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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
1976No Stamps Issued. 
1988No Stamps Issued. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1995No Stamps Issued. 
19961435-42,1444-50,1452-60,1466-76+6 S/S not listed yet in ScottNHAsk
Please see Belgian Congo for earlier listings of Congo stamps.

2001 Surcharges recently located.  Expected to be listed in Scott 2013. 
750-52UNICEF, Child CareNH4.00
"752A S/S"UNICEF, Child Care Souvenir SheetNH350.00
753-55Mobutu, MPR Emblem 
756-72Arms, MobutuNH18.00
773-78Mobutu, Zaires DenominationNH2.10
790-92Inga DamNH1.80
793-95World Map 
796-97Hand, INTERPOLNH1.50
798-03Leopard, Soccer BallNH9.00
803a S/S  Leopard, Soccer Ball DeLuxe SheetNH45.00
804-08Foreman-Ali BoxingNH3.00
809-13Boxing, Zaires DenominationNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
814-17Judge, Lawyers, IWYNH3.50
828-35Regime AnniversaryNH20.00
836-45 '77Wood Carving, MaskNH7.00
846-49UPU CentenaryNH11.00
850-551k-48k Butterflies, Insect SurchargesNH25.00
  850 var  1k with Zaire damagedNHAsk
  851 INV  2k Leopard with Inverted SurchargeNH35.00
  852 var  10k on 10s with Small CharactersNHAsk
  853 var  25k Insect with Inverted SurchargeNH35.00
  853 INV PR  25k Insect Pair, one with Inverted DenominationNH75.00
  854 var  40k on 9.60k, Type IINHAsk
856-605k-100k SurchargesNH25.00
857 var  10k with Black SurchargeNH3.50
859 var  30k with Blue SurchargeNH4.50
861 S/SRubens PaintingNH150.00
871 S/S250k Fish SheetNH18.00
872-79Soccer GamesNH5.50
880-81 S/S500k Soccer SheetsNH30.00
882Mama Mobutu 
Scott # Description Condition Price
883-90President MobutuNH2.50
891 S/SElizabeth II, Abbey SheetNH13.50
892 S/SDürer Self-Portrait SheetNH13.50
893-00Aviation History, Concorde 
901 S/SBalloon SheetNH21.00
902-09Mobutu, Map, DancerNH6.00
905a,909a S/SDancer, Bird, Elephant, Diamond, Leopard, Waterfall, Map SheetsNH20.00
UnlistedMobutu GoldNH50.00
918-20 S/SPopes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I SheetNH20.00
"918A-20A" IMP S/SPopes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I Imperforate SheetNHAsk
  918 S/S  Pope John XXIII SheetNH9.00
921-26Year of the ChildNH11.00
927 S/SMother and Children SheetNH16.50
928-31Globe, Drummer 
932 S/S500k Globe SheetNH6.00
933Globe, Desk, MapNH1.75
934 S/SMemling Painting SheetNH7.50
943 S/S10z Train SheetNH17.00
944-51Sir Rowland Hill - Stamp-on-StampNH7.00
952 S/S10z Hill SheetNH12.00
953-58Albert Einstein, et alNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
959 S/S5z Einstein Sheet 
960-67Salvation Army, FlagsNH7.50
968 S/S10z Salvation Army SheetNH18.00
UnissuedMoscow OlympicsNH160.00
UnissuedMoscow SheetNH500.00
969 S/SPope John Paul II SheetNH24.00
970 S/SBala Castle SheetNH6.00
971-73Rotary AnniversaryNH4.00
973a S/SRotary SheetNH8.00
974-81Tropical FishNH8.00
981A S/SBaliste Ondule Fish SheetNH5.00
982-85PHIBELZA in 4 BlocksNH24.00
982-85 PR  PHIBELZA in 8 PairsNH20.00
982-85 DLX1  PHIBELZA DeLuxe Sheet on Thick, Ungummed PaperNH65.00
982-85 DLX2  PHIBELZA DeLuxe Sheet on Normal Gummed Stamp PaperNH70.00
