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Monday, December 10, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
In May, 2015 Scott created a new category of listings for KYRGYZSTAN named "KYRGYZ EXPRESS POST" which we have abbreviated as "KEP" in our listings below.  Issues started in November, 2014.
1994 WOSimilar, but without 28,28ANH40.00
1995 IMPImperforates (53-64A, 61-64 ST-A, 80-87A, B1-10A, B8B)NH47.00
1998115-20,121,115 S/SNH63.00
1998 DLX120A (not a normal S/S despite being listed as one in Scott)NH65.00
1998 M/SDinosaurs MiniSheets (6)NH45.00
1998 IMPDinosaur M/S ImperfNH45.00
1999 IMPPushkin ImperfNH18.00
1999 M/S 1WWF MiniSheetNH15.00
1999 M/S 2Pushkin MiniSheetNH8.00
2001156-77,"158A" IMP, 175 S/S+B16NHAsk
2002178-201,"184a","184b",199-01 IMPNH99.00
2003202-18,216a+ 205A M/S IMP, 218A IMPNH105.00
2004219-40,243+Imperforates: 223 IMP,224 IMP,243 IMPNH87.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2004 IMPOther Imperforates (13) NH175.00
2005 E IMPEuropa Anniversary Imperforates (6+1 S/S)NH39.00
2005 O IMPOther Imperforates (2)NH18.00
2005 V M/SVictory MiniSheet of 9NH13.00
2006279-91,280 ImperfNH74.00
2006 IMPImperfs (6)NH75.00
2006 XXKyrgyzstan Perf and Imperf Combined (27 Stamps + 3 S/S)NH145.00
2007 IMPImperforates (4+1 S/S)NH102.00
2007 TBTete-Beche Pairs (2)NH24.50
2007 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2007 Year Units as listed above:NH170.00
2008 IMPImperforates (18)NH130.00
2008 IMPImperforates (14)NH125.00
2009 MSWWF MiniSheet (1)NH17.00
2010 WC ErrorError (1)NH12.50
2013 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH49.00
2014 KYRKyrgyzstan only: 448-84NH99.00
2014 KEPKyrgyzstan Express Post only: KEP 1-5NH149.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2014 COMBINED448-84+KEP 1-5NH239.00
201540 Stamps + 6 S/S inc M/S (inc KEP)NH120.00
201650 Stamps + 10 S/SNH159.00
201724 Stamps + 6 S/SNHAsk
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1992-19991-137,"26A","28A",47a,51a,120A,115 S/S+B1-14,B8aNH359.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NHAsk
1Duck, NatureNH.50
3Scenic PaintingNH.45
4Native CraftsNH.45
5-12Mosques (7+S/S)NH2.50
  5-11  Mosques StampsNH1.90
  '5A-11A"IMP    Mosques Stamps ImperfNH32.50
  12 S/S  Mosque SheetNH1.10
13-14United Nations, IndependenceNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
