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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
1977 BK464 BK 
2002 M/SMiniSheet (1)NH12.00
2003 M/SMiniSheet ()NH13.50
2007 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH45.00
2008 M/SMiniSheets (2)NH40.00
2009 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH74.00
2011 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH120.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
201365 Stamps + 17 S/SNH210.00
2014 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2015 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2016 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2017 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
12-20d-6d Victoria, some tiny flaws but a very scarce set, appears F-VF H-LHHAsk
21-30d-5sh Seal of the Colony with Crown and CC Watermark 
31-38d-2sh Seal of the Colony with Crown and CA WatermarkHAsk
31-38,41d-5sh Seal of the Colony, George VHASK
415sh George V 
Scott # Description Condition Price
42-57St. John's Harbor DefinitivesH160.00
58-64Harbor with New WatermarkH240.00
77-80Silver JubileeNH36.00
  81  1d CoronationNH.75
  82  1d CoronationNH.75
84-95King George VI Definitives 
96-97Peace IssueNH.50
98-99Silver WeddingNH18.00
  98  2d Silver WeddingUSED2.50
100-03UPU AnniversaryH2.75
104-05West Indies UniversityNH1.40
106Queen Elizabeth II CoronationNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
107-21c-$4.80 Queen Elizabeth DefinitivesH57.50
122-24West Indies FederationNH7.20
125-26New Constitution 
127-28Nelson's Dockyard 
129-32Stamp Centenary 
133Freedom from HungerNH.50
134-35Red Cross Centenary 
136-45Definitives with Block Watermark 
153-54ITU CentenaryNH1.80
155-56International Cooperation YearNH.60
157-60Churchill MemorialNH3.50
161-62Royal VisitNH4.50
163-64World Cup SoccerNH.90
165-66WHO HeadquartersNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
183-85UNESCO AnniversaryNH2.40
221-23Redonda MapNH1.20
  257  $5 PathfinderNH5.50
241a-57a1972-74 c-$5 Upright Watermark 
241a-49a  c-15c Ships with Upright WatermarkNH12.50
  255a  $1 Ship with Upright WatermarkNH12.50
  256a  $2.50 Ship with Upright WatermarkNH15.00
262-66Uniforms INH5.50
274-78Uniforms IINH6.00
295-96Elizabeth and Philip Silver Wedding 
299a S/SCricket SheetsNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
303a S/SSailing SheetNH1.50
307-11Uniforms IVNH4.00
321-22Royal WeddingNH.50
322a S/SRoyal Wedding SheetNH.75
323-24Honeymoon VisitNH.90
329-33Uniforms VNH4.00
340a S/SUPU SheetNH4.00
345-48World CupNH1.10
360a S/SChristmas SheetNH1.00
373A S/SNelson's Dockyard SheetNH6.00
393a S/SButterflies SheetNH11.00
405-22Local Scenes, WildlifeNH27.50
"405A-22A" '78Wildlife, Local Scenes with 1978 ImprintNH39.50
423-29USA UniformsNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
438-43Water SportsNH3.50
443a S/SWater Sports SheetNH4.00
459-63Silver JubileeNH.90
464 S/SSilver Jubilee SheetNH.75
477-81Royal Visit OverprintNH2.00
482 S/SRoyal Visit SheetNH2.75
489a S/SChristmas SheetNH1.50
502 S/SAeroplane SheetNH2.50
507 S/SSailing SheetNH2.50
508-12Coronation (our choice of perfs)NH1.30
508-12 P14  Coronation - Perf 14NH1.40
508-12 P12  Coronation - Perf 12NH4.50
513 S/SCoronation SheetNH1.75
514 BKCoronationNH2.00
514a-b  Coronation Panes of 6 and 1NH2.00
514c,d,e  25c,50c,$5 Coronation Individual stampsNH2.00
518 S/SWorld Cup SheetNH4.00
524-26Christmas, Rubens PaintingsNH1.50
527 S/SChristmas, Rubens Paintings SheetNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
528-31Rowland Hill (our choice of perfs) inc ConcordeNH1.25
528-31 P14  Rowland Hill Perf 14NH1.50
528-31 P12  Rowland Hill Perf 12NH2.75
528-31 P12 TABSir Rowland Hill with Transporation Tabs, Perf 12NH6.00
528-31 P12 M/S  Rowland Hill MiniSheets of 5 
532 S/SRowland Hill SheetNH1.00
541 S/SIYC SheetNH2.00
546 S/SFish SheetNH3.00
547-50Captain Cook NH3.75
551 S/SCook SheetNH3.00
556 S/SChristmas SheetNH1.50
562-70Year of the ChildNH6.75
571 S/SYear of the Child SheetNH10.00
579-82Rotary, MapsNH3.50
583 S/SRotary SheetNH3.75
584-85Queen MotherNH1.75
591 S/SBirds SheetNH7.00
592-00Christmas, Sleeping BeautyNH7.25
601 S/SChristmas, Sleeping Beauty SheetNH7.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
606 S/SLocomotives SheetNH3.00
623-25Royal WeddingNH1.60
626 S/SRoyal Wedding SheetNH1.60
657 S/SAirport SheetNH4.75
662 S/SDarwin, Seal SheetNH9.00
676-81Washington, Roosevelt 
682-83 S/SWashington, Roosevelt SheetsNH8.00
688 S/SChristmas SheetNH3.50
707 S/SWhales SheetNH12.50
749 S/SShips SheetNH3.00
759 S/SUPU SheetNH5.00
778 S/SSongbirds SheetNH7.50
  791 S/SNH4.00
  792,795,802,805  Diana Wedding SurchargesNH14.00
815 M/SDonald Duck $2 Sheet NH48.00
817-18 S/SChristmas, Donald Duck SheetsNH13.00