986-90Map, King LeopoldNH13.50
991-99Independence OverprintsNH11.00
991//99 INV  Inverted Surcharges (each)NH9.00
1000-03Nativity, Christmas NH4.75
1004 S/S10z Nativity, Church SheetNH6.50
1004 S/S IMP10z Nativity, Church Imperf SheetNH6.50
1005-12Rockwell, Saturday Evening PostNH7.50
1013-18Pope's Visit, PerfNH19.00
1013-18 IMP  Papal Visit ImperforateNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1027 S/SSoccer SheetNH7.50
1028-35Disabled YearNH7.50
1036 S/SUPU Founder Von Stephen SheetNH8.00
1036 DLX  UPU DeLuxe SheetNH21.00
1037-41Children, ChristmasNH7.50
1042 S/SChristmas SheetNH6.75
1043-50Communications, Health 
1051-52These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1053,1055-56 (3)President MobutuNH3.00
1054These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1057Postal UnionNH.60
1058-69World Cup SoccerNH15.00
1070 S/S10z Soccer SheetNH9.00
1071-77Africa & FranceNH6.00
1085-89Scouting YearNH14.50
1090 S/SBaden-Powell SheetNH12.00
1101 S/SChristmas SheetNH9.75
1102-09Minerals, GemsNH20.00
1110 S/SDiamond SheetNH12.00
1111-14TB Centenary, Dr. KochNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1115-20Kinhasa MonumentsNH6.50
1121-28ITU ConferenceNH8.25
1121-28 var  Shifted RedNH15.00
1129-30 S/SChristmas SheetNH10.50
1139-45World CommunicationsNH13.50
1146-53Post Anniversary, Stamp-on-StampNH19.00
1154-58Summer OlympicsNH7.50
1159 S/SKayak SheetNH6.00
1160-67Manned Flight, BalloonsNH16.00
1168-71WWF - OkapiNH13.50
1168-71 M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 20NH275.00
1168-71 IMPWWF - ImperforateNH35.00
1168-71 IMP M/S  WWF Imperforate MiniSheet of 20NH750.00
1168-71 DLX  WWF DeLuxe Sheets 
1172 S/S50z Okapi SheetNH6.00
1173-80Surcharges on Air History, ConcordeNH11.00
1181 S/S50z on 5z Sheet Air History (Balloon)NH49.00
1190-93 (6)SurchargesNH11.00
1194 S/SPope Visit SheetNH14.00
1195-98Audobon, BirdsNH8.00
1195-98 F/S  Bird Full Sheetlets of 20 (scarce thus) with Decorative MarginsNH155.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1199" ERR50z in place of 10z ErrorNH170.00
1204 S/S50z Independence 
1204a  Stamp-on-Stamp Sheet SingleNH1.40
1205-06UN Flags, BuildingsNH4.00
1207-13Youth Year, ScoutsNH19.50
1207//13 var  Surcharge Varieties (ea)NH15.00
1214 S/S50z on 10z IYY, ScoutsNH13.00
1215 S/SChristmasNH7.50
1215 DLX  Christmas DeLuxe SheetNH26.00
1216-19Transit AuthorityNH4.50
1220-247z-40z Stamp-on-StampNH4.50
1225 S/S50z Stamp SheetNH4.00
1225 S/S INV  Surcharge InvertedNH30.00
1226-28Pope, Sr. AnuariteNH4.50
1229 S/SPope, Anuarite SheetNH6.50
1230Stamp-on-Stamp, Map (Joint issue with Belgium)NH2.75
1241-44French RevolutionNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1252 S/S150z AIDS SheetNH9.00
1252a  150z AIDS Sheet SingleNH8.75
1257 S/SKisantu GardensNH4.50
1258 S/S '91ChristmasNH5.25
1259-1336Varied Surcharges (74 Stamps)NH240.00
1259//1335  Surcharges, Part 1 (35 Stamps)NH100.00
  We give the Scott numbers below for the components of each Part.  Unless otherwise indicated the stamps are sold only in Parts, not individually. 
