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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Sunday, December 9, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
1884-1960Palo Hingeless PagesNH185.00
1961-1970Palo Hingeless PagesNH295.00
1971-1980Palo Hingeless PagesNH289.00
1981-1993Palo Hingeless PagesNH289.00
1994-2000Palo Hingeless PagesNH240.00
Palo Binder with SlipcasesNH45.00
Palo Blank Pages with 1 Hingeless PocketNH3.00
Palo Blank Pages with 2 Hingeless PocketsNH3.00

The Year Sets listed below contain either all the stamps issued during the year (CPL), only Commemorative stamps and S/S (CM) or only the definitive issues (DF).
CPL = Complete Year
CM = Commems only
DF = Definitives only

We have noticed several errors in Scott concerning the year of issue of some definitives.  Our listings are carefully done and based upon the authoritative Korean Postage Stamp Catalog. 
1958 S/S283a,285a,286a-89aNH4,275.00
1959 S/S290a-94a,296a-300aNH450.00
Sometimes we have available 1958-1997 Year Sets composed of NH and H Stamps and S/S which are priced at 70% of the NH prices shown below. 
  If you would like one of these NH-H Year Sets, please select from the NH Year Sets shown below and, in the Order Notes Section of your Shopping Cart, simply tell us that you would like NH-H substituted with the appropriate price reduction.

1960 S/S301a,304a-08a,310a-12a,314a-20aNH270.00
1961 CM321-32+C23-26NH230.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1961 S/S321a-32aNH100.00
1961-62 DF338-42NH60.00
1962 CM348-59,375-76,400-01NH260.00
1962 S/S348a,350a,353a-55b(6),358a-59a,376aNH525.00
1962-63 AIRC27-30NH600.00
1962-64 DF360-70,377-80NH460.00
1963 CM381-84,402-03,410-27,381a,382a, 384a,411a,415a-16a+B5NH360.00
1963-64 DF385-96NH400.00
1964 CM404-05,428-55,433a,439a-45a,447a, 449a-53a+C32-38NH800.00
1964-66 DF362B,363B,367B,371-74ANH295.00
1965406-07,456-90,456a-69a,471a-77a, 485a-86a,490a+B6-7NH220.00
1966408-09,491-548,492a-504a,508a,535a, 538a,541a,543a,545a-48a+B8NH430.00
1967549-70,579-94,549a-50a,552a-65a, 567a,579a-81a,586a-87a,592a-94a+B9NH700.00
1968571-72,595-631,598a-601a,605a, 617a,619a,621a,623a,628a-629a +B10-11NH510.00
1969573-74,632-34,654-71,684-98,634a, 654a,656a,663a-71a,690a+B12-13NH390.00
1969-74 DF635-53NH260.00
1970 S/S672a-83a,713a,715a-23a,728a,730a-32a,735a-36aNH660.00
1971 S/S738a-46a,781a-95a,797a-99a,802a, 804a-05a,807aNH569.00
1973845-82,859a-68a,875a,880a-81a+ B15-16+C39-42NH265.00
1974883-924,883a-902a,904a,914a,916a, 918a,922a-24a+B17+C43,C43aNH255.00
1975925-55,963-66,975-1003,932a-41a,981a, 1001a-02aNH99.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
19771052-72,1088,1091,1097, 1099-1101, 1104-17,1062a,1108a,1111a-15a+B18NH119.00
19781092,1102,1103,1118-48,1133a,1142a, 1145a-46a,1148aNH89.00
19791090,1093,1149-56,1159-82,1184-86,1166a,1168a,1170a,1172a,1177a, 1183a-86aNH63.00
19801157-58,1187-98,1203-12,1216-18, 1219,1220,1221,1222-33,1188a,1190a, 1207a,1227a, 1230a,1232a-33aNH72.50
19811234-53,1256,1266,1272A-85,1234a, 1251f,1252a,1282a-84aNH52.00
19831199-00,1201,1258,1259,1265,1267, 1269,1270,1321-58,1332a,1343a-44a,1347a,1349a,1351f-j,1355a-58aNH149.00
19841201a,1271,1359-63,1368-90, 1392-95,1359a-63a,1369a,1372a, 1377a,1381a,1382e,1383a-85a,1389a-90a, 1392a,1394a-95aNH114.00
1984 LSSLimited Edition Sheet "1201b" ImperfNH225.00
19851396-1404,1413-15,1424-31,1442-48, 1413a,1425a-28a+B19-26,B20a,B22a, B24a,B26a+C44NH45.00
19861221A,1255,1260,1263,1268,1405-08, 1416-19,1432-33,1449,1449C,1450-57, 1466-81,1452a-55a,1469a,1471a-72a+ B27-42+C45NH230.00
19871409-12,1420-23,1435-37,1449A,1458-59,1481B-F,1482-1505,1491a,1494a, 1497a-00a+B43-50,B43a-50aNH190.00
19881438-40,1460-61,1506-20,1507a, 1511a-15a+B51-54+B51a-54aNH109.00
19901449B,1464-65,1523-28,1559-62,1572-76,1581,1583,1584,1591,1594A,1594C, 1594G,1595-00,1609-17,1739,1595a, 1613a,1615a-17aNH85.00
19931577,1578,1579,1580,1589,1590,1592, 1593,1594,1594B,1594D,1594E,1594F, 1594H,1622a-23Be,1665-68,1691-1714,1718,1745- 54,1692a,1745a, 1746a-47a,1749a-50aNH78.00
19941715,1717,1720,1721,1722,1724, 1726,1730,1733,1734,1737,1755-58,1763-79,1788-1800,1765a, 1767a-68a,1770a-73a,1775a,1788a- 90a,1792a-95a,1795b,1799a,1799a-00a NH175.00
1994 BKBooklets (9)  These are Korea's First Official Booklets in many Years.NHAsk
1994 BPBooklet Pairs (9)NHAsk
19951716,1719,1723,1725,1727,1728,1729, 1731,1732,1735,1736,1738,1759-62,1801-14,1816-18,1829-37, 1801a-02a,1803a-06a,1810a-11a, 1813b-14a,1817a-18a,1834a,1835a-36aNH105.00
1995 BKBooklets (4)NH165.00
1995 CBPBooklet Commem Pair (1)NH4.50
1995 DBPBooklet Definitive Pairs (3)NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1996 WCWorld Cup Singles 1887a-88aNH6.00
1996 MSCastle Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
1996 BKBooklets (2)NH57.50
1996 BPBooklet Pairs (2)NH15.00
19971821-22,1840,1841,1842,1843,1845, 1846,1847,1849,1850,1856,1857,1858, 1859,1861,1862,1895-1926,1821a-22a,1895a-96a,1900a- 01a,1903a-04a,1905a-06a, 1912a-15a, 1923a,1924a-25a,1926NH175.00
19981823-24,1839,1844,1854,1927-35,1937-50,1952-53,1823a-24a,1928a,1930a-31a, 1933e,1938aNH150.00
1998 WP CPLAs above, plus the singles from the M/S: 1929a-d,1935a-d,1953a-bNH175.00
1998 MSMiniSheets (2)NHAsk
1998 BKBooklets (2)NHAsk
19991825-28,1828A-28D,1954-70,1980-83, 2000,2007,2009-12,1982a,2012bNH150.00
20001971-76,1985.1987,2001,2013-43, 2023a-24a,2027a-31a,2032a,2039k-o, 2040a,2043aNH195.00
2000 TMSTrain MiniSheet (1)NHAsk
2000 CMSChristmas MiniSheet (1)NHAsk
2000 SM/SSnake MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
20011977-1979,1986,1990,1992,2044-68, 2048a,2053a-54a,2055f-j,2057a-58a, 2059a,2067NH175.00
2001 PMSPersonalized MiniSheets of 20 (4)NH190.00
20021988-89,1993,1996,2002,2003, 2069- 2112,2079a-80a,2082f-j,2085a-86a. 2103a,2104a,2106a,2110aNH200.00
2002 PMSPersonalized MiniSheets of 20 (4)NH160.00
20031984,1998,1999,2004,2005,2008, 2008A,2113-36,2118a,2123a-24a, 2128a,2129a,2134aNH134.00
2003 BKBooklets (2)NH55.00
20041994,1995,1997,2006,2137-66, 2146a-47a,2153a,2165aNH139.00
2004 PMSPersonalized MiniSheets of 14 or 20 (6)NH250.00
20052167,2167 M/S,2168-77,2177 M/S, 2180,2203-10,2203a,2v Heritage, Heritage M/SNH195.00
20062183,2184,2189,2192,2197,2214-39, 2228c,2236aNH129.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2006 M/S2214-17, 2220, 2227 MiniSheets (3)NH97.50
2006 TBTete-Beche Pairs (2)NH8.00
2006 WCMSWorld Cup Personalized Sheetlet  (1)NH28.00
2006 FMSFlowers Personalized SheetletNH50.00
20072181,2240-68,2246a,2256a-b,2257c, 2263a-d,2267a,2268a-bNH225.00
2007 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH128.00
2007 PMSPersonalized Stamp Sheetlets (3)NH99.00
20082199,2269,2270a-b,2271-2300,2271a,2273e, 2286a,2300aNH110.00
2008 M/SMiniSheets (9) inc 4 Personalized SheetsNH209.00
20092194,2198,2301-21,2315c, 2316J,K,L,M + 8v+3 S/S not in Scott 2011NH74.00
2009 M/SMiniSheets (16)NH205.00
201060 Stamps + 2 S/S inc M/S (Personalized stamps below)NH47.50
2010 M/SMiniSheets (19)NH160.00
2010 PSPersonalized Frame Stamps (6) (not the 3 offered by others) June 15 onwards: now included in Basic Year Set 
2010 PMSPersonalized Frame Stamps MiniSheets of 14 and 20 (6)NH179.00
20112193,2197A,2200,2353-66,2371-76, 2355a-b,2360a-b,2362a,2364a-d,2374a-b,2375aNH95.00
2011 GPGutter Pair (1)NH3.00
2011 M/SMiniSheets (12)NH165.00
2011 XXThe GRAND Collection of Korea 2011 - the 3 Year Sets offered above.NH259.00
2012 GPGutter Pairs (1)NH7.50
2012 M/SMiniSheets (10)NH170.00
2012 XXThe GRAND Collection of Korea 2012 - the 3 Year Sets offered above.NH269.00
2013 PART 148 Stamps +2 S/S inc 1 M/S - there were problems experienced within the South Korean Postal Administration during 2013.  These difficulties resulted in irregular distribution of New Issues, so much so that as of 2015 some have still not been received.  However, we are working to obtain everything needed to make a complete 2013 Year Set.  A second part will be available as soon as possible.NH65.00
2013 GP PART 1Gutter Strips (1)NH11.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2013 M/S PART 1MiniSheets (8)NH115.00
20142193B,2197C,2198A,2198B,2198C,2420-26, 2428-37,2837eNH99.00
2014 M/SMiniSheetsNHAsk
201570 Stamps + 5 S/SNH38.75
2016 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2017 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1973-1979Complete as aboveNH925.00
1980-1989Complete as aboveNH1,049.00
1990-1999Complete as aboveNH1,035.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH699.00
1973-1999Complete as aboveNH2,989.00
1-2Yin Yang SymbolsNH125.00
"3-5"25m,50m,100m Unissued ValuesH20.00
6-9Yin Yang DesignNH400.00
  6  5p Green Ying YangH18.00
  7  10p Blue Ying YangUSED12.00
  8  25p Maroon Ying YangUSED20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
10-13Tae Han OverprintsNH650.00
15B-17C1p SurchargesNHAsk
18-27,30-33Definitives, Perf 11NH7,500.00
  18  2re, Perf 11H4.75
  19  1ch, Perf 11H9.50
  20B  2ch, Perf 11 
  21  3ch, Perf 11USED4.00
  22  4ch, Perf 11USED13.00
  20  2ch Blue, Perf 10 
34Emperor's CrownNH200.00
35-381ch-3ch SurchargesNHAsk
39-513re-2wn Imperial FalconNH3,750.00
  39  2re Imperial Falcon(*)2.75
  41  2ch Imperial FalconUSED6.50
  42  3ch Imperial FalconUSED6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  43  4ch Imperial FalconUSED8.50
52-5450ch,1wn,2wn Reprints - 1903 PaperNHAsk
55-605ch-5wn SurchargesNH60.00
  56  5ch on 14sH1.25
  58  20ch on 6sH1.25
  59  30ch on 27sH1.25
  60  5wn on 17sH7.50
"60A-E"20ch-10w Unissued Values (5)NHAsk
61-66Liberation from Japan 
67Dove, Liberation 
68US, Korean FlagsNH17.50
69-7350ch-10w Rouletted DefinitivesNH75.00
  69  50ch ObservatoryNH(3.50)
  70  1w HibiscusNH3.50
  71  2w MapNH4.00
  72  5w CrownNH28.00
  73  10w AdmiralNH37.00
70a-72a1w-5w Perf 11 Issue 
73This number not utilized by Scott. 
74Korean Phonetic AlphabetNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
75-76Li Jun, AdmiralNHAsk
  75  5w Li JungUSED20.00
  76  10w Admiral Li Sun-sinUSED20.00
77International Mail ServiceNH30.00
78-79Arch, ShipNH315.00
  78  20w Independence ArchNH15.00
  79  50w Tortoise ShipNH300.00
80-842wn-20wn ElectionsNH425.00
  81  5wn Flag and BallotH8.00
  83  20wn Red VotingUSED10.00
  84  50wn Blue VotingNH75.00
85-865w,10w Olympic Games, FlagNH425.00
  85  5w Olympic GamesNH250.00
87National AssemblyNH50.00
88-89New ConstitutionNH325.00
90President Syngman RheeNHAsk
91-92Government, Dove, HibiscusNH375.00
  92a  5w with 1948 3mm wideHAsk
93-94Li Jun, ObservatoryNH5.00
  93  4w Li JunNH2.75
  94  14w Dark blue ObservatoryNH2.75
  94a  14w Light blue ObservatoryNH550.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
95Doves, UN EmblemNH80.00
96Citizen, Census DateNH120.00
97Children's DayNH60.00
98-1051w-100w DefinitivesNH80.00
  98  1w PostmanNH13.00
  99  2w WorkerNH12.00
  100  5w RiceNH50.00
  101  10w CranesNH2.50
  102  20w Diamond MountainsNH1.75
  103  30w GinsengNH1.75
  104  50w South GateNH1.75
  105  100w Tabo PagodaNH1.75
106Phoenix, IndependenceNH80.00
107Railroad AnniversaryNH250.00
108Flag, UPUNH45.00
109-1315w-500w DefinitivesNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  109  15w HibiscusNH1.75
  110  65w Magpies, MapNH2.50
  111  200w Bird, GlobeNH1.75
  112  400w Diamond MountainsNH1.75
  113  500w Admiral Sun-sinNH1.75
114-15UPU EntranceNH100.00
116-17Independence AnniversaryNH95.00
118Assembly ElectionNH40.00
119-21President Rhee, Flags, UNNH32.00
122-255w-100w Definitives, IWOG, Perf 11NH125.00
  122  5w CraneNH3.75
  123  20w Tiger MuralNH4.75
  124  50w Dove, FlagNH50.00
  125  100w Postal MedalNH85.00
1261000w Ancient Tomb MuralNH80.00
122a-25a5w-50w Definitives IWOG, Rouletted 12NH25.00
  122a  5w Crane, RoulettedNH2.50
  123a  20w Tiger Mural, RoulettedNH2.50
  124a  100w Postal Medal, RoulettedNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  125a  1000w Ancient Tomb Mural, RoulettedNH14.00
127-31100w-300w SurchargesNHAsk
  128  200w on 15wNH15.00
  129  300w on 10w 
132-73UN Countries Defending KoreaNH750.00
132-73+154a-55aUN Countries Defending Korea with the Italy "Without Crown" VarietiesNH850.00
  132-33  United StatesNH32.00
  133    500w Green United StatesNH16.00
  151    Greece - 500w BlueUSED7.00
  154    Green Italy with Crown 
  154a-55a  Revised Italy without CrownNHAsk
  154a    Green Revised Italy without CrownNH55.00
133X-73X S/S (21)UN Countries Defending Korea Sheets (without Italy without Crown)NHAsk
133X-73X+154aX-55aX S/S (22)UN Countries Defending Korea Sheets with the ITALY "Without Crown" VarietyNH1,300.00
174-81300w SurchargesNHAsk
  181  300w on 100wH4.00
182President Rhee, HappinessNH18.00
183-86Religious BuildingsNH16.00
  183  200w Sok Kul AmNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  184  300w TempleNH3.00
  185  500w TombstoneNH6.00
  186  2000w ShrineNH4.00
186A-BReligious, Rough PerfsNH7.50
  186A  200w Sok Kul Am, Rogh PerfsNH4.50
  186B  300w Temple, Rough PerfsNH3.50
187-87C20w-1000w Redrawn Smaller, Rough Perfs 10-11NH500.00
  187B  100wNH47.50
  187C  1000wNH400.00
187D-8950w-1000w Redrawn Larger, Perf 12NH25.00
  187D  50w, Perf 12NH7.00
  188  100w, Perf 12NH4.00
  189 '53  1000w, Perf 12NH15.00
189A500w, Perf 12NH44.00
190-941h-20h Planting TreesNH30.00
195YMCA, MapNH12.00
196-995h-1000h Tombstone, DeerNH480.00
  196  5h TombstoneNH1.50
  197  100h Frontal Deer 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  198  500h Profile DeerNH130.00
  199  1000h Profile DeerNH330.00
200-02Dok Do IslandNH40.00
202A-03Moth, Pagoda 
203A-C,235-391h-500h Unwatermarked DefinitivesNH185.00
  203D-E '55  Deer, Moth UnwatermarkedNH140.00
    203D    100h Deer UnwatermarkedNH125.00
    203E    200h Pagodas, UnwatermarkedNH22.00
204-05Forestation CampaignNH18.00
206-08US - Korea Mutual DefenseNH26.00
209-12F,248B, 256,272,2761955-57 Accumulated 10h-50h DefinitivesNHAsk
  209-10,21210h,15h,50h Reconsrtruction, WatermarkedH7.00
  209  10h Reconstruction, WatermarkedNH12.00
  210  15h Reconstruction, WatermarkedNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  211  20h Reconstruction, WatermarkedNHAsk
  212  50h Reconstruction, WatermarkedNH30.00
  212A-C15h,20h,50h Reconstruction, Thick Laid Paper, UnwatermarkedNH45.00
  212A  15h Reconstruction, Thick Laid Paper, UnwatermarkedNH12.00
  212B  20h Reconstruction, Thick Laid Paper, UnwatermarkedNH12.00
  212C  50h Reconstruction, Thick Laid Paper, UnwatermarkedNH22.00
  212D-F '5610h-20h Reconstruction, Redrawn, Thin Laid PaperNH35.00
  212D  10h Redrawn Reconstruction, Thin Laid Paper, UnwatermarkedNH12.00
  212E  15h Redrawn Reconstruction, Thin Laid Paper, UnwatermarkedNH12.00
  212F  20h Redrawn Reconstruction, Thin Laid Paper, UnwatermarkedNH12.00
  212Fa BP    20h Reconstruction Pane of 6NH250.00
  212Fa BK    620h Reconstruction Booklet with 5 20h Panes of 6, Rose of Sharon CoverNH1,250.00
213-15Rotary InternationalNH24.00

"213a-15a" S/SRotary DeLuxe Presentation SheetsNH1,500.00
216This number not utilized by Scott. 
