberNH13.00
1852 '01400pf (2,05€) Wartburg CastleNH6.00
1852 PR  400pf (2,05€) Horizontal PairNH12.50
1852 CL  400pf (2,05€) Coil Strip of 5NH40.00
1852 SWN  400pf (2,05€) Single with NumberNH20.00
1853 '97440pf BremenNH6.25
1853 PR  440pf Bremen Horizontal PairNH13.75
1853 CL  440pf Bremen Coil of 5NH45.00
1853 SWN  440pf Bremen Single with NumberNH20.00
1854 '01440pf (2,25€) Cologne CathedralNH6.75
1854 PR  440pf (2,25€) Cologne Horizontal PairNH14.00
1854 CL  440pf (2,25€) Cologne Coil Strip of 5NH43.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1854 SWN  440pf (2,25€) Cologne Single with NumberNH21.00
1855 '97510pf LubeckNH6.25
1855 PR  510pf Lubeck Horizontal PairNH13.75
1855 CL  510pf Lubeck Coil of 5NH47.00
1855 SWN  510pf Lubeck Single with NumberNH23.00
1856 '01510pf (2,61€) Heidelberg CastleNH8.00
1856 PR  510pf (2,61€) Heidelberg Horizontal PairNH20.00
1856 CL  510pf (2,61€)Heidelberg Coil Strip of 5NH65.00
1856 SWN  510pf (2,61€) Heidelberg Single with NumberNH25.00
1857 '94550pf RathausNH8.50
1857 PR  550pf Rathaus Horizontal PairNH21.00
1857 CL  550pf Rathaus Coil Strip of 5NH55.00
1857 SWN  550pf Rathaus Single with NumberNH30.00
1858 '95640pf SpeyerNH11.50
1858 PR  640pf Speyer Horizontal PairNH25.00
1858 CL 1  640pf Speyer Coil Strip of 5, Horizontal NumberNH64.00
1858 CL 2  640pf Speyer Coil of 5, Vertical NumberNHAsk
1858 SWN1  640pf Speyer Single with Horizontal NumberNH32.00
1858 SWN2  640pf Speyer Single with Vertical NumberNHAsk
1859 '96690pf Hamburg ChurchNH9.50
1859 PR  690pf Hamburg Horizontal PairNH20.00
1859 CL  690pf Hamburg Coil of 5NH65.00
1859 SWN  690pf Hamburg Single with NumberNH33.00
1860 '01720pf (3,68€) Hildesheim HallNH11.00
1860 PR  720pf (3,68€) Horizontal PairNH22.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1860 CL  720pf (3,68€) Coil Strip of 5NH70.00
1860 SWN  720pf (3,68€) Single with NumberNH34.00
1861This number not utilized by Scott. 
1862Theologian HerderNH1.60
1866Leipzig MuseumNH2.00
1867Scientist HelmholstNH2.25
1868Willi RichterNH2.00
1869 S/SPretend Creatures SheetNH3.25
"1869a"  Pretend Creatures Single from SheetNH3.25
1870Singer, Poet SachsNH2.00
1871Bishop St. WolfgangNH2.00
1872Mailman, SkatingNH2.00
1874Opening Berlin WallNH2.00
1875Grave PreservationNH2.50
1876Poet FontaneNH2.00
1877Baron von SteubenNH2.00
1881Gera AnniversaryNH1.90
1882Diet of WormsNH1.90
1883Elector WilliamNH5.00
1884Climate ConventionNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1885Roentgen, X-RayNH1.70
1886Technical UniversityNH1.75
1891Architect SchlaunNH3.25
1892Vincent ConferencesNH1.65
1893Schiller SocietyNH1.65
1894-95Europa - WWIINH5.00
1894-95 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH57.50
1896-97 S/SCamp Liberation SheetsNH4.50
1896a-97b  Camp Liberation Singles from SheetsNH7.00
1898Kiel CanalNH2.00
1899UN AnniversaryNH1.70
1900Marconi, Radio (Joint issue with Italy, Ireland, San Marino and Vatican)NH3.75
1901Composer OrffNH1.75
1902Henry the LionNH5.75
1903Kaiser Wilhelm ChurchNH1.75
1904Author WerfelNH1.75
1905Franz Josef StraussNH2.00
1906 S/SFilm Centenary SheetNH7.50
1906a-c  Film Centenary Singles from SheetNH7.50
1907Kurt SchumacherNH1.65
1908 S/SFor the Children SheetNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1908a"  For the Children Singles from SheetNH3.50
1909von RankeNH1.25
1910Composer HindemithNH1.65
1911Nobel Prize Fund (Joint issue with Sweden)NH3.00
1912CARE AnniversaryNH2.00
1913Divided GermanyNH1.70
1915Children's MissionNH1.50
1916von BodelschwinghNH1.50
1917Martin LutherNH2.00
1918von Siebold (Joint issue with Japan)NH2.75
1919Halberstadt SquareNH1.25
1920August CardinalNH1.50
1921Tiepolo PaintingNH2.75
1925 S/SRacing Messenger SheetNH2.25
"1925a"  Racing Messenger Single from SheetNH2.25
1926-27Europa - WomenNH4.00
1929Writer BorchertNH1.50
1930Ruhr FestivalNH1.50
1932Berlin Arts AcademyNH1.50
1933Gottfried LeibnitzNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1934 BK  Heidelberg Booklet of 10NH17.50
1935UNICEF, HandsNH1.50
1936Ludwig ThomasNH1.50
1937 S/SNational Parks SheetNH10.00
"1937a"  National Parks Singles from SheetNH10.00
1939German PhilatelyNH1.50
1940Lincke, ViolinNH1.50
1941Volklingen FurnaceNH1.50
1942Civic CodeNH4.00
1945Bamberg, UNESCONH1.50
1947Composer BrucknerNH1.50
1948Music FestivalNH1.50
1949Scientist von Mueller (Joint issue with Australia)NH2.50
1950Playwright ZuckmayerNH1.50
1951Carlo SchmidNH1.50
1952Composer SchubertNH1.50
1953Soccer, HerbergerNH1.65
1954Traffic SafetyNH1.50
1955Philip MelanchthonNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1956Cologne CarnivalNH1.50
1957Chancellor ErhardNH1.75
1958Leipzig FairNH1.50
1959 S/SArchitecture SheetNH7.50
1959a-d  Architecture Singles from SheetNH7.50
1960City of StraubingNH1.50
1961Heinrich von StephanNH1.65
1962Castles, UNESCONH2.50
1964St. Adalbert (Joint with Czech, Hungary, Vatican)NH4.25
1964 M/S  St. Adalbert (Joint with Czech, Hungary, Vatican) MiniSheet of 10NH47.50
1965-66Europa - LegendsNH4.00
1967Sister CitiesNH1.50
1968 S/SForest Protection SheetNH5.50
"1968a"  Forest Protection Singles from SheetNH5.50
1969Father KneippNH1.65
1970Marshall PlanNH3.75
1970 M/S  Marshall Plan Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH47.50
1971 S/SDocuments SheetNH7.50
1971a-d  Documents Singles from SheetNH7.50
1972Mungsten BridgeNH1.50
1973 S/SFor the Children SheetNH3.75
"1973a"  For the Children Singles from SheetNH3.50
1974-76Scenic RegionsNH4.75
1977Diesel EngineNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
197910pf Traffic SafetyNH.60
1982Saar Summit (Joint issue with France and Luxembourg)NH3.00
1983Catholic ChurchNH1.50
1984Poet HeineNH1.50
1984 M/S 1  Poet Heine MiniSheet of 10 (First Printing with Runes in Margin)NH42.50
1984 M/S 2  Poet Heine MiniSheet of 10 (Second Printing, Runes removed)NH19.00
1985Gerhard TersteegenNH1.50
1986Thomas DehlerNH1.50
1987Monastery, UNESCONH1.50
1988Glienicke BridgeNH1.50
1989City of NordlingenNH1.50
1989a BK  City of Nordlingen Booklet of 10NH17.50
1990Playwright BrechtNH1.50
1991Max Planck SocietyNH1.75
1992Bad FrankenhausenNH1.50
1993Westphalia PeaceNH1.75
1994-97State BuildingsNH6.50
1998Hildegard von BingenNH1.50
1999St. Marienstern AbbeyNH1.50
2000 S/SFor the Children SheetNH3.00
2000a  For the Children Single from SheetNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2001Bayreuth OperaNH4.00
2002Writer JungerNH1.50
2003Rural WomenNH1.50
2004Europa - ReunificationNH2.50
2004 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH29.00
2005 S/SConstitution SheetNH5.75
2005a-b  Constitution Sheet SinglesNH5.75
2007Deutsche MarkNH2.25
2008Hope CultivationNH1.50
2009Central BankNH2.25
2009A S/SSaxon Switzerland Park SheetNH5.75
2009Ab-c  Saxon Switzerland Park SinglesNH5.75
2010Mathematics CongressNH1.50
2011-13Fossil, PalaceNH5.50
2014 S/SGlassware SheetNH8.75
2014a-d  Glassware Singles from SheetNH8.75
2015Author HausmannNH1.50
2017Anti-Child AbuseNH1.50
2018Francke InstitutionNH1.50
2019Mail BoatNH1.60
2020Telephone Help LinesNH1.50
2021Choir Leader RaminNH4.00
2022Saxony OrchestraNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2023Human RightsNH1.50
