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Established 1966

SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Monday, December 10, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price

20011335-47,1347A-B, 1348,1342aNH76.00
2005 P M/SPope MiniSheet 
20061416-23,1422a,1421-22 IMP, "1422b" IMPNH140.00
2007 L S/S1426 Very Limited SheetNHAsk
2009 M/SWWF MiniSheetNH13.00
2011 L S/SLimited S/S: 1465E-F,1466A,1467A, 1467F,1467GNHAsk
20132 Stamps + 8 S/SNH46.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2014 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
201599 Stamps + 13 S/SNH119.00
2016 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
201785 Stamps + 12 S/SNH75.00
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1-7Postal Runner, MapNH8.50
  1  2ch Postal RunnerNH1.50
  2  3ch ArcherNH1.50
  3  5ch YakNH3.00
  4  15ch Map of Bhutan, Dragon KingNH2.00
  5  33ch Postal RunnerNH1.25
  6  70ch ArcherNH1.50
  7  1.30nu YakNH3.00
8-9Refugee Year, ArmsNH7.00
10-12Ancient Warrior, Colombo PlanNH3.50
13-14Freedom from HungerNH2.75
15-23Masked DancersNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
24-30 PRFSports inc Soccer Boxing, Archery, PerfNH5.75
24-30 DG  Sports, but disturbed gumNH2.00
24-30 IMPSports inc Soccer Boxing, Archery, ImperfNH16.50
31-33 PRFFlags of the World, PerfNH4.00
31-33 IMPFlags of the World, ImperfNH19.00
33a S/S PRFFlags of the World Sheet, PerfNH6.75
33a S/S IMPFlags of the World Sheet, ImperfNH6.75
34-412ch-2nu FlowersNH8.50
42-46Winston ChurchillNH7.00
47-52 PRFWorld's Fair Themes, PerfNH6.00
47-52 IMPWorld's Fair Themes, ImperfNH9.00
52a S/S PRFWorld's Fair Sheet, PerfNH7.50
52a S/S DG  World's Fair Sheet (disturbed gum)NH3.00
52a S/S IMPWorld's Fair Sheet, ImperfNH7.00
53-55ITU CentenaryNH2.25
53-55 P+I S/SITU Sheets, Perf and ImperfNH6.75
"55a" PRF S/S  ITU Sheet, Perf H4.00
"55b" IMP S/S  ITU Sheet, ImperfH3.75
56-67 PRF1ch-5nu AnimalsNH14.75
  61-66  65ch-4nu AnimalsNH7.00
56-67 IMP1c-5nu Animals ImperfNH29.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
68-75 '655ch-20ch SurchargesNHAsk
  74  20ch on 1nu Dancer - Scott 21NH35.00
76-825ch-1nu DzongsNH45.00
  76-80  5ch-75ch DzongsNH35.00
  76  5ch Pinpung DzongNH10.00
  77  10ch Tashichho DzongNH10.00
  78  15ch Simtokha DzongNH10.00
  79  20ch Simtokha DzongNH10.00
  80  50ch Tongsa DzongNH5.00
  81  75ch Daga DzongNH10.00
  82  1nu Lhuntsi DzongNH10.00
83-83H10ch-5nu Round CoinsNH32.50
84-84N1ch-7nu Abominable Snowman (triangles)NH16.00
84-84N TB  Abominable Snowman (triangles) Tete-Beche PairsNH42.50
85-85H3ch-5nu FlowersNH14.50
86-86EBoy ScoutsNH5.00
86f S/S PRFMountain Climbing Sheet, PerfNH7.50
86f S/S IMPMountain Climbing Sheet, ImperfNH7.50
87-87B PRFBridges, EXPO '67 Overprint, PerfNH4.50
87-87B IMPBridges, EXPO '67 Overprint, ImperfNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
87c S/S PRFBridge Sheet, Perf 
87c S/S IMPBridge Sheet, ImperfNH2.50
88-88B PRFAirplanes, PerfNH4.50
88-88B IMPAirplanes, Imperf 
88c S/S PRFAirplanes Sheet, PerfNH2.50
88c S/S IMPAirplanes Sheet, ImperfNH4.00
89-89EScouting with Jamboree OverprintNH5.00
89f S/S PRFScounting Sheet with Jamboree Overprint 
89f S/S IMPScounting Sheet with Jamboree Overprint, Imperf 
90-90E PRFGirl Scouts, PerfNH3.00
90-90E IMPGirl Scouts, ImperfNH6.00
90f S/S PRFGirl Scouts Sheet, PerfNH7.00
90f S/S IMPGirl Scouts Sheet, ImperfNH7.00
91-91K3-D Astronauts, Space ExplorationNH30.00
91Cm,Gn,Ko S/S3-D Astronauts, Space Sheets of 4NH38.00
  91Cm S/S  3ch-10ch Space Sheet of 4NH10.00
  91Gn S/S  15ch-1.25nu Space Sheet of 4NH12.00
  91Gn PRF S/S  15ch-1.25nu Space Sheet of 4 with TRIAL TEST PERFORATIONSNH35.00
  91Ko S/S  1.50nu-9nu Space Sheet of 4NH20.00
92-92I PRF1ch-9nu Pheasants, PerfNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
92-92I IMP1ch-9nu Pheasants, ImperfNH19.00
92F-G, 92I, IMP  Pheasants, Imperf BirdsNH6.00
93-93G40ch-6nu Creatures, Grenoble Olympics OverprintsNHAsk
94-94N PRF2ch-10nu Mythological Creatures, PerfNH7.00
  94-94J PRF  2ch-2nu Mythological CreaturesNH1.50
94-94N IMP2ch-10nu Mythological Creatures, ImperfNH75.00
95-95G,95Ch,95GiButterflies plus 2 Sheets of 4NH60.00
  95-95G  15ch-6nu ButterfliesNH27.00
  95Ch,95Gi S/S  Butterflies 2 Sheets of 4NH37.50
  95Gh S/S    15ch,50ch,1.25nu,2nu Butterflies Sheet of 4NH22.50
  95Gi S/S    3nu,4nu,5nu,6nu Butterflies Sheet of 4NH25.00
96-96O2ch-8nu PaintingsNH15.00
  96-96G  Paintings 2ch to 1.40nu NH2.00
96Cp,96Gq,96Mr,96Os S/SPaintings Sheets of 4NH15.00
  96Cp S/S  2ch,4ch,5ch,10ch Paintings Sheet of 4NH3.75
  96Gq S/S  45ch,80ch,1.05nu,1.40 nu Paintings Sheet of 4NH4.75
  96Mr S/S  2nu,3nu,4nu,5nu Paintings Sheet of 4NH6.50
  96Os S/S  1,50nu,2.50nu,6nu,8nu Paintings Sheet of 4 
97-97G PRF5ch-5nu Mexico Olympics, PerfNH2.50
97-97G IMP5ch-5nu Mexico Olympics, ImperfNHAsk
97Gh S/S PRFShooting, Soccer SheetNH2.75
97Gh S/S IMPShooting, Soccer Sheet, ImperfNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
98-98B15ch,33ch,9nu on 75ch Coin-Shaped Stamps with Human Rights OverprintNH12.50
  98  15ch Coin-Shape with Human Rights Overprint 
  98A  33ch Coin-Shape with Human Rights OverprintNH4.50
  98B  9nu on 75ch Coin-Shape with Human Rights OverprintNH8.50
99-99N2ch-10nu Birds, Perf 
  99-99H  Birds to 1nuNH11.50
  99-99J  Birds to 2nuNHAsk
99-99N IMP2ch-10nu Birds, ImperfNH24.50
100-00E15ch-7nu FishNH33.50
100Ef S/S30ch,5nu,6nu,7nu Fish Sheet of 4NH32.50
101-01G+101h,101i3-D Insects with Souvenir SheetsNH55.00
Special Offer Price44.44
  101-101G  3-D Insects 10ch-6nu StampsNH25.00
  101Ch,101Gi  S/S  3-D Insects SheetsNH30.00
  101Ch S/S    3-D 10ch-2nu Insects SheetNH18.00
  101Gi S/S    3-D 3nu-6nu Insects SheetNH18.00
102-102GAdmission to UPUNH2.25
102-02G IMPAdmission to UPU, ImperfNH4.75
103-03K2ch-6nu Steel Making NHAsk
103Bm,Cn,Fo,Gp,Jq,Kr S/S (6)Steel Making SheetsNHAsk
104-04G15ch-6nu Birds 3-D inc PenguinH29.00
104Ch,Gi S/SBirds 3-D Sheets of 4 inc PenguinNH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  104Ch S/S  15ch,50ch,1.25nu,2nu Birds inc Penguin Sheet of 4NH42.50
  104Gi S/S  3nu,4nu,5nu,6nu Birds Sheet of 4NH40.00
105-05E NOTE:  Because of gum migration, 105-05E are provided in mounts. 