217Syngman Rhee BirthdayNH35.00
218-19Independence AnniversaryNH30.00
220This number not utilized by Scott. 
221-22United Nations AnniversaryNH14.00
221-22 LSS  United Nations Anniversary DeLuxe Presentation SheetsNH1,150.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
223-2436th Athletic MeetingNH18.00
225Navy AnniversaryNH15.00
226Rhee Monument, BirthdayNH10.00
227-28Rhee's 3rd InaugurationNH250.00
229-30Melbourne OlympicsNH16.00
231This number not utilized by Scott. 
232-34Postal DayNH65.00
232-34 S/S  Postal Day DeLuxe Presentation SheetsNH1,800.00
235-3910h-500h DefinitivesNH185.00
  235  10h HibiscusNH2.50
  236  20h King SejongNH4.00
  237  50h ObservatoryNH(5.00)
  238  100h Frontal DeerNH50.00
  239  500h Profile DeerNH125.00
240-4210h-50h DefinitivesNH20.00
  240  10hNH3.50
  241  20hNH8.00
  242  50hNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
243-44ITU AnniversaryNH8.00
"244a" S/SITU Anniversary DeLuxe Presentation Sheet of 2NH950.00
245-46Boy ScoutsNH7.00
247-48B (4)1h-15h Redrawn DefinitivesNHAsk
  247  1h Redrawn DefinitiveNH1.00
249-622h-1000h New and Redrawn DefinitivesNHAsk
  249  2h Planting TreesNH3.50
  250  4h TombstoneNH4.00
  251  5h TombstoneNH4.00
  252  10h South GateNH4.00
  253  20h HibiscusNH4.50
  254  30h TigerNH5.00
  255  40h King SejongNH5.00
  255a BP    40h King Sejong Booklet Pane of 6 
  255 BK    40h King Sejong Booklet of 30 
  256  50h ReconstructionNH5.00
  257  55h Diamond MountainsNH10.00
  258  100h ObservatoryNH(7.50)
  259  200h DeerNH9.00
  260  400h Pagoda ParkNH135.00
  261  500h DeerNH135.00
  262  1000h DeerNH275.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
263-64USA, Korea Friendship, FlagsNH9.00
264a S/SUSA, Korea Friendship SheetNH2,300.00
265a-67a S/SChristmas SheetsNH3,250.00
268-822h-1000h Redrawn DefinitivesNH575.00
  268  2hNH1.00
  269  4h Tombstone, TurtleNH6.00
  270 '58  5hNH4.00
  271  10hNH2.50
  272 '58  15hNH9.00
  273  20hNH4.00
  274 '58  30hNH4.00
  275  40hNH16.00
  276 '58  50hNH25.00
  277 '59  55hNH6.00
  278  100hNH6.00
  279  200hNH7.75
  280  400hNH190.00
  281 '58  500hNH140.00
  282 '59  1000hNH200.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
283Winged EnvelopeNH3.00
283a S/SEnvelope SheetNH3,000.00
284-85Republic AnniversaryNH6.00
285a S/SAnniversary SheetNH700.00
286UNESCO HeadquartersNH2.50
286a S/SUNESCO SheetNH300.00
287-89Christmas, Kites NH9.00
287a-89a S/SChristmas SheetsNH275.00
290Independence MovementNH2.50
290a S/SIndependence SheetNH190.00
291Marine CorpsNH3.00
291a S/SMarine Corp SheetNH15.00
291B S/SPostal Week SheetNH12.00
292WHO, FamilyNH2.00
292a S/SWHO SheetNH12.00
293Diesel TrainNH2.50
293a S/STrain SheetNH20.00
29440th Athletic MeetNH2.50
294a S/SAthletes SheetNH24.00
295-96Red Cross, MapNH5.00
296a S/SRed Cross SheetNH55.00
297Flags, Postal SystemNH2.00
297a S/SPostal System SheetNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
298-00Christmas, New Year, MiceNH6.00
298a-00a S/SNew Year SheetsNH95.00
  299a S/S  25h New Year SheetNH30.00
301Transportation, UPUNH2.50
301a S/SUPU SheetNH28.00
302-03Savings, Honeycomb, Money BagNH5.00
304Oak, Yin Yang, RefugeeNH2.00
304a S/SRefugee SheetNH90.00
305President EisenhowerNH5.75
305a S/SEisenhower SheetNH50.00
306Educational SystemNH2.00
306a S/SEducation SheetNH7.50
307Hibiscus, CouncilorsNH2.00
307a S/SCouncilors, Hibiscus SheetNH7.50
308a S/SLiberation SheetNH7.50
309-10Rome OlympicsNH4.00
310a S/SOlympic SheetNH24.00
311Swallow, TelegraphNH2.00
311a S/STelegraph SheetNH6.00
312Students, SproutNH1.75
312a S/SRebirth SheetNH6.00
313 S/SBee, Snail, SavingsNH4.00
314Torch, CultureNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
314a S/SCultural Month SheetNH6.00
315UN Flag, LaurelNH2.00
315a S/SUN SheetNH5.75
316UN CemeteryNH2.00
316a S/SCemetery SheetNH6.00
317Housing, PopulationNH2.00
317a S/SCensus SheetNH5.50
318-20Christmas, New Year, OxNH10.00
318a-20a S/SOx, New Year SheetsNH24.00
321Meteorological DayNH2.00
321a S/SWeather SheetNH4.00
322World Health DayNH2.00
322a S/SHealth SheetNH4.00
323April RevolutionNH2.00
323a S/SRevolution SheetNH8.75
324Workers, DevelopmentNH2.00
324a S/SDevelopment SheetNH5.00
325Girl ScoutsNH2.75
325a S/SScouts SheetNH20.00
326Soldier's GraveNH4.00
326a S/SMourning Day SheetNH15.00
327Soldier, TorchNH4.00
327a S/SRevolution SheetNH14.00
328Map, LiberationNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
328a S/SLiberation SheetNH8.00
329Servicemen, FlagNH4.00
329a S/SArmed Forces SheetNH6.50
330Palace Art MuseumNH2.00
330a S/SArt Museum SheetNH6.00
331Candle, UNESCONH2.00
331a S/SUNESCO SheetNH6.00
332Mobile X-Ray UnitNH2.00
332a S/SAnti-TB SheetNH6.00
333-37These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
338-4220h-100h DefinitivesNH60.00
  338 '62  20h GinsengNH9.00
  339  30h King Sejong, AlphabetNH10.00
  340  40h WoodpeckerNH15.00
  341 '62  40h Rice FarmerNH12.00
  342  100h Ancient DrumsNH48.00
343-47These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
348Globe, ITU AdmissionNH2.50
348a S/SITU SheetNH30.00
349Atomic ReactorNH2.50
350Mosquito, WHONH2.50
350a S/SWHO SheetNH4.00
351YMCA EmblemNH3.25
352Motion PicturesNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
353-55May RevolutionNH65.00
353a-55a S/SRevolution Sheets in KoreanNH160.00
353b-55b S/SRevolution Sheets in EnglishNH300.00
"353c-55c" S/SEnglish Revolution Sheets with "E" Omitted in POSTAGENHAsk
356-57Naval BattleNH70.00
358-59Boy ScoutsNH5.50
358a-59a S/SScout SheetsNH20.00
360-70 (11)20ch-40w Definitives on Ordinary PaperNH400.00
  360  20ch Jin-Do Dog - Ordinary PaperNH4.75
  361  40ch Flowering Plant - Ordinary PaperNH1.75
  362  50ch Miruk Bosal - Ordinary PaperNH1.75
  363 '63  1w Ginseng - Ordinary PaperNH5.00
  364  2w Ginseng - Ordinary PaperNH6.00
  365  3w King, Alphabet - Ordinary PaperNH8.00
  366  4w Rice Farmer - Ordinary PaperNH7.00
  367  5w Miruk Bosal - Ordinary PaperNH8.00
  368  10w Drums - Ordinary PaperNH150.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  369 '63  20w Blossoms - Ordinary PaperNH25.00
  370 '63  40w Scripture - Ordinary PaperNH220.00
360a-74a20ch-500w Definitives on Granite Paper (GP)NH380.00
  360a '64  20ch Jin-Do Dog - Granite Paper 
  361a '64  40ch Plant - Granite PaperNH1.25
  362a '64  50ch Jin-Do Dog - Granite PaperNH1.50
  362B '66  60ch Beetle only on Granite PaperNH2.50
  363a '64  1w Folk Dancing - Granite PaperNH5.00
  363B '66  1.50w Miruk Bosal only on Granite PaperNH1.50
  364a '64  2w Ginseng - Granite Paper 
  365a '64  3w King, Alphabet - Granite PaperNH40.00
  366a '64  4w Rice Farmer - Granite PaperNH1.25
  367a '64  5w Dragon Waterpot - Granite PaperNH50.00
  367B '66  7w Thift - only on Granite PaperNH6.00
  368a '64  10w Drums - Granite PaperNH6.00
  369a '64  20w Blossoms - Granite Paper 
  370a '64  40w Scripture  - Granite Paper 
  371 '64  50w Deer - only on Granite PaperNH28.00
  372 '64  100w Bell - only on Granite PaperNH100.00
  373 '65  200w Bodhisattva - only on Granite PaperNH40.00
  374-74A '65  300w-500w Issue - Granite PaperNH120.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
    374 '65  300w Silla Tile - only on Granite PaperNH85.00
    374A '65  500w Dragon Fresco - only on Granite PaperNH45.00
375Fishery CouncilNH13.00
376ICAO MembershipNH4.00
376a S/SICAO SheetNH13.00
377-78Savings, UnwatermarkedNH22.00
377a-78aSavings on Granite PaperNH180.00
379-80 '64Savings with Emblem WatermarkNH38.00
381Wheat EmblemNH2.00
381a S/SWheat SheetNH5.50
382Asia-Pacific Postal UnionNH4.00
382a S/SPostal Union SheetNH6.00
383-84Red Cross CentenaryNH4.50
384a S/SRed Cross SheetNH15.00
385-9620ch-100w Definitives with Emblem WatermarkNH400.00
  385 '64  20ch Jin-Do DogNH2.50
  386  40ch Plant 
  387 '64  50ch Miruk BosalNH2.00
  388  1w Folk DancingNH4.00
  389  2w GinsengNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  390  3w King, AlphabetNH22.00
  391  4w Rice FarmerNH10.00
  392  10w DrumsNH8.00
  393 '64  20w BlossomsNH16.00
  394  40w ScripturesNH80.00
  395  50w Sika DeerNH110.00
  396  100w BellNH180.00
398Republic AnniversaryNH4.00
399Army NursesNH4.00
400-09First Five-Year PlanNH190.00
  400-01 '62  Power, Rice FieldsNH90.00
  402-03 '63  Cement, MinerNH(70.00)
  404-05 '64  Oil, FishingNH(14.00)
  406-07 '65  Cargo, FertilizerNH8.00
  408-09 '66  Radar, TransportNH13.00
410-11UNESCO, NubiaNH16.00
411a S/SNubian Monuments SheetNH10.00
412Rugby, National GamesNH5.50
413Nurse, Anti-TBNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
414-15Eleanor RooseveltNH4.00
415a S/SRoosevelt SheetNH8.00
416UN RecognitionNH2.50
416a S/SUN SheetNH6.50
417-26Musical InstrumentsNH90.00
427President Park Chung HeeNH95.00
428Metric SystemNH2.00
429UNESCO CommissionNH2.00
430Mining, Industrial CensusNH(2.00)
431YMCA EmblemNH2.00
432-33NY World's FairNH95.00
433a S/SWorld's Fair SheetNH130.00
439a-43a S/SViews SheetsNH130.00
  443a S/S  View Sheet (1w,10w) of 2NH17.00
444Economic PlanNH2.00
444a S/SPlan SheetNH6.50
445UN Admission, WHONH2.00
445a S/SUN SheetNH6.50
44645th Athletic MeetNH6.00
447UPU AnniversaryNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
447a S/SUPU SheetNH6.50
448Contractor's GroupNH(2.00)
449-53Tokyo OlympicsNH18.00
449a-53a S/STokyo Olympic SheetsNH28.00
  449a S/S  Olympics - Marathon RunnersNH6.00
  450a S/S  Olympics - EquestrianNH6.00
  451a S/S  Olympics - GymnastsNH6.00
  452a S/S  Olympics - RowingNH6.00
  453a S/S  Olympics Rings, VictoryNH6.00
454-551st PostmasterNH14.00
456-67Nature SeriesNH36.00
456a-67a S/SNature Series SheetsNH40.00
468Pacific Travel AssociationNH2.00
468a S/STravel SheetNH4.50
469Military Assistance in Viet NamNH2.00
469a S/SViet Nam SheetNH4.50
470Plan for Food ProductionNH2.00
471Family PlanningNH2.00
471a S/SPlanning SheetNH4.50
472a S/SITU SheetNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
473-77UN Forces in the Korean WarNH14.00
473a-77a S/SUN Forces SheetsNH15.00
478-79Liberation from the JapaneseNH10.00
480Leaf, AntsNH2.00
483Recapture of SeoulNH4.00
484Pole VaultNH3.00
485-86UN, ICY AnniversariesNH5.00
485a-86a S/SAnniversary SheetsNH12.00
487-88Child, MailboxNH12.00
490a S/SChristmas SheetNH6.00
491-92Freedom HouseNH24.00
492a S/SFreedom SheetNH30.00
493-504Wildlife NH50.00
493-504 S/SWildlife SheetsNH60.00
  493-95  DucksNH12.00
  493a-95a S/S  Duck SheetsNH16.00
  496-98  FishNH16.00
  496a-98a S/S  Fish SheetsNH15.00
  499-501  InsectsNH11.00
  499a-501a S/S  Insect SheetsNH11.00
  502-04  Badger, MammalsNH16.00
  502a-04a S/S  Mammal SheetsNH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
506Newspaper DayNH2.00
507Guidance of Young PeopleNH1.00
508-09WHO OpeningNH20.00
508a S/SWHO SheetNH4.00
510Girl ScoutsNH2.00
511Asian State VisitsNH12.00
512Women EducationNH2.00
516-25,582-84, 595-97,635,641,650Accumulated DefinitivesNH360.00
516-2560ch-80w DefinitivesNH85.00
  516  60chNH2.75
  517  1wNH8.00
  518  2wNH.60
  519  3wNH.60
  521  5wNH7.50
  522  7wNH8.00
  523  13wNH7.00
  524  60wNH48.00
  525  80wNH5.00
534 S/SCarrier Pigeons SheetNH5.00
535Children, World MapNH2.00
535a S/SMap SheetNH5.00
536Saving of MoneyNH2.00
537National CensusNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
538a S/SCISM SheetNH5.00
539Korean Troops in Viet NamNH14.00
541Lions EmblemNH2.00
541a S/SLions SheetNH5.00
542Seoul UniversityNH2.00
543Anticommunist LeagueNH2.00
543a S/SAnticommunist SheetNH5.00
544-45Visit of Lyndon JohnsonNH17.00
545a S/SJohnson SheetNH20.00
546UNESCO AnniversaryNH2.00
546a S/SUNESCO SheetNH5.00
547a-48a S/SNew Year SheetNH9.00
549Satellite, ITUNH2.00
549a S/SSatellite SheetNH5.00
550Germany VisitNH4.00
550a S/SVisit by Germany SheetNH6.00
551Taxation OfficeNH2.00
552-63Folklore Stories, CustomsNH56.00
552a-63a S/SFolklore SheetsNH70.00
  552-54Clown, MasksNH11.00
  552a-54a S/SMask SheetsNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  555a-57a S/SDance SheetsNH14.00
  558-60Seesaw, DancingNH20.00
  558a-60a S/SDancing SheetsNH26.00
  561a-63a S/SShuttlecock SheetsNH16.00
564Chamber of CommerceNH2.00
564a S/SCommerce SheetsNH5.00
565Dental CongressNH2.00
565a S/SDental SheetNH5.00
566-67EXPO '67NH40.00
567a S/SEXPO SheetNH25.00
568Veteran's DayNH2.00
569-78Second Five-Year PlanNH60.00
  569-70  Nut, WheelNH20.00
  571-72 '68  Highway, IntersectionNH27.00
  573-74 '69  Oysters, MachinesNH4.00
  575-76 '70  Harbor, HousingNH4.00
  577-78 '71  Atomic Power, DevelopmentNH4.00
579Presidential InaugurationNH35.00
579a S/SInauguration SheetNH80.00
580-81Boy Scout JamboreeNH9.00
580a-81a S/SScouting SheetsNH14.00
582-8420w-50w Redrawn Definitives on Granite PaperNH195.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  582  20w BlossomsNH120.00