  1259  20z on 20k Soccer (on 877) 
  1265  40z on 50k Rockwell (on 1007) 
  1270  40z on 90k Telecommunications (on 1045) 
  1268  40z on 75k Map, Flags (on 1071) 
  1263  40z on 25k Bird (on 1091) 
  1267  40z on 50k Monument (on 1115) 
  1273  40z on 2k ITU (on 1121) 
  1282  80z on 90k Telecommunications (on 1045) 
  1280  80z on 75k Map, Flags (on 1071) 
  1276  80z on 25k Bird (on 1091) 
  1279  80z on 50k Monument (on 1115) 
  1260  80z on 2k ITU (on 1121) 
  1308  100z on 22k Revolution Movement (on 755) 
  1294  100z on 8k Fish (on 865) 
  1294,1307  100z Fish SurchargesNH79.00
  1295  100z on 5k Airplane (on 896) 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1296  100z on 8k Mushroom (on 912) 
  1299  100z on 5k Infant Year (on 921) 
  1320  100z on 90k Fair, Map (on 930) 
  1285  100z on 40s Einstein (on 953) 
  1285 INV    100z INVERTED SURCHARGE on 40s Einstein (on 953)NH50.00
  1313  100z on 50k Rotary (on 971) 
  1307  100z on 20k Fish (on 977) 
  1317  100z on 75k Christmas (on 1001) 
  1316  100z on 75k Railroad (on 940) 
  1292  100z on 5k Pope Jean-Paul II (on 1013) 
  1292 INV    100z INVERTED SURCHARGE on 5k Pope Jean-Paul II (on 1013)NH50.00
  1287  100z on 2k Soccer (on 1019) 
  1287 INV    100z INVERTED SURCHARGE on 2k Soccer (on 1019)NH47.50
  1288  100z on 2k Disabled (on 1028) 
  1289  100z on 2k Soccer (on 1058) 
  1319  100z on 80k Koch (on 1111) 
  1327  300z on 14k UNICEF, Map (on 751) 
  1328  300z on 17k Mobutu (on 769) 
  1325  300z on 8k Railroad (on 938) 
  1329  300z on 20k Rowland Hill (on 947) 
  1326  300z on 10k Belgian Independence, Map (on 986) 
  1324  300z on 2k Mineral (on 1102) 
  1335  500z on 25k Mobutu (on 888) 
1262//1336  Surcharges, Part 2 (20 Stamps)NH58.00
  We give the Scott numbers below for the components of each Part.  Unless otherwise indicated the stamps are sold only in Parts, not individually. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1262  40z on 10k Rockwell (on 1005) 
  1262 INV  40z INVERTED SURCHARGE on 10k Rockwell (on 1005)NH45.00
  1271  40z on 90k Map, Flags (on 1072) 
  1266  40z on 50k Bird (on 1092) 
  1261  40z on 4k ITU (on 1122) 
  1275  80z on 10k Rockwell (on 1005) 
  1283  80z on 90k Map, Flags (on 1072) 
  1278  80z on 50k Bird (on 1092) 
  1274  80z on 4k ITU (on 1122) 
  1311  100z on 48k Fish (on 869)NH46.00
  1295  100z on 8k Airplane (on 897) 
  1298  100z on 10k Mushroom (on 913) 
  1306  100z on 20k Infant Year (on 923) 
  1290  100z on 4k Einstein (on 955) 
  1318  100z on 80k Christmas (on 1002) 
  1302  100z on 10k Pope John-Paul (on 1014) 
  1303  100z on 10k Soccer (on 1020) 
  1293  100z on 5k Disabled (on 1029) 
  1331  300z on 75k Belgium Independence (on 987) 
  1330  300z on 45k Mineral (on 1103) 
  1336  500z on 48k Mobutu (on 889) 
1264//1334  Surcharges, Part 3 (15 Stamps)NH72.50
  We give the Scott numbers below for the components of each Part.  Unless otherwise indicated the stamps are sold only in Parts, not individually. 
  1269  40z on 80k Rockwell (on 1008) 
  1272  40z on 90k Bird (on 1093) 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1264  40z on 25k ITU (on 1123) 
  1281  80z on 80k Rockwell (on 1008) 
  1284  80z on 90k Bird (on 1093) 
  1277  80z on 25k ITU (on 1123) 
  1312  100z on 48k Mushroom (on 916) 
  1304  100z on 15k Einstein (on 956) 
  1301  100z on 10k Christmas (on 1000) 
  1300  100z on 10k Railroad (on 937) 
  1309  100z on 25k Soccer (on 1021) 
  1305  100z on 18k Disabled (1031) 
  1315  100z on 50k Soccer (1061) 
  1332  300z on 75k Mineral (1104) 
  1334  500z on 10k Mobutu (887) 
1321//1333  Surcharges, Part 4 (4v)NH20.00
  We give the Scott numbers below for the components of each Part.  The stamps are sold only in Parts, not individually. 
