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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Sunday, December 9, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
Blocks of four available on most issues. 
1992350-55,351a,355 Footnote,363,365,  367,372NH22.00
1994394c,395-422,418a,422a,426-31, 435-36,437f,438-54,458-69,474-76NH105.00
1994 M/S454 WWF MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
1998 M/S669-70 Diana MiniSheets (2)NH10.00
1999 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH125.00
1999 IMP S/S"692A" Stamp Anniversary Imperf S/SNH22.50
2000 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH142.00
2001713-26+4v EuropaNH109.00
2001 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH320.00
2001Europa Booklets (2)NH116.00
2002727-43+4v EuropaNH110.00
2002 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH110.00
2002 BKEuropa Booklets (2)NH90.00
2002 O M/SOther MiniSheets (4)NH165.00
2003744-66+4v EuropaNH108.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2003 BKEuropa Booklets (2)NH64.00
2003 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH90.00
2003 E M/S 2Europa MiniSheet of 8NH37.50
2003 O M/SOther MiniSheets (5)NH270.00
2004 E BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH20.00
2004 O BKOther Booklet (1)NH15.00
2004 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (3)NH130.00
2005782-807,786a,792a,797-98c-h (6), 804a-07a,804b-07b SinglesNH160.00
2005 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH80.00
2005 E BKEuropa BookletNH50.00
2005 V M/SVictory MiniSheet of 8NH18.00
2005 O M/SOrchid MiniSheets of 10 (4)NH80.00
2006 E BKEuropa Booklets (2)NH63.00
2006 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH130.00
The 2006 GRAND COLLECTION (45 Stamps + 4 S/S + 2 Europa Booklets + 2 Europa MiniSheets)NH350.00
2007 E BKEuropa Booklets (2)NH52.00
2007 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (3)NH112.00
2007 O M/SOther MiniSheets (8)NH260.00
2008 E BKEuropa BookletNH35.00
2008 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH80.00
2008 O M/SOther MiniSheets of 8 (3)NH120.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2009 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets ()NH89.50
2009 O M/SOther MiniSheets ()NHASK
2010913-33,˝920a + 4v,1 M/S of 6,2 S/SNH149.00
2010 E BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH32.00
2011940-77,945a-46a x2NH199.00
2011 EREuropa Sheet of 10 with MAJOR ERROR - One Stamp with AZERBAIJAN Omitted!NH125.00
2011 E BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH26.75
2011 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH85.00
2012978-1007,978 S/S,982a,˝982aNH95.00
2012 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH22.00
2013 BKBooklet (1)NH21.50
2014 BKBooklets (1)NH30.00
2014 M/SMiniSheets of 8 or 10 (4)NH115.00
201543 Stamps + 4 S/S (or 20 Stamps + 11 S/S)NH79.00
2015 BKBooklet (1)NH18.00
201642 Stamps + 7 S/SNH79.00
2017135 Stamps + 12 S/SNH99.75
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1992-1999Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH740.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH500.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
35035k Flag, MapNH2.00
355 varCaspian Sea Issue (Footnoted in Scott)NH5.00
351-5525g-2.50m Caspian Sea SurchargesNH9.75
25q on 15k Overprinted Sea in Booklet of 12 with Imperf edges: 
351a BK25q on 15k Sea Folded BookletNH4.50
351a BK25q on 15k Sea Unfolded BookletNH6.50
351b25q on 15k Sea Booklet Single (Imperf on Side)NH1.25
"351b" x2  25q on 15k Sea Booklet Pair (Imperf Left and Right)NH2.50
363,365,367,372Ruins I (10g,20g,50g,1.50m)NH2.25
6v '92Radio Tax Stamps (6) - 1992 Issue NH4.50
We have been informed that these were used as postage stamps during a stamp shortage. 