15 S/S '94UNO, Independence SheetNH6.75
15 S/S NOTE:Despite Scott's listing, this Sheet appeared in August, 1994! 
16-1810, 20, 30 SurchargesNH1.10
19-2020T, 30T SurchargesNH2.00
21-25These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
26Year of the DogNH.90
26 M/S  Year of the Dog MiniSheet of 20 with Inscriptions 
26 BK  Year of the Dog BookletNH9.50
26 FLD  Year of the Dog Folder with Perf and Imperf stamps + FDCancelNH10.00
26AYear of the Dog IMPERFNH1.60
26A M/S  Year of the Dog MiniSheet of 20 IMPERFNH47.00
27 '93Musical InstrumentNH.40
28 S/SMusic Sheet Perf (just 7,000 reported as issuedNH19.00
"28A" S/SMusic Sheet IMPERF (just 3,000 reported as issued!)NH45.00
29-32WWF - Snow LeopardNH2.25
33-40Flowers (7+S/S)NH3.25
  33-39  Flowers SetNH2.50
  "33A-39A" IMP  Flower Set IMPERFORATENH5.50
  39b  Flower Set in Se-tenant Strip of 6NH9.50
  34a,39a M/S  Flowers MiniSheets of 6NH9.50
  40 S/S  Flowers SheetNH1.75
41-47 S/SMinerals with SheetNH8.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  41-46  Minerals StampsNH5.50
  41-46 IMP  Mineral ImperforateNH250.00
  47 S/S  Minerals Sheet NH5.00
47a S/SMinerals Sheet of 6NH14.75
48-52 S/SFish with Sheet NH4.50
  48-51  Fish StampsNH2.75
  48-51 IMP  Fish ImperforateNH195.00
  52 S/S  Fish Sheet NH2.75
51a S/SFish Sheet of 4NH3.50
53-60 S/SFauna with SheetNH5.75
"53A-60A" S/S  Fauna Imperf with SheetNH7.50
61-64Costumes SinglesNH1.60
"61A-64A" IMP  Costumes ImperforateNH2.50
61-64 ST  Costumes Strip of 4NH2.75
"61A-64A" ST IMP  Costumes Strip ImperforateNH7.50
65Driving, ButterflyNH1.00
66 S/SWorld War II SheetNH1.75
67Letter Week, UPU, MapNH1.25
68-7120,50,100,500 ArmsNH3.00
72-79 S/SHorses with SheetNH9.50
80-87 S/SBirds of Prey with SheetNH7.00
"80A-87A" IMP  Birds of Prey (7+S/S) ImperforateNH8.50
88 S/SUN Anniversary SheetNH1.25
89-98 S/SWorld Parks with 2 SheetsNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
99-106 S/SReptiles with SheetNH6.75
107 S/SSave the Aral Sea SheetNH5.00
114 M/SFauna MiniSheet of 8NH7.75
114a-h  Fauna Singles from SheetNH7.50
115Year of the TigerNH1.60
115 M/S  Year of the Tiger MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
116 M/SButterflies MiniSheet of 5NH6.00
117 M/SBirds, Rams, Tiger MiniSheetNH12.00
118 M/S  Dinosaurs MiniSheet of 6NH7.50
"118a-f" M/S  Dinosaurs 6 MiniSheets of 6NH45.00
"118A" IMP M/S  Dinosaur Sheetlet ImperfNH45.00
119 M/S 1Human Rights MiniSheetNH5.75
119 M/S 2  Human Rights MiniSheet with Tabs in RussianNH5.75
120A S/S  Constitution DeLuxe SheetNH65.00
Although this has been described as a DeLuxe Sheet version of Scott 120, Scott has assigned a major number (120A) to this item. 
121 M/SWater Animals MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
"121A" IMP M/S  Animals, Imperforate MiniSheet of 8NH16.50
122WWF - Corsax FoxNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
123WWF - Wolf HologramNH7.50
123 M/S  WWF Wolf Hologram MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
124Pushkin TalesNH4.00
124 M/S  Pushkin Tales MiniSheet of 8NH8.00
125 S/SPushkin SheetNH4.00
124-25 IMPPushkin Issue Imperf (not in the Basic Year Set)NH18.00
12620T ArmsNH.90
127-30These numbers are utilized by Scott. 