105-05D15ch-6nu Buddhist Prayer BannersNH95.00
  105  15ch Buddhist Prayer Banner, ElephantNH19.75
  105A  75ch Buddhist Prayer BannerNH25.00
  105B  2nu Buddhist Prayer BannerNH25.00
  105C  5nu Buddhist Prayer Banner 
  105D  6nu Buddhist Prayer BannerNH35.00
105E S/S IMPPrayer Banners Sheet, ImperfNH125.00
105E S/S PRFPrayer Banners Sheet, PerfNHAsk
106-0720ch,2nu Mahatma GandhiNH9.50
108-08K3ch-6nu Apollo 11 LandingNH22.00
108Km,108Kn,108Ko S/SMoon Landing Sheets of 4NH59.75
  108Km S/S  3ch,5ch,15ch,20ch Moon Landing Sheet of 4 
  108Kn S/S  25c,40ch,50ch,1.75nu Moon Landing Sheet of 4 
  108Ko S/S  3nu,4nu,5nu,6nu Moon Landing Sheet of 4NH35.00
109-09G5ch-6nu PaintingsNH19.75
109Ch,109Gi S/SPaintings Sheets of 4NH27.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  109Ch S/S  5ch,10ch,15ch,2.75nu Painting Sheet of 4NH15.75
  109Gi S/S  3nu,4nu,5nu.6nu Painting Sheet of 4NH15.75
110-13Mail TransportationNH3.75
110-13 IMPMail Transportation, ImperfNH15.00
114-14O2ch-3.50nu PaintingsNHAsk
114Cp,114Jq,114Kr,114Os S/SPaintings Sheets of 4NH19.00
  114Cp S/S  2ch,3ch,5ch,10ch Paintings Sheet of 4NH4.75
  114Jq S/S  15ch,75ch,1nu,1.75nu Paintings Sheet of 4NH4.75
  114Kr S/S  80ch,90ch,1.10nu,1.40nu Paintings Sheet of 4NH7.50
  114Os S/S  1.60nu,170nu,3nu,3.50nu Paintings Sheet of 4NH10.00
115-15R20ch Surcharges on Stamps of 1966-69NH159.00
116-16L5ch-5nu AnimalsNH47.50
  116I-J  2nu,3nuYoung Deer, Wild BoarNH6.00
117-17V5ch-20ch Surcharges on Stamps of 1963-69NH149.00
118-18K2ch-7nu Conquest of SpaceNH33.00
118Cm,118Gn,118Ko S/SConquest of Space Sheets of 4NH68.00
119-252ch-20ch Wangdiphodrang Dzong, BridgeNH19.00
126-26G + 126Ch,126Gi  SPECIAL NOTEThe adhesive between the stamp impression and the backing paper invariably leaks onto the mount or glassine containing the stamp.  Separating the stamp from the mount is virtually impossible.  So we supply these stamps and the souvenir sheet attached to a mount or glassine.
126-26GSculpture HistoryNH29.00
126h,126i S/SSculpture History SheetsNH29.50
127-27C10ch-4nu Conquest of Space IINH18.00
127d S/SConquest of Space II Sheet of 4NH19.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
128-28S2ch-10nu Antique Automobiles NH44.50
129-29L1964-1971 Stamps with 55ch and 90ch SurchargesNH95.00
  129I INV  90ch Inverted Surcharge on 2nuNHAsk
130-33+C21-23Admission to the UNNH3.00
130-33+C21-23 IMPAdmission to the UN, ImperfNH3.00
134-39Boy ScoutsNH3.25
134-39 IMPBoy Scouts, ImperfNH7.50
139a S/SBoy Scouts Sheet of 2NH4.00
139a S/S IMPBoy Scouts Sheet of 2, Imperf 
140-43+C24-26Admission to the UN, Overprinted in GoldNH4.50
140-43+C24-26 IMPAdmission to the UN, Imperf, Overprinted in GoldNH9.50
144-44GClassic Paintings inc Mona Lisa, Dancing LessonNH19.75
144Dh,144Gi S/SClassic Paintings inc Mona Lisa, Dancing Lesson Sheets of 4NH24.00
  144Dh S/S  15ch,20ch,90ch,2.50nu Paintings Sheet of 4NH15.00
  144Gi S/S  1.70nu,4.60nu,5.40nu,6nu Paintings Sheet of 4NH10.00
145-45E,145Ef SPECIAL NOTE:The adhesive between the stamp impression and the backing paper invariably leaks onto the mount or glassine containing the stamp.  Separating the stamp from the mount is virtually impossible.  So we supply these stamps and the souvenir sheet attached to a mount or glassine.
145-45EWorld Leaders in Molded PlasticNHAsk
  145  10ch John F. KennedyNHAsk
  145A  15ch GandhiNHAsk
  145B  25ch Winston ChurchillNHAsk
  145C  2nu Charles de GaulleNHAsk
  145D  6nu Pope John XXIIINHAsk
  145E  8nu Dwight EisenhowerNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
145f S/SWorld Leaders Sheet in Molded PlasticNHAsk
146-46CBook YearNH.75
147-47G PRFMunich Summer Olympics, PerfNH3.25
147-47G IMPMunich Summer Olympics, ImperfNH6.00
147h S/S PRFMunich Olympics Sheet, PerfNH2.75
147h S/S IMPMunich Olympics Sheet, ImperfNH6.00
148-48G15ch-6nu Apollo 16 ThemesNH22.00
148Dh,Gi S/SApollo 16 Sheets of 4NHAsk
  148Dh S/S  15ch,20ch,90ch,2.50nu Apollo 16 Sheet of 4NHAsk
  148Gi S/S  1.70nu,4.60nu.5.40nu,6nu Apollo 16 Sheet of 4NHAsk
149-49M PRF2ch-8nu Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, PerfNH15.00
  149-49L PRF  2ch-4nu Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, PerfNH8.00
  149 PRF  2ch PointerNH5.00
  149A PRF  3ch Irish SetterNH4.75
  149B PRF  5ch Lhasa ApsoNH5.00
  149C PRF  10ch DochiNH3.00
  149D PRF  15ch DamciNH3.00
  149E PRF  15ch CollieNH5.75
  149F PRF  20ch Basset HoundNH4.75
  149G PRF  25ch DamsiNH3.00
  149H PRF  30ch Fox TerrierNH4.00
  149I PRF  55ch Lhasa ApsoNH5.00
  149J PRF  99ch BoxerNH5.50
  149K PRF  2.50nu St. BernardNH6.00
  149L PRF  4nu Cocker SpanielNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  149M PRF  8nu DamciNH3.00
149-49M IMP2ch-8nu Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, ImperfNH16.75
  149 IMP  2ch Pointer, Imperf 
  149A IMP  3ch Irish Setter, Imperf 
  149B IMP  5ch Lhasa Apso, ImperfNH4.75
  149C IMP  10ch Dochi, ImperfNH3.00
  149D IMP  15ch Damci, ImperfNH3.00
