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SERBIA (2006 onwards)

Scott # Description Condition Price
Modern Independent SERBIA was formed when the political entity "Serbia and Montenegro" was dissolved.  The resulting countries are now listed by us under "Montenegro" and "Serbia."  The new Serbian issues start in 2006 and are shown below.
2006The earlier part of 2006 is listed under Serbia & Montenegro. 
2006 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH94.50
2007 M/SMiniSheets ()NH530.00
2007 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NHAsk
2008 M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH39.00
2008 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH22.50
2008 OM/SOther MiniSheets (21)NHAsk
2009 M/SMiniSheets (26)NH375.00
201059 Stamps + 2 S/SNH72.00
2010 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2011 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2011 BKBooklets ()NHRESERVE!
2011 M/SMiniSheets ()NHRESERVE!
201245 StampsNH37.50
201359 Stamps + 2 S/S (or 61 Stamps + 1 S/S)NH49.50
2014 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2015 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2016 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
Scott # Description Condition Price
2017 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
SERBIA became an independent country and issued stamps from Scott 327 onwards.
345Roses Strip of 4NH8.50
345 M/S  Roses MiniSheet of 5 SetsNH49.75
346-47Europa NatureNH7.75
346-47 M/S  Europa Nature MiniSheets of 8NH75.00
348Mishar Battle PaintingNH4.75
349-5016.50d Flag, 20d Coat of Arms (our choice of printing)NH5.00
349-50 STR  16.50d Flag, 20d Coat of Arms on Striated Paper, Perf 12NH6.00
349-50 NOR '07  16.50d Flag, 20d Coat of Arms on Normal Paper, Perf 12NH9.00
"350X" PV  20d Coat of Arms on Normal Paper, Perf 13NH9.00
351Water Polo - BelgradeNH3.50
351 M/S  Water Polo MiniSheet of 8NH34.00
352Serbian Water Polo VictoryNH3.50
352 M/S  Water Polo Gold Medalist MiniSheet of 8NH34.00
353-54Children's ArtNH8.75
353-54 M/S  Joy of Europe, Art, MiniSheets of 8NH85.00
355Zhica MonasteryNH1.25
356Stamp DayNH3.75
357Museum Jewelry Strip of 4NH9.50
357a-d  Museum Jewelry SinglesNH9.50
357 M/S  Museum MiniSheet of 5 SetsNH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
358Atelie 212 TheaterNH3.75
358 M/S  Atelje 212 MiniSheet of 8NH36.00
359-60Mozart, RembrandtNH8.00
359-60 M/S  Mozart and Rembrandt MiniSheets of 9NH85.00
363New YearNH6.50
365Belgrade LiberationNH1.75
366-73National Attractions - Nature and BuildingsNH12.50
  366  50p FlowerNH1.25
374Polar YearNH5.00
375 M/SActors and Actressess MiniSheet of 8NH7.00
378 M/S  Ping-Pong MiniSheet of 8NH27.00
379 S/SPing-Pong SheetNH6.75
379AChurch ArtNH3.50
381 M/S  WWF Woodpecker MiniSheet of 20
MiniSheet of
382-83 M/S  Parks MiniSheets of 8NH48.00
384-85Europa - Scouts Boating, CampingNH6.00
384-85 M/S  Europa - Scouting MiniSheets of 8 NH34.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
386 S/SEuropa - Scouting Sheet of 6 Imperf Top and BottomNH17.50
386 BK  Europa - Scouting Booklet NH20.00
387Council of EuropeNH1.50
388Amelia EarhartNH3.75
388 M/S  Earhart Sheet MiniSheet of 8NH32.00
389Obradovic ArrivalNH1.40
390Children's GamesNH1.40
391 S/SPhilatelic Exhibition SheetNH4.00
392 S/SOlympic Youth Festival SheetNH5.75
393Equestrian Events Strip of 4NH7.00
393 M/S  Equestrian Events MiniSheet of 20NH38.00