  1321  100z on 90k Soccer (on 1022) 
  1314  100z on 50k Disabled (on 1032) 
  1322  100z on 90k Soccer (on 1062) 
  1333  500z on 8k Mobutu (on 886) 
1259//1336 var  Surcharge ErrorsNHAsk
1259//1336 var  Surcharge ShiftsNHAsk
1292 INV '91  100z on 5k (Pope) with Inverted SurchargeNH15.00
"1336A"  100z on SoccerNH24.00
1337-41These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1342-521000z-15,000 Surcharges on 1980-83 Stamps inc PopeNH45.00
  1342  1000z Surcharge on 1z Philatelic Exhibition Block of 4 (982a-82d)NH9.75
  1343  1000z Surcharge on 1z Pope (1016)NH28.00
  1344  1000z Surcharge on 100k Soccer (1063)NH7.50
  1345  2000z Surcharge on 100k Map, Leopold (988)NH9.50
  1346  2000z Surcharge on 1z Uraninite (1105)NH19.50
  1347  2500z Surcharge on 1z Heads of State  (1073)NH9.00
  1348  3000z Surcharge on 1z Postal Union (1057)NH9.75
  1349  4000z Surcharge on 1z Monument (1116)NH6.00
  1350  5000z Surcharge on 1z Monument (1116)NH6.00
  1351  10,000z Surcharge on 1z Heads of State (1073)NH9.00
  1352  15,000z Surcharge on 1z Postal Union (1057)NH9.75
1353This number not utilized by Scott. 
1354-60Commems SurchargedNH14.00
  Error  50,000 for 250,000zNH60.00
1353This number not utilized by Scott. 
  Error  50,000 for 500,000zNH60.00
  Error  150,000 for 500,000zNH45.00
1361-71Mushroom SurchargesNH27.00
1361//71 var  Mushrooms with Inverted Surcharges (each)NH13.00
1361//71 var  Mushroom Surcharge Varieties (each)NH13.00
1373,1375-76Pope SurchargesNH18.00
1373,1375-76 var  Pope Surcharge Variations (each)NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1374  Pope Red Surcharge 
1374 DS  Pope Double SurchargeNH20.00
1374 INV  Pope Inverted SurchargeNH20.00
1377 S/SPope Surcharge SheetNH15.00
1408-12Independence SurchargeNH20.00
1408//12 var  Independence with Double Surcharge (each)NH8.50
1413-20Balloon SurchargesNH44.00
1413//20 var  Balloons with Double Surcharge (each)NH15.00
1421-24Bird SurchargesNH26.00
1421//24 var  Bird with Double Surcharge (ea)NH12.00
1421//24 var  Bird Inverted Surcharge (each)NH12.00
1425-34Commemorative Surcharges 
1435-42100z-25,000z Gold Surcharges on Soccer, Telecommunications, KochNH39.50
1443This number not utilized by Scott. 
