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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Saturday, December 15, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
1992-1997 Unusual collection of 100 commercially used covers plus about 20 FDC.  Wide array of provisionals, cancels, surcharges, stamps, etc.  All neatly mounted on blank Scott pages in a Scott-like binder.Cover125.00
1993 M/S52-53 Europa MiniSheetNH140.00
199594-100,102,105,109,113-128,  134-37NH16.50
1996 INVInverted Surcharges (2)NH29.00
1997 ER211A Surcharge on wrong stamp (Light Brown)NH19.50
1998 TBTete-Beche Pairs (5)NH11.50
1999 M/SMiniSheets (8)NH110.00
1999 TBTete-Beche Pairs (8)NH14.00
2000 UVDefinitives with BELARUS displayed under UV light (6) NH9.50
2000 TBTete-Beche Pairs (4)NH73.00
2000 BKBooklet (1)NH12.50
2000 M/SMiniSheets (8)NH110.00
2001 TBTete-Beche Pairs (4)NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2001 M/SMiniSheets (10)NH210.00
2001 BKBooklets (3)NH76.00
2001 EPError PairNH11.00
2002 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH60.00
2002 BKBooklets (6)NH245.00
2002 STSe-Tenant Pairs (2)NH9.75
2003 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH55.00
2003 HBKHoliday Booklet (1)NH9.50
2003 EBKEuropa Booklets (2)NH35.00
2004490-542,507a,508a,519a,522-23 S/S, 525-26 S/S,537aNH280.00
2004 S M/S"Small" MiniSheets of 6 to 8 (3)NH28.50
2004 L M/S"Large" MiniSheets of 18 or 20 (15)NH450.00
2004 BKBooklets (4)NH99.00
2005 EBKEuropa Booklets (2)NH24.00
2005 CBKChess Booklets (2)NH22.00
2005 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 7 (2)NH32.50
2005 W M/SWWF Sheetlets of 20NH135.00
2005 C M/SChess MiniSheets of 7 (2)NH15.00
2005 O M/SOther MiniSheets (14)NH350.00
2005 CH SHChess Sheetlet of 25NH85.00
2005 TABStamps with Descriptive Tabs (15)NH140.00
2006572-613,579a-b S/S,"581A-92A",592aNH115.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2006Compare our composition with others!  We include the now-scarce Chalky Paper Bird Definitives! 
2006 EBKEuropa Booklets (2)NH30.00
2006 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 16 (2)NH50.00
2006 S M/SSmaller MiniSheets of 6 to 9 (11)NH142.00
2006 L M/SLarger MiniSheets of 16 (9)NH190.00
2006 TBTete-Beche Pairs (2)NH7.50
2006 ER

2006 ERBird Printing Error - Normal Stamp at top and Error Stamp Below in the scan above)NH60.00
2006 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2006 as listed above:NH549.00
2007418a,614-46,618-19 S/S,623c,629a,635cNH180.00
2007 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH29.50
2007 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH24.50
2007 O M/SOther MiniSheets (20)NH290.00
2007 TABStamps with Descriptive Tabs (10)NH78.00
2007 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2007 as listed above:NH585.00
2008 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 9 (2)NH23.50
2008 STEuropa Se-tenant PairNH5.00
2008 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH7.75
2008 O M/SOther MiniSheets (31)NH510.00
2008 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2008 as listed above:NH639.00
2008 TABSStamps with Tabs (12)NH96.00
2009"516 RP","681 RP",686-715,693a,"714c"NH112.00
2009 TABStamps with Tabs (16)NH75.00
2009 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2009 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 7 (2)NH20.00
2009 O M/SOther MiniSheets (19)NH170.00
2009 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2009 as listed above:NHAsk
2010716-57,"722x",733a,736a,737-40 BLK, 740a,752a,754aNH155.00
2010 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH17.50
2010 O M/SOther MiniSheets (28)NH310.00
2010 BKBookletNH6.75
2010 TABStamps with Tabs (20)NH110.00
2010 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2010 as listed above:NH575.00
2011758-91,759a,761b,767a,781a,786a, 791aNH125.00
2011 TBTete-Beche Pair (1)NH3.50
2011 TABStamps with Tabs (11)NH59.00
2011 M/SMiniSheets (28)NH360.00
2011 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2011 as listed above:NH535.00
2012792-844,820c,823a,828a, 830a,834 S/SNH139.00
2012 TBTete-Beche Pair (1)NH15.00
2012 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH19.00
2012 M/SMiniSheets (31)NH465.00
2013 TABStamps with Tabs (14)NH81.00
2013 M/SMiniSheets (29)NH619.00
2013 TBTete-Beche Pairs (2)NH12.50
20149v UV Printing, 884-927,892a,912aNH139.00
201539 Stamps + 12 S/SNH165.00
2015 TABStamps with Tabs (10)NH46.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2015 M/SMiniSheets (26)NH375.00
2016 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2017 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1992-19991-2,11-326,"18A",229a, 239a,247a,263aNH639.00
2000-2005Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH699.00
1National TreasureNH.60
2Musician ShirmaNH.50
3-10These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
11Arms of PolockNH.50
12 '9325r Minsk Coat of ArmsNH.60
13-14 '94Grodno, Witebsk ArmsNH1.00
15-16Arms, Flag, Map, KnightNH1.50
17Orthodox ChurchNH.90
18 S/SCross, Art, Church Sheet PerfNH1.25
"18A" S/S IMPCross, Art, Church Sheet ImperfNH1.50
19-24Churches and CastlesNH2.75
25-27Knight (Arms) I (.30,.45,.50)NH1.00
28-30,32 '93Knight (Arms) II (1,2,3,10)NH6.00
31,33-34 '93Knight (Arms) III (5,15,25)NH14.00
35-37 '93Knight (Arms) IV (50,100,150)NH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
38-40B (5) '94Knight (Arms) Definitives V (200,300,600,1000,3000)NH14.00
41-44Ceramic BowlsNH1.90
45Writer GaretzkyNH.60
46This number not utilized by Scott. 
47-50Folk ArtNH1.80
51National CongressNH1.25
52-53Europa-CEPT Chagall Art PairNH35.00
This is a se-tenant issue which makes sense separated either vertically or horizontally. If you need a specific pair, please let us know. 
52-53 M/S  Europa-CEPT Chagall Art MiniSheet of 4 Pairs NH140.00
54 S/SChagall Europa Sheet (just 20,000 issued)NH90.00
55-60Norway Olympics (4+2 S/S)NH59.50
  55-58  Olympic Stamp Pairs onlyNH35.00
  55-58 SNG    Olympic Stamps SinglesNH12.50
    55    Olympics Overprint on CrusaderNH7.75
    58    Olympics Overprint on FlagNH7.75
  59-60 S/S  Olympic Souvenir Sheets onlyNH29.00
(59-60 are overprinted on the Perforated Sheets.)
61-66World Cup Soccer (4+2 S/S)NH59.50
  61-64  Soccer Pairs onlyNH35.00
    62    Soccer Overprint on CrusaderNH7.75
    64    Soccer Overprint on Flag, MapNH7.75
  65-66 S/S  Soccer S/S onlyNH29.00
(65-66 are overprinted on the Perforated Sheets.)
There are additional S/S in both the Olympics and Soccer sets.  These are under Year 1994 as our numbers "G 42A-B" and "G 48A-B."
Scott # Description Condition Price
67Stanislaw CathedralNH.90
68-71Historic CommemorativesNH2.00
G 42A-B S/SOlympic Overprint in English and Russian on "18A" (the Imperf Sheet).NH75.00
G 48A-B S/SSoccer Overprint in English and Russian on "18A" (the Imperf Sheet) 
  G 48 A  Soccer Overprint in English on #18A" (the Imperf Sheet) 
  G 48 B S/S  Soccer Overprint in Russian on "18A" (the Imperf Sheet)NH30.00
Do not overlook our G 42A-B and G 48A-B as these sheets are listed in Michel Catalog already and should be listed by Scott eventually.
G 48A varALBINO SURCHARGE!  We just discovered three examples of our #48A with the impression of the surcharge visible on the reverse but without any ink on the front of the sheet.  These are called Albino Surcharges and are the first discovered from the C.I.S. area. Just one sheet remains available.
72-7415.00,25.00,50.00 Surcharges on Knight, ArmsNH.95
72-74 INV  Inverted SurchargesNH22.00
72 var  72 with Double SurchargeNH13.50
72 var  72 with two Surcharges, one 15r  the other 25r SurchargeNH17.50
72 var  72 with 5 SurchargesNH20.00
74 var  74 with Double Surcharge, both at bottomNH20.00
74 var  74 with Double Surcharge, one at bottom; the other at topNH20.00
75-77Birds I "Block" of 3 plus TabNH1.25
75-77 F/S  Birds I Sheet of 6 BlocksNH11.00
78World War II "Block of 3"NH1.90
78 F/S  World War II Sheet of 9 BlocksNH25.00
87-89Protected Birds IINH1.25
90-91Painter RepinNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
94-97Kosziuszko's UprisingNH1.90
98-99WW II VictoryNH.95
98-99 IMP  WWII ImperforateNH125.00
100Radio AnniversaryNH.65
100 IMP  Radio ImperforateNH45.00
101This number not utiized by Scott. 