  149E IMP  15ch Collie, Imperf 
  149F IMP  20ch Basset Hound, Imperf 
  149G IMP  25ch Damci, ImperfNH3.00
  149H IMP  30ch Fox Terrier, Imperf 
  149I IMP  55ch Lhasa Apso, ImperfNH5.50
  149J IMP  99ch Boxer, Imperf 
  149K IMP  2.50nu, Imperf 
  149L IMP  4nu, Imperf 
  149M IMP  8nu Damci, ImperfNH3.00
149Lo,Mp S/S PRFDogs Sheets of 2 and 3, PerfNH10.00
149Lo,Mp S/S IMPDogs Sheets of 2 and 3, ImperfNH20.00
  149Lo S/S IMP  Dogs Sheet of 3, ImperfNH10.00
149N S/S PRFPoodle Sheet, PerfNH14.75
149N S/S IMPPoodle Sheet, ImperfNH8.50
150-50E PRFRoses, PerfNH4.00
150-50E IMPRoses, ImperfNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  150C-E IMP  3nu,6nu,7nu RosesNH4.00
150Ef S/S PRFRoses Sheet of 2, PerfNH3.50
150Ef S/S IMPRoses Sheet of 2, ImperfNH8.00
151-51EApollo 17NHAsk
151Cf,Eg S/SApollo 17 Sheets of 4NHAsk
  151Cf S/S  10ch,15ch,55ch,2nu Apollo 17 Sheet of 4NH15.00
  151Eg S/S  7nu,9nu Apollo 17 Sheet of 2NHAsk
152-52FPhonograph Records (round)NH375.00
153-53D10ch-8nu King Jigme Dorji WangchukNH17.00
  153-53B  10ch,25ch,3nu King Jigme Dorji WangchukNH3.75
153De S/SKing Jigme Dorji Wangchuk Sheet of 2NH30.00
154Cf,Eg S/SMushrooms Sheets of 4 and 2NHAsk
155-55G PRFLocal Mail Delivery, PerfNH4.25
155-55G IMPLocal Mail Delivery, ImperfNH6.50
155Gh S/S PRFLocal Mail Delivery Sheet of 2, PerfNH5.25
155Gh S/S IMPLocal Mail Delivery Sheet of 2, ImperfNH6.00
"156-56No"Unauthorized 15v+1 S/S PaintingsNH16.75
157-61King and Royal CrestNH2.00
162-63 S/SKing Sheets of 2NH5.00
164-68+C27-29UPU Centenary with AirsNH4.25
NH MiniSheets of 5Ask
164-68+C27-29 TAB  UPU Centenary TABS inc AirsNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
164-68UPU CentenaryNHAsk
169-72Family, World Population YearNH2.50
172a S/SFamily Sheet of 4NH2.50
173-801ch-5nu ButterfliesNH12.50
  180  5nu Delis ThysbeNH4.00
181 S/SButterfly SheetNH9.00
182-83 PRFApollo-Soyuz, PerfNH6.00
182-83 IMPApollo-Soyuz, ImperfNHAsk
183a S/S PRFApollo-Soyuz Sheet of 2, PerfNH7.50
183a S/S IMPApollo-Soyuz Sheet of 2, ImperfNHAsk
193 S/SPrinter SheetNH8.75
194-0215ch-5nu King Jigme Singye Wangchuk (round)NHAsk
211 S/SCinnabarinum SheetNH4.00
212-19Winter OlympicsNH4.50
220 S/SSki Jump SheetNHAsk
220A-K5ch-3nu Ceremonial MasksNH19.50
  220A-G  5ch-35ch MasksNH2.00
220L-M S/SMasks SheetsNH24.00
  228  6nu OrchidNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
229 S/SOrchid SheetNHAsk
230-37Symolic Designs inc Double CarpNHAsk
238-39Conference of Non-Aligned CountriesNH3.50
240-46Anniversaries and EventsNH65.00
"240X-46X" S/S PRFAnniversary Souvenir Sheets, Perf  (mentioned in Scott and numbers allocated for them but not assigned yet.)NH85.00
"240Y-46Y" S/S IMPAnniversary Souvenir Sheets, Imperf  (mentioned in Scott and numbers allocated for them but not assigned yet.)NHAsk
  240 PRF  Elizabeth Coronation, PerfNH19.00
  240 IMP  Elizabeth Coronation, ImperfNHAsk
  "240X" S/S PRF  Abbey Coronation Sheet, PerfNH12.00
  "240Y" S/S IMP  Abbey Coronation Sheet, ImperfNH12.00
  241 PRF  Liberty Bell, PerfNH12.00
  241 IMP  Liberty Bell, ImperfNHAsk
  "241X" S/S PRF  Bicentennial Flag Sheet, PerfNH15.00
  "241Y" S/S IMP  Bicentennial Flag Sheet, ImperfNH15.00
  242 PRF  Alexander Graham Bell, PerfNH10.00
  242 IMP  Alexander Graham Bell, ImperfNHAsk
  "242X" S/S PRF  Telephone, Satellite, Earth Sheet, PerfNH15.00
  "242Y" S/S IMP  Telephone, Satellite, Earth Sheet, ImperfNH15.00
  243 PRF  Spirit of St. Louis, PerfNH15.00
  243 IMP  Spirit of St. Louis, ImperfNHAsk
  "243X" S/S PRF  Spirit of St. Louis Sheet, PerfNH15.00
  "243Y" S/S IMP  Spirit of St. Louis Sheet, ImperfNH15.00
  244 PRF  Olympic Archer, PerfNH18.00
  244 IMP  Olympic Archer, ImperfNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  "244X" S/S PRF  Olympic Shotputter Sheet, PerfNH15.00
  "244Y" S/S IMP  Olympic Shotputter Sheet, ImperfNH15.00
  245 PRF  Zeppelin Docking, PerfNH14.50
  245 IMP  Zeppelin Docking, ImperfNHAsk
  "245X" S/S PRF  Zeppelin Sheet PerfNH15.00
  "245Y" S/S IMP  Zeppelin Sheet ImperfNH15.00
  246 PRF  Alfred Nobel, PerfNH20.00
  246 IMP  Alfred Nobel, ImperfNHAsk
  "246X" S/S IMP  Nobel, Roentgen, Behring Sheet, PerfNH19.00
  "246Y" S/S IMP  Nobel, Roentgen, Behring Sheet, ImperfNH25.00
247-51These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
252-69+C31-3825ch Surcharges on 1967-1976 IssuesNH159.00
  252  25ch on 3nu, UN General Assembly Hall - (Scott 133)NH6.00
  254  25ch on 2.50nu, Family, Population Year - (Scott 172)NH7.00
  255-56  25ch on 3nu,5nu Butterflies - (Scott 179-80)NHAsk
  259  25ch on 10nu, Jewelry - (Scott 192)NH6.00
  260  25ch on 5nu, Rhododendron - (Scott 210)NH6.00
  261  25ch on 4nu, Speed Skating - (Scott 218)NH6.00
  262  25ch on 10nu, Figure Skating - (Scott 219)NH7.00
  263-64  25ch on 4nu,6nu, Orchids - (Scott 227-28)NH12.00
  263  25ch on 4nu, Orchid - (Scott 227)NH7.50
  264  25ch on 6nu, Orchid - (Scott 228)NH7.50
  265  25ch on 2.50nu, Double Carp - (Scott 236)NH6.75
