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SERBIA and MONTENEGRO (2003-2006)

Scott # Description Condition Price
YUGOSLAVIA changed its name to SERBIA & MONTENEGRO on April 3, 2003.  Scott has listed New Issues under the country "Serbia" starting with 180-81 for those stamps in DINARS and DINARS+EUROS.  Stamps listed under MONTENEGRO are those issued in EUROS only. 
2003 MSMiniSheets (15)NH410.00
2003 BKBooklets (2)NH34.50
2004 WMSWWF MiniSheet of 20NH34.50
2004 OMSOther MiniSheets (25)NH680.00
2005273-326,289a,293a+3 RA stampsNHAsk
2005 EMSEuropa MiniSheets of 8 (2)NH62.50
2005 JMSJoy of Europe MiniSheets of 8 (2)NH49.00
2005 NMSNature Protection MiniSheets of 8 (2)NH80.00
2005 PMSEinstein, Physics MiniSheets of 8 (2)NH69.00
2005 OMSOther MiniSheets (12)NH475.00
2006324-44 (S&M issues stop on May 26)NH288.00
We have listed subsequent issues are under the respective independent countries regardless of their listing in Scott.
2006 EMSEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH67.00
2006 OMSOther MiniSheets (6)NHAsk
On June 7, 2006, SERBIA and MONTENEGRO was formally dissolved.  Hence, stamp issues from June 20, 2006 are listed separately under the two new MONTENEGRO and SERBIA respectively.
180-81Council of EuropeNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
186Choral SocietyNH2.00
187-88Europa - Poster ArtNH7.50
187-88 M/S  Europa - Poster Art MiniSheet of 8 NH64.00
189Flowers Strip of 4NH6.00
189 M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 20NH35.00
190 M/SActors MiniSheet of 8NH8.00
191First AutomobileNH7.00
192-93Nature ProtectionNH5.00
192-93 M/S  Nature MiniSheets of 9NH50.00
194-951(ND), 2(ND) Surcharges on Yugo F1 and 2258NH13.00
  194  1(ND) Surcharge on Yugo F1 (Letter)NH7.50
  195  2(ND) Surcharge on Yugo 2258 (20o Building)NH8.50
196-00Post, Communications DefinitivesNH7.00
201Military MuseumNH1.25
202Women's CircleNH1.25
203-04Coats of ArmsNH2.00
205Model RocketryNH1.25
205 M/SRocketry SheetNHAsk
MONT 120-21 0,25, 0,40 Definitives (Montenegro)NH3.75
206-07Art & Culture ConferenceNH2.00
206-07 M/S  Conference MiniSheets of 8NH20.00
208 S/SSerbiafila SheetNH4.75
209-10Joy of Europe, Children's ArtNH5.50
209-10 M/S  Joy of Europe MiniSheets of 8NH48.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
211 M/S  Newspaper MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH21.00
212WWF Stamp CatalogNH6.00
213Art and DesignNH2.00
213 M/S  Art and Design MiniSheet of 8 plus Tab 
214National TheaterNH2.00
215City of PancevoNH2.75
216-18Christmas, SantaNH5.25
216a-17a BK  Holiday Booklets (2)NH34.50
219Church Museum Strip of 4NH6.50
219 M/S  Church MiniSheet of 20NH35.00
220-23Religious ChristmasNH5.75
224Submarine Anniversary NH8.50
224 TAB  Submarine Anniversary with TabNH12.50
224 M/S  Submarine Anniversary MiniSheet of 8NH79.00
225-26Airplanes, Wright BrothersNH11.00
225-26 M/S  Airplanes MiniSheets of 8NH95.00
227-28 M/S  Newspaper MiniSheets of 8 plus TabNH25.00
229WWF Insects, Butterfly Strip of 4NH6.50
229 M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 20NH34.50
230-31Rebellion BicentennialNH2.00
230-31 M/S  Rebellion MiniSheets of 8NH18.00
232Flora, Butterfly StripNH7.50
232 M/S  Flora MiniSheet of 20 NH42.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
233-34Summer OlympicsNH5.75
233-34 M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH52.00
235-38Rebellion BicentennialNH5.50
242Mikankovic - WeaatherNH2.50
243 M/S  Einstein MiniSheet of 8NH109.00
244Kotor - World HeritageNH1.75
245History of MontenegroNH2.50
246-47Europa - VacationsNH5.75
246-47 M/S  Europa - Vacations MiniSheets of 8 NH52.00
248 S/SEuropa Vacation SheetNH40.00
1vChildren's WeekNH1.50
249-50St. Sava ChurchNH3.00
251Inventor PupinNH1.25
252Soccer AnniversaryNH2.25
253-54Nature ProtectionNH9.50
253-54 M/S  Nature MiniSheets of 8NH90.00
255 S/SJUFIZ Exhbition SheetNH5.50
256-59 M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH79.00