1444-48Atlanta OlympicsNH14.00
1449//??  S/SComplete Group of Eleven Souvenir Sheets.  Four have been listed in Scott so far while all 11 are  listed in European Catalogs.  They are itemized below:NH265.00
  Start of the Group of Eleven: 
1449 S/SInsects, SpidersNH15.00
'96 S/SPrehistoric Animals SheetNH15.00
'96 S/SPanda SheetNH23.50
'96 S/SOrchid SheetNH19.50
'96 S/SMushroom SheetNH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1450 S/SMinerals SheetNH22.00
1452 S/SUranotile SheetNH25.00
1453 S/SRaptors SheetNH25.00
1454 S/SButterflies SheetNH30.00
'96 S/SMinerals SheetNH50.00
'96 S/SDinosaurs SheetNH16.00
'96 S/SSpace SheetNH16.00
  End of the Group of Eleven 
1455-58World Cup SoccerNHAsk
1459-60 S/SSoccer SheetsNHAsk
1461-65These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1466Bonobo - WWFNH5.50
1466 M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
1466 IMP  WWF ImperforateNH28.00
1466 IMP  M/S  WWF Imperf MiniSheet of 16NH115.00
1466 DLX  WWF DeLuxe SheetsNH42.00
1467-74World Cup SoccerNHAsk
1475-76 S/SSoccer SheetsNHAsk
'96 9vButterflies, Animals, Minerals with White Borders around the Stamps.  These are the basic stamps which were Surcharged in Year 2000 and are listed as Scott 1545-53.NH395.00
'96 S/SChinese HorseNH11.00
'96 6vChina Strip of 6NH11.00
1477-79 M/SAnimals MiniSheets of 4NHAsk
1480 S/SHippopotamus SheetNHAsk
1481 M/SJacqueline Kennedy MiniSheetNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1482-86 S/SPrincess Diana Sheets of 1, 4 or 6NH125.00
  1482-84 M/S  Princess Diana MiniSheets of 4 or 6NH60.00
  1485-86 S/S  Diana Sheets 
1487Mother TeresaNH3.50
1487 M/S  Mother Teresa MiniSheet of 6NH22.00
1488 S/SMother Teresa SheetNH15.00
1489-93Republic AnniversaryNH5.00
1494-95 S/SAnniversary Sheets 
1496 M/SChinese Horoscope MiniSheet of 12NH37.50
1497-1504 S/SBandits MiniSheets and SheetsNH165.00
  1497-00 M/S  Bandits MiniSheets of 5NH90.00
  1501-04 S/S  Bandits Sheets of 1NH98.00
1505-10African AnimalsNH16.00
15117.80 FC LionNH12.00
1512 M/SAnimals MiniSheet of 12NH20.00
1513 M/SFlora - Fauna MiniSheet of 12NH28.00
1514-16 S/SAnimals Sheets

Animals and Flora Sheets of 1
1517 M/SCats of the World MiniSheet of 12NH20.00
1518 M/SDogs of the World MiniSheet of 12NH24.00
1519 S/SCats Sheet of 1NH10.00
1520 S/SDogs Sheet of 1NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1521Millennium Strip of 3NH13.00
1521 M/SMillennium MiniSheet of 6NH25.00
1532-33Birds on BranchesNH9.50
1534-35 M/SBirds MiniSheets of 6NH65.00
  1534 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 6NH35.00
  1535 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 6NH35.00
1536 M/SBirds MiniSheet of 9NH
1537-38 M/SBirds MiniSheets of 9NH65.00
  1538 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 9NH35.00
1539-40 S/SBirds Sheets of 1NH45.00
  1540 S/S  Bird Sheet of 1NH25.00
1541-42 S/SBirds Sheets of 1 - INH16.00
1543-44 S/SBirds Sheets of 1 - IINH18.00
  1543 S/S  Bird Sheet of 1NH9.50
The Nine Scarce Local Surcharges (to be Scott 1545-53) are illustrated below.  Because of local printing methods, the stamps tend to have extra ink on them in the form of dots and small smears. 