2024City of WeimarNH1.50
2024a BK  City of Weimar Booklet of 10NH16.00
2025Elderly YearNH1.75
2026Luther's Wife BoraNH1.75
2027Hessian ParliamentNH1.75
2028Writer KastnerNH4.00
2029-30State BuildingsNH3.25
2031Bremen ParliamentNH1.65
2032NATO AnniversaryNH2.50
2033Fraunhofer SocietyNH1.60
2034Hanover Expo 2000NH1.60
2035Automobile ClubNH1.60
2036Cancer ReliefNH1.60
2038Berlin AirliftNH2.50
2039Council of EuropeNH3.00
2040 S/SEuropa-Berchtesgaden SheetNH4.00
2040a  Europa-Berchtesgaden SingleNH4.00
2041 S/SBasic LawNH2.50
2041a  Basic Law Single from SheetNH2.50
2042 S/SRepublic Anniversary SheetNH8.00
2042a-d  Republic Anniversary SinglesNH8.00
2043SOS Children's VillageNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
2044Paderbom BishopricNH1.60
2045Johann StraussNH4.25
2047Gustav HeinemannNH1.60
2050Hague ConferenceNH4.00
2051 S/SModern DesignNH8.00
2051a-d  Modern Design Singles from SheetNH8.00
2052Poet von GoetheNH1.65
2053 S/SFor the ChildrenNH2.75
2053a  For the Children Single from SheetNH2.75
2055Book TradersNH1.65
2056Composer StraussNH4.25
2057Goltzsch BridgeNH1.65
2058DGB Trade UnionsNH1.65
2059Endangered SpeciesNH1.50
5 PCFive Large Official MILLENNIUM  Postal Cards issued in a Souvenir Folder.  Rarely seen!NH29.50
2060Hanover 2000 ExpoNH1.60
2061Holy YearNH1.65
2062Aachen CathedralNH1.65
2064Herbert WehnerNH1.65
2065Albert SchweitzerNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2067Berlin Film FestivalNH1.50
2068Johannes GutenbergNH1.65
2069Reich President EbertNH1.65
2070Dusseldorf CarnivalNH1.75
2071Composer WeillNH4.50
2072Passau RegionNH1.65
2073Saar RiverNH1.65
2074Lower SaxonyNH1.65
2075North RhineNH2.00
2079 S/SNational Park SheetNH2.75
2079a  National Park Single from SheetNH2.75
2080Wonder BridgeNH1.50
2081-82Fine ArtNH5.00
2083Expo Self-adhesiveNH8.00
2083a BK  Expo Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH80.00
2085Nikolaus ZinzendorfNH1.75
2086Europa - StarsNH3.00
2086 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH30.00
2087Europa Self-adhesiveNH4.00
2087a BK  Europa Self-adhesive Booklet of 10 NH40.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2088First NewspaperNH1.75
2090Weather StationNH1.90
2091Disaster ReliefNH1.90
2092Johann Sebastian BachNH1.90
2093Zeppelin FlightNH1.75
2094Expo, EarthNH2.00
2096Writer WiechertNH2.25
2097For YouNH1.50
2098 S/SClown SheetNH2.75
2098a  Clown Single from SheetNH2.75
2099Kolping SocietyNH1.65
2100Federal CourtNH1.50
2101Medicine, MapNH5.00
2103Stamp DayNH1.50
2104Poet RilkeNH1.50
2105Artist BodeNH1.50
  For the Self-adhesive Sites Definitives issued in Booklets in 2001, please refer to Scott 1656, 1664 and 1665. 
2106Botanist FuchsNH1.60
2107Prussia AnniversaryNH1.75
2108Disabled War VeteransNH1.75
2109Youth HelplineNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2110Opera Composer LortzingNH1.75
2111Theologian BucerNH1.75
2112Greek Translater VossNH4.60
2117Erich OllenhauerNH1.75
2118Politician ArnoldNH1.75
2119Border PoliceNH1.75
2120Railway BridgeNH1.75
2121Folk Music, AccordianNH1.75
2123Goethe InstituteNH4.60
2124-25Gorilla, RhinoNH3.75
See 2132-33 for the self-adhesive version of these stamps. 
2126Europa - WaterNH3.25
2126 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH34.00
2127Composer EgkNH1.75
2128Monastery, Ocean MuseumNH1.75
2129Dresden Court ChurchNH1.75
2130Canzow ChurchNH1.75
2131 S/SGerman Design SheetNH8.00
2131a-d  German Design Sheet SinglesNH8.00
2132-33Species, Self-adhesive (our choice of format)NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2132-33 IMPR  Species, Vertical Pair with Animals' Footprints in MarginNH10.00
2132-33 VPR 1  Species, Vertical Pair, Gorilla on TopNH5.50
2132-33 VPR 2  Species, Vertical Pair, Rhino on TopNH5.50
2132-33 HPR 1  Species, Horizontal Pair, Gorilla at LeftNH5.50
2132-33 HPR 2  Species, Horizontal Pair, Rhino at LeftNH5.50
2132-33 BLK  Species Block of 4NH10.00
2133a BK  Species Booklet of 10NH25.00
2134Furth Dragon LancingNH1.60
2135Lime TreesNH2.25
2135ATrees, Self-adhesiveNH4.25
2135Ab BK  Trees, Self-adhesive Booklet of 20NH70.00
2137Constitutional CourtNH1.75
2138World CongressNH1.75
2139Jewish MuseumNH3.50
NH MiniSheet of 1040.00
2140 S/SChildren's Art SheetNH2.75
2140a  Children's Art Sheet SingleNH2.75
2141Für Dich, HeartNH1.75
2142Physicist HeisenbergNH4.60
2143 S/SAntarctic Expedition SheetNH5.50
2143a-b  Antarctic Expedition Sheet SinglesNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2144Euro IntroductionNH3.00
2144AEuro Self-adhesive CoilNH7.50
2144A SWN  Euro Self-adhesive Coil Single with NumberNH11.00
2144A STR  Euro Self-adhesive Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH45.00
2145Dohnanyi (2002 is adjacent to Deutschland on right side - please see scan below.)NH2.00
NH MiniSheet of 1025.00


2145ADohnanyi with 2002 at Upper Right in a pinkish face).  A modern Rarity!  320 MiniSheets of this stamp were accidently distributed with 2145 MiniSheets and sold at the Post Office.  Of the 3,200 stamps issued, relatively few have been found.  Presumably most have been discarded as they are quite similar, to the non-philatelic eye, to the normal 2145 stamp.  (2145A is shown above)NH975.00
This Rarity is a must for every serious Germany collector.  Time payments are possible.
21461000 Years of BautzenNH1.75
2146ABautzen Self-adhesiveNH5.75
2146Ab BK  Bautzen Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH59.00
2148Writer KniggeNH1.75
2149Berlin SubwayNH1.75
2150Mechanical CalculatorNH1.75
2152Ecksberg FoundationNH1.75
2153Freemason MuseumNH1.75
2156Employment ServiceNH4.60
2157Voss-ILIAS Self-adhesiveNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2157 SWN  Voss-ILIAS Single with NumberNH25.00
2157 STR  Voss-ILIAS Strip of 5 with NumberNH45.00
2158Europa - CircusNH2.50
2158 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH29.00
2158AEuropa Circus Self-adhesiveNH5.00
2158A SWN  Europa Circus Single with Number NH9.00
2158A STR  Europa Circus Strip of 5 with Number NH40.00
2159Dessau-Worlitz Garden, UNESCONH1.75
2159ASelf-adhesive GardenNH2.50
2159Ab BK  Self-adhesive Garden Booklet of 20NH50.00
2160Halle-Wittenberg UniversityNH1.75
2161Children's ChurchNH1.75
2162 S/SDocumenta 11 Art Expo SheetNH2.00
2162a  Documenta 11 Art Expo Single from SheetNH2.00
2163Soccer PairNH3.50
2164Agronomist ThaerNH6.75
2165Yellow Feather PaintingNH1.75
2166-67Snail, MusselNH3.25
2168World HungerNH1.60
2169National MuseumNH1.75
2170Hermann HesseNH1.75
2171 S/SHochharz Park SheetNH2.00
2171a  Hochharz Park Single from SheetNH2.00
2172Josef FelderNH1.75
2173Fire BrigadesNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2174Museum Island, UNESCONH1.75
2175Communications MuseumNH4.60
2176Foundation WallsNH1.60
2177Elisabeth-Uter PaintingNH3.50
2178 S/SToes and Animal Face SheetNH2.00
2178a  Toes and Animal Face Sheet SingleNH2.00
2179Writer von KleistNH1.75
2180Conductor JochumNH1.75
2181Physicist von GuerickeNH4.60
2182Civic EducationNH1.75
2183TV AnniversaryNH1.75
2184Halle Market ChurchNH1.75
Famous Women (Euros only) 
  Please order with caution as Scott has changed numbers in the 2008 edition.