260-6112ND,32ND Definitive SurchargesNH13.00
  260  12 ND Surcharge, Perf 12NH7.50
  "260a"   12 ND Surcharge, Perf 13NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  261   32 ND Surcharge, Perf 12NH7.50
  "261a"   32 ND Surcharge, Perf 13NHAsk
263-64Joy of Europe - DrawingsNH5.50
263-64 M/S  Joy of Europe MiniSheets of 8NH49.50
265Bar PortNH2.25
265 M/S  Bar MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
266Stamp DayNH3.25
267-68National BankNH3.00
267-68 M/S  Bank MiniSheets of 8NH27.00
269Museum Exhibits Strip of 4NH6.00
269 M/S  Museum MiniSheet of 20NH35.00
270Palaces of Kotor Strip of 4NH6.00
270 M/S  Palaces MiniSheet of 20NH35.00
273Endangered Birds Strip of 4NH8.00
273 M/S  Animal MiniSheet of 20NH44.00
274-7650p-33d SurchargesNH165.00
278Flora and Fauna Strip of 4NH8.00
278 M/S  Flora MiniSheets of 20NH44.00
279Table TennisNH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
282-8316.50d, 33d Winter DefinitivesNHASK
285 M/SActors MiniSheet of 8NH8.75
286-9350 Years of Europa StampsNH14.00
289a,293a S/SEuropa Sheets (2)NH29.00
294-95Hans Christian AndersenNH5.50
294-95 M/S  Andersen MiniSheets of 8NH52.00
296-97Europa - FoodNH7.00
296-97 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH62.50
298 S/SEuropa - Food  SheetNH7.00
299Captains Strip of 4NH8.00
299 M/S  Captains MiniSheet of 20NH37.50
300-01Sports ClubNH3.00
302 S/SSports Club SheetNH3.00
303 S/SDanube Boat Race SheetNH8.50
304-05 TABPhysics and Einstein w/TabsNH9.00
304-05 M/S  Einstein MiniSheets of 8NH69.00
306-07Europe Nature ProtectionNH8.50
306-07 M/S  Nature MiniSheets of 8NH80.00
308-095d,13d Winter II DefinitivesNH5.75
310Volleyball NH6.50
310 M/S  Volleyball MiniSheet of 8NH59.00
311 M/S  Basketball MiniSheet of 8NH59.00
312-13Joy of EuropeNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
312-13 2 M/S  Joy of Europe MiniSheets of 8NH49.00
314World Youth DayNH2.50
314 M/S  Youth Day MiniSheet of 8NH21.50
315Way to EuropeNH1.25
316-17Air Sport FederationNH8.00
316-17 M/S  Air Sport MiniSheets of 8NH72.50
318Stamp DayNH1.20
320St. Petar CetinjskiNH1.20
321Constitution of GoraNH1.20
322Humorist SremacNH1.20
323Art - Monasteries Strip of 4NH8.00
323 M/S  Monasteries MiniSheet of 20NH44.50
324Paintings Strip of 4NH8.00
324 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 20NH44.50
327Composer MokranjacNH3.00
328Writer St. PopovicNH2.25
329-30Olympic GamesNH7.50
329-30 M/S  Olympic Games MiniSheets of 8NH62.00
331Belgrade DefinitiveNH3.00
334Danube Commission Strip of 4NH11.00
334 M/S  Danube Commission MiniSheet of 20NH47.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
335Animal Protection Strip of 4NH8.50
335 M/S  Animal Protection MiniSheet of 20NH47.50
336-37World Cup SoccerNH155.00
336-37 M/S  World Cup Soccer MiniSheets of 8NHAsk
338 S/SWorld Cup SheetNH44.50
339-40Europa IntegrationNH8.25
339-40 M/S  Europa Integration MiniSheets of 8 NH67.00
341 S/SEuropa Integration SheetNH9.00
342-43Nikola TeslaNH6.00
344 S/STesla SheetNH27.50
345 onwardsSERBIA and MONTENEGRO dissolved their union on June 7, 2006.  Issues from that day onwards are listed in Scott under their respective "new" countries:  SERBIA (Scott 345 onwards) and MONTENEGRO. 
SERBIA & MONTENEGRO have severed relations in mid-2006 and their stamps are now listed in Scott under two countries:  MONTENEGRO (2003 onwards) and SERBIA (2006 onwards).  Other catalogs treat the split differently.
1vSt. Sava ChurchNH2.25
1vCycling, Type 1NH2.00
1vCycling, Type 2NH2.00
M/S  Cycling MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
1vSt. Sava ChurchNH2.00
1vCancer - Dr. BrewageNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
M/S  Sports MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
1vAIDS Fight 
1vOlympics, Type 1NH2.50
1vOlympics, Type 2NH2.50
M/S  Olympics MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
M/S  Montene MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
RA 1vCancerNH4.00
RA 1vChildrens WeekNH2.00
RA 1vWaterpoloNH2.00