  817 S/SNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
827 S/SFamous People SheetNH10.00
834 S/SStatue of Liberty SheetNH5.00
844 S/SMotorbikes Sheet 
845-48Birds, AudubonNH16.00
849 S/SBirds, Audubon SheetNH15.00
854 S/SButterflies SheetNH8.00
859 S/SICAO Airplane SheetNH6.00
871-74Marine LifeNH16.00
875 S/SNH12.50
885 S/SGirl Guides SheetNH5.00
890-94Mark TwainNH12.75
895 S/SMark Twain SheetNH10.75
896-900Brothers GrimmNH12.50
900A S/SBrothers Grimm SheetNH9.75
904 S/SChagall - United Nations SheetNH7.50
909 S/SChristmas SheetNH3.75
910-13Birds, Audubon IINH13.50
914 S/SBirds, Audubon II SheetNH8.50
924 S/SHalley's Comet SheetNH5.50
928 S/SQueen's Birthday SheetNH3.50
934-37AMERIPEX, TrainsNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
938 S/SAMERIPEX, Train SheetNH9.50
939-41Andrew and Fergie Royal WeddingNH4.50
942 S/SAndrew and Fergie Royal Wedding SheetNH4.50
947 S/SShells SheetNH8.50
985 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
986-87 S/SChristmas SheetsNH13.50
986 S/SNH7.50
987 S/SNH7.50
990-97Chagall PaintingsNH10.00
990-97 TAB  Chagall Paintings with Name TabsNH16.75
998-99 S/SChagall Painting SheetsNH13.00
1004 S/SYachting SheetNH6.25
1005-12Marine LifeNH55.00
  1005,07,09,10WWF - FishNH7.00
1013-14 S/SMarine Life Sheets 
  1014 S/S  Marine Life Sheet IINH15.00
1035-38Capex ReptilesNH6.75
1039 S/SLizard SheetNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1052 S/SOlympics SheetNH4.75
1062 S/SU.S. Constitution SheetNH4.50
1067 S/SChristmas SheetNH3.50
1081-82 S/SBirds SheetsNH12.00
  1081 S/S  Birds Sheet INH6.50
  1082 S/S  Birds Sheet IINH6.50
1100-01 S/SColumbus SheetNH15.00
1100 S/SNH5.00
1116A-24Epcot CenterNH11.00
1125-26 S/SEPCOT SheetsNH9.50
1144 S/SOlympics SheetNH4.00
1168 M/SChristmas SheetletNH11.00
1169-70 S/SChristmas SheetsNH11.00
1171-74Christmas SetNH1.50
1176 S/SColombus SheetNH8.50
1185-86 S/SJet Flight SheetsNH13.00
  1185 S/SNH7.50
  1186 S/SNH7.50
1197-04Japanese ArtNH19.50
1205-06 S/SJapanese Art SheetsNH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1205 S/SNH7.00
1215-16 S/SPhilexFrance SheetsNH14.00
  1221 S/SNH4.50
1231-32 S/SMushrooms SheetsNH25.00
1237 S/SMammals Rat SheetNH10.00
1238-45APS Stamp ShowNH12.50
1246-47 S/SAPS Show SheetsNH12.00
1248-55World Stamp ExpoNH13.00
1256-57 S/SStamp Expo SheetsNH13.50
1262 S/SManned Flight SheetNH6.50
1272-73 S/SChristmas SheetsNH11.00
1283-84 S/S$5 Columbus SheetsNH12.50
1295-02Reef Fish NH19.75
1303-04 S/SReef Fish SheetsNH9.75
1314-21Hollywood MickeyNH11.50
1322-23 S/SHollywood Mickey SheetsNH10.50
1334-41Literacy YearNH14.00
1342-43 S/SLiteracy Year SheetsNH12.50
1350-5710c-$4 Beautiful BirdsNH19.75
1358-59 S/S$6 Birds SheetsNH22.00
  1358 S/S  $6 Brown Pelican SheetNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1368-69 S/SChristmas SheetsNH9.00
1389-90 S/SWorld War II SheetsNH15.00
1444-45 S/SPhilaNippon SheetsNH13.50
  1454 S/SNH4.00
1464-65 S/SGolf SheetsNH14.00
  1484 S/S  de Gaulle Sheet INH6.50
1513-16QEII Accession 
1517-18 S/SQEII Accession Sheets 
1529-36Barcelona OlympicsNH12.00
1537-40 S/SBarcelona Olympics SheetsNH18.00
1549-50 S/SDinosaurs SheetsNH14.00
1559-60 S/SPaintings SheetsNH12.50
1577-78 S/SColumbus 5 SheetsNH15.00
1597-98 S/SHummingbirds SheetsNH14.00
  1607 S/S  Invention of Photography SheetNH6.00
  1624  $1.50 Rain ForestNH6.50
  1625  $2 Felis TigrisNH6.50
1637-44Euro DisneyNH16.00
1645-46B S/SEuro Disney SheetsNH17.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1660 M/SWildlife MiniSheet inc TurtlesNH22.50
1661-62 S/SWildlife SheetsNH9.50
1720 S/SNH6.50
1721-29Mickey Movie Posters 
1730-31 S/SMickey Movie Posters Sheets 
1742-50Christmas "Nutcracker"NH14.00
1751-52 S/SChristmas "Nutcracker" SheetsNH13.50
1763-64Hong Kong Scenes 
1765 M/SHong Kong Exhibition SheetNH8.50
1766-73Mickey Visits Hong KongNH17.50
1774-75 S/S  Mickey Visits Hong Kong SheetsNH15.00
  1774 S/S  Mickey New Year of the Dragon SheetNH9.00
  1775 S/S  Mickey, Hong Kong Harbor SheetNH7.00
1776-77 M/SSierra Club MiniSheets of 8NH34.00
1782-83 M/SLunar New Year of the Dog MiniSheets of 12NH24.00
1784-85 S/SLunar New Year of the Dog Sheets of 1NH15.00
  1794 S/S  $6 Encyclia Cochleata Orchid SheetNH10.00
1804-05 S/SButterflies SheetsNH14.50
1806 M/SMarine Life MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
1807-08 S/SMarine Life Sheets of 1NH19.00
1813 S/SFighter Bombers SheetNH9.50
1847-5410c-$4 Birds inc WWFNH14.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1847,1849,1852-53  10c,30c,$1,$3 WWF - BirdsNH5.00
1855-56 S/S$6 Birds Sheets of 1NH12.75
1867-8115c-$20 Bird DefinitivesNHAsk
  1868  25c EuphoniaNH.75
  1871  45c FlamingoNH1.50
  1879  $5 BullfinchNH6.75
1882-87Prehistoric AnimalsNH9.50
1888 M/SPrehistoric Animals MiniSheet of 12NH12.00