  266  25ch on 5nu, Scout Painting - (Scott 90E) 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  267  25ch on 3nu, Mail Service - (Scott 155E)NH6.00
  268  25ch on 4nu, Cocker Spaniel - (Scott 149L)NH7.00
  269  25ch on 8nu, Damci Dog - (Scott 149M)NH6.00
C31-3825ch Surcharges on Airmail Stamps of 1968-1974 
  C35  25ch on 4nu, Monastery Tiger - (Scott 94L)NH7.50
  C36  25ch on 10nu, Snow Lion - (Scott 94N)NH7.50
  C37  25ch on 6nu, Postmaster, Letter Carrier - (Scott 155F)NH6.50
  C38  25ch on 6nu, Letter Carrier, Mail Box - (Scott 155G)NH7.00
270-88These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
289-91Mother and ChildNH4.00
289-91 IMPMother and Child, ImperfNH8.00
291a S/SMother and Child Sheet of 3NH4.00
294-3045ch-5nu AntiquesNHAsk
  294,298-304  5ch,1nu-5nu Antiques 
305-08Stamp AnniversaryNH6.00
NH TAB11.00
305-08 IMPStamp Anniversary, ImperfNH18.00
NH MiniSheet of 690.00
309 S/SRope Bridge, Penny Black SheetNH8.50
Cacheted, Unaddressed FDC6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
317-20Royal Wedding 
321 S/SRoyal Wedding SheetNH4.50
326 S/SOriole SheetNH7.50
327-30World Cup SoccerNH10.00
327-30 TABWorld Cup Soccer with TabsNH13.00
327-30 IMPWorld Cup Soccer Imperf Corner Margin Singles with Cup ImprintNH55.00
331-31A S/SWorld Cup SheetsNHAsk
  331 S/S  World Cup Soccer Sheet Inscribed Algeria-HondurasNHAsk
  331A S/S  World Cup Soccer Sheet Inscribed Hungary-YugoslaviaNH11.00
332-33 (4)Diana's BirthdayNHAsk
  332,333  1nu, 25nu Diana 
  332A,332B  10nu, 15nu Diana 
  332A IMP  10nu Diana IMPERFNHAsk
  332A,332B M/S  Diana Birthday MiniSheets of 5 plus Label with Flowers in MarginsNH75.00
  332A IMP  10nu Diana IMPERF MiniSheet of 5 with Diana TabNHAsk
334 S/SDiana Birthday Sheet 
335-38Scouting YearNHAsk
339 S/SMountain Climbing SheetNH8.00
340-48Jungle Book - DisneyNH8.75
349-50 S/SJungle Book - Disney SheetsNH12.50
  349 S/S  Baloo and Mowgli in Forest - Disney Sheets 
  350 S/S  Baloo and Mowgli Floating - Disney SheetsNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
351-58Washington, FDRNHAsk
359-60 S/SWashington, FDR SheetsNHAsk
359-60 S/S IMPWashington, FDR Sheets ImperforateNH30.00
361-62 (4)1nu,10nu,15nu,25nu Royal Baby OverprintsH9.75
  361,362  1nu,25nu Diana Birthday with Royal Baby OverprintsNH9.00
  361A,361B  10nu,15nu Diana Birthday with Royal Baby OverprintsNHAsk
    361B  15nu Diana Birthday with Royal Baby OverprintNH5.75
363 S/SDiana Birthday Sheet with Royal Baby OverprintNHAsk
364-74These numbers not utilized by ScottNHAsk
375-78Raphael PaintingsNH7.50
379-80 S/SRaphael SheetsNH12.00
381-85"Druk Air" Surcharges and OverprintsNHAsk
386-89Manned FlightNHAsk
390 S/SBalloon SheetNHAsk
391-96Buddhist SymbolsNHAsk
396a S/SSacrificial Cake SheetNHAsk
397-05Disney - World CommunicationsNH8.50
406-07 S/SDisney World Communications SheetsNH11.75
  406 S/S  Donald Duck on Phone Sheet 
  407 S/S  Mickey Mouse on TV SheetNH5.00
408-11Winter OlympicsNH8.50
412 S/SHockey SheetNH9.50
413-16Golden Langur - WWFNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
417-19 S/SAnimals SheetsNH22.50
  417 S/S  20nu Snow Leopard SheetNH9.50
  417 S/S  25nu Yak SheetNH10.50
  419 S/S  25ni Blue Sheep SheetNH9.50
420-2750ch-25nu LocomotivesNH14.75
  420-25  50ch-8nu LocomotivesNH2.25
428-31 S/S20nu Locomotive SheetsNH20.00
432-39Classic CarsNH13.75
440-41 S/SClassic Car SheetsNH12.00
442-48Summer OlympicsNH10.75
449 S/SArchery SheetNH9.75
450-53Scouting Year SurchargesNH19.00
454 S/SScouting Year Sheet SurchargeNH13.00
455-585nu,40nu Surcharges on Diana BirthdayNHAsk
  455,458 IMP  5nu Diana Surcharges ImperfNH10.00
  456 TAB  5nu on 10nu Diana, Charles Surcharge with TabNH9.75
  456 M/S IMP  5nu on 10nu Diana and Charles IMPERF MiniSheet of 5 plus TabNHAsk
  457 TAB  5nu on 15nu Windsor Castle - Diana with TabNH9.75
459 S/S PRFDiana Surcharged Sheet, PerfNHAsk
459 S/S IMPDiana Surcharged Sheet, ImperfNH17.50
460-68Donald Duck Activities inc GolfNH15.00
  460  4ch Magician MickeyNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  462  10ch Donald's Golf GameNH8.75
469-70 S/SDonald Duck Activities SheetsNH11.50
471-74Charles and Diana SurchargesNHAsk
  472  10nu on 5nu Charles and Diana NH3.50
  473  10nu on 20nu Charles and Diana NH3.50
475 S/S30nu on 20nu  Charles and Diana SheetNH15.00
476-79 PRF5nu-40nu Surcharges on Royal Baby, PerfNH19.75
476-79 IMP5nu-40nu Surcharges on Royal Baby, ImperfNHAsk
  476 PRF  5nu on 1nu Royal Baby Surcharge, PerfNH5.00
  476 IMP  5nu on 1nu Royal Baby Surcharge, ImperfNH9.75
  479 PRF  40nu on 25nu Royal Baby Surcharge, PerfNH18.50
  479 IMP  40nu on 25nu Royal Baby Surcharge, ImperfNH26.00
480 S/S PRFRoyal Baby, FDR Surcharged Perf SheetNH16.00
480 S/S IMPRoyal Baby, FDR Surcharged Imperf SheetNH25.00
481-84World Cup SurchargesNHAsk
485 S/SWorld Cup Sheet SurchargeNH7.00
486-945ch-6nu MasksNH8.75
492a S/SMasks Sheet of 4NH7.50
495-50010ch-5nu MonasteriesNH5.50
501This number not utilized by Scott. 
