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Scott # Description Condition Price
Please see the end of this list for an INCREDIBLE Collection of EXPORTAS!
CM = Commemoratives only  DF=Definitives 
1950 CM868-72+C199-204NH11.00
1953-55 CM873,886-90+C206-07,C222-28NH13.00
1956 CM891-97,896a+C229-35,C234aNH139.00
1957-59 CM901-06+C239-45NH14.50
1960 CM907-18+C246-57NH215.00
1960 CM-SH907-08,910-18+C246-48,C250-57NH35.00
1961-62 CM919-27+C258-64NH14.50
1963 CM932-42+C269-71,C274-79NH20.00
1964 CM954-59+C280-84,C299-301NH19.00
1965 CM960-67+C302-11,C310a-11aNH27.00
1966 CM968-75,975a+C312-21,C320aNH24.00
1967 CM976-87,983a,985a+C322-32,C329a, C331aNH49.00
1968 CM988-1001,992a,995a,998a,1000a+C333-45,C336a,C338a,C342a,C344aNH159.00
1969 CM1002,1005-14+C346,C350-58, C370-71NH16.00
1970 CM1024-30+C372-76NH13.00
1971 CM1031-37+C377-93NH13.50
1972 CM1038-49+C394-413NH23.00
1973 CM1050-53,1056+C414-21,C423NH10.50
1974 CM1057-70+C424-43NH19.75
1975 CM1084-89,1107-08,1140-43+ C456-70, C513-17NH16.75
1976 CM1144-53+C518-32NH13.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1977 CM1154-59+C533-52NH13.50
1978 CM1160-65+C553-91NH23.50
1979 CM1177-93+C592-93,C604-24NH31.50
1980 CM1194-98,1200-23+C625-36NH21.00
1981 CM1224-63NH24.50
1982 CM1264-1309NH43.00
1983 CM1310-43NH29.50
1984 CM1344-75NH34.50
  The Exporta Definitives are a complicated area so we are listing them several ways according to Scott.  Also, see the magnificent Exporta collection offered at the end of this list. 
1986 CM1431-64NH32.00
1986 DF1465-70NH5.50
1987 CM1471-90,1506-31NH42.00
1987 DF1491-93NH2.30
1988 CM1532-78NH52.50
1988 BK1541b BK, 1550a BKNH399.00
1988 STR1540-43,1549-50 Strips of 4 + Label (4)NH14.00
1988 DF1470A,1494-1505,1583NH77.00
1989 CM1604-38NH36.00
1989 STR1616-19 Strips of 4 + Labels (2)NH20.00
1989 DF1584,1585,1587-88,1589NH6.75
1990 CM1639-81NH52.50
1990 DF1586,1588A,1591-98ANH26.00
1991 CM1682-1715NH195.00
1991 BK1689 Booklet (1)NH225.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1991 DF1590,1599,1601NH13.00
From 1992 to date, Year Sets include Definitives as indicated.
1992 WO  1600,1602,1603,1716-51,1758-81 (without Columbian Overprints)NH235.00
1992 OVP  1752-57 Columbians OverprintsNH250.00
1992 STR1762a x2 Strip of 4 + LabelNH11.00
19931782,1783,1785,1790,1791,1793,1974, 1795,1796,1798,1800,1802,1803,1804,  1807-51NH143.00
1994 BKROMPEX Booklets (7)NH175.00
19951784,1786,1787,1788,1789,1797,1799, 1801,1805,1911-21,1924-51NH128.00
19961792,1798A,1952-56,1961,1962,1966, 1967,1969,1975, 1981-2017NH150.00
1996 ERR1969a Block of 12 Error:  One N$3.40 Stamps Se-tenant with $3.40 x11NH250.00
19971960,1963-65,1968,1970,1973,1974, 1977,1979,1980,2018-63NH135.00
19991971,2113-18,2122,2124,2126-27, 2130-33,2137,2142-77NH159.00
20012119,2121,2123,2125,2128,2129, 2134,2135,2136,2138,2139,2140,2141, 2141A,2141B,2141C,2141D,2223-49NH165.00
2003 PV12312a Perf 14 VarietyNH295.00
2003 PV2"2313a" Perf 14 VarietyNH139.00
2004 BK2401a,2402a Booklets (2)NH73.00
20052394-00,2403-26, 2427-2510 (Our Mexico 2005 is very carefully compiled and is 100% correct.  Others offer inaccurate Year Sets usually omitting some (many)definitives.)NH680.00
2005 GPMemin Pinguin Gutter Strip of 10NH49.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2005 BK2473a Booklet (1)NH45.00
2007 M/SMiniSheet (1)NH19.00
2008Stamps with Holiday Tabs (2)NH5.00
2008 ERMEXICO in Black - not White - Error in Sheet with 14 Normal Stamps (Mexico in White)NHASK
2008 M/SFlowers MiniSheet (1)NH11.00
2008 TBRailroad TB Sheet (1)NH15.00
2009 GPSValentine's Day Gutter Strip of 10NH19.50
2009 M/SGlacier Zone MiniSheet (1)NH31.00
2009 R M/SRevolution MiniSheets (4)NHAsk
2010 GSDecorative Gutter Strips of 10 (3)NH109.00
2010 LAScott 2501a (very late arrival) is also included in the 2011 Year Set below.NH9.75
201157 Stamps + 4 S/S (inc Late Arrivals)NH125.00
2011 LALate Arrivals (5)NHASK
2011 GPSDecorative Gutter Strips of 10 (4)NHASK
2011 ERRApple Definitive Error Pair (Scott 2503D style) - One Inscribed 2010 and the other 2011!  (should be listed in Scott eventually)NHASK
201255 Stamps + 3 S/SNH95.00
2012 GPSDecorative Gutter Strips of 10 (4)NH75.00
2012 INSInscription Pairs or Blocks (7)NH105.00
2012 M/SMiniSheet of 15 (1)NH32.50
201373 Stamps + 2 S/SNH98.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2013 TBTete-Beche Pairs (4)NH30.00
2013 GSDecorative Gutter Strips of 10 (1)NH19.75
201498 Stamps or, more properly, 84 Stamps + 3 S/SNH128.50
201583 StampsNH96.00
201676 Stamps inc M/SNH99.00
2016 TBTete-Beche Pairs (2)NHAsk
201763 Stamps + 1 S/SNH73.50
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1950-1959Commems as listed above.NHASK
1960-1969Commems as listed above.NHASK
1970-1979Commems as listed above.NHASK
1980-1989Year Sets as listed above.NHASK
1990-1999Year Sets as listed above.NH1,825.00
2000-2003Year Sets as listed above.NH790.00
1-5r-8r Miguel Hidalgo 
6-12r-8r Hidalgo 
141r Red Hidalgo 
Scott # Description Condition Price
183c Brown Arms 
20r Lilac ArmsUsed, Small Faults13.50
232r Orange ArmsF USED3.00
23b  2r Orange Arms with District NameVF USED9.50
26-30Emperor Maxmilian 
466c Hidalgo 
716c with Anotado Overprint 
105-11Hidalgo with District Number 
112-16Hidalgo with Numbers, Watermarked 
1174c Orange Hidalgo on Thin Wove Paper 
123-301c-100c Benito Juarez, Thick Wove Paper 
146-492c-6c Numerals 
150-621c-10p Large Hidalgo 
Scott # Description Condition Price
165-731c-25c Large Hidalgo 
174-831c-25c Numerals 
1901c Blue green Numeral 
PERF 6x12
194A1c Blue green Numeral 
1951c Green, Perf 12HAsk
201-061c-10c Numerals, Perf 6 
PERF 6x12
207-111c-10c Numerals, Perf 6x12 
212-211c-25c Numerals  
222-273c-25c Orange Numerals 
232-371c-25c Numerals, Perf 5,6 
PERF 5x11 or 11x5
238-41 (9)1c-25c Numerals 
242-56Statue, Mail Coach, Mail TrainNHAsk
  242  1c Letter CarrierH3.00
  243  2c Letter CarrierM/S.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
  244  3c Letter CarrierUSED.90
  245  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  246  4c Courier on Pack MuleUSED1.25
  247  5c Statue of CuauhtemocH6.75
  248  10c Mail CoachH4.50
  249  12c Courier on Pack MuleH50.00
  252  20c Mail Coach 
  253  50c Mail CoachH70.00

  254-56  1p-10p Mail TrainNHAsk
  254-56 NOTE:  The 1p-10p are scarce in mint, hinged condition.  They are rare in Mint Never Hinged condition! 
  254  1p Brown Mail TrainNHAsk
  255  5p Red Mail TrainNHAsk
  256  10p Blue Mail TrainNHAsk
242b1c Green, Perf 6 
PERF 6x12 or 12x6 ISSUE
242c1c Green 
257-681c-10p with RM Interlaced Watermark 
Scott # Description Condition Price
269-781c-5p with Eagle and RM Watermark 
279-911c-10p Unwatermarked 
294-303Arms, Falls, View, Cathedral 
304-091c-50c Coats of Arms 
310-20Independence from Spain 
310-20Independence from Spain, 20c (Scott 317 -$5) with 2 short perfsH75.00
  320  5p Capture of GranaditasH57.50
341-44Provisional Civil War Issues with Green Seal and Black Rouletting 
347-53Coat of Arms 
354-61Coat of Arms 
354-59,3611c-20c,1p Coat of Arms, Bird Imperf PairsH Pair50.00
484-94Small Monogram on Independence Issues 
484//91Overprint varieties as shown below:  Unit of 7 different NH stamps showing Inverted Overprints, Double Overprints and Doubled Overprints with one being Inverted:NH250.00
506-14Map, Post Office, Lighthouse 
531,533-34 varOverprint Varieties: G for C in CONSTITUCIONALISTA in Se-tenant PairsH Pair29.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
540-491c-1p with Downward Overprint 
  575  10c Lilac brown Venustiano CarranzaNH28.00
593-602Postage Dues SurchargedNH35.00
608-171c-30c Definitive Men, Rouletted 14 
618-281c-5p Definitives Famous Men, Perf 12 
  625  30c Anguiles Serdan , Gray blackNH340.00
  627b  1p ERROR - Blue with Dark blue CenterH600.00
632-33Meeting, Entering Mexico 
  632  10c Meeting H19.50
634-41Monument, Casle 
  642  2c Public FountainH9.50
  644  5c Columbus MonumentH10.75
  645  10c Cuauhtemoc MonumentNH19.75
658-65Pan-American Postal Congress 
666Benito JuarezNH.90
667-74Postal Congress Overprint 
675Arms of Puebla 
Scott # Description Condition Price
683Bartolome de las Casas 
684-872c-1p Emblem of Statistics and GeographyNHAsk
  684  2c Statistics and Geography, Deep greenH1.50
  685  5c Statistics and Geography, Dark brownH1.75
  686  10c Statistics and Geography, Dark blueUSED.50
  687  1pStatistics and Geography,  Dark violetH89.00
  702  40c PotterH29.00
707-201c-5p View Definitives with "CORREOS MEXICO" WatermarkNH90.00
  719  1p Coat of ArmsH1.90
  720  5p CharroNH14.00
72110c TractorH3.75
722Arms of ChiapasNH1.25
723Emiliano ZapataH.75
724This stamp not utilized by Scott. 
725-27+C77-79Mexico City-Laredo Highway with Airs 
  725-27  Mexico City-Laredo Highway OpeningH2.00
728Hygiene and Medicine OverprintH.60
729-331c-10c Indians, ArchH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
737-39+C82-84Plan of Guadalupe with Airs 
  737-39  Plan of GuadalupeNH11.00
740-45+C85-90Revolution, Theater, Independence with AirsH99.00
  740-45  Congress of Planning and HousingH55.00
746+C91-93Arch of the Revolution with AirsH4.00
747+C94-96Philatelic Convention - Indian with AirsH4.75
748-50+C97-99Printing with AirsNH6.00
751-53+C100-02Census Taking with AirsNH7.50
754-58+C103-07Stamp Centenary with AirsNH325.00
760-62+C108-10National College with AirsNH8.50
763+C111-13Coat of Arms of Campeche with AirsNH28.50
764-66+C114-16Man at Helm with AirsNH42.50
767Javelin Thrower 
768-70+C117-19Founding of Merida with Airs 
774-76+C123-25Astrophysics Congress with AirsH90.00
781-83+C129-31Founding of San Miguel de Allende with Airs 
Scott # Description Condition Price
792-95+C143-47Hands Holding Globe with AirsNH52.50
  792-95  12c-10p Hands Holding Globe NH24.00
795A-800A15c-5p Definitives with "S.H.C.P. MEXICO" WatermarkNH795.00
  795A  15c Monument with HSCP WatermarkNH475.00
  796-800A  20c-5p Monument, Arms, Charro with SHCP MEXICO WatermarkH33.00
  800  1p Arms with HSCP WatermarkNH12.50
  800A  5p Charro with HSCP WatermarkNH29.00
806-11+C153-57Removing Blindfold with AirsNH65.00
  806-11  2c-10p Removing Blindfold NH32.00
812Founder de Almanza 
813-18+C158-62World Peace with AirsNH59.50
  813-18  2c-10p World PeaceNH35.00
820-24+C163-66City of Zacatecas with AirsHAsk
826-27+C167-69Philatelic Exhibition with Airs 
830-36+C180-84Centenary of Battles with AirsNH7.00
837-511c-5p Definitives, Perf 14 or Perf 10HAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  837  1c Yalalteca IndianH1.00
  838  2c Tehuana IndianH.75
  840  4c Arch of the RevolutionH1.75
  841  5c TowerH2.25
  844  10c Cross of PalenqueH1.75
  848  40c Stone, 19x25mm  Perf 10USED.40
  849  50c Ruins, 19x25mm Perf 10H1.75
  850  1p Coat of Arms, 19x25mm Perf 10H55.00
  851  5p Charro, 19x25mm Perf 10H45.00
852-55These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
856-67Cathedral, Church, CarvingsHAsk
  857  5c Mexico City BuildingNH1.00
  858  10c ConventNH5.00
  859  15c Benito JuarezNH2.00
  860  20c CathedralNH17.00
  861  30cNH1.00
  862  40cNH1.00
  863  50cNH1.25
  864  1pNH4.50
  865  5pNH7.50
  866  10pNH7.50
868-69+C199-00International Highways with AirsNH4.00
870-71+C201-02Map, Locomotive with AirsNH2.50
872+C203-04Postal Service with AirsNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
873+C206-07Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla with AirsNH3.50
874This number not utilized by Scott. 