2185 '0245c von Droste-HulshoffNH1.50
2186 '0255c KnefNH1.65
2187 '03€1 JuhaczNH3.00
2188 '02€1.44 von KirchbachNH4.50
2189-98These numbers not utilized by Scott 2012. 
Historic Sites (Euros only) 
  Please order with caution as Scott has changed numbers in the 2008 edition.
2199 '045c Erfurter ChurchNH.50
2199 PR '04  5c Church Horizontal PairNH1.10
2199 SWN '04  5c Church Single with NumberNH1.60
2199 CL  5c Church Strip of 5 with NumberNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2200 '0425c Castle ArolsenNH.75
2200 PR  25c Castle Horizontal PairNH1.60
2200 SWN  25c Castle Single with NumberNH2.50
2200 CL  25c Castle Strip of 5 with NumberNH5.50
2201 '0440c Bach Statue, LeipzigNH1.25
2201 PR  40c Bach Statue, Leipzig Horizontal PairNH2.50
2201 M/S  40c Bach Statue, Leipzig MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
2201 SWN  40c Bach Statue Single with NumberNH4.00
2201 CL  40c Bach Statue Strip of 5 with NumberNH8.00
2202 '0244c Berlin PhilharmonicNH1.40
2202 PR  44c Philharmonic Horizontal PairNH3.00
2202 SWN  44c Philharmonic Single with NumberNH4.50
2202 CL  44c Philharmonic Strip of 5 with NumberNH9.50
2203 '0245c WarehouseNH1.50
2203 PR  45c Warehouse Horizontal PairNH3.25
2203 SWN  45c Warehouse Single with NumberNH4.50
2203 CL  45c Warehouse Strip of 5 with NumberNH9.00
2204 '0255c Opera HouseNH1.75
2204 PR '02  55c Opera House Horizontal PairNH4.00
2204 SWN '02  55c Opera House Single with NumberNH5.00
2204 CL '02  55c Opera House Strip of 5 with NumberNH11.00
2205 '02€1 Porta NigraNH3.00
2205 PR  €1 Porta Nigra Horizontal PairNH6.50
2205 SWN  €1 Porta Nigra Single with NumberNH8.50
2205 CL  €1 Porta Nigra Strip of 5 with NumberNH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2206 '03€1.44 Beethoven BirthNH5.00
2206 PR '03  €1.44 Beethoven  Horizontal PairNH11.00
2206 SWN '03  €1.44 Beethoven  Single with NumberNH13.00
2206 CL '03  €1.44 Beethoven  Strip of 5 with NumberNH30.00
2207 '02€1.60 BauhausNH5.00
2207 PR '02  €1.60 Bauhaus Horizontal Pair NH10.50
2207 SWN '02  €1.60 Bauhaus Single with Number NH10.00
2207 CL '02  €1.60 Bauhaus Strip of 5 with Number NH21.00
2208 '03€1.80 State HallNH5.50
2208 PR '03  €1.80 State Hall Horizontal PairNH12.50
2208 SWN '03  €1.80 State Hall Single with NumberNH15.00
2208 CL '03  €1.80 State Hall Strip of 5 with NumberNH32.50
2209 '03€2 Equestrian StatueNH6.00
2209 PR '03  €2 Equestrian Statue Horizontal PairNH12.50
2209 SWN '03  €2 Equestrian Statue Single with NumberNH17.00
2209 CL '03  €2 Equestrian Statue Strip of 5 with NumberNH38.00
2210 '03€2.20 Fountain, NeuruppinNH7.50
2210 PR '03  €2.20 Fountain Horizontal PairNH16.50
2210 SWN '03  €2.20 Fountain Single with NumberNH16.00
2210 CL '03  €2.20 Fountain Strip of 5 with NumberNH40.00
2211 '03€2.60 Seute DeernNH7.50
2211 PR '03  €2.60 Seute Deern Horizontal PairNH17.00
2211 SWN '03  €2.60 Seute Deern Single with NumberNH20.00
2211 CL '03  €2.60 Seute Deern Strip of 5 with NumberNH50.00
2212 '03€4.10 Wismar HousesNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2212 PR '03  €4.10 Wismar Houses Horizontal PairNH25.00
2212 SWN '03  €4.10 Wismar Houses Single with NumberNH35.00
2212 CL '03  €4.10 Wismar Houses Strip of 5 with NumberNH75.00
2213 '03€1.44 Self-adhesive, Beethoven HouseNH8.00
2213 CL '03  €1.44 Beethoven Strip of 8 NH55.00
2213 BB '03  €1.44 Beethoven "Business Sheet" of 100NHAsk
2214 '0255c Opera House CoilNH6.75
2214 SWN '02  55c Opera House Coil Single with NumberNH15.00
2214 STR '02  55c Opera House Coil Strip of 5NH49.00
2215-16 '0245c,55c Sites from BookletNH7.50
2215-16 PR '02  45c,55c Sites Vertical PairsNH15.00
2216a BK '02  45c,55c Sites Booklet of 12NH35.00
2217-21These numbers not utilized by Scott 2008. 
2222Kronach AnniversaryNH1.25
2223Failed Assassin ElserNH2.00
NH MiniSheet of 1025.00
2224German-French TreatyNH1.50
2225Bible YearNH1.50
2226Pronoun 30tNH3.75
2228Self-adhesive RoseNH3.00
2228a BK  Roses Booklet of 10NH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2229-30Holzel CompositionNH3.75
2231 S/SBoys' Choirs SheetNH6.00
2231a-c  Boys' Choirs Sheet SinglesNH6.00
2232Cathedral, UNESCONH1.65
2233Cathedral Self-Adhesive CoilNH5.50
2233 SWN  Cathedral Self-Adhesive Coil Single with NumberNH12.75
2233 CL5  Cathedral Self-Adhesive Coil Strip of 5NH32.50
2234Rostock Horticultural ExpoNH1.50
2235Munich MuseumNH1.65
2236Welle RadioNH1.65
2237Children ProtectionNH1.65
2238Writer SchneiderNH1.65
2239Church ConferenceNH1.65
2240Chemist von LiebigNH1.65
2241Auto ClubNH1.65
2242Europa - Poster ArtNH2.75
2242 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH29.00
2243Philosopher JonasNH6.50
USED Block of 48.00
22445-Digit Post Code, HandNH1.65
2245Salzach BridgeNH1.65
2245ASelf-adhesive BridgeNH2.75
2245Ab BK  Bridge Booklet of 20NH55.00
2246 S/SUnteres Park SheetNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2246a  Unteres Park Sheet SingleNH2.00
2247Music CouncilNH4.00
2247A '04Self-adhesive MusicNH5.00
2247Ab '04 BK  Music Booklet of 10NH50.00
2248Scenic RegionsNH1.65
2249-57These numbers not utlized by Scott. 