1889-90 S/SPrehistoric Animals Sheets of 1NH17.50
1901 S/SAdmiral NimitizNH7.50
1913-1690c-$1.75 BeesNH9.75
1917 S/SBees Sheet of 1NH8.50
1918Cats Sheet of 12NH9.50
1919 S/SSiberian Cat SheetNH8.00
1955-56 S/SChristmas PaintingsNH10.50
  1974 S/S  USS Constitution Sheet 
1983-84 STRSea Birds Strips of 4NH9.00
  1983 STR  Sea Birds Strip of 4NH5.00
  1985 S/S  $5 Sea Birds SheetNH13.75
1987-96Jules Verne 
1997-98 S/SJules Verne Sheets I 
  1998 S/S  Jules Verne Sheet II 
2001QEII 70th Birthday StripNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2001 M/S  QE II Birthday MiniSheet of 9NH12.00
2017 S/SJo StaffordNH5.00
2026-34Disney CharactersNH6.00
2035-36 S/SDisney Characters SheetsNH9.75
  2036 S/S  Disney Characters Sheet IINH6.00
2037 M/SSalute to Broadway MiniSheet of 9 
2038 S/SMickey Rooney, Sugar Babies SheetNH5.75
2043-44 M/SButterflies MiniSheetsNH(24.00)
2045-47 S/SButterflies SheetsNH(19.00)
2048-53UNESCO World HeritageNH5.75
2054-55 M/SUNESCO World Heritage MiniSheet of 8+Label 
2056-57 S/SUNESCO World Heritage S/S 
  2062 S/S 
2072 S/SNH7.50
  2093 S/SNH7.50
  2106 S/STabby Kitten SheetNH6.00
2119-22 M/S+S/SPrincess Diana Sheet SheetsNH24.50
  2119-20 M/S  Princess Diana PortraitsNH15.00
  2121-22 S/S  Diana SheetsNH10.00
2123-2875c-$1.75 Fish 
2129-30 M/SFish MiniSheets of 6 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2131-32 S/SFish Sheets 
2133-38Cedar Hill Scenes 
2139 S/SCedar Hill Church Sheet 
2140-47Worldwide Lighthouses 
2148 S/SCape Hatteras Sheet 
2149-50 M/SWinnie the Pooh MiniSheets of 6 
  2150 M/S  Winnie the Pooh II MiniSheet of 6 
2151-54 S/SWinnie the Pooh Sheets 
2155-60Robinson Memorial High School 
2161 S/SRobinson High School Sheet 
2162 M/SYear of the Ocean MiniSheet of 25 
2163 M/SYear of the Ocean MiniSheet of 12 
2164-65 S/SYear of the Ocean Sheets 
2166-67 M/SShips MiniSheets of 3 
2168-70 S/SShips Sheets 
2172-73 M/SAntique Autos MiniSheets of 6 
2174-75 S/SAntique Ford Sheets 
2176-77 M/SPlanes MiniSheets of 6 
2178-79 S/SPlanes Sheets 
2180-81 M/SInventors and Inventions MiniSheets of 8 
  2180 M/S  Inventors and Inventions MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
2182-83 S/SHans Geiger, Shockley Sheets 
2184Princess Diana 
2184 M/S  Princess Diana MiniSheet of 6

Scott # Description Condition Price
2185-88Gandhi Scenes 
2189 S/SGandhi with Walking Stick Sheet 
2190-92Picasso Paintings 
2193 S/SPicasso Bullfight Sheet 
2194-96World Scouting Jamboree 
2197 S/SLord Baden-Powell Sheet 
2198Organization of American States, Map 
2199 M/SFerraris MiniSheet of 3 
2200 S/SFerrari ino 246 GT-GTS Sheet 
2201 M/SRoyal Air Force MiniSheet of 4 
2202-03 S/SRoyal Air Force Sheets 
2204-0715c-90c Birds 
2208 M/SSea Birds MiniSheet of 12 
2209-10 S/SBirds Sheets 
2211-17Christmas Dogs and Cats 
2218-19 S/SDalmatian, Jack Russell Sheet 
2220-21G M/SWater Sports Set, MiniSheet of 6NH22.00
2222-25 S/SWater Sports SheetsNH25.00
2226-30Steel Orchestra 
2231-32 S/SSteel Orchestra Sheets 
2233-3660c-$1.65 Flowers 
2237-38 M/SFlowers MiniSheets of 9 
2239-40 S/SFlowers Sheets 
2241 M/SModel Elle Macpherson MiniSheet of 8NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2242 M/SJohn Glenn MiniSheet of 4 
2243-44 M/SJohn Glenn MiniSheets of 6 
2245-46 S/SJohn Glenn Sheets 
2247-50Prehistoric AnimalsNH5.75
2251-52 M/SPrehistoric Animals MiniSheets of 9NH34.50
2253-54 S/SPrehistoric Animals SheetsNH14.00
2255-58IBRA'99 ExhibitionNH7.50
2259 S/SIBRA Exhibition SheetNH7.50
2260-61 M/SHokusai Paintings MiniSheets of 6NH29.00
2262-63 S/SHokusai Paintings SheetsNH17.75
2264 M/SPoet von Goethe MiniSheet of 3NH7.00
2265 S/SGoethe in Profile SheetNH7.00
2266-67 S/SPhileFrance '99 SheetsNH14.50
2268 M/SEdward and Sophie Wedding MiniSheet of 3NH8.50
2269 S/SHorse and Carriage SheetNH7.00
2270-79 M/S, S/SCats Unit of Stamps, M/S and S/SNH39.00
2270-75White KittensNH4.50
2276-77 M/SCats MiniSheets of 6 
2278-79 S/SCats Sheets of 1NH13.50
  2278 S/S  Tabby Cat and Kitten SheetNH7.00
2280 M/SUN Rights of the Child MiniSheet of 3 
2281 S/SUN Rights of the Child Sheet 
2282-8625c-$1.20 BoatsNH4.25
2286a S/SBoats Sheet of 5NH5.00
2287 S/SBoats SheetNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2288-91Butterflies and FlowersNH5.50
2292 M/SButterflies and Flowers MiniSheet of 9NH12.75
2293-94 S/SButterflies and Flowers SheetsNH16.00
2295-00Christmas PaintingsNH9.00
2301 S/SRubens Painting SheetNH8.00
2302 M/SFamous People MiniSheet of 12NH15.00
2303 M/SCharlie Chaplin MiniSheet of 6NH13.00
2304Musician Sir Cliff RichardNH1.75
2304 M/S  Musician Sir Cliff Richard MiniSheet of 6 
2305-0875c-$2 BirdsNH6.00
2309-10 M/SBirds MiniSheets of 8NH20.00
  2309 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
2311-12 S/SBirds SheetsNH13.00
2313-15 M/SPaintings of Anthony Van Dyck MiniSheets of 6 
