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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
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Scott # Description Condition Price
1908-10Please see New Zealand 121a,130d and 131d. 
1958-66No stamps issued. 
1968-71No stamps issued. 
1973-78No stamps issued. 
1979L13a-14a (Perf 14x13)NH9.75
1980-81No stamps issued. 
1983-89No stamps issued. 
1990Please see New Zealand 1008-13 
1991No stamps issued. 
1992Please see New Zealand 1094-99 
1993No stamps issued. 
1997 BLKL48A Block of 6 without WWFNHAsk
1998L49-54 Singles  (see below for L54a)NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2005 L S/S"L93X" Limited Edition Souvenir Sheet of 5NH450.00
2005 L S/S

2005 FDCL89-93 First Day CoverFDC6.50
2005 CSSL93 Color Separation Strip of 5 (image shown in the Ross Dependency 2005 listings.)NH65.00
2007 L S/S"L103X" Limited Edition Souvenir Sheet of 5NH350.00
2007 CSL103 Color Separation Strip of 5 NH29.00
2010L114-18, L118aNH21.00

2010 L S/S"L118X" Limited Edition Imperf Whales Souvenir Sheet of 5NH265.00
2010 FDCWhales First Day CoverNH7.50
2010 CS$2.90 Whale Color Separation Strip of 4 NH65.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2013 L S/SLimited Edition Imperf Antarctic Food Souvenir Sheet of 5NHASK
2013 FDCFood Web Limited First Day CoverNH15.00
2013 MI6Antarctic Food Web inc Whale, Penguin Blocks of 6 with Penguins in Margin as Color IndicatorsNH90.00
2013 CS$2.90 Whale Color Separation Strip of 5NH55.00
2013 XXThe GRAND 2013 Ross Dependency Collection - all 5 Year Units listed above:NHAsk
2014 BCPenguins Set with Bar Code in MarginNH15.00
2014 PENPenguins Set with Color Penguins in MarginNH17.00
2014 IB6Penguins Imprint Blocks of 6 (5)NH75.00
2014 M/SPenguins MiniSheets of 10 (5)NH125.00
2014 LIMTD STPenguins of Antarctica Se-tenant Strip of 5NH95.00
2014 CS$3.00 Penguin Color Separation Strip of 5NH75.00
2014 FDCPenguins Standard First Day Cover (1)NH19.00
2014 L FDCPenguins Limited First Day CoverNH29.00
2014 L S/SPenguins Limited Edition Numbered Sheet of 5NH175.00
2015 BCAntarctic Expedition Se-tenant Block of 6 from Special PrintingNH95.00
2015 SHIPAntarctic Expedition Set with Color Ships in MarginNH19.00
2015 IB6Antarctic Expedition Imprint Blocks of 6 (5)NH70.00
2015 CSAntarctic Expedition $3 Ship Color Separation Strip of 4 plus Complete Printed DesignNH80.00
2015 L S/SAntarctic Expedition Limited Edition Numbered Sheet of 6NH165.00
2015 L FDCAntarctic Expedition Limited Edition Cacheted, Unaddressed First Day Cover with 6 StampsFDC34.75
2015 FDC (2)Antarctic Expedition 2 Cacheted, Unaddressed First Day Covers - each with 3 stamps.FDC22.75
20165 Stamps + 1 S/S (6 mentioned by others is wrong!)NH24.50
2016 FDC (2)Official First Day Covers (2)FDC28.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2016 BCAntarctic Creatures with Bar Code in MarginNH19.00
2016 IMPAntarctic Creatures with Color Imprints in MarginNH19.00
20176 Stamps + 1 S/SNH31.00
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
Arctic and Antarctic stamps and covers from many countries are in stock.
2006-2015L94-145,L103a,L118a,L122a,L123a, L125a,L133a,L138a,L138b,L140a,L145aNH255.00
See also New Zealand 130d-131d for additional Antarctic items. 
L1-4Erebus, Shackleton, Pence IssueNH16.00
L5-8Erebus, Shackleton, Decimal IssueNH55.00
L5-8 has been underpriced in Scott!  Compare with other catalogues!! 
