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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Sunday, December 9, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
1992 PV3b,7a,9a,11a Scarce Perf Varieties (4)NH275.00
1993 ERR26 Error - Inverted OverprintNH34.00
1994 M/SMiniSheets (2)NH95.00
1995No stamps issued. 
1996 M/SMiniSheet (1)NH55.00
1997 D M/SDiana MiniSheet of 10 with InscriptionsNH110.00
1997 O M/SOther MiniSheets (5)NH385.00
1998 M/SMiniSheets (2)NH275.00
1999 M/SMiniSheets (9)NH1,750.00
2000 M/SMiniSheets (24)NHAsk
2001 M/SMiniSheets (24)NH625.00
2001 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH100.00
2002 M/SMiniSheets (23)NH530.00
2002 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH40.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2003 M/SMiniSheets (22)NHAsk
2003 BKBooklet (1)NH110.00
2004 M/SMiniSheets (23)NH450.00
2004 BKBooklet (1)NH22.50
2005 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 8 (2)NH90.00
2005 E BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH24.00
2005 EA MSEuropa Anniversary MiniSheets of 8 (4)NH179.00
2005 P M/SPope MiniSheet of 8 (1)NH36.00
2005 O M/SOther MiniSheets (17)NH390.00
2006 E BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH20.00
2006 M/SMiniSheets (15)NH380.00
2007  EBKEuropa BookletNH18.50
2007 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH50.00
2007 O M/SOther MiniSheets (15)NH340.00
2008 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH21.00
2008 E M/SEuropa MIniSheets (2)NH59.00
2008 O M/SMiniSheets (18)NH390.00
2009 PTAdditional Postal Tax Values (2)NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
2009 E BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH25.50
2009 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH70.00
2009 O M/SOther MiniSheets (22)NHAsk
2010 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH14.00
2010 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH60.00
2010 O M/SOther MiniSheets (20)NHAsk
2011 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2012 BKBooklet (1)NH12.00
2013 BKBooklet (1)NH13.50
201640 Stamps + 2 S/SNH67.75
2016 BKBooklet (1)NH7.50
201735 Stamps + 2 S/SNH64.50
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1992-1999 wo21,3-102+F9-12+RA1-5 (as above, without #2)NH800.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH775.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1-11Provisional Surcharges CompleteNH275.00
1,3-11Provisional Surcharges (without #2)NH35.00
3b,7a,9a,11aComplete Set of 4 Perf Varieties (3x Perf 12, 1x Perf 13)NH275.00
  1  5d on 10pNH6.75
  2  30d on 3d Surcharge (3500 issued!)NH250.00
  3  50d on 40p, Perf 13NH3.75
  3a  50d, Thick Bars in Surcharge,Perf 13NH7.50
  3b  50d on 40p, Perf 12NH120.00
  4  60d on 20pNH3.75
  5  60d on 30pNH3.75
  6  100d on 1dNH3.75
  7  100d on 2d, Perf 13NH3.75
  7a  100d on 2d, Perf 12NH120.00
  8  100d on 3dNH3.75
  9  300d on 5d, Perf 13NH3.75
  9a  300d on 5d, Perf 12NH30.00
  10  500d on 50pNH3.75
  11  500d on 60p, Perf 12NH3.75
  11a  500d on Perf 13NH10.00

12-1710d-500d First Definitives - Music, Arms, CastlesNH24.00
18-235,000d-50,000d DefinitivesNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  20  10,000d, Perf 13NH4.00
  20a  10,000d, Perf 12NH24.00
24-26Election OverprintsNH11.00
  26 INV  9000d Election Inverted OverprintNH39.00
27NVI 'A' BirdNH4.50
29King PeterNH5.00
29 TAB  King Peter plus TabNH11.50
29 M/S  King Peter MiniSheet of 8 with LabelNH46.00
30Bana Luka CityNH7.00
31-32These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
33Mary and ChildNH5.50
33 TAB  Mary and Child plus LabelNH9.75
33 M/S  Mary and Child MiniSheet of 8 with LabelNH49.50
34-36+F9Definitive Overprints (4)NH9.50
  35a  40d Surcharge, Perf 12NHAsk
  "36a"  2d Surcharge, Perf 12NH32.50
  37  Tavna MonasteryNH5.75
  38  Mostanica MonasteryNH6.00
  39  Zito MonasteryNH7.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  39 TAB  Zito plus TabNH22.00
  39 F/S  Zito Sheet of 24 with TabNH200.00
No Stamps Issued. 