355AIran FriendshipNH2.00
356-62A S/SHorses plus SheetNH5.75
368,370,373,374Ruins II (50g,1m,2.50m,5m)NH2.25
375-78Government BuildingsNH2.25
379-85 S/SFlowers plus SheetNH5.75
386-92 S/SFish Set plus SheetNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
393-9425m Alijev, MapNH5.50
394b S/SAlijev Sheet with Incorrect Spelling - Haxcivan - 4,000 printedNH95.00
394c S/S '94Alijev Sheet with corrected spelling - Naxcivan (5,000 printed)NH15.00
395-97Mosque ArchitectureNH2.25
398-99National SymbolsNH3.00
400Poet FizuliNH.90
400 M/S 1  Poet Fizuli MiniSheet of 8 with Tabs in Engish, Russia, Arabic and GermanNH10.00
400 M/S 2  Poet Fizuli MiniSheet with Tabs in German, Arabic, Russian and EnglishNH10.00
401Mammed Rasulzade with TabNH1.40
401 IMP  Mammed Rasulzade with Tab ImperforateNH100.00
402Jalil Mamedkulizade with TabNH1.25
403-06Iran Surcharges (2m,20m,25m,50m)NH3.00
403-06 ST  Iran Surcharges Vertical Se-Tenant Strip ('94)NH6.00
407-145m-100m Surcharges on RuinsNH9.00
407-14 ST  Definitive Surcharges on Ruins Se-tenant PairsNH12.00
413 ER  Surcharge Error 40m on 50qNH35.00
415-18a S/SNobel - Oil Exploration plus SheetNH5.75
415-18 IMP  Nobel Stamps Imperforate StampsNH125.00
419-22a S/SMinerals plus SheetNH7.00
419-22 IMP  Mineral Stamps Imperforate SetNH145.00
426-315m-40m Post HornsNH2.40
432-34These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
435400M on 25q on 15k SurchargeNH3.25
Four types of Surcharges exist: 
Scott # Description Condition Price
435 Type I  Surcharge: 8 lines, 11mm long (basic)NH3.25
435 Type II  Surcharge: 8 lines, 9mm longNH45.00
435 Type III  Surcharge: 1 line, 8mm longNH32.50
435 Type IV  Error - Surcharge reads:  M. 400 instead of 400 M.NH85.00
435 Types I+IV ST  Se-tenant Pair of basic stamp plus Error stampNH99.00
436 S/SPresident SheetNH3.75
437 STRShips Strip of 5 (our choice of strip)NH6.50
437f M/SShips Mini Sheet of 15NH11.75
Although this sheet has been broken up by many new issue providers into 3 strips of 5, each strip actually has a different background and each stamp is, therefore, completely different.  Thus Michel will list 15 stamps and Scott should list this sheet as a major number and the 15 different stamps as components.  However, we do offer a "short set" below, if one prefers it.
438-45 S/SWorld Cup Soccer plus S/SNH5.75
446-53 S/SPrehistoric Animals plus SheetNH5.75
454WWF - Grouse Block of 4NH6.00
454 FDC  WWF - Grouse Official First Day CoversNH9.50
454 M/S  WWF - Grouse MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
458-63 S/SBirds of Prey plus SheetNH5.75
458-62 BK  Birds of Prey Booklet of 8 + FDCancelNH9.75
464-69 S/SWild Cats plus SheetNH5.75
464-68 BK  Wild Cats Booklet of 8 + FDCancelNH9.75
470-73 '95ButterfliesNH3.75
473a '95 S/SButterfly SheetNH3.50
474-76Olympic CommitteeNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
478-84 S/SWinter Olympics (6+S/S)NH6.50
485-86 S/SWomen in Space (2 S/S)NH7.00
487,488,489Post Horn Surcharges (100m,250m,500m)NH2.00
487 ER  100m Double SurchargeNH32.50
487-89A INVInverted Surcharges (5)NH75.00
488A,489APost Horn Surcharges (400m,900m)NH2.50
488A ER  400m Major Surcharge Shift RightNH19.00
489A ER1  900m Double SurchargeNH32.50
489A ER2  900m Major Surcharge Shift RightNH20.00
490-94 S/SMushrooms plus SheetNH7.50
495-99 S/SOrchids plus SheetNH7.50
500United Nations AnniversaryNH2.75
500 M/S  United Nations MiniSheet of 9NH30.00
501-04Surcharges on Caspian SeaNH6.75
1v Unlisted400m Surcharge, One lineNH9.50
505-06Composer and PoetNH2.50
507-13 S/SDirigibles plus S/SNH7.50
514-19 S/SMarine Fauna plus SheetNH7.50
520-25 S/STurtles (5+S/S)NH7.00
526-30Soccer, France '98NH3.75