394-96  Scientists MiniSheets of 10NHAsk
397Painter LubardaNH1.40
399Bird (Twin with Austria 2116)NH3.00
399 M/S  Bird Joint-Issue MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
400 M/S  Ozone MiniSheet of 8NH13.50
401-02Archaeological SitesNH7.50
401-02 M/S  Archaeological Sites MiniSheets of 9NH75.00
403Joy of EuropeNH3.00
403 M/S  Joy of Europe MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
404Sputnik 1NH3.00
404 M/S  Sputnik 1 MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
405Belgrade ObservatoryNH1.40
405 TAB  Belgrade Observatory with TabNH12.00
405 SH  Observatory Sheetlet of 24NH45.00
407-09 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH68.00
412-13Danube Waterways (Joint Issue with Romania)NH4.00
412-13 M/S  Danube Waterways (Joint Issue with Romania) MiniSheets of 10NH45.00
414 S/SDanube Waterways Sheet (Joint Issue with Romania)NH5.25
1v '07'06 Definitive with New PerfNH4.25
415Relations with JapanNH3.00
415 M/S  Japan MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
416Archaeological ExcavationsNH3.00
419Swimming FederationNH3.00
419 M/S  Swimming Federation MiniSheet of 8NH30.00
420-21Beijing OlympicsNH6.00
420-21 M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH59.00
422-23Religious EasterNH4.00
424-28Olympic Tennis TeamNH9.50
424-28 M/S  Olympic Tennis MiniSheets of 8NH95.00
429Endangered Animals Strip of 4NH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
429 M/S  Endangered Animals MiniSheet of 20NH39.00
430 S/SEurovision Song Contest SheetNH10.00
431-32Europa - Classic LettersNH5.00
431-32 TAB  Europa - Classic Letters with Tab NH12.00
431-32 M/S  Europa - Classic Letters MiniSheets of 8 plus TabNH39.00
431-32 BK  Europa - Classic Letters Booklet of 6 NH25.00
433-34Protect NatureNH4.50
433-34 M/S  Protect Nature MiniSheets of 8NH44.00
435-36Orient ExpressNH4.25
435-36 M/S  Orient Express MiniSheets of 8NH42.00
437Belgrade TelevisionNH2.75
437 M/S  Belgrade Television MiniSheet of 8NH26.00
438University of BelgradeNH1.50
439Grapes Strip of 4NH8.75
439 M/S  Grapes MiniSheet of 20NH45.00
440Joy of EuropeNH3.25
440 M/S  Joy of Europe MiniSheet of 8NH32.00
441First Telephone StationNH3.25
442-43Children's CostumesNH5.75
442-43 M/S  Children's Costumes MiniSheets of 9NH56.00
444Danube NavigationNH3.50
444 M/S  Danube Navigation MiniSheet of 8NH33.00
445-46Christmas NativityNH4.00
447Dadov Theater, BelgradeNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
448Osisani Jez MagazineNH1.25
448 M/S  Osisani Jez Magazine MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
449Louis BrailleNH3.75
45022d on 20d ArmsNH6.00
451-5411d-55d Folk Art, KalemegdanNH5.75
451a '12Belt and Buckle, Dated 2012NHAsk
455Protected Mammals Strip of 4NH7.50
455 M/S  Protected Mammals MiniSheet of 20NH42.50
456Politikin MagazineNH1.60
456 M/S  Politikin Magazine MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
457-58Birds (Joint issue with Bulgaria)NH4.75
457-58 M/S  Birds (Joint issue with Bulgaria) MiniSheets of 8NH45.00
458a S/SBirds Sheet of 2NH4.75
459-60Easter, Church and TombNH3.75
461 M/SActors and Actresses MiniSheet of 8NH8.75
462-63Summer Games, BelgradeNH3.75
462-63 M/S  Summer Games, Belgrade MiniSheets of 8NH35.00
464-66 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH55.00
467-68Europa - AstronomyNH3.75
467-68 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheet of 8 NH35.00