875-85Building Designs 
886+C222-23Aztec Messenger with AirsNH2.75
887-89+C224-26National Anthem with AirsNH3.25
890+C227-28Torch-Bearer and Stadium with AirsNH2.25
891-96+C229-34Stamp Centenary - Aztec Designs with AirsNH7.50
896a S/SStamp Centenary - Designs SheetNH70.00
897Exhibition, Stamp of 1856NH.75
NH Cylinder # in Margin6.75
897A-900+C236-37APortraits with AirsNH10.75
901-02+C239-40Symbolic "Mexico" with AirsNH1.75
903-04+C243-44Eagle, Oil Derrick with AirsNH7.00
906UN HeadquartersNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
908Statue of Hum boldtNH1.00
909+C249Philatelic Society with AirNH180.00
  909  Philatelic SocietyNH80.00
910-12+C250-52Mexican Independence with Airs (910 Joint issue with USA)NH15.00
  910-12  Mexican IndependenceNHAsk
  910  Independence Bell (Joint issue with USA)NHAsk
913-18+C253-56Mexican Revolution with AirsNH18.00
919+C258-59Tunnel with AirsNH1.25
  919  Railway TunnelNH5.00
920Eradicating MalariaNH.90
921President of BrazilNH.90
922Battle of PueblaNH.50
923Draftsman and SurveyorNH.90
924Mental HealthNH1.25
925Gear WheelsNH.60
927President of ChileNH.75
928-31Definitive DesignsNH22.00
  930  10p Gray and blueNH8.00
932President of VenezuelaNH.70
933+C271Congress Emblem with AirNH1.50
  933  Congress EmblemNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
934Wheat EmblemNH.60
935Mountains, ArmsNH.60
936Leader DominguezNH.60
937+C274Mexico Stamp with AirNH5.00
  937  Mexico StampNH1.25
938+C277Tree of Life with AirNH1.60
  938  Tree of LifeNH.40
940President of BoliviaNH.60
941Arms - SinolaNH.60
942Train, GlobeNH1.75
943-525c-5p Definitive Designs - Watermarked MEXICO, EagleNH135.00
944,946,948-49,950 FL10c,20c,40c,50c,1p on Fluorescent Paper (called for on Lighthouse pages)NHAsk
  947  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  951 '66  5p Galleon, Arms - Watermarked MEXICO, EagleNH95.00
954"F.S.T.S.E." EmblemNH.40
955Academy of MedicineNH.50
956-57+C300-01Jose Rizal with AirsNH6.00
  956-57  Jose RizalNH1.25
958View of ZacatecasNH.60
959Colonel MendezNH.50
960Morelos TheaterNH.40
961Founder del RioNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
964ICY EmblemNH.45
965-66+C309-11Athlete with AirsNH6.50
967Priest MorelosNH.50
968-69Emiliano ZapataNH.80
970+C314-15Mexican Postal Service with AirsNH1.00
971"Apostle of the Indies"NH.50
972Mechanical DrawingsNH.50
973FAO EmblemNH.40
974-75+C318-20Olympics with AirsNH5.50
975a+C320a S/SOlympics Sheets inc AirNH5.00
  975a S/S  Olympics SheetNH3.50
976+C322First Page of the Constitution with AirNH.90
  976  First Page of the ConstitutionNH.50
977Oil RefineryNH.90
979Degollado TheaterNH.50
980Mexian Eagle Over CrownNH.40
981-85+C328-31Mexico City Olympics with AirsNH8.50
  981-85  Mexico City OlympicsNH4.75
983a,985a S/SOlympics Sheets INH10.00
986Artemio de Valle-ArizpeNH.50
987Leader MorenoNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
988-89Preparatory and Engineering SchoolsNH.80
990-95+C335-38Oympics with AirsNH13.50
992a,995a S/SOlympics Sheets IINH13.75
996-1001+C340-44Mexico City Olympic Games with AirsNH30.00
998a,1000a S/SOlympics Sheets IIINH40.00
998a,1000a+C342a,C344a S/SOlympics Sheets + Olympic Air Sheet III (4)NH75.00
1002Arms of VeracruzNH.40
1003-04Cathedral Stone Head CoilsNH12.00
NH Coil Pair30.00
1003-04 PHCathedral Stone Head Coils on Phosphor PaperNHAsk
NH Coil PairAsk
COIL NOTE:Also see C347-49 for additional Coils of this period. 
1005Subway TrainNH.70
1006Honeycomb, Bee, ILONH1.75
1007General AllendeNH.50
1008-14+C354-58Cathedrals, Views with AirsNH6.00
  1008-14  Cathedrals, ViewsNH3.00
    1009 '70    MuseumNH.50
    1010 '70    VIew of Puerto Vallarta, Inscribed 1970NH.50
    1011 '70    CathedralNH.50
    1012 '70    Calle BelaunzaranNH.50
1015-23These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1026Human EyeNH.50
1028Vice President SuarezNH.40
1029City of CelayaNH.40
1031National LotteryNH.50
1032Mural by O'GormanNH.60
1033Poet NervoNH.40
1034Waves and TransformerNH.60
1035President CardenasNH.40
1037Arms of MonterreyNH.50
1038WHO EmblemsNH.60
10391st Mexican NewspaperNH.50
1040Lions EmblemNH.75
1041Sailing ShipNH.75
1042Olive Tree and BranchNH.75
  1042a  Tree and Branch, Yellow instead of Ocher 
1043-44+C403-05President Juarez with AirNH1.75
  1043-44  President JuarezNH.80
1045Emperor Justinian INH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1047+C410-11Olympic Emblems with AirsNH2.25
  1047  Olympic EmblemsNH1.00
1048International Book YearNH.40
1049+C412Fish with AirNH2.50
  1049  FishNH.75
1050Railroad BridgeNH1.50
1052President MaderoNH.40
1053Antonion NarroNH.40
1054-55Cathedral, Stone HeadNH10.00
1057Foreign Trade InstituteNH.50
1058+C424EXMEX '73 with AirNH.75
  1058  EXMEX '73NH.50
1059Composer PonceNH.60
1060Silver StatuetteNH.60
1061Writer AzuelaNH.50
1062Dancing DogsNH.75
1064Dr. RoblesNH.50
1065+C429EXFILMEX '74 with AirNH.75
  1065  EXFILMEX '74NH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1067Map, HeadNH.50
1068Law of 1824NH.50
1069Sebastian Lerdo de TejadaNH.50
1070+C437-38UPU Monument with AirNH1.00
1071-82These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1072-81 (4)80c-3p DesignsNH12.00
  1072  80c Green 
  1073-74  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  1075  2.30p Deep violet blue 
  1076  3p Brick red 
  1077-80  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  1081  50 Orange and green 
1082-83These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1084Governor MoraNH.40
1086Officer AldamaNH.60
1087Indians, EagleNH1.00
1088Violinist CarrilloNH.50
1089Academy EmblemNH.50
1090-0240c-20p Dancer, Michoacan, ConventNH42.50
  1098  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  1099  5p Galleon, ArmsNH2.50
  1100  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  1101 '76  10p MaderoNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1102 '76  20p BuildingNH11.00
1103-06These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1107University of GuadalajaraNH.40
1108Road WorkersNH.50
1109-385c-500p Exporter DesignsNH50.00
  1109 '77  5c Steel Pipes, Slate blueNH2.00
  1110 '76  20c Chemistry Flasks, Black 
  1111 '76  40c Coffee, Dark brownNH.75
    1111a '81    40c Coffee, Claret brownNH1.50
  1112 '81  50c Piston, SlateNH1.40
    1112a '76    50c Pistons, Slate blueNH1.40
    1112b '83    50c Pistons, BlackNH1.50
    1112c '75    50c Pistons, Dull blueNH1.75
  1113 '76  80c Steer, Perf 14NH6.00
    1113a '76    80c Steer, Perf 11NH.75
    1113b '76    80c Steer, Perf 11x11NH1.25
    1113c '81    80c Steer, Perf 11, Thin PaperNH2.25
    1113d '81    80c Steer, Perf 11x11, Thin PaperNH.75
  1114 '78  1p Conductor, Violet blue, OrangeNH1.00
  1115 '83  1p Conductor, Light violet, OrangeNH1.90
  1116 '84  1p Conductor, Black, orangeNH.70
  1117 '81  2p Abalone, Green, bright blueNH1.75
    1117a '76    2p Abalone, Blue green, Dark blueNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1118 '75  3p Shoes, Red brownNH2.75
    1118a '82    3p Shoes, Brown, Perf 11x11NH4.50
    1118b '81    3p Shoes, Golden brown, Thin PaperNH1.25
  1119 '80  4p Tiles, Tan, Dark brownNH.50
  1120 '78  5p Minerals, Gray oliveNH3.50
    1120a '84    5p Minerals, Perf 11x11NH.75
  1121 '83  6p Steel Pipes, Bright orangeNH.60
    1121a '83    6p Steel Pipes, Perf 11x11NH.60
    1121b '84    6p Steel Pipes, Perf 11NH5.50
  1121C '84  6p Steel Pipes, Gray, Perf 11x11NH.60
  1122 '84  7p Overalls, Prussian blueNH.60
    1122a '84    7p Overalls, Blue grayNH7.50
  1123 '84  8p Overalls, Brown, Perf 11x11NH.60
    1123a '84    Overalls, Perf 11NH13.00
  1124 '84  9p Overalls, Dark blueNH.60
  1125 '78  10p TequillaNH.65
    1125a '81    10p Tequilla, Thin PaperNH1.10
    1125b '86    10p Tequilla, Dark olive green, Yellow greenNH3.00
    1125c '87    10p Tequilla, Dark olive green,  bright olive greenNH.60
  1126 '84  15p Honey, Yellow orange, Red brownNH.65
  1127 '78  20p Wrought Iron, BlackNH2.00
  1128 '84  20p Wrought Iron, Gray blackNH.60
  1129 '84  25p Vase, Orange brownNH.75
  1130 '84  35p Books, Bright cerulean, YellowNH.60
  1131 '84  40p BooksNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1132 '80  50p Books, Gray, Silver, Bright, PurpleNH9.50
  1133 '83  50p Books, Bright blue, Light yellowNH2.25
  1133A '85  80p Books, Pink and goldNH2.50
Type 1 = Burelage Lines run Lower Left to Upper Right with Arch toward Lower Right. 
Type 2 = Burelage Lines run Lower Left to Upper Right with Arch toward Upper Left. 
  1134 '83  100p Strawberry, Bright green, Type INH2.25
  1135 '83  200p Fruit, Emerald, Yellow green, Type INH6.75
    1135a '87    200p Fruit, Emerald, Lemon, Type INH9.00
    1135b '83    200p Fruit, Emerald, Yellow green, Type IINH8.00
  1136 '83  300p Vehicles, Bright blue, Red,  Type INH6.50
    1136a '87    300p Vehicles, Type II 
  1137 '84  400p Circuit Board, Type INH4.75
  1138 '84  500p Cotton, Type INH6.50
1139This number not utilized by Scott. 
1141Writer BodetNH.50
1142Allegory, CourtNH.50
1143Death of CuauhtemocNH.50
1144Water GodNH.50
1146Forest FireNH1.50
1147Hat and Scout EmblemNH.50
1148Exhibition EmblemNH.40
1149New Military CollegeNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1150Dr. Ricardo VertizNH.75
1151Basilica of GuadeloupeNH.50
1152"40" and Emblem, PolytechnicNH.50
1153Blast FurnaceNH.50
1156-57+C537-39Flags with AirsNH1.50
  1156-57  FlagsNH.75
1158Martyr SerdanNH.40
1161+C556-57Oil Derrick with AirsNH1.50
  1161  Oil DerrickNH.50
1162+C574-75Geography and History with AirsNH1.25
  1162  Geography and HistoryNH.50
1165Decorations and CandlesNH.60
Year 1979Papal Visit Cover 
1166-7620c-50p Exportas with Watermark 
  1166 '81  20c Chemistry FlasksNH.75
  1167  50c Jewelry, Slate blueNH.60
    1167a    50c Jewelry, Bluish blackNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1168  80c Steer, Perf 11NH1.50
    1168a    80c Steer, Perf 14NH1.50
  1169  1p ConductorNH.60
  1170  2p AbaloneNH.90
  1171  3p ShoesNH1.00
  1172  4p TilesNH1.25
  1173  5p MineralsNH1.50
  1174  10p TequillaNH4.25
  1175  20p Wrought IronNH4.25
  1176  50p JewelryNH7.75
1177Hermosillo ArmsNH.50
1178-80+C606-07Athletes with AirsNH1.50
  1178-80  AthletesNH1.00
1181 S/SSoccer SheetNH3.25
1182Wife of the MayorNH.40
1183-84+C609-10National Culture with AirsNH1.50
  1183-84  National CultureNH.75
1185Revolutionist ZapataNH.50
1186-88+C612-13Sports with AirsNH2.00
  1186-88  Sports NH1.00
1189 S/SSports SheetNH3.50
1190-91+C615-16Tourism with AirsNH1.50
  1190-91  TourismNH.75
1192+C618-19Postmaster with AirsNH1.00
  1192  PostmasterNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1193+C623Shephard and Sheep with AirNH.70
  1193  Shephard and SheepNH.60
1194+C625-26Serpent with AirsNH1.80
  1194  Serpent NH.60
1195-96+C632-33Flora and Fauna with AirsNH2.00
  1195-96  Flora and FaunaNH1.10
1197-98+C636Costumes with AirNH1.25
  1197-98  CostumesNH.75
1199This number not utilized by Scott 
1200National CensusNH.40
1201-03Pre-Hispanic ArtNH1.75
1204Aztec GodNH.75
1205-07Moscow Summer OlympicsNH1.50
1208-10Ceremonial VesselNH1.80
1211-14Sacromonte SanctuaryNH1.50
1216Coat of Arms - SinaloaNH.50
1217Straw AngelNH.60
1219Justice Congress EmblemNH.50
1220-22Glass Vase and AnimalsNH1.80
1223Simon BolivarNH.60
1224Statesman GuerreroNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1225Valentin Gomez FariasNH.50
1226Table TennisNH1.75
1227Politician OrtegaNH.50
1228Physician BarredaNH.60
1229Benito JuarezNH.40
1230Puebla City, UnwatermarkedNH.50
  1230a  Puebla City, WatermarkedNH4.50
1234-37Flora and FaunaNH2.50
1238Workers' StrikeNH.50
1239Year of the DisabledNH.75
1240Queretaro CityNH.50
  1240a  Queretaro City, WatermarkedNH4.50
1241Discoverer of PenicillinNH.90
1242Mexico No. 1NH.90
  1242a  Mexico No. 1, WatermarkedNH4.50
1243St. Francis Xavier ClavijeroNH.50
1244Union Congress BuildingNH.50
1245-47Bulgarian State AnniversaryNH2.00
1248-50Pre-Hispanic ArtNH2.00
1254World Food DayNH.75
1255Thomas EdisonNH1.00
