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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price

University Error - Scott 1030 with Double Impression of Black on the bottom stamps.
Definitives and Blocks of 9 are usually listed separately.
1976-79 DF691-711 Ka'aba DefinitivesNH22.00
1976-80 DF731-51 Oil Rig DefinitivesNH27.00
1982-86 DF872-92 (14)NH7.50
1986-91 UN1009-36 UniversitiesNH23.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1986 DF961,965,968NH175.00
1986 BK961a,968a Booklets (2)NH700.00
1990 BL1115-17 Flowers BlocksNH60.00
1991 BL1143-46J Animals BlocksNH62.50
1992 BL1171,1173 Birds BlocksNH53.00
1993 BL1172 Bird BlockNH24.00
1994 BL1169,1170 Bird BlockNH21.00
1995904,908,911A,1198-99,1201, 1214-27NH30.00
1996987B,988,1228-46,1251A-52,1252B, 1273,1273ANH82.50
1999 PV"990a" 2r Arch, Perf 14, F centering, quite scarce and not listed in Scott yet!NH29.00
20011306-18, "1315A" S/SNH86.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2004 ERMissing Denomination Error NH145.00
2005 LSSLimited Edition Sheets (4)NH145.00
2006 LSSLimited Edition Sheets (4)NH150.00
200813 Stamps + 2 S/S 
2008 LSSLimited Edition Sheets (2)NH67.50
20096 Stamps + 1 S/S 
201014 Stamps 
201115 Stamps (or more properly 3 Stamps + 2 S/S)NH27.50
2012 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2013 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2014 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2015 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2016 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2017 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1970-1979614//785 as listed aboveNH999.00
1980-1989786//1110 as listed aboveNH565.00
1986 DF and BK are not included.
1990-19991111//1291 as listed aboveNH620.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH295.00
1970-1999614//1291 as listed aboveNH1,995.00
1986 DF and BK are not included.
178-79Saudi, Afghan Arms 
180-84Riyadh Walls 
185-86Saudi, Jordan Arms 
185a,186aBOYAUME Error Set (Rare!)NH475.00
187-91Train, BedouinsNH135.00
192-93Lebanon, Saudi Arms 
194-95Pakistan, Saudi Arms 
196-97Saudi, Jordan Arms 
  196a  GOERCHE Variety 
198-200Postal Union, MapNH25.00
201-03Communications BuildingNH8.00
MI 440.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
204Postal Museum 
205-07Radio StationNH11.00
MI 465.00
208-10Refugee Year 
211-26Wadi Hanifa Dam, Saud CartoucheNH260.00
227-42Gas-Oil Separating Plant, Saud CartoucheNH200.00
  227  p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche - Maroon, orange 
  228  1p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche - Blue, red orangeNH1.40
  229  2p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche - Vermilion, blueNH1.40
  230  3p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche  
  231  4p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche  
  232  5p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche  
  233  6p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche NH1.40
  234  7p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche  
  235  8p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche  
  236  9p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche  
  237  10p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche NH2.25
  238  20p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche  
  239  50p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche  
  240  75p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche NH35.00
  241  100p Gas-Oil Separating Plant, Saud Cartouche - Blue, red brown  
  242  200p Gas-Oil Separating Plant, Saud Cartouche - Gray, olive greenNH85.00
243-45Dammam Port 
Scott # Description Condition Price
246-48Globe and Radio 
249-51Arab League WeekNH7.25
MI 445.00
252-54Malaria EradicationNH5.00
254a S/SMalaria Eradication Imperf Sheet (our choice of watermark position)NH18.00
254a WR S/S  Malaria Eradication Watermark facing LeftNHAsk
254a WL S/S  Malaria Eradication Watermark facing LeftNHAsk
258-63Dam with Saud Cartouche 
  258  p Dam with Saud Cartouche, Bistre browm orange, 28x23mmNH13.00
  259  p Dam with Saud Cartouche, Bistre brown orange, 27x22mm 
  260  3p Dam with Saud Cartouche, Sepia, blueNH7.00
  261 '64  4p Dam with Saud Cartouche, Sepia, olive greenH6.00
  262  5p Dam with Saud Cartouche, Black, violetNH10.00
  263  20p Dam with Saud Cartouche, Carmine, greenNH17.50
264-73Gas-Oil Plant, Saud Cartouche 
  264  p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche, 28x23mmNH11.50
  265  1p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche, 28x23mmH3.75
  266  p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche, 27x22mmNH8.75
  272  8p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH27.50
274-76Freedom from Hunger 
Scott # Description Condition Price
277-81Jet over Dhahran 
  279a  Thahran in Arabic 
282-84Human Rights 
285King Faisal, Saudi Arms 

286-313Dam, Saud Cartouche 
  288  3p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH4.75
  289  4p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH7.25
  290  5p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH6.00
  292  7p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH14.50
  294  9p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH85.00
  295  10p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH75.00
  296  11p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH6.75
  297  12p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH6.75
  298  13p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH6.75
  299  14p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH6.75
  300  15p Dam with Saud CartoucheH4.50
  301  16p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH8.00
  302  17p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH8.00
  303  18p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH8.00
  304  19p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH11.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  305  20p Dam with Saud CartoucheH6.00
  306  23p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH9.00
  307  24p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH11.00
  308  26p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH14.00
  309  27p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH14.00
  310  31p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH14.00
  311  33p Dam with Saud CartoucheNH14.00
  312  100p Dam with Saud CartoucheNHAsk
  313  200p Dam with Saud CartoucheNHAsk
314-41Gas-Oil Plant, Saud Cartouche 
  314  1p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH6.50
  316  3p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH4.50
  317  4p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH6.00
  319  6p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheH25.00
  321  8p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH6.00
  322  9p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH11.00
  323  10p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  324  11p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH4.00
  325  12p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH4.00
  326  13p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche 
  327  14p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche 
  328  15p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche 
  329  16p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheH4.75
  330  17p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche 
  331  18p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche 
  332  19p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud Cartouche 
  333  20p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH26.00
  334  23p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheH3.50
  335  24p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH8.00
  336  26p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH10.00
  337  27p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH10.00
  338  31p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH18.00
  339  33p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNH17.00
  340  50p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNHAsk
  341  200p Gas-Oil Plant with Saud CartoucheNHAsk
342-43These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
344-46Holy Ka'aba MeccaNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
347-49Tunisia, Saudi ArmsNH11.00
350-53Hejaz MountainsNH12.00
MI 475.00
354-58ICY, HandsNH11.00
359-62ITU, EquipmentNH8.50
363-38Library BurningNH23.00
369-72Postal UnionNH11.50
373-76Massacre, DaggerNH29.00
377-79Boy ScoutsNH18.00
380-82WHO HeadquartersNH9.00
383-87UNESCO AnniversaryNH10.50

393-421 (28)Dam Redrawn, Faisal Cartouche 
  393  1p Dam with Faisal Cartouche 
  394  2p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH16.00
  395  3p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH10.00
  396  4p Dam with Faisal CartoucheH9.00
  397  5p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH32.00
  398  6p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH30.00
  399  7p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH16.00