531 S/SSoccer SheetNH4.00
532-38 S/SDomestic Cats (6+S/S)NH7.00
539-45Flora and FaunaNH7.50
546John LennonNH1.75
546 M/S  John Lennon MiniSheet of 16NH32.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
547-48 S/SLocomotives MiniSheet and SheetNH14.50
550-57 '95250m, 500m SurchargesNH11.50
550-57 INV '95250m, 500m with Inverted SurchargesNH125.00
552 ER  500m on Wrong Stamp (368)NH25.00
556 ER  250m on Wrong Stamp (373)NH25.00
568-75Atlanta OlympicsNH8.50
576-77Aliev Paintings Pair with TabNH3.00
576-77 M/S  Aliev Paintings MiniSheet of 6NH9.50
578Singer Behbudov,MapNH1.50
579Novruz-Bayrami FeastNH1.50
581Chemist MemmedelivevNH1.50
582-83 S/S3000 Years Jerusalem SheetNH9.50
584-90 S/SDogs with SheetNH7.50
591-97 S/SBirds with SheetNH7.50
598-604 S/SRoses with SheetNH7.50
606-12Soccer Champs with SheetNH8.00
613-19Sailing Ships with SheetNH8.50
620-23Sculpture DefinitivesNH4.00
624-27Famous PeopleNH4.25
628 S/SArcheology SheetNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
629-36Red Cross on Horses with SheetNH19.00
637-42Red Cross on Tigers with SheetNH18.00
643-44 S/SRotary on Jerusalem with SheetsNH16.00
645-51Rotary on Ships with SheetNH16.00
652-53 S/SGrimm's Fairy Tales SheetsNH12.50
654-55 S/SCaspian Seals SheetsNH11.50
656-58National MusicNH4.50
659 S/SOil Industry SheetNH(5.75)
660Poet ShirvaniNH1.60
660 M/S  Miniature Sheet of 4 with LabelsNH8.00
664TV, RasulbaevNH1.75
665-66 S/SWorld Cup Soccer SheetsNH11.00
667-68 S/SNagano Olympics SheetsNH8.75
Older editions of Scott incorrectly state that this is a 1997 issue.  The error has been corrected in the 2008 edition. 
669-70Princess DianaNH4.50
669-70 M/S  Princess Diana - MiniSheets of 6NH27.00
671100M Baxum GurNH1.50
672Ecologist AliyevNH1.40
673 S/SAliyev Anniversary SheetNH4.50
674 S/SIsrael '98 Overprint SheetNH11.00
"674a" S/S  Israel '98 Sheet, Double OverprintNHAsk
"674b" S/S  Israel '98 Sheet,Inverted OverprintNH400.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
678Singer Bul-BulNH1.50
678ADisney, Chess SceneNHAsk
679 M/SDisney - Chess MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
680-81 S/SDisney - Chess Souvenir SheetsNHAsk
678A,679,680-81Complete Disney Unit - Sold out within days of issue.  Many people caught short!NH75.00
682-83Europa - FestivalsNH8.00
682-83 M/S  Europa - Festivals MiniSheets of 10 NH85.00
684-85IBRA Overprint on EuropaNH6.75
684-85 M/S  IBRA Overprint  on Europa MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
686-87Europa - NatureNH10.00
686-87 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH110.00
688-891000M,3000M Tower Definitives NH4.25
690Naxcivan Anniversary PairNH6.00
690c S/SNaxcivan SheetNH7.00
691Playwright GabbarliNH1.60
692 S/SFirst Stamp Sheet, PerfNH6.50
692A S/SFirst Stamp Sheet Imperf (not in Year Set)NH22.50
695Council of EuropeNH4.00
695 M/S  Council of Europe MiniSheet of 10NH50.00
696UPU Anniversary PairNH4.50
697 S/SNational Epic SheetNH5.50
698-99Europa - StarsNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
698-99 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH130.00
700 S/SUrban TransportationNH6.00
701-02100m, 250m TowersNH(1.60)
704WWF - DucksNH5.75
704 M/S  WWF - Ducks MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
705Sydney Olympics Block of 4NH5.50
706 S/SPheasantsNH5.50
707 M/SFruits MiniSheetNH5.50
708Poet Rasul RzaNH1.40
709 M/SReptiles MiniSheetNH7.00
710 S/SReptile SheetNH3.00
711Playwright RahmanNH2.00
712Peace YearNH5.75
713 S/SSydney OlympicsNH6.00
713 S/S IMPOlympics ImperforateNH225.00
714-15Europa - WaterNH12.50
714-15 M/S 1  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH130.00
2vEuropa - Imperf at Top NH20.00