2316-19 S/SVan Dyck $5 Sheets 
2320-21 S/SVan Dyck $6 SheetsNH14.00
2322-24 M/SButterflies MiniSheets of 6 
2325-27 S/SButterflies Sheets 
  2326 S/S  $6 Graphium Envelades (Butterfly) SheetNH8.00
2328 M/SPrince William MiniSheetNH5.75
2329 S/SPrince William SheetsNH5.50
2332 S/SCricket Sheet 
2333 M/SSydney Summer Olympics MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2334 M/SFirst Zeppelin Flight MiniSheet of 3NH9.50
2335 S/SZeppelin SheetNH6.00
2336 M/SCats MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
2337 S/SCats SheetNH7.50
2338 S/SPublic Railways SheetNH6.75
2339 S/SBach Sheet 
2340 M/SBerlin Film Festival MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
2341 S/SFestival SheetNH7.00
2342-4745c-$1.20 FlowersNH4.75
2348-50 M/SFlowers MiniSheets of 6NH27.50
2351-53 S/SFlowers SheetsNH16.00
2354-57$1-$4 DogsNH7.75
2358 M/SDogs MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
2359 S/SDogs SheetNH6.75
2360-61 M/SSpace Milestones MiniSheets of 6NH21.00
2362-63 S/SSpace SheetsNH12.50
2364 M/SApollo-Soyuz MiniSheet of 3NH9.00
2365 S/SApollo-Soyuz SheetNH5.75
2366 S/SAlbert Einstein SheetNH8.00
2367-71Girls' BrigadeNH3.50
2372 S/SBrigade SheetNH4.50
2373 M/SQueen Mother MiniSheet of 4NH6.75
2374 S/SQueen Mother SheetNH5.00
2375Queen MotherNHAsk
2376-77 M/SPopes MiniSheets of 6NH21.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2378-79 S/SPopes Sheets NH13.00
2380-81 M/SMonarchs MiniSheets of 6NH21.00
2382-83 S/SMonarch SheetsNH13.00
2384 M/SMillennium MiniSheet of 17 plus TabNH12.50
2385 M/SMillennium (1250-1300) MiniSheet of 17 plus TabNH17.50
2386-87 M/SBattle of Britain MiniSheets of 8NH23.00
2388-89 S/SBattle SheetsNH13.00
  2389 S/S  Battle II SheetNH7.00
2390-93Mixed FaunaNH6.75
2394-95 M/SFauna MiniSheets of 6NH27.50
2396-97 S/SFauna SheetsNH16.00
2404 M/SSubmarine MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
2405-06 S/SSubmarine SheetsNH16.00
2407-09 M/SPaintings MiniSheets of 6NH32.00
2410-12 S/SPaintings Sheets 
2417 M/SChristmas MiniSheet of 4NH6.50
2418 S/SChristmas SheetNH5.50
2419-21 M/SRembrandt MiniSheets of 6NH23.00
2422-24 S/S$6 Rembrandt SheetsNH19.00
2425-26 S/SPokemon Sheetlet of 6 and SheetNH15.00
  2425 M/S$1.75 MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
  2426 S/S$6 Charizard SheetNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2431-32 M/SMushrooms MiniSheets of 6NH19.00
2433-34 S/S$6 Mushroom SheetsNH12.00
2435-38Census, Population 
2439 S/SMap, Emblem SheetNH5.75
2440-45PhilaNippon Paintings 
2446-47 M/S  PhilaNippon MiniSheets of 4 and 6NH19.00
2448-50 S/S$6 PhilaNippon SheetsNH19.00
2451-5445c-$1 OrchidsNH5.00
2455-57 M/SOrchid MiniSheets of 6NH33.00
2458-59 S/S$6 Orchid SheetsNH15.00
2460-63 S/SI Love Lucy SheetsNH25.00
2464-69Marine Life, BirdsNH5.75
2470-73 M/SMarine Life, Birds MiniSheets of 6 
  2470 M/S  Dolphin, Gull, Fish MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
  2471 M/S  Tern, Fish MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
  2472 M/S  Bird, Shark, Turtle MiniSheet of 6 
  2473 M/S  Fish, Pelican, Turtle MiniSheet of 6NH10.75
2474-77 S/S$5, $6 Marine Life, Birds, Turtle SheetsNH25.00
2478-82Ship FreewindsNH4.75
2483-84 S/S$4 Ship SheetsNH9.50
2485 M/SToulouse-Lautrec Paintings MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
2486 S/S$5 Toulouse-Lautrec Painting SheetNH6.00
2487 M/SOpera Composer Verdi MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
2488 S/S$5 Verdi Score SheetNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2489 M/SMarlene Dietrich MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
2490 M/SQueen Victoria MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
2491 S/S$5 Elderly Victoria SheetNH6.00
2492 M/SQueen Elizabeth 75th Birthday MiniSheet of 6NH5.00
2493 S/S$6 Elizabeth SheetNH5.75
2494Queen Elizabeth PhotomosaicNH1.75
2494 M/S  Elizabeth Photomosaic MiniSheet of 8NH16.50
2495 M/SMonet Paintings MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
2496 S/S$5 Monet Painting Sheet 
2497-02Animals, BirdsNH4.50
2503 M/SAnimals, Birds Fauna MiniSheet of 6NH12.50
2504 M/SAnimals, Birds Fauna MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
2505-06 S/SAnimals, Birds Fauna SheetsNH14.00
  2505 S/S  Ocelot SheetNH8.00
  2506 S/S  King Vulture SheetNH7.00
2507-08 M/SActor Rudolph Valentino MiniSheets of 6NH13.50
2509-10 S/S$6 Valentino SheetsNH13.50
2511-12 M/SShirley Temple Movie MiniSheets of 4NH16.00
2513-14 M/SShirley Temple Movie MiniSheets of 6NH21.00
2515-16 S/S$6 Shirley Temple SheetsNH12.00
2517-18 M/SChemistry Nobel Prize Laureates MiniSheets of 6NH24.00
2519-21 S/S$6 Nobel Laureates SheetsNH25.00
2522-25I Love LucyNH25.00
2526-30Christmas PaintingsNH8.50