102 '95180r Building Definitive NH.50
The normal shade of the 180 numeral on Scott 102 is orange red.  The stamp below has a very brown red numeral.  Just two found in 12 years!NHAsk
102 varBrown red 180 Numeral varietyNH22.00
102 IMP  180r Building Definitive ImperforateNH30.00
103 '96200r Building Definitive NH.50
104This number not utiized by Scott. 
105 '95280r Building Definitive NH.50
106-08These numbers not utiized by Scott. 
109 '95600r Building Definitive NH.50
110-12These numbers not utiized by Scott. 
113Geographer I. CherskyNH.50
113 IMP  Geographer ImperforateNH45.00
114-16Folk CostumesNH.75
117-20WWF - BeaverNH2.00
121 IMP  Writing ImperforateNH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
122-23Flag, ArmsNH.95
122-23 IMP  Flags, Arms ImperforateNH95.00
124UN AnniversaryNH.65
124 IMP  UN ImperforateNH50.00
125-26 IMP  Churches ImperforateNH85.00
127300r SurchargeNH.65
127 var  300r Surcharge VarietyNH9.50
128Plane Designer SukhovNH.65
128 IMP  Plane ImperforateNH50.00
129-33 '961000r-5000r WildlifeNH3.00
134 S/S10,000r Nature SheetNH2.50
135-37Historical PeopleNH1.60
138-40 M/S+S/SButterflies (M/S of 8 + 2 S/S)NH39.75
  138 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheet of 8NH28.00
  139-40 S/S  Butterflies Sheets of 1NH16.00
141-42B, A Surcharges and OverprintsNH.50
141 Offset  B Overprint WITH Complete 100% offset print on the gum side of the stamp.NH8.00
142 Offset  A Overprint Complete 100% offset print on the gum side of the stampNH7.00
141a-42a INVB, A with Inverted OverprintsNH29.00
142 ShiftA Overprint Pair with Major Shift resulting in the A being half on the upper stamp and half on the bottom stamp. Beautiful item!NH19.00
143 S/S1200r Beaver SheetNH1.25
144Writer KrapivaNH.65
145Chernobyl Block of 4 inc TabNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
146-57100r-50,000r Coats of Arms (5000r-50,000r with Fluorescent Belarus OverprintsNH22.50
  154 WF  5000r with Fluorescent Belarus OverprintNHAsk
  "154X" NF  5000r without any Fluorescent OverprintNHAsk
158Russia, Belarus FlagsNH.65
158 IMP  Flags ImperforateNH49.00
159-63Atlanta Olympics plus S/SNH4.50
159-62 IMP  Olympics Set ImperforateNH375.00
164-67Costumes plus S/SNH3.25
168-72Medicinal Plants plus S/SNH3.25
173-76 S/SWaterbirds (M/S of 12 and 16 plus 2 S/S)NH32.50
177 IMP  Grammar ImperforateNH45.00
178-79 IMP  Churches ImperforateNH115.00
180Storyteller ShtshakazichinNH.65
181Minsk TelephoneNH.75
182200r DefinitiveNH.80
183President LukashenkoNH1.60
184-86Famous MenNH1.60
187-88Christmas - New YearNH.95
187-88 IMP  Christmas ImperforateNH60.00
189-93Religious Paintings with S/SNH4.60
194Marshall ZhukovNH.65
195Minsk TheaterNH.65
195 IMP  Minsk Theater ImperforateNH80.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
Scott gives 194 and 195 January 1997 issue dates.  However, the authoritative Michel catalog gives December 31, 1996 as the issue date and lists FDC's to back their claim.  We follow the Michel information.
196,198,199January Coats of Arms (400,1500,2000)NH4.50
197,200,201September Coats of Arms (800,2500,3000)NH6.75
  197 800 September Coat of ArmsNH2.50
  200 2500 September Coat of Arms 
  201 3000 September Coat of ArmsNH4.50
202Painter BiruliaNH.65
203Composer Surcharge on #2NH.80
204-08 S/SFish with SheetNH4.60
209-10Conference + Bird StripNH2.40
211 TBUPU Tete-Beche PairNH3.00
"211c" FL  UPU on Fluorescent PaperNH90.00
211AError Surcharge 100 on #21 (Light Brown) instead of #22 (Dark Brown).  Since the basic stamps are both shades of brown, this could be quite an interesting item.  211A is not in the basic Year Set as it is an error and not a regularly issued stamp.NH19.50
212Surcharge 100 on #22 Dark Brown ArmsNH.65
"212a" INV  100 on #22 Dark Brown Arms with Inverted SurchargeNH18.50
213World War II LiberationNH.75
217-20Printing AnniversaryNH2.75
221Pinsk Jesuit CollegeNH.70
223School for BlindNH.65
224Day of the ChildNH.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
229a S/S  Tractors MiniSheet of 2 SetsNH8.50
230Surcharge 3000 on #1NH1.50
231-32Christmas, New YearNH.95
233Nagano Olympics BlockNH3.75
234P.M. MasherovNH.65
235-39Dump TrucksNH6.25
239a S/STruck Sheet of 5NH2.50
240 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH25.00
241Poet MickevichNH2.75
242Postal Service 8600 SurchargeNH.80
247a S/SBird Sheet of 10NH10.50
248-56100r-5300r DefinitivesNH4.00
  248,249  100r Watermill, 200r WindmillNH.75
  250,251  500r Stork, 1000r OxNH.65
  252,256  2000r Star, 10,000r WheelNH.65
  253,255  3200r, 5300r Music InstrumentsNH2.50
  254  5000r ChurchNH.50
259-63Tipping TrucksNH3.50
263a S/STruck Sheet of 5NH9.75
264a-68a  Mushrooms Tete-Beche PairsNH11.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
269-72Sculpture - MuseumNH1.60
273Stamp DayNH.65
279Human RightsNH.65
280-81New Year, Christmas PairNH1.25
282-88800r-500,000r Small Size DefinitivesNH4.00
  282 '99  800r Ishkoldsko ChurchNH.50
  283-84  1500r, 3000r InstrumentsNH.50
  285,286,287 '99  30,000r Mill, 50,000r Windmill, 100,000r BelekspoNH3.25
  288 '99  500,000r Dance DefinitiveNH4.75
294A.S. PushkinNH.65
295-98Minsk TrucksNH6.25
295 M/S  10,000r Truck MiniSheet of 8NH19.00
299Trucks MiniSheet of 6NH7.00
300-02Glass ArtNH2.00
303IBRA'99 on Swans Block of 4NH2.25
304-05Europa - NatureNH6.50
304-05 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 9 NH60.00
306-08Wood Art, WindmillNH1.90
306 M/S  Wood Art Vertical MiniSheet of 8NH12.50
307-08 M/S  Wood Art MiniSheets of 16 (not in MiniSheet Year Set)NH38.00
309-12Chagall PaintingsNH5.00
309-12 M/S  Chagall Paintings MiniSheets of 6NH28.00
313 S/SChagall Painting SheetNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
314Hero V.N. KarvatNH.65
315UPU, Post History PairNH1.90
315 M/S  UPU MiniSheet of 5 PairsNH11.00
316-20Mushrooms Set plus the "double" S/SNH6.75
320a S/S  Mushroom Half SheetNH2.75
The Mushroom 320 S/S is actually a double Souvenir Sheet issued in Tete-Beche format.NH6.50
316-19 TB 1  Mushrooms Tete-Beche Pairs, Denominations ApartNH8.75
316-19 TB 2  Mushrooms Tete-Beche Pairs, Denominations TogetherNH8.75
322-23Trucks of MAZNH1.25
324-25Children DrawingsNH1.25
326New Year Greetings Pair with Central TabNH3.50
330 S/S2000 Years of Christianity SheetNH3.25
331-391r-50r DefinitivesNH2.00
  331,334,335  1r Bison, 5r Church, 10r WheelNH3.25
  331,334,335 FL  1r,5r,10r with Fluor Text: Bison, Church, WheelNH3.25
  332,338  2r Star, 30r Water MillNH1.00
  332,338 FL  2r,30r with Fluor Text: Star, Water MillNH1.00
  333,336,337  3r Feast, A Music, 20r DanceNH1.60
  "333a,336a,337a" '02  3r Feast, A Music, 20r Dance with Microprinting, Inscribed 2002NH1.90
  339  50r Windmill Definitive, Inscribed 2000NH1.75
  339a '02  Windmill with Bister brown Frame, Inscribed 2002NH3.50
34020r Small Dancer Self-AdhesiveNH.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
340a BK  Dancers Booklet of 18NH12.50
344 S/SAirplane SheetNH2.50
349Victory Day PaintingNH1.00
350a TB  Europa Tete-Beche Variations:  
350a TBH    Europa Horizontal, Numbers Together NH16.00
350a TBH    Europa Horizontal, Numbers Apart NH25.00
350a TBV    Europa Vertical, Numbers  Together NH16.00
350a TBV    Europa Vertical, Numbers Apart NH16.00
350 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH70.00
352 S/SBallet SheetNH1.50
353UN RefugeesNH.65
The WWF issue below was printed in two formats:  each stamp in an individual sheet of 36 stamps and the 4 stamps se-tenant in a Miniature Sheet of 8 which can be separated into Strips of 4 or Blocks of 4. 