2vEuropa - Imperf at Bottom NH20.00
714-15 M/S 2  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH78.00
"715b" BKEuropa Booklet of 2 Sets NH39.00
715a BKEuropa Booklet of 4 Sets NH78.00
716Council of EuropeNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
716 M/S  Council of Europe MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
716 IMPCouncil ImperforateNH175.00
717-18100M,200M Fortresses DefinitivesNH2.00
719 S/SRefugee CommitteeNH5.00
720 S/SAstronomer TusiNH5.50
721CIS AnniversaryNH4.75
722 S/SSpace Flight AnniversaryNH5.00
723Independence AnniversaryNH14.00
723 M/S  Independence MiniSheet of 8NH135.00
724-25 S/SOwls Sheets of 6 and 1NH11.00
726 PRFPresident Putin's Visit PerfNH2.00
726 IMPPresident Putin's Visit ImperfNHAsk
726 PRF M/S  President Putin Perf MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
726 IMP M/S  President Putin Imperf MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
727Olympic CommitteeNH3.75
728-29Europa - CircusNH10.00
728-29 M/S 10  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH110.00
728-29 M/S 8  Europa MiniSheet of 8NH55.00
"728t-29t"  Europa - Imperf at Top NH15.00
"728b-29b"  Europa - Imperf at Bottom NH15.00
729a BK  Europa Booklet of 2 Sets NH30.00
729a x2 BK  Europa Booklet of 4 Sets NH60.00
730China FriendshipNH1.80
730 M/S  China Friendship MiniSheets of 10NH22.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
731-32100M,250M Fortress DefinitivesNH1.50
733Azermarka OverprintNH2.00
734New Party RuleNH3.75
735 S/SButterflies Sheet of 6NH11.00
736Stop Terrorism, WTCNH4.50
736 M/S  Stop Terrorism MiniSheet of 3NH15.00
737Baku Telegraph BuildingNH3.75
737 M/S  Baku Telegraph MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
738Composer A. GajievNH5.00
738 M/S  Composer Gajiev MiniSheet of 10NH60.00
739 S/SPope's VisitNH4.00
740 S/SJunior Chess ChampionshipsNH10.00
741 S/SWorld Cup SoccerNH7.00
742Women for PeaceNH3.75
742 M/S  Women for Peace MiniSheet of 10NH42.00
743 S/SAquarium Fish (Cat in Margin)NH11.00
743 S/S IMPFish Imperforate (Cat in Margin)NH160.00
744Fortress Definitive 250mNH1.30
745-46Europa - Poster Art, Anti-TerrorNH8.50
745-46 M/S 8  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH37.50
745-46 M/S 10  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH90.00
746aEuropa - Block of 4 with Imperf MarginsNH20.00
"746b-c"  Europa Pair with Imperf Margins (half of block listed above)NH10.00
746a BK 1Europa Booklet of 2 Sets NH21.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
746a x2 BK 2Europa Booklet of 4 Sets NH43.00
747UPU MembershipNH3.75
747 M/S  UPU Membership MiniSheet of 10NH45.00
748Nakhichevan ViewNH3.75
748 M/S  Nakhichevan View MiniSheet of 10NH42.00
749Baku PipelineNH(4.00)
749 M/S  Baku Pipeline MiniSheet of 10NH(48.00)
750Ophalmologist AlievaNH3.75
750 M/S  Ophalmologist MiniSheet of 10NH45.00
751 S/SPresident Aliev Birth, PopeNH12.50
752-531000m on 8m Building, 500m on 25m PosthornNH3.00
7541000M Fortress DefinitiveNH1.60
755 S/SCars Sheet of 4NH5.50
756Opera AnniversaryNH9.00
756 M/S  Opera MiniSheet of 10NH95.00
760,762-63,764 (4)Minerals Surcharged 
764a S/SMineral Sheet Sucharged 
757-59,761,765 (5)500m Surcharges on 2m,4m Building, 50q Tower, 5m,40m Posthorn (5v)NH7.50
766 S/SSheki National ParkNH15.00
767Nakhichevan NH3.75
768500M Sumqayit Town DefinitiveNH1.35
769-70Europa - VacationsNH(9.00)
769-70 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH90.00
769b-70t (4v)Europa with Imperf MarginsNH19.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
769-70 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH40.00
770a BK 1  Europa Booklet of 4 NH20.00