  400  8p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  401  9p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH6.50
  402  10p Dam with Faisal CartoucheH8.00
  403  11p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH9.75
  404  12p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH6.00
  405  13p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH18.00
  407  15p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH18.00
  408  16p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH24.00
  409  17p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH27.50
  410  18p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH19.00
  411  19p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH6.00
  412  20p Dam with Faisal Cartouche 
  413  23p Dam with Faisal Cartouche 
  414  24p Dam with Faisal Cartouche 
  415  26p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH7.00
  416  27p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH7.50
  417  33p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNH36.00
  428This number not utilized by Scott 
  419  50p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNHAsk
  420  100p Dam with Faisal Cartouche 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  421  200p Dam with Faisal CartoucheNHAsk
422-50Gas-Oil Redrawn, Faisal Cartouche 
  422  1p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNHAsk
  423  2p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH6.50
  424  3p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH12.00
  425  4p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH8.00
  426  5p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH32.00
  427  6p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH20.00
  428  7p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH30.00
  429  8p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH5.50
  430  9p Gas-Oil with Faisal Cartouche 
  431  10p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH5.00
  432  11p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH70.00
  433  12p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH5.00
  434  13p Gas-Oil with Faisal Cartouche 
  435  14p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH37.50
  436  15p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH10.00
  437  16p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH12.00
  438  17p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH9.00
  439  18p Gas-Oil with Faisal Cartouche 
  440  19p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  441  20p Gas-Oil with Faisal Cartouche 
  442  23p Gas-Oil with Faisal Cartouche 
  443  24p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH9.00
  445  27p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH30.00
  446  31p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNH10.00
  447  33p Gas-Oil with Faisal Cartouche 
  448  50p Gas-Oil with Faisal Cartouche 
  449  100p Gas-Oil with Faisal CartoucheNHAsk
  450  200p Gas-Oil with Faisal Cartouche 
451-55Scout AssociationNH19.00
456-60Meteorological DayNH21.00
4611p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
462-73Dam with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
  462  2p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH85.00
  463  3p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedH35.00
  464  4p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
  465  5p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedH45.00
  466  6p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH68.00
  467  7p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH100.00
  468  8p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH52.50
  469  9p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH200.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  470  10p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH125.00
  471  11p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
  472  12p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
  473  13p Dam with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
474-83Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche , WatermarkedNH300.00
  474  1p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH8.50
  475  2p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH5.00
  476  4p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
  477  5p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH21.00
  478  6p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
  479  9p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
  480  10p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
  481  11p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, Watermarked 
  482  12p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH33.00
  483  23p Gas-Oil Plant with Faisal Cartouche, WatermarkedNH55.00
484-88Map to Jedda RoadNH19.50
  489  1p MosqueNH2.00
  490  2p MosqueNH3.00
  490a  2p Mosque, New WatermarkNH6.50
  490b  2p Mosque, New Watermark, Redrawn  
  491  3p MosqueNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  491a  3p Mosque, New WatermarkNH2.75
  492  4p MosqueNH3.50
  492a  4p Mosque, RedrawnNH5.00
  492b  4p Mosque, New Watermark, Redrawn NH10.00
  493  5p MosqueNH7.00
  494  6p Mosque, Black and green 
  494a  6p Mosque, Gray and green 
  495  10p MosqueNH11.00
  495a  10p Mosque, Redrawn 
  496  20p MosqueNH13.00
  497  50p Mosque 
  498  100p MosqueNH13.00
  499  200p Mosque 
500-023p, 4p, 10p Oil WellNH300.00
503-11Mosques with "Outline" Watermark 
  503  1p Prophet's MosqueNH4.00
  504  2p Prophet's Mosque, Brown, greenNH6.50
  505  3p Prophet's Mosque, Black, greenNH5.75
  505b    3p Prophet's Mosque, Gray, green 
  505c    3p Prophet's Mosque, Black, green, RedrawnNH5.50
  506  4p Prophet's MosqueNH6.00
  506a    4p Prophet's Mosque, RedrawnNH6.00
  507  5p Prophet's MosqueNH6.00
  508  6p Prophet's MosqueNH8.00
  509  8p Prophet's Mosque 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  510  10p Prophet's Mosque, Brown red and greenNH7.50
  510b  10p Prophet's Mosque, Orange  and green, RedrawnNH16.00
  511  20p Prophet's Mosque 
503a-11aProphet's Mosque New WatermarkNHAsk
  503a  1p New WatermarkNH4.00
  504a  2p New WatermarkNH5.50
  504b  2p Prophet's Mosque New Watermark, Redrawn 
  505a  3p New WatermarkNH6.00
  505d  3p New Watermark, Redrawn 
  506b  4p New WatermarkNH8.00
  507a  5p New WatermarkNH4.00
  508a  6p New WatermarkNH5.50
  510a  10p New WatermarkNH9.00
  510c  10p New Watermark, RedrawnNH17.00
  511a  20p New WatermarkNH7.00
512-16Madayin SalehNH200.00
  512 '70  2p Madayin SalehNH16.00
  513 '68  4p Madayin SalehNH4.00
  514 '75  7p Madayin SalehNH175.00
  515 '68  10p Madayin SalehNH11.00
  516 '68  20p Madayin SalehNH20.00
517-204p-20p Arabian Stallion 
  517  4p Arabian StallionNH6.00
  518  10p Arabian Stallion 
  519  14p Arabian StallionNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  520  20p Arabian StallionNH9.50
521 '714p Camels, Oil 
522 '6910p Camels, Oil 
523-26Holy Ka'aba, MeccaNH49.50
  523  4p Holy Ka'aba, MeccaNH7.00
  523a    4p Holy Ka'aba, Mecca, White Value Corner 
  523b    4p Holy Ka'aba, Mecca, Redrawn 
  524  6p Holy Ka'aba, MeccaNH3.75
  524a    6p Holy Ka'aba, Mecca, White Value CornerNH20.00
  525  8p Holy Ka'aba, Mecca 
  526  10p Holy Ka'aba, MeccaNH15.00
  526a    10p Holy Ka'aba, Mecca, Redrawn, White Value CornerNH14.00
  526b    10p Holy Ka'aba, Mecca, Redrawn 
527-606These numbers are not utilized by Scott. 
607-09Rover Moot BadgeNH19.50
610-12Traffic (3p Bright blue green)NH10.50
  610a  3p Traffic Gray greenNH48.50
613WHO AnniversaryNH10.75
614-15Islamic ConferenceNH6.50
618-20Steel MillNH21.00
621Rover Moot EmblemNH8.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
MI 450.00
627Arab League 
628Education YearNH5.50
MI 445.00
629OPEC AnniversaryNH5.25
631-34Telephone SystemNH15.75
635Literacy DayNH8.00
636-38Rover Moot LeagueNH22.00
639-40Globe, MapNH10.50
641Hydrological DecadeNH6.50
642-43Postal UnionNH19.00
644Balloons, PacifierNH12.00
645-473p-10p UPU CentenaryNH155.00
  645  3p UPU, YellowNH50.00
  646  4p UPU, RoseNH50.00
648-49Book YearNH14.50
650-52Desalination PlantNH15.00
655Postal StudiesNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
656-58UPU in BernNH22.00
659-61Military CantonmentNH16.00
662-64Red CrescentNH15.00
665-67Rover Moot in MeccaNH19.50
668-69Day of the BlindNH18.00
670Meteorological CoopNH8.50
MI 460.00
671-73King FaisalNH14.50
MI 475.00
674 S/SFaisal Limited SheetNH450.00
675Foreign MinistersNH5.00
MI 430.00
676-77Charity SocietyNH12.00
MI 470.00
678-79Muslim ConferenceNH38.00
680-81Airline AnniversaryNH35.00
MI 4200.00
682Conference CentersNH15.00
MI 495.00
683-84Holy PlacesNH22.00
MI 4140.00
685-86Food ProgramNH17.00
687Science, TechnologyNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
688Tower, TV ScreenNH19.50
MI 4140.00
689-90Second Five-Year PlanNH12.00
MI 475.00
Many shade, paper and watermark varieties exist on the Holy Ka'aba and Al Khafji Oil Rig Definitives.  We have an excellent, specialized stock and welcome inquiries from interested collectors.  If you are just learning about this field, we can compose exciting collections to get you started quickly!