2531 S/S$6 Madonna SheetNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2532-33 M/SWorld Cup Soccer MiniSheets of 6NH17.00
2534-35 S/S$6 Soccer SheetsNH11.50
2536 M/SQueen Mother MiniSheet of 4 
2537 S/S$6 Queen Mother Sheet 
2538-39 M/SCivil War MiniSheets of 18, 12NH29.00
2540-41 S/S$6 Civil War SheetsNH19.00
2542 M/SQueen Elizabeth MiniSheet of 4NH8.00
2543 S/S$6 Queen, Princess Sheet 
2544United We StandNH2.75
2544 M/S  United We Stand MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
2545-50Cricket Player Sir Vivian RichardsNH4.75
2551-52 S/S$6 Cricket SheetsNH9.50
2553-56Mixed Fauna inc Butterflies 
2557-58 M/SFauna MiniSheets of 9 
2559-60 S/S$6 Fauna Sheets 
  2559  Margay Sheet 
  2560  Olive Ridley Turtle SheetNH9.00
2561-67Antigua Community PlayersNH5.25
2568-69 S/S$4 Antigua Presidents SheetNH7.00
2570 M/SMixed Fauna, Turtles MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
2571-72Winter OlympicsNH4.50
2572a S/SOlympics Sheet of 2NH4.50
2573 M/SFirst Solo Transatlantic Flight MiniSheet of 3 
2574 S/S$6 Lindbergh SheetNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2575 M/SYear of Mountains MiniSheet of 3NH8.75
2576 M/SExplorer Vespucci MiniSheet of 3NH9.50
2577 S/S$6 Vespucci, Compass SheetNH7.00
2578 M/SPrincess Diana MiniSheet of 6NH8.50
2579 S/S$6 Diana in White Dress SheetNH5.50
2580-81 M/SKennedy, Reagan MiniSheets of 6 
  2580 M/S  JFK Family MiniSheet of 4NH9.50
  2581 M/S  Reagan, Pope MiniSheet of 4 
2582-83 S/S$6 President SheetsNH11.50
2584Elvis PresleyNH1.50
2584 M/S  Elvis MiniSheet of 9NH14.00
2585 M/STeddy Bear MiniSheet of 4 (shaped)NH11.00
2586 M/SPokemon MiniSheet of 5NH11.00
2587 S/S$6 Chinchou Pokemon SheetNH7.00
2588Director Lee StrasbourgNH1.25
2588 M/S  Lee Strasbourg MiniSheet of 9NH12.00
2589 M/SCharlie Chaplin MiniSheet of 5NH13.50
2590 S/S$6 Chaplin in Bowler Hat SheetNH7.50
2591 M/SMarlene Dietrich MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
2592 S/S$6 Marlene Dietrich SheetNH6.75
2593 M/SBob Hope MiniSheet of 6NH12.50
2594-01Ferrari Race CarsNH11.50
2602-05Independence AnniversaryNH4.75
2606-07 S/S$6 Independence SheetsNH11.75
2608-09 M/SWorld Cup Soccer MiniSheets of 6NH19.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2610-13 S/S$3 Soccer SheetsNH25.00
2614-18Christmas PaintingsNH8.50
2619 S/S$6 Madonna Painting SheetNH7.00
2620WWF - Racer SnakeNH3.75
2620 M/S  WWF - Racer Snake MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
2621-24 M/SFlora and Fauna MiniSheets of 6NH42.00
  2621 M/S  Frigatebird MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
2625-28 S/S$5, $6 Flora and Fauna SheetsNH25.00
  2625 S/S  $5 Egret SheetNH7.50
2629 M/SPan-American Health MiniSheet of 3NH5.50
2630-32 S/SScience Fiction SheetsNH19.50
2633-34 M/SScout Jamboree MiniSheets of 3NH21.00
2635-36 S/S$6 Scouting Sheets 
  2635 S/S  Ernest Seton Sheet 
  2636 S/S  Scout Salute, Globes SheetNH8.00
2637Year of the Ram 
2637 M/S  Year of the Ram MiniSheet of 4 
2638 M/SQueen Elizabeth Coronation MiniSheet of 3NH7.75
2639 S/S$6 Elizabeth SheetNH5.50
2640 S/S$20 Gold Elizabeth SheetNH25.00
2641-44Lucas Cranach PaintingsNH5.75
2645 M/SCranach Painting MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
2646 S/S$6 Judith Painting SheetNH6.75
2647-50Japanese Paintings by TaisoNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2651 M/SJapanese Paintings MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
2652 S/S$6 Girl, Cat PaintingNH8.00
2653-56Dufy PaintingsNH9.75
2657 M/SDufy Painting MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
2658-59 S/S$6 Dufy Painting SheetsNH13.50
2660 M/SPrince William 21st Birthday MiniSheet of 3NH8.00
2661 S/S$6 Prince William SheetNH5.50
2662-66Salvation ArmyNH7.00
2667 S/S$6 Tamarind Tree SheetNH7.00
2672 M/SScouting MiniSheet of 3NH4.00
2673 S/S$6 Scouts, Flag SheetNH7.00
2674-76 M/STour de France Bicycle Race MiniSheets of 3NH27.00
2677-79 S/S$6 Tour de France SheetsNH19.75
2680Caribbean Community AnniversaryNH1.75
2681 M/SFresh Water MiniSheet of 3NH9.00
2682 S/S$6 Waterfall SheetNH8.75
2683-84 M/SGeneral Motors Cars MiniSheets of 4NH17.50
2685-86 S/S$6 Cadillac, Corvette SheetsNH13.50
2687-89 M/SAviation MiniSheets of 3 inc ConcordeNH29.00
2690-92 S/S$6 Aviation SheetsNH19.75
2695-96 M/SCircus MiniSheets of 4 (shaped)NH16.00
2697-03Christmas PaintingsNH7.50
2704 S/S$6 Virgin and Child SheetNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2705-06 M/SOrchids MiniSheets of 4NH22.00
2707 S/S$5 Orchid SheetNH7.00
2708-09 M/SBirds MiniSheets of 4NH24.00
2710 S/S$5 Bald Ibis SheetNH6.50
2711-12 M/SButterflies MiniSheets of 4NH21.75
  2711 M/S  Esmerelda MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
  2712 M/S  Orange Sulphur MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
2713 S/S$5 Butterfly Sheet 