2258Andreas HermesNH1.65
2259Petrified ForestNH4.25
2260-61Gorlitz BuildingsNH3.00
2261A '04Munich Market Self-adhesiveNH2.75
2261Ab '04 BK  Buildings Booklet of 10NH27.50
2262Philosopher AdornoNH1.65
2263Bietigheim ViaductNH1.65
2264 S/SChildren SheetNH2.00
2264a  Children Single from SheetNH2.00
2265Mailbox, FlowersNH1.65
2267Dresden Opera HouseNH1.65
2268Catholic WomenNH1.65
2269Maastricht Treaty, StarsNH2.75
22701200 Years SchleswigNH1.40
2271800 Years LandshutNH1.65
22721300 Years ArnstadtNH1.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
2274Singer SchmidtNH1.65
2276 S/SWilliam Tell, Faust SheetNH4.50
2276a-b  William Tell, Faust Singles from SheetNH4.50
2277Bauhaus World Heritage SiteNH2.50
2278White StorkNH2.50
2279Kurt Georg KiesingerNH1.65
2280Light BulbNH6.75
2281Europa - VacationsNH2.50
2281 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH27.50
2282Euro Union New MembersNH2.00
2282 M/S  EU MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
2283St. BonifaceNH1.65
2284Composer Schwartz-SchillingNH1.65
2286Wattenmeer Nature ParkNH1.65
2286 M/S  Wattenmeer MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
2287Youth Group (Joint issue with Russia)NH1.75
2287 M/S  Youth MiniSheet of 10 (Joint issue with Russia)NH19.75
2288Ship Speed RecordNH1.65
2288 M/S  Ship MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2288AShip - Self-adhesiveNH2.25
2288Aa BK  Ship Booklet of 20NH40.00
2289Philosopher FeuerbachNH4.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2290-91 M/S  Lighthouses MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
2291ALighthouse Self-adhesive CoilNH4.00
2291A SWN  Lighthouse Coil Single with NumberNH7.00
2291A STR  Lighthouse Coil Strip of 5NH22.00
2292Speyer ChurchNH1.65
2292 M/S  Church MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2293Camellia "For You"NH1.75
2293 M/S  Camellia MiniSheet of 10NH20.50
2294Camellia, Self-adhesiveNH4.50
2294+2228 VST  Vertical Se-tenant Pair, Camellia on TopNH6.00
2228+2294 VST  Vertical Se-tenant Pair, Rose on TopNH6.00
2294+2228 HST  Horizontal Se-tenant Pair, Camellia at LeftNH6.00
2228+2294 HST  Horizontal Se-tenant Pair, Rose at LeftNH6.00
2294+2228 BLK  Se-tenant Block, Carmellia at Upper LeftNH12.00
2228+2294 BLK  Se-tenant Block, Rose at Upper LeftNH12.00
2294a BK  Carmilla, Rose Booklet of 10 (with Scott 2228)NH29.50
2295Composer HumperdinckNH1.50
2296Poet MoerikeNH1.65
2297For ChildrenNH1.65
2298Architect EiermannNH3.00
2299Social Justice CourtNH3.75
Used MiniSheet of 1015.00
2300DO-X AirplaneNH2.00
2301Winter SceneNH1.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
2302Space StationNH1.65
2303Nussbaum PaintingNH1.65
23041200 Years of ForchheimNH1.40
2304 M/S  Forcheim MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2305Painting from 1350NH1.65
2305 M/S  Painting MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2306Celtic Prince SculptureNH4.50
2306 M/S  Sculpture MiniSheet of 10NH49.00
Please order with care as Scott has changed numbers.  The new numbers may differ from those in Scott Albums.
Most of the Flower Definitives were printed in two forms:  MiniSheets of 10 with Colorful Margins and Coil Strips. 
  For individual stamps, the Sheet and Coil printings cannot normally be distinguished.  However, there are three ways to differentiate between them:  A - Only the sheet stamps exist in horizontal pairs.  B - Only the sheet stamps may have MiniSheet Margins.  C - Only the Coil stamps have counting Numbers on the reverse of the stamp. 
  We offer all the variations below so the advanced German Area collector may choose exactly what they would like to have. 
2307 '055c CrocusNH.50
2307 HPR  5c Crocus Horizontal PairNH1.10
2307 M/S  5c Crocus MiniSheet of 10NH6.00
2307 SWN  5c Crocus Coil with NumberNH2.00
2307 STR  5c Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH4.00
2308 '0510c TulipNH.50
2308 '05 HPR  10c Tulip Horizontal PairNH1.10
2308 '05 M/S  10c Tulip MiniSheet of 10NH6.00
2308 '05 SWN  10c Tulip Coil with NumberNH2.00
2308 '05 STR  10c Tulip Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH4.00
2309 '0520c MarigoldNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
2309 '05 HPR  20c Marigold Horizontal PairNH1.30
2309 '05 M/S  20c Marigold MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
2309 '05 SWN20c Marigold Coil with NumberNH2.50
2309a '07 M/SSe-tenant Flowers Sheet with Imperf MarginsNH8.50
"2309b-i" '07 (8)  Flowers Singles from Sheet with Imperf Margins Top or Bottom and SidesNH4.50
2309 '07 STR  20c Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH5.00
2310 '0525c BechermalveNH.85
2310 '05 HPR  25c Bechermalve Horizontal PairNH1.75
2310 '05 M/S  25c Bechermalve MiniSheet of 10NH9.00
2310 '05 SWN  25c Bechermalve Coil with NumberNH3.00
2310 '05 STR  25c Bechermalve Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH6.00
2311 '0635c DahliaNH3.00
2311 '06 HPR  35c Dahlia Horizontal PairNH7.00
2311 '06 M/S  35c Dahlia MiniSheet of 10NH40.00
2311 '06 SWN  35c Dahlia Coil with NumberNH7.00
2311 '06 STR  35c Dahlia Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH15.00
2312 '0540c HepaticaNH1.25
2312 '05 HPR  40c Hepatica Horizontal PairNH2.75
2312 '05 M/S  40c Hepatica MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2312 '05 SWN  40c Hepatica Coil with NumberNH4.00
2312 '05 STR  40c Hepatica Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH8.50
2313 '0545c DaisyNH1.50
2313 '05 HPR  45c Daisy Horizontal PairNH3.25
2313 '05 M/S  45c Daisy MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
2313 '05 SWN  45c Daisy Coil with NumberNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2313 '05 STR  45c Daisy Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH9.00
2314 '0550c AsterNH1.50
2314 '05 HPR  50c Aster Horizontal PairNH3.25
2314 '05 M/S  50c Aster MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
2314 '05 SWN  50c Aster Coil with NumberNH5.00
2314 '05 STR  50c Aster Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH11.00
2315 '0555c Red PoppyNH1.75
2315 '05 HPR  55c Poppy Horizontal PairNH3.75
2315 '05 M/S  55c Poppy MiniSheet of 10NH22.50
2315 '05 SWN  55c Poppy Coil with NumberNH5.00
2315 '05 STR  55c Poppy Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH11.00
2316 '0665c SonnenhutNH2.00
2316 '06 HPR  65c Sonnenhut Horizontal PairNH4.50
2316 '06 M/S  65c Sonnenhut MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
2316 '06 SWN  65c Sonnenhut Coil Single with NumberNH5.00
2316 '06 STR  65c Sonnenhut Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH12.00
2317 '0670c KartausernelkeNH2.25
2317 HPR  70c Kartausernelke Horizontal PairNH4.75
2317 M/S  70c Kartausernelke MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
2317 '06 SWN  70c Kartausernelke Coil Single with NumberNH18.00
2317 '06 STR  70c Kartausernelke Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH40.00
2318 '0690c NarzisseNH2.50
2318 '06 HPR  90c Narzisse Horizontal PairNH5.50
2318 '06 M/S  90c Narzisse MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
2318 '06 SWN  90c Narzisse Coil Single with NumbersNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2318 '06 STR  90c Narzisse Coil Strip of 5NH37.50
2319 '0595c SunflowerNH4.00
2319 '05 HPR  95c Sunflower Horizontal PairNH9.75
2319 '05 M/S  95c Sunflower MiniSheet of 10NH49.00
2319 '05 SWN  95c Sunflower Coil Single with NumberNH10.00
2319 '05 STR  95c Sunflower Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH22.50
2320 '06100c Tranendes HerzNH3.00
2320 '06 HPR  100c Tranendes Herz Horizontal PairNH6.50
2320 '06 CL  100c Tranendes Herz CoilNH2.50
2320 '06 M/S  100c Tranendes Herz MiniSheet of 10NH37.50
2320 '06 SWN100c Tranendes Herz Coil Single with NumberNH7.00
2320 '06 STR100c Tranendes Herz Coil Strip of 5NH16.00
2321 '06145c SchwertlillieNH4.50
2321 '06 HPR  145c Schwertlillie Horizontal PairNH9.50
2321 '06 M/S  145c Schwertlillie MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
2321 '06 SWN  145c Schwertlillie Coil Single with NumberNH7.00
2321 '06 STR  145c Schwertlillie Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH29.50
2322 '06220c EdelweissNH6.75
2322 '06 HPR  220c Edelweiss Horizontal PairNH14.00
2322 '06 M/S  220c Edelweiss MiniSheet of 10NH75.00
2322 '06 SWN  220c Edelweiss Coil Single with NumberNH15.00
2322 '06 STR  220c Edelweiss Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH36.00
2323 '06390c Feuerlilie NH12.00
2323 '06 M/S  390c Feuerlilie MiniSheet of 10NH140.00
2323 '06 SWN  390c Feuerlilie Coil Single with NumberNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2323 '06 STR  390c Feuerlilie Coil Strip of 5NH60.00
2323 '06 HPR  390c Feuerlilie Horizontal PairNH25.00
2323 '06 M/S  390c Feuerlilie MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
2324 '05430c RitterspornNH14.00