  583  40w ScripturesNH70.00
  584  50w DeerNH10.00
586-87Anti-Communist LeagueNH4.00
586a-87a S/SAnti-Communist SheetsNH14.00
588-89Boxing, BasketballNH6.50
590Uprising Against JapanNH2.00
592-93Christmas, New YearNH10.00
592a-93a S/SChristmas, New Year SheetsNH12.00
594Microwave CommunicationsNH2.00
594a S/SCommunications SheetNH5.00
595-97Culture, FlagNH7.00
  595  CarvingNH1.00
  596  EarringsNH4.50
  597  FlagNH2.00
598World HealthNH2.00
598a S/SWorld Health SheetNH5.00
599East Asia Travel AssociationsNH2.00
599a S/STravel SheetNH6.00
600Chambers of Commerce, IndustryNH2.00
600a S/SChambers SheetNH5.00
601Visit of Haile SelassieNH5.50
601a S/SEthopian Visit SheetNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
602-03Postman's DayNH4.00
605Kyung Hee UniversityNH2.00
605a S/SUniversity SheetNH5.00
606Communistic LiberationNH2.50
607Korea Growth, PeacockNH2.00
608Korean Trade FairNH2.00
609Pharmaceutical AssociationsNH2.25
610-14 STRKorean Armed Forces Strip of 5NH55.00
610-14 SNG  Korean Armed Forces SinglesNH35.00
610-14 MI 15 L  Armed Forces Marginal Block of 15 with 4 Different Inscriptions - Left Side (folded)NH250.00
610-14 MI 15 R  Armed Forces Marginal Block of 15 with 4 Different Inscriptions - Right Side (folded)NH250.00
615Colombo PlanNH2.00
616-23Olympic GamesNH150.00
617a-23a S/S (4)Olympic SheetsNH59.00
624Women's EducationNH2.50
625Wealth SurveryNH2.50
626Student UprisingNH4.00
627Declaration of Human RightsNH2.50
628-29Christmas, New YearNH36.00
628a-29a S/SChristmas, New Year Holiday SheetsNH20.00
630UN RecognitionNH2.50
632Sam-il MovementNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
634Malaysian VisitNH4.00
634a S/SMalaysian Visit SheetNH50.00
635-531969-74 40ch-100w DefinitivesNH260.00
  635 '69  40ch PlantNH1.75
  636 '74  1w Old Man MaskNH.50
  637 '69  5w Stone Lamp, Plum ShadeNH1.75
  637 '69 var  5w Stone Lamp, Violet ShadeNH4.75
  638 '74  5w ChipmunkNH.60
  639 '69  7.00w FlagNH4.50
  640 '69  7w FlagNH1.75
  641 '69  10w DrumsNH42.00
  642 '70  10w FlagNH4.25
  643 '73  10w CranesNH1.10
  "643a" BP    10w Cranes Pane of 6 (Caution: Pane does not have margins around so be sure the one offered is genuine)NH25.00
  "643b" BK    10w Cranes Scarce Booklet of 30NH150.00
  644 '73  10w PlantNH1.90
  645 '73  10w HighwayNH.60
  647 '69  20w PitcherNH1.90
  648 '70  30w Ceramic DuckNH4.50
  649 '74  30w BeeNH1.00
  650 '69  40w ScripturesNH70.00
  651 '69  40w PitcherNH2.25
  652 '69  100w Miruk BosalNH125.00
  653 '74  100w Golden CrownNH50.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
654Red Cross, DovesNH2.00
654a S/SRed Cross SheetNH6.00
655Economy DriveNH2.00
656Viet Nam VisitNH4.00
656a S/SViet Nam Visit SheetNH7.00
657-58Flood ProtectionNH4.00
659-63Apollo IINH19.00
663a S/SApollo II SheetNH38.00
664a-83a S/SFables SheetsNH149.00
  664-67  Cinderella FableNH30.00
  664a-67a S/S  Cinderella SheetsNH24.00
  668-71  "The Hare's Liver" FableNH18.00
  668a-71a S/S  "The Hare's Liver" SheetsNH30.00
  672-75 '70  "The Sun and The Moon" FableNH18.00
  672a-75a '70 S/S  Sun and Moon SheetsNH24.00
  676-79 '70  Woodcutter FableNH18.00
  676a-79a '70 S/S  Woodcutter SheetsNH24.00
  680-83 '70  Heungbu FableNH40.00
  680a-83a '70 S/S  Heungbu SheetsNH50.00
686-87Air ForceNH20.00
688Traditional Skills, ArtNH2.00
689Institute of Science and TechnologyNH2.50
690Niger VisitNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
690a S/SNiger Visit SheetNH18.00
691-95Sports CompetitionNH20.00
  691  WrestlingNH5.00
  692  FencingNH5.00
  693  TaekwondoNH5.00
  694  VolleyballNH4.50
  695  SoccerNH4.50
696Education CharterNH2.00
697-98New YearNH6.00
699UPU AdmissionNH17.00
700Education YearNH9.00
701EXPO '70NH7.00
702Korean Youths, ShamrockNH3.50
703Asian Development BankNH2.50
708UPU HeadquartersNH2.00
710Writers CongressNH2.00
711Seoul-Pusan ExpresswayNH3.00
712Postal Code SymbolNH2.00
713Mechanization of the Postal SystemNH2.00
713a S/SPostal Sheet of 4NH125.00
714Children's HallNH2.00
715-2310w-30w PaintingsNH62.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
715a-23aPaintings Sheets (9)NHAsk
  715-17  August PaintingsNH8.00
  715a-17a S/S  August Paintings SheetsNH24.00
  718-20 PRF  October Paintings PerfNH45.00
  718-20 IMP  October Paintings Imperf SinglesNH65.00
  718-20 IMP  October Paintings Imperf PairsNH150.00
  718a-20a IMP S/S  October Paintings Imperf SheetsNH125.00
  "718x-20x" PRF S/S  October Paintings Perf SheetsNH250.00
  721-23  December PaintingsNH9.00
  721a-23a PRF S/S  December Paintings Perf SheetsNH26.00
  721a-23a IMP S/S  December Paintings Imperf SheetsNH15.00
724PTTI MeetingNH2.00
725Women's Army CorpsNH2.00
726-27Highways, RoadsNH24.00
728Salvador VisitNH4.00
728a S/SSalvador (Salvadol) Visit SheetNH125.00
"728b" S/SSalvador Corrected Spelling Error SheetNH36.00
729Census, HousingNH2.00
730-32Athletic GamesNH16.50
730a-32a S/SGames SheetsNH38.00
733Police EmblemNH2.00
734UN AnniversaryNH2.00
735-36Year of the BoarNH5.00
735a-36a S/SNew Year SheetsNH18.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
738a-46a S/SDevelopment SheetsNH55.00
  738-40  Dam, Crate, IrrigationNH9.00
  738a-40a S/S  Dam, Crate, Irrigation SheetsNH20.00
  741-43  Mining, Cement, FertilizerNH4.50
  741a-43a S/S  Mining, Cement, Fertilizer SheetsNH20.00
  744-46  Scales, Savings, HighwaysNH5.50
  744a-46a S/S  Scales, Savings, Highways SheetsNH16.00
748Reserve ForcesNH2.00
749World Health DayNH2.00
750Seoul Subway ConstructionNH2.00
751Asian Soccer GamesNH2.00
752Veterans DayNH2.00
753Girl ScoutsNH2.00
754Revolution AnniversaryNH2.00
756-80 SNGKorean, UN Organization Flags SinglesNH75.00
  756//80 IND  Korean, UN Organization Flags Individual StampsNHAsk
756-80 BLKKorean, UN Organization Flags Block of 25NH110.00
756-80 F/SKorean, UN Organization Sheet of 50NHAsk
781-94 SNGPaintings Singles, Parts 4,5 and 6NH115.00
781-86 SNGPaintings, Part 4, SinglesNH60.00
785a STR+786Paintings, Part 4, Strip of 5 plus 786 SingleNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
781a-86a S/SPaintings Sheets, Part 4NH90.00
787-89Paintings, Part 5NH14.00
787a-89a S/SPaintings Sheets, Part 5NH35.00
790-94 SNGPaintings, Part 6, SinglesNH42.00
794a STR  Paintings, Part 6, Strip of 5NHAsk
790a-94a S/SPaintings Sheets, Part 6NH70.00
795Presidential InaugurationNH35.00
795a S/SInauguration SheetNH90.00
796Boy Scout World JamboreeNH2.00
797Labor ConferenceNH2.00
797a S/SConference SheetNH50.00
798-99Athletic Meet, ArcheryNH4.00
798a-99a S/SAthletic SheetsNH70.00
800Fine Arts ExhibitionNH2.00
801Medical AssociationsNH2.00
802Skill ContestNH2.00
802a S/SContest SheetNH40.00
803Industrial StandardizationNH2.00
804-05Year of the RatNH6.00
804a-05a S/SNew Year SheetsNH57.50
806Language ResearchNH2.00
807Red Cross, MapNH2.00
807a S/SRed Cross SheetNH13.00
808International Book YearNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
808a S/SBook Year SheetNH12.00
809ITU Admission, SatelliteNH2.00
810-11Sapporo OlympicsNH4.00
811a S/SOlympics SheetNH13.00
812Forest Sites, MapNH2.50
813Chamber of CommerceNH2.00
814Economic DevelopmentNH2.00
815Flags of A-O Postal UnionNH2.00
816Reserve ForcesNH2.00
817YMCA, ButterfliesNH2.00
818Community ProjectsNH2.00
820Children's DayNH2.00
821-22National TreasuresNH4.00
823-24National ParksNH11.00
825Human EnvironmentNH2.00
825a S/SEnvironment SheetNH9.00
826Asian-Pacific CouncilNH2.00
827-293rd Five Year PlanNH6.50
830-33Munich Olympics SinglesNH4.75
831b,833b  Munich Olympic PairsNH11.00
831a-33a S/SOlympic SheetsNH11.75
834South-North Red Cross MeetNH2.00
834a S/SRed Cross SheetNH36.00
835-36National ParksNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
837Judicial ConferenceNH2.00
838Lions ConventionNH2.25
839Boy ScoutsNH2.00
840-41Year of the OxNH2.50
840a-41a S/SOx, New Year SheetsNH8.00
842-43National ParksNH4.00
844President Park, ModernismNH10.00
844a S/SPark Inauguration SheetNH95.00
845-54Touristic ViewsNH16.50
  845-46  Museum, TempleNH4.00
  847-48  Beach, RockNH4.00
  849-50  Shrine, CavernNH4.50
  851-52  Bridge, IslandNH4.00
  853-54  Mt. Mai, OrchardNH2.50
855Unification PrayerNH2.00
856Expeditionary ForceNH2.25
85710th Labor DayNH.90
858Meteorological CooperationNH.90
858a S/SWeather SheetNH5.00
859-68Traditional CostumesNH32.50
859a-68a S/SCostumes SheetsNH77.50
  859-60  March CostumesNH13.00
  859a-60a S/S  March Costume SheetsNH25.00
  861-62  May CostumesNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  861a-62a S/S  May Costume SheetsNH17.00
  863-64  July CostumesNH10.00
  863a-64a S/S  July Costume SheetsNH17.00
  865-66  September CostumesNH4.00
  865a-66a S/S  September Costume SheetsNH9.50
  867-68  November CostumesNH4.00
  867a-68a S/S  November Costume SheetsNH10.00
870Reserve ForcesNH2.00
871Table TennisNH2.50
872World Vision, ChoirNH1.25
873Iron and Steel PlantNH1.10
875Philatelic WeekNH.90
875a S/SStamp Album SheetNH16.50
876-77Athletic WeekNH2.00
878Hydoelectric PlantNH.60
879Fire Prevention DayNH.90
880-81Year of the TigerNH2.00
880a-81a S/STiger SheetsNH9.00
882Human RightsNH.60
883-92Musical InstrumentsNH18.00
883a-92a S/SInstruments SheetsNH55.00
  883-84  Zither, TrumpetNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  883a-84a S/S  Zither, Trumpet SheetsNH17.00
  885-86  Tochuk, EuNH4.00
  885a-86a S/S  Tochuk, Eu SheetsNH10.00
  887-88  7-Strings, DrumNH4.00
  887a-88a S/S  7-Strings, Drum SheetsNH9.00
  889-90  16-Pipe, FiddleNH4.00
  889a-90a S/S  16-Pipe, Fiddle SheetsNH9.75
  891-92  Clappers, ChimesNH4.00
  891a-92a S/S  Clappers, Chimes SheetsNH9.75
893a-02a S/SFruit SheetsNH55.00
  893-94  Apricots, StrawberriesNH4.00
  893a-94a S/S  Apricots, Strawberries SheetsNH16.00
  895-96  Peaches, GrapesNH4.00
  895a-96a S/S  Peaches, Grapes SheetsNH12.00
  897-98  Pears, ApplesNH4.00
  897a-98a S/S  Pears, Apples SheetsNH14.00
  899-00  Cherries, PersimmonsNH2.00
  899a-00a S/S  Cherries, Persimmons SheetsNH8.00
  901-02  Tangerines, ChestnutsNH4.50
  901a-02a S/S  Tangerines, Chestnuts SheetsNH7.00
903Reserve ForcesNH.65
904Population YearNH.65
904a S/SPopulation SheetNH6.00
905Communications DayNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
906Chamber of CommerceNH.75
907Inchon DockNH.75
908UNESCO AnniversaryNH.80
909-10Christian CongressNH1.25
911Subway, Bus, PlaneNH.90
912-13Athletic MeetNH1.50
914UPU CentenaryNH.90
914+C43UPU Centenary with AirNH4.00
914a S/SUPU Emblem SheetNH7.50
914a+C43a S/SUPU SheetsNH21.00
915People to PeopleNH.60
916Philatelic WeekNH.70
916a S/SStamp-on-Stamp SheetNH10.00
917Taekwondo GamesNH.70
918President Ford's VisitNH.90
918a S/SPresident Ford SheetNH7.50
919-22 BLKYook Young Soo Block of 4NH4.00
919-22 SNG  Yook Young Soo SinglesNH3.75
922a S/SYook Young Soo SheetNH38.00
923-24Year of the HareNH1.75
923a-24a S/SHare, New Year SheetsNH8.50
925Good Luck, PigeonNH.75
926-27UPU MembershipNH.95
928-31Dr. Albert Schweitzer SinglesNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
928-31 BLK  Dr. Albert Schweitzer Block of 4NH5.75
932-41Folk Dance, CostumesNH9.50
  932-33  February DanceNH2.00
  934-35  April DanceNH2.00
  936-37  June DanceNH2.00
  938-39  August DanceNH3.00
  940-41  October DanceNH3.00
932a-41a S/SCostume, Dance SheetsNH25.00
  932a-33a S/S  February Dance SheetsNH7.00
  934a-35a S/S  April Dance SheetsNH6.00
  936a-37a S/S  June Dance SheetsNH5.00
  938a-39a S/S  August Dance SheetsNH5.50
  940a-41a S/S  October Dance SheetsNH5.50
942Rotary InternationalNH.75
943Women's YearNH.60
  944-45  Violets, AnemonesNH1.50
  946-47  Rhododendron, ClematisNH1.50
  948-49  Thistle, IrisNH1.50
  950-51  Broad-bell, CloverNH2.50
  952-53  Camellia, GentianNH4.00
954Forest, Water Resources Strip of 4NH5.00
955Homeland ReservesNH.70
963-66Lily, Jar, Vase, AdmiralNH3.75
  963  6w LilyNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  964  50w Ceramic JarNH.60
  965  60w Ceramic VaseNH.70
  966  100w AdmiralNH2.00
975Metric SystemNH.75
976Soldier, IncenseNH.70
977-80Korean War Anniversary Strip of 4NH4.50
977-80 SNG  Korean War Anniversary SinglesNH4.00
981Gabon's VisitNH.75
981a S/SGabon SheetNH3.00
982-86Boy Scout Jamboree Strip of 5NH6.00
982-86  Boy Scout Jamboree SinglesNH5.00
987-88Liberation AnniversaryNH1.75
989Taekwondo ChampionshipsNH.75
990National Assembly BuildingNH.50
993-94International Tourism DayNH1.60
994AArmed Forces DayNH.70
995-9656th Athletic MeetNH1.10
997Philatelic Week, KangarooNH.90
998UN Annivesary, HandsNH.60
999Red Cross AnniversaryNH.60
1000UPU CentenaryNH.60
1001-02Year of the DragonNH1.50
1001a-02a S/SDragon, New Year SheetsNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1004-05  January ButterfliesNH2.50
  1006-07  March ButterfliesNH2.50
