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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Monday, December 10, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
1996 SC27a-30a Stamp CardsNH520.00
1997 M/SMiniSheets (2)NH92.50
1997 BKBooklet (1)NH11.00
1998 M/SMiniSheets (1)NH135.00
2002 M/S 1MiniSheets of 8 or 9 (9)NH75.00
2002 M/S 2MiniSheets of 14 with 6 LabelsNH55.00
200398-115,"99a,101a"+ Muslim Republic 435NH170.00
2003Our 2003 Year Set includes the very scarce Europa Souvenir Sheet of 4 (Michel BL 2) as well as BL 1! 
2003 M/S 1MiniSheets of 8 or 9 (10)NH275.00
2003 M/S 2MiniSheets of 14 with 6 LabelsNH209.00
2004 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH125.00
2004 O M/SOther MiniSheets (16)NH470.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2005 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet of 8NH40.00
2005 B M/SBird MiniSheet of 8NH19.00
2005 O M/SOther MiniSheets (16)NH410.00
2006 BKBooklet (1)NH22.00
2006 M/SMiniSheets (15)NH460.00
2007 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH50.00
2007 BKBooklets (2)NHAsk
2007 O M/SOther MiniSheets (13)NH390.00
2008 BKBooklet (1)NH21.00
2008 E GPEuropa Gutter PairNH17.50
2008 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet of 8NH49.50
2008 XXBOSNIA-CROAT SECTOR Complete 2008 as listed above.NH195.00
2008 O M/SOther MiniSheets (12)NH320.00
2009 BKMadonna Booklet of 10NH22.50
2009 O M/SMiniSheets (16)NH499.00
2010 E M/SEuropa MiniSheetNH45.00
2010 DGPDecorative Gutter Pairs (3)NH19.00
2010 BKMadonna Booklet of 10NH20.00
2010 O M/SOther MiniSheets (12)NH339.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2011 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet of 8 plus TabsNH35.00
2011 O/M/SOther MiniSheets (15)NH325.00
201222 Stamps + 2 S/SNH98.00
2012 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH125.00
201322 Stamps + 2 S/SNH95.00
2013 M/SMiniSheets (11)NH319.00
201422 Stamps + 2 S/SNH97.50
2014 M/SMiniSheets (12)NH329.00
201522 Stamps + 2 S/SNH68.00
201622 Stamps + 2 S/SNH76.00
201725 Stamps + 2 S/SNH66.00
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
2000-200352-77,79-115,"99a,101a"+ Muslim Republic 435NH300.00
1-4First ScenesNH4.50
6 F/S  Christmas Sheet of 20 with Large Cross in centerNH95.00
7Europa - Art PairNH12.50
7 GP  Europa Pair of Gutter Pairs (2 sets) NH31.00
7 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 Sets NH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
9Hrvatinic - RiderNH1.60
10Church at PlehanNH1.75
11Formation Bosnia Croat AdministrationNH6.50
11 GP  Formation Bosnia Croat Administration Gutter PairNH16.00
11 M/SMiniSheet of 20 with Central GutterNHAsk
12Cross over RamaNH2.50
12 M/S  Cross over Rama MiniSheet of 4NH15.00
13Flower and Dog PairNH5.00
13 M/S  Flower and Dog Pair MiniSheet of 8 PairsNH40.00
  13a  Flower Stamp OnlyNH4.00
  13b  Dog Value OnlyNH4.00
14Hutovo BlatoNH1.00
15Europa - DiscoveriesNH12.50
15 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 Sets NH120.00
16City of Ljubuski NH1.50
17 M/S  Hospital MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
18United Nations Stamp Card 
19 M/S  Christmas Sheet of 24 + Scenic LabelsNH97.50
20Kraljeva Sutjeska Monastery 
21Srebrenica City 
Scott # Description Condition Price
22Mostar Monastery 
23Europa - ChristNH25.00
23 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 20 NH595.00
24Pilgrimage of Mediugorje 
24 M/S  Pilgrimage MiniSheet of 4 
24 BK  Pilgrimage Booklet of 4NH40.00
26Monastery Siroko Brijek 
27-282k,9k Virgin Mary Self-adhesiveNH25.00