131 S/SExpo, Panda and Owl SheetNH2.50
"131a" S/SExpo Sheet, ImperfNH5.75
135 S/SKickboxing SheetNH2.25
136-37UPU AnniversaryNH3.50
138 M/SDogs MiniSheet of 8NH7.75
"138A" M/SDogs, Imperf SheetletNH10.00
139Opera Singer MinzhilkievNH.70
139 M/S  Opera Singer MiniSheet of 12NH12.00
140 of 3WW II Anniversary Strip of 3NH2.25
"140a" M/SWWII MiniSheet of 6NH4.75
141Flower Surcharge (Star obiterator)NH.40
"141a"  Flower Inverted SurchargeNH19.00
"141b"  Flower Surcharge, Type 2 (Solid Bar obiterator)NH15.00
"141c"  Flower Surcharge at TopNH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"141d"  Flower Surcharge, Type 3 (Violet Bar obliterator)NH15.00
142-45Sydney Olympics SinglesNH5.00
142-45 ST  Sydney Olympics Se-tenant PairsNH15.00
142-43 ER  10s Error Pair, one stamp missing the 2 in 2000, the other normalNH55.00
146Composer OgonbaevNH.90
147-52 HBL  Butterflies Se-tenant Horizontal BlockNH6.75
147-52 VBL  Butterflies Se-tenant Vertical BlockNH11.00
153-55,155aMountains (3v+S/S)NH9.75
156 M/SState Awards MiniSheet of 7NH3.50
157Refugee CommitteeNH1.10
158Year of the SnakeNH1.00
158 M/SSnake MiniSheet of 8NH9.75
"158A" IMPYear of the Snake, ImperfNH2.50
"158A" M/SSnake Imperf MiniSheet of 8NH24.50
159Year of DialogueNH8.50
160-62 +Year of the Mountains plus 163 Sheet belowNH11.50
163 S/SMountain Sheet (included with 160-62) 
164-66.48,1.00,3.00 BuildingsNH.90
166a.48,1.00,3.00 Buildings Strip of 3NH1.50
167-69Lake Issyk-Kul with 170 Sheet belowNH7.00
170 S/SEcotourism Sheet (included with 167-69) 
171-72Independence Anniversary (with 173 S/S)NH11.00
173 S/SIndependence Sheet (included with 171-72) 
Scott # Description Condition Price
174National Hero KurmanbekNH1.00
175WWF's 40th Anniversary - Fox Hologram Block of 4NH9.50
175 S/S  WWF's 40th Anniversary Fox Hologram MiniSheet of 8NH19.50
176Communications AccordNH1.65
177C.I.S. AnniversaryNH3.75
178-82 S/SSalt Lake Olympics inc SheetNH10.00
183Year of the HorseNH1.25
184 S/SWorld Soccer Championship SheetNH14.00
"184a" S/SSoccer Sheet with Silver OverprintNH25.00
"184b" S/SSoccer Sheet with Gold Score OverprintNH25.00
185Pakistan Friendship (Joint issue with Pakistan)NH1.25
186-89 M/SOlympic Games 4 MiniSheetNH14.00
190-98.20 - 10 Town DefinitivesNH6.00
199-01Flowers SurchargedNH1.50
199-01 IMPImperf Flowers SurchargedNH3.50
202Hero AtabekovaNH.90
203-04Scientists AcademyNH1.00
205 M/STreasures MiniSheet of 8NH13.50
205 M/S IMPTreasures MiniSheet of 8 ImperfNH19.50
206 S/STreasure SheetNH6.00
207-10Bishkek Post Office with SheetNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
211 M/SHistorical People MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
212 M/SLake Issyk-Kul MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
213 M/SOriental Calendar Cycle MiniSheet of 12NH22.50
214-16,216a,217State Symbols with 2 SheetsNH7.00
214-16 IMPState Symbols ImperforateNH47.50
218Year of the SheepNH1.10
218 IMPYear of the Sheep ImperforateNH75.00
219-21Welfare Foundation (2v+S/S)NH5.25
222Year of the MonkeyNH2.50
223 M/SWorld Cars MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
223 IMP M/SWorld Cars Imperf MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
224 M/SInsects MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
224 IMP M/SInsects Imperf MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
225FIFA Anniversary Block of 4NH4.25
225 IMPFIFA Block of 4 ImperforateNH85.00
226 S/SSurcharge on Treasures SheetNH2.75
227-35Town DefinitivesNH6.50
227-35 IMPDefinitives ImperforateNH90.00
236Chynykei BiyNH1.25
237-38Academy of ScientistsNH1.10
241 '050,10 Green Eagle DefinitiveNH.50
241 IMP '050,10 Green Eagle Definitive ImperforateNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
242 '050,50 Blue Eagle DefinitiveNH.40
242 IMP '050,50 Blue Eagle Definitive ImperforateNH6.00
243 '041s Brown Eagle DefinitiveNH.75