691-711Holy Ka'abaNH22.00
MI 4140.00
691-711 GPGutter Pairs Set (13)NH195.00
691-711Gutter Pairs (13) with Marginal InscriptionNH295.00

693a,694a,689aThe White Minarets Complete Set of 3 (the bottom row in the scan above)NH37.00
693a,694a,698a GPGutter Pairs (3) of the White Minarets IssueNH225.00
693a,694a,698a GPGutter Pairs (3) with Marginal InscriptionsNH475.00
  691  5h Holy Ka'aba LilacNH.40
MI 45.00
  691 GP    5h Holy Ka'aba Lilac Gutter PairNHASK
  692  10h Holy Ka'aba Light violetNH.50
MI 45.00
  692 GP    10h Holy Ka'aba Light violet Gutter PairNH40.00
  693  15h Holy Ka'aba SalmonNH.50
MI 45.00
  693 GP      15h Holy Ka'aba Salmon Gutter PairNH10.00
    693a WM    15h Holy Ka'aba Salmon with "White Minarets" and Gray vignetteNH8.75
MI 467.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
    693a WM GP      15h Holy Ka'aba Salmon with  "White Minarets" and Gray vignette Gutter PairNH50.00
  694  20h Holy Ka'aba Light blueNH4.00
MI 422.00
  694 GP      20h Holy Ka'aba Light blue Gutter PairNH14.00
    694a WM    20h Holy Ka'aba Light blue with  "White Minarets" and Gray vignetteNH13.50
MI 495.00
    694a WM GP      20h Holy Ka'aba Light blue with  "White Minarets" and Gray vignette Gutter PairNH65.00
  695  25h Holy Ka'aba YellowNH1.20
MI 48.50
  695 GP    25h Holy Ka'aba Yellow Gutter PairNH13.00
  696  35h Holy Ka'aba Gray greenNH1.60
MI 412.00
  696 GP    35h Holy Ka'aba Gray green Gutter PairNH27.50
  697  35h Holy Ka'aba Yellow bistreNH.90
MI 47.00
  697 GP    35h Holy Ka'aba Yellow bistre Gutter PairNH14.00
  698  40h Holy Ka'aba Light greenNH3.75
MI 430.00
  698 GP    40h Holy Ka'aba Light green Gutter PairNH30.00
  698 IMPNH100.00
  698 IMP PR      40h Holy Ka'aba Light green Imperforate PairNH235.00
    698a WM    40h Holy Ka'aba Light green with  "White Minarets" and Gray vignetteNH15.50
MI 495.00
    698a WM GP      40h Holy Ka'aba Light green with  "White Minarets" and Gray vignette Gutter PairNH60.00
  699  45h Holy Ka'aba Dull roseNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
MI 48.00
  699 GP    45h Holy Ka'aba Dull rose Gutter PairNH28.00
  700  50h Holy Ka'aba PinkNH1.25
MI 48.00
  700 GP    50h Holy Ka'aba Pink Gutter PairNH18.00
  701-02  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  703  65h Holy Ka'aba Grayish blueNH1.40
MI 49.00
  703 GP    65h Holy Ka'aba Grayish blue Gutter PairNH28.00
  704-09  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  710  1r Holy Ka'aba Yellow greenNH2.00
MI 412.00
  710 GP    1r Holy Ka'aba Yellow green Gutter PairNH16.00
  711  2r Holy Ka'aba GreenNH7.50
MI 440.00
  711 GP    2r Holy Ka'aba Green Gutter PairNH30.00
  712-18  This number not utilized by Scott. 
71920h Holy Ka'aba MosqueNH2.00
MI 412.00
719 GP    20h Holy Ka'aba Mosque Gutter PairNH20.00
We have examined several hundred stamps from the various printings of this issue and identified four major, clearly different shades on the 20h and three on the 50h:
719 SH1  20h Holy Ka'aba Mosque - Basic OrangeNH2.00
MI 415.00
719 SH2  20h Holy Ka'aba Mosque - Brownish OrangeNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
MI 418.00
719 SH3  20h Holy Ka'aba Mosque - Bright OrangeNH10.00
MI 460.00
719 SH4  20h Holy Ka'aba Mosque - Very Pale OrangeNH20.00
MI 4100.00
720 '7750h MosqueNH3.50
MI 420.00
720 GP    50h Mosque Gutter PairNH28.00
720 SH1  50h Mosque - Medium GreenNH5.00
MI 432.00
720 SH2  50h Mosque - Pale GreenNH10.00
MI 460.00
720 SH3  50h Mosque - Bright GreenNH6.00
MI 435.00
720 SH4  50h Mosque - Very Deep GreenNH10.00
MI 460.00
721Telephone CentenaryNH9.00
MI 470.00
722Summit ConferenceNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
MI 460.00
723WHO Emblem, EyeNH15.00
MI 4125.00
724Holy Ka'aba, MeccaNH10.00
MI 475.00
MI 475.00
726Sharia CollegeNH10.00
727-28King Khalid with Corrected Date at end of 3rd row - "ro"NH7.50
MI 439.00
  727a-28a  King Khalid with Incorrect Date at end of 3rd row - "ir"NH39.50
MI 4225.00
729Diesel Train, MapNH27.50
730Famous Imams Block of 4NH68.00
730a-d  Famous Imams Single StampsNH35.00
Many shade, paper and watermark varieties exist on the Holy Ka'aba and Al Khafji Oil Rig Definitives.
  We have an excellent, specialized stock and welcome inquiries from interested collectors.
  If you are just learning about this field, we can compose exciting collections to get you started quickly!


Paper A - Thicker and rougher than Paper B.  Paper A is luminescent under UV showing clear bright to mottled luminescence.

Paper B - Slightly thinner and smoother paper than Paper A.  the 55h was issued only on Paper B and serves as the basis for comparison.

Paper C - Similar to Paper A in room light but is dull purple brown under UV light.  The printing colors are noticeably different.


  The Watermark Variations are described when the stamp is viewed from the front.
  Paper A exists with Watermark UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT.
  Paper B exists with Watermark UP and DOWN.
  Paper C exists with Watermark UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT.

731-43,750a,751Al Khafji Oil Rig (our choice of paper and watermark)NH27.00
MI 4225.00
731-43,750a,751Al Khafji Oil Rig Gutter Pairs Set (14) (our choice of paper and watermark)NH140.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
731-43,750a,751Al Khafji Oil Rig Gutter Pairs (14) with Marginal Inscriptions. Please ask for a scan of Gutter Blocks of 8 with Inscription.  (our choice of paper and watermark)NH250.00
731-43,750a,751Al Khafji Oil Rig Gutter Pairs (14) with Plate Numbers. Please ask for a scan of Gutter Blocks of 8 with Plate Numbers 1 and 2.  (our choice of paper and watermark)NH250.00

The two stamps above differ in the number of dots in the Arabic word to the right of "Al-Khafji."  The stamp on the left has three small dots while the one on the right shows two dots.  The dots may be difficult to see depending on your monitor.  