469St. Sava Cathedral CornerstoneNH1.50
470-71European Nature ProtectionNH3.75
470-71 M/S  European Nature Protection MinISheets of 8NH36.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
472 M/SComposers MiniSheet of 8NH8.00
473-74Battle of CegarNH3.25
475Fresco in Studenica ChurchNH1.25
476-79Famous Men inc Curie, DarwinNH6.50
476-79 M/S  Famous Men inc Curie, Darwin  MiniSheets of 10NH65.00
480-81Railroads AnniversaryNH3.75
480-81 M/S  Railroads Anniversary MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
482Golden PenNH1.50
483Joy of Europe, PaintingNH2.75
483 M/S  Joy of Europe MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
484-86Swimming ChampionshipsNH10.50
484-86 M/S  Swimming Championships MiniSheets of 8NH110.00
487Stamp Day - Michel CatalogsNH4.50
488-89Dinosaurs ExhibitionNH4.75
488-89 M/S  Dinosaurs MiniSheets of 8NH45.00
490-91Christmas FrescoesNH4.25
492NIN Magazine 
493-94Year of the Tiger 
495-96Nature Protection 
496a S/SNature Protection Sheet 
497-98Vancouver Olympics 
499Serbian Olympic Committee 
500-01EXPO 2010 ShanghaiNH3.00
502Frederic ChopinNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
503-04Easter ThemesNH2.50
505Military AcademyNH1.00
506Zastava AnniversaryNH1.00
507Birds Strip of 4 plus TabNH5.50
507 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 20 plus TabsNH29.75
508Serbian IndustrializationNH.90
509-10Europa-CEPT Children's StoriesNH5.00
509-10 TAB  Europa-CEPT Children's Stories with Tabs NH12.50
509-10 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Stories MiniSheets of 8 NH44.00
511-12World Cup SoccerNH2.75
513 S/SWorld Cup Soccer SheetNH5.75
514Tour de Serbia Bicycle RaceNH2.00
515Icons (our choice of pair)NH3.00
515 M/S  Icons MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
516Trumpet FestivalNH2.00
517Singapore Youth OlympicsNH2.00
517 M/S  Singapore Youth Olympics MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
518Mother TeresaNH5.75
518 M/S  Mother Teresa MiniSheet of 8NH55.00
519 M/SWriters MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
520-21Plate, FigurineNH2.75
522Serbian Postal Service AnniversaryNH2.00
523Joy of EuropeNH2.00
524-25Christmas Nativity PaintingsNH2.75
526Aviation Pioneer SaricNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
527 S/SAirplanes Sheet of 4NH8.50
528 S/SPreserve the Polar Regions SheetNH3.00
529-30Year of the RabbitNH2.00
531ITU - GlobeNH1.25
531 TAB  ITU with TabNH5.75
531 M/S  ITU - Globe MiniSheet of 8NH11.75
53244d Telecommunications TowerNH2.00
537Music SchoolNH.75
538-39Easter PaintingsNH3.25
540National TheaterNH.75
541End Polio NowNH1.25
542WWF Birds Strip of 4 with TabNH4.50
542 M/S  WWF Birds MiniSheet of 20 with Pictorial TabsNH25.00
543 TAB  Bio-Diversity with TabNH7.50
543 M/S  Bio-Diversity MiniSheet of 8NH13.75
544-45Europa-CEPT ForestryNH2.75
544-45 TAB  Europa-CEPT Forestry with Tab NH8.75
544-45 M/S  Europa-CEPT Forestry MiniSheets of 8 NH26.50
546 M/S  Scouts MiniSheet of 10NH6.75
547Bora Stankovic SchoolNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
548Dr. LazarevicNH.75
549Red Fruits Strip of 4 with TabNH4.50
549 M/S  Red Fruits MiniSheet of 20 with Pictorial TabsNH25.00
550AIDS PreventionNH1.75
551-52A Digitized WorldNH1.75
553-54Euro Nature Year - WaterfallsNH1.75
553-54 TAB  Euro Nature Year - WaterfallsNH5.00
553-54 M/S  Euro Nature Year - WaterfallsNH17.50
555Franz Liszt Birthday (Joint issue with Hungary)NH1.50