  1008-09  June ButterfliesNH2.50
  1010-11  August ButterfliesNH7.00
  1012-13  October ButterfliesNH8.00
1014Science, IndustryNH.60
  1015-16  February BirdsNH3.00
  1017-18  May BirdsNH3.00
  1019-20  July BirdsNH3.00
  1021-22  September BirdsNH3.00
  1023-24  November BirdsNH9.00
1025Alexander Graham BellNH.90
1026Reserve ForcesNH.60
1027World HealthNH.70
1028-32 STRNational Prosperity Strip of 5NH10.00
1028-32 SNG  National Prosperity SinglesNH8.00
1033UNESCO, PakistanNH.90
1034-38USA BicentennialNH20.00
1034a S/SBicentennial SheetNH7.50
1039Girl ScoutsNH.60
1040Java Temple, UNESCONH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1041Life InsuranceNH.60
1042-43Montreal OlympicsNH1.10
1044Books for CHildrenNH.60
1045Civil Defense CorpsNH.60
1046-47Tourism DayNH2.25
1048Military AcademyNH.60
1049Leaves, Philatelic WeekNH.60
1049a S/SPhilatelic Week SheetNH5.50
1050-51Year of the SnakeNH1.25
1050a-51a S/SSnake, New Year SheetsNH4.75
1052-53Economic DevelopmentNH1.00
1054Antenna, ITUNH.60
1056Family PlanningNH2.75
1057Reserve ForcesNH.70
1058Science DayNH.80
1059Military MedicineNH.75
1060Children's Charter, DogNH1.10
1061Veterans' DayNH.70
1062Buddha's BirthNH2.50
1062a S/SBuddha SheetNH8.75
1063-72Ceramic FiguresNH12.00
  1063-64  March CeramicsNH6.00
  1065-66  June CeramicsNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1067-68  July CeramicsNH2.50
  1069-70  August CeramicsNH2.25
  1071-72  November CeramicsNH2.00
1073-75These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1076-79200w-500w Bodhisattva, TileNHAsk
1080-87These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1088-11033w-1000w DefinitivesNH79.00
  1088 '77  3w MagpieNH.75
  1090 '79  10w CranesNH.75
  1091 '77  20w Nature ProtectionNH1.00
  1092 '78  20w Family PlanningNH1.25
  1093 '79  20w Children on SwingNH.65
  1094-96  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  1097 '77  80w Ceramic HorsemanNH2.25
  1099 '77  200w TempleNH2.25
  1100 '77  300w PagodaNH2.75
  1101 '77  500w Gold CrownNH35.00
  1102 '78  500w Mask TileNH22.00
  1103 '78  1000w Flying AngelsNH13.00
1104-05World Tourism DayNH1.50
1106Armed Forces DayNH.60
1107-08Painting, Philatelic WeekNH3.00
1108a S/SPhilatelic Week SheetNH11.00
1109Rotary ClubNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
1110Mt. EverestNH1.50
1111-12Year of the HorseNH1.25
1111a-12a S/SHorse, New Year SheetsNH5.75
1113-15World Shooting ChampsNH1.10
1113a-15a S/SShooting SheetsNH12.00
1116ICAO, Boeing 727NH.50
1117Exports and TransportNH.60
1118Ships, MapNH.60
1119-28Stone PagodasNH13.75
  1119-20  March PagodaNH3.50
  1121-22  May PagodaNH3.50
  1123-24  June PagodaNH2.75
  1125-26  July PagodaNH3.50
  1127-28  November PagodaNH4.75
1129Savings, AntsNH.60
1130Homeland ReservesNH.60
1131Cultural CenterNH.60
1132National AssemblyNH.50
1133Skill OlympicsNH.50
1133a S/SYouth Skill SheetNH3.75
1134Republic, Bell, LakeNH.50
1135Army Nurse CorpsNH.50
1137-38Tourist ViewsNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1139Custom HouseNH.50
1140Armed ForcesNH.50
1141Culture MonthNH.50
1142Painting, Philatelic WeekNH.50
1142a S/SPhilatelic Week SheetNH5.00
1143YMCA FoundingNH.50
1144Fire PreventionNH1.00
1145-46Year of the RamNH1.25
1145a-46a S/SRam, New Year SheetsNH3.50
1147Education CharterNH.30
1148a S/SPark Chung Hee SheetNH13.00
1149-58Nature ConservationNH19.75
  1149-50  Fish, PinesNH4.50
  1151-52  Ducks, OrchidNH4.50
  1153-54  Goral, LiliesNH4.50
  1155-56  Frog, PolypodyNH4.50
  1157-58 '80  Firefly, TreeNH4.50
1159Samil IndependenceNH.50
1160Labor DayNH.50
1161National SecurityNH.50
1162-665000 Years of ArtNH2.75
1166a S/SArt SheetNH3.75
1167Travel AssociationNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1168Senegal VisitNH.50
1168a S/SVisit by Senegal SheetNH2.25
1170Year of ChildNH.50
1170a S/SIYC SheetNH2.00
1171Traffic PollutionNH.75
1172Presidents Carter and Park, FlagsNH.50
1172a S/SPresidents SheetNH1.75
1173Expo CenterNH.50
1174Jet, Globe, PagodaNH.50
1175-76Art Treasures, Jar, PitcherNH1.25
1177Art Treasure, Sword DanceNH1.00
1177a S/SSword Dance SheetNH4.50
1178-79Treasures Amitabha, MaskNH1.00
1180-81Yongdu RockNH.80
1182Blood Banks, HeartNH.75
1183Philatelic WeekNH.50
1183a S/SPhilatelic Week SheetNH1.50
1184-85Monkey-Head Figure, ChildrenNH1.25
1184a-85a S/SMonkey-Head, Children SheetsNH3.50
1186President Choi Kyu-hahNH.50
1186a S/SPresident SheetNH9.75
1187-88President ParkNH.90
1188a S/SPresident SheetNH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1189-90Art Kettle, LandscapeNH1.75
1190a S/SArt Sheet of 2NH5.00
1191-01Art TreasuresNH47.00
  1191-92  Horse, DragonNH2.00
  1193-94  Mural, SculptureNH1.75
  1195-96  Face, TigerNH1.75
  1197-98  King SculptureNH2.75
  1199-00 '83  Earthenware DucksNH14.00
VG-F H2.50
  1201 '83  5000w Tiger, Folk PaintingNH25.00
  1201a S/S '84  Tiger SheetNH30.00
  "1201b" S/S  Tiger Sheet ImperforateNH225.00
1203-04Blossoms, Ducks, Tiger, BirdNH2.50
1205-07Rooster, Moon, MountainNH5.75
1207a S/SMoon, Mountain SheetNH6.50
1208-09Rabbits, DragonNH1.50
1210-11Pine Tree, Flowers, BirdsNH1.75
1212Tortoises, CranesNH7.50
1216Community, AppleNH.60
1217Sea FreightersNH.60
1219Mt. SorakNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1220Paikryung IslandNH1.00
1221Flag (from Sheets 
1221A '86Flag CoilNH1.50
1222UN Intervention, FlagNH.75
1223Miss World ElectionNH.60
1224Women's ArmyNH.60
1225-26Baegma River, Dodam 3 PeaksNH.80
1227President Chun Doo-hwanNH.60
1227a S/SPresident SheetNH4.00
1229Red Cross, TreeNH.60
1230Mail, Rainbow, Philatelic WeekNH.70
1230a S/SPhilatelic Week SheetNH2.00
1231Korea-Japan CableNH.60
1232-33Year of the RoosterNH1.25
1232a-33a S/SRooster, New Year SheetsNH3.00
1234President Chun Doo-hwanNH.60
1234a S/SPresident SheetNH1.50
1235-44Shipping IndustryNH8.50
  1235-36  Tanker, Cargo ShipNH1.75
  1237-38  Tanker, Cargo ShipNH1.75
  1239-40  Tug Boat, TrawlerNH1.90
  1241-42  Log, Auto CarriersNH1.90
  1243-44  Chemicals, PassengersNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1245National AssemblyNH.60
1246-47Disabled Year, BrailleNH1.25
1248Council Emblem RibbonNH.60
1249-50Environment DayNH1.50
1251A-EPresidents Chun, Suharto, FlagsNH4.75
1251f S/SPresidents SheetNH2.75
1252a S/SImperf Presidents SheetNH2.25
1254This number not utilized by Scott. 
1255-7020w-700w DefinitivesNH42.00
  1255 '86  20w StoneNH.70
  1256 '81  40w RoseNH.90
  "1256a" BK 1    40w Rose Booklet of 16NH22.00
  "1256a" BK 2    40w Rose Booklet for PhilaTokyoNH25.00
  1257 '82  60w JarNH.90
  1258 '83  70w ObservatoryNH.90

  "1258a" BK    70w Observatory Booklet of 6 (This is an Official Korean Post Office issue!)  Because the pane was issued in a gum-to-gum format, the folded pane is most often found adhering to itself.NH19.50
  1259 '83  80w WarriorNH1.00
  1260 '86  80w Family PlanNH1.25
  1261 '89  80w Walking StickNH2.75
  1262 '82  100w MartyrNH1.25
  1263 '86  100w ScholarNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1264 '82  200w MartyrNH1.75
  1265 '83  300w FighterNH2.50
  1266 '81  400w Incense (Multicolored)NH7.50
  1267 '83  400w Incense (Green)NH4.50
  1268 '86  450w Kim KuNH3.25
  1269 '83  500w Bas-reliefNH5.00
  1270 '83  700w Duck, BurnerNH6.00
1271 '84Observatory CoilNH2.25
1272A-EModel Plane StripNH4.50
1278Presidents Chun, Carazo, FlagsNH.60
1279World Food DayNH.60
1280Aviation DayNH.60
1281Seoul OlympicsNH.75
1282Philatelic WeekNH.60
1282a S/SPhilatelic Week SheetNH1.50
1283-84Year of the DogNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1283a-84a S/SYear of Dog SheetsNH3.75
1289Polar YearNH1.25
1290Children's Day, Music NotesNH.60
1291Presidents Chun, DoeNH.70
1291a S/SPresidents SheetNH2.00
1292-93US-Korea TreatyNH1.50
1293a S/STreaty SheetNH4.00
1294Presidents Chun, SekoNH.60
1294a S/SPresidents SheetNH1.60
1295-02Historic PaintingsNH9.75
  1295-96  June PaintingsNH2.75
  1295-96 M/S  June Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH37.50
  1297-98  July PaintingsNH2.75
  1297-98 M/S  July Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH37.50
  1299-00  October PaintingsNH2.75
  1299-00 M/S  October Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH39.50
  1301-02  December Paintings 
  1301-02 M/S  December Paintings MiniSheets of 10NHAsk
1303Presidents Chun, MoiNH.60
1304-08Presidential VisitsNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1304a-08a S/SPresidential Visits SheetsNH11.00
1309Flag CentenaryNH.60
1309a S/SFlag SheetNH2.50
1310Table TennisNH.75
1312SITRA '82 Trade ShowNH.60
1313Philatelic Week, MinersNH.60
1313a S/SMiners SheetNH2.50
1314Presidents Chun, SuhartoNH.60
1314a S/SPresidents SheetNH2.50
1316UN Space ConferenceNH.60
1317-18Year of the BoarNH1.25
1317a-18a S/SBoar SheetNH4.75
1319a S/SKorea-Turkey Visit SheetNH1.50
1320Letter WritingNH.60
1321Customs DayNH.60
1322-23Vehicles INH2.75
1324-25Vehicles IINH2.75
1326-27Vehicles IIINH2.75
1328-29Vehicles IVNH2.75
1330-31Vehicles VNH2.75
1332Malaysia VisitNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
1332a S/SVisit by Malaysia SheetNH1.50
1333-34Post Office INH1.50
1335-36Post Office IINH1.50
1337-38Post Office IIINH2.50
1339-40Post Office IVNH2.00
1341-42Post Office VNH2.00
1343Teachers' DayNH.60
1343a S/STeachers SheetNH2.75
1344a S/SCommunications SheetNH1.50
1347Jordan VisitNH.60
1347a S/SVisit by Jordan SheetNH2.00
1348World Travel CongressNH.60
1349Inter-Parliamentary ConferenceNH.60
1349a S/SConference SheetNH1.50
1350-51Sports FestivalNH1.25
1351A-EPresidential VisitsNH7.50
1351f-j S/SVisit SheetsNH25.00
1352Water DevelopmentNH.60
1355Ronald ReaganNH1.00
1355a S/SReagan SheetNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1356Philatelic WeekNH.70
1356a S/SPhilatelic SheetNH2.75
1357-58New YearNH2.00
1357a-58a S/SNew Year SheetsNH8.50
1359Catholic ChurchNH.75
1359a S/SChurch SheetNH3.75
1360Brunei VisitNH.90
1360a S/SBrunei Visit SheetNH2.75
1361Qatar VisitNH.90
1361a S/SQatar Visit SheetNH2.25
1362-63Postal ServiceNH1.25
1362a-63a S/SPostal SheetNH3.50
1368-69Pope John Paul IINH1.00
1368-69 M/S  Pope MiniSheet of 20NH24.75
1369a S/SPope John Paul II SheetNH2.75
1370Cultural FestivalNH.60
1371Customs CouncilNH.60
1372Sri Lanka VisitNH.75
1372a S/SVisit SheetNH2.50
1373Advertising CongressNH.60
1374Olympic ExpresswayNH.75
1375Olympic CommitteeNH.60
1376Asia-Pacific BroadcastingNH.60
1377Senegal VisitNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
1377a S/SSenegal Visit SheetNH2.75
1378-79Summer OlympicsNH5.00
1380-81Protestant ChurchNH1.75
1381a S/SChurch SheetNH7.50
1382e S/SWedding SheetNH2.50
1383Japan Visit by President ChunNH.60
1383a S/SJapan Visit SheetNH2.50
1384Gambia VisitNH.60
1384a S/SGambia Visit SheetNH3.00
1385Gabon VisitNH.80
1385a S/SGabon Visit SheetNH2.75
1386Seoul Trade FairNH1.00
1387-88National Sports FestivalNH1.75
1389-90Philakorea '84NH1.25
1389a-90a S/SPhilakorea SheetsNH8.00
1392Maldives VisitNH.60
1392a S/SMaldives Visit SheetNH2.50
1393Chamber of CommerceNH.60
1394-95Year of the OxNH1.75
1394a-95a S/SNew Year SheetsNH4.50
1396Youth YearNH.60
1397-98Folkways (Part 1) - Rice, MoonNH1.75
1399-00Folkways (Part 2) - Wrestling, ChessNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1401-02Modern Art INH1.75
1403-04Modern Art IINH1.75
1405-08 '86Modern Art IIINH5.50
1409-12 '87Modern Art IVNH13.50
1413Visit to the USANH.70
1413a S/SPresident SheetNH3.75
1414-15Fish, Part 1NH1.90
1416-19 '86Fish, Part 2NH7.50
1420-23 '87Fish, Part 3NH13.75
1424Yonsei UniversityNH.60
1425Pakistan VisitNH.60
1425a S/SVisit by Pakistan SheetNH1.50
1426Costa Rica VisitNH.60
1426a S/SVisit by Costa Rica SheetNH1.50
1427Bangladesh VisitNH.60
1427a S/SVisit by Bangladesh SheetNH1.50
1428Guineau-Bissau VisitNH.60
1428a S/SVisit by Gunea-Bissau SheetNH1.50
1429Japanese Occupation LiberationNH1.25
1430-31Folk Music INH2.00
1432-33 '86Folk Music IINH4.50
1434 '86Folk Music Strip of 5NH8.75
1435-36 '87Folk Music, IIINH7.50
1437 '87Harvest Moon DanceNH18.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1438 '88Folklore, Part 4 Strip of 4NH9.75
1439-40 '88Folklore, Part 5NH1.75
1441 '89Folklore, Part 6 Strip of 4NH5.50
1443World BankNH.60
1444UN 40th AnniversaryNH.60
1445Red CrossNH.60
1446Canceled CoverNH.60
1447New YearNH.90
1448+C44Mt. FujiNH4.00
1449 '86550w StatesmanNH3.00
1449A '8720w Stone CoilNH2.75
1449A STR  20w Strip of 10 with TabNHAsk
1449B '9040w Rose CoilNH2.00
1449B GP '90  40w Rose Coil Pair with Gutter BetweenNH16.50
1449B CS '90  40w Rose Coil Strip of 10 with Gutter BetweenNH25.00
1449C '8680w Jug CoilNH3.00
1449C STR  80w Strip of 10 with TabNH42.00
1450Peace YearNH.75
1450+C45Peace Year with AirNH4.50
1451This number not utilized by Scott. 