1545-53 '99Flora, Fauna Local Surcharges (scarce)NH85.00
  1545  10FC on 70,000z ButterflyNH40.00
  1545 F/S  Full Printing Sheet of 15 (scarce)NH750.00
  1546  15FC on 25,000z OrchidNH30.00
  1547  25FC on 20,000z ChameleonNH18.00
  1548  35FC on 15,000z InsectNH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1549  45FC on 100,000z DiamondNH25.00
  1550  50FC on 35,000z MushroomNH22.00
  1551  70FC on  50,000z BirdNH25.00
  1552  100FC on 40,0000z MalachiteNH18.00
  1553  150FC on 25,000z Panda BearNH28.00
1545-53 M/S  Full Printing Sheets of 15 (please see an example below)NHAsk

M/S '01Millennium MiniSheet of 20NH39.00
20v '01  Millennium Singles from MiniSheetNH35.00
1560-63 M/STrains MiniSheets of 6NH75.00
1564-65 M/STrains MiniSheets of 8NH50.00
1566-69 S/STrains Sheets of 1NH34.00
1570-71 S/STrains Sheets of 1NH16.00

8v+S/S '01BELGICA, Fish Overprints and Surcharges on Scott 974-81NH80.00
  '01 8v  BELGICA, Fish Overprints on Scott 974-81NH55.00
  '01 S/S  Fish Sheet Overprint on Scott 982NH29.00
1578-80 M/SShips MiniSheets of 9NH33.00
1581-83 S/SShips Sheets of 1NH10.00
1584-85 M/SAviation History MiniSheets of 6NH30.00
1586-87 S/SAviation Sheets of 1NH7.50
1588 M/SZeppelin MiniSheet of 4NH36.00
1589-90 S/SZeppelin Sheets of 1NH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1591-96Flowers, Insects, Butterflies NH37.50
1597-99 M/SFlowers, Insects, Butterflies MiniSheets of 9NH49.00
1600-02 S/SFlowers, Insects, Butterflies Sheets of 1NH33.00
1603-06Flowers, Insects, ButterfliesNH21.00
1607-09 M/SFlowers, Insects, Butterflies MiniSheets of 9NH49.50
1610-12 S/SFlowers, Insects, Butterflies Sheets of 1NH22.50
1613Tintin in the CongoNH4.75
1614 S/STintin SheetNH10.00
1614 S/S IMPTintin Sheet ImperfNH90.00
1615-20Masks, HandicraftsNH19.50
1621-25 IMPLions ImperforateNH60.00
1621-25 DLXLions DeLuxe SheetsNH90.00
1630 S/SFlowers SheetNH16.00
1637 S/SMinerals SheetNH12.00
1638-41Grauer's Gorilla - WWFNH7.50
1638-41 M/S  WWF MiniSheets of 10 (4)NH75.00
1638-41 DLX  WWF DeLuxe Sheets (4)NH50.00
1638-41 IMP  WWF Imperforate Set of 4NH31.00
1638-41 IMP M/S  WWF Imperf MiniSheets of 10 (4)NH300.00
1642 S/SGorilla SheetNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1643-44President Kabila 
1645-46 S/SPresident Kabila 800F,1500F SheetsNH28.00
NOTE:The numbers in parenthesis in the Scott field below are temporary numbers until Scott assigns numbers in the future.
"2126"Nobelist Kofi AnnanNH5.75
"S/S 211"Kofi Annan SheetNH22.50
"2127-29"Chemistry Nobelists: Fischer, Synge, CalvinNH12.50
"S/S 215"Chemistry Nobelists: Fischer, Synge, Calvin Sheet of 3NH32.50
"2130-31"Chemistry, Physics Nobelists inc FukuiNH11.00
"S/S 218"Chemistry, Physics Nobelists Sheet of 2NH22.50
"2132-35"Chemistry, Physics Nobelists inc BraggNH22.00
"S/S 223"Chemistry, Physics Nobelists inc Bragg Sheet of 4NH36.00
"S/S 226"Physics Nobelists: Stark, Alfven Sheet of 2NH24.00
"2138-41"Physics Nobelists inc HessNH24.00
"S/S 231"Physics Nobelists inc Hess Sheet of 2NH37.50
"2142-44"Chemistry Nobelists inc PreglNH21.00
"S/S 235"Chemistry Nobelists inc Pregl Sheet of 3NH33.00
"2145-46"Physics, Chemistry Nobelists inc RamsayNH15.00
"S/S 238"Physics, Chemistry Nobelists inc Ramsay Sheet of 2NH22.00
"2147-48"Physics Nobelists inc AppletonNH16.75
"S/S 241"Physics Nobelists inc Appleton Sheet of 2NH22.00
"2149-50"Red Cross ThemesNH13.00
"S/S 242-43"Red Cross Themes Sheets of 1NH40.00