2714 M/SSharks MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
2715 S/SSharks SheetNH6.75
2716 M/SYear of the Monkey MiniSheet of 4 
2717 M/SArthur Cartoon MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
2718-19 M/S$2.50 Arthur Baseball SheetsNH17.50
2720-22 M/SPaintings by Ren Xiong MiniSheets of 4, 6, 2  
  2720 M/S  Paintings Sheet with Purple Hills at UL 
  2721 M/S  Painting Sheet with Rocky Pinnacles at UL 
  2722 M/S  Paintings Sheet with Bird on Flowering Tree at ULNH7.50
2723 M/SPicasso Painting MiniSheet of 4NH10.50
2724 S/S$5 Picasso Painting Sheet 
2725 M/SRockwell FREEDOMS Painting MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
2726 S/S$6 Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Cover SheetNH7.50
2727-30Gauguin PaintingsNH5.75
2731 S/S$4 Gauguin Cavaliers PaintingNH7.50
2732-35Joan Miro PaintingsNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2736 M/SMiro Painting Sheet of 4NH10.00
2737 S/S$5 Bather Painting SheetNH7.00
2738 S/S$6 Flame Painting SheetNH9.00
2739-44Spanish Royal WeddingNH9.50
2745 M/SSpanish Royal Wedding MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
2746-51 S/S$5, $6 Spanish Royal Wedding SheetsNH32.50
2752 M/SPope John Paul II MiniSheet of 5NH11.00
2753 M/SYear of Peace MiniSheet of 3 
2754-57Athens Summer OlympicsNH8.00
2758 M/SPortugal Soccer Championship MiniSheet of 4NH10.50
2759 S/S$6 USSR Soccer TeamNH8.00
2760-62 M/SLocomotive MiniSheets of 9NH29.00
2763-65 S/S$5, $6 Locomotive SheetsNH19.50
2766-69D-Day Anniversary 
2770-71 M/SD-Day MiniSheets of 4 
  2770 M/S  Tiger II Tank Sheet 
  2771 M/S  Hamilcar-Tetrach TankNH9.00
2772-73 S/S$6 Tank, Harbor SheetsNH13.75
2774 M/SNetherlands Queen Juliana MiniSheet of 6NH12.50
2775 M/SBasketball MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
2776 M/SFIFA Soccer MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
2777 S/S$6 Soccer Player GreavesNH7.00
2778 M/SSinger John Denver MiniSheet of 4NH7.00
2779 M/SBabe Ruth MiniSheet of 4NH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2780-84 M/SFamily Circus Comics MiniSheets of 4NH42.50
2785World AIDS DayNH3.50
2786-92Christmas Paintings 
2793 S/S$6 Madonna SheetNH7.00
2794-9730c-$3 DogsNH9.75
2798 S/S$6 German Shepherd SheetNH8.50
2799-0275c-$3 CatsNH9.00
2803 S/S$5 Turkish Cat SheetNH7.00
2804 M/SButterflies, Insects MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
2805 S/SButterflies, Insects SheetNH6.75
2806 M/SMarine Life MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
2807 S/SMarine Life SheetNH7.50
2808-10 M/SPrehistoric Animals MiniSheets of 4NH35.00
2811-13 S/S$4, $5, $6 Dinosaur SheetsNH18.00
2814 M/SRonald Reagan MiniSheet of 6NH11.50
2815Year of the RoosterNH1.75
2815 M/S  Year of the Rooster MiniSheet of 4NH9.50
2816 S/S$4 Year of the Rooster SheetNH7.00
2817 M/SWriter von Schiller MiniSheet of 3NH9.75
2818 S/S$6 Schiller Sculpture SheetNH8.00
2819 M/SJules Verne MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
2820 S/S$5 Verne's Michael Strogoff SheetNH7.00
2821 M/SWorld Cup Soccer MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
2822 S/S$6 Uruguay Soccer TeamNH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2823-24 M/SWorld War II End MiniSheets of 4NH18.00
2825-28Battle of TrafalgarNH11.00
2829 S/S$6 Victory War Ship SheetNH11.00
2830-34Basketball Players 
  2830  Ray AllenNH1.50
  2830 M/S  Ray Allen MiniSheetNH19.75
  2831  Lucious HarrisNH1.50
  2831 M/S  Lucious Harris MiniSheetNH19.75
  2832  Dwight HowardNH1.50
  2832 M/S  Dwight Howard MiniSheetNH19.75
  2833  Antonio McDyess 
  2833 M/S  Antonio McDyess MiniSheet 
  2834  Emeka OkaforNH1.50
  2834 M/S  Emeka Okafor MiniSheetNH19.75
2835Pope John II, Rabbi Lau 
2835 M/S  Pope John II MiniSheet of 6NH45.00
2836 S/SEinstein Relativity Sheet of 3NH12.50
2837 S/SHans Christian Andersen Sheet of 3NH11.00
2838 S/S$6 Andersen SheetNH7.75
2839 M/SRotary MiniSheet of 3NH10.75
2840 S/S$6 Children, Rotary SheetNH8.00
2841Pope BenedictNH2.75
2842-51Christmas, ChurchesNH9.75
2852-53 S/S$5 Church SheetsNH11.00
2854Gold Elvis PresleyNH24.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2855-65Antiguan National ParksNH12.00
2866-67 S/SNational Park SheetsNH15.50
  2866 S/S  Lagoon National Park SheetNH8.50
  2867 S/S  Dockyard National Park SheetNH8.50
2868 M/SUSA National Parks MiniSheet of 6NH13.50
2869 S/S$6 Mount Rainier SheetNH8.50
2870-72Moravian ChurchNH3.25
2873-75 S/STree, Memorial, College SheetsNH16.50
2876Marilyn MonroeNH3.25
2876 M/S  Monroe MiniSheet of 4NH14.00
2877 M/SQueen Elizabeth 80th Birthday MiniSheet of 4NH7.50
2878 S/S$6 Elizabeth Wearing CrownNH5.75
2879-84Turin Winter Olympics, Stamp-on-StampNH10.50
2885 M/SWashington, DC Stamp Expo MiniSheet of 3NH10.75
2886 M/SBen Franklin MiniSheet of 4NH14.00