40 BLKFauna and Flora Block of 4 (our choice)NH10.75
40 BLK SO  Fauna and Flora Block of 4 in Scott Order (Bird at Upper Left)NH16.50
40 VSTR  Fauna and Flora Vertical Strip of 4 plus TabNH25.00
40 HSTR  Fauna and Flora Horizontal Strip of 4 plus TabNH25.00
40a-d  Flora and Fauna SinglesNH9.75
40 M/S  Flower, Flora MiniSheet of 24 plus TabNH85.00
41-45.70d-5d SurchargesNH12.00
46-50+F10Scene Definitives with Registration StampNH18.00
51Sarajevo Serb Church 
52Mihailo PupinNH2.50
57-61+F11Person DefinitivesNH18.00
62-64Animals, Conserve NatureNH11.75
62-64 M/S  Nature MiniSheets of 8NH95.00
65-66Europa - TalesNH32.00
65-66 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH290.00
67Princess Diana PairNH22.00
67a-b  Diana Singles from PairNH18.50
67 MI ENG  Diana Top Margin Pair with Inscription "Diana" in EnglishNH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
67 MI SERB  Diana Bottom Margin Pair with Inscription "Diana" in SerbianNH29.00
67 M/S  Diana MiniSheet of 5 PairsNH110.00
68-71 M/SWorld Cup Soccer with Flags (32 in 4 M/S plus Tabs)NH95.00
68-71 M/S Note:The Central Tabs in these MiniSheets depict: the Eiffel Tower, Arc d'Triomph, Notre Dame and the Gallic Cock. 
  68 M/S  Brazil through Cameroun MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH26.00
  69 M/S  France through Bulgaria MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH32.00
  70 M/S  Netherlands through Iran MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH26.00
  71 M/S  Romania through Japan MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH26.00
72-73Europa - FestivalsNH30.00
72-73 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH275.00
74-77Monastery, IconsNH20.00
78-84+F12Churches, Scene DefinitivesNH44.00
89-90Table TennisNH9.50
89-90 M/S  Table Tennis MiniSheets of 8NH85.00
91-92Europa - NatureNH175.00
91-92 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH1,500.00
93 M/SChurches MiniSheet of 8NH10.50
94Fish Strip of 4NH10.00
94 TAB  Fish Strip of 4 with Descriptive Tabs at BottomNH15.00
94 M/S  Fish MiniSheet of 20NH49.00
95-96Moon LandingNH8.50
95-96 M/S  Moon Landing MiniSheets of 8NH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
97-98UPU AnniversaryNH5.50
97-98 M/S  UPU MiniSheets of 8NH49.50
99 M/SIcons MiniSheet of 8NH12.75
100 BKMillennium Booklet of 8NH19.50
101Serbian PostNH1.40
102 S/SPost Anniversary SheetNH125.00
103Stephan NemanjaNH3.75
103 M/S  Nemanja MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
104-05 M/S  Flowers MiniSheets of 8NH68.00
106-09 M/S  Bridges MiniSheets of 8NH95.00
110Writer DucicNH.70
111-12Europa - StarsNH150.00
111-12 M/S  Europa - Stars MiniSheets of 8 NH1,350.00
111-12 -BKEuropa - Stars Booklet NHAsk
113 M/S  Church MiniSheet of 8NH38.00
114-15Euro Soccer ChampsNH7.50
114-15 M/S  Soccer MiniSheets of 8NH68.00
116 S/SSoccer SheetNH19.00
117Nevesinje RifleNH4.00
117 M/S  Rifle MiniSheet of 8NH36.00
118-21Sydney OlympicsNH5.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
118-21 M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH46.50
122 S/SOlympics SheetNH5.25
123Railway Anniversary Strip of 4NH9.00