  731  5h Violet blue (our choice of paper and watermark)NH.40
MI 45.00
  731 GP  5h Violet blue Gutter Pair (our choice of paper and watermark)NH12.00
  732  10h Yellow green (our choice of paper and watermark)NH.40
MI 45.00
  732 GP    10h Yellow green Gutter PairNH8.00
  733    15h Brown (our choice of paper and watermark)NH.40
MI 45.00
  733 GP    15h Brown Gutter PairNH10.00
  734  20h Green (3 dots)NH.60
MI 45.00
  734 GP      20h Green (3 dots) Gutter PairNH8.00
  "734a" '81  20h Green Retouched (2 dots)NH2.75
MI 417.50
  "734a" GP    20h Green Retouched (2 dots) Gutter PairNH17.50
  735  25h Purple (3 dots)NH.55
MI 45.00
  735 GP    25h Purple (3 dots) Gutter PairNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  "735a" '82  25h Purple Retouched (2 dots)NH3.00
MI 422.00
  "735a" GP    25h Purple Gutter Pair Retouched (2 dots)Gutter PairNH50.00
  736  30h BlueNH.55
MI 45.00
  736 GP    30h Blue Gutter PairNH12.00
  737  35h SepiaNH.55
MI 45.00
  737 GP      35h Sepia Gutter PairNH12.00
  738  40h Magenta (3 dots)NH.40
MI 45.00
  738 GP      40h Magenta (3 dots) Gutter PairNH10.00
  "738b" '80  40h Magenta Retouched (2 dots)NH10.00
MI 490.00
  "738b" GP    40h Magenta Retouched (2 dots) Gutter PairNH40.00
    738a    40h Dull purpleNH160.00
    738a GP      40h Dull purple Gutter PairNH350.00
  739  45h VioletNH.40
MI 45.00
  739 GP    45h Violet Gutter PairNH8.00
  740  50h Rose (3 dots)NH.40
MI 45.00
  740 GP      50h Rose (3 dots) Gutter PairNH10.00
  "740b" '80  50h Orange Retouched (2 dots) 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  "740b" GP    50h Orange Retouched (2 dots) Gutter Pair 
    740a    50h Dull orangeNH60.00
    740a GP      50h Dull orange Gutter PairNH275.00
  741  55h Greenish blueNH19.50
MI 4125.00
  741 GP    55h Greenish blue Gutter PairNH50.00
  742This number not utilized by Scott 
  743  65h Sepia (3 dots)NH1.20
MI 48.00
  743 GP    65h Sepia (3 dots) Gutter PairNH12.00
  "743a" '80  65h Sepia Retouched (2 dots)NH2.25
MI 412.00
  "743a" GP      65h Sepia Retouched (2 dots) Gutter PairNH18.00
  744-49  These numbers not utilized by Scott 
  750  1r Gray (3 dots)NH6.50
MI 440.00
  750 GP    1r Gray (3 dots) Gutter PairNH12.00
  "750a" '80  1r Gray Retouched (2 dots)NH2.50
MI 415.00
  "750a" GP    1r Gray Retouched (2 dots) Gutter PairNH50.00
  751  2r Dark violetNH3.00
MI 424.00
  751 GP    2r Dark violet Gutter PairNH12.00
752-60These numbers not utilized by Scott 
Scott # Description Condition Price
761UNESCO, ArtifactsNH8.00
MI 470.00
762-63Map, StudiesNH8.00
MI 470.00
MI 467.50
MI 435.00
767-68Postal UnionNH5.25
MI 435.00
769-70Highway, MapNH5.50
MI 445.00
771-72Mecca PilgrimageNH6.00
MI 450.00
773-74Postal OrganizationsNH4.00
MI 435.00
775-77King, Stamp-on-StampNH9.75
MI 470.00
778 S/SKing Abdul Aziz SheetNH110.00
779-80Crown PrinceNH5.00
781Dome of the RockNH4.50
MI 460.00
782-83Gold DoorNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
784-85Pilgrimage to MeccaNH6.00
786-87Year of the ChildNH24.00
788-89Army, HorsesNH5.50
MI 445.00
790Arab LeagueNH2.00
MI 415.00
791Education AnniversaryNH2.75
MI 420.00
794-95OPEC AnniversaryNH6.75
796-97Pilgrimage to MeccaNH3.50
798-801Islamic SummitNH4.50
MI 438.00
802-04Hegira AnniversaryNH5.50
MI 435.00
805 S/S300h Hegira SheetNH135.00
806-07Industry WeekNH3.75
MI 427.50
808-10Telephone, MapNH6.50
MI 455.00
811-13 S/SPTT AchievementsNH170.00
814-17Arab City DayNH5.50
MI 435.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
818-19Jedda AirportNH3.75
MI 427.50
820-21World Cup SoccerNH6.00
MI 455.00
822-23Year of the DisabledNH4.75
MI 445.00
824Third Five Year PlanNH1.50
MI 412.00
825-32King, MapNH7.50
MI 455.00
833 S/S10r King and MapNH100.00
834-35Pilgrimage to MeccaNH3.75
MI 430.00
836World Food DayNH2.50
MI 420.00
837-38Gulf SummitNH3.00
MI 422.00
839-40King Saud UniversityNH2.75
MI 420.00
841-44Postal CentersNH4.75
MI 435.00
"841a-44a" S/SPostal Centers Sheets (4)NH110.00
845Television CenterNH1.75
MI 417.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
846-47King's Soccer CupNH2.75
MI 430.00
848-49Postal UnionNH2.50
MI 415.00
850-51Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.50
MI 422.00
852World Standards DayNH1.75
MI 425.00
853World Food DayNH1.30
MI 412.00
854-63King Fahd CoronationNH10.00
MI 460.00
"863a,863b" S/SCoronation Souvenir Sheets (2)NH225.00
864-65United Arab ShippingNH2.75
MI 420.00
866Dome of the RockNH1.75
MI 425.00
867-68Pilgrimage to MeccaNH1.75
869-70Communications YearNH1.75
MI 415.00
871This number not utilized by Scott. 
"872-82" (6)Ka'aba (Our choice of Perf)NH4.00
MI 435.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
872-82cKa'aba Unit of 18 (without 872b)NH26.50
MI 4235.00
Listed by Perforation:
Type A - Perf 14x13
  872  10h Light violet, Perf 14x13NH.50
MI 45.00
  874  20h Light blue, Perf 14x13NH1.00
MI 49.00
  880  50h Pink, Perf 14x13NH1.30
MI 412.00
  881  65h Gray blue, Perf 14x13NH.80
MI 47.00
  882  1r Yellow green, Perf 14x13NH1.80
MI 415.00
Type C - Perf 13
  874c  20h Light blue, Perf 13NH.60
MI 45.00
  880a  50h Pink, Perf 13NH1.30
MI 412.00
  881a  65h Gray blue, Perf 13 
  882a  1r Yellow green, Perf 13NH5.50
MI 450.00
Type D - Perf 12 - Watermarked
  873  15h Salmon, Perf 12 - WatermarkedNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
MI 45.00
  874a  20h Light blue, Perf 12 - WatermarkedNH.50
MI 45.00
  880b  50h Pink, Perf 12 - WatermarkedNH.50
MI 45.00
  881b  65h Gray blue, Perf 12 - WatermarkedNH2.40
MI 425.00
  882b  1r Yellow green, Perf 12 - WatermarkedNH2.10
MI 420.00
Type D - Perf 12 -No Watermark
  872a  10h Light violet, Perf 12 - No WatermarkNH2.50
MI 419.00
  874b  20h Light blue, Perf 12 - No WatermarkNH.50
MI 45.00
  881c  65h Gray blue, Perf 12 - No WatermarkNH1.50
MI 412.00
  882c  1r Yellow green, Perf 12 - No WatermarkNH2.50
MI 425.00
NOTE: Perf 11 "Stamps" are Counterfeit 
885-92 (8)Oil Rig (Our choice of Perf)NH4.00
MI 440.00
885-92b (22)Oil Rig Complete Unit of 22NH29.00
Listed by Perforation:
Type A - Perf 14x13
Scott # Description Condition Price
885-92 (8)5h-1r Perf 14x13NH16.00
  885  5h Violet blue, Perf 14x13NH.50
MI 45.00
  886  10h Yellow green, Perf 14x13NH.50
MI 45.00
  887  15h Bistre brown, Perf 14x13NH.50
MI 45.00
  888  20h Green, Perf 14x13NH4.00
MI 46.00
  889a '00  25h Dark purple, Perf 14x13NH5.00
  890  50h Rose, Perf 14x13NH1.00
MI 49.00
  891a  65h Sepia, Perf 14x13NH3.75
MI 435.00
  892  1r Gray, Perf 14x13NH1.25
MI 410.00
Type C - Perf 13
885a-92a (7)5h-1r Perf 13NH6.50
  885a  5h Violet blue, Perf 13NH.60
MI 45.00
  886a  10h Yellow green, Perf 13NH.60
MI 45.00
  887a  15h Bistre brown, Perf 13NH1.60
MI 415.00
  888a  20h Green, Perf 13NH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
MI 45.00
  890a  50h Rose, Perf 13NH1.10
MI 410.00
  891  65h Sepia, Perf 13NH.75
MI 46.00
  892a  1r Gray, Perf 13NH1.50
MI 415.00
Type D - Perf 12
886b-92b (7)10h-1r Perf 12NH6.50
  886b  10h Yellow green, Perf 12NH.60
MI 45.00
  887b  15h Bistre brown, Perf 12NH.60
MI 45.00
  888b  20h Green, Perf 12NH.75
MI 46.00
  889  25h Dark purple, Perf 12NH.60
MI 47.50
  890b  50h Rose, Perf 12NH.60
MI 45.00
  891b  65h Sepia, Perf 12NH.60
MI 45.00
  892b  1r Gray, Perf 12NH2.75
MI 425.00
893-94Airport OpeningNH2.00
MI 415.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
895World Food DayNH1.50
MI 410.00
896Aqsa MosqueNH.70
MI 49.00
Starting in 1984, some stamps were issued with Descriptive Tabs the size of the stamp positioned within the normal sheet boundary.  That is, two or more stamps were replaced by the Tabs with different text on each Tab.  The issues selected were almost always were the larger size stamps.  Our listings below are based on removing Tabs from full sheets or very large pieces of sheets.  Hence we know the correct number of Tabs for each issue. See below for an image of Scott 1094-95.