1256Cooperation and DevelopmentNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1257Pan-American Railway CongressNH1.00
1258Mexican Sound MoviesNH1.00
1259Zip CodesNH.60
1260-63Colonial MonumentsNH1.50
1265Ignacio Lopez RayonNH.50
1266Postal HeadquartersNH.50
1270Zip CodesNH.50
1271TB Bacillus, World Health DayNH1.25
1272Military AcademyNH.50
1273Oaxaca CityNH.50
1278-80World CupNH2.75
1281-82Turtles, Balines and MapNH3.00
1283General GuerreroNH.50
1284UN ConferenceNH.75
1285-87Pre-Hispanic ArtNH2.00
1290-92Codex IllustrationsNH2.00
1297aScientist Strip of 5NH5.00
1298National ArchivesNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1301Mexican Food SystemNH.75
1302Revolutionary MuseumNH.50
1303-06Colonial MonumentsNH2.00
1306a STR  Colonial Monuments Strip of 4 plus LabelNH12.50
1303-06 M/S  Colonial Monuments Sheet of 5 StripsNH65.00
1307-08Nobel Peace Prize WinnerNH2.00
1309Philospher VasconcelosNH.50
1310World Communcations YearNH.50
1311Philatelic ExpositionNH.50
1312Maritime OrganizationNH.75
1313Health ProtectionNH.50
1314Geography and StatisticsNH.60
1315-17Youth SoccerNH1.25
1318-21Tourism SinglesNH3.00
1321aTourism, Vertical Strip of 4NH4.00
1322Simon BolivarNH.50
1323Opera Singer PeraltaNH1.25
1324-25Mexican FloraNH5.00
1326-27Mexican FaunaNH5.00
1330Communication and TransportNH.50
1331-35Contemporary Artists SinglesNH4.00
1335aArtists, Strip of 5NH6.00
1336Painter OrozcoNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1337Human RightsNH.40
1338-41Colonial MonumentsNH3.50
1341a STR  Colonial Monuments Strip of 4 plus LabelNH4.00
1338-41 M/S  Colonial Monuments Sheet of 20 plus 5 LabelsNH22.50
1342Philosopher CasoNH.40
1343Royal Mining DecreeNH.60
1344Postal CodeNH.50
1345Fight Against PolioNH1.00
1346-47 PRAquatic Birds PairNH3.00
1346-47 TAB  Birds Pair plus LabelNH5.00
1346-47 STR  Birds Strip of 4 with Label in CenterNH7.50
1346-47 M/S  Bird MiniSheet of 10 Pairs and Five Labels (scarce thus)NH49.00
1348World Dog ExpositionNH2.50
1349Bank of MexicoNH.50
1350Forest Protection and ConservationNH2.50
1351-5714p-26p Summer OlympicsNH12.50
  1355  25p Boxing at the OlympicsNH2.90
1358Mexico-USSR RelationsNH1.00
1359Population ConferenceNH.75
1360Economic Culture FundNH.50
1361General MugicaNH.50
1364Palance of Fine ArtsNH.50
1365Chihuahua CityNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
1367UN Disarmament WeekNH.60
1370Politician AltamiranoNH.50
1371State Audit OfficeNH.50
1372-73World Cup Soccer SinglesNH5.00
1373aWorld Cup Soccer PairNH9.50
1374Author GallegosNH.50
1375State Registry OfficeNH.50
1376National FlagNH.75
1377Johann Sebastian BachNH1.50
1378Youth YearNH.75
1379Child Survival CampaignNH.75
1380Mint, CoinsNH.75
1381Victor HugoNH.75
1382-84MEXFIL '85NH1.75
1385 S/SMEXFIL SheetNH3.25
1389 S/SSatellite SheetNH4.50
1390-92World Forestry CongressNH3.50
1392aForestry Strip of 3NH4.50
1393-97Contemporary WritersNH3.50
1397aWriters Strip of 5NH4.50
1398-02Heroes of Mexican IndependenceNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1403 S/SIndependence SheetNH4.50
1404-08University of MexicoNH7.00
1408aUniversity Strip of 5NH8.50
1409Development BankNH.60
1410UN Disarmament WeekNH.50
1414-181910 RevolutionNH2.50
1419 S/SRevolution SheetNH3.50
1420-22Astronaut, TelecommunicationsNH1.50
1423 S/SSatellite SheetNH4.00
1424-25World Cup SoccerNH5.00
1426Free TextbookNH.50
1427-30Colonial MonumentsNH4.00
1430aMonuments Strip of 4NH5.00
1431-33Polytechnic InstituteNH6.50
1433aInstitute Strip of 3NH9.00
1436World Health DayNH.75
1437Halley's CometNH1.50
1438National Geology InstituteNH1.00
1439-43World Cup SoccerNH3.50
1444 S/SSoccer SheetNH7.50
1445-47Independence War HereosNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1448Mural by OrozcoNH.50
1449Federal Tax CourtNH.40
1450General BravoNH.40
1451-53Rivera PaintingsNH1.50
1454President VictoriaNH.40
1455Storage WarehouseNH.40
1456International Post DayNH1.00
1457Meeting of Two WorldsNH1.00
1458Pan-American Highways CongressNH.75
1459Composer LisztNH.75
1460International Peace YearNH.75
1461Vice-President SuarezNH.40
1464Painter RiveraNH.60
1465-70A20p-100p Exporta DefinitivesNH7.00
  1465  20p Chemistry FlasksNH.70
  1466  40p CoffeeNH.50
  1467  60p ShoesNH.70
  1468  70p Copperware, Perf 11x11 NH2.25
  1468a    70p Copperware, Perf 14NH2.00
  1469  80p OverallsNH.75
  1470  90p AbaloneNH1.00
  1470A '88  100p Coffee, Perf 14NH.90
  1470Ab '87  100p Coffee, Perf 11x11NH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1471Polio VaccinationNH.75
1472Jose IglesiasNH.50
1473National Teachers' CollegeNH.50
1474Pima Indian TerritoryNH.75
1475Pedro de Sainz de BarandaNH.50
1476World Health DayNH.75
1477University of PueblaNH.75
1478Battle of PueblaNH.60
1479METROPOLIS '87 CongressNH1.25
1483Political Reformer EstradaNH.50
1484Native TradersNH.50
14851st Shipbuilding ManualNH.50
1486National Food ProgramNH.50
1487Leandro ValleNH.40
1488-90Herran PaintingsNH2.25
1491-150510p-5000p Exporta DefinitivesNH55.00
  1491 '87  10p SteerNH.75
  1492 '87  20p BicycleNH.75
  1493 '87  50p TomatoesNH.90
  1494 '88  300p Vehicle, Chalky blueNH.90
  1495 '88  300p Vehicle, Dark blueNH1.10
  1495a    300p Vehicle, Thin PaperNH2.00
  1495b    300p Vehicle, Bright blueNH1.50
  1496 '88  500p Petroleum ValvesNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1497 '88  600p JewelryNH3.50
  1497a    600p Jewelry, Thin PaperNH3.50
  1498 '88  700p Jewelry, Dark redNH3.00
  1498a    700p Jewelry, Lilac roseNH3.50
  1499 '88  800p Construction with Dark redNH5.00
  1499a '88  800p Construction with Lilac rose 
  1500  900p PistonsNH9.00
  1501  1000p AgricultureNH11.00
  1502  2000p Wrought Iron DesignNH10.00
  1503  3000p Electric WiringNH10.00
  1504  4000p HoneyNH9.50
  1505  5000p, CottonNH12.00
1506-07Pan-American GamesNH.90
1508Federal Power CommissionNH.75
1509J. E. DavalosNH.75
1510-12Pre-Hispanic ArtNH3.50
  1513  Public LibraryNH.60
  1514-16  TourismNH1.80
1517Formula 1 RacingNH1.00
1518Cartography ConferenceNH1.00
1519Discovery of the AmericasNH3.50
1520-22Illuminated CodicesNH2.00
1525World Post DayNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1526 S/SPost Day SheetNH5.00
1527-28Latin-American PresidentsNH1.50
1529Dualidad 1964NH1.00
1530Mexican RailroadsNH1.50
1531Italian Violin MakerNH1.50
1532Tribunal of the Supreme CourtNH.75
1535-37Petroleum IndustryNHAsk
1538Mural by RiveraNH.75
1539The People in Pursuit of HealthNH.75
1540-43 PRPoet Vallejo PairsNH2.00
1540-43 PR TAB  Poet Vallejo Pairs with LabelsNH6.00
1540-43 STR  Poet Vallejo Strips of 4 with LabelsNH9.00
  1541b BP  Poet Vallejo Booklet Pane of 4NH175.00
  1541b BK  Poet Vallejo Booklet of 4NH250.00
"1541c" M/S  Poet Vallejo MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
1544Poet CamaraNH.50
1545-47MEPSIRREY '88NH1.50
1548Formula I Grand PrixNH1.50
1549-50Poet VelardeNH.60
1549-50 Strips  Poet Velarde Strips of 4 with LabelsNH5.00
  1550a BP  Poet Velarde Booklet Pane of 4NH175.00
  1550a BK  Poet Velarde Booklet of 4NH250.00
1550a BK+1541b BKBoth booklets as one unit:NH479.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
Special Offer Price399.00
1551Military PentathlonNH.50
1552Mexico-Japan RelationsNH1.50
1553Oceanographic AssemblyNH1.00
1554Seoul Summer OlympicsNH1.75
1555 S/SOlympics SheetNH7.00
1556World Boxing CouncilNH1.00
1557Red Cross and Red CrescentNHAsk
1558Painter PosadaNH.50
1559-62WWF - ButterflyNH11.00
1563Manuel VallartaNHAsk
1564World Post DayNH1.00
1565 S/SPost Day SheetNH6.50
1566Discovery of AmericaNH2.00
1567World Food DayNH.90
1568-69Caso, RoblesNH1.00
1570Act of IndependenceNH.50
1574-75Reyes Paintings, ChristmasNH1.00
1576Trade UnionNH.50
1579-82These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1583-1603 (23)40p-5000p Exporta DefinitivesNH78.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1583 '88  40p Chemistry FlasksNH.50
  1584 '89  200p Citrus FruitNH1.00
  1584a    200p Citrus Fruit, Thin Paper 
  1585 '89  450p Circuit BoardNH2.00
  1585a    450p Circuit Coard, Thin Paper 
  1586 '90  750p FilmNH3.50
  1587 '89  950p PistonsNH3.00
  1587a    950p Pistons, Thin Paper 
  1588 '89  1000p Agriculture, Type IINH2.00
  1588A '90  1000p Agriculture, Type INH4.50
  1589 '89  1100p Minerals, Type INH3.25
  1590 '91  1100p Minerals, Type IINH4.00
  1591 '90  1300p Strawberries, Type IINH4.00
  1592 '90  1300p Strawberries, Type INH3.50
  1592a    1300p Strawberries, Type I on Thin Paper 
  1593 '90  1400p Chemsitry FlasksNH3.25
  1594 '90  1500p Copper VaseNH3.25
  1594a    1500p Copper Vase, Thin Paper 
  1595 '90  1600p Steel PipesNH3.00
  1596 '90  1700p TequillaNH3.00
  1597 '90  1900p AbaloneNH3.25
  1598 '90  2000p Wrought IronNH5.00
  1598A '90  2000p Wrought IronNH4.00
  1599 '91  2100p BicyclesNH7.00
  1600 '92  2100p BicyclesNH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1601 '91  2500p OverallsNH7.00
  1602 '92  2500p OverallsNH7.00
  1603 '92  5000p CottonNH8.00
1604Graphic Arts WorkshopNH.75
1605Dominican Republic ArmsNH.75
1606Mexico-U.S. BorderNH2.00
1607Book FairNH.75
1608Lyricists and ComposersNH.75
1609Fight Against AIDSNH3.50
1610Heroine VicarioNH.50
1611Author ReyesNH.50
1612Formula 1 RacingNH.90
1613Tourism CongressNH1.50
1614Gerontology CongressNH.90
1615Battle of ZacatecasNH.60
1616-17 PairBaseball Hall of FameNH2.50
1616-17 Pair  Baseball Hall of Fame Pair with LabelNH6.00
1616-17 Strip  Baseball Hall of Fame Strip of 4 with LabelNH10.00
1618-19 PairWorld ArcheryNH2.50
1618-19 Pair  World Archery Pair with LabelNH7.50
1618-19 Strip  World Archery Strip of 4 with LabelNH10.00
1621French RevolutionNH1.75
1622General MinaNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1623Museum of AnthropologyNH3.75
1624Mexico City MarathonNH1.00
1625Printing in AmericaNHAsk
1626World Post DayNHAsk
1627Convention of AguascalientesNH.80
1628Colonization of the AmericasNH1.50
1629-30UPAEP - Emblem and SymbolsNH2.00
1631Tuberculosis FoundationNHAsk
1632Mask of the Bat GodNH.90
1633Commercial BankNH.50
1634President CortinesNH.50
1637Institute of Anthropology and Natural HistoryNH1.50
1638Railway SystemNH1.00
1639Tempico BridgeNH.90
1640Eradication of PolioNH1.00
1641National CensusNH.75
1642Mexican Philatelic AssociationNH.75
1643National ArchivesNH.75
1644Advertising AgenciesNH.75
1645Stamp World London '90NH1.00
1646First Postage StampsNH1.00
1647Tourism ExpositionNH.75
1648Pope John Paul IINH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1648 CNB  Pope Cylinder Number Block of 6 
1649Health of Young MothersNH.75
1650Fight Against SmokingNH1.00
1651World Environment DayNH1.50
1652Formula 1 RacingNH1.00
1653Airport & Auxiliary ServicesNH.75
1654Fight Against DrugsNH1.00
1655Protection of Rain ForestsNH4.50
1656Solidarity with Poor PeopleNH.75
1657Oaxaca Cultural HeritageNH1.25
1658Nature ConservationNH1.50
1659Mexican Institute of PetroleumNH1.50
1660Mexico City MarathonNH1.50
1661University of ColimaNH.75
1662Mexico City Advisory CouncilNH.75
1663Nationalization of Electric IndustryNH1.00
1664City of CampecheNH.75
1665Musician RevueltasNH1.50
1666Plan of San LuisNH1.25
1667Conference of Supreme CounselorsNH1.25
1668Discovery of AmericaNH2.50
1669Mexican ArchaeologyNH2.00
1670-73Central American GamesNH4.50
1676Mexican Canine FederationNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1677World Post DayNH2.00
1678-79UPAEP - FlowersNH3.75
1679a  UPAEP - Flowers plus TabNH4.50
1678-79+1679a  UPAEP - Flowers Strip of 4 with TabNH9.50
1680Mexican Brewing IndustryNH1.75
1681Industrial DevelopmentNH1.50
1682Naval SecretariatNH1.25
1683Prevent AccidentsNH1.50
1684National Consumers InstituteNH1.25
1685Voter RegistrationNH1.25
1686Olympic BasketballNH2.50
1687Campaign Against PolioNH1.50
1688-89Children's Day, Family LifeNH2.25
1690Mining in MexicoNH1.50
1691Promotion of BreastfeedingNH1.50
1692Tourism ExpositionNH1.25
1693Rotary InternationalNH2.00
"1693a" BP  Rotary Pane of 3 - See 1698 Booklets below.   