123 M/S  Railway MiniSheet of 20NH49.00
124-25Protect NatureNH7.50
124-25 M/S  Nature MiniSheets of 8NH67.50
126 BKMillennium BookletNH18.50
126a-g  Millennium Pairs and Pane from BookletNH15.00
127-30Icons and FrescoesNH7.50
127-30 M/S  Icons MiniSheets of 8NH69.00
131 M/S  Telephone MiniSheet of 8 
132Yuri GargarinNH2.50
132 M/S  Gargarin MiniSheet of 8 
133 S/SSpace SheetNH11.50
134Composer MilosevicNH1.40
134 M/S  Composer MiniSheet of 8NH13.50
135-36Europa - WaterNH18.00
135-36 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH175.00
137Europa Imperf Between PairNH30.00
137 BK  Europa Booklet of 3 Pairs NH100.00
138-41 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheets of 8NH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
142Kostajnica DefinitiveNH.80
143Srbinje DefinitiveNH2.50
144Karate ChampionshipsNH3.75
144 M/S  Karate MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
145-48 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 8NH69.00
149 BKSix Caves in BookletNH7.50
150A DefinitiveNH1.25
151-52Nobel Prize WinnersNH7.75
151-52 M/S  Nobelists MiniSheets of 8NH70.00
153-54Protect NatureNH5.25
153-54 M/S  Nature MiniSheet of 8NH47.50
155-58Art, PaintingNH5.25
155-58 M/S  Art MiniSheet of 8NH47.50
159 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
160 M/S  Soccer MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
161-62Ten Years of Bosnia SerbNH3.90
161-62 M/S  Serbian MiniSheets of 8NH37.50
163 S/SAnniversary SheetNH5.25
164Anti-Terrorism, SnakeNH2.50
164 M/S  Terrorism MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
165 S/STerrorism SheetNH5.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
166-67Salt Lake OlympicsNH4.00
166-67 M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH36.00
168Building 0,50 DefinitiveNH1.30
1691,00 Srpcki Brod DefinitiveNH5.25
170 M/S  Education MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
171Lindbergh AnniversaryNH2.50
171 M/S  Lindbergh MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
172-73Europa - CircusNH11.00
172-73 M/S  Europa - Circus MiniSheets of 8 NH95.00
173AEuropa - Circus Pair Imperf at Top, BottomNH15.00
173A M/SEuropa - Circus Imperf Top, Bottom  MiniSheet of 6 NH45.00
173A BK  Europa - Circus Booklet of 6 NH40.00
174-75World Cup SoccerNH4.00
174-75 M/S  Soccer MiniSheets of 8NH37.50
176-81Town DefinitivesNH21.00
182-85Museum ExhibitsNH7.50
182-85 M/S  Museum MiniSheets of 8NH70.00
186Mushroom Strip of 4NH7.50
186 M/S  Mushroom MiniSheet of 20NH40.00
187-88Protect NatureNH3.75
187-88 M/S  Nature MiniSheets of 8NH35.00
189-92Fine ArtNH7.50
189-92 M/S  Art MiniSheets of 8NH68.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
193 S/SShowing of First Film SheetNH7.50
197 S/SFirst Ascent of Mount Everest SheetNH9.75
198-99Europa - Poster ArtNH7.50
198-99 M/S  Europa - Poster Art MiniSheet of 8 NH65.00
"199c" S/SEuropa - Poster Art Sheet of 6NH110.00
198a-99bEuropa - Poster Art Block of 4 with Imperf MarginsNH100.00
198a-99a  Europa - Poster Art Pair with Imperf Margins (our choice of pair) from Block listed above NH30.00
198a-99b BK  Europa - Poster Art Booklet of 6 NH110.00
204Pope John Paul II VisitNH5.75
