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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
2000 CB1-5 Corner Blocks of 4NH150.00
2001 CB6-10 Corner Blocks of 4NH95.00
2002 CB11-15 Corner Blocks of 4NH85.00
2003 CB16-17 Corner Blocks of 4NH125.00
2003 M/S16-17 MiniSheets of 12 (2)NH500.00

2004 INB18-27 Inscription Pairs or Blocks (as appropriate) (10)NH760.00
2004 M/S18-27 MiniSheets of 10 (10)NH1,600.00
2005 M/SMiniSheets of 10 (9)NH560.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2006 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH100.00
2006 E IMPEuropa Imperf (2)NHASK
2006 O M/SMiniSheets of 10 (17)NH600.00
2007 M/SMiniSheets (28)NH1,150.00
2008 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH200.00
2008 O M/SOther MiniSheets (18)NH980.00
2009 M/SMiniSheets (20)NH1,150.00
2010 M/SMiniSheets (27)NH1,250.00
2011 CNBCylinder Number Blocks of 4NHASK
2011 M/S168-94 MiniSheets of 10NH1,050.00
2012195-221 inc "207-12" which have been not been numbered in Scott 2014 although the 6 stamps certainly exist.NH159.00
2012 BKOlympic MiniSheet of 4 (1)NH70.00
2012 M/SMiniSheets of 10 (23)NH1,075.00
2013222-43,222 S/S,238 S/S, 240-43 S/S (26 Stamps + 8 S/S)NH249.00
2013 M/SMiniSheets (14)NH425.00
201424 Stamps + 8 S/S (or 32 Stamps + 7 S/S) - Compare contents with others!NH175.00
2014 M/S 6MiniSheet of 6 (1)NH42.00
2014 M/S 10MiniSheets of 10 (13)NH559.00
201524 Stamps + 3 S/SNH65.00
2015 M/SMiniSheets (24)NH650.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2015 PART 21 Stamp + 1 S/SNH14.50
2015 RPReprint - see below in 2016 listings. 
201630 Stamps + 7 S/SNH103.50
2015-16 RPReprints (6) - not just two as offered by others!NH51.00
2016 M/SMiniSheets (30)NHAsk
2017 33 Stamps + 8 S/S (We include the Sheets that others ignore! Compare!)NH209.00
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
2000-20121-194,49a,53a,57a,62a,63a,69a,78a +2012 Complete Year (23+3 S/S)NH1,500.00
1-5Peace in Kosovo (DM denominations)NH9.00
VG-F H39.00
1-5 CB  Peace (DM) Corner Blocks of 4NHAsk
6-10Peace II - Dual DenominationsNH17.50
VG-F H70.00
6-10 CB  Peace II Corner Blocks of 4NH95.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
11-15Peace III - Euro Denominations onlyNH17.50
VG-F H70.00
11-15 CB  Peace III (Euro) Corner Blocks of 4NH85.00
16-17Christmas, ArtNH25.00
16-17 CB  Christmas Corner Blocks of 4NH125.00
16-17 M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 12NH500.00

18-19NATO, UNHCRNH25.00
18-19 INB  NATO, UNHCR Inscription Blocks of 4NH135.00
18-19 M/S  NATO, UNHCR MiniSheets of 10NH275.00

20-21Musical InstrumentsNH19.00
20-21 INB  Musical Instruments Inscription Blocks of 4NH115.00
20-21 M/S  Musical Instruments MiniSheets of 10NH250.00

22-25Costumes - Clothes, Vest, ApronNH85.00
22-25 INB  Costumes Inscription Blocks of 4 or 6NH475.00
22-25 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 10NH900.00
26Waterfall, Protect NatureNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
26 INP  Waterfall, Protect Nature Inscription PairNH29.50
26 M/S  Waterfall, Protect Nature MiniSheet of 10NH125.00
27House, ArtNH5.00
27 INP  House, Art Inscription PairNH14.00
27 M/S  House, Art MiniSheet of 10NH60.00
28-30 M/S  Flowers MiniSheets of 10NH130.00
31-34Ethnology, HandicraftsNH15.00
31-32 M/S  Ethnology, Handicrafts MiniSheets of 10 (only these two exist as M/S)NH60.00
35-37Wiems ViewsNH13.00
35 M/S  0,20 Wiems MiniSheet of 10 (only this one exists as M/S)NH36.00
38-41Archeology ArtifactsNH19.00
38-39 M/S  Archeology MiniSheets of 10 (only these two exist as M/S)NH235.00
42 M/S  Minerals MiniSheet of 10NH160.00
43-44Europa - IntegrationNH8.75