1694-95Transport Single + Block of 21NH60.00
  1694  1000p, Jet LandingNH3.00
  1695  Transport Block of 21NH59.00
1697Formula 1 RacingNH2.00
1698Discovery of America Overprinted TEXPEXNH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price

"1698a" BP  Discovery of America TEXPEX Pane of 5NH200.00
"1698A"+"1693a" BK  Discovery of America TEXPEX Booklet of 5 (our choice of format)NH225.00
"1698A"+"1693a" BK 1  Discovery of America TEXPEX Booklet of 5 - Rotary Pane NormalNH235.00
"1698A"+"1693a" BK 2  Discovery of America TEXPEX Booklet of 5 - Rotary Pane InvertedNH260.00
SPECIAL OFFER - Two Booklets with both Types of Rotary Panes:NH450.00

  The 1698 Booklet exists with four different Cover Colors as the scan above shows.  We describe the colors as:
      A - Olive beige
      B - Light brownish beige
      C - Dark brownish beige
      D - Creamy tan beige
1698 BK - Cover A  Discovery of America TEXPEX Booklet of 5 with Olive Beige CoverNH245.00
1698 BK - Cover B  Discovery of America TEXPEX Booklet of 5 with Light Browinsh Beige CoverNH275.00
1698 BK - Cover C  Discovery of America TEXPEX Booklet of 5 with Dark Brownish Beige CoverNH300.00
1698 BK - Cover D  Discovery of America TEXPEX Booklet of 5 with Creamy Tan Beige CoverNH325.00
COMBINED OFFER - Four Booklets with the 4 Types of Covers:NH950.00
1699Solar Eclipse StripNH10.00
1700Latin American Presidential SummitNH1.90
1701Solidarity BridgeNH2.25
1702Mexico City MarathonNH2.00
1703Federal Tax CourtNH1.25
1704Solidarity, Perf 14NH1.25
1705Solidarity, RoulettedNH2.00
1706World Post DayNH2.00
1707-09Columbus VoyagesNH6.00
  1707-08 Pair  UPAEP PairNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1707-08 Pair  UPAEP Pair with LabelNH13.00
  1707-08 Strip  UPAEP Strip of 4 with LabelNH18.00
  1709  1000p Colombus High ValueNH5.00
1712Carlos MeridaNH1.25
1714Corn and Beans ProductionNH1.50
1715City of MoreliaNH1.25
1717Engineering EducationNH1.50
1718Barcelona Olympics, SunNH2.50
1719Barcelona Olympics, RingsNH2.50
1720Guadalajara Strip of 5NH20.00
1720 BKPlease see Year 1994 below for Booklet. 
1721Healthy Child DevelopmentNH2.00
1722Formula 1 RacingNHAsk
1723Telecom '92NHAsk
1724World Health DayNH2.00
1725War CollegeNH1.50
1726-31Discovery of AmericaNH65.00
  1726-30  Discovery SetNH30.00
  1731 S/S  America SheetNH40.00
1732National Medical CenterNH1.50
1733Rights of the ChildNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1734Midwives in MexicoNH1.50
1735 S/SColombian Stamp Expo SheetNH13.00
1736Notary College of MexicoNH1.50
1737Arbor DayNH1.50
1738-47Barcelona Summer OlympicsNH25.00
1748 S/SOlympic SheetNH20.00
1749Marathon of Mexico CityNH2.00
1751 S/SDiscovery of America SheetNH15.00
1752-57Columbian Overprints with SheetNH250.00
  1752-56  Columbian OverprintsNH100.00
  1757 S/S  Columbian Overprint SheetNH175.00
1758Radio and TelevisionNH1.90
1759World Post DayNH1.90
1760Communications SystemNH3.00
1761-62Discovery of AmericaNH4.00
1762a  Discovery of America PairNH5.00
1762a x2 STR  Discovery of America Strip of Pairs with TabNH11.00
1763-702200p-7200p EXPORTA DefinitivesNH67.50
  1763  2200p SteerNH3.00
  1764  2800p Chemistry FlasksNH4.50
  1765  3600p Pistons, Burelage Arched towards LRNH5.00
  1766  3900p Petroleum Valves, Burelage Arched towards ULNH6.50
  1767  4000p Honey, Burelage Arched towards LRNH6.50
  1768  4800p Tomatoes, Burelage Arched towards LRNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1768A  4800p Tomatoes, Burelage Arched towards ULNH50.00
  1769  6000p Citrus Fruit, Burelage Arched towards LRNH9.00
  1770  7200p Film, Burelage Arched towards LRNH11.00
1771-76These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1777San Luis Potosi (poorly centered as usual)NH1.25
1778United for ConservationNH3.50
1779Navy DayNH1.50
Year 1992SEPOMEX Pope John Paul IINH4.50
Year 1992SEPOMEX Pope John, M/S of 6NH25.00
Year 1992SEPOMEX Show Sheet showing the Pope plus Columbus, etcNH24.00
1782-1805 (25)N$ TourismNH90.00
  1782 '93  90c CampecheNH1.35
  1783 '93  1p GuanajuatoNH1.60
  1784 '95  1.10p GuanajuatoNH1.90
  1785 '93  1.30p ColimaNH2.00
  1786 '95  1.80p CoahuilaNH1.50
  1787 '95  1.80p CampecheNH1.50
  1788 '95  1.80p ColimaNH1.50
  1789 '95  1.80p ChiapasNH1.50
  1790 '93  1.90p MichoacanNH3.00
  1791 '93  2p CoahuilaNH3.00
  1792 '96  2p ColimaNH2.75
  1793 '93  2.20p QueretaroNH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1794 '93  2.30p SinaloaNH2.00
  1795 '93  2.40p YucatanNH2.00
  1796 '93  2.50p SonoraNH5.00
  1797 '95  2.70p MexicoNH5.00
  1797 CP    2.70p Mexico - Crude printingNH9.50
  1798 '93  2.80p ZacatecasNH5.25
  1798A '96  3p CampecheNH4.00
  1799 '95  3.40p SinaloaNH8.00
  1799 ERR  Please see Scott 1969 below for the rare ERROR Block of 12 
  1800 '93  3.70p SinaloaNH11.00
  1801 '95  3.80p YucatanNH3.50
  1802 '93  4.40p YucatanNH7.50
  1803 '93  4.80p ChiapasNH8.50
  1804 '93  6p MexicoNH10.00
  1805 '95  6.50p SonoraNH5.00
1807-10Social Security InstituteNHAsk
  1807  Doctor, ChildNHAsk
  1808  Child's DrawingNHAsk
  1809  HandsNH2.00
  1810  50 Years SymbolNH2.00
1811Mexican Society of OphthomolgistsNH2.00
1812Children's MonthNH1.50
1813Geography and Statistics SocietyNH1.50
1815Children's HospitalNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1817Upper Gulf of CaliforniaNH2.50
1818Actor CantinflasNH3.00
1818 BKPlease see Year 1994 below for Booklet. 
1819-23Secretariat of HealthNH6.50
  1819  Dr. Maximiliano Ruiz CastanedaNH1.50
  1820  Dr. Bernardo Sepulveda GutierrezNH1.50
  1821  Dr. Ignacio Chavez SanchezNH1.50
  1822  Dr. Mario Salazar MallenNH1.50
  1823  Dr. Gustavo Baz PradaNH1.50
1824First Postage StampsNH2.25
1825Marathon of Mexico CityNH1.50
1826-27Monterrey Institute of Technology PairNH3.00
1828Solidarity WeekNHAsk
1829Confederation of Mexican ChambersNHAsk
1830City of TorreonNHAsk
1831Europalia '93NH2.50
1832World Post DayNH3.50
1833President VictoriaNH1.00
1834Civil Protection SystemNH1.50
1835International LawNHAsk
1836Wheelchair GamesNHAsk
1837Poet ContrerasNH1.50
1838-39Endangered Species, UPAEPNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1843Preparatory SchoolNH1.50
1844FSTSE AnniversaryNH1.50
1845Mescala BridgeNH2.00
1846Highway of the SunNH1.50
1847-51Film ActorsNH8.50
1847-51 BKPlease see Year 1994 below for Booklets. 
1710//1851 BKA Set of Seven Booklets was issued at the ROMPEX Exhibition by the Mexican Postal Service.  The booklets contain five each of these Scott numbers: 1720, 1818, 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850 and 1851.  Quite scarce when issued and far scarcer today!NH175.00
1710//1851 BKAs above, but the Scott numbers are written on the back cover of each booklet.  The nunbers are not visible when the booklets are mounted on a page or exploded.  NH125.00
'94Rompex Souvenir Cover with Special Cancel and Mexico ATM Label.NHAsk
1852-58Secretariat of EducationNH10.00
1859Revolutionary ZapataNH2.50
1861School ConstructionNH1.40
1862Children for PeaceNH1.75
1863Youth ServicesNH1.40
1864United for ConservationNH5.00
1866World Congress of PublicistsNH2.00
1867World Telecommunications DayNH2.00
1869Yumka Natural Wildlife CenterNH2.50
1870City of ZacatecasNH1.40
1871Prevention of Mental RetardationNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1872Friendship HospitalNH1.60
1873World Cup Soccer PairNH4.75
1874Fish FairNH2.00
1875 BLKWildlife Conservation Block of 24NH75.00
1875a-x  Wildlife Conservation SinglesNH70.00
1876Juvenile Integration CentersNH1.50
1877Mexican-Canadian RelationsNH3.00
1878National Population CouncilNH1.50
1879Year of the FamilyNH2.00
1880Arbor DayNH1.50
1881Mexico City MarathonNH2.00
1882Chapultepec ZooNH3.00
1883Metro SystemNH2.00
1884Economic Cultural FoundationNH1.50
1885Don Adolfo Lopez MateosNH1.50
1886Solidarity WeekNH1.50
1887City UniversityNH1.40
1888National Medical CenterNH1.50
1889Week of Patriot SymbolsNH1.40
1890Olympic CommitteeNH4.50
1891UPAEP - Mail Delivery PairNH7.50
1892City of Salvatierra GuanajuatoNH1.40
1893Horses BlockNH16.00
1893 M/S  Horses Sheet of 18 + 7 TabsNH70.00
1894Grandparents' DayNH1.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
1895Palace of Fine ArtsNH1.50
1896Writer de Saint-ExuperyNH4.00
1897World Post DayNH2.50
1898Clean Water ProgramNH2.50
1899Politician MoraNH1.50
1900City TheaterNH1.50
1902Museum of AnthropologyNH2.50
1903Association of ActorsNH1.50
1904Hero AllendeNH1.50
1905Museum of HistoryNH1.50
1906Teachers' CollegeNH1.50
1907Pumas UNAM Soccer TeamNH2.00
1910Chalco Valley SolidarityNH1.40
1911Writer de la CruzNH1.25
1912Discovery of the X-RayNHAsk
1913Teachers' DayNH1.25
1914World Telecommunications DayNHAsk
1915Institute of Public AdministrationNH1.25
1916Patriot MartiNH1.75
1917Politician CarranzaNH1.25
1918Travel Trade ShowNH1.75
1919Illegal Drugs Strip of 3NH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1919 TAB  Anti-Drug Strip of 3 with TabNH8.50
1920Politician CardenasNH1.25
1921School for the BlindNHAsk
1922-93Scott does not utilize these numbers. 
1924Butterflies, Wildlife - Joint Issue with Canada - our choice of formatNH12.00
1924 BLK  Butterflies, Wildlife Block of 4 - Joint Issue with Canada NH12.50
1924 BLK SO  Butterflies, Wildlife Block of 4 in Scott Order - Joint Issue with Canada NHAsk
1924 STR  Butterflies, Wildlife Strip of 4 - Joint Issue with Canada - Joint Issue with Canada NH15.00
1924 STR SO  Butterflies, Wildlife Strip of 4 in Scott Order - Joint Issue with Canada NHAsk
1924 TAB BLK  Butterflies, Wildlife Block of 5 with Tab reading "ESPECIES ANIMALES / Mexico - Canada / Animals Migratorios (scarce item!) - Joint Issue with Canada NH45.00
1924a-d  Butterflies, Wildlife Singles - Joint Issue with Canada NH11.00
1925Mexico City MarathonNH2.00
1926Congress of UPAEPNH3.00
1927World Post DayNH2.00
1928Louis PasteurNH2.00
1929World Food DayNH2.00
1931President CallesNH1.30
1932Birth of CuauhtemocNH1.75
1933National FlagNH1.50
1934UN AnniversaryNH1.75
1935Year of TravelNH1.75
1936The Holy FamilyNH1.75
1937-42Famous GeneralsNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1945Mexican Health FoundationNH1.75
1946Wildlife ConservationNH3.50
1947Motion PicturesNH2.00
1948Library of EducationNH1.25
1949Arts and Sciences AwardsNHAsk
1950Radio Personalities: 
1950 BLK  Radio Block of 8NH14.00
1950 STR  Radio Strip of 8NH19.00
1950 IBLK  Radio Irregular Block of 8NH13.00
1950a-h  Radio Single StampsNH12.50
1951Science and TechnologyNH1.75
1952-53Plaza de TorosNH2.00
1954 BLKAviation Day Block of 4NH10.00
1954 STRAviation Vertical Strip of 4NH15.00
1954 STRAviation Vertical Strip of 4 plus Label (just 2 per sheet)NH22.00
1955Archaeologist CasoNH1.50
1956National Consumer AgencyNH1.25
Please request the Tourism Types with care as Scott has changed numbers. 
1960-801996-1997 1p-8.50p Tourism with Denominations denoted in $NH65.00
  1960 '97  1p ColimaNH1.50
  1961 '96  1.80p ChiapasNH1.25
  1962 '96  2p ColimaNH1.25
  1963 '97  2p GuanajuatoNH1.25
  1964 '97  2.30p ChiapasNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1965 '97  2.50p QueretaroNH1.60
  1966 '96  2.70p MexicoNH2.25
  1967 '96  3p CampecheNH2.25
  1968 '97  3.10p CoahuilaNH2.25
  1969 '96  3.40p SinaloaNH3.00
  1969a ERR 4    3.40p Sinaloa ERROR Block of 4:  This Block contains 1969 (with $ currency symbol) x3 plus 1799 x1 (with N$ currency symbol).  Details below.NH150.00
  1969a ERR 9    3.40p Sinaloa ERROR Block of 12:  This Block contains 1969 (with $ currency symbol) x11 plus 1799 x1 (with N$ currency symbol).  Immediately withdrawn from the post Office when discovered.  A photocopy of the Linn's story about this discovery accompanies the block.  A very scarce modern item!NH250.00
  1970 '97  3.50p MexicoNH3.00
  1971 '99  3.60p SonaraNH3.00
  1972 '98  3.70p CampecheNH4.00
  1973 '97  4p MichoacanNH3.50
  1974 '97  4.40p YucatanNH3.50
  1975 '96  5p QueretaroNH5.75
  1976 '98  5p ColimaNH4.50
  1977 '97  6p ZacatecasNH4.50
  1978 '98  6.50p SinaloaNH5.50
  1979 '97  7p SonoraNH6.50
  1980 '97  8.50p MexicoNH8.50
1981Orthopedics SocietyNH1.75
1982Writer RulfoNH1.50
1983Polytechnical InstituteNH1.25
1984 HS3Illegal Drugs Horizontal Strip of 3NH4.50
1984 VS3  Illegal Drugs Vertical Strip of 3NH9.00
1984 TAB  Illegal Drugs Strip of 3 with 2 Labels (just one per sheet)NH20.00
1985Olympics StripNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1986-87Motion PicturesNH4.00
1988Justice DepartmentNH1.25
1989Mexico City MarathonNH2.00
1990City of ZacatecasNH1.40
1991Promoting EducationNH1.40
1992 S/SMonterry SheetNH6.75
1993Family PlanningNH1.50
1995 M/SEndangered Species Sheetlet of 24NH37.50
1995a-x  Endangered Species Sheet SinglesNH35.00
1996World Post DayNH2.00
1997National Nutrition InstituteNH1.50
1998Radio in MexicoNH1.50
1999Paintings StripNH7.50
2000World Food DayNH2.75
2001Mexican ScienceNH2.00
2003Subway ConferenceNH2.00
2006Writer HenestrosaNH1.50
2007Cancer InstituteNH1.75
2008Paisano ProgramNH1.50
2009Painter SequeirosNH1.75
2010Assembly of SurgeonsNH1.75
2011Wildlife ConservationNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2014Institute of Nuclear ResearchNH2.00
2015Preservation of the Ozone LayerNH3.00
2016Sculptor SebastianNH2.00
2017Mexican DiplomatsNH1.75
2018Poet PellicerNH1.50
2019Poet BlancoNH1.90
2021Treaty of TlatelolcoNH1.90
2022 S/SPost Office SheetNH9.00
2029Women's DayNH1.50
2030Congress for Spanish LanguageNH1.75
2031Dr. ChavezNH1.50
2032Mexican ConstitutionNH1.40
2033"Al Filo Del Agua"NH1.40
2034Educator RamirezNH1.40
2035Emigration to Mexico (Joint Issue with Japan)NH3.50
On Collection Folder5.75
2036Autonomous UniversityNH1.40
2037Anti Drug Strip of 3NH8.50
2037 TAB R  Anti-Drug Strip with Tab at RightNH12.50
2037 TAB L  Anti-Drug Strip with Tab at LeftNH12.50
2038Sigmund FreudNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2039Naval Military SchoolNH1.50
2040Bank of Foreign CommerceNH1.75
2041United for ConservationNH4.00
2042Mexican College of AviationNH1.75
2043Mexico City MarathonNH2.50
2044Juarez HospitalNH1.50
2045-47AFour Battles of 1847NH6.00
  2045  Battle of PadeirnaNH1.60
  2046  Battle of ChurubuscoNH1.60
  2047  Battle of Molino del ReyNH1.60
  2047A  Defense of the CastleNH1.60
2048Poet PrietoNH1.50
2049Battalion of St. Patrick (Joint issue with Ireland)NH4.75
2050Reproductive HealthNH1.50
2051Stamp DayNH1.75
2052Heinrich von StephanNH2.00
2053Politician MorinNH1.40
2054General HospitalNH1.50
2055Mexican Bar AssociationNH1.50
2058New Law on Social SecurityNH1.40
2059Central University HospitalNH1.50
2060Nobel Prize WinnerNH2.50
2061Banking StripNH6.00
2062Cervantes FestivalNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2063City of LoretoNH1.40
2064Military SchoolNH1.75
2065Mother's DayNH1.50
2066Cinco de Mayo (Joint Issue with USA)NH2.00
2066 F/S  Cinco de Mayo Full Sheet of 50 (scarce intact)NH125.00
2067-68World Cup SoccerNH4.50
2069 S/SSoccer SheetNH12.00
2070Educator SierraNH1.50
2071Dr. ZubiranNH1.40
2072Organization of American StatesNH2.50
2073University of PueblaNH1.40
2074Teacher's DayNH1.40
2075State of TemaulipasNH1.50
2076Sports LotteryNH2.00
2077Human RightsNH2.00
2078Poet LorcaNH1.60
2079Philippine IndependenceNH2.50
2080 S/SIndependence SheetNH9.50
2081Day Against DrugsNH2.50
2082Zoological ParkNH2.50
2083Arbor DayNH1.75
2084-87Philatelic MuseumNH8.00
2088Honoring Benito JuarezNH1.40
2089Santo Domingo Cultural Center BlockNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2090 M/SMarine Life MiniSheetNH40.00
2090a-y  Marine Life SinglesNH36.00
2091Mexico City MarathonNH1.75
2092World Tourism DayNH1.75
2093National ArchivesNH1.50
2095Reproductive Health MonthNH1.50
2096Painter NishizawaNH1.50
2097World Post DayNH1.75
2098Military CollegeNH1.25
2099District of TemaulipasNH1.00
2100United for ConservationNH2.00
2101World Food DayNH1.75
2102Mexican Migration WeekNH1.25
2103Composer AlfredoNH1.25
2104College of Petroleum EngineersNH2.00
2105Mexico-France CooperationNH1.75
2106City of ColimaNH1.00
2109Civil Aviation CommissionNH1.75
2110Native PeopleNH1.00
2111Government WorkersNH1.00
2112State University of SinaloaNH1.00
2113Program for WomenNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2114Veracruz Carnival NH2.00
2115-16Acapulco Anniversary PairNH4.00
2115-16 TAB  Acapulco Anniversary Pair with "200 anos Acapulco" TabNH7.50
2115-16 TAB STR  Acapulco Anniversary Strip of 4 with Tab in centerNH12.00
2117Launching SATMEX 5NH1.50
2118 S/SPope John Paul II SheetNH9.00
Please request the Tourism Types with care as Scott has changed numbers recently. 