502-04UN AnniversaryNH9.75
505 S/SHuman Rights Declaration SheetNH10.50
506-1350ch-20nu Audubon BirthNH12.50
  510  4nu Audubon BirthNH1.00
506-13 M/S50ch-20nu Audubon Birth Decorative MiniSheets of 5NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  513 M/S  20nu Bucephala clangula Bird Decorative MiniSheet of 5NH29.75
514-15 S/SAudubon Birth SheetsNH12.50
516-20Mark Twain - DisneyNH8.00
521 S/SMark Twain - Disney SheetNH6.00
522-26Brothers Grimm - DisneyNH7.00
525 M/S  Brothers Grimm MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
527 S/SBrothers Grimm  - Disney SheetNH8.00
528-29SAARC SummitNHAsk
530-36Seven Precious Attributes of the Universal KingNHAsk
537-42Summer Olympics Stamps Overprinted with Winner InformationNHAsk
543-44 S/SOlympics Overprints SheetsNHAsk
545-52Religious ArtNH5.50
553-56Ameripex Overprint on DisneyNH16.00
557-58 S/SAmeripex Overprint on Disney SheetsNH15.00
  557 S/S  Ameripex Overprint on Goofy, Mickey Mouse Sheet 
  558 S/S  Ameripex Overprint on Mickey, Minnie on Horse SheetNH8.00
559-62Girl Guide AnniversaryNH75.00
564-73 S/SHalley's Comet Complete with 2 SheetsNHAsk
564-71Halley's CometNH19.50
  565-71  1nu-20nu Halley's CometNHAsk
572-73 S/SHalley's Comet SheetsNHAsk
572-73 S/S IMPHalley's Comet Sheets Imperforate 
  572 S/S IMP  Comet over the Himalayas Sheet ImperfNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
574-81Statue of Liberty, ShipsNHAsk
582-83 S/SStatue of Liberty, Ships SheetsNH13.75
  582 S/S  Statue of Liberty SheetNH7.50
  583 S/S  World Trade Center SheetNH8.50
584-89 PRFDiscovery of America, PerfNHAsk
584-89 IMPDiscovery of America ImperfNH17.50
590-96 S/SExploration SheetsNHAsk
  593 S/S  Flamingo SheetNH5.00
  595 S/S  Lizard SheetNH5.00
  596 S/S  Iguana SheetNH5.00
597-0450ch-20nu LocomotivesNHAsk
605-06 S/SLocomotives SheetNHAsk
607-18Marc Chagall PaintingsNH35.00
607-18 TABMarc Chagall Paintings with Name TabsNHAsk
  607  "At the Barber's" by ChagallNH5.00
  608  "Two Faces" by ChagallNH5.00
  609  "Old Jew with Torah" by ChagallNH8.00
  610  "Red Maternity" by Chagall 
  611  "Eve of Yom Kippur" by ChagallNH5.00
  612  "The Old Musician" by ChagallNH5.00
  613  "The Rabbi of Vitebsk" by ChagallNH5.00
  614  "Couple at Dusk" by ChagallNH5.00
  615  "The Artistes" by Chagall 
  616  "Moses Breaking the Tablets of Law" by Chagall 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  617  "Bouquet with Flying Lovers" by ChagallNH6.00
  618  "In the Sky of the Opera" by ChagallNH10.00
619-30 S/SMarc Chagall Paintings SheetsNH119.00
  619 S/S  "Romeo and Juliet" by ChagallNH17.50
  620 S/S  "Magician of Paris" by Chagall 
  621 S/S  "Maternity" by ChagallNH12.00
  622 S/S  "The Carnival of Aleko" by ChagallNH12.00
  623 S/S  "Visit to the Grandparents" by Chagall 
  624 S/S  "The Smolensk Newspaper" by Chagall 
  625 S/S  "The Concert" by Chagall 
  626 S/S  "Composition with Goat" by Chagall 
  627 S/S  "Still Life" by Chagall 
  628 S/S  "The Red Gateway" by ChagallNH10.00
  629 S/S  "Cow with Parasol" by Chagall 
  630 S/S  "Russian Village" by Chagall 
631-38Disney - Calgary OlympicsNH12.50
639-40 S/SDisney - Calgary Olympics SheetsNH11.50
  639 S/S  Disney - Goofy Ski Jumping SheetNH6.50
  640 S/S  Disney - Mickey and Minnie Ice Dancing Sheet 
641-50Transport InnovationsNHAsk
642-50  1nu-10nu Transportation InnovationsNH5.00
651-54 S/STransportation SheetsNH22.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
655-62Summer Olympics 
663-64 S/SOlympics SheetsNH8.00
666-76Titian Paintings (missing 665 low value)NH22.00
  668-76  3nu-25nu Titian PaintingsNH20.00
689-00Mickey's Movie PostersNH21.00
701-12 S/SMickey's Movie Posters SheetsNH60.00
713-2450ch-30nu Mushrooms NH19.00
  713-23  50ch-25nu MushroomsNH11.50
725-36 S/SMushroom SheetsNH65.00
  727 S/S  Cantharellus SheetNH5.50
  733 S/S  Lpista saeva SheetNH5.50
737-4850ch-25nu Ships of the WorldNH22.75
  737  50ch Spanish GalleonNHAsk
  738  1nu Submersible TURTLENHAsk
  739  2nu Charlotte DundasNH2.50
  740  3nu Great EasternNH2.50
  741  4nu HMS WarriorNH2.50
  742  5nu Mississippi SteamerNH6.00
  743  6nu PreussenNH5.00
  744  7nu USS ArizonaNH7.50
  745  10nu BluenoseNH7.50
  746  15nu Steam TrawlerNH5.00
  747  20nu American Liberty ShipNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  748  25nu SS United StatesNH7.50
749-60 S/SShips of the World SheetsNH59.00
  749 S/S  Moran Tug SheetNH9.00
  750 S/S  Titanic SheetNH19.00
  751 S/S  U-Boat SheetNH10.00
  752 S/S  Japanese Warship SheetNH12.00
  753 S/S  HMS Dreadnaught SheetNH8.50
  754 S/S  S.S. Normandie SheetNH7.50
  755 S/S  HMS Victory SheetNH7.50
  756 S/S  U.S.S. Monitor SheetNH12.50
  757 S/S  Cutty Sark SheetNH9.00
  758 S/S  U.S.S. Constitution SheetNH10.00
  759 S/S  HMS Resolution SheetNH7.00
  760 S/S  Chinese Junk SheetNH8.00
761-63Mother and Child with AIDS OverprintNHAsk
764-72Asia-Pacific Overprints in EnglishNH15.00
"764a-72a"Asia-Pacific Overprints in Japanese (mentioned in Scott) - QUITE SCARCE!NH47.50
773AJawaharlal NehruNH3.75
774-8550ch-25nu BirdsNH36.00
  774-75,778-83,785  Birds Part Set 
  774  50ch Larger Woodpecker 
  775  1nu Black-naped Monarch 
  776  2nu Laughing Thrush 
  777  3nu Blood-pheasant 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  778  4nu ParakeetNH4.75
  779  5nu Rosy MinivetNH4.00
  780  6nu Tit BablerNH4.75
  781  7nu Blue PittaNH4.75
  782  10nu Black-naped OrioleNH4.50
  783  15nu Green MagpieNH4.75
  784  20nu Indian Kingfisher 
  785  25nu Ibisbill 
786-97 S/S25nu Birds SheetsNH65.00
  786 S/S  Great Pied Hornbill SheetNH5.50
  787 S/S  Falconet SheetNH5.50
  788 S/S  Lammergeier SheetNH5.50
  789 S/S  Drongo SheetNH5.50
  790 S/S  Sunbird SheetNH5.50
  791 S/S  Swift Sheet 
  792 S/S  Pheasant SheetNH5.50
  793 S/S  Satyr Tragopan SheetNH5.50
  794 S/S  Wallcreeper Sheet 
  795 S/S  Bluebird SheetNH5.50
  796 S/S  Spiderhunter SheetNH5.50
  797 S/S  Forktail SheetNH5.50
798-821Locomotives with SheetsNH72.50
810-21 S/SLocomotives SheetsNH56.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  810 S/S  Puffing Billy SheetNH5.00
  811 S/S  Stephenson's Rocket SheetNH5.00
  812 S/S  Cumberland SheetNH5.00
  813 S/S  John Stevens SheetNH5.00
  814 S/S  No. 22 Baldwin Locomotive SheetNH5.00
  815 S/S  Ariuel SheetNH5.00
  818 S/S  1923 Class K-36 SheetNH5.00
  821 S/S  1943 Class P-1NH5.00