204 M/S  Pope Visit MiniSheet of 8NH55.00
205Pope John Paul II NH4.00
205 M/S  Pope MiniSheet of 8NH38.00
208Fight Against TerroismNH2.50
209Writer TolstoyNH2.50
210-11Nature ProtectionNH3.75
212Saints and Martyrs Strip of 4NH7.50
213-14New Years DayNH3.75
215-16Powered Flight, WrightNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
217 S/SRebellion SheetNH7.50
218 S/SPre-Olympics SheetNH7.50
219Albert EinsteinNH3.75
219 M/S  Einstein MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
220-21 M/S  Easter MiniSheets of 8NH33.00
222-23Europa - VacationsNH7.50
222-23 TAB  Europa - Vacations with Decorative TabNH11.50
222-23 x2 TAB  Europa - Vacations Horizontal Pair with Central Decorative TabNH19.75
222-23 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH65.00
224 S/SEuropa - Vacations Sheet of 6NH22.50
224a-b (2) VPR  Europa - Vacations Vertical Pair Imperf Top and BottomNH9.00
224a-b (2) HPRHorizontal Pair Imperf at Top or BottomNH8.00
224a-d (4)  Europa - Vacations Imperf Margins (4)NH22.00
224 BKEuropa - Vacations Booklet of 6 NH22.50
2250.20 Kulasi (our choice of date)NH2.75
  225 - '04  0.20 Kulasi, Dated 2004NH3.00
  225 - '06 NP  0.20 Kulasi, Dated 2006 on Normal PaperNH2.75
  225 - '06 SP  0.20 Kulasi, Dated 2006 on Shiny PaperNH3.00
226 M/S  Astronaut MiniSheet of 8NH24.00
227 M/S  Soccer MiniSheet of 8NH34.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
228-30 M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH45.00
231 S/SOlympics Sheet of 3NH7.50
232-33Europe National ProtectionNH3.75
232-33 M/S  Nature MiniSheets of 8NH35.00
234-37 M/S  Minerals MiniSheets of 8NH67.50
238 M/S  Pupin MiniSheet of 8NH23.00
239 M/S  Terrorism MiniSheet of 8NH24.00
240 STRFlowers Strip of 4 with TabNH8.00
240 M/S  Flower MiniSheet of 5 StripsNH42.50
241-420.50, 1.00 Definitive BuildingsNH3.75
243 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 8NH23.00
244-45Atanatskovic PaintingsNH3.75
244-45 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 8NH35.00
246Water ProtectionNH2.50
246 M/S  Water MiniSheet of 8NH23.00
247-48Europa - GastronomyNH10.50
247-48 M/S  Europa - Gastronomy MiniSheets of 8 NH90.00
249 BKEuropa - Gastronomy Booklet NH24.00
249a-b (2)  Europa - Gastronomy Vertical Pair Imperf Top and BottomUSED6.00
249a-d (4)  Europa - Gastronomy Imperf Top and Bottom Block of 4NH22.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
249 S/SEuropa - Gastronomy Sheet of 6NH29.50
250 M/S  Easter MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
251Pope John Paul IINH3.75
251 M/S  Pope MiniSheet of 8NH36.00
252 S/SPope Sheet 
253Poisonous Snakes Strip of 4NH7.50
253 M/S  Snakes MiniSheet of 20NH45.00
254-55Disneyland Anniversary 
254-55 M/S  Disney MiniSheets of 8 
256Traditional Bull Fight 
256 M/S  Bull Fight MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
257-6050 Years of Europa StampsNH19.50
257-60 M/S  Europa Anniversary MiniSheets of 8NH179.00
260a S/SEuropa Anniversary Sheet, PerfNH25.00
260a S/S IMPEuropa Anniversary Sheet, Imperf (not in Year Set)NH47.50
261Basketball Strip of 5NH6.25
261 M/S  Basketball MiniSheet of 20NH35.00
262-63Museum and TheaterNH5.00