1452-55State VisitsNH2.50
1452a-55a S/SVisit SheetsNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1456-57Observatory, CometNH7.50
1458-59 '87Wind, RainNH.75
1460-61 '88Clocks, SundialNH2.25
1462-63 '89PrintingNH3.50
1464-65 '90Bronze AgeNH1.10
1466Olympic CommitteesNH.60
1467 S/SButterflies, Flowers SheetNH21.00
1467a-f  Butterflies, Flowers Singles from SheetNH19.00
1468Women's EducationNH.60
1469Central African Republic VisitNH.60
1469a S/SCentral African Republic Visit SheetNH1.50
1470River DevelopmentNH5.50
1471a-72a S/SFireworks SheetNH15.00
1473 S/SAsian Games SheetNH25.00
1474Olympic CommitteeNH1.40
1475Philatelic, FishingNH.75
1476Year of the HareNH1.00
1477-81Birds Strip of 5NH4.50
1481B-FBird Coil Strip of 5NH17.50
1481B-F 10 TAB  Bird Strip of 10 with TabNH47.50
1481B-F 20 TAB  Bird Strip of 20 with Gutter BetweenNH85.00
1482-85Wildlife Conservation Strip of 4NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1486-90Flowers StripNH16.00
1490B-FFlowers Coil Strip of 5NH17.50
1491Comoro President VisitNH.90
1491a S/SComoro SheetNH2.75
1493Ports and HarborsNH.90
1494Burma's Yu VisitsNH.90
1494a S/SBurma SheetNH2.50
1497-98Independence HallNH3.00
1497a-98a S/SHall SheetsNH27.50
1499Science CongressNH.90
1499a S/SCongress SheetNH4.00
1500Colombian VisitNH.90
1500a S/SVisit SheetNH2.75
1502Armed Forces DayNH.90
1503Boy Playing MusicNH.90
1504Antarctic TreatyNH1.25
1505Year of the DragonNH2.50
1506AKorean Antarctic BaseNH1.50
1507Presidential InaugurationNH2.50
1507a S/SInauguration SheetNH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1508Crane - WWFNH11.00
1508 M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 20NH75.00
1509Red Cross & Red CrescentNH.60
1511a-14a S/SOlympic SheetsNH6.00
1515'88 OLYMPHILEX NH.60
1515a S/SOLYMPHILEX SheetNH3.25
1516Iron and SteelNH.60
1519Year of the SnakeNH1.25
1520 S/S'88 Summer OlympicsNH17.50
1521-22Folkore INH1.75
1523-24 '90Folkore IINH1.75
1525-28 '90Folkore IIINH5.25
1529-30 '91Folkore IVNH2.00
1531-32 '92Folkore VNH2.00
1533Dental CongressNH.60
1534Rotary InternationalNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1535Council of NursesNH.60
1536Information IndustryNH.90
1537Environment DayNH.75
1538Asia-Pacific TelecommunicationsNH.60
1539French RevolutionNH.60
1541-44Modern ArtNH2.75
1553Olympic SpiritNH.75
1554Ancient CodexNH.90
1555-5880w Fish INH4.00
1559-62 '90100w Fish IINH4.00
1563-66 '91100w Fish IIINH4.00
1568Airports AssociationNH.60
1569Philatelic Week, LanternNH.60
1569a S/SPhilatelic SheetNH2.50
1570-71New YearNH1.90
1570a-71a S/SNew Year SheetsNH5.50
1572Meteorological DayNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1574Fiber OpticsNH.90
1575Saemaul MovementNH.90
1576Youth MonthNH.90
1577-94D10w-900w 1990-96 DefinitivesNH57.00
  1577 '93  10w FlagNH.60
  1578 '93  20w StorkNH.60
  1579 '93  30w MagnoliaNH.65
  1580 '93  40w White PineNH.60
  1581 '90  50w CartNH.75
  1582 '89  80w Fire SafetyNH4.00
  1583 '90  100w Net, EnvironmentNH7.50
  1584 '90  100w Teddy BearNH2.75
  1585 '91  100w Waiting TurnNH2.50
  1586 '91  100w Save EnergyNH1.50
  1587 '92  100w ChildrenNH1.50
  1588 '92  100w LanguageNH1.50
  1589 '93  110w RoseNH1.25
  1590 '93  110w Water, LifeNH1.25
  1591 '90  150w Ginger JarNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1591a BK '96    150w Jar Booklet of 10NH27.50
  1592 '93  160w Pine TreeNH2.00
  1593 '93  370w Drum, DanceNH3.00
  1594 '93  440w MaskNH4.00
  1594A '90  600w H. K. SikNH4.50
  1594B '93  710w AlphabetNH5.75
  1594C '90  800w DragonNH6.00
  1594D '93  900w BuddhaNH7.50
1594E-94H50w,60w,100w,110w CoilsNH5.00
  1594E '93  50w Cart CoilNH.80
  1594E '93 GP  50w Cart Gutter PairNH7.50
  1594F '93  60w Jar CoilNH.90
  1594F '93 GP    60w Jar Gutter PairNH9.50
  1594G '90  100w Nature CoilNH2.00
  1594G '90 GP    100w Nature Gutter PairNH14.00
  1594H '93  110w Rose CoilNH1.75
  1594H '93 GP    110 Rose Gutter PairNH12.50
1595Seoul Mail CenterNH.90
1595a S/SMail Center SheetNH2.50
1596Boy Scout JamboreeNH.90
1597-00Wild Flowers INH8.00
1601-04 '91Wild Flowers IINH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1605-08 '92Wild Flowers IIINH8.00
1609Anglican ChurchNH.80
1610Seoul TowerNH.90
1611National CensusNH.80
1612UN DevelopmentNH.90
1613Philatelic WeekNH.90
1613a S/SPhilatelic SheetNH5.50
1614-15Year of the Sheep, CranesNH1.80
1615a S/SCranes SheetNH6.50
1616-17Taejon Expo INH3.00
1616a-17a S/SExpo I SheetsNH7.50
1618-19Taejon Expo IINH1.25
1618a-19a S/SExpo II SheetsNH4.00
1620-21 '92Taejon Expo IIINH1.75
1620a-21a S/S '92Expo III SheetsNH3.00
1622-23B (4) '93Taejon Expo IVNH4.00
1622a-23Be (4) S/S '93Expo IV SheetsNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1625-34 STRInsects Strip of 10NH15.00
1625-34 SNG  Insects Singles (10)NH14.50
1625-34 STRInsects Strip of 10 UnfoldedNH16.00
1635Performing Arts CenterNH.90
1636Provisional GovernmentNH.80
1637Handicapped EmploymentNH.80
1638Teachers' DayNH.90
1639Scouting JamboreeNH.90
1639a S/SJamboree SheetNH1.50
1640YMCA AssemblyNH1.00
1641Desire for ReuinificationNH1.50
1642UN AdmissionNH.90
1643-46Musical Instruments INH4.25
1647-50 '92Musical Instruments IINH4.50
1655Culture, MaskNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1657-60Beauty Series I (our choice of Block or Strip)NH4.00
1657-60 STR  Beauty Series I Strip of 4NH4.25
1657-60 BLK  Beauty Series I Block of 4NH5.00
1661-64 '92Beauty Series II (our choice of Block or Strip)NH4.50
1661-64 '92 STR  Beauty Series II Strip of 4NH4.75
1661-64 '92 BLK  Beauty Series II Block of 4NH5.50
1665-68 '93Beauty Series III (our choice of format)NH5.00
1665-68 '93 STR  Beauty Series III Strip of 4NH5.50
1665-68 '93 BLK  Beauty Series III Block of 4NH6.50
1669Philatelic WeekNH.90
1669a S/SPhilatelic Week SheetNH1.50
1670-71Year of the MonkeyNH2.00
1670a-71a S/SMonkey SheetsNH3.50
1672-73National FlowerNH2.25
1674Im-Jin WarNH.90
1675Science DayNH.90
1676Assassin YoonNH.80
1678Fertilizer AssociationNH.90
1679-80Barcelona OlympicsNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1681-82UPU CongressNH1.50
1681a-82a S/SUPU SheetsNH2.50
1683Pong-Change YiNH.80
1684-85Olympic Marathon WinnersNH1.75
1685b S/SOlympic SheetNH3.50
1686Discovery of AmericaNH1.25
1687Philatelic Week, FlowersNH.90
1687a S/SPhilatelic SheetNH1.40
1688-89Year of the RoosterNH1.75
1688a-89a S/SRooster SheetsNH3.50
1690Nutrition ConferenceNH.90
1691Art CenterNH.80
1692Kim Young SamNH1.25
1692a S/SInauguration SheetNH5.50
1693Student InventionsNH.90
1694UN Conference on Human RightsNH.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
1696-99Mushrooms INH2.50
1700Orthopedic SurgeryNH.80
1701-02Music Series, Part 9NH2.00
1713-14Visit KoreaNH1.50
1715-3860w-1300w DefinitivesNH90.00
  1715 '94  60w SquirrelNH.75
  1716 '95  70w PhysalisNH.60
  1717 '94  90w OwlNH.90
  1718 '93  110w TrashmanNH1.25
  1719 '95  120w RoseNH1.25
  1720 '94  130w NarcissusNH1.25
  1720a '95 BK    130w Narcissus Booklet of 20NH29.00
  1721 '94  180w TernNH1.75
  1722 '94  200w TurtleNH2.50
  1723 '95  210w TernNH2.00
  1724 '94  300w AirplaneNH2.50
  1725 '95  330w PlaneNH4.00
  1726 '94  390w AirplaneNH3.50
  1726 IT  390w Airplane, Imperf at TopNH6.50
  1726 IB  390w Airplane, Imperf at BottomNH6.50
  1726 IPR  390w Airplane Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH12.00
  1726a '95 BK    390w Airplane Booklet of 10NH40.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1727 '95  400w PlaneNH2.75
  1727a '96 BK    400w Plane Booklet of 10NH30.00
  1728 '95  400w ChickenNH3.00
  1729 '95  500w DropperNH3.00
  1730 '94  540w TrainNH4.25
  1731 '95  560w PlaneNH4.25
  1732 '95  700w BronzeNH5.00
  1733 '94  910w AlphabetNH7.50
  1734 '94  930w Pitcher, BlueNH10.75
  1735 '95  930w Pitcher Redesigned, TanNH7.50
  1735a '95 BK    930w Tan Pitcher Booklet of 10NH85.00
  1736 '95  1050w PitcherNH7.50
  1737 '94  1190w PlaneNH9.00
  1738 '95  1300w AirplaneNH9.50
1739 '90130w Narcissus CoilNH1.75
1740-44These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1745Philatelic WeekNH.90
1745a S/SPhilatelic SheetNH1.50
1746-47UPU CongressNH1.50
1746a-47a S/SUPU SheetNH2.50
1748Trade DayNH1.10
1749-50Year of the DogNH1.75
1749a-50a S/SDog SheetsNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1751-54Flowers INH4.25
1755-58Flowers IINH5.00
1759-62 '95Flowers IIINH5.00
1763-64Visit KoreaNH1.50
1765UPU CongressNH2.00
1765a S/SUPU CongressNH2.75
"1765b" BK  UPU Booklet of 10NH30.00
1766Samil IndependenceNH.80
1767-68Wildlife ProtectionNH1.75
1767a-68a S/SButterfly, Beetle SheetsNH2.75
1770-73Mushrooms IINH2.50
1770a-73a S/SMushrooms SheetsNH50.00
1774War MemorialNH.90
1775PHILAKOREA '94NH4.75
1775a S/SPHILAKOREA SheetNH5.00
"1775b" BK  Philakorea Booklet of 10NH125.00
1776-79Beauty IVNH3.75
1780-83 '95Beauty VNH3.75
1784-87 '96Beauty VINH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1788-90PHILAKOREA '94NH2.50
1788a-90a S/SPHILAKOREA SheetsNH4.00
1788b-90b BKPHILAKOREA Booklets of 10 (3)NH37.50
1791 S/SNature Sheet of 7NH16.00
1792-95UPU CongressNH5.00
1792a-95a S/SUPU Sheets of 2NH7.75
1795b S/SUPU Sheet of 4NH6.00
1792b-96c BKUPU Booklets of 10 (4)NH67.50
1796Seoul AnniversaryNH.80
1797Philatelic WeekNH.90
1797a S/SPhilatelic, Flowers SheetNH1.50
1798Seoul is CapitalNH.80
1799-00Year of the BoarNH1.75
1799a-00a S/SBoar SheetsNH3.50
1801-02Wildlife ProtectionNH1.75
1801a-02a S/SWildlife SheetsNH2.50
1803-06Mushrooms IIINH4.50
1803a-06a S/SMushrooms III SheetsNH5.00
1807Research ReactorNH.90
1808Judicial SystemNH.90
1809Legal EducationNH.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
1810a-11a S/SCartoons SheetsNH4.00
1812Lions ClubNH.90
1813-14Liberation DayNH2.75
1813a BK  130w Liberation Booklet of 10NH13.00
"1813c-d"  130w Liberation Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH4.50
1813b-14a S/SLiberation SheetsNH4.00
1816Astronomical ObservatoryNH.90
1817-18Literature INH1.90
1817a-18a S/SLiterature I SheetsNH2.75
1819-20 '96Literature IINH1.75
1819a-20a S/S '96Literaure II SheetsNH2.75
1821-22 '97Literature IIINH2.25
1821a-22a '97 S/SLiterature III SheetsNH2.75
1823-24 '98Literature IVNH2.25
1823a-24a S/S '98Literature IV SheetsNH3.00
1825-28 '99Literature VNH5.00
1828A-28D '99 S/SLiterature V SheetsNH5.25
1829FAO AnniversaryNH.90
1830Bible SocietyNH.80
1831Population and HousingNH.80
1832UN AnniversaryNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1833Roentgen and X-RaysNH2.25
1834Nature, Philatelic WeekNH.90
1834a S/SNature SheetNH1.50
1835-36Year of the RatNH1.75
1835a-36a S/SYear of the Rat SheetsNH3.50
1837Korea-Japan NormalizationNH2.50
1839-5950w-1380w DefinitivesNH76.00
  1839 '98  50w BirdNH.90
  1840 '97  80w BirdNH.95
  1841 '97  100w GourdNH.75
  1842 '97  140w FlowerNH1.25
  1843 '97  170w BirdNH3.50
  1844 '98  170w Bird, BrailleNH2.75
  1845 '97  170w CrayfishNH1.50
  1846 '97  190w FlowerNH2.00
  1847 '97  260w BirdNH2.50
  1848 '96  300w BirdNH2.25
  1849 '97  340w PlaneNH3.00
  1850 '97  380w PlaneNH3.25
  1851 '96  420w DrumNH4.00
  1852 '96  480w MaskNH4.25
  1854 '98  800w HorsesNH4.00
  1855 '96  1000w CarvingNH5.00
  1856 '97  1170w LeafNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1857 '97  1190w VaseNH8.50
  1858 '97  1340w PlaneNH10.00
  1859 '97  1380w PlaneNH10.00
1860 '96150w Jar CoilNH1.75
1861 '97170w Crayfish CoilNH1.75
1862 '97190w Flower CoilNH2.00
1863Fiber Optic CableNH2.50
1864Science InstituteNH.90
1865-66Nature ProtectionNH2.00
1865a-66a S/SNature Protection SheetsNH3.00
1873Military AcademyNH.90
1874a-75a S/SCartoon SheetsNH1.90
1876Girl ScoutsNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1879-80Winter SportsNH1.50
1881-82Atlanta OlympicsNH1.50
1883-86Mushroom IVNH4.75
1883a-86a S/SMushroom SheetsNH5.00
1887-88 S/SWorld Cup SheetsNH19.00
1887a-88a  World Cup Sheets SinglesNH6.00
1889a S/SAlphabet SheetNH1.75
1890 M/S  Castle MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
1892Poppy, LizardNH.90
1892a S/SPoppy, Lizard SheetNH1.50
1893-94Year of the OxNH1.75
1893a-94a S/SYear of the Ox SheetsNH3.50
1895-96Skiing, SkatingNH1.50
1895a-96a S/SSkiing, Skating SheetsNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1899Book, CopyrightNH.90
1900-01Cartoons IIINH2.25
1900a-01a S/SCartoon SheetsNH1.75
1902East Asian GamesNH.90
1903-04World SoccerNH2.25
1903a-04a S/SSoccer SheetsNH5.00
1905-06Nature IV (Fish)NH2.00
1905a-06a S/SFish SheetsNH2.50
1907-10Flowers VIIINH5.00
1912-15Mushrooms VNH5.00
1912a-15a S/SMushroom SheetsNH5.00
1916Dental CongressNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1917Mokpo PortNH.90
1919-22Beauty Strip VIINH5.00
1923Philatelic WeekNH1.25
1923a S/SPhilatelic SheetNH1.50
1924-25New Years GreetingsNH2.50
1924a-25a S/SGreetings SheetsNH4.25
1926 M/SCulture MiniSheet of 14NH49.00
1926a-b  Cultural Treasures Singles from SheetNH7.50
1927Electric PowerNH1.25
1927 M/S  Power MiniSheet of 20 plus Five Color ProofsNHAsk
1928President Kim Dae-jungNH1.25
1928 M/S  President Kim Dae-jung MiniSheet of 10NH16.50
1928a S/SInauguration SheetNH5.50
1929 M/SAnimals, Plants MiniSheet of 12NH30.00
1929a-d  Animals, Plants Singles from SheetNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1930c-31c" IT  Cartoons Imperf at TopNH5.50
"1930c-31c" IB  Cartoons Imperf at BottomNH5.50
"1930c-31c" PR  Cartoons Pairs Imperf Top and BottomNH10.00
1930a-31a S/SCartoons SheetsNH3.50
1930b-31b BK  Cartoons BookletsNH45.00
1932National AssemblyNH1.10
1933World Cup Soccer StripNH5.00
1933a-d  World Cup SinglesNH4.75
1933e S/SWorld Cup Soccer SheetNH4.00
1934Information Culture StripNH5.00
1934a-d  Information SinglesNH4.75
1935 M/SMushroom MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
1935a-d  Mushroom Singles from SheetNH7.00
1936This number not utilized by Scott. 