243 IMP '041s Brown Eagle ImperforateNH8.00
244Year of the RoosterNH1.30
244 IMPYear of the Rooster ImperforateNH15.00
245 S/SAstronaut Sharipov SheetNH13.50
246Folk Art (our choice of format)NH7.50
246 BLK  Folk Art Block of 6NH8.00
246 STR  Folk Art Strip of 6NH9.00
246 M/S  Folk Art MiniSheets of 6NH60.00
247 S/SFolk Art Sheet, Perf Lower Margin NH9.00
247 S/S varFolk Art Sheet, Imperf Lower Margin (not in Year Set)NH15.00
248WWII Victory (Joint issue with Belarus, Ukraine)NH1.50
248 M/S  Victory MiniSheet of 8NH13.00
249-68Leaders of World War II (on heavy "golden" foil) including Patton, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Churchill, DeGaulle and moreNH110.00
  249  5s General TitoNH22.00
  250  5s Cervi BrothersNH15.00
  251  5s Ferruccio ParriNH15.00
  252  10s Air Marshall Sir Hugh DowdingNH19.00
  253  10s General George S. PattonNH25.00
  254  10s Konstantin RokossovskyNH15.00
  255  10s General Harold AlexanderNH19.00
  256  10s General Omar BradleyNH22.00
  257  10s General Charles de GaulleNH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  258  10s General Jean LeclercNH19.00
  259  10s Field Marshall MontgomeryNH25.00
  260  10s General Ivan KonevNH15.00
  261  10s General Georgy ZhukovNH15.00
  262  10s General Dwight EisenhowerNH25.00
  263  10s Marshall Semyon TimoshenkoNH15.00
  264  10s General Vasily ChuikovNH15.00
  265  15s President Franklin RooseveltNH25.00
  266  15s Prime Minister Winston ChurchillNH25.00
  267  15s King George VINH20.00
  268  15s Joseph StalinNH22.00
269National SportsNH.60
269 IMP  National Sports ImperforateNH8.50
270Information SocietyNH.70
270 IMP  Information Society ImperforateNH9.50
271 '050,60 Falcon DefinitiveNH1.00
271 '05 IMP  0,60 Falcon Definitive ImperforateNH7.00
272 S/SKyrgyzstan Lakes, Fish SheetNH7.25
273-78Europa AnniversaryNH21.50
273-78 IMP  Europa Anniversary ImperforateNH19.50
278a S/SEuropa Anniversary SheetNH21.50
278a S/S IMP  Europa Anniversary Sheet ImperforateNH19.50
279Writer Sydybekov - National HeroNH1.25
279 S/SSydybekov National Hero Sheetlet of 6NH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
280Year of the DogNH.60
280 IMPYear of the Dog ImperfNH17.50
281Winter OlympicsNH1.20
281 IMP  Winter Olympics ImperfNH9.50
28250t Falcon DefinitiveNH1.00
282 IMP  50t Falcon Definitive ImperfNH8.00
2831s Falcon DefinitiveNH1.25
284 IMP  1s Falcon Definitive ImperfNH8.50
2843s Falcon DefinitiveNH1.25
284 IMP  3s Falcon Definitive ImperfNH7.50
285World Cup ChampionshipNH1.45
285 IMP  World Cup Championship ImperfNH32.50
286 M/SCommemorative Coins MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
28715 Years of Regional Communication SystemNH1.50
288 S/SArchitecture of Bishkek SheetNH5.00
289ITU ConferenceNH2.75
290Heroes, World War IINH.80
290 IMP  Heroes, World War II ImperforateNH9.75
291 S/SCinema SheetNH5.00
292Year of the BoarNH.60
292 IMP  Year of the Boar ImperfNH12.50
292 IMP PR  Year of the Boar Pair ImperfNH27.50
293 S/SPaintings SheetNH5.75
293 S/S IMP  Paintings Sheet ImperfNH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
294National Sport - ArcheryNH.75
294 IMP  National Sport ImperfNH12.50
294 IMP PR  National Sport Pair ImperfNH25.00
295 S/SBishkek-Osh Road SheetNH9.00
2961s Flower DefinitiveNH.80
296 IMP  1s Flower Definitive ImperfNH9.50
297 S/SFlowers of the Mountains SheetNH9.50
298 S/SBishkek Summit SheetNH6.75
299 M/SPredatory Birds MiniSheet of 6NH14.75
300Santa ClausNH.75
300 TB  Santa Claus Tete-BecheNH3.25
300 IMP  Santa Claus ImperfNH12.75
300 TB IMP  Santa Claus Imperf Tete-BecheNH21.50
301Year of the RatNH5.75
301 IMP  Year of the Rat ImperfNH15.00
301 IMP PR  Year of the Rat Imperf PairNH30.00
302-09Asian AnimalsNH14.50
302-09 IMP  Asian Animals, ImperforateNH28.75
310 M/SAnimals MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
311National GamesNH1.00