262-63 M/S  Museum & Theater MiniSheets of 8NH45.00
264 S/SRailway Attraction Sheet 
265Air SportsNH3.50
265 M/S  Sport MiniSheet of 8NH33.00
266Dayton Agreement (Joint issue with the other Bosnian Areas)NH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
266 M/S  Agreement MiniSheet of 8 (Joint issue with the other Bosnian Areas)NH35.00
267Spa at Guber 
268-69Nature ProtectionNH3.75
268-69 M/S  Protection MiniSheets of 8NH35.00
270Jasenovac - HolocaustNH2.00
270 M/S  Holocaust MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
271 M/S  Mozart MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
272Painter SotreNH2.50
272 M/S  Sotre MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
273-74Olympic GamesNH3.75
273-74 M/S  Olympic Games MiniSheets of 8NH35.00
275 NOTE:Scott's listing of this Flower set is somewhat inaccurate.  Their listing of the Strip of 4 plus Tab as the major number is inconsistent with their listing policy.  If you examine the scan below of a full sheet, you can see that only one such strip (either horizontal or vertical) exists per sheet.  Thus, the major numbers should be 275-275C (singles) while 275Cd should be the strip of 4 in either orientation. 
The scan below will soon be replaced by a better quality scan.  However, you can see what we are explaining even in this scan. 

275a-d   Flowers Singles from Sheet (in Year Set)NH7.50
275 HORFlowers Horizontal Strip of 4 (scarce as only 1 strip per sheet) - (not in Year Set)NH50.00
275 VERFlowers Vertical Strip of 4 (scarce as only 1 strip per sheet)  (not in Year Set)NH50.00
275 M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 20 containing one Se-tenant Strip of 4NH55.00
276-77Europa IntegrationNH8.00
276-77 M/S  Europa Integration MiniSheets of 8 NH70.00
278 S/SEuropa Integration Sheet of 6NH21.00
278a-b  Europa Integration Vertical Pair from Sheet NH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
278 BK  Europa Integration Booklet NH22.00
278 BPEuropa Integration Pane of 6NH21.00
279 M/S  Easter MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
280World Cup PairNH3.75
280 M/S  World Cup MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
281 S/SWorld Cup SheetNH7.25
282 M/S  Marathon MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
283 S/SInventor Tesla SheetNH3.75
284-85Protect NatureNH6.00
284-85 M/S  Protect Nature MiniSheets of 8NH55.00
286Theater for ChildrenNH2.50
286 M/S  Theater for Children MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
287-88 M/S  Museum MiniSheets of 8NH45.00
288ATesla DefinitiveNH2.00
289Poet GoetheNH3.75
289 M/S  Poet Goethe MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
290Easter Musical EggNH1.75
290 M/S  Easter Musical Egg MiniSheet of 8NH17.00
291-92 (4)Leonardo da Vinci Pairs (our choice of orientation)NH8.50
291-92 (4) HPR  Leonardo da Vinci Horizontal Pairs NH9.50
291-92 (4) VPR  Leonardo da Vinci Vertical Pairs NH10.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
291-92 M/S  Leonardo da Vinci Pairs MiniSheets of 8NH42.50
293-94Europa - Scouts CampingNH6.00
293-94 M/S  Europa - Scouting MiniSheets of 8 NH50.00