354-57WWF Lynx (from the indivdual stamp printing)NH3.75
354-57 BLKWWF - Lynx Block of FourNH4.50
354-57 STRWWF - Lynx - Strip of 4NH4.50
357a S/S  WWF MiniSheet of 8NH8.00
358UN Culture Year - FolkloreNH.65
359Olympic Games StripNH3.00
360 S/SOlympics SheetNH3.50
361-70100r-500r Additional DefinitivesNH4.75
  361 '00  100r Exhibition HallNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  "361a" '02  100r Exhibition Hall, Reprint 2002NH.75
  362 '01  200r Vitebsk HallNH1.00
  "362a" '03  200r Vitebsk Hall, Reprint 2003NH3.75
  363 '01  500r DancersNH1.25
  "363a" '03  500r Dancers, Reprint 2003NH2.50
Self-adhesive Issues: 
  364  20r Dancing, Micro TextNH.50
  364 M/S    20r Dancing MiniSheet of 24NH3.50
  365  30r Water MillNH.40
  365 M/S    30r Mill MiniSheet of 24NH2.50
  366  B WheatNH.40
  366 M/S    B Wheat MiniSheet of 24NH2.50
  367  A Folk HolidayNH.40
  367 M/S    A Holiday MiniSheet of 24NH3.50
  368  50r Windmill Defin, Self-adhesiveNH.50
  368 M/S    50r Windmill MiniSheet of 24NH12.00
  369 '01  100r Minsk HallNH.40
  369 '01 M/S    100r MiniSheet of 24NH6.00
  370 '01  200r Vitebsk Town HallNH.50
  370 '01 M/S    200r MiniSheet of 24NH7.50
371-74 BK  Minerals Booklets (2)NH12.00
375New YearNH.95
377-78Children's DrawingsNH1.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
377-78 M/S  Drawings MiniSheets of 8 (2)NH16.00
379 S/SSt. Euphrosyne Birth SheetNH2.00
380-81Brest, Gomel ArmsNH1.90
382 S/SOlympic Medal Count SheetNH6.25
383-84 M/S  Airplanes MiniSheets of 18NH50.00
385Beetles Pair (our choice of format)NH2.75
385 SO  Beetles Pair in Scott OrderNH5.00
385a-b  Beetles Singles from PairNH2.50
385 M/S  Beetles MiniSheet of 10 Pairs (in random order)NH35.00
387a BK  Flowers BookletNH32.00
388-89Europa - WaterNH13.50
388-89 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH110.00
390Chernobly DisasterNH.75
392a BK  Costumes Booklet of 6NH29.00
392a M/S  Costumes MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
393Independence AnniversaryNH2.00
394CIS AnniversaryNH1.50
395-96,398-402Surcharges, October IssueNH16.50
397400r on 1500r (Scott 150) AugustNH3.25
403-04Folk TalesNH1.40
403-04 M/S  Folk Tales MiniSheets of 12 and 8 respectivelyNH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
405Year of DialogueNH4.00
405a TB  Dialogue Tete-Beche Variations: 
405a TB1    Dialogue Denominations TogetherNH10.00
405a TB2    Dialogue Denominations ApartNH10.00
405 M/S  Dialogue MiniSheet of 18NHAsk
406 S/SArctic Explorer SheetNH8.50
407200r SailboardingNH2.75
4081000r Waterskiing 
408a BK  Water Sports BookletNH15.00
408b S/SWaterskiing SheetNH3.25
409-202001-2002 Small DefinitivesNHAsk
  409-10 '02  1r Bison, 2r Star, both with MicroprintingNH4.00
  411 '02  5r Church with MicroprintingNH3.00
  412 '02  10r Wheel with MicroprintingNH.40
  413 '02  30r Mill with MicroprintingNH.50
  414 '02  B Crops NH3.00
  415-16 '02  H, C Church, RailwayNH.90
  417-20 '01  1000r-5000r Arms, Printer, ViewsNH55.00
  418a '07  2000r Minsk City Hall with 2007 Imprint (our choice of paper)NH9.75
  418a CP '07  2000r Minsk City Hall with 2007 Imprint on Coated PaperNHAsk
  418a NP '07  2000r Minsk City Hall with 2007 Imprint on Normal PaperNHAsk
421House of Mercy SanctuaryNH.90
421 M/S  Sanctuary MiniSheet of 18NH19.00
422-23Christmas, New YearNH1.00
424Surgeon KlumovNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
425Borisov ArmsNH.80
426-29Winter OlympicsNH6.50
430-31 ST  Insects Se-tenant PairNH9.75
430-31 STR  Insects Strip with Central TabNH8.75
431a S/S  Insects Sheet of 2 plus TabsNH14.00
431a BK  Insects Booklet of 2NH14.00
431b S/SInsects SheetNH5.00
432 S/SWinter Olympics SheetNH4.75
433-34Europa - CircusNH4.75
433-34 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH42.50
435Poet KupalaNH.80
436Poet KolasNH.80
437 S/SPoet SheetNH3.25
438-40August Flowers (30r-100r)NH3.25
438-40 M/S  August Flowers MiniSheets of 25NH90.00
441-42September FlowersNH6.00
441-42 M/S  September Flowers MiniSheets of 25NH175.00
443B FlowerNH.40
443 GP  B Flower Gutter PairNH1.25
443a BP  B Flower Pane of 6NH2.50
443a x4 BK  B Flower Booklet of 24NH11.00
444A FlowerNH.40
444 GP  A Flower Gutter PairNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
444a BP  A Flower Pane of 6NH3.50
444a x4 BK  A Flower Booklet of 24NH12.50
445H FlowerNH3.00
445 GP  H Flower Gutter PairNH8.00
445a BP  H Flower Pane of 6NH20.00
445a x4 BK  H Flower Booklet of 24NH90.00
446C FlowerNH3.00
446 GP  C Flower Gutter PairNH8.00
446a BP  C Flower Pane of 6NH20.00
446a x4 BK  C Flower Booklet of 24NH90.00
447-48Children's ActivitiesNH1.25
449 S/SBird Life SheetNH2.50
453 LAB  Ecotourism with TabNH2.50
453 PR+LAB  Ecotourism Pair plus Block of 4 different LabelsNH8.50
453 M/S  Ecotourism MiniSheet of 12NH19.00
453a BP  Ecotourism Unattached, Unfolded Pane of 4NH28.00
453a BK  Ecotourism Booklet of 4NH30.00
454 S/SSpace Exploration SheetNH7.50
455-56 TAB  Paintings with Special TabsNH9.75
455-56 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 7NH17.50
457-58Christmas, New YearNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
459-60Minsk, David-Gorodok ArmsNH1.60
461 S/SArtist Malevich SheetNH4.75
462-63Reptiles inc TurtleNH2.00
463a M/S  Reptiles inc Turtle MiniSheet of 8NH9.50
464Fresh WaterNH1.90
465Birds without SymbolNH1.90
"465A"Birds with Symbol (only one per M/S)NH9.50
465 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 7 with SymbolNH14.75
466-67Children's ActivitiesNH1.60
468-69Europa - Poster ArtNH3.25
468-69 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH70.00
468a-69a BKEuropa - Art Booklets NH35.00
468a-69a M/S  Europa Special Sheets of 8 NH34.00
471a M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
473a M/S  Costumes MiniSheet of 8NH7.00
474 S/SYachting SheetNH3.75
475-77 S/SCulture SheetsNH7.50
478-80Wooden BuildingsNH2.90
480a S/SBuildings SheetNH3.00
483a M/S  Dog MiniSheet of 6NH4.50
484-87Soccer AnniversaryNH3.50
484-87 M/S  Soccer MiniSheets of 18 (4)NH70.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
488-89Christmas, New DayNH2.00
488-89 F/S  Christmas, New Day Sheetlets of 20NH49.50
488a-89a M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 6NH14.00
489b BK  Christmas Booklet of 8NH9.50
490-91Arms: Slonim, ZaslavlNH2.00
492Art MuseumNH1.00
492 M/S  Art MiniSheet of 8NH8.00
493-507Berries DefinitivesNH55.00
507a S/S 1Berries Sheetlet of 15, Perf Top MarginNHAsk
507a Note:These Sheetlets exist in two formats:  "A" - Imperf Top Margin and Perf Bottom Margin and "B" - Perf Top Margin and Imperf Bottom Margin.  We include one version with a basic Year Set.  If both versions are wanted, please let us know. 