43-44 M/S  Europa Integration MiniSheets of 10 NH100.00
45-49 SLA  Animals with Inscription in SlavicNH16.00
45-49 ENG  Animals with Inscription in EnglishNH17.00
45-49 M/S  Animals MiniSheets of 10NH130.00
49a S/SAnimals Sheet of 5NH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
50-53 PR  Children Pairs with Inscription in Slavic and EnglishNH50.00
50-53 M/S  Children MiniSheets of 10NH120.00
53a S/SChildren SheetNH17.50
54-57 PR  Tourism Pairs with Inscriptions in Slavic and EnglishNH35.00
54-57 M/S  Tourism MiniSheets of 10NH120.00
57a S/STourism SheetNH18.00
58Peace DayNH9.00
58 M/S  Peace Day MiniSheet of 4 with InscriptionsNH40.00
59-62Old CoinsNH13.00
59-62 PR  Old Coins Pairs with Inscriptions in Slavic and EnglishNH40.00
59-62 M/S  Old Coins MiniSheets of 10NH140.00
62a S/SOld Coins SheetNH18.00
63 PR  Sculpture Two Pairs with Inscriptions in Slavic and EnglishNH40.00
63 M/S  Sculpture MiniSheet of 10NH97.50
63a M/SPhilately Sheetlet of 18NH85.00
64-67Persons with DisabilitiesNH13.00
64-67 M/S  Persons with Disabilities MiniSheets of 10NH150.00
67aPersons with Disabilities Sheet of 4NH13.00
68-69Europa - Scouts, Hiking, EmblemNH13.00
68-69 M/S  Europa - Scouting MiniSheets of 10 NH140.00
69a S/SEuropa - Scouting SheetNH150.00
70-73Children's DayNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
70-73 M/S  Children's Day MiniSheets of 10NH140.00
74-78Folk CostumesNH14.00
74-78 M/S  Folk Costumes MiniSheets of 10NH150.00
78a S/SCostumes SheetNH17.50
79-82 M/S  Masks MiniSheets of 10NH110.00
83-85 M/S  Sports MiniSheets of 10NH130.00
86-89Monument ArchitectureNH13.00
89-89 M/S  Monument Architecture MiniSheets of 10NH140.00
90-91 M/S  Railroads MiniSheetsNH190.00
92Skanderberg's DeathNH10.00
92 M/S  Skanderberg's Death MiniSheet of 10NH110.00
  Scott 92 is the last issue under United Nations Interim Administration.
  Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia on 17 February 2008.

93-94 MI6 L  Teachers Left Marginal Inscription Blocks of 6 with InscriptionNH65.00
93-94 MI6 R  Teachers Right Marginal Inscription Blocks of 6 with InscriptionNH65.00
93-94 M/S  Teachers MiniSheets of 10NH100.00
95Independence, Map PairNH7.00
95 M/S  Independence, Map MiniSheet of 5 PairsNH40.00
96 S/SIndependence - Teachers SheetNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
97-100Earth DayNH11.00
97-100 MI6  Earth Day Marginal Inscription Blocks of 6NH65.00
97-100 M/S  Earth Day MiniSheets of 10NH125.00
101-02Europa-CEPT LetterNH20.00
101-02 M/S  Europa-CEPT Letter MiniSheets of 10 NH200.00
103 S/SEuropa-CEPT Letter SheetNH45.00
104-08 M/S  Handicrafts MiniSheets of 10NH160.00
109Flowers Strip of 4NH16.00
109 M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 8NH33.00
110Breast Cancer - Twin with USA, HungaryNH8.00
110 M/S  Breast Cancer MiniSheet of 10NH90.00
111Alphabet PairNH9.00
111 M/S  Alphabet MiniSheet of 5NH55.00
112Adem Jashari - National HeroNH11.00
112 M/S  Adem Jashari MiniSheet of 10NH120.00
113Visual Art Strip of 4NH15.00
113 M/S  Visual Art MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
114-1510 Years of J.T. RecakNH6.00
114-15 M/S  10 Years of J.T. Recak MiniSheet of 10NH65.00
116Independence Anniversary PairNH15.00
116 M/S  Independence Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH160.00
117Edith DurhamNH5.00
117 M/S  Edith Durham MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
118-19Monastery DecaniNH14.00
118-19 M/S  Monastery Decani MiniSheet of 10NH150.00
120 S/SDecani Monastery SheetNH15.00
121-22Europa - AstronomyNH15.00
121-22 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheets of 10 NH150.00