2119-41D50c-30p Tourism Pictorial Definitives with Denominations expressed in $ (not N$ as earlier)NH127.50
  2119 '01  50c CoahuilaNH.60
  2120 '00  70c YucatanNH.60
  2121 '01  1.50p ChiapasNH1.00
  2122 '99  2p CoahuilaNH1.50
  2123 '01  2.50p YucatanNH2.00
  2124 '99  2.60p ColimaNH3.00
  2125 '01  3p MichoacanNH2.00
  2126 '99  3.60p CoahuilaNH2.50
  2127 '99  4.20p GuanajuatoNH2.00
  2128 '01  4.20p ZacatecasNH3.00
  2129 '01  4.50p MexicoNH3.00
  2130 '99  4.90p SonoraNH3.00
  2131 '99  5.30p MichoacanNH3.50
  2132 '99  5.90p QueretaroNH4.50
  2133 '99  6p SinaloaNH4.50
  2134 '01  6p MichoacanNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2135 '01  6.50p QueretaroNH4.50
  2136 '01  7p CoahuilaNH4.50
  2137 '99  8p ZacatecasNH10.50
  2138 '01  8p SinaloaNH6.00
  2139 '01  8.50p ChiapasNH4.50
  2140 '01  8.50p ZacatecasNH4.50
  2141 '01  10p CampecheNH18.00
  2141A '01  10p Chiapas NH7.00
  2141B '01  10.50p MichoacanNH5.75
  2141C '01  11.50p QueretaroNH7.00
  2141D '01  30p QueretaroNH16.00
2142Free TextbooksNH1.75
2143Population CommissionNH1.75
2144 S/SBullfighter SheetNH9.00
2145Teacher de PerezNH1.50
2146 BLKBaseball League Block of 4NH9.50
2146 BLK TAB  Baseball League Block of 4 with TabNH12.00
2146a TAB  Baseball League Strip of 4 + TabNH14.00
2147-48National BankNH3.00
2149 S/SWorld Dog Show SheetNH12.50
2150Illegal DrugsNH2.50
2151National BankNH1.50
2152Arbor TreeNH1.50
2153Civil RegisterNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2155Free Books (Flag, Cacti)NH1.50
2156Free Books (Tsuni tsame)NH1.50
2157Tamayo Self-PortraitNH1.50
2158City of TolucaNH1.40
2159State of MexicoNH1.50
2160Latin American UniversitiesNH2.00
2161Social ServicesNH1.75
2162State of Baga CaliforniaNH2.00
2163Family PlanningNH2.00
2164Nature ConservationNH3.00
2165Quintana RooNH1.50
2167World Post DayNH2.50
2168Council on Monuments and SitesNH2.50
2169Composers Chavez & RevueltasNH2.00
2170Autonomous Metropolitan UniversityNH1.75
2171State of GuerreroNH1.50
2175Professional EducationNH1.50
2176Scientific VoyageNH2.25
2177 S/SEducation SheetNH15.00
21782000 CensusNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2179Women's DayNH2.50
2180 S/SDemocracy SheetNH15.00
2181 S/SWriting, Computer SheetNH12.00
2182Higher LearningNH1.75
2183Mexican Travel Trade ShowNH2.50
2184Discovery of BrazilNH3.00
2185Teacher's DayNH1.50
2186-87Design Contest WinnersNH4.00
2189Day Against Illegal DrugsNH2.50
2190 S/SHousing Fund Institute SheetNH10.00
2191 S/SCultural Identity and Diversity MiniSheet of 5NH16.00
2192 S/SHealth MiniSheet of 5NH15.00
2193 S/SArt MiniSheet of 5NH15.00
2194 S/SPhotography MiniSheet of 5NH15.00
2195 S/SDevelopment MiniSheet of 5NH15.00
2196 S/SCommunications MiniSheet of 5NH18.00
2197Programs for the HandicappedNH1.50
2198Integration AssociationNH2.50
2199Senate RestorationNH2.00
2200 M/SExpo 2000 Hanover MiniSheetNH25.00
2000a-k  Expo 2000 Hanover SinglesNH24.00
2201 S/SBank of Mexico SheetNH7.50
2202Mexico City MarathonNH2.75
2203Sydney Summer OlympicsNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2204Paisano ProgramNH2.50
2205Memory of the WorldNH2.75
2206Women's Reproductive HealthNH2.00
2207Ciudad VictoriaNH1.50
2208World Post DayNH3.00
2209Human RightsNH1.75
2210Meteorological OrganizationNH2.00
2211Diabetes FederationNH3.00
2213Director BunuelNH2.00
2214Electrical Investigation InstituteNH2.00
2215Customs AdministrationNH1.50
2219 S/SPostal Headquarters SheetNH14.00
2220Pre-Hispanic CityNH1.75
2221Nature ConservationNH2.50
2222Aviator SarabiaNH1.75
2223Law FacultyNH1.50
2224Women's DayNH2.50
2225National Cement CouncilNH1.75
2226Teacher's DayNH1.50
2227World Refugee DayNH2.50
2228Painter KahloNH8.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2229Day Against Illegal DrugsNH3.00
2230Educator de la CuevaNH1.50
2232 S/SPainter Morales SheetNH8.50
2233Fiscal and Administrative TribunalNH1.50
2234University of MexicoNH1.60
2235Activist SantciliaNH1.60
2236Historian VillegasNH1.50
2237Mexican PharmaciesNH2.00
2238Day of the ElderlyNH2.00
2239Dialogue Among CiviliationsNH4.75
2240World Post DayNH2.50
2241Women's Health DayNH2.00
2242Ophthalmology InstituteNH3.00
2243United for ConservationNH5.00
2246 S/SHealth and Education SheetNH3.00
2247 S/SScholarship Fund SheetNH3.00
2248Children's ProtectionNH1.75
2249World Food DayNH2.00
2250United for ConservationNH4.50
2251Photographer BravoNH3.25
2252Mexico-China, Green Frame at ULNH3.00
2252AMexico-China, Reddish Frame at ULNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2252b Type 1  Mexico-China, Vertical Pair, 2252 on TopNH7.50
2252b Type 2  Mexico-China, Vertical Pair, 2252A on TopNH11.50
2253-74 '02Conservation 2002, Perf 14NH90.00
  2253 '02  50c Mangrove Swamp, Perf 14NH.50
  2254 '02  1p Rivers, Perf 14NH.50
  2255 '02  1p Forests, Perf 14NH.70
  2256 '02  1.50p Land Mammals, Perf 14NH1.00
  2257 '02  2p Rain Forests, Perf 14NH1.25
  2258 '02  2p Cactus, Perf 14NH1.25
  2259 '02  4.50p Birds, Perf 14NH2.50
  2260 '02  5p Sea Turtles, Perf 14NH3.00
  2261 '02  5p Reptiles, Perf 14NH3.00
  2262 '02  6p Butterflies, Perf 14NH4.00
  2263 '02  6p Eagles, Perf 14NH3.50
  2264 '02  7p Reefs, Perf 14NH3.75
  2265 '02  8.50p Tropical Forests, Perf 14NH4.00
  2266 '02  10p Marine Mammals, Perf 14NH5.50
  2267 '02  10p Land Mammals, Perf 14NH5.50
  2268 '02  10.50p Orchids, Perf 14NH7.00
  2269 '02  10.50p Cats, Perf 14NH7.00
  2269b '04  Scott changed the number of this stamp to 2402. 
  2269b BK  Scott changed the number of this Booklet to 2402 BK. 
  2270 '02  11.50p Oceans, Perf 14NH5.75
  2271 '02  11.50p Coastal Birds, Perf 14NH5.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2272 '02  12p Tropical Forests, Perf 14NH6.00
  2273 '02  30p Deserts, Perf 14NH15.00
  2274 '02  30p Lagoons, Lakes, Perf 14NH15.00
2253a-71a '03Conservation 2003 Re-issue, Perf 13x13NH89.00
  2253a '03  50c Mangrove Swamp, Perf 13x13NH1.00
  2254a '03  1p Rivers, Perf 13x13NH2.00
  2255a '03  1p Forests, Perf 13x13NH2.00
  2259a '03  4.50p Birds, Perf 13x13NH18.00
  2260a '03  5p Sea Turtles, Perf 13x13NH3.00
  2261a '03  5p Reptiles, Perf 13x13NH3.00
  2262a '03  6p Butterflies, Perf 13x13NH4.00
  2263a '03  6p Eagles, Perf 13x13NH3.00
  2264a '03  7p Reefs, Perf 13x13NH3.00
  2265a '03  8.50p Tropical Forests, Perf 13x13NH6.00
  2266a '03  10p Marine Mammals, Perf 13x13NH6.00
  2267a '03  10p Land Mammals, Perf 13x13NH6.00
  2268a '03  10.50p Orchids, Perf 13x13NH7.00
  2269a '03  10.50p Cats, Perf 13x13NH7.00
  2270a '03  11.50p Oceans, Perf 13x13NH7.00
  2271a '03  11.50p Coastal Birds, Perf 13x13NH7.00
2275Salt Lake City Winter OlympicsNH5.00
2276Port VeracruzNH3.25
2277Mexico-S. Korea RelationsNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2278Restoration of Historic Mexico CityNH3.50
2279Women's InstituteNH3.75
2280Printmaker PosadaNH3.75
2281Writer MendezNH3.25
2282UN General AssemblyNH3.50
2283Discovery of the Tumb of PakalNH3.75
2284World Cup SoccerNH4.75
2285Day Against Illegal DrugsNH4.75
2286Mexico-Central American SummitNH3.75
2287Year of the MountainsNH4.50
2288Day of Indigenous PeopleNH3.50
2289Federal Electricty CommissionNH3.50
2290Blood Donor DayNH3.00
2291Campaign Against CorruptionNH3.75
2292Code of EthicsNH3.50
2293World Tourism DayNH4.00
2294Organ Transplants and DonorsNH4.00
2295World Post DayNH4.00
2296State of Baja CaliforniaNH3.25
2297Architect BarraganNH3.50
2298Mexico-Spain RelationsNH4.00
2299Mural StripNH15.00
2300Information TechnologyNH3.50
2301Anti-Violence CampaignNH3.50
2302Pan-American Health OrganizationNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2303Poet NezahualcoyotlNH3.00
2306Powered FlightNH5.00
2307Iberoamerican UniversityNH2.50
2308Women's DayNH3.50
2310Chamber of Industry and CommerceNH2.25
2311Children's HospitalNH2.25
2312Leader Costilla, Perf 13x13NH2.25
2312a  Leader Costilla, Perf 14NH295.00
2313Educator Quintero, Perf 13x13NH2.25
2313a  Educator Quintero, Perf 14 (now listed in 2013 Scott)NH139.00
2314Astonomical ObservatoryNH3.00
2315Day Against TobaccoNH4.00
2316Satellite Internet NetworkNH3.00
2317Day Against Illegal DrugsNH4.00
2318Mexican Baseball Hall of FameNH4.00
2319Poet VillaurrutiaNH2.25
2320Veterinary MedicineNH3.00
2321-3050c-10.50p Conservation Issues Continued - 2003-2004NH23.00
  2321 '04  50c OceansNH1.25
  2322 '04  1p ReptilesNH1.25
  2323 '03  2.50p Land MammalsNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2324 '03  2.50p Rain ForestNH1.50
  2325 '04  2.50p Coastal BirdsNH1.50
  2326 '04  4.50p OrchidsNH2.50
  2327 '04  6p RiversNH4.50
  2328 '04  8.50p CactiNH5.00
  2329 '04  10.50p Lagoons, LakesNH5.00
  2330 '04  10.50p Sea TurtlesNH7.50
2331Pedagogical UniversityNH2.50
2332Silva MuseumNH2.50
2333Organ and Tissue DonationNH3.00
2334World Post DayNH3.50
2335Woman's SuffrageNH2.25
2336Health MinistryNH2.25
2337Juarez TheaterNH2.25
2338Law TeachingNH3.50
2339Central PowerNH2.50
2342Children's RightsNH4.25
2343Fresh WaterNH4.50
2344Technical EducationNH2.75
2345Pope John Paul II VisitNH3.00
2346Novelist YanezNH2.25
2347Teacher GonzalezNH2.25
2348Cable TelevisionNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2349Geological SocietyNH3.00
2350Illegal DrugsNH3.00
2351Poet NovoNH2.00
2352Poet OwenNH2.00
2353Soccer AnniversaryNH4.00
2355Summer OlympicsNH3.00
2356Writer GorostizaNH2.00
2357Fresnillo AnniversaryNH2.00
2358Economic CultureNH2.00
2359Mexico Autonomous UniversityNH3.00
2360Chihuahua Autonomous UniversityNH2.00
2361Fine Arts PalaceNH2.00
2362-77Conservation, New ThemesNH65.00
  2362  50c CatsNH2.75
  2363  1p OceansNH2.75
  2364  1p Rain ForestsNH1.75
  2365  2.50p ReefsNH2.00
  2366  4.50p ForestsNH1.75
  2367  5p Land MammalsNH4.00
  2368  6p ReptilesNH4.00
  2369  6p BirdsNH4.00
  2370  6p Land MammalsNH4.00
  2371  7p DesertsNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2372  7p CactusNH4.50
  2373  10p Tropical ForestsNH6.50
  2374  10p ReefsNH6.50
  2375  10.50p DesertsNH8.50
  2375a  10.50p Deserts with Microprinting at TopNH9.50
  2376  30p ReptilesNH18.00
  2377  30p Coastal BirdsNH18.00
2378Social ServicesNH1.75
2379Campeche Walled DistrictNH1.75
2380National AnthemNH2.00
2381World Post DayNH2.00
2382UPU AdmissionNH2.50
2383Channel 11 TVNH3.00
2384Federation AuditNH2.00
2385Health Building, SculptureNH2.50
2386Radio CultureNH2.50
2387Communications and TransportationNH2.00
2388 S/STransportation SheetNH3.00
2389General EscobedoNH2.50
2390Free TextbooksNH2.50
2393Traffic AccidentsNH2.75
2394-00,2403-36Conservation 2005 IssuesNH375.00
2394-00,2403Conservation Definitives, ROMO at Lower RightNH245.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2394  50c Deserts, ROMONH4.00
  2395  1p Orchids, ROMONH3.00
  2396  2.50p Sea Turtles, ROMONH8.00
  2397  6.50p Birds, ROMONH8.00
  2398  6.50p Marine Mammals, ROMONH185.00
  2399  7p Oceans, ROMONH8.00
  2400  7.50p Cats, ROMONH10.00
  2401-02  See below after 2403. 