2887 M/SMozart MiniSheet of 4NH14.50
2888 M/SElvis Presley Movie Posters MiniSheet of 4NH14.00
2889-93Girl ScoutsNH3.75
2894-96 S/S$5 Girl Scout SheetsNH14.75
2897-02Leeward Islands Air TransportNH9.75
2903 S/S$5 Airplane SheetNH8.00
2904-06Independence AnniversaryNH4.00
2907 M/SDeer, Frigatebird MiniSheet of 4NH3.00
2908 S/S$5 Parliament Building SheetNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2909 Civil Rights Strip of 4NH13.50
2910 M/SGhandi, Mandela, Parks MiniSheet of 3 
2911 S/S$5 Martin Luther King SheetNH9.50
2912-15 Rembrandt Landscape PaintingsNH9.50
2916-17 M/SRembrandt MiniSheets of 4NH24.00
2918-19 S/S$5 Self Portrait, Mother SheetsNH15.00
2920 M/SBetty Boop MiniSheet of 6NH9.50
2921 S/SBetty Boop Sheet of 2NH7.50
2922 M/SSpace MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
2923-24 M/SSpace MiniSheets of 4NH32.00
2925-27 S/S$6 Space SheetsNH24.00
2928-31 Christmas ThemesNH5.00
2932 M/SChristmas MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
2933 S/S$6 Santa ClausNH10.00
2934World Scouting, Flags 
2934 M/S  Scouting MiniSheet of 3 
2935 S/S$6 Scouting SheetNH7.50
2940 S/SColombus Portrait SheetNH9.00
2941-42 M/SJohn F. Kennedy MiniSheets of 4NH27.50
2943 M/SMushrooms MiniSheet of 4NH11.50
2944 S/S$6 Mushroom SheetNH8.00
2949 M/SButterflies MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2950 S/SGrecian Shoemaker Butterfly SheetNH8.75
2955-56 M/SFlowers MiniSheets of 4 
2957-58 S/S$6 Flower SheetsNH15.00
2959-63Cricket PlayersNH3.75
2964 S/SCricket, Sir Vivian Richards SheetNH6.00
2965Elizabeth, Philip Wedding PairNH3.00
2965 M/S  Elizabeth, Philip Wedding MiniSheet of 6NH10.00
2966 S/SRoyal Couple SheetNH6.50
2967-68 M/SPainted Fans MiniSheetsNH10.50
2969 S/SWisteria Fan SheetNH9.00
2970 M/SFerrari Automobiles MiniSheet of 8NH14.00
2971-72 M/SConcorde MiniSheets of 6 
2973 M/SFirst Helicopter MiniSheet of 6NH13.50
2974 S/SUH-1 Iriquois Helicopter SheetNH9.75
2975Pope Benedict XVI BirthdayNH2.00
2975 M/S  Pope Benedict Birthday MiniSheet of 8NH17.00
2976 M/SElvis Presley MiniSheetNH14.50
2977 M/SPrincess Diana MiniSheetNH9.50
2978 S/SPrincess Diana SheetNH7.75
2979-93Flowers and FruitNH54.00
  2979-90,92-93  Flowers and Fruits without $5NH35.00
2994 M/SHolocaust Remembrance MiniSheet of 8NH17.50
2995-98 Christmas, Map, BoatsNH4.50
2999-3000Hospice Care 
Scott # Description Condition Price
3001-04National Heroes 
3005-07World Glaucoma DayNH3.50
3008 American's Cup Yacht Races Block of 4NH13.50
3009 M/SBeijing Summer Olympics MiniSheet of 4NH7.50
3010 S/SWorld Stamp Championship SheetNH8.50
3011Pope Benedict XVINH2.75
3011 M/S  Pope Benedict XVI MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
3012 M/SElvis Presley Army Induction MiniSheet of 4NH13.50
3013-14 Space, Vanguard, Explorer Strips of 3NH13.50
3013-14 M/S  Space, Vanguard, Explorer  MiniSheets of 6 
  3013 M/S  Vanguard MiniSheet of 6NH13.50
  3014 M/S  Explorer MiniSheet of 6 
3015-16Vanguard PairsNH12.50
3017-18 S/SVanguard, Explorer SheetsNH18.75
3019 M/SMuhammed Ali MiniSheet of 6NH12.50
3020 M/SAli MiniSheet of 4NH11.50
3021-22 M/SStar Trek MiniSheets of 4 and 6NH24.50
3023 M/SJohn F. Kennedy MiniSheet of 4NH11.50
3024 M/SMarilyn Monroe MiniSheet of 4NH12.50
3025-28 Christmas Stained GlassNH4.50
3029 M/SChina Stamp Expo MiniSheet of 4 
3030 M/SAbraham Lincoln MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
3031 Obama InaugurationNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3031 M/S  Obama Inauguration MiniSheet of 4NH16.00
3032 S/S$10 Obama SheetNH12.50
3033 Year of the OxNH1.50
3033 M/S  Year of Ox MiniSheet of 4 
3034 FlowerNH1.25
3034 M/S  Flower MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
3035 S/S$5 Triangle SheetNH6.50
3036 M/SElvis Presley MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
3037 M/SChina Sites and Scenes MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
3038 M/SChina Stamp Expo MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
3039 $4 Postage and RevenueNH4.50
3040-41 M/SDogs MiniSheet of 4NH26.00
3042-43 M/SMichael Jackson MiniSheet of 4NH9.50
3044 S/S$6 Jackson Singing SheetNH9.50
3045 M/SObama, Pope Benedict XVI MiniSheet of 3NH10.50
3046 S/S$6 Obama, Pope SheetNH9.00
3047 M/SChinese Aviation MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
3048 S/S$6 Chinese Aviation SheetNH7.75
3049 M/SMan on Moon MiniSheet of 4NH13.50
3050 S/S$6 Apollo 11 SheetNH8.50
3051-54 S/SElvis Presley SheetsNH28.00
3055WWF - Coots Strip of 4NH10.50
3055 M/S  WWF - Coots MiniSheet of 16NH40.00
3055e M/SWWF - Coots MiniSheet of 8NH23.00
3056-59Christmas Light DisplaysNH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3060-63Prime Minister Vere CornwallNH3.00
3064 M/SCornwall MiniSheet of 4NH8.00
3065 S/S$6 Bird, Map NH7.50