507a S/S 2Berries Sheetlet, Imperf Top MarginNHAsk
508Valentine's Day (Cards)NH1.50
508 M/S  Valentine's Day MiniSheet of 20NH35.00
508a S/SValentine's Day Special Sheet of 7NH16.00
509-19Trees and Bushes DefinitivesNH22.00
519a S/STrees, Bushes SheetNHAsk
520Bird of the YearNH1.60
520 TAB  Bird with BirdLife TabNH5.50
520 M/S  Bird MiniSheet of 7NH11.00
521Hockey ChampionshipNH1.60
521 TAB 1  Hockey Championship with Tab 1NH11.75
521 TAB 2  Hockey Championship with Tab 2NH11.75
521 M/S  Hockey Championship MiniSheet of 18NH25.00
522-23Europa - Mushrooming, FishingNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
522-23 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH58.00
522-23 S/SEuropa Special Sheets of 7NH35.00
522a-23a BKEuropa Booklets of 7 NH22.50
524 S/SLiberationNH22.00
525-26Railway Stations in Mosty and VitebskNH2.00
525-26 M/S  Railway MiniSheets of 18NH42.50
525-26 S/SRailway MiniSheet of 12NH45.00
525-26 BK  Railway Booklet of 12NH45.00
527-28Wasp, BumblebeeNH1.60
527-28 M/S  Insect MiniSheets of 20NH35.00
529 S/SHoney Bee SheetNH3.25
530 S/SYu Pan Birth SheetNH3.50
531-33Athens OlympicsNH3.25
531-33 M/S  Olympic MiniSheets of 18NH65.00
534-37 M/S  Butterfly MiniSheets of 18NH190.00
537a S/SButterfly SheetNH37.50
534-37 BKButterfly Booklet of 12NH32.00
538 S/SAthens Olympic SheetNH2.00
539 S/SHorse SheetNH3.25
540 S/SCat SheetNH4.25
541Happy New YearNH1.60
541 M/S  Holiday MiniSheet of 6NH9.50
542 Note:Scott's listing of this issue implies that the entire printing was done in se-tenant pairs which is not correct.
  The stamp were printed in Sheetlets of 16 with the left side of the being one station and the right side the other.  Thus from a Sheetlet of 16, there are 4 se-tenant pairs and 4 sets of individual stamps.  There is now a significant premium for the se-tenant pairs because of the way Scott has listed the issue!
542 SNGMinsk Metro Stations Singles: Yakub, Kolas SquareNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
542 PR  Minsk Metro Stations Pair: Yakub, Kolas SquareNH7.50
542 TAB  Station Stamps with 4 different TabsNH22.00
542 M/S  Railway MiniSheets of 16NH45.00
543-45Town ArmsNH2.25
546Hydrologist BogomolovNH.65
546 M/S  Hydrologist Bogomolov MiniSheet of 20NH16.00
547 S/SIcons SheetNH6.50
548Bird of the YearNH1.60
548 TAB  Bird with TabNH5.50
548 M/S  Bird MiniSheet of 7NH11.00
549-52WWII VictoryNH15.00
549-52 TAB  WWII Victory with TabsNH75.00
549-52 M/S  WWII MiniSheets of 8NH175.00
553 S/SVictory SheetNH4.50
554 S/SFauna Sheet (Joint issue with Ukraine)NH4.75
555-56Europa - CuisineNH3.00
555-56 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 7 NH32.50
555-56 TAB  Europa with Tab NH12.00
555-56 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 (2) NH65.00
555-56 BKS  Europa Booklets NH24.00
557Actress S.M. StanyutaNH.95
557 TAB  Actress Stanyuta with Painting TabNH3.00
557x2 TAB  Actress Stanyuta Strip with Tab in MiddleNH4.50
557 M/S  Actress S.M. Stanyuta MiniSheet of 16 plus 4 TabsNH18.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
558 S/SHans Christian Anderson SheetNH3.25
559-61 (4)WWF - Black Stork (pair and two singles as issued in sheets of 20)NH6.00
561c STWWF - Black Stork Se-tenant Block of 4 (from M/S of 8 printing)NH9.50
559-61 M/S  WWF 3 MiniSheets of 20 (one sheet contains 10 se-tenant pairs)NH135.00
561c x2 S/SWWF - Stork Sheet of 8NH13.00
562Art MuseumNH.50
562 M/S  Art MiniSheet of 8NH4.00
563World Summit of InformationNH.65
563 M/S  Summit MiniSheet of 8NH5.50
565a M/S  Costumes MiniSheet of 8NH13.50
566Sports and Phys EdNH1.00
566 M/S  Sport MiniSheet of 16NH19.50
567Volkovyssk AnniversaryNH.65
567 TAB  Volkovyssk with TabNH5.00
567 M/S  Volkovyssk MiniSheet of 14 with TabNH10.00
568Turov EparchyNH.65
568 M/S  Turov Eparchy MiniSheet of 16NH14.00
569Chess Pair, Perforated (our choice of format)NH2.50
569b TAB  Chess Perf Pair with TabNH8.00
569+"569A" M/S  Chess Perf MiniSheets of 7NH15.00
"569A" PRChess Pair, Imperforate (our choice of format)NH3.00
"569A" VPR  Chess Imperforate Vertical PairNH8.00
"569A" HPR  Chess Imperforate Horizontal PairNH6.00
"569Ab" TAB  Chess Imperf Pair with TabNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
"569A" F/SChess Sheetlet of 25NH85.00
569+"569A" BKSChess BookletsNH22.00
570 S/SArchitecture SheetNH3.25
571 TAB  Christmas with TabNH20.00
571 M/S (2)  Christmas MiniSheets of 8 or 9 (same stamp but different M/S formats)NH99.00
572Winter OlympicsNH3.25
572 M/SWinter Olympics MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
573 S/SWinter Olympics SheetNH3.25
574-75Coats of Arms (Turiv, Novogrudok)NH3.25
576Bird of the YearNH1.25
576 M/S  Bird of the Year MiniSheet of 7 + TABNH11.00
57720 Years of Chernobyl DisasterNH.85
577 M/S20 Years of Chernobyl Disaster Minisheet of 16NH17.00
578-79Europa - IntegrationNH3.00
578-79 TAB  Europa - Integration with Tabs NH13.50
579a-b S/SEuropa Souvenir Sheets of 7 with Tab NH32.50
578-79 M/S  Europa - Integration MiniSheets  of 16 NH50.00
579a-b BK  Europa - Integration Booklets (2) NH30.00
580Writer ShamyakinNH.65
581-92Garden Birds Definitives on Coated PaperNH14.50
581-92 M/S  Garden Birds Definitives on Coated Paper MiniSheets of 21NH325.00
"581A-92A"Garden Birds Definitives on Normal PaperNH42.50
592a S/SGarden Birds Definitives Sheet of 12 (Shiny Paper)NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
593-95 M/S  Bats MiniSheets of 9NH25.00
596 S/SBats SheetNH6.50
597 S/SWinners of Torin SheetNH4.00
598 S/SCanal of August SheetNH4.00
599-600Locomotives, StationsNH2.50
599-600 TAB  Locomotives with TabsNH25.00
599-600 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 18NH60.00
600a M/S  Locomotives MiniSheet of 8 with TabsNH12.00
601-03Orchids of BelarusNH4.50
601-02 M/S  Orchids of Belarus MiniSheets of 16 + 2 Tabs (only 2 exist in this format)NH55.00
601-02 TB  Orchids of Belarus Tete-Beche PairsNH7.50
602a M/S  Orchids of Belarus MiniSheet of  8NH12.00
604-05Alternative Sources of EnergyNH2.00
604-05 ST  Alternative Sources of Energy Se-tenant PairNH7.00
604-05 M/S  Alternative Sources of Energy MiniSheets of 18NH45.00
605a M/SAlternative Sources of Energy MiniSheet of 3 SetsNH9.00
60615 Years of Regional Communication SystemNH4.00
606 M/S  15 Years of Regional Communication System MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
607 S/SDeer Sheet Overprinted "Philatelic Exhibition"NH6.50
608-11Aquarium FishNH3.50
608-11 M/S  Aquarium Fish MiniSheets of 16NH70.00
611a M/S  Aquarium Fish MiniSheet of 8NH8.75
6123000r Shklov City Hall (our choice of paper)NH4.75
612 CP  3000r Shklov City Hall on Coated PaperNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
612 NP  3000r Shklov City Hall on Normal PaperNHASK
613Christmas Pair (our choice of format)NH2.00
613 VPR  Christmas Vertical PairNH2.25