"S/S 244"Red Cross Themes Sheet of 2NH22.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2151-53"Sea Life Strip of 3NH9.75
"2154-56"Wild Cats Strip of 3NH18.50
"2157-59"Wild Animals Strip of 3NH19.50
"2160-62"Birds inc Owl Strip of 3NH20.00
"S/S 260"Birds inc Owl Sheet of 3NH34.00
"2163-65"Butterflies Strip of 3NH22.00
"S/S 261-63"Butterflies Sheets of 1NH65.00
"2166-68"Mushrooms Strip of 3NH22.50
"S/S 268"Mushrooms Sheet of 3NH35.00
"2169-71"Minerals Strip of 3NH26.00
"2172-74"Pioneers of Aviation inc ChimpNH15.00
"2175-76"Pioneers of Space: Yeager, GagarinNH14.00
"2175-76" TAB  Pioneers of Space: Yeager, Gagarin with Decorative TabsNH19.00
"2177-78"Pioneers of Space: Armstrong, YeagerNH16.00
"2179-80"Pioneers of Space: Piccard, DumontNH10.00
"2179-80" TAB  Pioneers of Space: Piccard, Dumont with Decorative TabsNH15.00
"2181-82"Explorers Magellan, ColumbusNH10.00
"2181-82" TAB  Explorers Magellan, Columbus with Decorative TabsNH15.00
"2183-84"Historic AutomobilesNH8.75
"2185-86"Concorde FlightsNH15.00
"2187"Albert Einstein Cycling NH6.50
"2187" TAB  Albert Einstein Cycling with Decorative TabNH11.00
"2188-90" TAB  Trains with Decorative TabsNH24.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2191-92"Scouts, Minerals in SilverNH45.00
"2193-94"Scouts, Minerals in GoldNH45.00
"S/S 300,302"Mineral Sheets in Silver and Gold"NH45.00
"S/S 300-01"Scouts, Minerals Sheets of 1 in SilverNH49.00
"S/S 302-03"Scouts, Minerals Sheets of 1 in GoldNH49.00
"2195-98"Pope John Paul II Pairs in both Silver and GoldNH85.00
"2195-96"Pope John Paul II Pair in SilverNH44.00
"2197-98"Pope John Paul II Pair in GoldNH45.00
"S/S 310-11"Pope John Paul II Pairs in Sheets of 2 in Silver and GoldNH125.00
"2199-02"Scouts, Mineral, Bird in both Silver and GoldNH85.00
"2199-00"Scouts, Mineral, Bird in SilverNH45.00
"2101-02"Scouts, Mineral, Bird in GoldNH45.00
"S/S 312-13"Scouts, Mineral, Bird in Silver Sheets of 1NH48.00
"S/S 316-17"Scouts, Mineral, Bird Pairs in both Silver and Gold Sheets of 2NH125.00
"S/S 316"Scouts, Mineral, Bird Pair in Silver Sheet of 2NH65.00
"S/S 317"Scouts, Mineral, Bird Pair in Gold Sheet of 2NH65.00
"2203-06"Pope John Paul II at Mass in both Silver and GoldNH85.00
"2203-04"Pope John Paul II at Mass in SilverNH45.00
"2205-06"Pope John Paul II at Mass in GoldNH45.00
"S/S 322-23"Pope John Paul II at Mass Pairs in both Silver and Gold Sheets of 2NH125.00
"S/S 322"Pope John Paul II at Mass Pairs in Silver Sheets of 2NH65.00
"S/S 323"Pope John Paul II at Mass Pairs in Gold Sheets of 2NH65.00
"2207-12" M/SScouting Themes MiniSheet of 6 plus TabsNH32.00
"S/S 324-29"Scouting Themes Sheets of 1NH120.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"S/S 330-32"Scouting Themes Sheets of 2NH90.00
"S/S 333-38"Pope John Paul II Sheets of 1NH110.00
"S/S 339-41"Pope John Paul II Sheets of 2NH85.00
"2223-24"Famous Chess GamesNH12.50
"S/S 348-49"Famous Chess Games Sheets of 1NH52.00
"S/S 350"Famous Chess Games Sheet of 2NH32.50
"S/S 350B-G"Europa-CEPT Anniversary Sheets of 2NH200.00
"2225-30""Prudence" AIDSNH39.00
"S/S 351-52""Prudence" AIDS Sheets of 1NH35.00
"M/S 2241-55"National Parks MiniSheet of 15NH44.00
"S/S 354-58"National Parks MiniSheets of 5 with TabsNH75.00
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To be listed as soon as possible. 
To be listed as soon as possible. 
To be listed as soon as possible. 
To be listed as soon as possible. 
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Scott # Description Condition Price
O1-17SP Offical OverprintsNH30.00