L9-14 MXAntarctic Scenes (our choice of gum) with 10c,18c, Perf 14x14 NH8.50
L9-14 SG  Antarctic Scenes, First Printing with Shiny GumNH11.00
L9-14 SG PB#  Antarctic Scenes Plate Number Blocks of 6 or 8 as requiredNH Plate BlockAsk
  L9  3c SkuaNH2.50
  L10  4c Hercules PlaneNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  L11  5c Shackleton's HutNH1.00
  L12  8c Supply ShipNH1.00
  L13  10c Scott Base, Perf 14x14 
L13a-14a '79  10c,18c Antarctic Scenes, Perf 14x13NH9.75
L9-14 DG3c-18c Second Printing with Dull GumNH16.75
L15-20Scott Base AnniversaryNH3.00
L21-23,L24-30Arctic Scenes, Penguin (without 40c)NH11.00
L21-23,L24-30 BC  Arctic Scenes, Penguin (without 40c) with Bar Code TabsNH21.00
L23A '9540c PenguinNH3.50
L23A '95 BC  40c Penguin with Bar Code TabNHAsk
L31-36Antarctic ExplorersNH12.50
L37-42Landscapes inc Glacier, Ice CaveNH12.50
On the basic set of single stamps L43-48, four values were issued with the WWF Panda logo (40c, 80c, $1.20 and the $1.50).  In the block of six, L48A the same four values were issued without the Panda logo and are, obviously, totally different stamps for a collector. Thus, to be complete, one must obtain the set of 6 single stamps and the Block of 6 stamps. 
L43-48Sea Birds - 4 values have WWF EmblemNH18.50
  L43-44,L46-47  Sea Birds - WWF OnlyNH13.75
L48A BLKSea Birds Block of 6 without WWF EmblemNHAsk
L49-54Ice Formations SinglesNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
L49-54 TAB  Ice Formations with ICEBERG TabsNH25.00
L49-54 BC  Ice Formations with Bar CodesNH19.50
L54a BLKIce Formations, Block of 6 (not in Year Set)NH29.50
L55-60Scenic Views inc Clouds, Mt. ErebusNH16.00
L55-60 TAB  Scenic Views with CRESCENT MOON TabsNH25.00
L55-60 BC  Scenic Views with Bar CodesNH21.00
L61-66Antarctic TransportNH19.00
L61-66 TAB  Antarctic Transport with ICE FORMATION TabsNH27.00
L61-66 BC  Antarctic Transport with Bar Code TabsNH22.00
L67-7240c-$2 PenguinsNH15.00
L67-72 TAB  Penguins with PENGUIN TabsNH28.00
L67-72 BC  Penguins with Bar Code TabsNH22.00
L73-78Discovery ExpeditionNH12.50
L73-78 TAB  Discovery Expedition with SHIP TabsNH18.00
L73-78 BC  Discovery Expedition with Bar Code TabsNHAsk
L79-83Marine LifeNH15.00
L79-83 TAB  Marine Life with STARFISH TabsNH25.00
L79-83 BC  Marine Life with Bar Code TabsNH22.00
L84-88Penguins, Map of AntarcticaNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
L84-88 TAB  Penguins, Map with PENGUIN TabsNHAsk
L84-88 BC  Penguins, Map with Bar Code TabsNH24.00
L84-88 CMB  Penguins, Map Corner Margin Value BlockNH57.50
L89-93Through the Lens inc Penguins, Whales, SealsNH12.50
L89-93 TAB  Through the Lens inc Penguins, Whales, Seals with FERN TabsNH22.50
L89-93 BC  Through the Lens inc Penguins, Whales, Seals with Bar Code TabsNH22.50
L89-93 LIM S/SThrough the Lens inc Penguins, Whales, Seals Limited Edition SheetNHAsk
L93 CS$2 Through the Lens Minke Whales Color Separation Strip of 5NH65.00

L94-98NZ Antarctic ProgramNH12.75
L94-98 TAB  NZ Antarctic Program NHAsk
L94-98 BC  NZ Antarctic Program with Bar Code TabsNHAsk
L99-103Expedition, Penguins, Dog, PlaneNH12.50
L99-103 TAB  Expedition, Penguins, Dog, Plane FERN TabsNH22.00
L99-103 BC L  Expedition, Penguins, Dog, Plane with Bar Code Tabs at LeftNH18.50
L99-103 BC B  Expedition, Penguins, Dog, Plane with Bar Code Tabs at BottomNH18.50
L103a S/SExpedition Sheet with Penguins, ShipNH9.50
"L103b" LIM S/SExpedition, Penguins, Dog, Plane Limited Edition Sheet of 5NHAsk
L103 CSExpedition, Penguins, Dog, Plane  Color Separation Strip of 3NH29.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
L104-08British Antarctic ExpeditionNH13.50
L104-08 TAB  British Antarctic Expedition with FERN TabsNHAsk
L104-08 BC  British Antarctic Expedition with Bar Code TabsNH21.00
L109-13Antarctic Treaty, Map, Penguins, WalrusNH13.50