897-911ATourist ScenesNH18.50
  897 '84  20h RiyadhNH.50
MI 410.00
  898 '84  20h Shobra Palace 
MI 410.00
  899 '84  50h Riyadh, WatermarkedNH.50
MI 410.00
  900 '87  50h Shobra Palace, WatermarkedNH1.00
MI 420.00
  901 '91  50h Riyadh, No WatermarkNH.70
MI 420.00
  902 '87  50h Shobra Palace, No WatermarkNH1.00
MI 415.00
  902 TAB    50h Shobra Palace Tab Strip of 2NH30.00
  903 '89  50h JeddaNH1.30
  903 TAB    50h Jedda Tab Strip of 2NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  904 '95  50h DammanNH1.50
  904 TAB    50h Damman Tab Strip of 2 
  905 '92  75h RiyadhNH1.00
MI 415.00
  905 TAB    75h Riyadh Tab Strip of 2NH20.00
  906 '90  75h Shobra PalaceNH.60
MI 415.00
  906 TAB    75h Shobra Palace Tab Strip of 2NH18.00
  907 '91  75h JeddaNH1.30
  907 TAB    75h Jedda Tab Strip of 2NH20.00
  908 '95  75h DammanNH1.00
  908 TAB    75h Damman Tab Strip of 2 
  909 '88  150h RidayhNH2.25
MI 425.00
  909 TAB    150h Ridayh Tab Strip of 2NH30.00
  910 '87  150h Shobra PalaceNH4.00
MI 425.00
  910 TAB    150h Shobra Palace Tab Strip of 2NH35.00
  911 '89  150h JeddaNH4.00
  911 TAB    150h Jedda Tab Strip of 2NH35.00
  911A '95  150h DammanNH4.00
  911A TAB    150h Damman Tab Strip of 2 
912Estate DevelopmentNH.75
MI 47.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
913-14Solar VillageNH2.50
MI 425.00
915-16 S/SVillage SheetsNH70.00
917-18Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.25
MI 420.00
919-20Soccer in OlympicsNH6.50
MI 460.00
921World Food DayNH.70
MI 47.00
922-23Olympic CommitteeNH4.00
MI 455.00
922-23 TAB  Olympic Committee Tab Strip of 4NH55.00
924Satellite LaunchNH2.00
MI 419.00
924 TAB  Satellite Launch Tab Strip of 2NH35.00
925-26Koran CompetitionNH1.75
925-26 TAB  Koran Competition Tab Strip of 4NH40.00
927-30Five Year Plan BlockNH4.50
930aFive Year Plan Block of 4NH5.00
930a TAB  Five Year Plan Tab Strip of 12NH45.00
931-32Youth YearNH1.75
933Wheat ProductionNH.70
MI 46.00
934-35East-West PipelineNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
MI 425.00
934-35 TAB  East-West Pipeline Tab Strips of 2NH30.00
MI 455.00
937 TAB  Astronaut Tab Strip of 2NH70.00
938UN AnniversaryNH.75
MI 47.00
939-40Highway OpeningNH1.50
MI 416.00
939-40 TAB  Highway Opening Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
941Post Code StartsNH.75
MI 415.00
941 TAB  Post Code Starts Tab Strip of 2NH25.00
942-44Soccer Cup VictoryNH4.00
MI 435.00
945-48Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.00
MI 420.00
945-48 TAB  Pilgrimage to Mecca Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
949-50Gulf OlympicsNH2.50
MI 425.00
951-52World Food DayNH3.75
MI 425.00
953-56Fort and HorsemenNH2.75
MI 422.00
953-56 TAB  Fort and Horsemen Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"956a" S/SFort and Horsemen Souvenir SheetNH23.00
957-58Publishing CenterNH1.50
MI 412.00
957-58 TAB  Publishing Center Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
959-60OPEC AnniversaryNH2.50
MI 420.00
961,965,96810h,20h,50h Holy Ka'abaNH175.00
961a,968a x4 BKHoly Ka'aba Complete Booklet SetNH700.00
96110h Holy Ka'abaNHAsk
  961a BP  10h Holy Ka'aba Pane of 4 
  961a x5 BK  10h Holy Ka'aba Complete Booklet of 5 PanesNH225.00
962-64This number not utilized by Scott. 
96520h Holy Ka'abaNHAsk
966-67This number not utilized by Scott. 
96850h Holy Ka'abaNHAsk
  968a BP  50h Holy Ka'aba Pane of 4NH135.00
  968a x5 BK  50h Holy Ka'aba Complete BookletNH600.00
969-70This number not utilized by Scott. 
971Peace YearNH1.25
MI 413.00
972-73Riyadh MunicipalityNH1.50
MI 410.00
972-73 TAB  Riyadh Municipality Tab Strips of 4NH25.00
  972a  Riyadh Municipality, Perf 12 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  "972b"  Riyadh Municipality, Perf 14NH2.50
974-75UN Child SurvivalNH1.75
MI 416.00
976-77Electric PowerNH1.60
MI 415.00
978-79Maritime CableNH2.00
MI 424.00
978-79  Maritime Cable Tab Strips of 2NH35.00
980-81Housing ProjectNH1.60
MI 412.00
984-90 (8)Arch, Holy Ka'aba (inc 987B)NHAsk
  984 '86  30h Bluish greenNH.50
MI 45.00
  985 '86  40h Lilac roseNH.50
MI 45.00
  986 '90  50h Bright greenNH1.25
MI 410.00
  986 '90    50h Bright green Tab Strip of 5NH25.00
  987 '90  75h BlueNH1.35
MI 412.00
  987 '90    75h Blue Tab Strip of 5NH29.00
    987a '92    75h Blue Perf 13x14 
MI 410.00
    987a '92    75h Blue, Perf 13x14 Tab Strip of 5NH29.00
  987B '96  100h RedNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  987B '96    100h Red Tab Strip of 5NH75.00
  988 '96  100h Bluish greenNH1.65
  988 '96    100h Bluish green Tab Strip of 5NH35.75
  989 '90  150h Rose lilacNH2.75
MI 420.00
  989 '90    150h Rose lilac Tab Strip of 5NH26.00
    989a '92    150h Rose lilac Perf 13x14NH2.50
  990 '99  2r Violet blue, Perf 12NH3.00
  990 '99    2r Violet blue, Perf 12 Tab Strip of 5NH40.00
  "990a"  2r Arch, Perf 14 (not listed in Scott)NHAsk
1002 BLKPilgrimage Block of 8NH16.00
1002  Pilgrimage Tab Strip of 16NH80.00
1002a-h  Pilgrimage Block SinglesNH13.00
1003-04Oil DiscoveryNH2.50
MI 425.00
Most 1003-04 have damaged perfs because of difficulty in separating the stamps cleanly. 