1937Republic AnniversaryNH1.25
1938Nature, Philatelic WeekNH1.25
1938a S/SNature SheetNH1.50
1939Film FestivalNH1.25
1940Songkyunkwan AnniversaryNH1.00
1941Armed ForcesNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1942World Stamp DayNH1.10
1943-50Beauty Series BlockNH9.50
1943-50  Beauty SinglesNH9.25
1951This number not utilized by Scott. 
1952Year of the RabbitNH1.25
1952 BK  Rabbit Booklet 
1953 M/STemples SheetletNH39.00
1953a-b  Temples SinglesNH10.00
1954Kunsan PortNH1.00
1955Masan PortNH1.25
1959-61 S/SCartoon SheetsNH5.00
1962 M/SRaptors MiniSheet of 12NH35.00
1962a-d  Raptors Singles from SheetNH11.00
1963Olympic CommitteeNH1.00
1963 BK  Olympic Booklet 
1964Poet, Writer GoetheNH1.25
1965 S/SGoethe SheetNH3.00
1966Kumgang MountainsNH1.00
1967 S/SMountains SheetNH1.50
1968National RailroadNH1.10
1968 BK  Railroad Booklet 
1969 '99 S/SPrehistoric Sites, Artifacts Sheet I NH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1969a-f '99  Prehistoric Sites, Artifacts Singles from SheetNH7.50
1970 '99 S/SThree Countries Artifacts Sheet IINH7.50
1970a-f '99  Three Countries Artifacts Singles from SheetNH7.50
1971 '00 S/SAncient Choson to Unified Sheet IIINH7.50
1971a-e '00  Ancient Choson to Unified Singles from SheetNH7.50
1972 '00 S/SKoryo Dynasty Sheet IVNH7.50
1972a-f '00  Koryo Dynasty Singles from SheetNH7.50
1973 '00 S/SEarly Choson Dynasty Sheet VNH7.50
1973a-f '00  Early Choson Dynasty Singles from SheetNH7.50
1974 '00 S/SLate Choson Dynasty Sheet VINH10.50
1974a-e '00  Late Choson Dynasty Singles from SheetNH10.50
1975 '00 S/SKoryo, Choson Relics Sheet VIINH11.50
1975a-f '00  Koryo, Choson Relics Singles from SheetNH11.50
1976 '00 S/SJoseon Dynasty Sheet VIIINH8.50
1976a-f '00  Joseon Dynasty Singles from SheetNH8.50
1977 '01 S/SVision of the Future Sheet IXNH7.50
1977a-f '01  Vision of the Future Singles from SheetNH7.50
1978 '01 S/SPre-Independence Events Sheet XNH11.50
1978a-e '01  Pre-Independence Events Singles from SheetNH11.50
1979 '01 S/SPost-Independence Events Sheet XINH7.50
1979a-e '01  Post-Independence Events Singles from SheetNH7.50
1980UPU 125th AnniversaryNH1.10
1981 M/SBeauty MiniSheet of 8NH17.50
1981a-h  Beauty SinglesNH17.00
1982Year of the DragonNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1982 BK  Year of the Dragon Booklet of 10NH17.50
1982a S/SDragon SheetNH2.00
1983 M/SWorld Heritage Sites MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
1983a-b  World Heritage SinglesNH5.00
1983a+b ST  World Heritage Se-tenant PairNH12.50
  Please order the definitives below with caution as the numbers have changed periodically.
1984-200710w-2000w DefinitivesNH75.00
  1984 '03  10w FlagNH.50
  1985 '00  20w BirdNH.75
  1986 '01  30w FruitNH.50
  1987 '00  40w InsectNH.60
  1988 '02  60w BirdNH.60
  1989 '02  160w ButterflyNH1.00
  1990 '01 STR F  170w Implements Strip of 10 - FoldedNH24.00
  1990 '01 STR UF  170w Implements Strip of 10 UnfoldedNH28.00
  1991 '99  190w HibiscusNH1.25
  1992 '01  200w LobsterNH1.75
  1993 '02  210w BirdNH1.25
  1994 '04  220w HibiscusNH1.25
  1995 '04  240w HibiscusNH1.25
  1996 '02  280w BirdNH1.50
  1997 '04  310w HibiscusNH1.75
  1998 '03  400w PitcherNH1.90
  1999 '03  500w VaseNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2000 '99  600w PostmasterNH3.75
  2001 '00  700w Jade OrnamentNH4.00
  2002 '02  1290w Roof TileNH8.50
  2003 '02  1310w Ridge TileNH7.50
  2004 '03  1490w Roof TileNH8.50
  2005 '03  1510w Ridge TileNH8.50
  2006 '04  1520w Vase with BambooNH7.50
  2007 '99  2000w CrownNH14.75
2008 '03  190w Fruit, Self-adhesiveNH2.25
2008a BK    Fruit Booklet of 20NH27.50
2008A '03  190w Flower Self-adhesiveNH2.25
2008Aa BK '03    Flower Booklet of 20NH27.50
2009-12World Cup Soccer StripNH5.50
2009-12  Soccer Singles from StripNH5.00
2012b S/SSoccer SheetNH4.00
2013UPU EntryNH1.25
2014-17Steam LocomotivesNH4.75
2014-17 M/S  Steam Locomotives MiniSheetNHAsk
2017a x2 BK  Locomotives Booklet 
2018 M/SEndangered Flowers SheetletNH24.00
2018a-d STR  Endangered Flowers Strip of 4NH12.00
2018a-d SNG  Endangered Flowers SinglesNH10.00
2019World Water DayNH1.10
2020Meteorological OrganizationNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2020 BK  Meteorological Booklet 
2021Love with Flower ScentNH1.50
2022Cyber KoreaNH1.25
2022 BK  Cyber Booklet 
2023a-24a S/SCartoon SheetsNH2.25
2023-24 BK  Cartoon Booklet 
2025Summit Meeting NH1.00
2026 BK  Math Booklet 
2027a-31a S/SLiterature SheetsNH9.50
2032Puljongdae CliffNH2.00
2032a S/SCliff SheetNH2.00
2033Sydney OlympicsNH1.50
2034Secondary SchoolsNH.90
2035Asia-Europe SummitNH1.25
2036Graphic DesignsNH1.00
2037Gobau CartoonNH1.25
2038Pins and Combs, Beauty Series #10 BlockNH5.50
2038a-d  Pins, Combs SinglesNH5.00
2039 BLKWorld Cup Soccer BlockNH18.00
2039a-j  World Cup SinglesNH17.50
2039k-o S/SWorld Cup SheetsNH22.00
2040Year of the SnakeNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2040a S/SLunar New Year SheetNH2.50
2041Year of the Snake, Self-adhesiveNH2.00
2041 M/S  Snake MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
2042 M/SChongun, Choson - UNESCO Memory MiniSheet of 8NH18.50
2042a-b  Chongun, Choson SinglesNH5.50
2043Nobelist Kim Dae-jungNH1.10
2043a S/SNobelist SheetNH2.50
2044Visit KoreaNH1.10
2045Trains Block of 4NH5.00
2045a-d  Trains SinglesNH5.00
2046 M/SEndangered Flowers MiniSheet of 12NH30.00
2046a-d STR  Endangered Flowers Strip of 4NH15.00
2046a-d  Endangered Flowers SinglesNH10.00
2047Inchon AirportNH1.00
2048Olympic FairNH1.25
2048a S/SOlympic SheetNH2.00
2049-52Greetings (Bear, Flower, Cake) with Personalizeable TabNH9.00
  2049-50  Bear, Flower Greetings of April 30NH6.50
  2051  Congratulations Greetings of June 1NH3.50
  2052  Birthday Greetings of July 2NH3.50
2049-52  Personalized Sheetlets of 20NH190.00
2053a-54a S/SCartoons SheetsNH2.75
2055World Cup Soccer Strip of 5NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2055a-e  World Cup SinglesNH12.00
2055f-j S/SWorld Cup SheetsNH14.50
2056Food (our choice of format)NH4.25
2056 BLK  Food Block of 4NH5.00
2056 STR  Food Strip of 4NH5.00
2057-58 M/S  Roses MiniSheets of 10NH29.00
2057a-58a S/SRoses SheetsNH4.50
2059Love, FlowersNH1.10
2059a S/SLove SheetNH2.50
2060Ceramics ExhibitionNH1.25
2061International Statistical InstituteNH1.25
2062Minting and Security PrintingNH1.10
2063Industrial DesignNH1.10
2064Year of DialogueNH3.75
2064 M/S  Year of Dialogue MiniSheet of 20NH79.50
2065Supreme Audit InstitutionsNH1.00
2066Orchids Strip of 4, ScentedNH6.00
2066a-d  Orchids SinglesNH5.00
2067Year of the HorseNH1.25
2067a S/SHorse SheetNH2.00
2068 M/SChangdeok Palace MiniSheet of 10NH19.50
2068a-bChangdeok PalaceNH4.00
2069-72Priority Mail IssueNH17.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2069  280w Orange PriorityNH1.25
  2070  310w Blue PriorityNH1.50
  2071  1380w Green PriorityNH7.50
  2072  1410w Red PriorityNH7.50
2073-74A (4)Rose, Fish, Chick, Lily plus TabsNH19.50
2073A-74A M/S  Rose, Fish, Chick, Lily Personalized MiniSheets of 20 with TabsNHAsk
2076Trains Block of 4NH5.00
2077Dye Plants Block of 4NH5.00
2077a-d  Dye Plants SinglesNH5.00
2078Flower ExhibitionNH1.50
2079a-80a S/SCartoon SheetsNH3.50
2081Camping and CaravanningNH2.50
2082 M/SSoccer (round) Sheetlet of 10NH15.00
2082f-j S/SSoccer (round) SheetsNH11.00
  2082f S/S  Soccer Sheet - EuropeNH4.00
  2082g S/S  Soccer Sheet - North, Central AmericaNH4.00
  2082h S/S  Soccer Sheet - AsiaNH4.00
  2082i S/S  Soccer Sheet - AfricaNH4.00
  2082j S/S  Soccer Sheet - South AmericaNH4.00
2083Cuisine Block of 4NH5.00
2083 STR  Cuisine Vertical Strip of 4NH6.00
2083a-d  Cuisine SinglesNH5.00
2084Women's WeekNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
2085-86Philakorea '02NH1.75
2085a-86a S/SPhilakorea SheetsNH4.00
2087-2102Regions of KoreaNH39.00
  2087Festival, Cliffs PairNH6.00
  2088Martial Arts, Temple PairNH6.00
  2089Weaving, Sailboat PairNH6.00
  2090Forest, Statue PairNH6.00
  2091Scientist, Park PairNH6.00
  2092Mask Drama, Rock PairNH6.00
  2093Tug-Of-War, Statues PairNH6.00
  2094Logs, Island PairNH6.00
  2095Mask Dance, House PairNH6.00
  2096Clowns, Rock Formations PairNH6.00
  2097Dancers, Cliffs PairNH6.00
  2098House and Gate, Mt. Halla PairNH6.00
  2099Folk Band, Mt. Mai PairNH6.00
  2100Dance, Island PairNH6.00
  2101Mask, Fortress PairNH6.00
  2102Mask Dance, Prehistoric  Inscriptions PairNH6.00
2103Philakorea ExhibitionNH1.25
2103a S/SPhilakorea SheetNH2.75
2104Philately WeekNH1.10
2104a S/SPhilately SheetNH2.50
2105 M/SSoccer Sheet of 24NH20.00
2106Asian GamesNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2106a S/SGames SheetNH2.50
2107Games for the DisabledNH1.10
2108Orchids Block of 4, Scented 
2108 STROrchids Strip of 4, ScentedNH5.50
2109Martial Arts PairNH2.25
2109 BLK  Martial Arts Block of 4NH7.50
2109 M/S  Martial Arts MiniSheet of 16NH30.00
2110Year of the RamNH1.25
2110a S/SRam SheetNH2.50
2111 M/SObservation Tower, Fortress Sheet of 10NH22.00
2111a-b SNG  Observation Tower, Fortress SinglesNH4.50
2111a+b ST  Observation Tower, Fortress Se-tenant PairNH6.50
2112South Korea - Vietnam Relations PairNH4.00
2112 PR  South Korea - Vietnam Relations MiniSheet of 16NH45.00
2113-141580w,1610w Priority MailNH18.00
  2113  1580w Priority MailNH8.75
  2114  1610w Priority MailNH10.00
2115Korean US ImmigrationNH1.25
2116Train Cars Block of 4NH6.00
2116a-d  Train Cars SinglesNH6.00
2117Dye Plants Strip of 4NH5.00
2118Presidential InaugurationNH.90
2118a S/SInauguration SheetNH2.50
2119-22Traditional Culture Strips of 4NH23.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2119  Footwear Strip of 4NH5.75
  2120  Chairs Strip of 4NH6.50
  2121  Lights Strip of 4NH5.75
  2122  Tables Strip of 4NH5.75
2123a-24a S/SCartoon SheetsNH2.50
2125Lighthouse ConstructionNH1.25
NOTE:  2126The Scott listing of these stamps as a vertical strip is somewhat misleading.  The sheet of 20 yields: 4 identical blocks of 4 and only 1 vertical strip of 4.  Thus the Scott listing is for a relatively scarce position which must command a tremendous premium. NHAsk
2126 BLKLocal Foods Block of 4 (does not not exist in Scott Order)NH5.00
2126 STR  Local Foods Vertical Strip of 4NH17.50
2126a-d  Local Foods SinglesNH5.00
2126 M/S  Local Foods MiniSheet of 20NH30.00
2127420w Priority MailNH2.50
2128Philately WeekNH1.00
2128a S/SPhilately SheetNH2.50
2129Summer UniversiadeNH1.00
2129a S/SUniversiade SheetNH2.50
2131Soong Eui SchoolNH.90
2133Orchids (our choice of format)NH5.00
2133 BLK  Orchids Block of 4NH5.75
2133 STR  Orchids Strip of 4NH5.50
2134Year of the MonkeyNH1.25
2134a S/SMonkey SheetNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2135 M/SDolmens MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
2135a-b  Dolmens SinglesNH3.50
2135a+b ST  Dolmens Se-tenant PairNH4.50
2136Diplomatic Relations with India PairNH2.75
2137Endangered Flowers Strip of 4NH22.50
2137a-d  Flowers SinglesNH22.50
2138UNESCO CommissionNH1.00
2139Special Rail Cars Block of 4NH5.00
2139a-d  Rail Cars SinglesNH5.00
2140Dye Plants Block of 4NH6.50
2140 STR  Dye Plants Strip of 4NH6.50
2140  Dye Plants SinglesNH5.50
2141World Water DayNH1.25
2142Meteorological ServiceNH1.25
2143High Speed RailroadsNH1.40
2144-45Future of ScienceNH2.00
2146a-47a S/SCartoon SheetsNH3.00
2148Soccer FederationNH1.00
2149Food BlockNH5.00
2150Needlework Strip of 4NH5.75
2151Head Coverings Strip of 4NH5.75
2152National AcademiesNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2153a S/SCongratulations SheetNH2.50
2154Athens OlympicsNH1.25
2155Bridges Block of 4NH5.75
2156Council of MuseumsNH1.25
2157Touristic Block of 4NH5.00
2157a-d  Tourism SinglesNH5.00
2158-63d (9)Personalizeable Stamps - 9 Singles with TabsNH45.00
2158-63 (9)Personalizeable Stamps - 5 Singles + Strip of 4NHAsk
  2158-62  Personalizeable Stamps with TabsNH18.00
  2163  Personalizeable Strip of 4 with TabsNHAsk
  2163a-d  Animals, Flowers Personalizeable Singles with TabsNH20.00
2158-63 M/S  Five Personalized Sheetlets of 14 or 20 containing 9 different stamps.NH250.00
2164 BLKOrchids Block of 4 
2164 STR  Orchids Strip of 4NH6.50
2164 SNG  Orchids SinglesNH6.00
2164 M/S  Orchids MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
2165Year of the ChickenNH1.25
2165a S/SLunar New Year SheetNH2.50
2166 M/SArtifacts MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
2166a-b  Artifacts SinglesNH3.00
2167Fish Strip, Lighthouse Strip of 4NH8.00
2167a-d  Fish, Lighthouse SinglesNH7.50
2167 M/S  Nature of Marado MiniSheet of 16NH45.00
2168Cell CloningNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2169Rotary InternationalNH1.00
2170 STRDye Plants Strip of 4NH6.25
2170 BLK  Dye Plants Block of 4 
2170a-d  Dye Plants SinglesNH5.25
2170 M/S  Dye Plants MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
2171Gyeonggi ProvinceNH.90
2172-73Future CommunicationsNH2.00
2174Korea UniversityNH1.25
2175Whaling CommissionNH2.75
2176Food Block of 4NH5.00
2177Goguryeo Kingdom PairNH4.00
2177a-b  Goguryeo Kingdom SinglesNH3.75
2177 M/S  Goguryeo Kingdom MiniSheet of 14NH34.00
2178-79These numbers not utilized by Scott 2007. 