2324 '05 HPR  430c Rittersporn Horizontal PairNH30.00
2324 '05 M/S  430c Rittersporn MiniSheet of 10NH175.00
2324 '05 SWN  430c Rittersporn Coil with NumberNH40.00
2324 '05 STR  430c Rittersporn Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH85.00
COIL STAMPS (and one Pane) 
2325 '0625c Malve, Self-adhesive CoilNH.90
2325 '06 SWN  25c Malve Coil Single with NumberNH4.00
2325 '06 CL5  25c Malve Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH9.00
2326 '0635c Dahlia, Self-adhesive CoilNH1.25
2326 '06 SWN  35c Dahlia Coil Single with NumberNH6.00
2326 '06 CL5  35c Dahlia Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH12.00
2326A '0555c Bechermalve, Self-adhesive CoilNH2.50
2326A '05 CL5  55c Bechermalve Self-adhesive Coil Strip of 5NH15.00
2326B '0690c Narzisse, Die Cut 10NH3.00
2326Ba BK 1  90c Narzisse, Die Cut 10, Folded Small Booklet of 10NH30.00
2326Ba BK 2  90c Narzisse, Die Cut 10, Unfolded Pane of 10NH32.50
2327150 Years of Advertising PilarsNH1.65
2327 M/S  Advertising MiniSheet of 10NH19.50
2328Berlin ChurchNH3.00
2328 M/S  Berlin Church MiniSheet of 10NH34.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2329Cathedral Self-adhesiveNH4.50
2329a BK  Cathedral Booklet of 10NH45.00
2330Bonn-Copenhagen Declaration (Joint issue with Denmark)NH2.00
2330 M/S  Declaration MiniSheet of 10 (Joint issue with Denmark)NH24.00
2331Air FlightsNH4.75
2331 M/S  Air Flights MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
2332Mail Delivery, North GermanyNH1.65
2332 M/S  North MiniSheet of 10NH19.50
2333Mail Delivery, South GermanyNH1.65
2333 M/S  Mail Delivery, South Germany MiniSheet of 10NH19.50
2334Mittelland CanalNH1.50
2334 M/S  Canal MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
2335Bavarian ForestNH1.75
2335 M/S  Forest MiniSheet of 10NH19.50
2336Hans Christian AndersenNH4.50
2336 M/S  Andersen MiniSheet of 10NH50.00
2336AHans Christian Andersen CoilNH5.00
2336A SWN  Hans Christian Andersen Coil Single with NumberNH13.00
2336A STR  Hans Christian Andersen Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH29.00
2337"Die Brucke"NH1.65
2337 M/S  "Die Brucke" MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2338Paris TreatyNH1.65
2338 M/S  Paris Treaty MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2339Schiller YearNH1.65
2339 M/S  Schiller MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2340Pope John Paul IINH2.00
2340 M/S  Pope MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
2341Europa - WineNH2.50
2341 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH29.75
2342Audit InstitutionsNH1.65
2342 M/S  Audit MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2343World Youth Day (Joint issue with Vatican City)NH3.00
2343 M/S  World Youth Day MiniSheet of 10 (Joint issue with Vatican City)NH35.00
2344-45 M/S  Lighthouse MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
2345A-BLighthouses Self-adhesive (our choice of format)NH4.75
2345A-B HPR  Lighthouses Self-adhesive - Horizontal Pair)NH5.00
2345A-B VPR  Lighthouses Self-adhesive - Vertical PairNH5.50
2345Bc BK  Lighthouse Booklet of 10NH29.00
2346Einstein - RelativityNH2.50
NH MiniSheet of 1029.00
2346 M/S  Einstein MiniSheet of 10NH29.00
2347 S/SPrussian Gardens, Castles SheetNH8.50
"2347a"  Garden Sheet SingleNH8.50
2347AGardens Self-adhesiveNH6.50
2347Ab BK  Gardens Booklet of 10NH65.00
2348-49Postmen on Boat, with HandcartNH3.25
2348-49 M/S  Postmen MiniSheets of 10NH37.50
2350Nature FriendsNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2350 M/S  Nature MiniSheet of 10NH49.00
2351Magdeburg AnniversaryNH1.65
2351 M/S  Magdeburg MiniSheet of 10NH19.75
2352Birds, ChildrenNH1.65
2352 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 10NH19.75
2353 M/S  Augsburg MiniSheet of 10NH19.75
2354Boxer SchmelingNH1.75
2354 M/S  Schmeling MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2355Dresden ChurchNH1.65
2355 M/S  Dresden MiniSheet of 10NH19.75
2356Writer StifterNH3.00
2356 M/S  Stifter MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
2357Leonhard FlightNH1.50
2357 M/S  Leonhard Flight MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
2358Armed ForcesNH1.65
2358 M/S  Armed Forces MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
2359Diplomatic Relations with IsraelNH3.75
2359 M/S  Diplomatic Relations with Israel MiniSheet of 10NH45.00
2359 M/S  Diplomatic Relations with Israel with Pictoral First Day Cancel MiniSheet of 10Used MiniSheet of 1039.50
2360Nobelist SuttnerNH2.00
2360 M/S  Suttner MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
2361Nobelist KochNH4.50
2361 M/S  Koch MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2362Halle AnniversaryNH1.50
2362 M/S  Halle Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
2363Winter SceneNH1.75
2363 TAB  Winter Scene with Animal Tracks TabNH2.75
2363 M/S  Winter Scene MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2364Spring SceneNH1.75
2364 TAB  Spring Scene with Insect TabNH2.75
2364 M/S  Spring MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2365Summer SceneNH1.75
2365 TAB  Summer Scene with Ladybug TabNH2.75
2365 M/S  Summer MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2366Autumn SceneNH1.75
2366 TAB  Autumn Scene with Squirrel TabNH2.75
2366 M/S  Autumn Post MiniSheet of 10NH22.75
2367 M/S  Mozart MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
2368Golden BullNH4.50
2368 M/S  Golden Bull MiniSheet of 10NH49.00
2369Golden Bull Self-adhesiveNH5.00
2369a BK  Golden Bull Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH50.00
2370St. Michael's ChurchNH1.65
2370 M/S  St. Michael's Church MiniSheet of 10NH19.50
2371Frisian CouncilNH2.75
2371 M/S  Frisian Council MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2372 M/S  Ingolstadt MiniSheet of 10NH19.50
2373Architect SchinkelNH1.65
2373 M/S  Architect Schinkel MiniSheet of 10NH19.50
2373AArchitect Schinkel, Self-adhesiveNH3.00
2373A SWN  Architect Schinkel Single with NumberNH7.50
2373A STR  Architect Schinkel Coil Strip of 5NH19.75
2374Service to the BlindNH1.65
2374 M/S  Blind Service MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2375Johannes RauNH1.65
2375 M/S  Johannes Rau MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2376Viadrina UniversityNH1.65
2376 M/S  Viadrina University MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2377Dürer PaintingNH4.50
2377 M/S  Dürer Painting MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
2378World Heritage SiteNH2.25
2378 M/S  World Heritage Site MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
2379World Heritage Site Self-AdhesiveNH2.50
2379a BK  World Heritage Site Booklet of 10NH27.50
2380Europa IntegrationNH2.50
2380 M/S  Europa Integration MiniSheet of 10 NH29.00
2381Gerd BuceriusNH2.75
2381 M/S  Gerd Bucerius MiniSheet of 10NH36.00
2382Stefan AndresNH1.75
2382 M/S  Stefan Andres MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
2383Roebling, Brooklyn BridgeNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2383 M/S  Roebling, Brooklyn Bridge MiniSheet of 10NH49.00
2384Roebling, Brooklyn Bridge Self-AdhesiveNH5.50
2384 SWN  Roebling, Brooklyn Bridge Single with NumberNH9.50
2384 STR  Roebling, Brooklyn Bridge Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH35.00
2385License Plates of the CenturyNH1.50
2385 M/S  License Plates MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2386Burghausen BuildingsNH1.65
2386 M/S  Burghausen Buildings MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2387Rembrandt PaintingNH2.25
2387 M/S  Rembrandt Painting MiniSheet of 10NH26.00
2388Prehistoric ManNH6.75
2388 M/S  Prehistoric Man MiniSheet of 10NH75.00
2389 S/SSchwarzwald SheetNH2.00
2389a  Schwarzwald Single from SheetNH2.00
2390-91Lighthouses IIINH3.00
2390-91 M/S  Lighthouses III MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
2392Kopenick CartoonNH1.70
2392 M/S  Kopenick Cartoon MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2393Cartoon for ChildrenNH2.25
2394Hanseatic League (Joint issue with Switzerland)NH3.00
2394 M/S  Hanseatic League MiniSheet of 10NH36.00
2395Stamp DayNH1.75
2395 M/S  Stamp Day MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2396Hannah ArendtNH4.50
2396 M/S  Hannah Arendt MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2397-00The Four Seasons Self-AdhesiveNH6.75
2400a BK  The Four Seasons Self-Adhesive Booklet of 20NH39.00
2401Eugen BolzNH1.50
2401 M/S  Eugen Bolz MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2402Cardinal HoffnerNH1.65
2402 M/S  Cardinal Hoffner MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
2403Dr. Werner Forssmann, NobelistNH3.00
2403 M/S  Dr. Werner Forssmann, Nobelist MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
2404-23A NOTE:Please order carefully as Scott has changed numbers for these stamps recently. 