822-45Butterfies with SheetsNH90.00
822-3350ch-25nu ButterfliesNH29.75
834-45 S/SButterfly SheetsNH77.50
  834 S/S  Red Lacewing SheetNH6.00
  835 S/S  Bhutan Glory SheetNH6.00
  836 S/S  Great Eggfly SheetNH6.00
  837 S/S  Kaiser-I-Hind SheetNH6.00
  844 S/S  Blue Banded Peacock SheetNH6.00
  845 S/S  Camberwell Beauty SheetNH6.00
846-5710ch-25nu Hiroshige PaintingsNHAsk
  851,853,854  2nu,7nu,10nu Hiroshige PaintingsNH4.00
  851,853,854 M/S  2nu,7nu,10nu Hiroshige Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
858-69 S/SHiroshige Paintings SheetsNH75.00
  861 S/S  Susaki Painting SheetNH9.50
  862 S/S  Suijin Painting SheetNH9.50
870-93 inc S/SOrchids with SheetsNH95.00
870-8110ch-35nu OrchidsNH29.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
882-93 S/S30nu Orchids SheetsNH68.00
  882 S/S  Vanda coerulescens Orchid SheetNH6.00
  883 S/S  Vandopsis parishi Orchid SheetNH7.50
  884 S/S  Dendrobium aphyllum Orchid SheetNH7.50
  885 S/S  Phalaenopsis amabilis Orchid SheetNH6.00
  886 S/S  Paphiopedilum haynaldianum Orchid SheetNH6.00
  887 S/S  Dendrobium loddigesil Orchid SheetNH7.50
  888 S/S  Vanda alpina Orchid SheetNH7.50
  889 S/S  Phalaenopsis equestris Orchid SheetNH7.50
  890 S/S  Vanda cristata Orchid SheetNH6.00
  891 S/S  Phalaenopsis cornu cervi Orchid SheetNH6.00
  892 S/S  Paphiopedilum niveum Orchid SheetNH6.00
  893 S/S  Dendrobium margaritaceum Orchid SheetNH7.50
893AGPO ThimphuNHAsk
894-905Penny Black AnniversaryNHAsk
906-17 S/SPenny Black SheetsNHAsk
918-41EndangeredAnimals inc SheetsNH135.00
918-2950ch-25nu Endangered Animals NH38.00
  918,919,920-22,924-25,927 (8)  1nu//15nu Panda BearsNH32.00
  923,926,928-29 (4)  5nu//25nu TigersNHAsk
930-41 S/S25nu Endangered Animals SheetsNH99.00
942-49Buddhist Musical InstrumentsNH3.50
948a,949a S/SBuddhist Musical Instruments SheetsNHAsk
950-51Year of the Girl ChildNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
952-79Wonders of the World with SheetsNHAsk
952-651ch-30nu Wonders of the WorldNH45.00
  952-54,956-65  Disney Wonders without Scott 955 (catalog 25c)NH23.00
966-79 S/SDisney - Wonders of the World SheetsNH89.00
980-1003Rubens Paintings with SheetsNH100.00
980-91Rubens PaintingsNH20.00
992-1003 S/SRubens Paintings SheetsNH85.00
1004-15Van Gogh PaintingsNHAsk
1016-27 S/SVan Gogh Paintings SheetsNH90.00
1028-42Soccer HistoryNH45.00
1043-48 S/SSoccer History SheetsNH50.00
1049PhilaNippon '91 ExhibitionNH3.50
1051Barcelona OlympicsNHAsk
1052 S/SArchery SheetNH6.50
1053-54German Reunification, Stamp and SheetNH5.50
  1054 S/S  German Reunification SheetNH3.00
1055-57Bhutan Postal ServiceNH1.50
1058Environmental ProtectionNH13.50
1059-61Discovery of AmericaNH10.00
  1061  Portrait SheetNH6.00
1062-63King's Reign, Stamp and SheetNH12.00
  1062  King's ReignNH7.00
  1063 S/S  People, Flag SheetNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1064-66These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1067Volunteerism Block of 4NH5.00
1068-73Medicinal Plants with SheetNH14.00
  1068-72  Medicinal PlantsNH8.50
  1073 S/S  Medicinal Plants SheetNH6.50
1074 M/SLunar New Year MiniSheet of 12NH13.50
1075 M/SLunar New Year MiniSheet with TAIPEI OverprintNH15.00
1076-90 PRFPaintings with Gold, Silver or Bronze Frames PerfNH22.00
1076-90 IMPPaintings with Gold, Silver or Bronze, ImperfNHAsk
1090a S/S PRFPaintings Sheet of 2, PerfNH25.00
1090a S/S IMPPaintings Sheet of 2, ImperfNHAsk
1091-94Door GodsNH12.50
1095-96Flowers Strip and SheetNH17.00
  1095  Flowers Strip of 10NH12.00
  1096 S/S  Flowers SheetNH5.50
1097-98Year of the Dog, Stamp and SheetNH13.50
  1097  Year of the DogNH5.25
  1098 S/S  Year of the Dog SheetNH8.50
1099-00 SCMonastery, Map Stamp Cards of 6NHAsk
  1099 SC  16nu Monastery Stamp Card of 6NHAsk
  1100 SC  20nu Map Stamp Card of 6NHAsk
1101 S/SMan on the Moon Sheet of 2NH27.50
"1101aR-bR"Holographic Images in "raw" state.  That is, in the Preparation Stage before applying to the Souvenir Sheet.  Quite scarce thus!NH95.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1102 S/SMilitary Victory over Tibet-Mongol Army SheetNH11.00
1103 S/STower Bridge London - Wangdue Bridge SheetNH11.00
1104World CupNH4.50
1105 S/SVisit Bhutan SheetNH10.50
1106-07 M/SYear of the Boar SheetsNH14.00
1112UN Themes Strip of 7NH7.50
1113-14 M/SSingapore Exhibition Birds SheetsNH11.00
1115-20Traditional CraftsNH4.50
1121 S/SCrafts Sheet of of 1NH3.50
1122 S/SYear of the Rat SheetNH7.50
1123-24A M/SButterflies Sheets (3)NH26.00
  1123 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheet of 6NH9.50
  1124-24A S.S  Butterflies Sheets of 1NH17.00
1125-27Atlanta OlympicsNH6.50
1128 S/SOlympics SheetNH7.75
1129 M/SFolktails MiniSheet of 6NH4.00
1130 S/SThe Cloud Fairies SheetNH4.00
1133-34 S/SLocomotives Sheets of 1NH27.50
1135140nu Penny Black NH9.50
"1135G"Penny Black in Gold within Red CaseNH59.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1136-40Winter Olympics MedalistsNHAsk
1141-42 S/SDownhill, 4-Man Bobsled Sheets of 1NHAsk
1143-44 M/S+S/SInsects MiniSheet of 25 and Sheet of 1NH22.00
  1143 M/S  Insects MiniSheet of 25NH15.00
  1143a-y  Insects Singles from SheetNH12.75
  1144 S/S  Insects Sheet of 1NH7.25
1145-46 S/SWildlife Sheets of 4 and 1NHAsk
  1145 S/S  Wildlife Sheet of 4NH8.75
  1146 S/S  Wildlife Sheet of 1NHAsk
1147 M/SChinese Zodiac MiniSheet of 12NH9.50
1148 S/SChinese Zodiac - Fire Ox SheetNH7.50
1149Dhole - WWF (Our choice of se-tenant format)NH4.00
1149 SNG  Dhole - WWF Single StampsNH3.50
Maximum Card9.00
Cacheted, Unaddressed FDC7.00
1149 HZ STR  Dhole - WWF Horizontal Strip of 4NH5.00
1149 BLK  Dhole - WWF Block of 4NH4.50
1149 M/S  Dhole - WWF MiniSheet of 12NH13.00
1150Fauna MiniSheet of 9NH6.00
1151-52 S/SFauna SheetsNHAsk
1153-56 M/S+S/SWorld Heritage Unit of 2 M/S of 8 and 2 Sheets of 1NH49.00
  1153-54  UNESCO World Heritage MiniSheets of 8+LabelNH35.00
  1155-56 S/S  UNESCO World Heritage SheetsNH22.00
1157Chernobyl DisasterNHAsk
1158-62Dog Stamps and MiniSheetNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1163 S/SDog SheetNHAsk
1164-68Cat Stamps and MiniSheet of 6NH19.50
  1164-67  Cats Set of 4NH
  1168 M/S  Cats MiniSheet of 6NH
  1168a-f  Cats Singles from SheetNH11.75
1169 S/S60nu Tonkinese Cat SheetNH5.00
1170-77World Cup Stamps and MiniSheetsNHAsk
1178-79 S/SWorld Cup SheetsNHAsk
1180-81Friendship with IndiaNHAsk