2180-99 (13)50w-1750w Accumulated Definitives 
2180 '0550w Strix Aluco OwlNH1.25
2181 '0770w Flowering PlantNH.80
2182This number not utilized by Scott 2009. 
2183 '0690w Parus Major BirdNH.90
2184 '06100w Crinum Asiaticum FlowerNH.90
2185-87These numbers not utilized by Scott 2009. 
2188 '05220w Planned CityNH2.00
2189 '06250w Brown Hawk OwlNH2.25
2190 TAB250w Rose of Sharon with TabNH4.00
2190 M/S  250w Rose of Sharon MiniSheet of 20 with TabsNH95.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2191This number not utilized by Scott 2009. 
2192 '06340w SwansNH1.50
2193This number not utilized by Scott.  
2193 '11360w ShellNH.80
2194 '091000w Incense BurnerNH2.50
2196 '051720w Buncheong JarNH6.75
2197 '061750w PitcherNH8.00
2197A '111770w Jar with Clay FiguresNH4.00
2198 '092000w Bronze PagodaNH5.00
2199 '08250w Flower - Eurayle FeroxNH2.50
2200 '11270w Flag, Self-adhesive, Die Cut 11x11NH.60
2200 '11 GP 1  270w Flag Gutter Pair with DesignNH3.00
2200 '11 GP 2  270 Flag Gutter Pair BlankNH3.50
2200-02These numbers not utilized by Scott 2009. 
2203Happy BirthdayNH1.25
2203a S/SHappy Birthday SheetNH2.75
2204Liberation of Korea StripNH10.00
2205East-West FusionNH1.25
2206Bridges Block of 4NH5.75
2206 M/S  Bridges MiniSheet of 16 
2207Scenic Views Strip of 4NH10.00
2208Red CrossNH1.00
2209National MuseumNH1.25
2210Orchids (our choice of format)NH6.00
2210 BLK  Orchids Block of 4NH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2211Pacific Cooperation PairNH2.25
2212Year of the DogNH1.25
2212a S/SYear of the Dog SheetNH2.50
2213 M/SNational Treasures - World Heritage MiniSheet of 14NH24.00
2213a+b ST  National Treasures - World Heritage PairNH6.50
2213a-b SNG  National Treasures - World Heritage SinglesNH6.00
2214-17Wildlife (our choice of format)NH9.00
2214-17 STR  Wildlife Strip of 4NH10.00
2214-17 M/S  Wildlife MiniSheet of 16NH35.00
2218Island of World PeaceNH1.00
2219 BLKExports Block of 8NH8.00
2219 M/S  Exports MiniSheet of 16NH17.50
2220Dinosaur World Expo, Self-adhesive (our choice of pair)NH2.50
2220 HPR 1  Dinosaur Horizontal Pair with Brown Dino at Left NH2.75
2220 HPR 2  Dinosaur Horizontal Pair with Brown Dino at Right NH2.75
2220 VPR 1  Dinosaur Vertical Pair with Brown Dino at Left NH3.00
2220 VPR 2  Dinosaur Vertical Pair with Brown Dino at RightNH3.00
2220 BLK  Dinosaur Block of 4NH6.00
2220 TAB  Dinosaur Pair with "Gyeongham Goseong Dinosaur World Expo 2006" TabNH9.50
2220 M/S  Dinosaur MiniSheet of 16 with Decorative MarginsNH27.50
2221-22Children's Drawings, MonitorNH2.00
2223Dongguk UniversityNH1.00
2224Sookmyung Women's UniversityNH1.00
2225World Cup Soccer with TabNH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2225 M/S  World Cup Soccer with Tabs MiniSheet of 14 with Large Decorative TabNH175.00
2226World Cup Soccer PairNH4.50
2227Goguryeo II (Temple, Art) SinglesNH5.00
2227 PR  Goguryeo II (Temple, Art) PairNH5.50
2227 M/S  Goguryeo II (Temple, Art) MiniSheet of 14 with Decorative MarginsNH35.00
2228Philately Week, Hearts PairNH2.00
2228 M/S  Philately Week, Hearts MiniSheet of 15NH22.50
2228c S/SPhilately Week, Hearts SheetNH3.00
2229Skateboarding Block of 4NH6.00
2229 M/S  Skateboarding MiniSheet of 16NH29.00
2230World Ginseng ExpoNH1.00
2231Jindo Bridge Block of 4NH6.00
2231 M/S  Jindo Bridge MiniSheet of 16NH27.50
2232Hangeul Day - Writing SystemNH1.00
These Tete-Beche pairs have been overlooked in Scott 2008.  Since Scott has started listing many TB pairs for other countries we suggest getting these now before the rush is on!
2232 M/SHangeul Day MiniSheet of 20NH25.00
2232 TB1  Hangeul Day Tete-Beche Pair with White Letters TogetherNH4.00
2232 TB2  Hangeul Day Tete-Beche Pair with Yellow Letters TogetherNH4.00
2233Sahmyook UniversityNH1.00
2234 BLKInternet Games Block of 10NH10.00
2234 M/S  Internet Games MiniSheet of 20NH22.50
2235Mountain Scenes (our choice of format)NH5.00
2235 BLKMountain Scenes Block of 4NH5.50
2235 STRMountain Scenes Strip of 4NH6.50
2235 M/S  Mountain Scenes MiniSheet of 16NH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2236Lunar Year of the PigNH1.50
2236a S/SYear of the Pig SheetNH3.00
2237 M/SWorld Heritage Treasures MiniSheet of 10 - SingersNH35.00
2237a-b  World Heritage Treasures SinglesNH4.50
2237a+b ST  World Heritage Treasures PairNH5.00
2238-39Neighborhood FriendlinessNH2.50
2240Rivers of Korea - I (our choice of format)NH4.75
2240 BLK  Rivers of Korea I - Block of 4NH5.00
2240 STR  Rivers of Korea I - Strip of 4NH5.00
2240 M/S  Rivers MiniSheet of 16NH25.00
2241 SNGArt World of Nam June Paik SinglesNH4.50
2241 BLK  Art World of Nam June Paik Block of 4NH5.00
2241 M/S  Art World of Nam June Paik MiniSheet of 12NH17.50
2242National DebtNH1.25
2243 PRSOld Maps PairsNH9.00
2243 STR  Old Maps Strip of 4NH19.00
2243 M/S  Old Map MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
2244Daehan Hospital AnniversaryNH1.25
2245Pacific Orchid Conference (Joint issue with Singapore)NH2.00
2246Year of BiologyNH1.25
2246a S/SYear of Biology SheetNH3.00
2247-49My Own Stamps:  Sunflower, Clover, PigNH18.00
  2247  My Own Stamp - SunflowerNH25.00
  2248  My Own Stamp - CloverNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2249  My Own Stamp - Golden PigNH14.00
2247-49 M/SMy Own Stamps MiniSheetsNHAsk
  2247 M/S  My Own Stamp - Sunflower MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
  2248 M/S  My Own Stamp - Clover MiniSheet of 9NHAsk
  2249 M/S  My Own Stamp - Golden Pig MiniSheet of 9NHAsk
2250Wedding Costumes Block of 8 (Joint Issue with Singapore)NH11.50
2250 M/S  Wedding Costumes MiniSheet of 16 (Joint Issue with Singapore)NH24.00
2251Fortress WallNH1.25
2252-53Wholesome InternetNH2.50
2254Children's Charter Scented (self-adhesive)NH1.25
2255Envoy to the HagueNH1.25
2256 M/SGoguryeo MiniSheet of 14NH27.50
2256a-b SNG  Goguryeo - III SinglesNH4.50
2256a-b ST  Goguryeo - III Se-tenant PairNH5.00
2257 STPhilately Week Triangle Pair NH2.50
2257a-b  Philately Week Triangle SinglesNH1.90
2257c S/SPhilately Week SheetNH2.75
2258Extreme Sports Block of 4NH6.00
2258 M/S  Extreme Sports MiniSheet of 16NH29.00
2259Bar AssociationNH1.25
2260Bridges - IV (our choice of format)NH4.75
2260 BLK  Bridges IV - Block of 4NH5.00
2260 STR  Bridges IV - Strip of 4 
2260 M/S  Bridges IV - MiniSheet of 16 
2261Inter-Korean SummitNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2262Mountains of Korea IV (our choice of format)NH4.75
2262 BLK  Mountains of Korea IV - Block of 4NH5.00
2262 STR  Mountains of Korea IV - Strip of 4NH5.00
2262 M/S  Mountains of Korea MiniSheet of 16NH25.00
2263 M/SFilm Series - I - MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
2263 SNGFilm Series - I (not issued se-tenant)NH5.00
2263 ST  Film Series with Tab betweenNH6.00
2264-65Children's Human RightsNH2.50
2266Seoul Post Office PairNH2.50
2266 M/S  Post Office MiniSheet of 14NH16.00
2267New Year GreetingsNH1.50
2267a S/SNew Year Greetings SheetNH3.00
2268 M/SHeritage Masterpieces MiniSheet of 10NH21.00
2268a-b SNG  Heritage Masterpieces SinglesNH3.75
2268a-b PR  Heritage Masterpieces PairNH4.00
2269Rivers of Korea - IINH4.00
2269 M/S  Rivers of Korea - II - MiniSheet of 16NH17.00
2270a-bKing Sejong Antarctic Station SpecialNH3.00
2270 M/S  King Sejong Antarctic Station Special MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
2271President Lee Myung BakNH1.50
2271 M/S  President MiniSheet of 12NH19.00
2271a S/SPresident Lee Myung Bak SheetNH3.00
2272Africa Savanna Animals (round)NH5.75
2272 M/S  Africa Savanna Animals (round) MiniSheet of 16NH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2273Asian Exhibition - Costumes (our choice of format)NH4.00
2273 BLK  Asian Exhibition - Costumes Block of 4NH5.00
2273 STR  Asian Exhibition - Costumes Strip of 4NH5.00
2273 M/S  Asian Exhibition - Costumes MiniSheet of 16NH17.00
2274-75Mailboxes of the FutureNH2.00
2276-77Happy Nation Nurturing KidsNH2.00
2278-81My Own Stamps - Rose, Tree Path, Love, Sun+MoonNH32.50
2278-81 M/S  My Own Stamps MiniSheetsNH150.00
2282OECD - Internet EconomyNH1.50
2283Patriot Yun Bong-GilNH1.00
"2284"Dangun Wanggeom Strip of 4NH2.50
"2284" M/S  Dangun Wanggeom MiniSheet of 12NH12.50
2285Energy Conservation BlockNH3.75
2286Philately Week PairNH2.00
2286 M/S  Philately Week Pair MiniSheet of 20NH25.00
2286a S/SPhilately Week SheetNH4.00
2287Beijing OlympicsNH1.50
2288Republic AnniversaryNH1.00
2289Language SocietyNH1.00
2290Water WorksNH1.00
2291Radio Direction FindingNH1.00
2292Extreme Sports Block of 4NH5.00
2292 M/S  Extreme Sports MiniSheet of 16NH24.00
2293Salvation ArmyNH1.00
2294Armed Forces AnniversaryNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2295Diplomatic Relations with Thailand PairNHAsk
2295 HPR  Diplomatic Relations with Thailand Horizontal PairNHAsk
2295 VPR  Diplomatic Relations with Thailand Vertical PairNHAsk
2295 M/S  Diplomatic Relations with Thailand MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
2296Nature Views Block of 4NH4.00
2296 M/S  Nature Views MiniSheetNHAsk
2297Films Block of 4NH4.00
2297 M/S  Films MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
2298Upo WetlandsNH1.00
2299Masks Pair (Joint issue with Hong Kong) 
2299 M/S  Masks Pair (Joint issue with Hong Kong) MiniSheet of 10NH22.50
2300Year of the OxNH2.25
2300a S/SNew Year - Ox - SheetNH2.50
2301Educator BrailleNH1.00
2301 M/S  Educator Braille MiniSheet of 20 with Descriptive TitleNH10.00
2302Year of Astronomy PairNH2.00
2302 M/S  Year of Astronomy MiniSheet of 16NH15.00
2303Geum River (our choice of format)NH4.00
2303 BLK  Geum River Block of 4NH4.50
2303 STR  Geum River Strip of 4NH5.00
2303 M/S  Geum River MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
2304-05Diplomatic Relations with PhilippinesNH3.00
2304-05 M/S  Diplomatic Relations with Philippines MiniSheet of 14NH21.00
2306Historic Trees Block of 4NH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2306 M/S  Historic Trees MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
2307Marine Corps (octagon)NH1.25
2307 M/S  Marine Corps (octagon) MiniSheet of 16NH19.00
2308-09Asia Becoming OneNH1.75
2308-09 M/S  Asia Becoming One MiniSheet of 20 with Descriptive TitleNH30.00
2310-11Love for the EarthNH1.25
2310-11 M/S  Love for the Earth MiniSheet of 20 with Descriptive TitleNH24.00
2312 M/S  Cartooning MiniSheet of 16 with GutterNH20.00
2313Earrings Strip of 3 (our choice) Jewelry (Joint issue with Mongolia and Kazakhstan)NH3.50
2313 SO  Earrings Strip of 3 in Scott Order -Round Earrings at Left - (Joint issue with Mongolia, Kazakhstan)NH5.00
2313 VSTR  Earrings Vertical Strip of 3 (Joint issue with Mongolia, Kazakhstan)NH5.50
2313 M/S  Earrings, Jewelry (Joint issue with Mongolia and Kazakhstan) MiniSheet of 12NH14.00
2314 M/SWorld Heritage MiniSheet of 10 with MapNH9.50
2314a-b PR  World Heritage Pair from MiniSheetNH2.50
2314a-b SNG  World Heritage Singles from MiniSheet2.00
"2314c" S/S"Pair in Souvenir Sheet (listed as such in some catalogs)
2315Philately Week (our choice) Pair (triangles)NH1.75
2315 HHPR  Philately Week Hypotenuese to Hypotenuse Se-tenant PairNH2.25
2315 AAPR  Philately Week Adjacent to Adjacent Se-tenant PairNH2.00
2315 SNG  Philately Week Singles (triangles)NH1.50
2315 M/SPhilately Week (triangles) MiniSheet of 20 with Descriptive TitleNH25.00
2315c S/SPhilately Week SheetNH1.00
2316Bird Drawings Block of 8NH4.50
2316 M/S  Bird Drawings MiniSheet of 16 with PhilaKorea GutterNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2316ijkl S/S (4)Four Bird Sheets for ExhibitionNH9.75
2317 M/SKing Geumwawang MiniSheet of 12NH7.00
2317a-d PR  King Geumwawang PairsNH5.75
2317a-d BLK  King Geumwawang Block of 4NH7.00
2318Green Energy Block of 4NH2.00
2318 M/S  Green Energy MiniSheet of 16NH8.00
2319Taekwondo Park, StadiumNH1.00
2319 M/S  Taekwondo Park MiniSheet of 20 with Descriptive TitleNH15.00
2320Extreme Sports Block of 4NH2.00
2320 M/S  Extreme Sports MiniSheet of 16NH8.00
2321Uses of Rice Pair (our choice)NH1.00
2321 HPR  Uses of Rice Horizontal Pair NH1.10
2321 VPR  Uses of Rice Vertical Pair NH1.50
2321 M/SUses of Rice MiniSheet of 16NH9.00
2322OECD World ForumNH.90
2322 M/S  OECD World Forum MiniSheet of 20 with Desrciptive TitleNH8.00
2323 BLKFilm Block of 4 (our choice)NH2.50
2323 BLK SO  Film Block in Scott OrderNH
2323 STR  Film Strip of 4 (our choice)NH3.50
2323 STR SO  Film Strip of 4 in Scott OrderNH
2323 M/SFilm MiniSheet of 16 with GutterNH10.00
2324Bridges Pair (Joint issue with Brazil)NH1.25
2324  Bridges Pair (Purple at Left)NH1.30
2324 SO  Bridges Pair in Scott Order (Yellow at Left)NH2.00
2324 M/S  Bridges Pair (Joint issue with Brazil) MiniSheet of 10NH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2325Year of the TigerNH.80
2325 M/S  Year of the Tiger MiniSheet of 20 with Decorative MarginsNH10.00
2325a S/SYear of the Tiger Sheet of 2NH1.50
2326Visit Korea Year Pair (our choice)NH1.00
2326 VP  Visit Korea Year Vertical PairNH2.50
2326 HP  Visit Korea Year Horizontal Pair NH2.50
2326 BLK  Visit Korea Year Checkerboard BlockNH5.00
2326 M/S  Visit Korea Decorative MiniSheet of 20NH10.00
2327Vancouver Olympics PairNH1.00
2327 TAB  Vancouver Olympics Pair with TabNH2.00
2327 STR  Vancouver Olympics Strip of 4 with Central TabNH3.00
2327 M/S  Vancouver Olympics Decorative MiniSheet of 16 with 4 TabsNH8.00
2328Diplomatic Relations with Malaysia Tigers Pair NH1.00
2328 M/S  Diplomatic Relations with Malaysia Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH5.00
2329Martyr Ahn Jung-geun PairNH1.00
2329 M/S  Martyr Ahn Jung-geun Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH8.00
2330-31 ST  Universities Se-tenant Unit of 3NH2.00
2330-31 M/S  Universities Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH8.00
2332Historic Trees II Block of 4NH2.00