3066-69$1.20-$5 Birds NH13.00
3070 M/SBirds MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
3071 S/S$3 Birds Sheet of 2NH7.50
3072 S/SYear of the Tiger Sheet of 2NH14.50
3073-76Ferrari Automobiles, Parts PairsNH13.50
3077-80Whales, DolphinsNH13.50
3081 S/SWhale, Dolphin Sheet of 6NH15.00
3082-84 M/SPrincess Diana MiniSheets of 4NH33.00
3089 M/SButterfly Sheet of 6NH15.00
3094 M/SSharks Sheet of 4NH14.00
3095Pope John Paul IINH3.50
3095 M/S  Pope Sheet of 4NH15.00
3096-97Boy ScoutsNH12.50
3096-97 M/S  Boy Scouts Sheets of 4NH48.00
3098 M/SGirl Guides Sheet of 4NH13.50
3099 S/SGirl Guides $6 SheetNH7.75
3100 M/SShanghai Expo, Dancers MiniSheet of 4NH7.50
3101 M/SMother Theresa Sheet of 4NH12.50
3102 M/SJohn F. Kennedy Sheet of 4NH13.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3103 M/SObama, Nobel Prize Sheet of 4NH13.50
3104-05 M/SAbraham Lincoln Sheets of 4NH24.50
3106-07 M/SElvis Presley MiniSheets of 4NH19.75
3108 M/SChinese Zodiac Animals MiniSheet of 12NH9.75
3109 M/SThree Stooges MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
3110 M/SWorld Cup Soccer MiniSheet of 6 
3111-12 S/SSoccer Sheets of 2 
3113 M/SRed Cross Founder Dunant MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
3114 S/S$6 Red Cross Sheet NH8.00
3115 M/SCats MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
3116 S/S$6 Manx Cat SheetNH7.00
3117Pope Benedict XVINH3.00
3117 M/S  Pope Benedict XVI MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
3118 M/SPope Benedict MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
3119 S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet of 2NH10.00
3120 M/SPanda MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
3121 S/S$5 Panda Sheet 
3122-25 Christmas, PaintingsNH4.00
3126Prince William & CatherineNH2.75
3126 M/S  William & Catherine, MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
3127Prince William, Catherine PairNH4.75
3127 M/S  Prince William, Catherine MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
3128-29 S/SWilliam & Catherine SheetsNH11.00
3130-31 M/SGandhi MiniSheets of 4NH22.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3132 Pope John Paul II Beatification PairNH4.50
3133 S/SPope Beatification SheetNH6.50
3134-36 M/SCivil War MiniSheets of 4NH29.50
3137-38 M/SMushrooms MiniSheets of 6, 4NH24.00
3139-40 S/S$6 Mushroom SheetsNH13.00
3141-42 Princess Diana VisitNH19.75
3141-42 M/S  Princess Diana MiniSheets of 5NH100.00
3143 S/S$50 Diana SheetNH49.50
3144-45 M/SPrince William & Catherine Wedding MiniSheets of 4NH18.50
3146 S/S$6 Royal Wedding SheetNH5.50
3147-48 M/SShells MiniSheets of 6, 4NH24.00
3149-50 S/S$6 Shell SheetsNH12.50
3151 M/SJohn F. Kennedy Sheet of 4NH12.00
3152 S/SKennedy, Flag SheetNH6.50
3153 M/SObama Birthday MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
3154 S/S$6 Obama SheetNH7.00
3155 M/SPrincess Diana MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
3156 S/S$6 Diana SheetNH6.00
3157-58 M/SFirst Man in Space MiniSheets of 4NH20.00
3159-60 S/S$6 Space SheetsNH11.00
3161-63 M/SElvis MiniSheets of 3, 4NH25.00
3164 S/S$3 Elvis Sheet of 2NH6.00
3165-66 M/SPope Benedict Germany Visit MiniSheets of 3NH18.50
3167-68 M/SFish MiniSheets of 4NH27.50
3169-70 S/S$9 Fish SheetsNH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3171 China President Hu JintaoNH3.75
3172 S/SChina President SheetNH7.00
3173-76 Christmas PaintingsNH7.00
3177 M/SLunar New Year MiniSheet of 12NH6.25
3178 M/SAbraham Lincoln MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
3179 S/S$6 Lincoln SheetNH7.00
3180-81 M/S+S/STitanic Anniversary MiniSheetsNH21.00
3182 M/SQueen Elizabeth MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
3183 S/SElizabeth, Flowers SheetNH8.00
3184 M/SDuke & Duchess of Cambridge MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
3185 S/SRose, Duke & Duchess SheetNH8.00
3186 M/SLondon Olympics MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
3187 M/SCharles Dickens MiniSheet of 6NH14.00
3188 S/SA Tale of Two Cities SheetNH8.00
3189 M/SPrincess Diana MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
3190 S/SDiana, Schoolchildren SheetNH9.00
3191 M/SSeahorses MiniSheet of 5NH13.50
3192-93 M/S+S/SWar of 1812 MiniSheet of 6 + S/SNH24.50
3194-99Christmas PaintingsNH9.75
3200 M/SMarine Life MiniSheet of 12NH13.50
3201 M/SStingrays MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
3202 S/S$9 Stingray SheetNH8.75
3203 M/STurtles MiniSheet of 4NH12.50
3204 S/S$9 Turtle SheetNH8.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3205 M/SRaphael Paintings MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
3206 S/SRaphael Painting SheetNH7.00
3207-11 S/SElvis Presley Classic Hits SheetsNH34.75
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