770a x2 BK 2  Europa Booklet of 8 NH45.00
771Musician CumaNH1.60
772 PRFOlympic Games Perf Block of 4NH5.75
772 IMPOlympics Block of 4 ImperfNH225.00
773 PRFFIFA Anniversary Block of 4NH5.75
773 IMP  FIFA Imperf Block of 4NH225.00
774 PRFPresident AliyevNH1.25
774 IMPAliyev ImperforateNH95.00
775Silk RouteNH3.75
776-79 ST  Costumes Se-tenant (not in YS)NH8.00
776-79 IMP  Costumes ImperforateNH195.00
779a S/SCostumes SheetNH13.75
780 M/S  INTERNET MiniSheet of 10NH48.00
781 S/SAliyev SheetNH11.00
781 BK  Aliyev BookletNH19.00
782WWF Caucasus Leopard BlockNH5.00
782 M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
783-86,786aButterflies Surcharges plus SheetNH9.75
787Taxation MinistryNH3.50
788Samaxi Observatory DefinitiveNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
789-92 M/S  Orchids MiniSheets of 10NH80.00
792a S/SOrchids Sheet of 4NH7.75
793 PRFWorld War II Victory, PerfNH2.00
793 M/S  Victory MiniSheet of 8NH18.00
793 IMP  World War II Victory, ImperfNHAsk
794Aliyev DefinitiveNH1.90
795-96Europa - Food (smaller size)NH7.50
795-96 M/S  Europa (smaller size) MiniSheets of 10 NH80.00
797-98Europa Food (larger size) Pair - (our choice of pair)  These are the basic two stamps from the Booklet. NH22.00
798 BK  In our opinion, Scott has not listed the booklet stamps correctly.  There are actually 8 different stamps in the booklet and all are required for a proper "European" Europa-CEPT Collection.  Two are perfed on 4 sides and the other six are imperf on one or more edges.  We include all 8 stamps in our Europa-CEPT Year Sets.  NO ONE ELSE in the USA DOES! 
"797-98c-h"Europa - Food Block (larger size) - Imperf Left, Right or Left, Right and Bottom (6 different stamps) NH35.00
798a-b BKEuropa - Food (larger size) BookletNH50.00
799Academy of ScientistsNH1.80
800 S/SWalk in Space SheetNH4.50
801Information TechnologyNH3.50
802Pope John Paul IINH4.50
803 S/SBees SheetNH8.00
804-07 PRFEuropa 50th AnniversaryNH10.50
804b-07b IMPEuropa 50th Anniversary Imperforate SinglesNH15.00
804b-07b IMP x2Europa 50th Anniversary Imperforate PairsNH30.00
804a-07a S/SEuropa 50th Anniversary SheetsNH11.00
808-175qep-60qep SurchargesNH16.50
  808,811-12,815  Surcharges on Post Horns, ArchitectureNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  809,810,813  Surcharges on Flowers, FishNH6.00
  814  Surcharge on MamedkulizadeNH3.00
  816-17  State Symbols SurchargesNH8.00
818Aliyev DefinitiveNH3.50
819-2010q,20q Architecture DefinitivesNH1.80
82130 Years of OPECNH1.10
822-23Europa - IntegrationNH8.50
822-23 M/S 10  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH90.00
822-23 M/S 8  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH40.00
822a BPEuropa - Integration with Imperf Margins (4v)NH20.00
822a BK 4Europa - Integration Booklet of 4 NH21.00
822a x2 BK 8Europa - Integration Booklet of 8 NH42.00
824World Cup Soccer Champs PairNH5.00
825-26Local PoetsNH1.75
827Russian Year in Azerbaijan Block (Joint issue with Russia)NH9.50
827 TAB  Russian Year in Azerbaijan Block with JI Tab(Joint issue with Russia)NH12.50
827 S/SRussian Year in Azerbaijan (Joint issue with Russia) Sheet of 8 + 2 TabsNH19.00
828Gulistan MausoleumNH1.20
829World Information SocietyNH5.00
830-33Karabakh Horses - Small (40x28mm)NH5.50
834 S/SKarabakh Horses - Large (52x37˝mm) Sheet of 4NH5.50
835 S/SKarabakh Horses Sheet of 1NH4.00
836-3710q,20q Architecture DefinitivesNH1.90
838-3950 Years of Europa OverprintsNH12.50
839a,839b M/S50 Years of Europa Overprints Sheet of 4 plus Block of 6 with Different Imperf MarginsNH39.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
840Regional Communication SystemNH1.80