  27a-28a SC  2k,9k Virgin Mary Self-adhesive Stamp CardsNH125.00
29-301.10k on 2k, 1.10k on 9k Mary with Taipei OverprintNH75.00
  29a-30a SC  1.10k on 2k, 1.10k on 9k Mary with Taipei Overprint Stamp Cards with TAIPEI OverprintNH395.00
32Europa - LegendsNH7.00
32 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH65.00
33Pope John Paul II VisitNH2.50
33 BK  Pope John Paul II Visit Booklet of 4NH11.00
34Church of SamatorjeNH1.00
35-36Fauna and FloraNH2.25
37 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 18NH27.50
38Europa - CartoonsNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
38 M/S  Europa - Cartoons MiniSheet of 20 NH135.00
39550 Years - Coat of ArmsNH1.60
40Livno CityNH.80
44Folk CostumeNH1.00
45A. B. SimicNH.80
46Bobovac CastleNH.40
47 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 20 NH135.00
49Animal MartesNH1.00
50Stolac CastleNH.40
52Nikola SopNH1.00
53Blood Saves LivesNH1.00
54Europa - StarsNH9.00
54 M/S  Europa - StarsMiniSheet of 20 NH200.00
54 BKEuropa - Stars Booklet NH25.00
55Lovro KaraulaNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
60Tomislavgrad MonasteryNH3.50
64-65 TABFish with TabNH9.00
64-65 M/S  Fish MiniSheet of  8NH40.00
66-67Europa - WaterNH8.00
66-67 M/S  Europa - Water MiniSheet of 8 NH72.50
68Execution of Zrinski and Frankopan NH2.00
69-70Ship, BoatNH6.25
71 S/SApparition of the Vigin MaryNH8.50
72Our Lady of KondziloNH1.90
73Computers PairNH2.00
74Mars Odyssey MissionNH3.50
75Father BarbaricNH1.90
76Walt Disney AnimationNH4.75
79Winter OlympicsNH2.00
80Year of the MountainsNH1.00
81First Written Record of MostarNH.80
82-83Europa - CircusNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
82-83 M/S  Europa - Circus MiniSheets of 9  NH85.00
84Leonardo da VinciNH1.75
85World Cup SoccerNH3.50
86Father BunticNH1.90
87Humac TabletNH1.00
88Marilyn Monroe NH4.75
89Elvis PresleyNH4.75
91Stamp DayNH2.00
92Cultural Association NapredakNH1.00
93European Bocce ChampionshipNH3.50
94Viloa Beckiana- FlowerNH.90
97Archdiocesan GymnasiumNH1.90
'03 1vJosip Stadler (listed as Muslim Republic 435)NH3.00
'03 M/S  Josip Stadler MiniSheet of 14NH50.00
98 M/S  Gymnasium MiniSheet of 14NH19.00
99Europa - Poster ArtNH5.50
99 M/S  Europa - Poster Art MiniSheet of 8 NH49.50
"99a" S/SEuropa Sheet of 4 (SCARCE!)NH95.00
100Bilino PoljeNH1.10
101Stamp AnniversaryNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
101 M/S  Stamp Anniversary MiniSheet of 8NH17.00
"101X" S/SAnniversary SheetNH27.50
102 M/S  Wine MiniSheet of 9NH35.00
103-04Flora - FaunaNH5.50
103-04 M/S  Flora - Fauna MiniSheets of 8NH50.00
105Pope John Paul IINH3.25
105 M/S  Pope John Paul II MiniSheet of 8NH30.00
106Matija DivkovicNH8.25
106 M/S  Matija Divkovic MiniSheet of 14NH140.00
109Cross at KrizevacNH1.75
109 M/S  Cross at Krizevac MiniSheet of 8NH16.50
111 TAB  Teleprinter with TabNH7.00
111 M/S  Teleprinter MiniSheet of 16NH66.00
113 M/S  Children MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
114 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
115Wright BrothersNH4.50
115 M/S  Wright Brothers MiniSheet of 9NH49.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
116Investment ConferenceNH11.00
116 M/S  Investment MiniSheet of 9NH110.00
117Valentine's DayNH1.00
117 M/S  Valentine's MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
118 M/S  Einstein MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
119Hand TatoosNH1.10
119 M/S  Tatoos MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
120-21Flora, FaunaNH5.50
120-21 M/S  Flora, Fauna MiniSheets of 8NH55.00
122Europa - Vacations PairNH16.00
122 M/SEuropa MiniSheet of 8 NH125.00