  2403  13p Rain Forests, ROMONH15.00
2401 '048.50p Marine MammalsNH4.50
2401 BK '04  8.50p Marine Mammals Booklet of 6NH35.00
2402 '0410.50p CatsNH6.00
2402 BK '04  10.50p Cats Booklet of 6NH38.00
2404-36Conservation Definitives, TIEV at Lower RightNH135.00
  2404  50c Deserts, TIEVNH.75
  2405  50c Eagles, TIEVNH3.00
  2406  50c Orchids, TIEVNH12.50
  2407  1p Lakes, Lagoons, TIEVNH3.00
  2408  1p Orchids, TIEV, Perf 13x13NH2.00
  2408a  1p Orchid, TIEV, Perf 14NH4.50
  2409  2p Butterflies, TIEVNH2.00
  2410  2.50p Sea Turtles, TIEVNH4.00
  2411  2.50p Orchids, TIEVNH3.50
  2412  2.50p Eagles, TIEVNH2.00
  2413  5p Tropical Forests, TIEVNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2414  5p Rivers, TIEVNH3.00
  2415  5p Lakes, Lagoons, TIEVNH3.00
  2416  6.50p Birds, TIEVNH4.00
  2417  6.50p Reefs, TIEVNH4.00
  2418  6.50p Forests, TIEVNH4.00
  2419  6.50p Sea Turtles, TIEVNH4.00
  2420  6.50p Coastal Birds, TIEVNH4.00
  2421  6.50p Marine Mammals, TIEVNH6.00
  2422  6.50p Reptiles, TIEVNH6.00
  2423  7p Tropical Forests, TIEVNH6.00
  2424  7.50p Cats, TIEVNH4.00
  2425  7.50p Oceans, TIEVNH6.00
  2426  7.50p Land Mammals, TIEVNH4.00
  2426a    7.50p Mammals TIEV, Denomination in GrayNH16.00
  2427  8.50p Forests, TIEVNH3.75
  2428  10.50p Land Mammals, TIEVNH6.00
  2429  10.50p Reefs, TIEVNH6.00
  2430  13p Rain Forest, TIEVNH6.00
  2431  13p Rivers, TIEVNH6.00
  2432  13p Swamp, TIEVNH6.00
  2433  14.50p Marine Mammals, TIEVNH7.00
  2434  14.50p Coastal Birds, TIEVNH7.00
  2435  30.50p Sea Turtles, TIEVNH15.00
  2436  30.50p Butterflies, TIEVNH15.00
2437General HospitalNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2438Women's DayNH2.00
2439Pedro ParamoNH2.00
2440University GamesNH2.00
2441World without PolioNH3.00
2442Eulalia GuzmanNH2.00
2443 S/SDon Quixote SheetNH9.75
2444Year of PhysicsNH3.50
2445Human RightsNH2.00
2446Architects SocietyNH2.00
2447Illegal DrugsNH3.50
2449Information AccessNH3.50
2450Memin Pinguin Strip (the highly controversial issue withdrawn from sale!)NH19.50
2450 GP  Memin Pinguin Gutter Strip of 10NH49.50
2451O'Gorman Self-PortraitNH2.00
2452-72New Conservation Designs, TIEV NH79.00
  2452  50c Butterflies, TIEVNH1.50
  2453  50c Sea Turtles, TIEVNH1.50
  2454  1p Coastal Birds, TIEVNH2.75
  2455  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  2455  Aug 06 SSM says "delete 2455 as it is the same as 2255a" 
  2456  1p Marine Mammals, TIEVNH1.50
  2457  2.50p Rivers, TIEVNH2.00
  2458  5p Oceans, TIEVNH3.50
  2459  6.50p Rivers, TIEVNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2460  6.50p Lagoons and Lakes, TIEVNH4.00
  2461  6.50p Cats, TIEVNH6.50
  2462  7p Oceans, TIEVNH6.75
  2463  7p Marine Mammals, TIEVNH4.00
  2464  7.50p Reptiles, TIEVNH4.00
  2465  7.50p Swamp, TIEVNH4.50
  2466  10.50p Oceans, TIEVNH7.75
  2467  10.50p Birds, TIEVNH6.00
  2468  13p Cactus, TIEVNH7.00
  2469  13p Cats, TIEVNH7.00
  2470  13p Reefs, TIEVNH7.00
  2471  14.50p Eagles, TIEVNH7.50
  2472  30.50p Tropical Forests, TIEVNH16.00
247315.75p Sea Turtles, ROMO at Lower RightNH10.00
2473a BK  15.75p Sea Turtles inscribed ROMO Booklet of 4NH45.00
2474 M/SMinerals Sheet of 25NH50.00
2474a-y  Minerals Singles from SheetNH49.50
2475Chief Justice VallartaNH2.00
2476-78Judicial AnniversariesNH6.50
2478a S/SJudicial SheetNH6.50
2479Aichi EXPONH3.50
2480Superior Court StripNH6.00
2480a-c  Superior Court SinglesNH6.00
2481World Post DayNH3.00
2482United NationsNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2483Philatelic OrganizationNH2.00
2484Lebanese in MexicoNH3.00
2485Playwright UsigliNH2.00
2486San Juan de UluaNH2.00
2487Gomez PalaceNH2.00
2488-2505Folk Art, Inscribed 2005NH50.00
2488-2505 var  At least 9 values of this set exist with paper and gum variations.  If you would like this special information, please let us know. 
"2488A-2505A" '06Folk Art, Inscribed 2006.  Please see the 2006 listings for this set. 
2506Christian BrothersNH2.50
2507Jews in MexicoNH4.75
2508Popular CultureNH2.00
2488a-2505a '06 (17)Folk Art with 2006 Imprint NH40.00
2511 S/STechnology SheetNH2.00
2512Mozart NH1.50
2514-15Towers PairNH3.50
2516Teacher's DayNH1.30
2517Vasconcelos LibraryNH1.30
2518International Women's DayNH1.30
2519World Cup SoccerNH2.50
2520 S/SBenito Juarez Garcia SheetNH2.50
2522TV Stars StripNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2523International Desert YearNH1.30
2524 S/SDinosaurs SheetNH5.00
2525Engineering InstituteNH1.30
2526 M/SStamp Anniversary Sheet of 33NH68.00
2527World Mail DayNH2.60
2528-29Chabelo, TV Comic PairNH3.00
2530Postmen DayNH1.20
2531University of Mexico StateNH1.90
2532Children - the Future of Mexico with Tab (a Disney-like Donald Duck)NH3.00
2533Writer HenestrosaNH1.60
2534O'Gorman BirthdayNH1.90
2535Telecommunications UnionNH2.25
2536-37Christmas PairNH3.25
2538Newspapers in Mexico with Tab (Bird)NH1.90
2488b-2505b '07 (17)Folk Art with 2007 InscriptionNH35.00
2539Teacher's Day, AppleNH1.40
2540Frida Kahlo BirthdayNH2.50
2541-42Scouts AnniversaryNH3.00
2543 S/SChichen-Itza Archeology SheetNH9.00
2544Colima Foundation, FishNH2.00
2545 M/SPostal Palace MiniSheet of 16NH35.00
2546Torreon Strip (Train, Church, Christ)NH9.00
2547Culture Forum Strip of 5NH8.75
2548University City Strip of 3NH5.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2549Baja California UniversityNH1.35
2550Protecting the Ozone Layer PairNH4.25
2551Viceroy Sacred ArtNH1.20
2552Coahuila UniversityNH1.35
2553World Mail Day PairNH3.25
2554Disabled People's RightsNH1.20
2555 M/SChildren's Composer MiniSheet of 15NH17.50
2556Degrees in AdministrtionNH1.35
2557Cuauhtemoc Teaching ShipNH1.35
2558-60Postman's Day Unit (Single, Block of 4, MiniSheet of 9 different)NH19.75
2558 M/S  Stamp Day (Dia del Cartero) MiniSheet of 9NH19.00
2561-62Mountains (Joint Issue with China)NH2.50
2563Violence Against WomenNH1.25
2564Defense of the ConstitutionNH1.90
2565 S/SMonte Alban SheetNH9.00
2566Christmas Strip of 5NH9.50
2567 M/SDog Breeds MiniSheet of 12NH17.50
2568Railroad Engineer CoronaNH2.00
2569Satellite Towers AnniversaryNH1.10
2570-71El Cajon DamNH3.60
2488c-2505c '08 (17)Folk Arts Inscribed 2008NH30.00
2488c-2505c '08 (17) SO  Folk Arts, Inscribed 2008 with $6.50 Strip in Scott OrderNH39.75
2572The Letter, HeartsNH1.25
2572 TAB  The Letter, Hearts with Inscription TabNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2573Mother's DayNH1.25
2573 TAB  Mother's Day with TabNH2.50
PSMother's Day Stamped EnvelopeNH2.00
TBAnti-TB Railroad Sheet of 50NH9.50
TBAnti-TB Railroad Sheet in Descriptive FolderNH15.00
2574President Miguel AlemanNH1.25
2575Teacher's Day - The FruitsNH1.25
2576 S/SWrestler el Santo SheetNH7.75
2577-79Beijing OlympicsNH3.75
2580Electoral Justice, EagleNH1.50
2581Correos Mexico. BirdNH1.50
2582-91 S/SIndependence Bicentennial Issue SheetNH14.50
2582-91 M/S  Independence Bicentennial MiniSheets of 15NHAsk
2584a ERROR  There is a MAJOR ERROR shown in the cropped block of 4 of Scott 2584 shown below.  The Major Error is a little subtle to see.  Can you spot it without reading further?
  The Major Error:  The word "Mexico" is White on the top pair of stamps and also on the right stamp.
  But, on the lower left stamp, the word "Mexico" is Black!  This error is constant and occurs on every sheet we have ever seen.  It is a little hard to see at first glance and easy to understand how this error got past the printer and also the Post Office for some days before being withdrawn.
  A major error now listed in Scott 2018!  This pair is very similar to their listing of the 1996 N$ and $ error pair - Scott 1969a.