84115 Years of IndependenceNH1.80
842 M/SFire Vehicles MiniSheet of 4NH8.00
843-44 M/S,S/SPigeons MiniSheet of 6 plus Sheet of 1NH12.00
845Customs House Pair with Central TabNH5.50
845 M/S  Customs House MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
846 S/SHojaly Tragedy SheetNH5.50
847-48Europa Scouting EmblemNH7.50
847-48 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH78.00
848aEuropa - Scouting Block of 4 - Imperf Top and BottomNH16.00
848a BK 4  Europa Booklet of 4 NH17.00
848a x2 BK 8  Europa Booklet of 8 NH35.00
848a x2 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH34.00
849Japanese RelationsNH5.25
849 M/S  Japanese Relations MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
85010g Mosque Goycay - Architecture DefinitiveNH.60
851-52Nakhichevan Views OverprintsNH7.50
851 M/S  Nakhichevan MiniSheet of 10NH40.00
853Pope John Paul II OverprintNH3.75
853 M/S  Pope MiniSheet of 10NH40.00
854-57Europa 50th Anniversary OverprintNH12.00
854a-57a IMPEuropa Overprint Imperf SinglesNH12.00
858 TABPainter Azimzade Pair with Central TabNH3.00
858 M/S  Azimazde MiniSheet of 6NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
859Azermarka AnniversaryNH3.75
859 M/S  Azermarka MiniSheet of 10NH40.00
860White Polar BearNH5.50
860 M/S  White Bear MiniSheet of 10NH50.00
860a S/S  White Bear MiniSheet of 4NH16.00
861 S/SWhite Bear SheetNH10.00
862-63 M/S,S/SKarabagh Flowers MiniSheet of 4 plus Sheet of 1NH10.00
864Writer KavidNH1.90
865-66 M/S,S/SBridges MiniSheet of 4, Souvenir Sheet of 1NH10.00
867Surcharge on RasulzadeNH.75
868-6910q,20q Architecture DefinitivesNH2.00
870 S/SSatellite AnniversaryNH6.75
871 S/SSpace Flight Chairman, SatelliteNH6.75
872Summer Olympics Block of 4NH8.75
873-74Europa - CPU, Letter, Perf on 4 SidesNH8.00
873-74 M/S  Europa - CPU, Letter MiniSheets of 10 NH80.00
874aEuropa - The Post Block of 4, Imperf Top and BottomNH17.00
874a BK  Europa - The Post Booklet of 8 NH35.00
875 S/SEuropa - The Post SheetNH9.00
87610q Tower at Qazak DefinitiveNH.75
878Z. Alieva Birth PairNH12.00
878 M/S  Z. Alieva Birth MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH50.00
879G. Aliev Birth PairNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
879 M/S  G. Aliev Birth Pair MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH50.00
88090 Years of the RepublicNH2.25
880 M/S  90 Years of the Republic MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
881Poet MushficNH2.25
884 S/SNavigable Company SheetNH14.75
885Ancient Adornments Pair with Central TabNH8.50
885 M/S  Ancient Adornments MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
886-8710q,20q Architecture DefintivesNH1.80
888-89 M/S+S/SSpiders MiniSheet plus SheetNH14.75
890Writer DjalalNH3.75
891 M/SNakhichevan Republic MiniSheet of 8NH10.50
892-93Baku, Cultural Center 
894 S/SPolar Regions SheetNH11.00
895Economic Summit, TehranNH5.75
896-97Europa - AstronomyNH8.75
896-97 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheets of 10 NH89.50
897a (half)Europa - Astronomy Block, Imperf Top and BottomNH17.50
897a BKEuropa - Astronomy Booklet of 8 NH35.00
898 S/SEuropa - Astronomy SheetNH11.50
899NATO CooperationNH1.50
900-01European Council, Human RightsNH8.00
902Sumqayit AnniversaryNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
905Diplomatic ServiceNH4.00
906Writer MammadguluzadehNH1.40
907Test PilotNH2.00
908Oil FundNH3.75
908 M/SOil Fund Sheet of 8 with TabNH30.00
909UPU PairNH6.00
910 S/SBirds Sheet of 4NH11.00
911 S/SChess Sheet of 2NH11.00
912 S/SPaintings by Bahlulzadeh Sheet of 6NH10.50
913-14Butterflies (10g Thaleropis, 20g Danaus)NH2.75
915 S/SBaku Massacre SheetNH5.75