1003-04 XF  Oil Discovery with Perfect PerfsNH7.50
1005-06World Food DayNH1.90
MI 419.00
1007-08Refugee MassacreNH5.00
MI 445.00
MI 4145.00
These stamps were issued with dry, invisible gum.  However, we have found two values which also exist with "shiny visible" gum.  These were found in blocks of 10 in the massive Thoden stock so there is no chance of regumming.  How scarce they are is impossible for us to judge.  Maybe they are scarce and from a very limited printing. They are offered below at reasonable prices.

Scott # Description Condition Price
We also discovered six of the 150h values in a distinct Brownish Red shade believed to be from a later printing.  These are listed below, too. 
  1009 '86  15h ibn SaudNH.40
MI 46.00
  1010 '86  20h ibn SaudNH.40
MI 46.00
  1011 '89  50h ibn SaudNH.60
MI 48.00
  1011 SG    50h ibn Saud with Shiny GumNH11.75
MI 465.00
  1012 '86  65h ibn SaudNH.80
MI 410.00
  1013 '90  75h ibn SaudNH.90
MI 412.00
  1014 '86  100h ibn SaudNH1.00
MI 412.50
  1015 '89  150h ibn SaudNH1.75
MI 418.00
  1016 '86  50h Umm al-QuraNH.80
MI 410.00
  1017 '89  65h Umm al-QuraNH.90
MI 410.00
  1017 SG    65h Umm al-Qura with Shiny GumNH11.75
MI 465.00
  1018 '90  75h Umm al-QuraNH.90
MI 410.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1019 '86  100h Umm al-QuraNH1.50
MI 418.00
  1020 '86  150h Umm al-QuraNH2.00
MI 422.00
  1020 var    150h Umm al-Qura Brownish red shadeNH6.75
MI 438.00
  1021 '89  50h King SaudNH.75
MI 49.50
  1022 '91  75h King SaudNH.80
MI 410.00
  1023 '86  100h King SaudNH1.50
MI 418.00
  1024 '89  150h King SaudNH2.00
MI 419.00
  1024 var    150h King Saud Brownish red shadeNH6.75
MI 440.00
  1025 '89  50h Petro & MineralsNH.75
MI 410.00
  1026 '90  75h Petro & MineralsNH.90
MI 410.00
  1027 '89  150h Petro & MineralsNH1.75
MI 418.00
  1027 var    150h Petro & Minerals Brownish red shadeNH8.75
MI 450.00
  1028 '89  50h King FaisalNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
MI 47.00
  1029 '91  75h King FaisalNH.80
MI 410.00
  1030 '89  150h King FaisalNH1.75
MI 420.00
  1030 var    150h King Faisal Brownish red shadeNH6.75
MI 445.00
  1030 ERRWe have discovered this stamp with a clear double impression of the black emblem in the center!  We are able to offer this error stamp in a se-tenant pair with a normal stamp.  Obviously scarce!  Please see the start of the Saudi Arabia list for an image.NH125.00
  1031 '89  50h King Abdul AzizNH.60
MI 47.50
  1032 '91  75h King Abdul AzizNH.80
MI 410.00
  1033 '89  150h King Abdul AzizNH2.00
MI 422.00
  1033 var    150h King Abdul Aziz Brownish red shadeNH6.75
MI 435.00
  1034 '89  50h Medina IslamicNH.60
MI 49.00
  1035 '91  75h Medina IslamicNH.80
MI 410.00
  1036 '89  150h Medina IslamicNH1.60
MI 418.00
  1036 var    150h Medina Islamic Brownish red shadeNH6.75
MI 445.00
1037-38This number not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1039Bahrain Highway PairNH3.00
MI 418.00
1039 TAB  Bahrain Highway Pair Tab Strip of 2NH25.00
1040-41Olympic GamesNH6.75
MI 460.00
1042-43Petromin AnniversaryNH2.75
MI 430.00
1042-43 TAB  Petromin Anniversary Tab Strips of 4NH40.00
1044-45Mosque RestorationNH2.00
MI 415.00
1044-45 TAB  Mosque Restoration Tab Strips of 2NH27.50
1046Vocational TrainingNH6.50
MI 445.00
1047-48Cairo ExhibitionNH2.75
MI 420.00
MI 420.00
1049-50 TAB  Telecommunications Tab Strips of 4 and 2 respectivelyNH30.00
1051-52Afghan ResistanceNH2.75
MI 428.00
1053-55Pilgrimage to MeccaNH3.50
MI 429.00
1053-55 TAB  Pilgrimage to Mecca Tab Strips of 2NH35.00
1056-57Disabled ChildrenNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
MI 415.00
1058-59World Post DayNH2.25
MI 419.00
1058-59 TAB  World Post Day Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
1060-61World Food DayNH2.00
MI 419.00
1062-63Social WelfareNH2.25
MI 419.00
1064-65Dome of the RockNH6.50
MI 475.00
1066-68Mosque RestorationNH4.00
MI 428.00
1066-68 TABMosque Restoration Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
"1068A" S/SImperforate SheetNHAsk
1069-70Battle of HattinNH5.00
MI 429.00
1069-70 TAB  Battle of Hattin Tab Strips of 4NH40.00
1071-72Gulf CouncilNH2.25
MI 419.00
1073-74Highway ConferenceNH2.50
MI 420.00
1075-76King Fahd StadiumNH3.00
MI 425.00
1075-76 TAB  Tab Strips of 4 and 2 respectivelyNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1077-78Blood DonationNH2.00
MI 419.00
1079-80WHO 40th AnniversaryNH2.25
MI 420.00
1079-80 TAB  WHO 40th Anniversary Tab Strips of 2NH30.00
1081-83King, MosquesNH3.00
MI 427.50
1081-83 TAB  King, Mosques Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
"1083A" S/S75h King, Mosques Souvenir SheetNHAsk
MI 429.00
MI 430.00
1088-89Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.50
MI 422.50
1088-89 TAB  Pilgrimage to Mecca Tab Strips of 2NH30.00
1090-91World Food DayNH2.50
MI 420.00
1092-93Qiblatain MosqueNH2.00
MI 420.00
1092-93 TAB  Qiblatain Mosque Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
1094-95World Youth SoccerNH4.00
MI 430.00
1094-95 TAB  World Youth Soccer Tab Strips of 2NH40.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1096-97World Health DayNH2.00
MI 415.00
1098-99Desalination PlantNH1.75
MI 420.00
1098-99 TAB  Desalination Plant Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
MI 420.00
1102-03Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.00
MI 419.00
1102-03 TAB  Pilgrimage to Mecca Tab Strips of 2NH30.00
1104-05World Food DayNH2.00
1106-08Mosque ExpansionNH3.25
MI 425.00
1106-08 TAB  Mosque Expansion Tab Strips of 2NH30.00
"1108A" Perf S/SMosque Expansion Perf Sheet (These Perf and Imperf Sheets are not mentioned in Scott.  Please send a SASE for a photo if you don't know what they look like.) 