123 S/SEuropa - Astronomy SheetNH19.00
124-27Children's RightsNH13.00
124-27 M/S  Children's Rights MiniSheet of 10NH135.00
128Friendship with the USANH12.00
128 M/S  Friendship with the USA MiniSheet of 10NH135.00
129Pianist Lorenc AntoniNH5.00
129 M/S  Pianist Antoni MiniSheet of 10NH60.00
130German WeekNH5.00
130 M/S  German Week MiniSheet of 10NH65.00
131Peter BogdaniNH5.00
131 M/S  Peter Bogdani MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
132-35 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH130.00
136-38Film MakingNH10.00
136-38 M/S  Film Making MiniSheets of 10NH110.00
139 S/SFilm Making SheetNH6.00
140-42Security and FreedomNH7.50
140-42 M/S  Security and Freedom MiniSheets of 10NH80.00
143-44Europa-CEPT Children's BooksNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
143-44 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Books MiniSheets of 10 NH150.00
145 S/SEuropa-CEPT Children's Books SheetNH11.00
146-47World Cup SoccerNH15.00
146-47 M/S  World Cup Soccer MiniSheets of 10NH160.00
148 S/SWorld Cup Soccer SheetNH5.00
149Freedom Fighters A. and S. Galica NH10.00
149 M/S  Freedom Fighters MiniSheets of 10NH110.00
150-53National ParksNH12.00
150-53 M/S  National Parks MiniSheets of 10NH130.00
154Mother TeresaNH5.50
154 M/S  Mother Teresa MiniSheet of 9NH60.00
155European UnionNH5.00
155 M/S  European Union MiniSheet of 10NH60.00
156 S/SEuropean Union SheetNH8.00
157-60Birds and BirdsNH12.00
157-60 M/S  Birds MiniSheets of 10NH135.00
161 S/SBird SheetNH10.00
162-63 M/S  Cuisine MiniSheets of 10NH100.00
164Stop Violence Against WomenNH5.00
164 M/S  Stop Violence Against Women MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
165-67Old Basare ViewsNH11.00
165-67 M/S  Old Basare Views MiniSheets of 10NH120.00
168-69Independence Anniversary, FireworksNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
168-69 BLK  Independence Anniversary Cylinder Number Blocks of 4NH70.00
168-69 M/S  Independence Anniversary MiniSheets of 10NH150.00
170Elena Gjika - Women's DayNH5.00
170 BLK  Elena Gjika - Women's Day Cylinder Number Block of 4NH25.00
170 M/S  Elena Gjika - Women's Day MiniSheets of 10NH55.00
171-73Cities of Kosovo - PrizreniNH7.00
171-73 BLK  Cities of Kosovo - Prizreni Cylinder Number Blocks of 4NH35.00
171-73 M/S  Cities of Kosovo - Prizreni MiniSheets of 10NH80.00
174-75Europa-CEPT Forests, MountainsNH13.00
174-75 BLK  Europa-CEPT Forests Cylinder Number Blocks of 4 NH65.00
174-75 M/S  Europa-CEPT Forests, Mountains MiniSheets of 10 NH140.00
176 S/SEuropa-CEPT Forest SheetNH12.00
177-79Archeological Dig at UlpianaNH7.00
177-79 BLK  Archeological Dig Cylinder Number Blocks of 4NH35.00
177-79 M/S  Archeological Dig MiniSheets of 10NH80.00
180-83Hasi Region CostumesNH12.00
180-83 BLK  Hasi Region Costumes Cylinder Number Blocks of 4NH60.00
180-83 M/S  Hasi Region Costumes MiniSheets of 10NH130.00
184 S/SHasi Region Costumes SheetNH10.00
185-87Old MillsNH11.00
185-87 BLK  Old Mills Cylinder Number Blocks of 4NH55.00
185-87 M/S  Old Mills MiniSheets of 10NH120.00
188 S/SOld Mills SheetNH10.00
189-90 M/S  Caves MiniSheets of 10NH95.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
191-92 M/S  Chickens MiniSheets of 10NH100.00
193Birth of Esat MekuliNH5.00
193 M/S  Birth of Esat Mekuli MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
194Police Hero Enver Zymeri NH5.00
194 M/S  Hero Enver Zymeri MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
195-96Cities of Losovo and MitrovicaNH13.00
195-96 M/S  Cities of Losovo and Mitrovica MiniSheets of 10NH140.00
197-98Revolutionary Beacons of Freedom NH9.00
197-98 M/S  Revolutionary Beacons of Freedom MiniSheets of 10NH100.00