122 S/SEuropa - Vacation Sheet of 4NH27.50
123Father MiosicNH1.50
123 M/S  Father Miosic MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
124Soccer AnniversaryNH4.50
124 M/S  Soccer MiniSheet of 9NH45.00
124a S/SSoccer SheetNH20.00
125Kocerin TabletNH1.50
125 M/S  Tablet MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
126Moon LandingNH4.75
126 M/S  Moon Landing MiniSheet of 9NH24.00
127Mostar BridgeNH1.60
127 M/S  Bridge MiniSheet of 8NH15.50
128Buna River Water WheelNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
128 M/S  Water Wheel MiniSheet of 9NH23.00
129World Post DayNH6.75
129 M/S  World Post MiniSheet of 8NH65.00
130Savings Day, BankNH1.10
130 M/S  Savings MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
131Mercedes BenzNH3.50
131 M/S  Mercedes MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
132Christmas PairNH3.25
132 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 5 PairsNH18.00
133Krupes Woman Costume 
133 M/S  Krupes Woman Costume MiniSheet of 8NH32.50
134Birds Block of 4 
134 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 8 
135-36 M/S  Flowers MiniSheets of 8NH21.00
137Soccer Club PairNH13.00
137 M/S  Soccer MiniSheet of 8NH72.50
138 M/S  Easter MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
139Fairy Tales PairNH.90
139 M/S  Fairy Tales MiniSheet of 20NH7.00
140Europa PairNH9.00
140 GB4  Europa Gutter Block of 4 NH21.00
140 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH40.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
140c S/SEuropa SheetNH19.00
141Music InstrumentNH11.00
141 M/S  Music Instrument MiniSheet of 8 NH95.00
142Nature Protection NH2.25
142 M/S  Nature Protection MiniSheet of 8NH22.00
143 M/S  Locomotive MiniSheet of 8 NH9.50
144Youth Festival NH2.25
144 M/S  Youth Festival MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
145G. MarticNH2.25
145 M/S  Martic MiniSheet of 9NH23.00
146Music, TrumpetNH1.10
146 M/S  Music, Trumpet MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
147Dayton Accords (Joint issue with Bosnia-Muslim) 
147 M/S  Dayton Accords (Joint issue with Bosnia-Muslim) MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
148Brother Slavko Barberic 
148 M/S  Brother Barberic MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
149-50 M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 8NH29.00
15150 Years of Europa StripNH17.00
151 M/S50 Years of Europa MiniSheet of 5 SetsNH95.00
151e S/S50 Years of Europa SheetNH17.00
152Nature ProtectionNH2.25
152 M/S  Nature Protection MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
153Europa - Integration PairNH9.00
153 M/SEuropa Integration MiniSheet of 8  NH40.00
153c S/SEuropa - Integration SheetNH19.00
154Earth DayNH2.25
154 M/S  Earth Day MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
155The PressNH1.10
155 M/S  The Press MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
156 M/S  Telecommunications MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
157-61Religious Themes Strip of 5NH12.50
161a BKMadonna Booklet of 10NH22.00
162Uzdol ChurchNH1.10
162 M/S  Uzdol Church MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
163Engineer TeslaNH4.50
163 M/S  Tesla MiniSheet of 8NH42.50
164 M/S  Archeology MiniSheet of 8NH5.00
165No Cars DayNH2.25
165 M/S  No Cars Day MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
166Ethnic Culture - JewelryNH11.00
166 M/S  Ethnic Culture - Jewelry MiniSheet of 9NH125.00
167Flowers PairNH.90
167 M/S  Flowers MiniSheetNH5.00
167C-FBirds Strip of 4NH6.00