613 VPR SO  Christmas Vertical Pair in Scott Order (White at Top)NH3.25
613 HPR  Christmas Horizontal PairNH2.50
613 HPR SO  Christmas Horizontal Pair in Scott Order (White at LeftNH3.50
613 M/S  Christmas Pair MiniSheet of 6NH6.50
418aMinsk City Hall, Dated 2007NHASK
614-15Town Coats of Arms DefinitivesNH3.25
616Napoleon OrdaNH4.50
616 S/SPainter Orda SheetNH9.00
617Bird of the Year (Nightingale)NH4.50
617 TAB  Bird with Tab (our choice of format)NH15.00
617 TAB R  Bird with Tab at RightNH17.50
617 TAB B  Bird with Tab at BottomNH17.50
617 M/S  Bird MiniSheet of 7 with LabelNH30.00
618-19Europa Scout ThemesNH3.50
618-19 ST  Europa Scout Themes Se-tenant PairNH8.50
618-19 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH29.50
618-19 S/SEuropa Sheet of 7 plus TabNH25.50
619a BK  Europa Booklet of 7 NH24.50
620-23Animal Definitives, Self-adhesiveNH9.50
620-23 25 F/S  Animal Sheets of 25 (not in M/S Year Set)NH275.00
623a S/SAnimal Sheet of 8 with TabNH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
624 S/SStruve Geodesic Arc SheetNH8.00
625Nature Preserves Strip with Tab (Joint Issue with Lithuania)NH3.25
625 M/S  Nature Preserves MiniSheet of 6 with TabsNH10.00
626-29 TAB  Owls with Tabs (our choice of format)NH28.00
626-29 TAB  Owls with Tabs at Top or BottomNH30.00
626-29 TAB  Owls with Tabs at Right or LeftNH32.00
626-29 M/S  Owls MiniSheets of 7 with TabNH55.00
629a S/SOwls Sheet of 8NH14.00
626-29 ST  Owls Se-tenant Block of 4NH9.00
630Paintings Strip of 3NH6.50
630 M/S  Paintings MiniSheet of 6NH14.00
631 S/SPaintings Sheet of 3NH14.00
632-33 M/SChristmas Sheet of 8NH55.00
634 S/SChristmas SheetNH22.00
635Christmas Tree, New Year Candle PairNH3.75
635 TAB  Christmas Tree, New Year Candle Pair with TabsNH14.00
635d M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 7 with Tab (only 3,000 printed)NHASK
635c S/SNew Year SheetNH4.75
636-38 TAB  Bells with TabNH21.00
636-38 M/S  Bells MiniSheets of 8 with TabNH42.00
639 S/SBells Sheet of 1NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
640-41 M/S  Crafts MiniSheets of 6NH16.00
642-46Domestic AnimalsNH6.25
642-46 M/S  Domestic Animals MiniSheets of 6NH38.00
647-48 M/S  Hunting MiniSheets of 8NH22.00
649Poet and Writer MarcinkevichNH1.25
649 M/S  Writer Marcinkevich MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
650 S/SPrince OstrozhskyNH4.75
651Egretta Alba BirdNH6.50
651 TAB  Egretta Alba Bird with TabNH24.00
651 M/S  Egretta Alba Bird MiniSheet of 7NH45.00
652Telecommunication, Bank (TIBO)NH3.25
652 M/S  Telecommunication MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
653-54Europa - Early, Modern LettersNH3.75
653-54 TAB  Europa - Letters, CPU with Tabs NH7.00
653-54 ST  Europa Se-tenant Pair from Special Printing NH5.00
653-54 M/S  Europa - Early, Modern Letters MiniSheets of 9 NH23.75
654a S/SEuropa - Letters, CPU Sheet of 6 + 2 TabsNH9.75
654a BK  Europa - Letters Booklet NH7.75
655-59Mammals (our choice of paper)NH3.00
655-59 CP  Mammals on Coated PaperNH3.75
655-59 NP  Mammals on Normal PaperNH3.75
655-59 M/S  Mammals MiniSheets of 21NH52.50
659a S/SMammals Sheet of 15NH9.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
660-6720r-500r Flowers (our choice of paper)NH2.00
660-67 CP  20r-500r Flowers on Coated PaperNH2.75
660-67 NP  20r-500r Flowers on Normal PaperNH2.75
660-67 M/S  Flowers MiniSheets of 21NH59.00
667a S/SFlowers Sheet of 24NH8.75
668-69 TAB  Mushrooms with TabsNH22.00
668-69 M/S  Mushrooms MiniSheets of 9 plus TabNH47.50
670Beijing OlympicsNH3.50
670 M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheet of 9NH35.00
671-72 M/SOrders and Medals 2 MiniSheets of 8 plus 2 TabsNH25.00
673,675Orsha, Nesvizh Coats of ArmsNH12.00
673,675 M/S  Orsha, Nesvizh Coats of Arms MiniSheets of 9NH125.00
674Witebsk Coat of ArmsNH1.60
674 TAB  Witebesk Arms plus Tabs (2)NH12.00
674 M/S  Witebsk Coat of Arms MiniSheet of 10 plus 2 TabsNH19.50
676Holocaust CommemorationNH3.00
676 TAB  Holocaust Commemoration with TabNH12.00
676 M/S  Holocaust MiniSheet of 8NH23.00
677 S/SIcons SheetNH7.00
678 S/SNesvizh Castle SheetNH4.75
679 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
680New YearNH1.60
680 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 4NH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6815000k Bison DefinitiveNH9.75
682-85Owls of BelarusNH5.00
682-85 TAB  Owls with TabsNH19.00
682-85 M/S  Owls of Belarus MiniSheets of 7 plus TabsNH38.00
685a S/SOwls of Belarus Sheet of 8NH11.00
682-85 ST  Owls of Belarus Se-tenant Block of 4NH7.50
"516 RP" '04'C' Fruit Reprint Inscribed 2004 but issued in 2008NH5.00
"681 RP" '085000 Bison Definitive of 2007 on Ordinary Paper Inscribed 2008NH10.00
686 M/S  Braille MiniSheet of 6NH9.00
687Musical Group "Pesniary" with LabelNH1.25
687 M/S  Musical Group "Pesniary" MiniSheet of 3 with 3 LabelsNH4.00
688Russian Withdrawal from AfghanistanNH.75
688 TAB  Russian Withdrawal with TabNH4.75
688 M/S  Russian Withdrawal MiniSheet of 8 with LabelNH9.75
689CIS CommitteeNH.80
689 M/S  CIS Committee MiniSheet of 9NH7.50
690 S/SHoliday Rituals SheetNH2.50
691Grey Goose YearNH1.25
691 TAB  Grey Goose with TabNH2.50
691 M/S  Grey Goose MiniSheet of 7 with LabelNH7.50
692-93Europa CEPT - AstronomyNH2.50
692-93 TAB  Europa CEPT - Astronomy with Tabs NH11.50
692-93 M/S  Europa CEPT - Astronomy MiniSheets of 7 NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
693a S/SEuropa CEPT - Astronomy Sheet of 6NH18.00
693a BKEuropa CEPT - Astronomy Booklet NH8.50
694 S/SGlobe, Butterflies SheetNH3.25
695-96 TAB  Fowl with TabsNH8.50
695-96 M/S  Fowl MiniSheets of 8NH20.00
697 S/SFowl SheetNH7.75
698-99Protected PlantsNH3.75
698-99 TAB  Protected Plants with TabsNH9.75
698-99 M/S  Protected Plants MiniSheets of 5NH19.50
700 S/SLiberation Anniversary SheetNH1.50
701-02Air-Technical SportsNH3.75
701-02 TAB  Air-Technical Sports with TabsNH9.50
701-02 M/S  Air-Technical Sports MiniSheets of 5NH19.50
703Andrei GromykoNH.95
703 M/S  Andrei Gromyko MiniSheet of 6NH6.00
704Religious IconNH1.60
704 M/S  Religious Icon MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
705-06Smargon, Kobryn Coat of ArmsNH2.50
705-06 TAB  Smargon, Kobryn Coat of Arms with TabNH10.00
705-06 M/S  Smargon, Kobryn Coat of Arms MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
707 S/SNature Reserve, Animals  SheetNH6.25
708First Telegraph LineNH1.60
708 TAB  First Telegraph Line with Two TabsNH6.50
708 M/S  First Telegraph Line MiniSheet of 7NH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
709Movie Star G.K. MakarovaNH1.00
709 TAB  Movie Star G.K. Makarova with TabNH3.00
709 M/S  Movie Star G.K. Makarova MiniSheet of 5NH6.00
710-11 TAB  Paintings with TabsNH9.75
710-11 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 7NH20.00
712 S/SChristmas SheetNH4.00
713 S/SCats and Kittens SheetNH9.50