2332 M/S  Historic Trees II Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH8.00
2333 M/SOlympic Victories MiniSheet of 11NH5.50
2334Rivers IV (our choice of format)NH2.00
2334 BLK  Rivers Block of 4 (suggested format)NH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2334 STR  Rivers Strip of 4NH3.00
2334 M/S  Rivers IV MiniSheet of 4NH8.00
2335World Cup in South AfricaNH.75
2335 M/S  World Cup in South Africa Decorative MiniSheet of 12NH6.00
2336World Refugee DayNH.60
2336 STR  Refugee Strip of 4 with Virtues TabNH3.00
2336 M/S  Refugees Decorative MiniSheet of 12 with 8 VirtuesNH6.00
2337Diplomatic Relations with the UAE PairNH1.00
2337 M/S  Diplomatic Relations with the UAE MiniSheet of 10NH5.00
2338Korean War AnniversaryNH.50
2338 M/S  Korean War Anniversary Decorative MiniSheet of 20NH10.00
2339Philately Week Pair (Triangles)NH1.00
2339 HHST  Philately Week Hypotenuese to Hypotenuse Se-tenant PairNH2.50
2339 AAST  Philately Week Adjacent to Adjacent Se-tenant PairNH2.50
2339 M/S  Philately Week Decorative MiniSheet of 20NH15.00
2339c S/SPhilately Week SheetNH1.25
2340 M/SAge of Dinosaurs I MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
2340 BLK  Age of Dinosaurs I Block of 4NH3.75
2340a-d  Age of Dinosaurs I SinglesNH3.00
2341IUFRO World Congress (octagon)NH.75
2341 M/S  IUFRO World Congress Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH11.00
2342Jumong Scenes Block of 4NH2.00
2342 M/S  Jumong Scenes MiniSheet of 12NH6.00
2343Korean Film IV Block of 4NH2.00
2343 M/S  Korean Film IV Decorative MiniSheet of 16 with Gutters and TabsNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2344Reuse and Recycle Pair (our choice)NH1.00
2344 VP  Reuse and Recycle Vertical PairNH2.50
2344 HP  Reuse and Recycle Horizontal PairNH2.50
2344 BLK  Reuse and Recycle Checkerboard BlockNH5.00
2344 M/S  Reuse and Recycle Decorative MiniSheet of 20NH10.00
2345 M/S  G20 Summit in Seoul Decorative MiniSheet of 14NH15.00
2345a+b PRG20 Summit in Seoul PairNH1.50
2345a-b SNG  G20 Summit in Seoul SinglesNH1.25
2346Rabbit - New Year GreetingsNH.50
2346 M/S  Rabbit - New Year Decorative MiniSheet of 20NH10.00
2346a S/SNew Year Greetings - Rabbit SheetNH1.00
2347-49My Own Stamps - Large (40x29mm) - Pink, Blue, Green FramesNH7.00
2347-49 M/S  My Own Stamps - Large (40x29mm) - Pink, Blue, Green Frames MiniSheets of 25NH85.00
2350-52My Own Stamps - Small (34x36mm) - Pink, Blue, Green FramesNH8.50
2350-52 M/S  My Own Stamps - Small (34x36mm) - Pink, Blue, Green Frames MiniSheets of 14 with Large Central TabNH95.00
2353 M/SCharacters in The Little Penguin (shaped) MiniSheet of 10NH5.50
2354Historic Trees Block of 4NH2.50
2354 M/S  Historic Trees Decorative MiniSheet of 16 with GutterNH12.00
2355 M/SAncient Ships Decorative MiniSheet of 14 (Joint issue with Portugal)NH14.00
2355a-b  Ancient Ships (Joint issue with Portugal)NH2.00
2356Family PairNH1.25
2357Nature (Bamboo, Tea, Swamp, Pond) Block of 4 NH2.50
2357 M/S  Nature (Bamboo, Tea, Swamp, Pond)  Decorative MiniSheet of 12NH12.00
2358Polar Regions Preservation PairNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2359Shinheung Military AcademyNH.75
2359 M/S  Shinheung Military Academy Decorative MiniSheet of 16 with GutterNH12.50
2360 M/SWorld Heritage Royal Tombs MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
2360a-b  World Heritage Royal Tombs PairNH2.50
2361Disaster ReliefNH.75
2361 M/S  Disaster Relief MiniSheet of 20NH14.00
2362Philately Week - Fans Block of 4NH2.50
2362 M/S  Philately Week - Fans Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
2362a S/SFans Sheet in Strip of 4 SheetNH3.00
2363Winter Olympics Host 2018NH.75
2363 M/S  Winter Olympics Host 2018 Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
2364 M/SDinosaur MiniSheet of 12NH13.00
2364a-d  Dinosaurs Block of 4NH6.50
2365Athletics Federation Champs Pair (IAAF)NH2.50
2365 M/S  Athletics Federation Champs MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
2366Tripitaka Koreana Scroll 
2366 M/S  Tripitaka Koreana Scroll MiniSheet of 20 
2371Combat DesertificationNH.75
2371 M/S  Combat Desertification Decorative MiniSheet of 16 with GutterNH11.00
2372River Scenes (Ipo Weir Han, etc) Block of 4NH2.75
2372 M/S  River Scenes (Ipo Weir Han, etc) Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH13.00
2373Diplomatic Ties Pair with Australia (Joint issue)NH1.50
2373 M/S  Diplomatic Ties Pair with Australia (Joint issue) MiniSheet of 16NH27.50
"2374" M/SBalhae Kingdom MiniSheet of 12NH10.00
"2374a-d"  Balhae Kingdom Block of 4NH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2375Lunar Year of the DragonNH1.50
2375a S/SLunar Year of the Dragon SheetNH1.75
2376Trillion Dollars in Trade PairNH1.50
2376 M/S  Trillion Dollars in Trade Decorative MiniSheet of 16 with GutterNH14.00
2377Whales - Diplomatic Relations with Mexico PairNH1.50
2377 M/S  Whales - Diplomatic Relations with Mexico Decorative MiniSheet of 20NH18.00
2378 M/SPucca Television Characters (shaped) MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
2379Coffee, Ginseng Pair (Joint issue with Colombia)NH1.50
2379 M/S  Coffee, Ginseng Pair (Joint issue with Colombia) MiniSheet of 20NH17.00
2380Nuclear Security Treaty PairNH1.50
2380 M/S  Nuclear Security Treaty  MiniSheet of 20NH37.50
2381Historic Trees Block of 4NH2.75
2381 M/S  Historic Trees Decorative MiniSheet of 16 with GutterNH13.00
2382Postage Stamp Design ContestNH1.50
2382 M/S  Stamp Design Contest Decorative MiniSheet of 20 with GuttersNH17.00
2383Expo 2012 (Large) Yeosu Strip of 4NH3.00
2383 M/S  Expo 2012 Yeosu (Large) Decorative MiniSheet of 20NH17.00
2384Expo 2012 Yeosu (Small) Strip of 4NH5.00
2384 M/S  Expo 2012 Yeosu (Small) Sheet of 10NH9.50
2385KOTRA - Korean Trade PairNH1.50
2385 M/S  KOTRA - Korean Trade Decorative MiniSheet of 20 with GuttersNH17.00
2386Tourist Destinations (inc Waterfall) Block of 4NH3.00
2386 M/S  Tourist Destinations (inc Waterfall) Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH14.00
2387London Olympics Vertical PairNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2387 M/S  London Olympics Decorative MiniSheet of 10 with GuttersNH14.75
2388 M/SWorld Heritage Hahoe, Yangdong Villages Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
2388a-b S/S  World Heritage "Souvenir Sheet" of 2 from the top of the MiniSheetNH5.00
2v  World Heritage Hahoe, Yangdong Villages NH2.50
2389 M/SDinosaurs III Decorative MiniSheet of 12NH19.75
2389a-d  Dinosaurs III Block of 4NH15.00
2390Fans (shaped) Block of 4NH3.00
2390 M/S  Fans (shaped) Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH14.00
2390a S/SFans Sheet of 4 Sheets (shaped)NH3.00
2391World Conservation CongressNH.75
2391 M/S  World Conservation Congress Decorative MiniSheet of 20 in Diagonal PatternNH17.50
2392 Park Hyeokgeose of the Silla Kingdom Strip of 5NH3.25
2392 GP  Park Hyeokgeose of the Silla Kingdom Gutter PairNH7.50
2392 M/S  Park Hyeokgeose of the Silla Kingdom Decorative MiniSheet of 15NH11.00
2393-94Year of the SnakeNH1.50
2394a S/SYear of the Snake Sheet of 2NH1.50
"2395"Special Olympic Games 
"2395" GP  Special Olympic Games 
"2395" GP M/S  Special Olympic Games MiniSheet of 20 
2396Inauguration of the 18th President 
2397 M/SKorean-Made Characters MiniSheet of 10NH7.00
2398Baseball Players Pair 
2399Korea-Peru Diplomatic Relations Pair (Joint issue)NH1.75
2399 M/S  Korea-Peru Diplomatic Relations  (Joint issue) Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2400Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 
2400 M/S  Suncheon Bay Garden Expo MiniSheet of 20 
2401Information and Communication Strip of 4NH3.50
2401 M/S  Information and Communication Decorative MiniSheet of 5 StripsNH14.00
240250th Law DayNH.75
2403Restoration of Sungnyemun 
2403 M/S  Restoration of Sungnyemun MiniSheet of 24 
2404Young Korean Academy Centennial 
2404 M/S  Young Korean Academy Centennial MiniSheet of 20 
2405Korea - Slovakia Diplomatic Relations Pair (Joint issue)NH2.00
2405 M/S  Korea - Slovakia Diplomatic Relations (Joint issue) Decorative MiniSheet of 20NH14.00
2406Korea - Germany Diplomatic Relations Pair (Joint issue)NH2.00
2406 M/S  Korea - Germany Diplomatic Relations (Joint issue) Decorative MiniSheet of 20NH10.00
2407Energy Conservation BlockNH3.75
2407 M/S  Energy Conservation Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
2vBlue, Silver "My Own Stamp" I 
6 M/S  Blue, Silver "My Own Stamp" I MiniSheets of 6,14,20 
2412Philately Week Strip of 4NH5.00
2412 M/S  Philately Week Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH23.00
2413 S/SPhilately Week SheetNH3.75
2vBlue, Silver "My Own Stamp" II 
6 M/S  Blue, Silver "My Own Stamp" II MiniSheets of 6,14,20 
2414Coast Guard 
2414 M/S  Coast Guard MiniSheet of 20 
2415Korea - Indonesia Diplomatic Relations Pair (Joint issue) 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2415 M/S  Korea - Indonesia Diplomatic Relations (Joint issue) MiniSheet of 20 
2416Seoul Cyberspace Conference 
2416 M/S  Seoul Cyberspace Conference MiniSheet of 20 
11v300w-1930w Definitives 
9v  300w Buildings and Scenes Coil Strip of 9NH15.00
1v  390w Shell 
1v  1930w JarNH8.00
2417Onjo of the Baekje Kingdom Strip of 5NH5.00
2417 GP  Onjo of the Baekje Kingdom Strips of 5 Gutter PairNH11.75
2417 M/S  Onjo of the Baekje Kingdom Decorative MiniSheet of 15NH15.00
2418New Year Greetings Block of 4NH4.00
2418 M/S  New Year Greetings Decorative MiniSheet of 4 BlocksNH16.00
2419 S/SNew Year Greetings Sheet of 8NH8.00
2193B '14400w Pitta Nympha BirdNH1.50
2197C '141930w Gold EarringsNH6.00
2198A '142000w Dragon's Head VesselNH6.00
2198B '143000w Scholar Contemplating WaterNH9.00
2198C '143550w National Seal ArtworkNH9.75
2420 M/SCharacters IV MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
2421Cadastral Resurveying PairNH1.90
2422Poets Strip of 3NH2.25
2423PhilaKorea '14 Exhibition Block of 8NH9.00
2424Brazil World Cup Soccer PairNH2.50
2425Congress of Mathematics Vertical Strip of 3NH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2426Asian Games Strip of 6NH6.75
2427Arirang DancerNH6.75
2428Philately Week (our choice of format)NH5.25
2429Pope Francis Visit PairNH2.50
243060th Baekje Cultural Festival PairNH2.75
2431Biological DiversityNH1.00
2432Telecommunications Union Strip of 4NH4.50
2433-34Diplomatic Relations with Uruguay PairNH2.75
2435Korean Day, FlagsNH.90
2436King Suro Legend Strip of 5NH5.50
2437Year of the Sheep (our choice of format)NH3.50
2437e S/SYear of the Sheep Sheet of 4NH3.50
2438 M/SConstellations Sheet of 16 plus Tabs 
All New Issues are available from SOUTH KOREA and over 200 other Countries and Topics
B1-2Hospital, NursesNH36.00
B1-2 S/S  Hospital, Nurses DeLuxe Presentation SheetsNHAsk
B3Flood Relief on Granite Paper, Watermarked Zig-ZagNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
B4Flood Relief, Watermarked Communications EmblemNH7.50
B5Rice Farmer, 1w Flood ReliefNH12.00
B6Rice Farmer, 2w Relief, IndigoNH5.00
B7Rice Farmer, 2w Relief, MagentaNH5.00
B8Thift with 2w SurchargeNH8.00
B9Soldier, Wife, ChildNH10.00
B11Flag, Dark blueNH65.00
B12Flag, Light greenNH12.00
B13Flag without 00 in DenominationNH58.00
B14Pin of LoveNH2.00
B15Pin, DisasterNH3.00
B16Table TennisNH3.00
B17Lungs, Anti-TBNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
B18 Type 1Flood Relief Surcharge +10w (second character of the surcharge has smaller broken lines above the o)NHAsk
B18 Type 2  Flood Relief Surcharge +10w (second character of the surcharge has solid  lines above the o)NHAsk
B19-20Olympics EmblemsNH1.50
B20a S/SEmblems SheetNH1.50
B21-22Track, RowingNH1.50
B22a S/STrack, Running SheetNH1.50
B23-24Boxing, BasketballNH1.50
B24a S/SSports SheetNH1.50
B25-26Canoeing, CyclingNH1.50
B26a S/SSports SheetNH1.50
B27-3070w+30w Fencing, Soccer, etcNH2.50
B31-34 S/SSports SheetsNH49.00
B31a-34a  370w-470w Fencing, Soccer, etc Singles from SheetsNH11.00
B35-36Weights, HandballNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
B37-38Judo, Field HockeyNH2.50
B39-40 S/SLifting, Handball SheetsNH23.00
B39a-40a  370w,400w Lifting, Handball Singles from SheetsNH5.00
B41-42 S/SJudo, Hockey SheetsNH27.50
B41a-42a  440w,470w Judo, Hockey Singles from SheetsNH6.50
B43-46Tennis, SportsNH5.00
B43a-46a S/SSports SheetsNH14.00
B47-50Table Tennis, Shooting, etcNH5.00
B47a-50a S/SSports SheetsNH14.00
B51-52Sailing, TarkwondoNH1.75
B51a-52a S/SSports SheetsNH10.75
B53-54Torch, StadiumNH1.75
B53a-54a S/SOlympics SheetsNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
C150w Red PlaneNH22.00

C1a  50wn Plane Pair, Imperf BetweenNH250.00
C2150w Blue PlaneNH4.50
C2a  150w Blue KORFA varietyNH49.00
C3150w Green PlaneNH28.00
C460w Plane, MapNH24.00
C5500w Surcharge on 150wNH7.00
C5a  500w KORFA varietyNH50.00
C6-81200w-4200w Douglas C-47, ShipNH12.50
C9-1112h-42h Douglas C-47NH14.00
  C10  18h Douglas C-47USED.60
C12-16Douglas DC-7, GateNH60.00
  C12  25h Douglas DC-7, GateUSED1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  C13  35h Douglas DC-7, GateUSED1.10
  C14  38h Douglas DC-7, GateUSED1.10
C17-1970h-205h DC-7, Gate on Laid PaperNH39.00
C20-2270h-205h DC-7, Gate on Granite PaperNH60.00
  C21  110h DC-7, Gate on Granite PaperUSED2.50
  C22  205h DC-7, Gate on Granite PaperUSED2.50
C23-2650h-400h Plane, Scenes without ZerosNH200.00
C27-306w-40w Plane, Scene with Underlined ZerosNH600.00
C31This number not utilized by Scott. 
C32-3410w-40w Scene on Granite PaperNH125.00
C35-3839w-112w ScenesNH90.00
C39-42110w-180w Plane, World MapNH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
C43UPU (also see 914)NH2.00
C43a S/SUPU Sheet (please see 914a S/S)NH16.00
C44Korean Airplanes (please see 1448)NHAsk
C45Doves (also see 1450)NH4.00
C45 M/S  Doves MiniSheet of 8NH29.50