167C-F M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 8NH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
167G-H M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 8NH31.00
168Valentine's Day 
168 M/S  Valentine's Day MiniSheet of NH5.00
169 S/STornjak Dog SheetNH6.25
170Poet Mak DizdarNH2.25
170 M/S  Poet Mak Dizdar MiniSheet of NH21.50
171Europa - Scouting Knot PairNH12.00
171 M/S  Europa - Scouting MiniSheet of 8 NH50.00
171c S/SEuropa - Scouting SheetNH26.00
171c BK  Europa - Scouting Booklet NHAsk
172 S/SArbor Day, Fruit SheetNH4.75
173Archaeological SiteNH3.25
173 M/S  Archaeological Site MiniSheet of NH33.00
174Purple Iris MythNH4.50
174 M/S  Purple Iris Myth MiniSheet of NH45.00
175 S/SIris Myth and Ship SheetNH6.75
176Virgin Mary Strip of 5NH11.50
176 x2 BK  Virgin Mary Booklet of 10NH22.00
177Bishop Marko DobreticNH1.40
177 M/S  Bishop Marko Dobretic MiniSheet of NH14.00
178 M/S  Boljuni MiniSheet of NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
179 M/S  Skittle MiniSheet of NH97.50
180 M/S  Cotton MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
181Birds Block of 4 
181 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 8NH37.50
182 M/S  Flower MiniSheet of 9NH67.50
183 S/SFlower SheetNH6.75
184-85Christmas - New Year 
184-85 M/S  Christmas - New Year MiniSheet of 8 
186Bishop KraljevicNH2.25
186 M/S  Bishop A. Kraljevic MiniSheet of 9NH23.00
187Easter Bird, FlowersNH1.50
187 M/S  Easter MiniSheet of 9NH14.75
188Cultural Days - PianoNH.50
188 M/S  Cultural Days MiniSheet of 9NH7.50
189-90Europa - Letter, PostcardNH10.50
189-90 GP  Europa - Letter, Postcard Gutter Pair NH17.50
189-90 M/S  Europa - Letter, Postcard MiniSheet of 8 NH49.50
190a S/SEuropa - Letter, Postcard Sheet of 2NH22.00
191Archeology - Illyrian WarriorNH4.50
191 GP  Archeology - Illyrian Warrior Gutter PairNH12.50
191 M/S  Archeology MiniSheet of 8 plus TabsNH42.50
192Rabbi Moshe DanonNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
192 M/S  Moshe Dyan MiniSheet of 9NH35.00
193 S/SMyths and Flowers SheetNH6.00
194Medjugorje Strip of 5 from BookletNH10.50
194 SO  Medjugorje Strip of 5 in Scott OrderNH13.75
194 BK  Medjugorje Booklet of 10NH21.00
197Zaostrog MonasteryNH2.25
197 M/S  Zaostrog MiniSheet of 9NH22.50
198Ethnology (Tobacco Cutter)NH6.75
198 M/S  Ethnology MiniSheet of 9NH67.50
199Zepce AnniversaryNH3.25
199 M/S  Zepce MiniSheet of 9NH32.50
201 S/SPotato and Flower SheetNH10.00
202Birds Block of 4NH13.00
202 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 8NH29.75
203Father Leo Petrovic NH2.25
203 M/S  Father Leo Petrovic MiniSheet of 9NH22.50
204-05Christmas, New YearNH3.00
204-05 M/S  Christmas, New Year MiniSheets of 9NH30.00
206Soccer ClubNH1.50
206 M/S  Soccer Club MiniSheet of 9NH16.00
207 S/SSoccer Club SheetNH4.50
208Daffodil Day, CancerNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
208 M/S  Daffodil Day, Cancer MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
209International Water Day PairNH3.00
209 M/S  Water Day MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
210-11Council of Europe, Court of Human RightsNH6.00
210-11 M/S  Council, Court MiniSheets of 9NH59.00
212 NOTE:Scott's statements about this issue are not completely accurate.  The stamps were actually printed in MiniSheets of 8 which contain 212b x4 at the top, two tabs in the middle and then 212a x4 at the bottom.  Their main listing should be 212A-B (singles).  A another listing should be 212C S/S which is the Souvenir Sheet of 4.  The pair they refer to may only be obtained by breaking this sheet into two vertical pairs.  Hence it is a premium item! 