2584a ERROR

2584a ERROR  We are offering this error in two formats.  The first format, a block of 6, is $475.  The second format is a full sheet of 15 at $500.NH475.00
2592 S/SNuevo Leon University - Stained Glass SheetNH7.75
2593World Mail Day - Origami BirdNH3.00
2594Flowers of Mexico PairNH2.50
2594 M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
2595Tabasco UniversityNH1.25
2596 M/SPostman's Day Sheet of 8NH10.00
2597National Employment ServiceNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2598-07 S/SRevolution Centenary with 2 S/SNH14.50
2598-05  Revolution Set with TabsNH19.00
2608La Venta Park MuseumNH1.25
2609-10Christmas Art PairNH3.25
2611Dr. Aguirre BeltranNH1.25
2612 S/SPalenque Pyramids SheetNH9.75
2613Movie Award ArielNH1.50
2490d,2491d,2493d,2500d,2502d '09 (5)1.50p.2p,5p.7.50p,10.50p Folk Arts, Inscribed 2009NH17.50
2614Valentine's Day CupidNH1.25
2614 GP  Valentine's Day Cupid Gutter PairNH3.75
2614 GP STR  Valentine's Day Cupid Gutter Strip of 5 with Full TableauNH17.50
2614 M/S  Valentine's Day Cupid Sheet of 20 with Gutter StripNH30.00
2615  Carnivals Imprint Strip of 3NH7.50
2616 S/SEl Tajin Archeology SheetNH9.00
2617Channel 11 AnniversaryNH1.25
2618Teacher's DayNH1.25
2619 S/SNational Bank SheetNH7.00
2620World Environment DayNH2.00
2621University of AguascalientesNH1.90
2622California CondorNH2.00
2622 STR  California Condor Pair with "Fauna en Peligro de Extincion"NH9.50
2623Native PeopleNH1.25
2624Free Textbooks, PaintingNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2625-26Polar and Glacier Zones PairNH5.75
2625-26 M/S  Polar and Glacier Zones MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
2627-36Independence Bicentenary inc 2 S/SNH13.50
2637Americas Postal MeetingNH1.25
2638San Luis Potosi University AnniversaryNH1.25
2639World Mail DayNHASK
2639 IMP  World Mail Day Imperf PairNHASK
2640Chihuahua Foundation AnniversaryNH1.25
2641-42Day of the Dead PairNH2.50
2643Juan Bosch BirthNH2.00
2643 IMP  Juan Bosch Birth Imperf PairNHASK
2644National Parks Strip of 5NH10.00
2645-46Day of the Post PairNH2.50
2647-56Revolution Centenary with 2 S/SNH13.50
2647-54 M/S  Revolution MiniSheetsNHASK
2657Transit SecurityNH1.25
2658Poet Jaime SabinesNH1.25
2659Federal Fiscal Auditor's OfficeNH1.25
2659 IMP  Federal Fiscal Auditor's Office Imperf PairNHASK
2660-63Christmas ThemesNH4.75
2660-63 IMP  Christmas Themes Imperf PairsNHASK
2664Opportunity ProgramNH1.25
2664 IMP  Opportunity Program Imperf PairNHASK
2665Save Energy Strip of 3NH3.75
2666"Paisano" ProgramNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2666 IMP  "Paisano" Program Imperf PairNHAsk
2667Venustiano CarranzaNH1.25
2488d//2504D (11) '10Popular Creations Inscribed 2010 includes 11,50p and 13,50p not listed in Scott 2018NH22.00
2501a '109p Tablecloth, Inscribed 2010NH9.75
2668Aviation AnniversaryNH1.50
2669Federal Security InstituteNH1.40
2670St. Valentine's Day Heart BalloonsNH3.00
2670 GS  St. Valentine's Day Heart Balloons Gutter Strip of 5 with Full PaintingNH45.00
2670 M/S  St. Valentine's Day Sheet of 20 with Large Tab inside the SheetNH75.00
2671Year of the TigerNH2.00
2672Red Cross CentenaryNH1.90
2672 GS  Red Cross Gutter Strip of 10NH39.00
2673Governors' Assembly BankNH2.00
2674 S/SBaseball in Mexico SheetNH3.75
2675Mother's Day FlowersNH1.40
2676Teacher's DayNH1.25
2677World Cup Soccer Strip of 3NH4.50
2678International Native Language DayNH2.00
2679Adolfo Lopez Mateos BirthNH1.25
2680Human Rights CommissionNH1.25
2681Scouts on BridgeNH1.40
2682Grandfather's DayNH1.25
2683Petroleum InstituteNH1.75
2684-94 inc 2 S/SIndependence Bicentenary with SheetsNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2695 S/SNational University SheetNH7.50
2696Guides of MexicoNH1.25
2697International Union of TelecommunicationsNH2.75
2698World Mail MailNH2.25
2699 S/SAzerbaijan-Mexico Sheet (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH3.75
2700Disaster PreventionNH2.25
2701All Souls DayNH1.25
2702-03 (4)Christmas inc Strip of 3NH5.50
2704-05Postmen's Day (cycle) PairNH3.75
2706-07Neri Vela Space Flight Vertical PairNH2.75
2708Palace of Fine ArtsNH1.40
2709-18 inc 2 S/SMexican Revolution Centenary plus SheetsNH14.50
2719Centenary of Reloj Monument in PachucaNH1.25
2719 GS  Centenary of Reloj Monument Block of 10 with Pictorial Tab Strip of 5NH25.00
2720Anti-Violence Towards WomenNH2.00
2721Climate Change ConferenceNH1.50
2722Science and Technology - DNANH4.50
2723Octavio Paz, Literature NobelistNH1.25
2724Small and Medium EnterpriseNH1.25
2725Arhea HeronNH2.25
2726 S/SDances Sheet (Joint issue with India)NH2.50
2727 S/STeotihuacan Pyramid SheetNH9.50
2728 S/SOrchid Sheet of 6NH7.25
2729FIDE Trust to Save EnergyNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2488e//2504De (12)Folk Art Inscribed 2011NH12.50

2503D ERR PRScott 2503D was reissued in both 2010 and 2011 although not so noted in Scott 2012.

  In a major error, several multiples escaped detection with both 2010 and 2011 Year inscriptions se-tenant!

  The error pair is strikingly similar to Scott 1969a which is a se-tenant error pair of 1799 and 1969.  Our offers:
2503D 2011+2010  2010+2011 Error Pair of our choiceNH75.00
2503D 2011+2010 VP  2010+2011 Vertical Error PairNH80.00
2503D 2011+2010 HP  2010+2011 Horizontal Error PairNH110.00
2503D 2011+2010 BLK  2010+2011 Block of 4 containing one 2010 Error plus 3x 2011.NH110.00

2730-31Love ThemesNH2.50
2730-31 GS  Love Themes Gutter Strip of 10NH35.00
2732UPAEP CentenaryNH2.50
2733Mother's DayNH1.25
2734Seed Inspection Vertical Strip of 3NH3.75
2735Main Post OfficeNH5.75
2736 S/SWrestling SheetNH6.75
2737The Rural Teacher by Diego RiveraNH1.25
2738Matador NH1.50
2739Under-17 World Soccer ChampsNH6.00
2740Grandparent's DayNH2.25
2741Year of the ForestsNH2.00
2742Promoting PhilatelyNH1.25
2743National Defense CollegeNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2744-45Actor Cantinflas Vertical PairNH3.25
"2744X-45X" ERR  Actor Cantinflas Vertical Pair Missing GoldNHAsk
2746Adult EducationNH1.25
2747Postal ServiceNH1.25
2748Fiscal JusticeNH1.25
2749Tourism YearNH2.00
2750Cardiology HospitalNH1.25
2751Civil ProtectionNH2.00
2752 S/SHighway Projects SheetNH5.25
2753World Post DayNH3.75
2754 M/SSecretary of Public Education Sheet of 6NH9.50
2755Pan Am Games Strip of 3NH5.50
2756Research and Advanced StudiesNH1.25
2757 M/SAgriculture and Food Safety Sheet of 6NH9.50
2758Day of the DeadNH1.75
2759Educational DevelopmentNH1.25
2760Social SecurityNH1.25
2761Letter Carrier's DayNH1.25
2762-63German Shepherd, Cocker SpanielNH3.50
2764-65Christmas (1v + Vertical Strip of 3)NH7.00
2766Social Security InstituteNH1.25
2767Violence Toward WomenNH2.00
2768Voluntary Action and Solidarity PrizeNH2.00
2769Urban World Heritage SitesNH2.75
2770State Workers SecurityNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2488f-2505d (13)Craft Definitives Inscribed 2012NH22.00
2771-72Whales - Diplomatic Relations with Korea (Joint issue)NH4.25
2771-72 MI 8  Whales - Diplomatic Relations with Korea (Joint issue) Inscription Block of 8NH27.50
2773Valentines Day, MusicNH1.10
2773 GP  Valentines Day, Music Gutter Strip of 10NH25.00
2773 SH  Valentines Day, Music Sheet of 20 with Gutter StripNHAsk
2774Women's International DayNH1.75
2775Down's Syndrome Awareness - ButterflyNH2.25
2776National Biotech Commission, FlagNH1.10
2777Stop Human TraffickingNH1.50
2778300th Anniversary of Neuvo LeonNH1.10
2779-80Mother's Day FunNH2.50
2781Postal PalaceNH1.25
2782 S/SHeroica Batallade of Peubla Anniversary SheetNH3.00
2783Teacher's DayNH1.10
2783GP  Teacher's Day Fun Gutter Strips of 10NH25.00
2783 MI 2  Teacher's Day Fun Inscription PairNH6.50
2784-85Food Pair Mexico-Brazil (Joint issue)NH3.50
2784-85 MI4  Food Pair Mexico-Brazil Relations (Joint issue) Inscription Block of 4NH19.75
2787No Smoking DayNH1.25
2788Law Free School CentenaryNH1.10
2789Grandparent's Day with CatNH1.50
2789 GP  Grandfather's Day Pictorial Gutter Strip of 10NH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2789 MI 2Grandfather's Day Inscription PairNH7.50
2790 S/SNational Commission of Electricity SheetNH6.50
2791-92Petroleum Congress PairNH2.25
2793Cervantes FestivalNH2.25
2794CINVESTAV AnniversaryNH1.90
2795Sonora University Strip of 3NH3.50
2796World Mail DayNH1.75
2797Tijuana CityNH1.75
2797 MI 4  Tijuana City Inscription Block of 4NH12.50
2798Scholar CouncilNH1.10
2799-00Viceroys Sacred Art PairNH4.50
2799-00 SO  Viceroys Sacred Art Pair in Scott OrderNH7.50
2801All Souls' DayNH2.00
2802 S/SArcheology at Tulum SheetNH8.00
2803Christmas Strip of 3NH5.00
2803 MI6  Christmas Inscription Block of 6NH16.50
2803 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH32.50
2804Postman's DayNH1.10
2805Lebanese CenterNH2.00
2805 MI 4  Lebanese Center Inscription Block of 4NH15.00
2806FOVISSSTE - Public HousingNH1.10
2807Guanajuato UniversityNH1.10
2808Justo Sierra CentenaryNH1.10
2809Mayan Sacred Voyage Strip of 3NH5.00
2809 MI 6  Mayan Sacred Voyage Block of 6 with Issue NameNH16.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2488g-2504Dg (13) '13.50p-15p Popular Creation Definitives with 2013 ImprintNH12.50
2810St. Valentine's DayNH1.25
2810 GS  St. Valentine's Day Gutter Strip of 10NH19.75
2810 SH  St. Valentine's Day Sheet of 20 with Decorative MarginsNH30.00
2811President's DayNH1.50
2812Ibero-American University Strip of 3NH3.50
2813ANTAD Association NH1.20
2813 INS  ANTAD Association Block of 4 with ANTAD InscriptionNH7.50
2814Mother Language International DayNH2.00
2815Petroleum AnniversaryNH1.30
2816Astronomer Haro BirthdayNH1.25
2817Plan de GuadelupeNH1.25
2818-19Diplomatic Relations with Indonesia - Animals PairNH4.50
2818-19 INS  Diplomatic Relations with Indonesia - Animals Pair Strip of 4 with InscriptionNH15.00
2818-19 SH  Diplomatic Relations with Indonesia - Animals Sheet with 12 Strips with InscriptionNH60.00
2820Mexican Army #1 CentenaryNH1.25
2821Federico Gomez Children's HospitalNH1.30
2822Children's DayNH1.30
2823Mother's DayNH2.00
2824Teacher's DayNH1.30
2825Mexican Army #2 CentenaryNH1.30
2826Veterinary EducationNH1.50
2827Poet Manuel AcunaNH1.50
2828Grandfather's DayNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2829Anahuac First Congress BicentenaryNH1.50
2830Metropolitan Cathedral BicentenaryNH1.50
2831CONCAMIN Industrial Chamber ConfederationNH1.50
2832 S/SNuevo Leon University Sheet of 6NH10.00
2833World Mail DayNH2.50
283460 Years of Women's VoteNH1.50
283570 Years of Health SecretaryNH1.50
2836 S/SAll Soul's Day SheetNH2.75
2837Gran Cafe de La ParroquiaNH1.40
2838Nelson Mandela - Relations with South AfricaNH3.00
Cacheted, Unaddressed FDC9.00
2839Rural Sector Institute INCANH1.25
2840Conciliation and Arbitrage TribunalNH1.25
2841Postmen DayNH1.40
2842Spanish Casino 150th AnniversaryNH2.50
2843Mexican Army #3 CentenaryNH1.40
2844Postal PalaceNH1.40
2845Oaxaca Heritage TemplesNH2.50
2845 TB V DT  Oaxaca World Heritage Vertical Tete-Beche Pair with Denominations TogetherNH7.50
2845 TB V DA  Oaxaca World Heritage Vertical Tete-Beche Pair with with Denominations ApartNH7.50
2845 TB V DT  Oaxaca World Heritage Horizontal Tete-Beche Pair with Denominations TogetherNH7.50
2845 TB V DA  Oaxaca World Heritage Horizontal Tete-Beche Pair with Denominations ApartNH7.50
2846Immigrants Protection ProgrammeNH1.40
2847-50Christmas PairsNH6.75
2851Morelos State UniversityNH1.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
2852Education Workers Trade UnionNH1.40
2853Industrial Property InstituteNH1.40
2854Sport National Commission CONADENH1.40
2855Francisco Eppens - Philately Strip of 5NH9.00
2856Training Center of IndustryNH1.40
2857Federal Police AnniversaryNH1.40
2858Musical Instruments Strip of 6NH10.50
2858 SO  Musical Instruments Strip of 6 in Scott OrderNH17.50
2962Letter Carrier's DayNH1.75
B1Surcharged in Red, Unwatermarked 
B2Surcharged in Red, Rouletted 
C150c Eagle UnwatermarkedNH100.00
C1a '29  Eagle, Claret for Red brownNH175.00
C250c Eagle with Watermark 
Scott # Description Condition Price
C3-425c Eagles 
C5-10Captain Carranza, AirplaneNH55.00
C11-1910c-10p Coat of Arms, AirplaneNH90.00
C20-255c-50c Coat of Arms, Airplane RoulettedNH10.00
C2620c Plane over Plaza Mexico 
C28National Tourism CongressNH7.50
  C29a  5c Double OverprintH225.00
C31-36Airplane OverprintedNH80.00
C37Plane over FieldNH7.50
C37a  25c Plane over Field Imperf PairH75.00
C3815c on 20c Airplane SurchargeH29.75
  C39a  15c on 20c, Inverted SurchargeH150.00
  C39b  15c on 20c, Double SurchargeUSED200.00
C40-44Death of CarranzaNH140.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
C40a-44aCarranza Imperf PairsH425.00
C45-5020c-80c SurchargesNH125.00
  C45  20c on 25cNH1.50
  C45a    20c on 25c, Imperf PairNH125.00
  C47  40c on 25c Surcharge on Scott C4 (carmine, gray brown)NH2.75
  C48  40c on 25c Surcharge on Scott C4 (green, gray brown)H45.00
  C49  30c on 20c C23H.60
  C50  80c on 25cH1.50
C51-5320c-1p Palace of Fine Arts 
C54-61Bridge, Fortress, Volcano 
C62-64Coat of Arms and AirplaneH2.50
  C62a  20c Error Slate instead of Olive greenH475.00
C65-73Flight, AirplanesNH38.00
  C72  1pNH6.00
  C73  5p Natives, Plane, VolcanoH6.50
C7530c Slate Arms, PlaneNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
C8020c "Eagle Man" Perf 10x10NH21.00
C81"Eagle Man" Watermarked, Rose Red 
C82-84Biplane, Man on HorsebackNH11.00
C85-90Chichen ItzaNH110.00
C93AStatue Overprint 
C94-96Statue of Pioneer WomanNH9.50
C97-99Anniversary of PrintingNH4.00