295 S/SEuropa - Scouting Sheet of 6 Imperf Top and BottomNH18.50
295a+295d PR  Europa-Scouting Pair Imperf Top and Bottom with 1m at Top NH8.50
295b+295c PR  Europa-Scouting Pair Imperf Top and Bottom with 1.50m at Top NH8.50
295 BK  Europa - Scouting Booklet of 6 NH18.50
296-97 M/S  Monasteries MiniSheets of 8NH39.00
298-30910pf-5m Scenic DefinitivesNH34.50
  298  10pf post Office, Church - June July 7 issueNH3.50
  299-309  20pf-5m Definitives - June IssueNH32.00
    305    70pf Building - June 20 issueNH3.00
310Dogs Strip of 4NH6.75
310 M/S  Dogs MiniSheet of 5 StripsNH38.00
311Ban Svetislav MilosavljevicNH3.50
311 M/S  Ban Svetislav Milosavljevic MiniSheet of 8NH32.50
312 S/STennis SheetNH4.75
313Space ThemesNH3.75
313 M/S  Space MiniSheet of 8NH37.00
314-15Nature ProtectionNH4.25
314-15 M/S  Nature Protection MiniSheets of 8NH40.00
316 M/S  Library MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
317-18Christmas and New YearNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
317-18 M/S  Christmas and New Year  MiniSheets of 8NH32.50
319Administration BuildingNH1.75
319 M/S  Administration Building  MiniSheets of 8NH17.00
320Samac Post OfficeNH3.50
321Van Gogh Self-PortraitNH3.75
321 M/S  Van Gogh Self-Portrait MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
322 S/SUEFA Soccer SheetNH7.00
323-24Europa - Hand, Pencil, QuillNH7.00
323-24 M/S  Europa - Hand, Pencil, Quill MiniSheets of 8 plus Tab NH59.00
325 S/SEuropa - Hand, Pencil, Quill Sheet of 6NH21.00
325 BK  Europa - Hand, Pencil, Quill Booklet NH21.00
326Djurdjevdan FestivalNH3.75
326 M/S  Djurdjevdan Festival MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH35.00
327-30Personalized Frame StampsNH6.75
331Banja Luka CarnivalNH3.75
332Mushrooms Strip of 4NH7.00
332 M/S  Mushrooms MiniSheet of 20NH40.00
333Charles DarwinNH3.75
338-39Beijing OlympicsNH6.75
338-39 M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheets of 8 plus TabNH65.00
340 S/SGymnast SheetNH7.50
341-42Birds, OwlsNH5.00
341-42 M/S  Birds MiniSheets of 8 plus TabNH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
343-44 M/S  Monasteries MiniSheets of 8 plus TabNH45.00
345 S/SPresident Jelic SheetNH5.00
346Orient ExpressNH3.50
346 M/S  Orient Express MiniSheet of 8NH34.00
347Alfred NobelNH3.75
347 M/S  Alfred Nobel MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
348Poet JovanovichNH3.75
348 M/S  Poet Jovanovich MiniSheet of 8NH34.00
349Christmas IconNH2.50
349 M/S  Christmas Icon MiniSheet of 8NH23.00
350Sarajevo OlympicsNH4.00
350 M/S  Sarajevo Olympics MiniSheet of 8NH37.50
351-52Explorers and ShipsNH5.75
351-52 M/S  Explorers and Ships MiniSheets of 8NH55.00
353-54European Court, CouncilNH6.50
353-54 M/S  European Court, Council MiniSheets of 8NH60.00
355-57.20m, .70m, 1.00m Animal Definitives, Perf 13NH5.00
355a  .20m, Changed Inscription, Perf 13NH2.75
358-59 M/S  Dinosaurs MiniSheets of 8NH55.00
360-61Europa - AstronomyNH8.50
360-61 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheets of 8 NH70.00
362Europa - Astronomy Block of 6 Imperf Left and RightNH24.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