311 IMP  National Games ImperfNH10.00
312Beijing Olympics Block of 4NH10.00
312a-d  Beijing Olympics Singles from First PrintingNH6.00
312 M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
313 S/SMountains Sheet (Joint issue with Iran)NH9.75
314-1750t-7s Mountains, Post EmblemNH7.50
  314  50t Mountains, Post EmblemNHAsk
  315-16  1s,3s Mountains, Post EmblemNHAsk
  317  7s Mountains, Post EmblemNHAsk
314-17 IMP  50t-7s Mountains, Post Emblem ImperfNH21.00
318-19Heroes and MedalsNH3.50
318-19 IMP  Heroes and Medals ImperfNH24.50
320-22 M/SCivil Aircraft MiniSheets of 7, 8 and 8NH47.50
  320 M/S  Civil Aircraft MiniSheet of 7NH17.00
  321 M/S  Civil Aircraft MiniSheet of 8 with Antonow at ULNH17.00
  322 M/S  Civil Aircraft MiniSheet of 8 with Sopwith at ULNH17.00
323-26Varied HatsNH9.00
327Yaks Block of 4 (our choice of format)NH10.00
327 SO  Yaks Block of 4 in Scott OrderNH13.50
327 M/S  Yaks MiniSheet of 8NH23.00
328Surgeon AkhunbaevNH2.75
328 IMP  Surgeon Akhunbaev, ImperfNH12.00
329 M/SSoccer Overprint Sheet of 8NH39.00
330Drug Abuse CampaignNH2.50
330 IMP  Drug Abuse Campaign, ImperfNH20.00
331Year of the OxNH
332Pilot AbdraimovNH
333Kok-boru HorsesNH
Scott # Description Condition Price
334 S/SHorses Sheet of 4NH
335-38Falcon Scenes - WWFNH7.50
338a M/S  WWF Falcons MiniSheet of 16NH32.50
339 M/SWriter Aitmatov Scenes MiniSheet of 8NH
340Poet Barpy AlykulovNH
341-44 M/S  Horses MiniSheets of 6NH
345National LibraryNH
346 S/SGlaciers Sheet of 6NH
351Children's RightsNH2.10
352Year of the Tiger 
353-56Vancouver OlympicsNH15.00
357Peony PairNH5.25
357c S/SFlower, Butterfly SheetNH2.75
358Victory AnniversaryNH1.35
359 M/SMuseum of Arts Sheet of 8NH21.00
360-63World Cup SoccerNH16.00
"360X-63X"World Cup Error - Small LogoNH29.00
364-67Silver JewelryNH16.00
368 S/SKambar-Ata Hydropower SheetNH13.00
369 S/SITU Conference (Cactus) SheetNH10.00
370-73Famous PeopleNH7.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
379 M/SNH
380 S/SNH
381-82Ice Hockey PairNH6.75
382a M/S  Ice Hockey Sheet of 3 PairsNH13.50
383 M/SBus Sheet of 6NH
384 WWF - Wolf Hologram Overprint Block of 4NH
385Plum Blossoms PairNH
387 S/SIndependence, Statue, Mountains Sheet NH
388Indepence, CamelsNH
418Costume, MusicNH2.50
419World Heritage PairNH6.00
419 M/S  World Heritage MiniSheet of 6NH19.00
422-25Mammoth, Fish, LizardsNH11.00
426 S/SMayan Calendar SheetNH6.75
427Year of the SnakeNH2.00
427 M/S  Year of the Snake MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
428Philatelic Exhibition PairNH4.50
428 M/S  Philatelic Exhibition MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
429 S/SWalnuts SheetNH11.00
430National Horse GamesNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
431First Woman in SpaceNH3.50
432National CurrencyNH2.00
433-36Mountain Sheep (Argali)NH15.00
436a S/SMountain Sheep SheetNH19.00
437Wrestler KojomkulNH2.00
438UNESCO - Sacred MountainNH5.00
439 S/SWWF - Snow Leopard SheetNH10.00
442Birth of Prime Minister Nasirdin IsanovNH1.50
443Great Kyrgyz Kaganat Strip of 3NH5.50
443 M/S  Great Kyrgyz Kaganat MiniSheet of 6NH19.00
448Year of the HorseNH2.50
449-52Sochi Winter OlympicsNH8.75
454-58Rider Definitives (20,23,30,93,100)NH14.50
459Winter Sports - TobagganingNH2.50
460-63Medicinal PlantsNH6.50
464-67WWF - VulturesNH10.75
468 S/SSoccer Sheet of 4NH8.50
469Film Director D. Sadyebaev NH2.00
470-71UNESCO - CarpetsNH4.75
475 S/STechnical University Sheet of 2NH6.50
478 S/STelecommunication Union SheetNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
477-78Outstanding PersonalitiesNH4.25
479Improving and Strengthening HomeNH2.00
480 S/SCotton - White Gold Sheet of 2NH4.50
481-84Fauna inc BearNH8.00
In May, 2015 Scott created a new category of listings for KYRGYZSTAN named "KYRGYZ EXPRESS POST" which we have abbreviated as "KEP" in our listings below.  Issues started on November 18, 2015.