19989th Birthday of Composer Rexho MulliqiNH5.00
199 M/S  89th Birthday of Rexho Mulliqi MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
200-02 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheets of 10NH90.00
203 S/SButterfly SheetNH9.00
204-05Europa-Tourism ScenesNH17.50
204-05 M/S  Europa-Tourism Scenes MiniSheets of 10 NH185.00
206 S/SEuropa-Tourism Scenes SheetNH14.00
207-09Water Resources NH6.50
207-09 M/S  Water Resources MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
210-11National RevolutionNH7.50
210-11 M/S  National Revolution MiniSheets of 10NH85.00
212Wedding RitualsNH4.50
212 M/S  Wedding Rituals MiniSheets of 10NH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
213London Olympics Pair from SheetNH35.00
213 SO  Olympics Horizontal Pair in Scott Order (two fighters at left)NH45.00
213 M/S  London Olympics MiniSheet of 4NH70.00
214-15Myths and LegendsNH7.50
214-15 M/S  Myths and Legends MiniSheets of 10NH85.00
216 S/SMyths and Legends SheetNH9.00
217-19Folklore - Traditional DancesNH10.00
217-19 M/S  Folklore - Traditional Dances MiniSheets of 10NH110.00
220Albanian Independence AnniversaryNH4.50
220 M/S  Albanian Independence Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
221500 Years of Marin BarttetilNH4.50
221 M/S  500 Years of Marin Barttetil MiniSheets of 10NH55.00
222Independence, MapNHASK
222 S/SIndependence Sheet of 4NHASK
223-25Pristina ScencesNH7.25
223-25 M/S  Pristina MiniSheets of 10NH77.50
226-27Ethnology MuseumNH5.50
226-27 M/S  Ethnology Museum MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
228 S/SEthnology Sheet with RugsNH6.00
229-30Europa-CEPT Mail DeliveryNH9.50
229-30 M/S  Europa-CEPT Mail Delivery MiniSheets of 10 NH99.00
231 S/SEuropa-CEPT Mail Delivery SheetNH9.50
232-34Mountains of KosovoNH7.25
232-34 M/S  Mountains of Kosovo MiniSheets of 10NH77.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
235-37Village ViewsNH7.25
235-37 M/S  Village Views MiniSheets of 10NH77.50
238Famous Women Strip of 3NH7.25
238 S/SFamous Women Sheet of 6NH14.50
239Politician 1913 Bjram CurriNH3.25
239 M/S  1913 Bjram Curri MiniSheet of 10NH36.50
240Paintings by Adem Kastrati Strip of 3NH12.00
240 S/SPaintings by Adem Kastrati Sheet of 6NH24.00
241University of PristinaNH3.25
241 S/SUniversity of Pristina Sheet of 6NH20.00
242Famous Singers Strip of 3NH3.50
242 S/SFamous Singers Sheet of 6NH7.00
243Cinema, Actor Bekim FehmiuNH3.50
243 S/SCinema Sheet of 4NH15.00
244Muslim Mulliqi Art Strip of 4NH8.50
244 S/SMuslim Mulliqi Art Sheet of 8NH17.75
245Mountain TrekNH3.00
245 M/S  Mountain Trek MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
246 S/SMountain Climbing SheetNH6.50
247-48Views in PejaNH9.00
247-48 M/S  Views in Peja MiniSheets of 10NH95.00
249World Karate Championships Pair (our choice of pair)NH5.00
249 TAB  World Karate Championships Pair with TabNH9.00
249 VP  World Karate Championships Vertical Pair NH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
249 HP  World Karate Championships Horizontal Pair NH5.50
249 SO  World Karate Championships Pair in Scott Order - (our choice of format with 90c at top or left)NH9.00
249 SO HP  World Karate Championships Horizontal Pair in Scott Order (90c at left)NH9.50
249 SO VP  World Karate Championships Vertical Pair in Scott Order (90c at top)NH11.00
249 S/SWorld Karate Championships Sheet of 8NH22.00
250 S/SWorld Karate Championships Sheet of 1NH6.00
251Autobahn Pair (not in Year Set)NH9.75
251 NOTE:In Europe, the collectible issue is the Souvenir Sheet.  The pair from the Sheet is a minor number.  We have followed that in our Year Set. 