C103-07Penny BlackNH175.00
C108-10National CollegeNH3.50
C111-13Pirate ShipNH14.00
C117-19Tower, HouseNH12.00
  C118a  40c Tower, House without OverprintNH12.50
  "C118b"   40c Tower, House with Double OverprintH150.00
C120-22Anniversary of GuadalajaraNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
C129-31San Miguel de AllendeNH9.00
C132"Eagle Man"NH1.50
C133-40Airplanes, Volcano, FlightNH50.00
  C136  30c Flight AllegoryNH22.50
C143-4725c-20p Globe-in-HandsNH28.00
  C144-47  1p-20p Globe-in-HandsNH25.00
C158-62United NationsNH23.75
C163-66Anniversary of Zacatecas 
C167-69Philatelic ExhibitionNH2.75
C170-77AVolcano, Airplanes, Flight with GOBIERNO Watermark 
  C170  5c Air Service with GOBIERNO WatermarkNH2.00
  C171  10c God of Water with GOBIERNO WatermarkH2.00
  C172  15c Volcano with GOBIERNO WatermarkNH3.75
  C173  30c Flight Allegory with GOBIERNO Watermark(*).60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  C174  40c Aztec Bird-Man with GOBIERNO WatermarkNH3.00
  C175  50c Flight, Pyramid with GOBIERNO WatermarkH7.50
  C175a  50c Allegory, Pyramid Imperf PairNH450.00
  C176  1p "Eagle Man" with GOBIERNO WatermarkNH4.50
  C177  5p Natives, Volcano with GOBIERNO Watermark(*)1.75
  C177A  20c "Eagle Man" with GOBIERNO Watermark 
  C177Ab  20c Imperf PairNH250.00
C178-79Carranza, PlaneNH4.50
C185Symbol of Flight with GOBIERNO WatermarkNH1.00
  C185a  Symbol of Flight Imperf Pair with GOBIERNO WatermarkNH250.00
C186-98Dance, Building, ArchitectureNHAsk
  C186  5cNH.90
  C187  10cNH2.75
  C188  20cNH1.50
  C189  25cNH1.50
  C190  30cNH.60
  C191b  35c Taxco View Imperf PairNH300.00
  C192  40cNH2.25
  C192a  40c Potosi Imperf PairNH300.00
  C193  50cNH3.75
  C194  80cNH2.25
  C194a  80c Stadium Imperf PairNH375.00
  C195  1pNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  C196  5pNH5.00
  C197  10pNH95.00
  C198  20p without LQ at Lower Left Corner of TabletNH8.50
  C198a  20p with LQ at Lower Left Corner of TabletNH400.00
C199-00President Aleman, Highway 
C206-07Miguel Hidalgo 
  C206  25c HidalgoNH.75
C208-17 (9)5c-20p Dances, Buildings, ArtNH550.00
  C210  30cNH17.00
  C212  50c Green ChiapasNH350.00
  C213  80c University StadiumNH95.00
  C216  10pNH6.00
  C219a  10c Perf 11 x 11NH2.00
  "C220En OVP"    50c Green with Private Overprint for Cohete InternationalNH50.00
  C220Hi  2p Light orange brown, Perf 11x11H150.00
C222-23Mayan Ball Court and PlayerNH1.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
C227-28Aztec God 
C229-34Ornaments and Masks, Perf 11x11NH3.00
"C229X-34X"Ornaments and Masks, Perf 10x10NH55.00
C234a S/SOrnaments and Masks SheetNH60.00
C236-37ACentenary of the Constitution 
C239-40Eagle Holding Scales 
C241Globe, Weights, and MeasureNH.75
C242Death of Jesus GarciaNH.50
C243-44Oil Industry 
C245Independence Monument FigureNH.60
C246President CarranzaNH.50
C247-48Plane, MapNH1.50
C24920p Inscribed "Homenaje..."NH95.00
C250-52Mexican Independence AirsNH8.75
C257Count de RevillaggigedoNH.90
C258-59Railroad Trucks, MapNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
C260General ZaragozaNH.90
C262President KennedyNH2.00
C264Balloon over Mexico CityNH2.50
C265-6880c-20p with "Talleres de Imp. de Est. y Valores-Mexico"NH27.00
  C266  5p, Dark brown and yellow orangeNH4.50
  C267  10p, Black and light greenNH7.50
  C268  20p, Black grayNH16.00
C269ALALC EmblemNH1.10
C274EXMEX ExhbitionNH2.50
C275Marshal TitoNH2.00
C277Dove, Red CrossNH1.50
C278Don QuixoteNH2.50
C279Rail CoachNH1.50
C280Eleanor RooseveltNH1.00
C281General de GaulleNH3.00
C282Presidents Kennedy and MateosNH1.50
C283Queen JulianaNH1.25
C284Lt. Azueta, Cadet UribeNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
C285-98 (9)20c-20p Accumulated DefinitivesNH230.00
  C286 '71  40c Gray blackNH150.00
  C289 '64  1.20p Dark green and purpleNH6.50
  C291-95  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  C296 '66  5p Brown and orangeNH11.00
  C297 '64  10p Black and aquaNH35.00
  C298 '64  20p Carmine and blue grayNH55.00
C299 '64National EmblemNH2.75
C300-01Philippine FriendshipNH4.75
C302Dam, RiverNH.75
C303-04ITU CentenaryNH1.50
C306King, Queen, ArmsNH1.00
C307NY World's FairNH1.00
C308Dante by RaphaelNH1.25
C309-11Mexico Olympic GamesNH2.50
C310a,C311a S/SOlympic SheetsNH7.00
C312Poet DarioNH.60
C313Father, Compass RoseNH1.25
C314-15Pennant, Emblem, UPAEPNH5.50
C316UN EmblemNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
C317Mexico-Central AmericaNH.50
C320a S/SOlympics SheetNH2.75
C321UNESCO Emblem, Perf 11NH.75
C324Medical School EmblemNH.50
C325-26Captain GavinoNH1.00
C327ITY Emblem, Marco PoloNH.50
C328-31Olympic GamesNH3.50
C329a,C331a S/SOlympics SheetsNH12.00
C332Telecommuncations NH.90
C333-34EFIMEX EmblemNH1.25
C333-34 on CARDEFIMEX 68 First Day Cancelled on USA Show Card Souvenir Card50.00
C335-38Olympic GamesNH2.50
C336a,C338a S/SOlympics SheetsNH9.75
C339Martin Luther King, Jr.NH1.50
C340 CL80c Olympic Rings, Dove End Leader from an Experimental Early PrintingNHAsk
C342a,C344a S/SOlympics SheetsNH37.50
C345 S/SEFIMEX SheetNH3.25
C346Father Francisco PalouNH.50
C347-49 FL 20c,80c,1p Redrawn Coil Stamps on Fluorescent PaperNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
NH Coil PairAsk
C347-49 PHOSon Phosphorescent Coated PaperNHAsk
NH Coil PairAsk
C350-51Soccer BallNH2.50
C353Astronaut's FootprintNH1.50
C359-69These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
C370Red CrossesNH.50
C372-73Soccer ChampionshipsNH3.00
C374 S/SSPORTMEX Exhbition SheetNH4.75
"C374X" S/S  SPORTMEX Exhbition Sheet with Large "G" in "G.Gutierrez" VarietyNHAsk
C375Ode to JoyNH1.00
C376UN General AssemblyNH.50
C377-79Isaac NewtonNH1.75
C380-84Mayan WarriorsNH2.50
C385EXFILCA, Stamp-on-StampNH.50
C386Jesuit ClavijeroNH.50
C388Priest MatamorosNH.50
C389Leader GuerreroNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
C391EXFILMA '71NH.60
C392Faces and HandNH.60
C393EX LibrisNH1.00
C394Retort, Pulley, and BurnerNH.75
C395WHO Emblem, ScientistsNH.75
C396-400Art and ScienceNH6.00
C401Rotary EmblemNH.75
C402Tire TreadsNH.50
C403-05Benito JuarezNH1.25
C406Atom Symbol, Olive BranchNH.75
C407"Over the Waves"NH.50
C409Brother de GanteNH.50
C410-11Olympic GamesNH1.25
C413Map of AmericasNH.50
C414Interamerican Philatelic ExhibitionNH.65
C415God of WindsNH1.25
C417-21Art and ScienceNH1.50
C422Mexico City University Stadium 
C423San Martin MonumentNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
C424Palace of CortesNH.40
C425Gold BroochNH.75
C427CEPAL EmblemNH.50
C428Picasso PaintingNH.75
C432Transmitter, WavesNH.50
C434 S/SEXFILMEX '74 SheetNH3.25
C435Politician PuertoNH.40
C436Mexican Baseball LeagueNH.90
C437-38UPU CentenaryNH1.00
C439-41Art and ScienceNH2.00
C444-5140c-50p DefinitivesNH27.00
  C446  1.60p Mayan Bas-reliefNH5.50
  C447  1.90p Acapulco WaterfrontNH3.50
  C448  4.30p Oaxaca DanceNH1.25
  C449  5.20p Taxco View 
  C450  5.60p Michoacan MasksNH2.50
  C451  50p Farias, OcampoNH15.00
C452-55These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
C456Women's Year EmblemNH.50
C457UN Emblem, Mexican FlagNH.50
C459Gastroenterology CongressNH.60
C460Miguel de CervantesNH.70
C462Author NovoNH.40
C463Painter SiqueirosNH.50
C464UN, IWY EmblemsNH.50
C465Coat of ArmsNH.40
C466Writer SarmientoNH.40
C467Teachers' MonumentNH.75
C468Pan-American Games EmblemNH.60
C469Dr. Atl Self-PortraitNH.60
C470Globe, Traffic CircleNH.60
C471,C472-80 (8)40c-20p Definitives 
  C479  10p Miguel HidalgoNH4.00
  C479 ERR    10p Hidalgo Horizontal Pair, One with Green MissingNH850.00
  C480  20p Modern BuildingNH7.50
C481-85These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
C486-508 (12)30c-50p Exporta Airs 
  C487-88  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  C490  This number not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  C494  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  C500-02  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  C504-07  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
C509-12These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
C513-17Art and Science, Thick PaperNH2.00
C517a  1.60p Naturalist Duges on Thin PaperNH400.00
C519Gold CoinNH.50
C520Rain God, DamNH.60
C521Perforation GaugeNH.75
C523Liberty BellNH.75
C525TV ScreenNH.60
C526Sky, Sun, Water, and EarthNH.60
C527-31Art and ScienceNH2.00
C532Musical ScoreNH.50
C533Nuclear Power, UnwatermarkedNH2.50
C534-35Mexican Soccer FederationNH1.00
C536Hands and ScalesNH.50
C537-39Arms of Mexico and Spain 
C540Rain GodNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
C543Tractor and DamNH.50
C545Arms of CampecheNH.50
C546Congress EmblemNH.60
C548-52Pre-Columbian SculpturesNH2.50
C553-54Tumor ClinicNH1.00
C555Moorish FountainNH.75
C556-57Oil Industry 
C559-60World Health DayNH1.00
C563-64Globe, Cogwheel, UN EmblemNH.75
C568Pancho VillaNH.75
C569Mexico to Washington FlightNH.50
C570-72Miss Universe ContestNH2.00
C573President ObregonNH.40
C574-75Geographical InstituteNH.75
C576Sun RisingNH.50
C577-78Youth ChessNH1.00
C581-82Protected AnimalsNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
C583-84Anti-Apartheid YearNH1.00
C585Emblem of ArchitectsNH.50
C586Dr. LucioNH.50
C587Composer SchubertNH.50
C589Composer VivaldiNH.60
C590-91Wright BrothersNH2.00
C592Einstein's EquationNH3.00
C593Sir Rowland HillNH.50
C604Child's DrawingNH.60
C605Registered LetterNH.60
C608 S/SWomen Gymnasts SheetNH1.90
C611Messenger, UPU EmblemNH.60
C614 S/SSports SheetNH2.50
C617Graphic DesignNH.50
C620 S/SMail Service SheetNH4.50
C621Early LampNH.60
C622Union EmblemNH.40
C624Moon SymbolNH.75
C625-26Please see 1194. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
C632-33See 1195-96 
C634Writer VerneNH1.50
C635Fight Against Cigarette SmokingNH1.00
C636See 1197-98 
CO125c Overprint in blackH4.00
CO11Plane over Plaza Overprint 
CO12-15Plane over Mexico CityH9.00
CO16Plane Surcharged 
CO17Overprint, Rouletted 
CO20-21Overprints on C11-C12 with MEMPSI Certificate for CO21H350.00
  CO21  15c Carmine - Key Value with MEPSI CertificateH340.00
CO25Overprint, 5c light blue 
E1Motorcycle PostmanNH100.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
E2Motorcycle PostmanNH1.75
E2-3Postman, MessengerNH3.50
E4Indian ArcherNH3.00
E5Indian ArcherNH2.00
E6Indian ArcherNH2.00
E7Motorcycle PostmanH.75
E8Indian Archer Watermarked, Perf. 14USED.60
E9Indian Archer, WatermarkedUSED.60
E10Special Delivery Messenger 
E11Hands Transferring Letter 
E12Redrawn MessengerNH38.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
E13Second Redrawn Messenger 
E14Redrawn Messenger 
E16-1735c,80c Hands, Pigeon, PlaneNH.90
E18-1950c,1.20p Hands, Pigeon, PlaneNH2.00
E20-2150c,1.20p with New Watermark 
E2250c Hands, Pigeon Unwatermarked 
E23-242p,5p Hands, Pigeon, PlaneNH1.50
E25-262p,5p Unwatermarked 
G1-3Letters, Registered Mail, Safe with Watermark CORREOS MEXICONH29.00
  G1  Insured Letters 
G4-6Letters, Registered Mail, Safe with Watermark "S.H.C.P. MEXICO" and EagleH12.00
  G4  Insured Letters Watermarked 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  G5  Mailbag Watermarked 
G7-9Letters, Registered Mail, Safe with Watermark GOBIERNO MEXICANO and Eagle 
G1020c Blue Vault 
G12Vault, 1p yellow green 
G15Vault, 20c blue 
G17Vault, 1p yellow green 
G18Vault, 5p blue and green 
G19Vault, 10p carmine and ultramarine 
G21Vault, 40c light purple 
G23Vault, 2p lilac rose 
G25-28A40c-20p Padlock, Unwatermarked 
  G26  1p Padlock, UnwatermarkedNH.50
G29-3340c-20p Padlock, Watermarked 
Scott # Description Condition Price
G36  5p Lock 20x31mm 
JX9-192c-100c NumerialsUnused21.00
JX92c black 
Larger Numerals
JX20Larger Numerals, 5c black 
JX26-31Small Colored Numerals, WatermarkedH3.00
O1Hidalgo, red 
O6Hidalgo, ultramarine 
O10"Oficial" Overprint, 1c green 
O23-29ABlack Overprint 
Scott # Description Condition Price
O30-39Black Overprint 
O40-48ABlack Overprint, Unwatermarked 
O49-58Black Overprint, Perf. 14, 15 
O59-64Black Overprint 
O65-74Regular Issues of 1899-1903 Overprinted 
O75-85Regular Issue of 1910 Overprinted 
O86-91"Oficial" Overprint 
O113-20Vertical Overprint, Thick Paper 
O124-33Vertical "Oficial" Overprint, Thick Paper 
O134-44Horizontal Overprint 
O145-54Vertical Overprint in Black 
O155-65Vertical Overprint in Red 
O166Overprint, 3c brown 
Scott # Description Condition Price
O211-151c-15c Overprints on Postal TaxH19.00
O224-321c-1p OFICIAl OverprintsNH39.50
Q110c Railroad Train, Rose 
Q310c Railroad Train, Bright rose 
Q420c Railroad Train, Dark violet blue 
Q510c Railroad Train, Bright rose 
Q620c Railroad Train, Dark violet blue 
Q7-8Streamlined Locomotive 
Q9-10Locomotive, Watermarked 
Scott # Description Condition Price
RA1Morelos Monument, Rouletted 14 
RA2Monument, Perf 12 
RA3Monument, Rouletted 14 UnwatermarkedH75.00
RA4Monument, Overprint in Red 
RA13"Pro Infancia" Overprint 
RA13BIndian Mother and Child 
RA14Mosquito Attacking ManNH2.75
RA15Miguel Hidalgo y Castillo 
RA16Learning Vowels 
RA17Learning Vowels 
RA18Learning Vowels 
Scott # Description Condition Price
One of the Greatest, Most Incredible Collection of the ever-popular EXPORTA issues is now available.  This Collection of about 470 stamps is completely sorted and identified by gum, paper, ink, printing, etc.  Some of the great Exporta Rarities with printings as low as 400 stamps are present!!  This lifetime of work, research and sorting is Never Hinged and will delight any "Mexicophile."NHAsk
975a,C310a-11a,C320a1965-66 Olympics 10-18 eachNHAsk