916Tax MinistryNH4.50
917Year of the TigerNH5.00
918Red Crescent SocietyNH4.50
919-20Europa-CEPT Children's BooksNH8.00
919-20 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Books MiniSheets of 10 NH85.00
˝920aEuropa-CEPT Children's Books Block of 4 Imperf Top and BottomNH16.00
920a BK  Europa-CEPT Children's Books Booklet of 8 NH32.00
921 S/SEuropa-CEPT Children's Books SheetNH10.00
922-23 M/S+S/SPeonies MiniSheet of 4 plus S/SNH7.00
924WWII Victory Strip of 3NH5.00
924 M/S  WWII Victory Sheet of 6 plus 3 TabsNH10.00
925South Africa Soccer PairNH4.50
926 S/SShanghai Expo PavilionNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
927Actor AlekberovNH1.60
930Mausoleum of NoahNH3.25
931-33 M/SBaku Old Buildings Sheets of 6 and 1 
934 S/STemples Azerbaijan-Mexico Sheet of 2NH9.00
935Geologist MehdiyevNH4.50
936-37 M/S+S/SCats MiniSheet of 6, Sheet of 1NH19.75
938Bird Pair (Joint issue with Kazakhstan)NH9.00
93910q Parnassius ButterflyNH3.25
940-4120q,50q  FlowersNH3.25
942Novruz HolidayNH1.75
942 M/S  Novruz Holiday MiniSheet of 10NHASK
943Year of the RabbitNH6.25
943 M/S  Year of the Rabbit MiniSheet of 10NHASK
944Council of Europe MembershipNH4.50
945-46Europa-CEPT ForestsNH8.00
945-46 ERREuropa-CEPT Forests with AZERBAIJAN OMITTED!  Nine Normal Stamps plus One with this GLARING ERROR!  Don't miss this one!NH125.00
945-46 M/S  Europa-CEPT Forests MiniSheets NH85.00
945a-46a x2Europa-CEPT Forests with Imperf Margins from BookletNH16.50
945a-46a BK  Europa-CEPT Forests Booklet of 8 NH33.00
947 S/SEuropa-CEPT Forests SheetNH9.00
948 S/SGargarin in Space SheetNH8.50
949Painter Aliyev Birth CentenaryNH3.50
950Musical Instruments Pair (Joint issue with Belarus)NH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
950 M/S  Musical Instruments MiniSheet of 8 (Joint issue with Belarus)NH16.00
951-5210q,30q FlowersNH2.00
953 S/SEurovision Song Contest Winners SheetNH5.00
954Aliyev PalaceNH3.25
955Republic of Nakhchivan PairNH7.00
956Chrysanthemum PairNH7.00
956 M/S  Chrysanthemum MiniSheet of 6NH20.00
957 M/SHonors and Medals MiniSheet of 9NH20.00
958-59 M/SCustoms Museum Treasures MiniSheets of 8 plus TabNH24.00
960Poet Nazim Ganjavi Pair with Central TabNH3.25
961Regional Communication CommunityNH2.80
961 M/S  Regional Communication Community MiniSheet of 10NHASK
962CIS 20th AnniversaryNH3.25
962 M/S  CIS 20th Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NHASK
963 S/SIndependence Sheet of 4NH16.00
964-65 S/SFlag, President, Map SheetsNH16.00
966UN Security Council CandidacyNH4.50
967WWF - Birds of Prey Block of 4NH9.00
967e S/SWWF - Birds of Prey Sheet of 4NH9.00
967f M/S  WWF - Birds of Prey MiniSheet of 8NH17.50
968National Flag Day, FireworksNH3.75
969-7210q,20q,30q,50q HorsesNH2.50
973Literary Critic Abbas ZamanovNH2.00
974Telephone CommunicationsNH2.80
975 M/SDogs MiniSheet of 6NH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
976 S/SDogs Sheet of 1NH6.75
977 S/S"Rabita Baku" Volleyball Champions SheetNH5.25
978Year of the DragonNH2.50
978 S/SYear of the Dragon Sheet of 4NH9.00
979World Bank CooperationNH3.50
980Painter KengerliNH2.25
981-82Europa-CEPT Tourism inc Skiing, BeachNH7.50
981-82 M/S  Europa-CEPT Tourism inc Skiing, Beach MiniSheets of 10 NH79.00
˝ 982a (4)Europa-CEPT Tourism inc Skiing, Beach Imperf Left and RightNH15.75
982a BPEuropa-CEPT Tourism inc Skiing, Beach Sheet of 8NH31.50
982a BKEuropa-CEPT Tourism inc Skiing, Beach Booklet of 8NH31.50
983 S/SEuropa-CEPT Tourism, Plane, RugNH7.50
1000 S/SArcheology - Relations with Egypt Sheet (Joint issue)NH7.50
1008World Bank DevelopmentNH3.75
1009 S/STelecommunications Satellite SheetNH6.25
1010 M/SYear of the Dragon MiniSheet of 20NH19.00