212Europa - Astronomy PairNH25.00
212a-b  Europa - Astronomy Singles NH17.50
212 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheet of 8 NH125.00
"212C" S/SEuropa - Astronomy SheetNH55.00
213Seal of Duke Stipan Vukcic KosacaNH3.00
213 M/S  Seal of Duke MiniSheet of 8NH27.00
214Field of Tanacetum BalsamitaNH4.50
215 S/SFlowers SheetNH4.50
216Guca Gora MonasteryNH1.50
216 M/S  Guca Gora Monastery MiniSheet of 8NH13.50
217Apparition of the Virgin Mary Strip of 5 (our choice of order)NH10.00
217 SO  Apparition of the Virgin Mary Strip of 5 in Scott OrderNH15.00
217f BK  Apparition of the Virgin Mary BookletNH22.50
217 M/S    Apparition of the Virgin Mary  MiniSheet of 10 (unfolded to distinguish from Booklet Pane)NH25.00
218Film FestivalNH1.75
218 M/S  Film Festival MiniSheet of 9NH19.50
219Franciscan Order PairNH4.00
219 M/S  Franciscan Order MiniSheet of 16NH36.00
220Wooden Hope ChestNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
220 M/S  Wooden Hope Chest MiniSheet of 8NH14.00
221Gorica Livno Franciscan MonasteryNH1.25
221 M/S  Gorica Livno Franciscan Monastery MiniSheet of 9NH12.50
222Fruit, BlossomsNH10.00
222 M/S  Fruit, Blossoms MiniSheet of 9NH99.00
223 S/SBlossoms and Fruit SheetNH10.00
224 BLKBirds of Hutavo Blato Block (our choice of format)NH12.00
224 BLK SO  Birds of Hutavo Blato Block in Scott Order (coturnix coturnix)NH17.00
224 STR  Birds of Hutavo Blato Vertical Strip (does not exist in Scott Order)NH20.00
224 M/S  Birds of Hutavo Blato MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
225-26Christmas, New Year ThemesNH3.00
225-26 M/S  Christmas, New Year MiniSheet of 9NH29.75
227-28Vancouver OlympicsNH4.50
227-28 GP  Vancouver Olympics Gutter PairsNH13.00
227-28 M/S  Vancouver Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH44.00
229Women's DayNH.90
230Poet NedicNH4.25
230 M/S  Poet Nedic MiniSheet of 9NH45.00
231-32Europa-CEPT Children's Books Balloon and Kite PairNH11.00
231-32 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Books Balloon and Kite MiniSheets of 8 NH45.00
232a S/SEuropa-CEPT Children's Books Balloon and Kite Sheet of 4NH22.00
233Ravlica CaveNH3.00
233 M/S  Ravlica Cave MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
234 S/SLinden Tree SheetNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
235Virgin Mary Apparition Strip of 5 (our choice of format)NH10.00
235 SO  Virgin Mary Apparition Strip of 5 in Scott OrderNH15.00
235f BK  Virgin Mary Apparition Booklet of 10NH20.00
236Matrix Croatia General AsemblyNH2.75
236 GP  Matrix Croatia General Asembly Gutter PairNH6.00
236 M/S  Matrix Croatia General Asembly MiniSheet of 8NH57.00
237Mother TeresaNH4.50
237 M/S  Mother Teresa MiniSheet of 8NH40.00
238Habitat Protection PairNH4.00
238 M/S  Habitat Protection MiniSheet of 4 PairsNH17.00
239Peasant ShoesNH1.50
240WWF - Lizard Block of 4NH4.00
240 M/S  WWF - Lizard MiniSheet of 8NH8.50
241Mushrooms PairNH8.50
241 M/S  Mushrooms MiniSheet of 5 PairsNH45.00
242Father BarbaricNH2.00
242 M/S  Father Barbaric MiniSheet of 10NH22.00
243-44Christmas Angel, ToyNH2.75
243-44 M/S  Christmas Angel, Toy MiniSheets of 10NH29.75
245Printing of First Croatian BookNH1.75
246Meteorological DayNH.60
247Easter, CrossNH1.10
248Europa-CEPT Forests PairNH8.75
248 TAB  Europa-CEPT Forests Pair with Tabs NH11.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
248 M/S  Europa-CEPT Forests MiniSheet of 8 NH35.00
248c S/SEuropa-CEPT Forests Sheet of 4NH22.00
249Gargarin FlightNH.60
250Basilica in CIMNH4.00
251Astronomer Rudjer BoskovicNH4.75
252 S/SBats and Flora , Castle SheetNH7.25
253Medugorje 1981-2011 Block of 4NH6.25
253 M/S  Medugorje 1981-2011 MiniSheet of 8 plus 2 TabsNH15.00
253e S/SMedugorje 1981-2011 Sheet of 4NH5.50
254St. Anthony of PaduaNH2.50
255World Cycling DayNH1.50
256Church and SpireNH1.10
257Praying NunsNH1.50
259Polar Explorer Nansen 
260Fruit Pair 
261Animals Block of 4 
261 M/S  Animals MiniSheet of 8NH37.50
262-63Christmas, New Year 
266Europa-CEPT Tourism inc Bridge 
266 M/S  Europa-CEPT Tourism inc Bridge MiniSheet of 8 NH67.50
266c S/SEuropa-CEPT Tourism inc Bridge SheetNH29.75
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Scott # Description Condition Price
1vCroat Army 
Listed in Michel 
1-5April 29: 1M-10M SurchargesNHAsk
6-9July 10:  1M-5M SurchargesNHAsk
10-14July 20:  .50M-2M SurchargesNHAsk