NOTE:WAG = Water Activated Gum 
2404 '0825c Dianthus CaryophyllusNH.90
2404 '08 HPR  25c Dianthus Caryophyllus Horizontal PairNH2.00
2404 '08 M/S  25c Dianthus Caryophyllus MiniSheet of 10NH12.00
2404 '08 SWN  25c Dianthus Caryophyllus WAG Coil Single with NumberNH3.50
2404 '08 STR  25c Dianthus Caryophyllus WAG Coil Strip of 5NH7.00
2405 '1428c CentauryNH1.25
2405 '14 HPR  28c Centaury Horizontal PairNH2.50
2405 '14 M/S  28c Centaury MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
2405 '14 SWN  28c Centaury Coil Single with NumberNH6.00
2405 '14 STR 5  28c Centaury Coil Strip of 5NH12.00
2406 '1045c MaiglockchenNH1.50
2406 HPR  45c Maiglockchen Horizontal PairNH3.75
2406 M/S  45c Maiglockchen MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2406C" SWN  45c Maiglockchen Coil Single with NumberNH4.00
"2406C" STR 5  45c Maiglockchen Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH10.00
2407 '0855c GartenroseNH2.00
2407 '08 HPR  55c Gartenrose Horizontal PairNH4.50
2407 '08 M/S  55c Gartenrose MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
2407 '08 SWN  55c Gartenrose Coil Single with NumberNH6.00
2407 '08 STR  55c Gartenrose Coil Strip of 5NH15.00
2408 '1258c Pasque FlowerNH2.25
2408 '12 HPR  58c Pasque Flower Horizontal PairNH4.50
2408 '12 SWN  58c Pasque Flower Coil Single with NumberNH7.50
2408 '12 STR  58c Pasque Flower Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH15.00
2409 '1360c Flower WAGNH2.25
2409 '13 HPR  60c Flower WAG Horizontal PairNH6.00
2409 '13 M/S  60c Flower WAG MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
2409 '13 STR  60c Flower WAG Strip of 5 with NumberNH15.00
2410 '1175c Balloon FlowerNH2.50
2410 '11 HPR  75c Balloon Flower Horizontal PairNH5.00
2410 '11 M/S  75c Balloon Flower MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
2410 '11 SWN  75c Balloon Flower Coil Single with NumberNH4.50
2410 '11 STR  75c Balloon Flower Coil Strip of 5NH15.00
2411 '14180c Crimson Star FlowerNH6.50
2411 '14 HPR  180c Crimson Star Flower Horizontal PairNH13.50
2411 '14 SWN  180c Crimson Star Flower Coil Single with NumberNH22.00
2411 '14 STR  180c Crimson Star Flower Coil Strip of 5NH45.00
2412 '08200c GoldmohnNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2412 '08 HPR  200c Goldmohn Horizontal PairNH12.50
2412 '08 M/S  200c Goldmohn MiniSheet of 10NH75.00
2412 '06  200c Goldmohn CoilNH4.25
2412 '06 SWN  200c Goldmohn Coil Single with NumberNH16.00
2412 '06 STR  200c Goldmohn Coil Strip of 5NH35.00
2413 '12240c FlowersNH7.50
2413 '12 HPR  240c Flowers Horizontal PairsNH15.00
2413 '12 SWN  240c Flower Coil Singles with NumberNH15.00
2413 '12 STR  240c Flower Coil Strips of 5 with NumberNH32.00
2414 '10410c Lady's Slipper FlowerNH12.50
2414 '10 HPR  410c Lady's Slipper Flower Horizontal PairNH26.50
2414 '10 M/S  410c Lady's Slipper Flower MiniSheet of 10NH140.00
"2414C" '10 SWN  410c Lady's Slipper Coil Single with NumberNH25.00
"2414C" '10 STR 5  410c Lady's Slipper Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH75.00
2415 '11500c Enzian FlowerNH15.00
2415 '11 PR  500c Enzian Flower Horizontal PairNH30.00
2415 '11 M/S  500c Enzian Flower MiniSheet of 10NH150.00
2415 '11 SWN  500c Enzian Flower Coil Single with NumberNH29.00
2415 '11 STR  500c Enzian Flower Coil Strip of 5NH85.00
2416 '0825c Dianthus Caryophyllus Self-adhesive CoilNH1.50
2416 '08 SWN  25c Dianthus Caryophyllus Self-adhesive Coil Single with NumberNH3.00
2416 '08 STR  25c Dianthus Caryophyllus Self-adhesive Coil Strip of 5NH9.00
2417 '1428c Centaury Self-adhesive CoilNH1.50
2417 '14 SWN  28c Centaury Self-adhesive Coil Single with NumberNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2417 '14 STR  28c Centaury Self-adhesive Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH10.00
"2417A" '0855c Rose Self-adhesive CoilNH3.00
"2417A" '08 SWN  55c Rose Self-adhesive Coil with NumberNH6.00
"2417A" '08 STR  55c Rose Self-adhesive Coil Strip of 5NH18.00
2418 '1258c Flowers Self-Adhesive CoilNH2.00
2418 '12 SWN  58c Flower Self-Adhesive Coil Single with NumberNH6.00
2418 '12 STR  58c Flower Self-Adhesive Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH14.00
2419 '1145c Lilly of the Valley, Self-adhesiveNH1.50
2419 '11 WBP 45c Lilly of the Valley on White Backing PaperNH3.50
2419a '11 BK  45c Lilly of the Valley Booklet of 10NH15.00
2420-S '1055c Rose with ScentNH4.50
2420a-S BK  55c Rose with Scent Booklet of 10NH40.00
2421 '1360c Flower, Self-adhesive on Thick Backing PaperNH1.75
2421a '13 BK  60c Flower Booklet of 10NH18.50
2421a '13 CL60c Flower, Self-adhesive Coil on Translucent PaperNH2.00
2421 '13 CL STR 5  60c Flower, Self-adhesive Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH11.00
2422-23 '0965c,70c Flower Definitives with EtiquettesNH4.50
"2422X-23X" '09  65c,70c Flower Definitives on White Backing PaperNHAsk
2422a,2423b '09 BK  65c,70c Flower Booklets of 5 plus EtiquettesNH23.00
2423c BK  70c Flower Booklet of 10NH25.00
2423A '13100c Heart-shaped FlowerNH3.00
2423A WBP  100c Heart-shaped Flower with White Backing PaperNH6.00
2423Ad BK  100c Heart-shaped Flower Booklet of 10NH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2424Fürth AnniversaryNH1.25
2424 M/S  Fürth MiniSheet of 10NH13.50
24251000 Years of Fürth, Self-adhesiveNH1.75
2425a BK  1000 Years of Fürth BookletNH15.00
2426European Union PresidencyNH1.60
2426 M/S  European Union MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2427Bamberg BishopericNH1.50
2427 M/S  Bamberg MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2428Saarland AdmissionNH1.50
2428 M/S  Saarland MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2428ASaarland Self-adhesiveNH1.75
2428Ab BK  Saarland BookletNH17.50
2429Wankel EngineNH4.00
2429 M/S  Wankel Motor MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
2430Johann Christian SenckenbergNH2.50
2430 M/S  Senckenberg MiniSheet of 10NH26.00
2431Jewish Center in MünichNH1.65
2431 M/S  Jewish Center MiniSheet of 10 
2432400th Birthday of Paul GerhardtNH1.50
2432 M/S  400th Birthday of Paul Gerhardt MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2433Adam Elsheimer PaintingNH1.60
2433 M/S  Elsheimer Painting MiniSheet of 10NH17.00
2434Treaty of Rome AnniversaryNH1.50
2434 M/S  Treaty of Rome Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2435Anti-Nazi Resistance (von Stauffenberg, von Moltke)NH1.65
2435 M/S  Anti-Nazi Resistance MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2436Pope Benedict XVI BirthdayNH1.65
2436 M/S  Pope Benedict XVI Birthday MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2437-38Letter Writing (Cat, Bird)NH3.00
2437-38 M/S  Letter Writing MiniSheets of 10NH32.50
2439Waldseemüller World MapNH6.00
2439 M/S  Waldseemüller World Map MiniSheet of 10NH65.00
2440Europa - Scouts HikingNH1.50
2440 M/S  Europa - Scouting MiniSheet of 10 NH15.00
2441Bellevue CastleNH1.50
2441 M/S  Bellevue Castle MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2441ACastle Bellevue, Self-adhesiveNH1.65
2441A SWN  Castle Bellevue Coil Single with NumberNH3.75
2441A STR  Castle Bellevue, Self-adhesive Strip of 5NH10.00
2442Castle MoylandNH2.40
2442 M/S  Castle Moyland MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
2443175 Years of Hambacher FestivalNH4.00
2443 M/S  Hambacher Festival MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
2444Hambacher Festival, Self-adhesiveNH4.50
2444a BK  Hambacher Festival BookletNH45.00
2445Kurt Valentin BirthdayNH1.25
2445 M/S  Kurt Valentin Birthday MiniSheet of 10NH13.50
2446Actor Paul Klinger BirthdayNH1.50
2446 M/S  Paul Klinger Birthday MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2447-48 M/S  Lighthouses MiniSheets of 10NH32.50
2449-50UNESCO World CultureNH4.00
2449-50 M/S  UNESCO World Culture  MiniSheets of 10NH42.50
2451Dam and Lake, BleilochNH1.50
2451 M/S  Dam and Lake, Bleiloch MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2452 M/S  Bundesbank MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2453Kaiser Wilhelm BridgeNH4.00