"1108B" IMP S/SMosque Expansion Imperf SheetNH29.50
1109-10Youth SoccerNH2.75
MI 424.00
1113-14World Health DayNH2.50
MI 424.00
1113-14 TABWorld Health Day Tab Strips of 2NH28.00
1115-17Flowers Blocks of 21NH60.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1118-19 TAB  Conference Tab Strips of 4NH20.00
1120Heritage Block of 4NH4.00
1121-25 (8)Horses Block plus 4 SinglesNH8.00
1126-27Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.50
1126-27 TAB  Pilgrimage to Mecca Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
1128-29TV TowerNH2.50
1128-29 TAB  TV Tower Tab Strips of 2NH27.50
1130-33Airline Route Map PairsNH3.50
1130-33 TAB  Airline Route Map Tab Strips of 4NH30.00
1134-35World Food DayNH3.25
1136-37 TAB  OPEC Tab Strips of 4NH45.00
1138Fifth Five Year PlanNH4.50
1139-40Battle of BadrNH2.50
1139-40 TAB  Badr Tab Strips of 4NH28.00
1141-42World Health DayNH2.25
Normal Animal Blocks  Perforation is 12
114325h Animals Block of 9NH4.00
114450h Animals Block of 9NH7.50
114575h Animals Block of 9NH11.00
1146100h Animals Block of 9NH15.00
1146J150h Animals Block of 9NH25.00
1146Jt  150h Animals Perf 14x13, Block of 9NH29.00
1147-48Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1147-48 TAB  Pilgrimate Tab Strips of 2NH25.00
1151-52Kuwait LiberationNH2.75
1153-54Literacy DayNH4.00
1155-56World Food DayNH2.25
1157-58Children's DayNH3.75
1159-60World Health DayNH2.50
1161-62Ancient WarNH2.25
1161-62 TAB  Ancient War Tab Strips of 4NH25.00
1163-64Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.50
1163-64 TAB  Pilgrimage to Mecca Tab Strips of 4NH29.00
1165-66Population CensusNH1.90
1165-66 TAB  Population Census Tab Strips of 2NH27.00
1167-68World Food DayNH3.00
1168A-BConsultative Council Strips of 3NH6.00
1168A-B TAB  Consultative Council Tab Strips of 3NH35.00
1168C S/SCouncil 5r Imperf SheetNH22.00
Birds Blocks Normal Perforation is 14 x 13.75 
1169 '9425h Birds Block, Perf 14x13NH9.00
  1169j '96  25h Birds Perf 12, Block of 9NH25.00
1170 '9450h Birds Block, Perf 14x13NH12.00
  1170j '97  50h Birds Perf 12, Block of 9NH40.00
1171 '9275h Birds Block, Perf 14x13NH15.00
1171a-i  75h Birds Perf 14x13 Sheet SinglesNH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1171j '94  75h Birds Perf 12, Block of 9NH29.00
1172 '93100h Birds Block, Perf 14x13NH24.00
1172a-i  100h Birds Perf 14x13 Sheet singlesNH21.00
  1172j  100h Birds Perf 12, Block of 9NH24.00
1173 '92150h Birds Block, Perf 14x13NH38.00
  1173j '94  150h Birds Perf 12, Block of 9NH37.00
1175-75AWorld Health DayNH2.50
1176-76ASoccer CupNH3.75
1177-78Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.00
1181-82Battle of AlkandkNH2.00
1183-84World Food DayNH3.00
1185-86Dental Health DayNH2.75
1187-88Olympic CommitteeNH3.00
1189-90Battle of KbaybarNH3.00
1191-92Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.50
1193-94Consultative CouncilNH2.75
1194a S/SConsultative Council Sheet of 2NH49.00
1195-96World Soccer CupNH2.50
1198 '9525h PortNH.75
1198 TAB  25h Port Tab Strip of 2 
1199 '9550h PortNH.75
1199 TAB  50h Port Tab Strip of 2NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1200 '9475h PortNH2.50
1200 TAB  75h Port Tab Strip of 2 
1201 '95100h PortNH1.50
1201 TAB  100h Port Tab Strip of 2NH26.00
1202 '94150h PortNH2.00
1202 TAB  150h Port Tab Strip of 2 
1203-11These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1212-13World Food Day 
1212-13 TAB World Food Day Tab Strips of 2 on 1212 and 4 on 1213NH39.00
1214-15Arab League 
1214 TAB  1214 Arab League Tab Strip of 4; 1215 does not existNH39.00
1216-17UN AnniversaryNH2.50
1217 TAB  UN Anniversary Tab Strip of 2; 1216 does not existNH30.00
1218-19Refugee CareNH2.50
1220-21Pilgrimage to MeccaNH3.00
1220-21 TAB  Pilgrimage to Mecca Tab Strips of 4NH36.00
1222-23Deaf WeekNH4.75
1224-25Airline AnniversaryNH2.50
1226-27FAO AnniversaryNH4.00
1228-2925h, 50h PortNH1.50
1228-29 TAB  25h, 50h Port Tab Strips of 2 
123075h Port 
1230 TAB  75h Port Tab Strip of 2 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1230A100h Port 
1230A TAB  100h Port Tab Strip of 2 
1230B150h PortNH6.00
1230B TAB  150h Port Tab Strip of 2NH29.50
1233-35Pilgrimage to MeccaNH7.75
1233-35 TAB  Pilgrimage to Mecca Tab Strips of 2NH45.00
1236-37World HealthNH5.00
1238-39FAO AnniversaryNH7.00
1242-43Research CenterNH6.00
1242-43 TAB  Research Center Tab Strips of 4NH45.00
1244-45Steam Power PlantNH4.00
1245 TAB  1245 Steam Power Plant Tab Strip of 2; 1244 does not existNH29.00
1245A50h Yanbu PortNH4.00
1245A TAB 50h Yanbu Port Tab Strip of 2NH24.00
12462r Yanbu PortNH3.75
1246 TAB  2r Yanbu Port Tab Strip of 2NH35.00
1247-48Opening MeccaNH3.75
1247-48 TAB  Opening Mecca Tab Strips of 4NH30.00
1249-51King Fahd BirthdayNH4.25
1249-51 TAB  King Fahd Birthday Tab Strips of 4NH25.00
"1251X" S/SKing Fahd Birthday SheetNHAsk
1251A '9650h Jubail PortNH1.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1251A TAB  50h Jubail Port Tab Strip of 2NH20.00
1251B '96100h Jubail PortNH3.75
1251B TAB  100h Jubail Port Tab Strip of 2NH35.00
1252 '96150h Jubail PortNH1.25
1252 TAB  150h Jubail Port Tab Strip of 2NH25.00
1252A '972r Jubail PortNH2.75
1252A TAB  2r Jubail Port Tab Strip of 2NH30.00
1252B '964r Jubail PortNH3.00
1252B TAB  4r Jubail Port Tab Strip of 2NH32.50
1255-56Battle of HunainNH3.25
1257-58World Health DayNH4.00
1260 TAB  1260 Tab Strip of 4; 1259 does not existNH30.00
1261-62King Fahd LibraryNH3.00
1263-64King Abdul Aziz LibraryNH6.00
1265-66Ozone LayerNH5.50
1265-66 TAB  Ozone Layer Tab Strips of 4NH48.00
1267GCC Stamp ExpoNH4.00
1267 TAB  GCC Stamp Expo Tab Strip of 4NH39.00
1268Prince SalmanNH2.50
1269Battle of TabukNH1.25
1269 TABBattle of Tabuk Tab Strip of 4NH29.00
1270World Food DayNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1270 GP  World Food Day Gutter PairNH18.00