714Athletic Buildings (our choice of pair) NH3.75
714 HPR  Athletic Buildings Horizontal Pair with Tab BetweenNH4.50
714 VPR  Athletic Buildings Vertical Pair (our choice)NH4.75
714 VPR SO  Athletic Buildings Vertical Pair in Scott OrderNH6.00
714c S/SAthletic Buildings SheetNH7.50
715 S/SFlags and Arms SheetNH6.50
716 S/SVancouver Olympic SheetNH3.75
717 S/SKhrutsky Birth SheetNH3.25
718Writer Ivan NaumenkoNH.80
718 M/S  Writer Ivan Naumenko MiniSheet of 5NH4.50
719Year of the BirdNH1.10
719 TAB  Year of the Bird with TabNH4.00
719 M/S  Year of the Bird MiniSheet of 7NH8.00
720 S/SSlutsk Sashes SheetNH3.25
721-22Children's Books - Europa CEPTNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
721-22 M/S  Children's Books - Europa CEPT MiniSheets of 8 NH17.50
722a BKChildren's Books - Europa CEPT Booklet NH6.75
"722X" S/SChildren's Books - Europa CEPT Sheet of 6NH6.75
723World War II VictoryNH2.25
723 M/S  World War II Victory MiniSheet of 5NH11.50
724 S/SWorld War II Victory Sheet of 2NH2.25
725 S/SBiodiversity SheetNH3.25
726EXPO 2010NH.75
726 M/S  EXPO 2010 MiniSheet of 9NH4.50
727Coats of Arms, SMOMNH2.50
727 M/S  Coats of Arms, SMOM MiniSheet of 4NH10.75
728-29 TAB  Sailboats with TabsNH8.50
728-29 M/S  Sailboats MiniSheets of 8 with TabsNH17.00
730Battle of GrunwaldNH1.75
730 M/S  Battle of Grunwald MiniSheet of 4NH7.50
731-33Winter Olympic WinnersNH6.50
731-33 TAB  Winter Olympic Winners with TabsNH26.00
731-33 M/S  Winter Olympic Winners MiniSheets of 8NH55.00
733a S/SWinter Olympic Winners Sheet of 6NH18.50
734 S/SBeijing Olympics Winners Sheet of 4NH8.00
735-36 TAB  Locomotives with TabsNH13.00
735-36 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 11 with TabsNH27.50
736a S/SLocomotives Mixed Sheet of 10 with TabsNH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
735-36 ST  Locomotives Se-tenant PairNH7.50
737-40 SNGWWF - Dragonflies Singles from First PrintingNH5.00
737-40 BLKWWF - Dragonflies Block from Second PrintingNH5.50
740a S/SWWF - Dragonflies Sheet of 8NH16.00
741-45Red Book MushroomsNH4.75
741-45 TAB  Red Book Mushrooms with TabsNH22.00
741-45 M/S  Red Book Mushtoom MiniSheets of 9 plus TabNH47.50
746Khoiniki Coat of ArmsNH1.25
746 M/S  Khoiniki Coat of Arms MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
747Lida Coat of ArmsNH2.00
747 M/S  Lida Coat of Arms MiniSheet of 9NH18.00
748 S/SBelarus Trade Union Congress SheetNH3.00
749United Nations AnniversaryNH1.10
749 TAB  United Nations Anniversary with TabNH3.00
749 M/S  United Nations Anniversary MiniSheet of 5NH6.00
750-52Hunting DogsNH3.25
750-52 TAB  Hunting Dogs with TabsNH13.00
750-52 STR  Hunting Dogs Vertical Strip of 3NH7.00
750-52 M/S  Hunting Dogs MiniSheets of 8 plus TabsNH27.50
752a S/SHunting Dogs Sheet of 6 with TabsNH8.00
753-54Merry Christmas, Happy New YearNH2.25
753-54 TAB  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year with TabNH9.00
753-54 M/S  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year MiniSheets of 7 plus TabNH18.00
754a S/SMerry Christmas, Happy New Year Sheet of 4 plus TabsNH6.50
755Junior EuroVision Song ContestNH2.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
755 TABS x2  Junior EuroVision Song Contest with TabsNH13.00
755 M/S  Junior EuroVision Song Contest MiniSheet of 10 with TabNH27.50
756Gantsevici Coat of Arms (Birds)NH.95
756 M/S  Gantsevici Coat of Arms MiniSheet of 9NH9.50
757 S/SMirskiy Castle SheetNH5.50
758-59H,P Orchid, FlowerNH3.50
758-59 TAB  H,P Orchid, Flower with Latin Name TabsNH9.00
758-59 M/S  H,P Orchid, Flower MiniSheet of 5NH18.50
759a S/SOrchid, Flower Sheet of 4NH7.00
760-61Pole Preservation, Glaciers, PenguinsNH3.00
760-61 ST  Pole Preservation, Glaciers, Penguins Se-tenant PairNH5.00
761a TB  Pole Preservation, Glaciers, Penguins Tete-Beche PairNH4.50
760-61 TAB  Pole Preservation, Glaciers, Penguins with TabNH5.00
760-61 M/S  Pole Preservation, Glaciers, Penguins MiniSheets of 5NH10.75
761b S/SPreservation of the Poles, Glaciers Sheet of 6NH9.75
762Bird - Numentus arquataNH.80
762 TAB  Bird - Numentus arquata with TabNH3.00
762 M/SBird - Numentus arquata MiniSheet of 7NH5.75
763-64 S/SCross of Euphrosyne Polotskaya SheetsNH7.75
765First Manned Space FlightNH1.75
765 M/SFirst Manned Space Flight MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
766-67Europa-CEPT Forests, AnimalsNH2.75
766-67 ST  Europa-CEPT Forests, Animals Se-tenant Pair NH7.75
766-67 M/S  Europa-CEPT Forests, Animals MiniSheets of 8NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
767a S/SEuropa-CEPT Forests, Animals Sheet of 6NH12.00
76825 Years After ChernobylNH1.75
768 M/S  25 Years After Chernobyl MiniSheet of 6NH11.75
769AIDS PreventionNH1.75
769 TAB  AIDS Prevention with TabNH7.00
769 M/SAIDS Prevention MiniSheet of 8NH14.00
770 HPRMusical Instruments Horizontal Pair (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH3.50
770 VPR  Musical Instruments Vertical Pair (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH4.50
770 M/SMusical Instruments MiniSheet of 8 (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH17.00
771Minsk-Yerevan Scenes Pairs (Joint issue with Armenia)NH3.50
771 M/S  Minsk-Yerevan Scenes (Joint issue with Armenia) MiniSheet of 3 PairsNH12.50
772C.I.S. 20th AnniversaryNH1.50
772 M/S  C.I.S. 20th Anniversary MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
773 S/SFriendship with Venezuela SheetNH1.60
774Festival of the Arts PairNH2.00
774 M/S  Festival of the Arts MiniSheet of 8 PairsNH17.00
775-77Equestrian SportsNH5.25
775-77 TAB  Equestrian Sports with TabsNH21.00
775-77 M/S  Equestrian Sports MiniSheets of 8NH44.00
778 S/SEquestrian Sports Sheet of 1NH1.90
779Non-Aligned Movement AnniversaryNH1.75
779 M/S  Non-Aligned Movement MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
780-81Swimming FishesNH3.50
780+81 ST  Swimming Fishes Se-tenant PairNH6.00
780-81 M/S  Fishes MiniSheets of 6NH22.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
781a S/SFishes Sheet of 6NH11.00
782Communications AnniversaryNH1.75
782 M/S  Communications Anniversary MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
783 S/SFortresses Sheet (Joint issue with Iran)NH3.75
784Molodechno City ArmsNH1.75
784 M/S  Molodechno City Arms MiniSheet of 9NH17.50
785-86Traditional CostumesNH3.50
785-86 TAB  Traditional Costumes with TabsNH14.00
785+86 ST  Traditional Costumes Se-tenantNH7.50
785-86 M/S  Traditional Costumes MiniSheets of 8 plus TabsNH29.50
786a S/STraditional Costumes Sheet of 8 plus TabNH14.00
787-88New Year, ChristmasNH3.50
787-88 M/S  New Year, Christmas MiniSheets of 9NH35.00
789-91 M/S  Pigeons Decorative MiniSheets of 6NH32.50
791a S/SPigeons Sheet of 6NH10.75
"791b-d"  Pigeons Vertical Strip of 5 (our choice of order)NH6.00
"791b-d" SO  Pigeons Vertical Strip of 5 in Scott OrderNH7.75