2453 M/S  Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
2454-55Letter Delivery, ReadingNH3.00
2454-55 M/S  Letter Delivery, Reading MiniSheets of 10NH32.50
2456Animal, Hearts For the ChildrenNH1.50
2456 M/S  Animal, Hearts, Children MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2457Science Advisory - Wissenschaft (Science)NH2.50
2457 M/S  Science Advisory - Wissenschaft MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
2458Worker's UnionNH1.50
2458 M/S  Worker's Union MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2459 S/SUNESCO - Limes SheetNH1.60
2459a  UNESCO - Limes Sheet SingleNH1.60
2460Karl Feiherr vom SteinNH4.00
2460 M/S  Karl Feiherr vom Stein MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
2461St. Elisabeth von ThüringenNH1.50
2461 M/S  Elisabeth von Thüringen MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2462Astrid Lindgren (Joint issue with Sweden)NH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2462 MIS  Astrid Lindgren Inscription Pair with Astrid Lindgren SignatureNH9.75
2462 M/S  Astrid Lindgren (Joint issue with Sweden) MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
2463Architect Carl Gotthard Langhans (Brandenburg Gate)NH1.50
2463 M/S  Architect Langhans MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2464Carl Gotthard Langhans, Self-adhesiveNH1.60
2464a BK  Carl Langhans Booklet of 10NH17.00
2465Reichenau CloisterNH1.50
2465 M/S  Reichenau Cloister MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2466Reichenau Cloister - Self-adhesiveNH1.75
2466a BK  Reichenau Cloister BookletNH17.50
2467Artist Heinrich ZilleNH2.90
2467 M/S  Artist Heinrich Zille MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
2468Anti-Trust AdministrationNH2.75
2468 M/S  Anti-Trust Administration MiniSheet of 10NH29.00
2468AAntiTrust Administration Self-adhesiveNH3.00
2468A BK  AntiTrust Administration BookletNH30.00
24691100 Years of EichstattNH4.25
2469 M/S  1100 Years of Eichstatt MiniSheet of 10NH43.50
2469A1100 Years of Eichstatt Self-adhesive CoilNH4.25
2469A SWN  Eichstatt Self-adhesive Coil Single with NumberNH8.00
2469A STR  Eichstatt Self-adhesive Coil Strip of 5NH24.50
2470Goldsmith Wenzel JamnitzerNH6.50
2470 M/S  Goldsmith Wenzel Jamnitzer MiniSheet of 10NH67.50
2471-72Best Wishes - Fish, CatNH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2471-72 M/S  Best Wishes - Fish, Cat MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
2473Painting by SpitzwegNH1.65
2473 M/S  Painting by Spitzweg MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2474Spitzweg Painting Self-adhesive CoilNH4.25
2474 SWN  Spitzweg Coil Single with NumberNH8.00
2474 STR  Spitzweg Painting Self-adhesive Coil Strip of 5NH24.50
2475Church SteepleNH4.25
2475 M/S  Church Steeple MiniSheet of 10NH44.00
2476Storyteller Helmut KautnerNH1.65
2476 M/S  Storyteller Helmut Kautner MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2477Frankfurt ZooNH1.90
2477 M/S  Frankfurt Zoo MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2478Seebach Bird SanctuaryNH1.50
2478 M/S  Seebach Bird Sanctuary MiniSheet of 10NH16.50
2479Theologian Johann WichernNH1.65
2479 M/S  Theologian Johann Wichern MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2480Nobelist Max PlanckNH1.75
2480 M/S  Nobelist Max Planck MiniSheet of 10NH19.75
2481Oscar SchindlerNH4.50
2481 M/S  Oscar Schindler MiniSheet of 10NH49.75
2482National Soccer TeamNH5.00
2482 M/S  National Soccer Team MiniSheet of 10NH52.50
2483Mission for the BlindNH1.65
2483 M/S  Mission for the Blind MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2484Europa - The Post - WishesNH1.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
2484 M/S  Europa - The Post MiniSheet of 10 NH17.50
2485Thank YouNH1.65
2485 M/S  Thank You MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2486-89Europa - The Post - Self-adhesive Strip of 4NH9.50
  2486Europa Single - Self-adhesiveNH2.00
2489A BK  Europa - The Post - Self-adhesive Booklet of 20 NH47.50
2490Voluntary ServiceNH1.65
2490 M/S  Voluntary Service MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2491-92Arum, Hörnum LighthousesNH3.00
2491-92 M/S  Arum, Hörnum Lighthouses MiniSheets of 10NH32.50
2493-94Arum, Hörnum Lighthouses, Self-adhesive Pair (our choice)NH4.50
2493-94 HPR  Arum, Hörnum Lighthouses, Self-adhesive Horizontal PairNH5.00
2493-94 VPR  Arum, Hörnum Lighthouses, Self-adhesive Vertical PairNH5.00
2493-94 BLK  Arum, Hörnum Lighthouses, Self-adhesive Block of 4NH9.00
2494a BK  Arum, Hörnum Lighthouses, Self-adhesive BookletNH22.50
2495Train StationNH1.60
2495 M/S  Train Station MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2496Franz KafkaNH1.65
2496 M/S  Franz Kafka MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2497Corinth PaintingNH4.50
2497 M/S  Corinth Painting MiniSheet of 10NH47.50
2498Training Sailing ShipNH1.50
2498 M/S  Sailing Ship MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2499Joachim RingelnatzNH2.35
2499 M/S  Joachim Ringelnatz MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2500Economist Hermann Schulze-DelitzschNH2.50
2500 M/S  Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch MiniSheet of 10NH26.50
2501Stamp Day - Quick DeliveryNH1.50
2501 M/S  Stamp Day - Quick Delivery MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2502Children on HorseNH1.50
2502 M/S  Children on Horse MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2503Old Rhine Bridge (Joint Issue with Austria)NH1.90
2503 M/S  Old Rhine Bridge MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
2504Historic MarketNH1.30
2504 M/S  Historic Market MiniSheet of 10NH14.00
2505Archeology in Germany - Part IVNH1.50
2505 M/S  Archeology in Germany MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2506Lorenz WerthmannNH1.50
2506 M/S  Lorenz Werthmann MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2507Aviation Pioneer von Hans GradeNH4.00
2507 M/S  Aviation Pioneer von Hans Grade MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
2508-09Artworks, Self-adhesive Pair (our choice)NH3.25
2508-09 HPR  Artworks, Self-adhesive Horizontal PairNH3.75
2508-09 VPR  Artworks, Self-adhesive Vertical PairNH3.75
2508-09 BLK  Artworks, Self-adhesive Block of 4NH6.50
2509a BK  Artworks, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH16.00
2510Intellectually DisabledNH1.50
2510 M/S  Intellectually Disabled MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
2511One Heart for the ChildrenNH1.50
2511 M/S  One Heart for the Children MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2512Selma Lagerlof BirthdayNH2.75
2512 M/S  Selma Lagerlof Birthday MiniSheet of 10NH29.50
ATM BGBrandenburg Gate (11)NH39.00
ATM PTPost Tower, Bonn (11)NH39.00
2513Frankenberg Town HallNH1.40
2514Frankenberg Town Hall Self-Adhesive from BookletNH1.75
2514 PR+TAB  Frankenberg Pair with Town Hall Label BetweenNH8.75
2514a BK  Frankenberg Booklet of 10NH18.50
"2514X" WHFrankenberg Town Hall Self-adhesive on White Backing Paper (Special Printing)NH6.50
2515Misereor, World BreadNH1.65
2516Tangermunde AnniversaryNH2.70
2517President HeussNH4.40
2518Heinz ErhardtNH1.65
2519Felix Mendelssohn BarthodyNH1.90
2520Leo Klenze BirthdayNH2.10
2521HAO GrieshaberNH4.90
2522Historian Golo MannNH1.40
2523Gottlieb DaimlerNH5.00
2524-25The PostNH3.25
2526-27Mail DeliveryNH3.25
2528Zoologist Bernhard GrzimekNH1.65
2529Europa - AstronomyNH1.75
2529 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheet of 10 NH18.50
2530World Culture - Luther, UNESCONH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
25312000th Anniversary of Varus BattleNH2.00
"2531X" TPVarus Self-adhesive on Translucent PaperNH6.50
2532Varus Battle, Self-adhesive from BookletNH2.50
2532a BK  Varus Battle Booklet of 20NH32.50
2533Air and Space ExpoNH1.65
"2534"Air and Space Expo CoilNH1.75