  1010a-e  Year of the Dragon - the 5 different stamps from the MiniSheet of 20NH18.50
1011-12Europa-CEPT Postal VehiclesNH8.00
1011-12 M/S  Europa-CEPT Postal Vehicles MiniSheets of 10 NH80.00
"1011X-12X"Europa-CEPT Postal Vehicles Se-tenant Pair with Imperf MarginsNH8.00
1012a BK  Europa-CEPT Postal Vehicles Tete Beche Booklet of 4 PairsNH32.00
1013 S/SEuropa-CEPT Postal Vehicles SheetNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1043 BLKSochi Winter Games Block of 4 (our choice)NH8.00
1043 SC  Sochi Winter Games Block of 4 as shown in Scott 2016NH11.00
1043 STRSochi Winter Games Strip of 4NH9.00
1043 M/SSochi Winter Games Sheet of 8NH15.00
1044 S/SYear of the Horse SheetNH4.00
1045 S/SEuro Chess Champs SheetNH4.50
1046Politician RasulzadeNH1.00
1047-48Europa - Musical InstrumentsNH6.50
1047-48 M/S  Europa - Musical Instruments MiniSheets of 10&mnsp;NH70.00
˝1048a BPEuropa - Musical Instruments Imperf MarginsNH15.00
1048a BK  Europa - Musical Instruments Booklet of 8NH30.00
1049 S/SEuropa - Musical Instruments Sheet of 1NH7.75
1050Sumgait CityNH1.00
1051 S/SNakhchivan Republic SheetNH3.00
1052-56.1m-.6 Cats DefinitivesNH7.50
1057-58 S/SFauna - IDEA Sheets of 1 and 5NH10.00
1059Writer Iyyas EfendievNH1.00
1060-61 S/SRoses Sheets of 1 and 4NH9.00
  1060 S/S  Roses Sheet of 4NHAsk
  1061 S/S  Roses Sheet of 1NHAsk
1062-66.1m-.6m DogsNH7.50
1067 S/SButterflies Sheet of 2 (shaped)NH6.00
1068 S/SOffshore Drilling Rig SheetNH6.00
1069 S/SSkiing, Snowboarding Sheet of 2NH4.50
1070Global Forum on Youth PoliciesNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1070 M/S  Global Forum on Youth Policies MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
1071-72 S/SFirst European Games Sheets of 3NH16.00
1073 S/SOutstanding Figures of Karabakh Sheet of 6NH12.00
1074 S/SMonuments of Karabakh Sheet of 6
1075 S/SFolk Art (Joint issue with Romania) Sheet of 2 NH7.50
1076Year of the Goat PairNH2.00
1076 M/S  Year of the Goat MiniSheet of 4NH4.00
1077-78Europa-CEPT Teddy Bear, TrainsNH6.00
˝1078a BP  Europa-CEPT Teddy Bear, Trains Block of 4 Imperf Top and BottomNH12.50
1078a BK  Europa-CEPT Teddy Bear, Trains Booklet of 8 NHAsk
1079 S/SEuropa-CEPT Teddy Bear, Trains SheetNH6.00
1080Writer Aziz SharifNH1.90
1081Penny Black AnniversaryNH1.00
1081 M/S  Penny Black Anniversary MiniSheet of 4NH3.00
1082Marmara Group FoundationNH1.90
1083-87 S/SEuro Games Sports Sheets of 4NH13.75
1088World War II VictoryNH.90
1089Telecommunication UnionNH1.90
1090Commander NakhchivanskiNH1.90
1091 S/SChess World Cup Baku SheetNH3.75
1092Architecture (Joint issue with Russia)NH4.25
1092 TAB  Architecture Pair with Tab (Joint issue with Russia)NH10.00
1092 M/S  Architecture MiniSheet of 8 (Joint issue with Russia)NH20.00
1093Academy of Sciences NH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
1094Dancers Pair (Joint issue with Moldova)NH3.75
1095United Nations AnniversaryNH1.80
1096National Flag SquareNH1.80
1097Book of Dede KorkutNH1.80
1098 S/SBuildings on Nizami Street, Baku SheetNH3.50
1099 S/SSatellites Orbiting the Globe (Joint issue with Belarus)NH13.75
1100Singer Rashid BehbudovNH4.50
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C1Airmail - EagleNH4.50
This is an Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan but located entirely within Armenia and inhabited mostly by ethnic Armenians.  Because of this situation postage stamp issues have apparently been allowed (or tolerated) by the central Azerbaijani government.
NK 1-2President Aleiev and MapNHAsk
NK 3 S/SPresident Aleiev and Map Souvenir Sheet (2,000 issued)NH190.00
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