362 BK  Europa - Astronomy Booklet of 6 NH25.50
363 S/SWorld Rafting Champs SheetNH7.75
364Painter JovanovicNH3.75
364 M/S  Painter Jovanovic MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
365Modigliani PortraitsNH3.75
365 M/S  Modigliani Portraits MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
366Cats Strip of 4 with TabNH7.50
366 M/S  Cats MiniSheet of 20NH45.00
367-69Fortress, Castle DefinitivesNH6.50
370-72 M/S  Insects MiniSheets of 8NH70.00
373-76 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 8NH70.00
377-79Classic CarsNH5.50
377-79 M/S  Classic Cars MiniSheets of 8NH49.50
380-81New YearNH3.25
380-81 M/S  New Year MiniSheets of 8NH29.00
382Zvornik CityNH1.75
382 M/S  Zvornik City MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
383-84Vancouver OlympicsNH5.50
383-84 M/S  Vancouver Olympics MiniSheet of 8NH49.50
385Frederic ChopinNH4.00
385 M/S  Frederic Chopin MiniSheet of 8NH36.00
386Mesa SelimovicNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
386 M/S  Mesa Selimovic MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
387-88Europa-CEPT - Children's BooksNH7.00
387-88 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Children's Books MiniSheet of 8 NH60.00
389 S/SEuropa-CEPT - Children's Books Sheet of 6 with Imperf MarginsNH22.50
389 BKEuropa-CEPT - Children's Books Booklet of 6 NH23.50
390-91 M/S  Soccer MiniSheet of 8NH70.00
392-95Hog, Bear, Wolf, Boar DefinitivesNH6.75
396-98Old WeaponsNH18.00
399Endangered Flora Strip of 4 with TabNH6.50
400-01Roman MonumentsNH5.00
402Trumpet FestivalNH3.50
403Missing PersonsNH2.25
404-05European Nature Year - FishNH4.50
406Museum AnniversaryNH2.25
407Banja Luka School AnniversaryNH2.00
408 S/SStamp Anniversary SheetNH5.00
409Christmas ThemesNH2.25
410 S/SOstroski Birth SheetNH5.00
411-12Museum Exhibits - JewelryNH4.00
413Milan Budimir BirthNH1.75
414Marie CurieNH4.75
414 M/S  Marie Curie MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH47.00
415-16Europa-CEPT Forest ScenesNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
415-16 M/S  Europa-CEPT Forest Scenes MiniSheets of 8 plus Tab NH42.50
415-16 BK  Europa-CEPT Forest Scenes Booklet of 6 with Imperf Margins NH16.00
417 S/SEuropa-CEPT Forest Scenes Sheet of 6 with Imperf MarginsNH15.00
418-21Rabbit, Weasel, Otter, LynxNH3.50
422Birds Strip of 4 with TabNH8.00
422 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 20 with TabsNH47.50
424 S/SKayak, Canoe Championship SheetNH8.75
425-27Religious IlluminationsNH19.75
428International Youth DayNH2.00
429-32Diesel LocomotivesNH8.50
429-32 M/S  Diesel Locomotives MiniSheets of 8NH7.50
433 S/SDiesel Locomotive SheetNH5.50
434-35Euro Nature Conservation - Birds of PreyNH5.75
434-35 M/S  Euro Nature Conservation - Birds of Prey MiniSheets of 9NH55.00
436Polar Explorer F. NansenNH5.00
436 TAB  Polar Explorer F. Nansen with TabNH9.50
437Franz Liszt BirthNH2.65
437 TAB  Franz Liszt Birth with TabNH9.75
437 M/S  Franz Liszt Birth MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
438Tennis Player Novak DjokovicNHAsk
438 M/S  Tennis Player Djokovic MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNHAsk
439Ivo Andric, Literature NobelistNH10.50
439 TAB  Ivo Andric with TabNH17.50
440-41 S/SSouth Pole Exploration plus SheetNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
440 TAB  South Pole Exploration with TabNH8.75
440 M/S  South Pole Exploration MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
RA28+RA28aRed Cross Perf and Imperf VerticallyNH4.50
RA 2vAnti-TB, Lungs Perf and ImperfNH1.75
445-46Titanic and HindenburgNH6.00
445-46 M/S  Titanic and Hindenburg MiniSheets of 8 with TabsNH59.75
447-48Europa-CEPT River, MountainNH7.75
447-48 M/S  Europa-CEPT River, Mountain MiniSheet of 8 plus Tab NH75.00
449 S/SEuropa-CEPT River, Mountain Sheet of 6NH16.00
449a//f (2)  Europa-CEPT River, Mountain Pair Imperf Top and Bottom (S/S is in Year Set) not this pair) NH9.50
449 BK  Europa-CEPT River, Mountain Booklet NH15.75
F9P on 6,000d  (see 34-36)NHAsk
F10R Relay Station  (see 46-50)NHAsk
F11R Jovan Duric  (see 57-61)NHAsk
F12R Trebinje  (see 78-84)NHAsk
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Scott # Description Condition Price
RA1Robert KochNH1.50
RA2-3Red Cross + Anti-TBNH3.75
RA4-5Red Cross + Anti-TBNH1.75
RA6-7Red Cross + Anti-TBNH1.75
RA8Red CrossNH.75
RA9Anti-Tuberculosis WeekNH.75
RA10Red Cross 
RA12Red CrossNH1.00
RA13aAnti-TB, ImperfNH2.50
RA14-14aRed Cross plus ImperfNH3.00
RA15-15aTuberculosis plus ImperfNH4.00
RA16Red CrossNH5.00
RA17Anti-TB PairNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
RA17aAnti-TB, Imperf (not in Year Set)NHAsk
RA18Red CrossNH2.75
RA18aRed Cross, Imperf (not in Year Set)NHAsk
RA19aAnti-TB, Imperf (not in Year Set)NHAsk
RA20Red Cross, Hands, Blood DropNH2.25
RA20aRed Cross, Hands, Blood Drop, Imperf (not in Year Set)NH3.75
RA21Anti-TB, LungsNH3.00
RA21aLungs and Anti-TB, Imperf (not in Year Set)NH6.00
RA22Hands, Red Cross, PerfNH2.00
RA22aHands, Red Cross ImperfNH3.00
RA23Red Cross, Anti-TB, PerfNH2.00
RA23aRed Cross, Anti-TB, ImperfNH3.00
RA24Red Cross, Globe, PerfNH1.75
RA24aRed Cross, Globe, ImperfNH2.75
"RA24b"Red Cross, Globe, Imperf with Changed TextNH6.00
"RA24X"Red Cross, Puzzle MenNH3.00
RA25Anti-TB, KochNH2.00
RA25aAnti-TB, Koch, ImperfNH3.00
RA26Red Cross, Perf 10 
Scott # Description Condition Price
RA26aRed Cross, ImperfNH3.00
RA27Anti-TB, PerfNH1.75
RA27aAnti-TB, ImperfNH2.00
RA28Red Cross Flag Perf on Four SidesNH2.50
RA28aRed Cross Flag Imperf HorizontallyNH3.50
RA29Hands, Red Cross, PerfNH8.00
RA29aHands, Red Cross, ImperfNH8.00
RA30Red Cross Perf with Large Yellow DenominationNHAsk
RA30aRed Cross Imperf with Large Yellow DenominationNHAsk
RA31Flower, Anti-TB, PerfNHAsk
RA31aFlower, Anti-TB, ImperfNHAsk
RA32Red Cross Anniversary, Henri Durant, PerfNHAsk
RA32aRed Cross Anniversary, Henri Durant, ImperfNHAsk
RA33Tree, Anti-TB, PerfNHAsk
RA33aTree, Anti-TB, ImperfNHAsk
RA34Multiple Red Crosses, PerfNHAsk
RA34aMultiple Red Crosses, ImperfNHAsk
RA35Green Lungs, Anti-TB, PerfNHAsk
RA35aGreen Lungs, Anti-TB, ImperfNHAsk
RA36Red Cross Text, PerfNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
RA36aRed Cross Text, ImperfNHAsk
RA37Red Cross Button, PerfNHAsk
RA37aRed Cross Button, ImperfNHAsk
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