2533Air and Space ExpoNH1.65
"2534" SWN  Air and Space Expo Coil Single with NumberNH3.75
"2534" CL5  Air and Space Expo Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH11.00
2535Heinrich HoffmannNH2.50
2536 S/SNational Park Eifel SheetNH6.50
"2536a"  National Park Eifel Single from SheetNH6.50
2537-38Lighthouses Part 9 - Norderney, DornbuschNH3.00
2539University of Leipzig NH1.60
2540University of Leipzig Self-adhesive from BookletNH1.75
2450a BK  Leipzig University Booklet of 10NH17.50
"2540X" WH  Leipzig University on White Paper from Special SheetNH6.50
2541500th Birth of CalvinNH2.00
2542Sassnitz-Telleborg RailroadNH4.25
2543Youth HostelNH1.60
25441000th Anniversary of the Mainzer CathedralNH2.70
2545 S/SMotor Sport History SheetNH2.50
2545a  Motor Sport Single from SheetNH2.50
2546For the ChildrenNH1.65
254760 Years of the RepublicNH1.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
2548Hungary-Austria Border Opening (Joint issue with Austria and Hungary)NH2.00
2549 S/SParliament SheetNH4.50
2549a-b  Parliament Singles from SheetNH4.50
2550Painter Flegel, Still Life with CheeseNH1.50
2551Friedliche Revolution, ChurchNH1.65
2552Countess DonhoffNH1.60
2553Animal ShelterNH1.60
2554Author Schiller, Artistic FreedomNH4.25
2555Berlin Natural History MuseumNH1.50
2555 M/S  Berlin Natural History Museum MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
2556Berlin Natural History Museum from BookletNH1.50
"2556X" WH  Berlin Natural History Self-adhesive on White Backing PaperNH6.00
2556a BK  Berlin Natural History Museum Booklet of 10NH15.00
2557Ruhr ValleyNH1.65
2557 M/S  Ruhr Valley MiniSheet of 10NH17.00
2558Limburg an der LahnNH4.25
2558 M/S  Limburg an der Lahn MiniSheet of 10NH44.00
2559Limburg an der Lahn from BookletNH4.25
"2559X" WH  Limburg an der Lahn Self-adhesive on White Backing PaperNH11.50
2559a BK  Limburg an der Lahn Booklet of 10NH42.50
2560St. Michael's Church (World Heritage Site)NH6.25
2560 M/S  St. Michael's Church MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
2561St. Michael's Church (World Heritage) from BookletNH6.25
2561 PR TAB  St. Michael's Church Pair with Decorative Tab BetweenNH16.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2561X" WH  St. Michael's Church on White Backing PaperNH15.00
2561a BK  St. Michael's Church Booklet of 10NH65.00
2562Board Game "Mensch argere Dich nicht"NH1.65
2562 M/S  Board Game MiniSheet of 10NH18.50
2563Wedding RingNH2.75
2563 M/S  Wedding Ring MiniSheet of 10NH29.75
2564Painter KauffmannNH7.75
2564 M/S  Painter Kauffmann MiniSheet of 10NH80.00
2565-66Greetings Stamps: Ship, RainbowNH3.25
2565-66 M/S  Greetings Stamps: Ship, Rainbow MiniSheets of 10NH34.00
2567-68Greetings Stamps: Angel, DoveNH3.25
2567-68 M/S  Greetings Stamps: Angel, Dove MiniSheets of 10NH34.00
2569 S/SHeligoland Bird Station SheetNH4.50
2569a  Helgoland Sheet SingleNH4.50
2570Helogland CoilNH4.50
2570 SWN  Helogland Coil Single with NumberNH9.00
2570 STR 5  Helogland Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH27.50
2571Schumann Birth AnniversaryNH1.65
2571 M/S  Schumann Birth Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2572 M/S  Bees MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2572ABees Self-adhesive CoilNH2.25
2572A SWN  Bees Coil Single with NumberNH4.50
2572A STR 5  Bees Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH14.00
"2572Ac" '12Bee, Self-adhesive from Booklet (compare with Scott 2572A)NH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2572Ab BK '12  Bee, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10 NH25.00
2573Europa-CEPT Children's Stories (Teddy Bear)NH1.65
2573 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Stories MiniSheet of 10 NH17.50
2574-75 M/S  Lighthouses MiniSheets of 10NH33.00
2576Konrad ZuseNH1.65
2576 M/S  Konrad Zuse MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2577Porcelain AnniversaryNH1.75
2577 M/S  Porcelain MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
2577APorcelain Self-adhesiveNH2.25
"2577AX" WH  Porcelain Self-adhesive on White Backing PaperNH6.25
2577Ab BK  Porcelain Booklet of 20NH34.00
2578Mail CoachNH5.25
2578 HPR  Mail Coach Horizontal Pair (to distinguish between the sheet and coil versions)NH12.00
2578 M/S  Mail Coach MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
2578 TAB  Mail Coach with Margin Tab (to distinguish between the sheet and coil versions)NH7.25
2578 SWN  Mail Coach Coil Single with NumberNH10.00
2578 STR 5  Mail Coach Strip of 5 with NumberNH29.00
2579-80Lindenberg Paintings (Ship, Train)NH3.00
2579-80 M/S  Lindenberg Paintings (Ship, Train) MiniSheets of 10NH33.00
2581-82Lindenberg Paintings Self-adhesiveNH3.00
"2581-82X" WH  Lindenberg Paintings Self-adhesive on White Backing PaperNH9.00
2581a-82a BK  Lindenberg Paintings Booklets of 10NH30.00
2583Beinhorn Record FlightNH1.65
2583 M/S  Beinhorn Record Flight MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2584Mother TheresaNH2.00
2584 M/S  Mother Theresa MiniSheet of 10NH23.00
2585Book Fair (Joint issue with Argentina)NH5.00
2585 M/S  Book Fair (Joint issue with Argentina) MiniSheet of 10NH54.00
2586Teddy BearNH1.75
2586 M/S  Teddy Bear MiniSheet of 10NH18.50
2587Oktoberfest AnniversaryNH1.65
2587 M/S  Oktoberfest MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2588Stamp Day, Helgoland NorderneyNH1.65
2588 M/S  Stamp Day, Helgoland  MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2589 M/S  Independence MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2590Independence CoilNH1.65
2590 SWN  Independence Single with NumberNH3.50
2590 STR 5  Independence Coil Strip of 5 with NumberNH10.00
2591St. Johannes CastleNH2.75
2591 M/S  St. Johannes Castle MiniSheet of 10NH29.50
2592-93Timber BuildingsNH3.00
2592-93 M/S  Timber Buildings MiniSheets of 10NH32.50
2594 M/S  Harvest MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2595Friedrich Leoffler InstituteNH2.50
2595 M/S  Friedrich Leoffler Institute MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
2596-97Greetings Stamps: Angel, Dove Self-adhesiveNH4.50
"2596-97X" WBP  Greetings Stamps: Angel, Dove Self-adhesive on White Backing PaperNH13.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2597a BK  Greetings Stamps: Angel, Dove  Booklet of 10NH21.00
2598Train AnniversaryNH1.65
2598 M/S  Trains Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH18.50
2599Skiing ChampsNH1.65
2599 M/S  Skiing Champs MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2600Fritz ReuterNH3.00
2600 M/S  Fritz Reuter MiniSheet of 10NH33.00
2601Miners' GuildNH4.50
2601 M/S  Miners' Guild MiniSheet of 10NH47.50
2602Glider FlightsNH1.35
2602 M/S  Glider Flights MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
2603"The Wanderer" PaintingNH1.65
2603 M/S  "The Wanderer" Painting MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2603APainter Caspar David Friedrich Self-adhesiveNH1.65
2603A SWN  Painter Friedrich Coil Single with NumberNH4.00
2603A STR  Painter Friedrich Coil Strip of 5NH10.00
2604Kellerwald-Edersee National ParkNH4.25
2604 M/S  Kellerwald-Edersee Park MiniSheet of 10NH44.50
2604AKellerwald-Edersee National Park, Self-adhesiveNH4.50
"2604AX" WBP Kellerwald-Edersee National Park on White Backing PaperNH9.00
2604Ab BK  Kellerwald-Edersee National Park Booklet of 10NH45.00
2605-06Greetings - Ship, RainbowNH3.25
"2605-06X" WBP  Greetings - Ship, Rainbow on White Backing PaperNH6.50
2606a BK  Greetings - Ship, Rainbow Booklet of 10NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2607Composer Franz LisztNH1.65
2607 M/S  Composer Franz Liszt MiniSheet of 10NH18.50
2608Werra Valley View, CastlesNH2.75
2608 M/S  Werra Valley View MiniSheet of 10NH29.50
2609Werra Valley View, Castles, Self-adhesiveNH2.75
"2609X" WBP  Werra Valley View on White Backing PaperNH5.50
2609a BK  Werra Valley View, Castles Booklet of 10NH27.50
2610-11World Heritage Sites (Joint issue with Japan)NH4.00