1182 S/SPresident and King SheetNHAsk
1183Religious ThemesNHAsk
1184-85 S/SBuddha, Gandhi SheetsNHAsk
1186-87Year of the TigerNHAsk
1188 S/SAdult SheetNHAsk
1189-90World Health NHAsk
1191 S/SWHO Mother and Child SheetNHAsk
1191AMother Teresa, Princess DianaNH4.00
1192 M/SMother Teresa MiniSheet of 9NH8.00
1193 S/SMother Teresa, Pope and Diana NH6.00
1194 M/SBirds MiniSheet of 12NH8.50
1194a-l  Birds Singles from SheetNH7.50
1195 S/STurtle Dove SheetNH4.00
1196-97Year of the RabbitNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1198 S/SRabbit SheetNHAsk
1199 M/SKing Wangchuk MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
1200 S/S25nu King Wangchuk Sheet of 1NH3.00
1201-09Trains - Unit of 4 Stamps, MiniSheets of 9 or 12 and 4 S/SNH45.00
  1201-045nu-30nu TrainsNHAsk
  120510nu Trains MiniSheet of 12NHAsk
  1205-07 M/S15nu Trains MiniSheets of 9NHAsk
  1208-09 S/S80nu Trains Sheet of 1NHAsk
1210-15 S/SHokusai Paintings MiniSheets plus SheetsNHAsk
1210-12 M/SPaintings by Hokusai MiniSheets of 6NH35.00
1213-15 S/SHokusai Paintings Sheets of 1NH32.50
1216IBRA SheetNH7.50
1217-23Prehistoric Animals Unit of M/S and S/SNH52.50
1217-19 M/SPrehistoric Animals MiniSheets of 12 or 8NHAsk
1220-23 S/SPrehistoric Animals Sheets of 1NHAsk
1224 M/SFauna inc Deer MiniSheet of 5NH13.50
1225-30Birds Unit of 3 M/S and 3 S/SNH42.50
1225-27 M/SBirds MiniSheets of 9NH30.00
  1225 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 9 with Chesnut-bellied Chlorophonia at ULNH10.00
  1226 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 9 with Common Egret at ULNH10.00
  1227 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 9 with Rulous-tailed Jacamar at ULNH10.00
1228-30 S/SBirds Sheets of 1NH15.00
  1229 S/S  Red-billed Scythebill SheetNH4.75
1231-43Butterflies Unit of 7 Stamps, 2 M/S and 4 S/SNH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1231-37  5nu-35nu Butterflies NHAsk
  1238-39 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheets of 6NHAsk
  1240-43 S/S  Butterflies Sheets of 1NHAsk
1244-49Moon Landing Unit of 3 M/S and 3 S/SNH39.00
  1244-46 M/S  Moon Landing MiniSheets of 6NH25.00
  1247-49 S/S  Moon Landing Sheets of 1NH16.00
  1247 S/S  Neil Armstrong, FootprintNH4.75
1250-54Cats, Dogs, Horses Unit of 3 Stamps, 1 M/S and 1 S/SNH24.00
  1253-54 M/S+S/S  Cats MiniSheet plus SheetNH17.75
1255-58Horses 2v+M/S+S/SNHAsk
  1255-56  Horses Set of 2NH7.50
  1257 M/S  Horses MiniSheet of 9NHAsk
  1258 S/S  Horses Sheet of 1NHAsk
1259-62Dogs 2v + M/S + S/SNH29.00
1263-68Birds Sheets of 6 or 1NH70.00
    1263a-f    Six Bird Singles from MiniSheet 1263NH9.50
    1264 M/S    Birds MiniSheet of 6 with Red-crested Pochard at ULNH12.50
    1264a-f    Six Bird Singles from MiniSheet 1264NH9.50
  1266-68 S/S  Birds Sheets of 1NH29.75
    1266 S/S    Siberian Rubythroat SheetNH11.50
    1267 S/S     Black-Naped Monarch SheetNH11.50
    1268 S/S    Mountain Peacock Pheasant SheetNH11.50
1269-74Mushrooms Sheets of 6 or 1NH72.50
1275-80Animals Sheets of 6 or 1NH72.50
1281-82Millennium, ElephantsNH13.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1283-86Lunar New Year of the DragonNH11.75
1287 S/S15nu New Year of the Dragon SheetNH10.50
1288-90 M/SAnaheim Expo 2000, Space MiniSheets of 6NH45.00
1291-93 S/S  Anaheim Expo 2000, Space Sheets of 1NH22.50
  1291 S/S  Anaheim Expo 2000, Challenger Sheet of 1NH7.50
1294-96 M/SFirst Zeppelin Flight MiniSheets of 6NH45.00
1297-99 S/SZeppelin Flight Sheets of 1NH25.00
1300 M/SSydney Summer Olumpics Sheet of 4NH9.00
1301 M/SBritish Railway System Sheet of 3NH15.00
1302 S/S100nu Railway SheetNH9.75
1303-05 M/SAirplanes MiniSheets of 6NH38.00
1306-08 S/S100nu Airplane Sheets of 1NH27.00
1309 M/SBerlin Film Festival MiniSheet of 6NH12.50
1310 S/SDie Ratten Cinema SheetNH9.75
1311 S/SAlbert Einstein Sheet - E=MC2NH14.50
1312-14 M/SFlowers MiniSheets of 6NH38.00
1315-17 S/SFlowers Sheets of 1NH26.00
1318St. Thomas AquinasNH4.50
1318 M/S  St. Thomas Aquinas MiniSheet of 4NH25.00
1319-20 M/SMillennium MiniSheets of 6NH29.00
1321 S/S100nu Paro Taktsang Millennium SheetNH19.00
1322-23 S/SColumbus, Cook SheetsNH18.00
1324-25 M/SHannover Expo MiniSheet of 6NHAsk
1326 S/S15nu Temple SheetNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1327-29 M/SPaintings in the Prado MiniSheet of 6NH45.00
1327a-29f (18)Paintings Singles from MiniSheetsNH22.75
  1327a-27f  Paintings Singles inc Mor from MiniSheetNH9.00
  1328a-28f  Paintings Singles inc Titian from MiniSheetNH9.00
  1329a-29f  Paintings Singles inc Goya from MiniSheetNH9.00
1330-32 S/SPrado Paintings SheetsNH32.50
1333 M/SINDEPEX MiniSheet of 4 inc Tiger and ButterflyNH12.00
1334 S/SINDEPEX Spotted Deer SheetNH5.00
1335-36Lunar New Year of the SnakeNH5.00
1337 S/SLunar New Year of the Snake Sheet of 2NH8.50
1338 S/SHong Kong Exhibition, Scenes SheetNH8.75
1339-42International Volunteers YearNH6.00
1342a S/SVolunteers Sheet of 4NH7.00
1343 S/SChoelong Trusum Sheet of 3NH8.50
1344-474nu-20nu Surcharges on Monasteries - first surcharge with Milder CurvesNHAsk
1347A-47B4nu-20nu Surcharges on Monasteries with Deeper CurveNH15.50
  1347A  4nu on 10ch Surcharge with Deeper CurveNH6.00
  1347B  10nu on 25ch Surcharge with Deeper CurveNH10.00
1348 S/SSnow Leopards Sheet of 8NH9.75
1349 S/SMountains Sheet of 5NHAsk
1350 S/SOrchids Sheet of 6NHAsk
1351 S/SRhododendrons Sheet of 6NHAsk
1352Lunar Year of the Horse PairNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1353 S/S25nu Lunar Year of the Horse SheetNH6.00
1354-57Medicinal PlantsNHAsk
1357a S/SPlants Sheet of 4NHAsk
1358United We Stand - WTCNH12.50
1358 M/S  United We Stand - WTC MiniSheet of 4NH55.00
1359 S/SSalt Lake City Olympics SheetNH11.00
1360 M/SQueen Elizabeth MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
1361 S/SQueen Elizabeth SheetNH9.00
1362 M/SEcotourism, Bird MiniSheet of 3NH12.50
1363 S/SPeacock SheetNH11.00
1364 M/SWorld Scout Jamboree MiniSheet of 3NH10.00
1365 S/SDaniel Beard, World Scout Jamboree Sheet of 1NH9.00
1366 M/SLindbergh Sheet of 2NH12.75
1367 S/S90nu Lindbergh Sheet of 1NH9.75
1368 M/SWorld Cup Soccer MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
1369 S/SSoccer Championship SheetNH11.00
1370-73 M/SFlora, Fauna, Mushrooms MiniSheets of 6NH39.00
1374-75 M/SBirds, Animals MiniSheets of 6NH20.00
  1370 M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