792 S/SFauna inc Panda Sheet (Joint issue with China)NH5.00
793-94M,N Ornament DefinitivesNH2.40
795 S/SCathedrals Sheet of 2NH6.75
796-807Architectural MonumentsNH17.00
796-807 M/S  Architectural Monuments MiniSheets of 8NH190.00
808-1950r-20,000r Architectural Monuments, Self-adhesive (mixed papers)NH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
808-19 GP (12)  50r-20,000r Architectural Monuments on Shiny, Self-adhesive PaperNH25.00
808-15,817-19 MP (11)  50r//20,000r Architectural Monuments on Matte, Self-adhesive Paper (P not issued on MP) NH22.50
820Europa-CEPT - Visiting PairNH3.50
820 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Visiting MiniSheet of 16 NH19.00
820c S/SEuropa-CEPT - Visiting Sheet of 6NH11.00
821Bird of the YearNH1.80
821 M/S  Bird of the Year MiniSheet of 7 plus TabNH13.50
822-23Traditional CostumesNH5.00
822-23 M/S  Traditional Costumes MiniSheets of 8 plus TabNH45.00
823a S/STraditional Costume MiniSheet of 8NH19.75
824-25Leaf Fossils: Butterfly, FishNH3.50
824-25 M/S  Leaf Fossils: Butterfly, Fish MiniSheets of 16NH58.00
824-25 TB  Leaf Fossils: Butterfly, Fish Tete-Beche PairsNH15.00
825a M/SLeaf Fossils: Butterfly, Fish MiniSheet of 8NH14.50
826 S/SBirds - Diplomatic Relations with Cuba SheetNH4.75
827-28Hedgehogs (Joint issue with Kazakhstan)NH3.75
827-28 M/S  Hedgehogs MiniSheets of 8 (Joint issue with Kazakhstan)NH32.00
828a S/SHedgehogs Sheet (Joint issue with Kazakhstan)NH7.00
829-30Newts (Joint issue with Russia)NH9.75
829-30 M/S  Newts MiniSheets of 8 (Joint issue with Russia)NH39.75
830a S/SNewts Sheet of 4 (Joint issue with Russia)NH11.00
831 S/SMarc Chagall SheetNH4.75
832Patriotic War of 1812NH1.85
832 M/S  Patriotic War of 1812 MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH15.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
833 PR TAB  EurAzsEC Pair with Central TabNH4.75
833 M/S  EurAzsEC MiniSheet of 10 plus 5 TabsNH18.50
834Belarussian Railway with TabsNH1.85
834 S/SBelarussian Railway Sheet of 5NH9.50
835-36Arms of BelarusNH3.60
835-36 M/S  Arms of Belarus MiniSheets of 9NH35.00
837Fire Rescue SportsNH1.60
837 M/S  Fire Rescue Sports MiniSheet of 8NH14.00
838Poet Maksim Tank AnniversaryNH1.80
838 M/S  Poet Maksim Tank MiniSheet of 6NH11.50
839-40Christmas, New YearNH2.50
839-40 M/S  Christmas, New Year MiniSheets of 9NH24.00
841 S/SBelarus - Israel Diplomatic Relations (Insect, Beetle) SheetNH5.00
842-44London Olympics MedalsNH5.00
842-44 TAB  London Olympics Medals with TabsNH8.75
842-44 M/S  London Olympics Medals MiniSheets of 8NH42.50
845Sport CyclingNH2.25
845 M/S  Sport Cycling MiniSheet of 6NH20.00
846-47Plant - BirdNH4.75
846-47 TB  Plant - Bird Tete-Beche PairsNH14.50
846-47 M/SPlant - Bird MiniSheets of 16NH85.00
847a S/SPlant - Bird Sheet (Butterfly in margin)NH5.00
848-50Embroidery (N,M,H)NH5.00
848-50 M/S  Embroidery (N,M,H) MiniSheets of 8NH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
851Bird of the YearNH2.50
851 TAB  Bird of the Year TabNH9.00
851 M/S  Bird of the YearNH18.00
852Chronicles of Victory - MassacreNH3.50
852 M/S  Chronicles of Victory MiniSheet of 12NH45.00
853 S/SCountryside Vacations SheetNH7.50
854TIBO AnniversaryNH1.50
854 M/S  TIBO Anniversary MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
855 S/SFolk Dances Sheet (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH4.50
856-57Europa-CEPT Postman, VanNH4.75
856-57 M/S  Europa-CEPT Postman, Van MiniSheets of 10 NH48.75
857a S/SEuropa-CEPT Postman, Van Sheet of 4NH10.50
858 S/SSt. Kyril of Turov SheetNH6.00
859Bolshoi Opera and BalletNH2.75
859 M/S  Bolshoi Opera and Ballet MiniSheet of 5 plus TabsNH13.50
860 S/SSlavonic Alphabet SheetNH6.00
861Presidency of the CISNH3.00
861 M/S  Presidency of the CIS MiniSheet of 6NH20.00
862 S/SDiplomatic Relations with Azerbaijan (Joint issue) SheetNH7.50
863Victory Day - Brest CastleNH2.25
863 M/S  Victory Day - Brest Castle MiniSheet of 6NH7.50
864 S/SBudslav Icon SheetNH6.00
865-68Zoo AnimalsNH9.50
865-68 TAB  Zoo Animals with TabsNH35.00
865-68 M/S  Zoo Animals MiniSheets of 7NH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
868a S/SZoo Animals Sheet of 4NH9.50
869Puppet TheaterNH2.50
869 M/S  Puppet Theater MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
870 S/SChristianization of Russia Sheet (Joint issue with Russia and Ukraine)NH5.50
871Tennis Leaders PairNH5.50
871 M/S  Tennis Leaders Pairs MiniSheet of 6NH16.50
872-73Coats of ArmsNH5.00
874-77Edible MushroomsNH7.00
874-77 TAB  Edible Mushrooms with TabsNH27.50
874-77 M/S  Edible Mushrooms MiniSheets of 9NH65.50
877a S/SEdible Mushrooms Sheet of 8NH16.00
878Communications HistoryNH2.00
879 S/SNature, Arms Sheet (Joint issue wih Armenia)NH5.00
880 S/SIsraeli National Leaders Born in Belarus Sheet of 5NH12.25
881 S/SAnimated Cartons Sheet of 8 with TabsNH14.25
882-83Christmas (triangles)NH3.75
882-23 ST  Christmas Se-tenant Pair (triangles)NH7.25
882-23 TAB  Christmas (triangles) with TabsNH7.25
882-83 M/S  Christmas (triangles) MiniSheet of 6NHASK
9vDefinitive Reprints with Changed UV PrintingNH13.50
9v MI 4  Definitive Reprints Margin Inscription Blocks of 4 Showing Date of Issue -  with Changed UV PrintingNH55.00
884Post CrossingNH1.75
885-86 M/S  Tapestries MiniSheets of 8NH27.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
887 S/SIcons SheetNH8.00
888A. KuleshovNH.75
888 M/S  A. Kuleshov MiniSheet of 6NH6.00
889 S/SSochi Olympics SheetNH6.00
890 M/S  Hockey MiniSheet of 6NH14.00
891-92Europa-CEPT MusicNH5.00
891-92 M/S  Europa-CEPT Music MiniSheets of 9 NHASK
892a S/SEuropa-CEPT Music SheetNH16.50
893Bird of the YearNH1.75
893 TAB  Bird of the Year with TabNH6.00
893 M/S  Bird of the Year MiniSheet of 7NH12.00
894Slutsk Sashes (triangle)NH1.75
894 M/S  Slutsk Sashes (triangle) MiniSheet of 5 NH9.50
895Family FarmingNH2.50
895 M/S  Family Farming MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
896 S/SSpace Explorers SheetNH6.50
897 M/S  UNESCO MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
898 S/SLiberation of Belarus SheetNH4.50
899Trade UnionsNH.75
899 M/S  Trade Unions MiniSheet of 8NH7.00
900-02Sochi Olympics Games NH6.50
900-02 M/S  Sochi Olympics Games MiniSheets of 6NH42.50
903 S/SSochi Olympics Games SheetNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
904 S/SBirds Sheet of 2NH5.50
905Grodno TheaterNH1.60
905 M/S  Grodno Theater MiniSheet of 6NH10.75
906Vitebsk TheaterNH1.60
906 M/S  Vitebsk Theater MiniSheet of 8NH10.75
907-08A N Flowers NH2.25
907-08 M/S  A N Flowers MiniSheet of 5NH15.00
909-12M (x4) FlowersNH8.50
909-12 M/S  M (x4) Flowers MiniSheets of 4NH35.00
912a S/SM (x4) Flowers SheetNH8.50
913Arms and Tourism in ZaslawyeNH2.25
913 M/S  Zaslawye MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
914Arms of GorodokNH1.60
914 M/S  Arms of Gorodok MiniSheet of 9NH16.50