555 TAB  Franz Liszt with Tab (Joint issue with Hungary)NH7.00
555 M/S  Franz Liszt MiniSheet of 8 (Joint issue with Hungary)NH15.00
556-58Bridges inc Ships, TrainNH3.00
559-60Museum TreasuresNH2.00
559-60 TAB  Museum Treasures with TabNH9.00
559-60 M/S  Museum Treasures MiniSheets of 9NH21.00
561Zoo - LionsNH.75
562Belgrade Zoo Sheet from BookletNH6.50
562 BK  Belgrade Zoo Booklet of 4NH7.00
56322d Computer Mouse Flower, Dated 2011NH2.00
563a '13  22d Computer Mouse Flower, Dated 2013NH1.50
564Military Jet PlaneNH1.35
564 M/S  Military Jet Plane MiniSheet of 8NH12.75
564 TAB  Military Jet Plane with TabNH6.00
565Non-aligned Nations ConferenceNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
567Joy of EuropeNH1.50
567 TAB  Joy of Europe with TabNH6.50
567 M/S  Joy of Europe MiniSheet of 8NH13.75
568100th Anniversary of the CinemaNH.90
569Stamp Day - Stamp-on-StampNH1.50
570-71Writers (Joint issue with Brazil)NH2.50
570-71 NOB TAB  Writers with Tab inc Nobel Information (Joint issue with Brazil)NH7.50
570-71 JI TAB  Writers with Joint Issue Tab (Joint issue with Brazil)7.50
572-73Christmas Religious PaintingsNHAsk
574Journalists AssociationNH.75
576-77Euro VolleyballNH1.50
576-77 TAB  Euro Volleyball with TabNH6.00
576-77 M/S  Euro Volleyball MiniSheet of 8NH13.75
579-80Year of the DragonNHAsk
580 S/SYear of the Dragon Sheet of 4 with Perf MarginNHAsk
580 S/S IMPYear of the Dragon Sheet of 4 with Imperf MarginNH99.00
593-94Europa-CEPT Tourism Skiing, MonasteryNH5.50
593-94 M/S  Europa-CEPT MiniSheet of 8 plus Tab NH50.00
607Amulet, Digital TVNH2.00
613 S/SMilitary Air Force Sheet of 6NH6.00
614-15Lunar New Year of the SnakeNH1.80
616-17Historical Museum AnniversaryNH1.75
618-19Easter FrescosNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
620-22Composers Danon, Wagner, VerdiNH3.00
620-22 TAB  Composers Danon, Wagner, Verdi with Name TabsNH6.50
1v+S/SEdict of Milan plus Sheet of 1NH4.00
2013 see also 563a22d Computer Mouse Flower, 2013 
2vEuropa-CEPT Mail Delivery TrucksNH3.50
2v TAB  Europa-CEPT Mail Delivery Trucks with Tabs NH12.00
2 M/S  Europa-CEPT Mail Delivery Trucks MiniSheets of 8 NH30.00
2vEuro Nature Protection - Cave, FieldNH2.25
2 M/S  Euro Nature Protection MiniSheets of 8NH22.50
1vRed Cross - DurantNH1.35
1v TAB  Red Cross - Durant with TabNH4.50
M/SFamous Serb Actor MiniSheet of 8NH4.50
RA 1vMepkawNH1.25
3v11d Jewelry,44d Bridge,55d Building DefinitivesNH2.50
1vFlags Joint issue with CubaNH2.00
All New Issues are available from SERBIA and over 200 other Countries and Topics of the World!
RA1Pathological SahovicNH2.50
RA2Red Cross and Disabled PeopleNH1.75
RA3Red Cross and ChildrenNH1.75
RA4Children's WeekNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
RA6Sports, OlympicsNH2.50
RA8Cancer, Dr. NeskovicNH1.00
RA9Red CrossNH1.10
RA10St. SavaNH1.00
RA11Red Cross Solidarity WeekNH1.10
RA12Children's WeekNH1.00
RA14Sport FoundationNH1.20
RA15Sex SlaveryNH2.75
RA16Zivojin Misic StatueNH1.75
RA17Red Cross Week, Dated 2008NH1.75
RA18-19St. Sava's CathedralNH1.75
RA20Red Cross SolidarityNH1.75
RA21Children's WeekNH1.75
RA22Physician VinaverNH1.75
RA23Telecommunications TowerNH1.75
RA24Dr. Simic RadiologistNH1.75
RA25Red Cross Week, Dated 2009NH1.75
RA26King Alexander INH1.75
RA27St. Sava CathedralNH.90
RA28Red Cross, Mother and ChildNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
RA29Children's WeekNH.90
RA31Homeless ChildrenNH.90