251 S/SAutobahn Sheet of 4 (in Year Set)NH19.50
252-53Europa-CEPT MusicNH9.75
252-53 M/S  Europa-CEPT Music MiniSheets of 10 NH100.00
254 S/SEuropa-CEPT Music SheetNH6.00
255-57 M/S  Flowers MiniSheets of 10NH100.00
258 S/SFlowers Sheet of 1NH7.50
259Jeronim de RadaNH3.75
259 M/S  Jeronim de Rada MiniSheet of 10NH40.00
260Handicraft Weavings (our choice of format)NH12.00
260 BLK  Handicraft Weavings Block (our choice of format)NH13.50
260 SO BLK  Handicraft Weavings Block of 4 in Scott Order (60c at Upper Left)NH13.50
260 STRHandicraft Weavings Strip (our choice of format)NH15.00
260 SO STRHandicraft Weavings Strip of 4 in Scott Order (60c at Left)NH15.00
260 S/SHandicraft Weavings Sheet of 8NH25.00
261Fehmi and Xheve LiadrovciNH6.50
261 M/S  Fehmi and Xheve Liadrovci MiniSheets of 10NH65.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
262-63Adrian Kradniqi, Tringe SmajliNH3.25
262-63 M/S  Adrian Kradniqi MiniSheets of 10NH32.50
264-65Crystals and MineralsNH9.75
264-65 M/S  Crystals and Minerals MiniSheets of 10NH99.00
266Kosovo Olympic Committee MemberNH6.50
266 TAB  Kosovo Olympic Committee Member with Olympic TabNH17.50
266 PR TAB  Kosovo Olympic Committee Member Pair with Central TabNH25.00
266 S/SKosovo Olympic Committee Member Decorative MiniSheet of 6NH42.00
267-68Kosovo City Series: GjakovaNH8.00
267-68 M/S  Kosovo City Series: Gjakova MiniSheet of 10NH85.00
269Circular Labyrinth of SmiraNH2.75
269 M/S  Circular Labyrinth of Smira MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
270-72Threatened Species - LynxNH7.25
270-72 M/S  Threatened Species - Lynx MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
273Hashim HajdiniNH2.65
273 M/S  Hashim Hajdini MiniSheet of 10NH29.00
274-77National ParksNH7.00
274-77 M/S  National Parks MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
278Ilaz KodraNH5.25
278 M/S  Ilaz Kodra MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
279-80Europa-CEPT - Old GamesNH7.00
279-80 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Old Games MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
281 S/SEuropa-CEPT - Old Games Sheet of 1NH5.00
282Ukshin HotiNH2.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
282 M/S  Ukshin Hoti MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
283-85Native DressNH7.00
283-85 M/S  Native Dress MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
286 S/SNative Dress SheetNH5.25
287The DiasporaNH5.25
287 M/S  The Diaspora MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
288Lieshi MärtyrerNH2.65
288 M/S  Lieshi Märtyrer MiniSheet of 10NH28.00
289-91 M/S  Vineyards MiniSheets of 10NH65.00
292 S/SVineyards Sheet of 1NH5.50
293Anton CettaNH2.65
293 M/S  Anton Cetta MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
294  S/SArtifacts Sheet of 2NH10.00
RP 1-52015-16 Reprints as listed below (5)NH27.00
RP 1 '15Music Reprint Inscribed 2015 (First Printing is Scott 242a)NH7.00
RP 2 '15Archeology Reprint Inscribed 2015 (First Printing is Scott 178)NH7.00
RP 3 '16Villages Reprint Inscribed 1/2016 (First Printing is Scott 235)NH3.00
RP 4 '16Lake Gazivode Reprint Inscribed 1/2016 (First Printing is Scott 208)NH8.00
RP 5 '16Archeology Reprint Inscribed IV/2016 (First Printing is Scott 178)NH3.00
RP 6 '16Waterfall Reprint Inscribed IV/2016NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
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