915-16Christmas, New YearNH3.25
915-16 M/S  Christmas, New Year MiniSheet of 6NH20.00
917 S/SDay of the Post SheetNH5.50
91825 Anniversary of EkzarhatNH2.50
918 M/S  25 Anniversary of Ekzarhat MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
919Art MuseumNH1.75
919 M/S  Art Museum MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
920 S/SCathedrals SheetNH5.50
921 M/S  Biathalon MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
922A N M H Fauna Strip of 4NH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
922 M/S  A N M H Fauna MiniSheets of 3NH21.00
922e BKA N M H Fauna Booklet of 4NH7.50
923-27Animals DefinitivesNH9.50
923-27 M/S  Animals Definitives MiniSheets of 21NH225.00
928Architectural Monument - ChurchNH1.75
928 M/S  Architectural Monument - Church MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
929Heavy Building Machinery Strip of 5 NH10.75
929 M/S  Heavy Building Machinery MiniSheet of 10NH22.00
930 S/SLunar New Year of the Goat SheetNH7.00
931World War II VictoryNH2.25
931 TAB  World War II Victory with TabNH9.75
931 M/S  World War II Victory MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
932 S/SWorld War II Victory Sheet of 2NH4.75
933Writer BahushevichNH1.75
933 M/S  Writer Bahushevich of 12NH24.00
934 S/SMetropolitan Philaret SheetNH6.50
935Energy and Ecology CongressNH2.00
935 M/S  Energy and Ecology Congress MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
936Long-eared OwlNH2.50
936 TAB  Long-eared Owl with TabNH9.50
936 M/S  Long-eared Owl MiniSheet of 7NH19.50
937Europa-CEPT - Old Toys PairNH4.50
937 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Old Toys Pair MiniSheets of 8NH39.50
937c S/SEuropa-CEPT - Old Toys Sheet of 2NH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
938 S/SFrancysk Skaryna 525th Anniversary SheetNH4.50
939Economic UnionNH2.00
939 M/S  Economic Union MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
940-43Shrubs - Botanical GardensNH7.50
940-43 TAB  Shrubs - Botanical Gardens with TabsNH14.00
940-43 M/S  Shrubs - Botanical Gardens MiniSheets of 6NH4.75
943a S/SShrubs - Botanical Gardens Sheet of 4NH29.00
944 S/SSt. Vladimir Anniversary SheetNH6.75
945Shchuchyn Coat of ArmsNH1.45
945 M/S  Shchuchyn Coat of Arms MiniSheet of 9NH12.75
946United NationsNH1.90
946 M/S  United Nations MiniSheet of 9NH16.50
947-50Ladybird InsectsNH5.50
947-50 M/S  Ladybird Insects MiniSheets of 9NH47.50
950a S/SLadybird Insects Sheet of 4NH5.75
951-54WWF - Speckled SquirrelNH5.50
951-54 M/S  WWF - Speckled Squirrel MiniSheets of 8NH42.50
954a S/SWWF - Speckled Squirrel Sheet of 4NH5.75
955Brest Drama TheatreNH.75
955 M/S  Brest Drama Theatre MiniSheet of 6NH6.00
956Yanka Kupala TheaterNH1.75
956 M/S  Yanka Kupala Theater MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
957-60Artists of Paris SchoolNH6.25
957-60 TAB  Artists of Paris School with TabsNH13.50
957-60 M/S  Artists of Paris School MiniSheets of 5NH27.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
960a S/SArtists of Paris School Sheet of 4NH6.50
961-64Frogs NH5.50
961-64 M/S  Frogs MiniSheets of 6NH31.00
964a S/SFrogs Sheet of 4NH5.75
965-66Christmas, Happy New YearNH3.75
965-66 M/S  Christmas, Happy New Year MiniSheets of 9NH32.00
966a S/SChristmas, Happy New Year Sheet of 4NH7.00
967 S/SSpace for Communications Sheet (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH7.00
968 S/SNature in Belarus and China Paintings SheetNH10.00
969Cuisine - Stuffed DumplingsNH2.25
973a S/SOrchids Sheet of 4NH6.50
974CIS - Regional CommunicationsNH2.25
978a S/SInsects Sheet of 4NH6.50
979Ducks - Bucephala CiangulaNH2.25
980-81Europa-CEPT - Think Green, CycleNH4.50
981a S/S  Europa-CEPT - Think Green, Cycle Sheet of 4NH9.00
982Belintersat 1NH2.50
983 S/SView with Cypress Trees by Bakst SheetNH2.75
984Eagles Pair (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH4.50
985 S/SRio Olympics SheetNH3.00
986Soldiers Defending BrestNH3.00
987 S/SHeroes of the Defense of Brest SheetNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
988-89Belarus Flag, ArmsNH3.00
990 S/SCoat of Arms SheetNH3.00
991 S/SSt. Sophia Cathedral SheetNH3.00
992-031k-20r Coats of ArmsNH66.00
1004Circus Themes PairNH3.50
1005 S/SBeekeeping Sheet of 2 (shaped)NH6.00
1006Arms of RahachowNH2.00
1007CIS AnniversaryNH3.00
1008Investigation Officer DayNH2.25
1008 TAB  Investigation Officer Day with TabNH7.50
1008 M/S  Investigation Officer Day MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
1009CIS Attorneys General PairNH3.00
1010Woodworking Pair (Joint issue with Moldova)NH3.00
1011Customs Service AnniversaryNH2.25
1012Statue of St. Sophia, SlutskNH2.50
1013 S/SReligious Icons SheetNH6.00
1014National Parks (Joint issue with Pakistan)NH3.75
1018a S/SButterflies Sheet of 4NH6.50
1019-20Snowflake, Star - Christmas, New YearsNH4.00
1020a S/SSnowflake, Star - Christmas, New Years Sheet of 4NH8.00
1021 S/SSummer Olympics Medalists SheetNH9.00
1022 M/SSummer Paralympics Medalists Sheet of 4NH11.00
1023UNICEF AnniversaryNH3.00
1024Writer BahdanovichNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1025Postcrossing, HeartNH3.00
1029a S/SKittens Sheet of 8NH12.00
1030Diplomatic Relations with PRCNH3.00
1034a S/SPuppies Sheet of 8NH12.00
1035Crafts PairNH6.00
1035 SO  Crafts Vertical Pair in Scott Order (Straw Horse on Top)NH9.50
1036 S/SBelarusian Militia Centenary SheetNH7.50
1037-38Metro StationsNH5.50
1038a S/SMetro Stations Sheet of 2NH11.00
1039 S/SFirst Written Mention of Minsk SheetNH11.00
1040Diplomatic Relations with PolandNH3.50
1041Bird - Galerida CristataNH3.00
1042-43Europa-CEPT PalacesNH6.50
1043a S/SEuropa-CEPT Palaces Sheet of 4NH12.50
1044Endangered Species from the Red Book Strip of 4NH9.00
1045-46Narcissus, Tulip - Botanical GardensNH5.00
1046a S/SNarcissus, Tulip - Botanical Gardens Sheet of 4NH10.00
1047-50Minsk Horse-Drawn RailwayNH7.50
1050a S/SMinsk Horse-Drawn Railway Sheet of 4NH7.50
1051Prosecutor's Office AnniversaryNH2.50
1052Horses Pair (our choice of format)NH5.00
1052 SO  Horses Pair in Scott Order (Kirgiz Facing Left)NH6.50
1053WWII Memorial, Lion Statue, ArmsNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1054Writer KupalaNH2.00
1055Diplomatic Relations with Latvia, ArmsNH3.00
1056Polotsk Arms, ShipNH2.25
1057 S/S500th Anniversary Book Printing SheetNH3.75
1058Diplomatic Relations with India, ArmsNH3.00
1059 S/SStruve Geodetic Arc, Map SheetNH7.75
1060Gomel Tourist Attractions, ArmsNH2.50
1061Diplomatic Relations with Kazakhstan, ArmsNH3.00
1062-63Christmas, New Year's Scenes (Snowmen)NH3.00
1063a S/SChristmas, New Year's Scenes Sheet of 4NH6.00
1064 S/SDiocese of Polotsk Anniversary Sheet (shaped)NH9.50
1065MIR Interstate Television and Radio (Joint issue with Kazakhstan and Russia)NH1.50
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