  1371 M/S  Orchids MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
  1372 M/S  Mushrooms MiniSheet of 6NH17.50
  1373 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
  1374 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
  1375 M/S  Animals MiniSheet of 6NH14.00
  1370,1376 S/S  Flowers Sheets of 6 and 1NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1371,1377  S/S  Orchids Sheets of 6 and 1NHAsk
  1372,1378 S/S  Mushrooms Sheets of 6 and 1NHAsk
  1373,1379 S/S  Butterflies Sheets of 6 and 1NH15.00
  1374,1380 S/S  Birds Sheets of 6 and 1NH16.00
  1375,1381 S/S  Animals Sheets of 6 and 1NH22.00
1376-79 S/SFlora, Fauna, Mushrooms Sheets of 1NH26.00
1380-81 S/SMandarin Duck, Crocodile Sheets of 1NH13.00
  1376 S/S  Flower Sheet of 1NHAsk
  1377 S/S  Orchids Sheet of 1NHAsk
  1378 S/S  Mushrooms Sheet of 1NHAsk
  1379 S/S  Butterflies Sheet of 1NH10.00
  1380 S/S  Mandarin Duck Sheet of 1NH10.00
  1381 S/S  Crocodile Sheet of 1NHAsk
1382 M/SJohn F. Kennedy MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
1383 S/S90nu Kennedy SheetNH7.50
1384 M/SPrincess Diana MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
1385 S/S90nu Diana SheetNH8.00
1386-87 M/SElvis MiniSheets of 4 and 6NH19.00
  1386 M/S  Elvis MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
  1387 M/S  Elvis MiniSheet of 6NH13.00
13888nu on 75ch Religious ArtNH7.50
1389 S/SLunar New Year of Sheep Sheet of 2NH9.75
1390-92 M/SJapanese Art MiniSheets of 6NH47.00
1393-95 S/SJapanese Art Imperf Sheets of  1NH29.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1396 S/SMove for Health Walk SheetNH6.50
1397 S/SEducation for Every Boy and Girl SheetNH6.75
1398 S/SWWF - Pheasants Sheet of 4NH4.75
1398a-dWWF - Pheasants Singles from SheetNH4.50
Cacheted, Unaddressed FDC7.00
1399 S/SLunar Year of the Monkey SheetNH6.50
1400Soccer Pair (our choice of format)NH2.50
1400 VP  Soccer Vertical Pair (our choice of format)NH4.00
1400 HP  Soccer Horizontal Pair (our choice of format)NH4.75
1400 VP SO  Soccer Vertical Pair (as shown in Scott)NH7.50
1401 M/SEXPO 2005 Sheet of 4NH6.50
1402 S/SEXPO Sheet of 1NH3.75
1403 S/SRotary International SheetNH11.00
1404 M/SPope John Paul II MiniSheet of 9 Different StampsNH16.50
1405 M/SLocomotives MiniSheet of 4NH15.00
1406 S/SLocomotives Sheet of 1NH10.00
1407 M/SWorld Cup Soccer MiniSheet of 3NH15.00
1408 S/SWorld Cup Soccer SheetNH10.00
14095nu on 1nu SurchargeNH4.75
1410 S/SYear of the Rooster SheetNH7.50
1411 M/SJapanese Assistance MiniSheet of 6NH7.50
1412 S/SJapanese Assistance Sheet of 1NH6.00
1413 M/SMy Dream for Peace SheetNH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1414 M/SKing Jigme Singye Wangchuk SheetNH14.00
1415 M/SBridges Sheet of 5NH15.00
1416-19Year of the DogNH6.50
1420 S/SYear of the Dog SheetNH9.75

1421-22+1422a S/S PRFEuropa Anniversary plus Sheet, PerfNH50.00
  1421-22 PRF  Europa Anniversary, PerfNH30.00
  1422a PRF  Europa Anniversary Sheet, PerfNH30.00
1421-22+1422a S/S IMPEuropa Anniversary plus Sheet, ImperfNH55.00
  1421-22 IMP  Europa Anniversary, ImperfNH30.00
  1422a S/S IMP  Europa Anniversary Sheet, ImperfNH30.00
1423 S/SNational Symbols SheetNH5.50
1424-25 S/SYear of the PigNH10.00
1426 S/SMonasteries of BhutanNHAsk
1427Year of the RatNH5.50
1428 S/SYear of the Rat SheetNH9.50
1429 M/SMonarchy Centennial MiniSheet of 5NH21.00
1430-31 CDMonarchy In Harmony with Nature CD'sNH45.00
1432 S/SBeijing OlympicsNH7.00
1433-35 S/SFolklore Festival MiniSheet of 5 and 2 S/S of 1NH18.50
1436 S/SIndia - Nepal Friendship SheetNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1437-38 CDCoronation, Voting Happiness CD's in EnvelopesNH45.00
1439Female Earth Ox YearNH3.75
1440 S/SFemale Earth Ox Year SheetNH4.50
1441Cantilever BridgeNH1.75
1442 S/SCantilever Bridge SheetNH4.75
1443 S/SYear of Astronomy SheetNH9.50
1444 M/S35 Years World Food Program MiniSheet of 9NH9.00
1445 S/S35 Years World Food Program SheetNH3.50
1446 S/STextile SheetNH5.75
1447WWF Red Panda Block of 4NH5.50
1447 M/S  WWF Red Panda MiniSheet of 8NH13.00
1448-49 S/SMale Iron Tiger Year, WWFNH14.00
1450-51 M/S, S/SWorld Health Day Sheets inc GolfNH21.75
1452-53 M/S, S/SSAARC Summit SheetsNH17.00
  1452 M/SSAARC 25th Anniversary MiniSheet of 8 (Joint issue with 7 Countries)NH24.00
1454-58 M/S, 2 S/S2nd Coronation 2010 MiniSheets (3) and Souvenir Sheets (2)NH37.50
1459-60 M/SWangchuck Dynasty, Bhutan Queens MiniSheets of 8 and 6NH27.50
1461 S/SYear of the Rabbit SheetNH9.75
1462 S/SDiplomatic Relations with Japan SheetNH11.75
1463-64 M/S+ S/SVisit of Indian Prime Minister to Bhutan SheetsNH14.00
1465-66A (5) S/S+M/SWedding Limited Sheets of 1 and 4NHAsk
1467 S/SWedding of King and Jetsun Pema SheetNH18.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1467A-F M/S+S/SKing Jigme Singye Wangchuk Sheets of 1 and 4NHAsk
1467G M/SSAARC Association MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
1468-69 M/S+S/SGolden Jubilee of Bhutan Post MiniSheet of 6 plus S/SNH19.50
1470-75 S/SRoyal Wedding Unit of Six SheetsNH57.50
1476-77 inc S/SYear of the Dragon plus SheetNH9.75
1478-79 inc S/SLunar New Year of the Snake plus SheetNHAsk
1v+2 S/SSherig Century plus 2 SheetsNH8.50
2 S/SEducation SheetsNH5.00
1482 M/SFather of Democracy MiniSheet of 4NHAsk
1483 S/SDemocracy SheetNH5.00
All New Issues are available from Bhutan and over 200 other Countries and Topics!
B1-333ch-1.30nu Innsbruck OlympicsNH10.00
NH Blocks of 432.00
  B1  33ch+50ch Innsbruck OlympicsNH3.75
  B2  70ch+50ch Innsbruck OlympicsNH3.75
  B3  1.30nu+50ch Innsbruck OlympicsNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
B4 S/STokyo Olympics Sheet, PerfNH16.00
B4 S/S IMPTokyo Olympics Sheet, ImperfNH15.00
B5-7Flood Relief SurchargesNH2.00
C1-2033ch-5nu Air Mail OverprintsNHAsk
C1//20  Air Mail Overprints Singles from SetNHAsk
C21-23Admission to the UNNHAsk
C24-26World Refugee YearNHAsk
C24-26 IMPWorld Refugee Year Airs ImperfNH6.75
C27-29UPU CentenaryH2.00
C30 S/SUPU Centenary SheetNH4.75
C31-38 Note:Please see listings after Scott 252. 
AR1-4(1ch)-(8ch) ThunderboltsNH89.00
  AR1  (1ch) Light blue ThunderboltNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  AR2  (2ch) Rose red ThunderboltNH12.50
  AR2 SH    (2ch) Rose red Thunderbolt Compact Sheet of 50NHAsk
  AR3  (4ch) Light green ThunderboltNH20.00
  AR4  (8ch) Light orange ThunderboltNH50.00