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Many 2016 YEAR SETS are now available!  Russia, Vatican City, Japan, Italy, United States, Czech Republic, Aruba, San Marino, Israel Tabs, Austria, Surinam, Alderney, Luxembourg, Christmas Island, Switzerland, Virgin Islands, Aland, United Nations, Azores, Estonia, Madeira, Greece, Curacao, Pitcairn Islands, Portugal, Cape Verde, Lebanon and all Scandinavia.  Click on YEAR SETS below to see the current listings and all those expected.
Thursday, November 23, 2017


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Yes, we know GIFT CERTIFICATES is not a country but we thought it would be a neat location to remind you that a Frank Geiger Philatelists / Gift Certificate solves the problems of giving you a gift.  Drop a gentle (or not-so-gentle, perhaps) hint to a spouse, child, parent or friend that one of our Gift Certificates is what you would like for that special day.  Available in amounts from $50 and up, the Gift Certificates are prepared in a special format for giving.  They may be charged to a Visa or MasterCard and the giver can ask for especially quick delivery!  
Gift Certificate50.00
Gift Certificate75.00
Gift Certificate100.00
Gift Certificate175.00
Gift Certificate250.00
Gift Certificate500.00
Gift Certificate1,000.00