L109-13 TAB  Antarctic Treaty, Map, Penguins, Walrus with FERN TabsNHAsk
L109-13 BC  Antarctic Treaty, Map, Penguins, Walrus with Bar Code TabsNH22.00
L114-18Whales of the Southern OceanNH8.50
NH Blocks of 432.00
L114-18 TAB  Whales of the Southern Ocean with WHALE TabsNH19.75
L114-18 BC  Whales of the Southern Ocean with Bar Code TabsNH27.50
L118a S/SSouthern Ocean Whales SheetNH12.75
L114-18 FDCWhales First Day CoverCacheted, Unaddressed FDC12.50
L114-18 LIM SSWhales Limited Edition SheetNH265.00

L118 CS$2.90 Humpback Whale Color Separation Strip of 4NH65.00
L119-23Race to the PoleNH16.50
L119-23 TAB  Race to the Pole with ANTARCTIC MAP TabsNH27.50
L119-23 BC  Race to the Pole with Bar Code TabsNH22.50
L122a S/S '12Race to the Pole, Exhibition Sheet of 2NH13.50
L123a S/SRace to the Pole SheetNH16.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
L124-2870c-$2.90 Scenic ViewsNH15.00
L124-28 TAB  70c-$2.90 Scenic Views with ANTARCTIC MAP TabsNH25.00
L124-28 BC  70c-$2.90 Scenic Views with Bar Code TabsNH22.50
L128a S/S70c-$2.90 Scenic Views, Captain Ross Sheet of 5NH15.00
L129-33Antarctic Food Web inc Whale, PenguinNH13.75
L129-33 TAB  Antarctic Food Web inc Whale, Penguin with TabsNH22.50
L129-33 BC  Antarctic Food Web inc Whale, Penguin with Bar Code TabsNH22.50
L129-33 PEN BLK 6Antarctic Food Web inc Whale, Penguin Blocks of 6 with Penguin Margin TabsNH90.00
L129-33 S/SAntarctic Food Web SheetNH13.75
L129-33 LIM S/S IMPLimited Edition Imperf Antarctic Food Web Souvenir Sheet of 5NHAsk
L129-33 FDCAntarctic Food Web inc Whale, Penguin First Day CoverCacheted, Unaddressed FDC9.75
L133 CS$2.90 Blue Whale Color Separation Strip of 5NH55.00
L134-3880c-$3.00 Penguins of the AntarcticNH13.00
L134-38 TAB  Penguins of the Antarctic with PENGUIN TabsNH22.50
L134-38 BC  Penguins of the Antarctic with Bar Code TabsNH18.50
  L134-36,L138  80c,$1.40,$2.00,$3.00 Penguins of the AntarcticNH7.00
  L134-36,L138 PEN  80c,$1.40,$2.00,$3.00 Penguins of the Antarctic with PENGUIN TabsNH14.00
  L134-36,L138 BC    80c,$1.40,$2.00,$3.00 Penguins of the Antarctic with Bar Code TabsNH10.00
  L134  80c Penguin of the AntarcticNH3.00
  L135  $1.40 Penguin of the AntarcticNH3.00
  L136  $2.00 Penguin of the AntarcticNH3.00
  L137  $2.50 Penguin of the Antarctic 
  L138  $3.00 Penguin of the AntarcticNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
L134-38 IB6Penguins Marginal Impint Blocks of 6NH99.00
L134-38 M/SPenguins MiniSheets of 10NH135.00
L134-38 ST  Penguins of the Antarctic with Penguins Se-tenant Strip of 5 (Limited Printing)NH95.00
L138 CS$3 Chinstrap Penguins Color Separation Strip of 5NH75.00
L134-38 FDCPenguins Limited First Day CoverCacheted, Unaddressed FDC19.00
L138a S/SPenguins of the Antarctic Sheet of 5NH15.00
L134-38 LIM S/SPenguins of the Antarctic Limited and Numbered Sheet of 5NH175.00
L138b S/SAntarctic Sheet (Joint issue with Greenland)NH19.75
L139-44Imperial Trans-Antarctic ExpeditionNH12.00
L139-44 TAB  Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition  Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition with SHIP TabsNH19.75
L139-44 BC  Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition  Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition with Bar Code TabsNH18.75
L144 CS$3 Expedition, Ship Color Separation Strip of 5NH29.00
L139-44 LIM S/SImperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Limited Edition SheetNH165.00
L140a,L145a S/SImperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition SheetsNH12.00
L145-49Creatures of the Sea FloorNH12.75
L145-49 TAB  Creatures of the Sea FloorNHAsk
L145-49 BC  Creatures of the Sea Floor with Bar Codes in the MarginsNHAsk
L149a S/SCreatures of the Sea Floor Sheet of 5NH12.75
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