1271Disabled PersonsNH2.25
1271 GP  Disabled Persons Gutter PairNH16.00
1272 GP  Al-Hijjah Gutter PairNH19.00
1273 '96100h Yanbu PortNH6.50
1273 TAB  100h Yanbu Port Tab Strip of 2NH24.75
1273A '96150h Yanbu PortNH6.75
1273A TAB  150h Yanbu Port Tab Strip of 2NH29.00
1273B '974r Yanbu PortNH8.75
1273B TAB  4r Yanbu Port Tab Strip of 2NH35.00
1274WHO AnniversaryNH3.50
1274 GP  WHO Anniversary Gutter PairNH17.00
1275 GP  Dam Gutter PairNH17.00
1276Education and ScienceNH3.50
1276 GP  Education and Science Gutter PairNH19.75
1277Arabic Stamp DayNH4.75
1277 GP  Arabic Stamp Day Gutter PairNH22.00
1278-81KSA Centenary 
1278-81 TAB  KSA Centenary with TabsNH32.00
"1280A" S/S1r+1r SheetNHAsk
"1281A" S/S1r+2r SheetNHAsk
1282-83King Fahd AirportNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1282-83 GPKing Fahd Airport Gutter PairsNH14.00
"1284" S/SKing Fahd Airport Imperf SheetNHAsk
1285World Food DayNH2.25
1285 GP  World Food Day Gutter PairNH15.00
1287 TABKingdom Centenary with TabNH4.00
1287 GP  Kingdom Centenary Gutter PairNH14.00
"1287A" S/SKingdom Centenary Souvenir SheetNHAsk
1288Traffic SignalsNH1.25
1288 GP  Traffic Signals Gutter PairNH15.00
1289Security AcademyNH2.00
1289 GP  Security Academy Gutter PairNH19.00
1290Holy Koran CompetitionNH2.00
1291UPU AnniversaryNH2.50
1292A BLKFlowers Block of 21NH40.00
1292A M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 21 (margins all around)NH50.00
1293-94Pilgrimage to MeccaNH3.00
1296Riyadh CultureNH1.50
1297Water ConservationNH1.50
1298Consultative CouncilNH1.25
1299UN AnniversaryNH1.75
1299A-00 (3)Jizan PortNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1301Science, TechnologyNH1.50
1302Khalid UniversityNH1.25
1303-05Buraydah ViewsNH9.75
1306-0850h-2r Buraydah II (Correct issue date is 2001.)NH9.75
1309-11King Fahd PressNH3.50
1312Silhouettes, Gifted CareNH1.50
1313Pilgrimage to Mecca Block of 8NH8.00
1313a-h  Pilgrimage to Mecca Two Blocks of 4NH7.50
"1315A" S/SIntifada Imperf SheetNH45.00
1316Historical Center Block of 4 
1317World Teacher DayNH1.00
1318Paintings StripNH7.50
1318 GP  Paintings Strip Gutter PairNH35.00
13197th Five Year PlanNH1.90
1320-21Abha ViewsNH3.75
1322Education, Science, CultureNH3.50
1324King AnniversaryNH3.75
"1324A" S/SKing SheetNH25.00
1325-26King Fahd PortNH4.00
1327-28Ships at Al JubailNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1329Mecca Pilgramage 
1330-31UN Freshwater Year 
1332Civil Defense 
1334 M/S1r Fish MiniSheet of 12NH25.00
1335 M/S2r Fish MiniSheet of 12NH37.50
1336Year of Dialogue 
1338UPU World Post Day 
1339Gulf Coast Stamps Exhibition 
134075th Stamp Anniversary 
1341Disabled Persons 
1342Horse Race 
1343aPilgramage with "1" Missing in DenominationNH145.00
1344-45 M/SMosque MiniSheetsNH29.00
1348Saudi Arabian Airlines Block of 4 
1349Judicial SystemsNH1.50
1352Information SocietyNH2.50
1353Tourism Block of 4NH12.00
1354"Islam is Peace"NH7.50
1355Pilgrimage to MeccaNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1356Municipal ElectionsNH1.50
1357Islamic Solidarity GamesNH1.75
"1358A" S/SAnti-Terrorism Imperf Sheet 
1360-61Artifacts, Ruins, Blocks of 4NH17.50
"1362A" S/SMecca Limited SheetNH32.50
1363-64King Fahd 
"1364A" S/SKing Fahd Imperf SheetNH29.75
1365Mecca Pilgrimage 
"1365A" S/SMecca Pilgrimage Imperf SheetNH32.50
1366-69New King, Crown Prince 
"1369A" S/SNew King, Crown Prince Imperf SheetNH32.50
1370Human Rights 
"1370A" S/SHuman Rights Imperf SheetNH35.00
1372-73King Faisal International Prize 
1374Saudi Post MailboxesNH2.75
1375King Saud UniversityNH2.75
1376-77World Cup 
1378Gulf Cooperation Council (Joint issue with 4 other Arab countries) 
"1378A" S/SCouncil Imperf Sheet (Joint issue with 4 other Arab countries) 
1379Organ Transplants 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1380Al Medina Al Munawara 
"1380X" S/SAl Medina Al Munawara Imperf SheetNH35.00
1381Riyadh Book FairNH2.75
1382National DayNH2.75
1383Arabian Horses Block of 6 
1384Mecca PilgrimageNH2.75
1385Kingdom of HumanityNH3.00
1386World CupNH3.00
1387Elimination of PolioNH2.75
1388-89 M/SButterflies MiniSheets of 8NH62.50
1390Direct Mail Block of 4 
1391Women in Science and Education Block of 4NH10.00
1392OPEC Summit 
1393National DayNH2.75
1394Mecca Pilgrimage 
1395Intellectual Dialogue 
1396Camels Block of 4NH7.50
"1396A" S/SCamels Imperf SheetNH29.00
1397Aramco Block of 4 
1398Riyadh Development 
"1398A" S/SRiyadh Development Imperf Sheet 
1399Electrotechnical CommissionNH2.75
1400Pilgramage to MeccaNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1401University of Science and Technology 
"1401X" S/SUniversity Imperf Sheet 
1402Jerusalem, Capital of Arab Culture 
1403National Day 
1404Pilgramage to MeccaNH3.00
1405OPEC AnniversaryNH8.50
1406Janadriyah FestivalNH2.75
1408 S/SPilgramage to Mecca, Train SheetNH7.50
1409 S/SAncient Jewelry Sheet I of 6NH14.00
1410 S/SAncient Jewelry Sheet II of 6NH13.75
1411 S/SAncient Jewelry Sheet III of 6NH13.50
1412Scouts - Messengers of PeaceNH2.25
1412 M/S  Scouts MiniSheet of 6NH17.50
1413Kind Abdullah Hiram ExpansionNH2.00
1418National Day, Map 
All New Issues are available for SAUDI ARABIA and the Middle East plus over 200 Countries and Topics of the World!
C1-61g-100g Airspeed Ambassador AirlinerNH220.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
C7-21Convair - Saud Cartouche 
  C27  6pNH9.00
  C28  8pNH16.00
  C29  9pNH11.00
C30-323p,10p,20p RedrawnNH47.50
C33-58Boeing Jet - Saud Cartouche 
  C40  8p 
C59-84Boeing Jet - Faisal Cartouche 
  C69  11pNH11.50
  C72  14pNH9.00
  C73  15pNH7.50
  C75  17pNH12.00
  C76  18pNH11.00
  C79  23pNH17.00
  C84  33p 
C88-95Faisal, Watermarked 
Scott # Description Condition Price
J28-30New DesignNH95.00
MI 4500.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1948, 1953
RA5 '53 
RA7 '55 
RA9Arms, Waves, TowerNH175.00