KEP 1500s Jet PlaneNHASK
KEP 1 M/S  500s Jet Plane MiniSheet of 4NHASK
KEP 2 S/SPostal Transport Sheet of 4NH44.00
KEP 3 S/SUPU Sheet of 1 plus 8 TabsNH42.00
KEP 4250s PantherNHASK
KEP 5 S/SUnusual Fauna Sheet of 4NH22.00
In May, 2015 Scott created a new category of listings for KYRGYZSTAN named "KYRGYZ EXPRESS POST" which we have abbreviated as "KEP" in our listings below.  Issues started on November 18, 2015.
1vLunar New Year of the SheepNH2.00
M/S  Year of the Sheep MiniSheet of 6NH13.50
2vSheep PairsNH4.00
M/S  Sheep MiniSheet of 6NH13.50
4vCultural Figures Strip of 4NH7.00
M/S  Cultural Figures MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
4vCats and DogsNH9.00
4 M/S  Cats and Dogs MiniSheets of 6NH59.75
S/SCats and Dogs Sheet of 4NH9.00
2vVictory in World War IINH4.00
2 M/S  Victory in World War II MiniSheets of 6NH27.50
S/SVictory in World War II Sheet of 2NH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
S/SEurasian Economic Union SheetNH10.00
M/SKyrgyzstani Art Works MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
3vUNESCO - Manas Epic Strip of 3NH6.00
M/S  UNESCO - Manas Epic MiniSheet of 9NH19.75
1vBalasagyn UniversityNH2.25
M/S  Balasagyn University MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
4vCars Block of 4NH8.00
4vWWF - Swans 
S/SChess Sheet of 2 
KEP 3vFalcons, HuntingNH11.00
KEP 3v M/S  Falcons, Hunting MiniSheets of 5NH59.75
KEP S/SFalcons, Hunting Sheet of 3NH11.00
KEP S/SPenny Black Anniversary Sheet of 1NH11.00
KEP S/SFirst Spacewalk Anniversary Sheet of 2NH9.00
KEP 2vDante, TchaikovskyNH6.25
KEP 2 M/S  Dante, Tchaikovsky MiniSheets of 4NH28.00
KEP 2vYear of Soils and Light PairNH5.25
KEP 2 M/S  Year of Soils and Light MiniSheets of 8NH45.75
KEP M/SYear of Soils and Light Sheet of 4 PairsNH22.00
KEP S/SHorses Sheet of 2 
All New Issues are available from KYRGZYZSTAN and over 200 Countries and Topics.
Scott # Description Condition Price
B1-10Heritage (8+2 S/S)NH11.50
  "B1A-10A"  Heritage ImperforateNH16.00
  B8a M/S  Heritage MiniSheet of 8NH4.50
  "B8B" M/S  Heritage Imperf MiniSheet of 8NH5.00
B11-14Atlanta OlympicsNH3.25
B15 S/SOsh Anniversary SheetNH4.25
"B15a" S/SOsh Imperf SheetNH7.50
B16K. Datka 190 YearsNH1.80